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SWTOR Game Update 5.1.1 Patch Notes

SWTOR Game Update 5.1.1 Patch Notes.


Bonus Experience Event! Level through your Command Ranks faster than ever before with a 250% increase to all Command Experience gains, as well as leveling Experience and Starfighter Requisition, until Game Update 5.2!
New Consumable: Superior Command Boost! A new Command Experience Boost can be purchased on the Command Token Vendor for 200 Command Tokens. These Boosts last 2 hours, are Bind on Legacy, and increase Command Point gain up to Tier 3 by 100%. A 3-hour version of the Boost can be found on the Cartel Market.


  • Command Experience is now additive instead of multiplicative.
  • The Command Point Weekly Cap has been significantly increased.
  • Command Experience Packs are now Bind on Legacy and can be shared between characters in a Legacy.
  • Group members are now easier to locate on maps.

Cartel Market

  • Command Experience Boosts can no longer be used prior to reaching Level 70.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Interacting with the City Alarm Panel after starting the Oasis City Infiltration Mission in Scum and Villainy no longer grants Command Experience.

Missions + NPCs

  • All Rakghoul Event Missions are now scaled to Level 70.
  • It is no longer possible to become stuck on the “Defeat the Purifier Droids” step of Chapter IV: Where Dreams Die if defeated by the Droids.
  • The door leading to the final encounter of the Uprising Trial and Error can no longer end up in a state where it does not open.
  • Fixed a bug that broke Mission progression in Uprising: Trial and Error when disengaging from specific encounters.

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102 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 5.1.1 Patch Notes”

Somebody has to change some values from
rgb(255,215,0) to rgb(255,0,255).
Eric asked the dev team about this. they say this isn’t easy, it’s a incredible difficult task.

Have someone encounter this bug too? On vanguard if pick utility strategic supremacy it must increase speed of all allies within stealth scan area by 50%. Empire powertech equivalent is working, but vanguard doesn’t.

Today is the last day of my Sub…somehow I’m actually relieved. It feels like i’ve been released from some self imposed tedium that i’ve been enduring for the last 2 months.

And if I find that i can still gather components from PvP without subbing? then yeah, nvr gonna sub again.

He really isn’t missing much. I can still do uprisings and master mode chapters as preferred.

The only thing that is annoying as preferred is max 3 companions out and the 350k credit cap. Nothing else of value is lost by letting sub lapse

It’s not a real issue, but it was much better when icons were purple. Now if you’re in a map with a lot of white, sometimes it takes time to find group members. Or if you want to battle/stealth rez someone while Draxus and his 67 adds are putting out crazy damage on all of your raid members, while you’re trying to find where your friend is lying dead.

Good bye and stop whining. If you don’t like the system they seem to be decided to keep, it’s useless to stay.

No. You’re not. You’re only allowed to disagree and once they clearly state it won’t go, it is you who have to go. That is how adults deal with that stuff.

That’s very adult of you, to put that in those terms. “My way or the highway”… Great going there. Good luck with THAT on your adult life…

Of course, that doesn’t explain why they changed their Endgame gearing PRECISELY because we whined like little bitches. Or why they changed their focus from Story-driven patches to Group content patches. Or why they made a poll to nerf comps, disregarded the poll COMPLETELY , and then had to do a “U” turn to make up for that. Or why they “thought” of the DvL “Event” and missed that some people were at cap with their toons. THEN made a server increase, proving that they either give very little thought to these things, or don’t actually play their own game…

I could go on, but I think you get the picture by now…

Whining is GOOD. Whining is RIGHT.

Oh, and so that we understand each other: we will only go when we feel like it. That’s how REAL adults deal with this stuff: they fight and push for changes when something is not right.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe you can disagree with a systme, and that people in charge can decide to go back. But when they don’t because they’ve decided so, it’s useless to continue bitching about it.

You ask for something realistic. You ask for a way to stabilize the loots (cf ), or that the gains are faster to compensate the long way to get loots.
That is something they could agree on. But you didn’t get by spamming “No RNG” h24.

The fact is the command system is still the primary source of gearing in the game for most players, so no, their endgame gearing is merely “tweaked” to be more fair.
For the Story-driven MMORPG failure, I can agree that people should be asking for group content when it clearly lacks when playing a MMO. That’s a different kind and level of error they made.

PvP balance is subject to balance, but is also subject to the person asked. So they have their right to try something else before conforming to the will of the players.
You don’t balance a game by giving what players want, trust me.

Ho, and,btw, you’re not whining atm, you’re fighting and arguing. That is what adults do.
Because you state facts, develop an opinion and go a little further than “I don’t like it”.
This kind of people is the one I aim at when I say “just go”. Because they are the type that whines, like a baby does because he’s hungry, when anything doesn’t go their way.

Well I’ll be damned… There are still rational people that actually like to argue constructively.

Yes, from that clarified point of view I can only agree with you. I thought you were going for the “it’s what it is, don’t like it leave” kinda attitude. My mistake, my apologies.

Bioware has the right to implement RNG on loots. People not liking it and providing enlightening PoVs are welcomed but those who whine, being “sad” about the old system that was so deeply flawed they didn’t even notice it at this point, they are welcome to leave

Still haven’t fixed the AoE sprites in PvP? How hard can it be to just change the color back?
You know what, I’m done. I’m not going to sub after this month expires. They can’t even patch their game without breaking important elements, and then it takes them years to fix it back even though it’s not that hard.

It also hard in assault on tython fp with first boss, when he casts orbital strikes and they all green.

So let me get this straight…. the 100% boost costs almost 10 times the command tokens for only 4 times the gain??? I simply can’t do this anymore. Eric if you have a shred of intelligence left try and talk some sense into these morons and get this fixed. Not just the cxp boost but the whole damn thing!!!

I don’t really care about the gain to be honest. Having said that, for 200 command tokens it’s expensive af. If Bioware is supposed to be doing something to help alternative characters get CXP easier, this is bullshit. I can afford maybe 3 or 4 at the moment, and I will not spend ALL my command tokens for boosts to help 3 characters for 2 hours each.

I will just use the 250% event. Besides, gear doesn’t even matter that much unless you’re doing HM ops. Thanks to Bioware’s idiotic system, our guild of casual players who can log in a few nights a week for 2-3 hours a night, cannot get geared enough to completeDF, DP, TFB or SnV HM for example, all of which we’ve cleared many times before.

they should drop it down from 200 to like 50 tokens if they want to help in this event, plus i wouldnt trust eric or the three idiots on the live stream.

The event doesn’t need help. The event is already giving you a MASSIVE boost to CXP. This item will be there after the boost, when you’ve acquired hundreds of command points and have plenty spare to throw away on these.

Also, you should be able to complete HM of those ops in 230 augmented gear, which is very easily obtainable now, even for casual players.

Which ops? Have you played DF DP TFB SNV HM in 5.0? You will tell me that Operator IX, Dread Brontes, Corruptor Zero, Styrak, The Cartel Warlords, The Dread Masters in HM should not be very challenging even for casual players?

Then how come I have completed ALL of these ops in 3.0 (with 186/192 gear) and 4.0 (with 216/220 gear) but now the lowest tier (230) is just not enough for our group? We don’t claim to be an elite guild of doing NiM content, but with our experience we should be able to do HM content whenever we want, with a slight or even more than a slight challenge on the toughest bosses.

Because the difference between the lowest ilvl ops stuff and the highest (here being 230 and 242 [+2]) is higher than the previous patch.
So basically, being lowstuffed is worse than before, when we consider the classic ramp up.

Exactly… which would have been fine if you could actually gear faster. But this is just horrible when it comes to progression raiding.

Btw, even if I agree abt some of the bosses you listed, Op 9 and the Cartel Warlords are far from impossible to do in 230. Even for “casuals” as you describe yourselves.

Cartel Warlords and Op9 were both cleared in 224 gear in HM so should very much be doable in 230

Remember :
A) A complete set of Tier 3 (all 14 pieces) costs about 300 Command Tokens
B) Since you can’t stack bonus, it is legit a better boost might not be as cost efficient
C) We’ll have a rate that is tripled, so that means you’ll get triple speed for your Command Tokens compared to 5.1.

So basically, you have largelly enough to spend for this boost.

Hi everyone 😀
so , ” as well as leveling Experience” this is my problem actually ; I am part of a minority who likes to level up slowly . I already got 7 or 8 chars level 70 doing ops weekly , grinding Cxp etc… and i got a whole army of characters that i like to use on a planet and spend a lot of hours doing all the missions slowly etc … I don’t argue about players getting a massive xp bonus , i just want that the ones NOT wanting to have it ( the regular xp only :p ) would have the possibility to …get a White acute module . I don’t want to be a sub and to get restrictions on what to play because of some event 🙂

well considered that your level is bolstered or downgraded to the planet, etc. that you are on it shouldn’t hinder your experience if you wish to do all content.

I agree with this, i never understand the need to level slowly, it doesn’t diminish your experiences one bit, the quests level with you too, so you will level fast regardless, i remember reaching max level by Chapter 2 of the Class story and that is doing ALL quests up to that point….heroics included and the solo modes of the flashpoints…for story purposes only.

Overall, you can do all the content and still level up fast, it won’t ruin anything, unless you are one of those types that just complains about something, no matter how minor it is.

The only problem I see with it is that the level downgrade on planets accomplishes pretty much nothing. Storyline bosses that you used to actually have to TRY to beat now drop in seconds. Remember Darth whatshisname on DK? Chat used to be spammed with people needing help to beat him. Now I can completely steamroll him in 5 seconds without even using the debuff device on him. It makes it makes fights against “powerfull” bosses extremely anticlimatic.

That said, I still prefer the faster leveling, it would just be nice if the level downgrade actually did something. The only real effect it had was removing the ability to solo some of the world bosses.

I’m presuming the original poster means by “leveling slowly” that he doesn’t want to be simply doing things for the XP, as apose to the content and not space barring like mad through the conversations? (etc)

Plus, leveling especially for us older players is still a bit of a holy event. That WHOOSH sound and icon appearing USED to be a mark of some serious hard work. Now you sneeze in the direction of a mob and gain 42 levels.

There are people who ask me when I say lets go jump into the Pit of Carkoon, why? What does it give me? Ok a “Wormfood” title, but this isnt enough for most and clearly their gaming experience differs remarkably from mine and thats fiiiiiiine!

I am not here for your approval or understanding . I want the white acute module , for my in game experience .

“Plus, leveling especially for us older players is still a bit of a holy event. That WHOOSH sound and icon appearing USED to be a mark of some serious hard work. Now you sneeze in the direction of a mob and gain 42 levels.” Nevertheless Jackson understands this 😉

One day perhaps they will introduce a launcher that behaves like it is 2017 and not 1991 and you’re downloading a pixelated picture of what resembles a boob via your 9600 baud landline modem. Does anybody know the size of this patch please?

Whats wrong with the launcher icon? You can use your own picture, if you so want, if you didnt know.

Patch should be around 150-200 mb my guess, I`ll update info when will see i.

The icon??? I fear you’ve misread my rant above ^^^ ;)The launcher is the most horrendous piece of programming ever introduced into the internet with the pretenses of fronting a modern game.

For starters, it claims to use a torrent system to download the update, and yet cant seem to resume patching if you lose comms without either a) restarting from the beginning b) completely screwing up your entire installation forcing a full 70gb re-install c) getting stuck and demanding certain files to be deleted d) causing a global nuclear strike.

*plus it USED to have a pause button, where did that go!*

Likewise why cant I be informed of a genuine download progress, then patching progress? Every other patch-able game does this, especially MMO’s with frequent updates. This mad little progress bar that leaps around like a mexican jumping bean, often seen GOING BACKWARDS, has clearly been introduced by a manic programmer who is gleefully watching us suffer while stroking a white persian cat with a black leather gloved hand chortling all the while.

In closing I’d like to say that I appreciate your offer to comment with a size of the patch!

Well, guy above already told you what to do. All you mention is about bitrader. Disable it and you`ll see all this functions working properly.

Guys, seems my point has been missed here…. 😉

Switching off bitraider is of course a little known work around, by little known I mean the vast majority of people who instill this insipid launcher will be stuck with it. Why must I now pay (in my country) a stupid amount of money for another 70gb download and the time it takes (believe it, about 3 days).

This is an issue that needs to be addressed, and as much as I appreciate your helpful tones in removing Bitraider, as stated, this doesnt address the issue of an archaic and broken download client that most are still using.

When mercs can teleport and have a godbubble to save them when their insane healing output is finally overcome by the DPS trying to take them out, -then- I’ll agree with that sentiment :’)

Mercs defensives, while not as strong as the god bubble, are very powerful and more widely available with great utilities to pump them. Sorcs are great healers but lets be realistic Mercs are pretty powerful right now.

It’s not a class imbalance issue there but a lack of coordination. The problem especially in pugs is that they don’t focus fire and then healers seem unkillable. If I play my sorc healer against a premade, I die easily. If it’s against a total pug that doesn’t coordinate, I rarely die. So is that a class imbalance or a player issue?

Nope, Sorc healers are insane. Even if a good number of people are attacking at once they just switch on godbubble. If that is on CD, they just disappear away from the fighting. It’s unbelievably boring joining match after match knowing you’re on the losing team because the other team has 3 healers and yours only has one.

Either nerf the shit out of them or put a limit on the # of healers that can be put into a game + balance it so one team isn’t comprised of 50% healers. That or just ban healers from warzones. I’d take any of those, but mercs? I don’t get why anybody thinks mercs are a massive issue when sorcs have been a terrible joke for God-knows how long now.

tl;dr- one sorc healer is bad enough, but fighting a team that simply cannot be killed because matchmaking sucks is a joke.

Merc DPS can heal back to full health twice (or is it three times?). I was in a warzone recently where a single merc dps held off three of us dps at an objective, and we were throwing some serious hits his way. Just kept healing back to full.

Merc is about the only class I can’t solo in a warzone, I can take anything else out without trouble.

You can’t solo a decent Sorc healer I know that. They heal through everything but overwhelming force, and given how absolutely fucking awful the matchmaking system is most of the time one team has most of the healers, even on the same faction.

Mercs are so far down the list of problems that people whining about them being OP just makes me cringe.

Even the best Sorc healer is easier to kill than an average Merc who knows how to use all their Cooldowns right now. Worst case with a Sorc you interrupt/stun and burn them down until they God Bubble, rinse and repeat…they are dead the 2nd time. Their only other secret trick is to Phase Walk to their hidden spot and try to heal up again before you find them.

Mercs, stunned or interrupted, just keep getting their health back to full. It’s plain stupid….and they are DPS usually which makes it worse because they are f’ing you up while they do it. At least the healers are just trying to stay alive….

Had zero trouble with mercs tbh. Stopped bothering to do as little as the dailies. PvP just isn’t fun when nothing can die. #banallhealers

One of my 4 main toons is a merc (made him back in 2013 I swear!) and I agree to this. Mercs are a cheat right now in PvP and pretty damn good in PvE with myself parsing higher on this toon than any other toon by far.

These are two completely different things. I am talking about a dps, not a healer. As an operative healer myself, almost no dps can take me down solo either. Yes, in PvP, sorc healers are doing the best currently.

I was merely pointing out the fact that a DPS that can self heal back up twice, while dishing out mobile dps like crazy is kind of broken.

And yes, sorc healers can also use a nerf in PvP.

Its not about class really, its about good internet, good macros and general knowledge of your class. I met Scoundrels sometimes that could do the same and sorcs who died after 2 hits, it depends.

After some playing I found out that my best class is Marauder, but I`m semigood with Commando too, others less of my expertise, havent tried sorc PVP much tho.

Apreciate it. But take a second to fix the bonus series! Completionists would thank you.
Also, what does it mean for the CXP now being additive rather than multiplicative? Math is not my forte.

You won’t be getting as much experience as like it was multiplicative, I remember that in the DvL event the boost with the armor was supposed to be a 50%, but because it was additive it was being reduced to a 35%~ total.

But if you take into account the perk boosts, the token bought boosts, and this XP boost event, would I still gain less than before?

Strange. Nobody is able to explain it.
The old traditional way… Explaining how it works, explaining how the old method worked, explaining how it is different from the new one. Maybe with an example.

Assuming you have legacy perk of 10% and using a boost of 25% and just completed a mlission/token that gives you 500 CXP.
* Multiplicative: 500 * 1.10 * 1.25 = 687.5 CXP
* Additive = 500 + (500*0.10) + (500*0.25) = 675 CXP.

So overall, the change from Multiplicative to Additive is a ‘nerf’. However, because they are also running a 250% cxp bonus, we will be earning more than we are now. Which means, when the event is over in April, we will actually be earning less than we are currently. Therefore, enjoy the next 2 months, before the CXP goes down to worse than it is currently (unless something else changes).

Good enough. If i dont reach Tier 3 with at least one toon until april, then my non-existent life is even more pointless.

To make it more like explainable:


500 * 1.10* 1.25 =
= 550*1.25 =

So basically EACH bonus counted as MULTILIER to the result of PREVIOUS bonus and basic exp of 500.


= 500 * 1.35 =

so BASIC exp 500 gets multiplied to the SUMM of ALL bonuses. In a result we get less exp.

Hope this helps.

Where do I begin…..How about a new engine that doesn’t auto-kick you our you raiding party members from the game after a new patch update has taken place, or the slow drop rate of set pieces from command packs and the redundant pieces you already have disintegrated. How about the grind that we have to do now. My toons are getting so tired of doing the same thing over and over… On a different note though, I still enjoy playing the game after the past 5 years. Folks who want to quit go and do so. You truly wont be missed so stop all the belly aching.

Actually the people I witnessed quitting the game because they got tired of the same bullsh*t over and over again are missed. Yeah, people who enjoyed playing with them miss them, that’s a fact.

I think I`ll agree with you. People who left will be missed. But people who whine that they left and will “nevah go back” wont be missed for sure.

Sometimes I miss my old guild… Good old times… =`(

Hypocrite much? You spend a paragraph belly aching yourself then completely contradict yourself just to throw others under the bus.

Not to mention that bringing up a new engine is a complete joke. It would be easier for them to just make a new game.

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