GW2 New BLC Weapon Skins and Items Coming Tomorrow

Gemstore gemstore is releasing new and return BLC weapon skins and items for tomorrow’s patch.

Here is a sneak peak from the gemstore slider.


  • playerzero


    • That is the chickenado finisher i believe

      • narg

        it is, and i can see there lovestruck dagger, plazma axe and toxic color, imho new stuff will be valentine related, again

        • Ares Zax

          Yeah, judging by the look of that shield/staff/scepter, it will probably be a new Valentine’s related set.

    • Saihah

      I was hoping it would be a chicken coop upgrade. Add a chicken coop to your home instance and get eggs every day!

      • Christen Deason

        I support this idea!

    • fefe

      looks like the chickenado finisher.

  • Luciferior

    Looks like a reskin of the lovestruck weapons tbh

    • wQnxy

      probably lovestruck/plasma added to the BL chests

  • Luciferior

    I’m expecting an outfit something related with the new coming episode Arena Net seems fond of new outfits that have to do with new episode releases maybe a full on bloodstone outfit? would be nice long as there was no *butt cap*

    • Imry

      I’m putting my money on getting whatever new outfit Kas will be rocking, because everyone else got a new outfit; of course she’ll get a new outfit too.

    • Celty-san

      im hoping for queen jennah outfit

  • Luciferior

    The human themed looking outfits work for those kinds of characters but sadly Arena net hasn’t managed to make them look decent on charr yet seems to be we need our own dedicated outfits to look halfway decent I’m mildly worried if they make a kass based outfit when I go to preview it on my male charr I’m going to be haunted by what I see

  • marco_j_s

    Any chance of new hairstyles?

  • minion_condi_necro

    Plasma and Lovestruck, but what’s the thing in the back?!?!? :O

    • nadrian3k

      I think it’s related to looks like a sun over small flowers. Maybe a shield or a staff head

      • minion_condi_necro

        Looks pretty cool, finally something to go with Kudzu.

  • Taiwan Wolf

    Tomarrow as in Wednesday since this was posted Tuesday even though today is patch? .-.

    • narg

      Anet HQ was hit by snow storm by Jormag and black out, patch is delayed for next (wednesday) noon PST

  • Asda

    Sport sunglasses returning when? Rampart armor skin returning when?

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