SWTOR CXP Boost Bonus 350% instead of 250%

Bioware decided to up the CXP bonus to 350% instead of 250% until patch 5.1.2.

Update to the 250% CXP Event. | 02.07.2017, 10:09 AM

Hey folks,

The math savvy among you are going to notice the current CXP boost in the game for the event is operating at 350% instead of 250% as we originally stated. Since the Mission buffs are coming in 5.1.2 we decided to make the boost even larger until then! Since this was a last minute change, the in-game tooltip will still state 250% but the bonus is in fact 350%. Note that XP and Requisition are still 250%.

Get in there and enjoy your crazy CXP bonus.


Update to the 250% CXP Event. | 02.07.2017, 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by teclado View Post

Hey Eric, it’s just a wording game. You originally called it a “250% increase” to CXP. I am in fact a math savvy person, and that wording means a rate of 3.5x. Here’s why:

100% increase ==> base + base ==> 2x
150% increase ==> base + base + 1/2 base ==> 2.5x
200% increase ==> base + base + base ==> 3x
250% increase ==> base + base + base + 1/2 base ==> 3.5x

A “100% increase” to something means that the thing grows by the entirety of itself one time. A “200% increase” means the thing grows by the entirety of itself two times. Et cetera.

So if something increases by 250%, then it is being multiplied by 3.5. It probably would have been much less prone to wording games if you had just called it 2.5x or 3.5x or whatever it was intended to be. If you communicated that you wanted a “250% increase” to your engineers, they would have said “ok, so that means 3.5x” and set their coefficient accordingly.

So, in the interest of clarity, let’s just use multipliers rather than semi-ambiguous percent increase / not-increase.

Fair point. It does raise the question of if the % is a bonus or not. I will simplify it based on your own recommendation

Previously the CXP event was meant to be a 2.5x multiplier and it is now a 3.5x multiplier. If you would normally receive 100 CXP, the event would originally grant you 250 CXP and will now grant you 350 CXP.


  • Veno

    Well..um there you go

  • AbnerDoon

    Can anyone get upset with this?

    White knights attack 350% is too much for these scrubs! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ab0bf650a4e4f6c1ec56e0399ab0c5d3c74c6bc34963a0a67b04243f911ba81.gif

    • Disqus this

      You should be upset. They are given you more RNG crates but not changing the piss poor RNG or the loot tables the crates have.

      So all this boost does is get you more RNG crates for you to not getting anything from for the most part and disintegrate more faster.

      Now you get to spend half the amount of time to disintegrate twice as much. There is nothing to be excited when it comes to that and it deserves all the negatively it gets. Until they fix the RNG and the loot tables in the crates this is not a win for gamers.

      • AbnerDoon

        But every 40 crates I can buy 1 boost that lasts for 2 whole hours with %100 bonus.

        I mean once this bonus goes away and it takes a week or two to get 40 crates again the math will surely be in our favor.

      • Matthew Langley

        You do realize that allowing you to acquire those crates at 3.5x the current rate it is effectively increases your odds per time spent of getting those rare drops from the crates. The drop rate is one variable involved, the other is the rate at which you get those rolls, since obviously the more rolls the higher odds you’ll get the rare drops.

        • Disqus this

          You do realize that when gambling the deck is stacked against you? This is SWTOR, the online casino and no matter how many times you pull the slot machine handle, its designed to make sure you lose way more than you could ever win. So in reality, pulling the handle more aka getting more crates, means very little when it’s designed to make sure you lose and get nothing of value for your time.

          • Matthew Langley

            That’s very unlikely to be the case. Chances are drop rates are driven by a basic table and giving you more pulls indeed does increase your odds.

            I say this as someone who happens to be a Software Engineer in the game industry (for over a decade now) and I just happen to work on online server based game that work heavily in microtransactions, including “gacha” boxes like this.

            No way to know for sure, but every game I’ve ever been involved with or have had visibility in simply has something equivalent to a table with drop odds. Those odds may be low for the best items (and certainly are), but the more pulls does indeed increase the chances by standard probability.

            • branmakmuffin

              Disqus this is clearly an ignorant boob. Yes, no amount of pulls make the next pull more (or less) likely to win, but, as you point out, you are more likely to win at least once in 100 pulls than in 10 pulls.

    • Shawn Hargrave
  • Satan

    Thanks I guess. Now can you get rid of the RNG based gearing system? That’s really what we all want.

  • Falinesti

    That feels more like a screw-up from them they are camouflaging under the “actually intended but not announced. Surprise !” kind of explanation.

  • we dont need this…as well as cxp system

  • It’s boring now

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a million percent or a billion percent. The RNG of the crate itself is STILL THERE.

    • Loco Motive

      Stop making sense. The metrics say this is what players want. Lol

    • Matthew Langley

      Of course it matters, apparently you don’t understand how random works with the different variables. The rate at which items drop off each crate is scaled by the rate at which you get to make said rolls via opening said crates. If you increase create acquisition by 3.5x then that drastically increases the rate at which you will get good item drops from the crates for the same time spent.

      This is not rocket science, basic math.

      Of course I’m not suggesting a better way would be to just increase the rate at which better items drop off the crates, it would be perceived as a better improvement even if the result is identical (mostly because people are shortsighted and don’t understand math)

  • Disqus this

    Given the RNG is still there. It doesn’t matter if they gave you one every 15 mins. As long as the RNG is still there just like it has been for all of my 160 levels. It would STILL SUCK!.

    Come max level. SWTOR is still garbage when it comes to the gearing and GC (galactic command with RNG crates)

    there is no amount of tweaking Bioware can do to make it a good design.

  • Truth

    So again they fucked something up but PR is covering it up. Gg

  • Garbage RNG is GARBAGE RNG

    • Loco Motive

      Yeah but now it’s 3.5x faster to get garbage rng crates. No losers here LOL

    • Matthew Langley

      you do realize that increasing the rolls by 3.5x is a pretty massive factor to “garbage RNG”. It will take some time to see the full impacts and the base rates might still be off, but to suggest adding 3.5x the amount of rolls you get for the same effort is pointless because “garbage rng” completely overlooks that how often you get to roll is just as important as the rates.

  • Loco Motive

    So fucking desperate

  • John Kosto

    A 250% increase on a specific amount, is a multiplication of that amount by 350%. I have no idea why teclado had any problem with that, as the CXP is now indeed 350% of what it was.

  • Seph

    It’s not a mistake it’s a feature™.

    Kind of like this CPX boost period isn’t a bandaid, it’s an “event”.

    • Drivan

      Which is the problem. Once this CXP event is over are they just dropping us back down to the shitty rate of gain again?
      As I said earlier, We are asking for better quality items from the box and they are simply increasing the quantity of crappy items we get.

  • Shawn Hargrave

    aaawhahahah next it will be we meant 500%! lol how anyone plays this game is beyond me /smh dont be a lemming if you play this you get what you deserve abuse from very stupid people who dont know what the hell their doing lol


    • Trapdoor


      • Shawn Hargrave


        • Trapdoor

          There = Place
          Their = Belongs to
          They’re = They Are

          They’re looking for their dictionary, over there.

          • Shawn Hargrave


    • Why you comming here ? if you dont play / dont like this game ?

    • Matthew Langley

      Don’t be a lemming by playing the game, instead be like me and troll comments sections posting memes!

      • Shawn Hargrave

        or be like this tool taking out a mortgage for cartel packs /smh

        • Matthew Langley

          Really not sure why you put so much time into trolling. Might want to consider some personal issues that drive you to troll so hard.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            did it ever occur to you im not trolling thats my actual opinion? why waste so much time on a troll might want to consider that?

            • Matthew Langley

              Calling me a tool and saying I apparently took out a mortgage for cartel packs is not trolling? Is that the argument you are really making lol.

              Why waste time on a troll? It’s a problem I’m trying to fix, keep neglecting the golden rule of the internet, don’t feed the troll.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                no its my view but think what you will /shrug

              • Matthew Langley

                lol, really. It’s your “view” calling me a “tool” and claiming I took out a mortgage to buy cartel packs (based on me saying nothing about buying anything btw lol). At least admit your trolling, there’s no even pretending after that, I guess you can’t even do that.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                why feed the troll then if true? cant seem to make up your mind eh?

              • Matthew Langley

                You are hilarious, anything to not admit your a troll

                1) If I’m feeding the troll that confirms you are a troll, otherwise I’m not feeding a troll.. hence your “if true” statement makes no logical sense

                2) I already told you I had a problem feeding trolls, people like you who want attention and say ridiculous insults (like me mortgaging a house for a game lol) and pretend you didn’t say it.

              • Adam Haynes

                He’s not your average troll… he’s a troll with a double digit IQ who’s mom told him he was always right while he was growing up to the point that he now believes it. I’m actually impressed that he formed a couple complete sentences in his brainless comebacks to you. Next thing you know he might actually learn to shut up and listen and learn something instead of hearing himself give nonsensical answers. Ok maybe not.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                i said why feed the troll if “true” least you admit you have a problem i guess lol

  • kirk

  • j’oe


  • kirk
  • Trapdoor

    So what is CXP & how does it differ from XP?

    • Fred Garvin
    • abaddonsmummy

      Xp is what gets you leveling from lvl 1-70 on your character.
      Cxp is what gets you good gear for operations etc after you hit Lvl 70. You start at Command rank 1 (after you hit lvl 70) and goes up to to 300 with every 100 being a different tier (slightly better) than the last tier. Every time you go up 1 level of Command rank you get a box to open that contains ‘random’ gear. Some useful, some trash in the boxes but the with the trash you have an option to disintegrate the gear rather than take it and it goes into your command points total towards the next box.
      It’s the ‘random’ element people despise as it doesn’t guarantee the ‘set bonus’ items we used to get easily (too easily imho) and these set bonus items give your character a special boost when playing.
      The thing it’s here to stay but because of the bad feedback from players they have tried to soften it by giving players massive boosts so they can earn CXP really quickly and get loads of boxes greatly increasing their chance of set bonus items and also gave some operation bosses a chance to drop the set bonus items, but the community as you can see is still volatile over the changes.
      Sorry for the long winded answer, just trying to bring you up to speed on what you are seeing here.
      Btw it’s still a great game especially for newcomers, as most of the people here will testify too (even some the haters because they want the game to be great again), and the developers appear to be listening and trying to make things better, but not enough for some.
      Have fun.

      • Trapdoor

        Thank you.

  • Mer Vila

    I´ll tell you what is worse than this “”””event”””; we prefs are fucked up and stuck with the lvl 65 gear the game sells. I´ll miss this game, my fav stuff was hardmode flashpoints.

    • Corwin

      New expansion was launched. To keep up with others you are obviously expected to buy it. Or did you want free stuff for no reason?

      • Llama8

        Except there’s no expansion to buy, you have to subscribe, not quite the same.

      • Mer Vila

        I never wanted free stuff, I got the expansion as a gift from a friend. But tell me, what´s the point of playing if you´re not going anywhere with it? I love the game, it´s just frustrating.
        With previous expansions, I was behind others in gear and creds, but could still manage to slowly advance. Now I´m just stuck.

        • Corwin

          Without previous expansions you also couldn’t have leveled to max level and therefore couldn’t have equipped endgame gear. What is that slow advancement you are talking about? It wouldn’t get you anywhere you seem to want anyway.

          It sounds like you were able to do HM flashpoints (for example) before. But you still were behind in gear and levels. What is stopping you now? May be you need to relearn your class or something.

          At the start of 5.0 I have done Blood Hunt HM with 4 216/220 geared people. No wipes.

          The issues you are trying to blame on Bioware seem to be yours and only yours

          • Mer Vila

            Sure, buddy. Here, take a cookie

    • Snoke

      since most of the content is bolstered or negative bolstered, gear doesnt really matter as much as it should anyways

      • Mer Vila

        Try harmodes with lvl 65 gear (bought with creds from vendors) and then tell me if it doesnt matter- Athis, Mando, and those are fine. But blood hunt, battle of rishi, tython, etc, you wont be able to pull.

        • Corwin

          That’s your problem, though. You are not supposed to do HARD mode content with crap 210 gear. And well, you could totally do it.
          Talking about Blood Hunt HM – there is a vid on YouTube where 4 Germans do Blood Hunt HM first boss with 0 gear equipped.

          When we moved from 60 to 65, from 55 to 60, same thing happened. You are supposed to upgrade your gear and it has ALWAYS been locked behind sub or a million unlocks. Moreover, these days there is crafted gear available to everyone and bolster being super strong. As I said, any gear is good enough.

          Plus, if you don’t have at least old 216 SM gear, it means you never actually played the game actively. You haven’t worked for gear in the past and now you want free and easily accessable stuff for no reason?

  • Toheen

    “Get in there and enjoy your crazy CXP bonus.


    Yea crazy CXP Bonus..

  • Anthony

    I try to give this change a chance, open 6 crates and got nothing, every item was disinterested. No bueno. Sub runs out in March. Bless your heart for those who willing to grind this out.

    • Darth Yaoi

      We’ll see in April, still playing and still whining.

    • Meelis S

      Me too. Sub runs out in march. I regret i extended my sub before christmas that much. Server activity reports show decline since start of 2017 and still goes down. Im prepared to hear really devastating news before end of this year. EA could pull out much sooner then most think.

  • Darth Yaoi

    Awww look at all the whining babies, Let me ask this. Before they had CXP and you geared from Ops, were you guaranteed your piece of gear on every boss? And if your piece dropped, were you guaranteed to GET that piece? I don’t think you all know what ‘random’ means

    • John Kosto

      Yes we were guaranteed the piece of gear on every boss. Perhaps you were playing a different video game. And then we would distribute them evenly among 8 players, with 3 players leaving the op without a set piece, so they would get mats and other stuff. If you run with guildies, even better, because you make an even more fair distribution.

      So yeah, in the 5 years this game has existed, gearing was always much faster, better, fitter, happier than the 5.0 shitshow.

      • Corwin

        Well-, now we have Ops dropping tokens again. And you know, it’s also RNG. I had a belt drop 3 times (2x tokens at a time) in a week of daily raiding (1-3 Ops per day) and after 6 rolls I still don’t have a belt.

        • John Kosto

          Hardly a large statistical sample, and at least you can get more gear than before 5.1 But yeah, even the current op drops are far worse than any op drops of the past.

      • Fred Garvin

        As an Ops leader I had a spreadsheet mapping out all drops until the whole team was geared in set bonus, always giving priority to the weakest geared first. People knew weeks in advance when they’d be getting a piece and exactly when they’d be fully geared.

        If we had someone sub in we’d make sure they got a piece to thank them for helping. Seemed to work great and everyone was happy.

        • John Kosto

          Every serious guild ran with a similar system. And everyone was, as you said, happy.

    • Idiot

      Yes, guaranteed. Try again

    • Paulo Gomes

      Yes, we know the meaning of RNG. You, on the other hand, don’t know how the gearing system worked. Here, let me give you a hand:


      Next time be sure to know what you’re talking about before making a fool of yourself.

  • Ariania

    Bioware fooling players again, it’s not 250% xp, but 150%. I remember doing weekly heroics before boost with reward +/- 75 500xp, now the reward is +/- 190 000xp. So it’s: base + bonus (100%) + 1/2 bonus (50%).

  • Rompe Himself

    Doesn’t matter if it’s 250%, 350% or 1k%, while the loot table and rng rarity generator is garbage, getting crates faster means nothing and it is incredulous that BW Austin do not see the problem.

    And to think, this studio extension of BW/EA was created solely for swtor and nothing else and look how clueless these fuckwits are. Ben Irving is the biggest shit eating fool of them all.

    If this is what Ben considers “SWTOR being fully supported”, then fuck, I hate to see how it will look when it hits maintenance mode one day. On that day, It will be in a league of its own.


    I opened 22 crates yesterday and I had 3 set bonus boots (which I already got a while back ), 5 non set bonus pants which was unlucky because I am lacking the set bonus in the pants.
    The rest was stuff I disintegrated and not worth mentioning.
    So thanks for the CXP Bonus, it is nice to level up.
    Not so many thanks for the stuff we get.

  • Meelis S

    This is whats Bioware idea to please customers. Instead of actually adressing issue and reverting or making new changes they just add bonus xp 😀

    Wont save the game, everything is still utter crap rng and mindless grind eg casino style.

  • Hey guys, just wanted to drop a quick note. Although the tool tip says we are currently peeing on your hopes and dreams, we are actually pooping on them too! Enjoy the free extra bodily fluid.


    • Phoenix

      They’re just pissing on us without even giving us the courtesy of calling it rain.

  • Burritos

    COMPLETE MORONS. Instead of rolling back just admit it – sry folks, we made a mistake, our team cant do the math.

    • Rompe Himself

      True. I mean look at Final Fantasy. The original mmo sucked balls, Square Enix said mea culpa, and started all over and are killing this game in sub numbers not to mention content since FF Reborn.

      The problem is BW can never admit they are not just lazy but also when they are wrong. Contraband slot nuke nerf comes to mind.

  • Aeden Darko

    Crates are dropping like confetti for me. Yayz!

  • Genbo the Shandian

    GENBO will get it ALL!!! and YOU will get NONE!!!

  • OriginalG

    Depressing :)))

    • SoulRemix


  • Tony

    I am going to be constructive.

    Even though I am not a fan of RNG and the crate contents are largely garbage (I do like the design of the Revanite gear, though), this has at least gotten me a little more motivated to get back into the grind. Now I feel like I have the chance of a reward after every PvP match. Makes the grind more sufferable.

    The problem of the uprisings is the lack of narrative context that you could at least get with flashpoints and ops. You need that intro to guide things in to give the missions a degree of relevance.

  • Drivan

    I ran for 2 hours with my raid team last night and I gained about 10 CXP ranks. I received absolutely nothing from my command crates that was useful.
    BW is going for quantity, we are asking for quality.
    I’m sure they don’t hear us at all.

    • John Kosto

      EXACT same experience.

  • Adam Haynes

    Damn! As soon as I read this planned to post that someone’s is still going to come up with a reason to whine. Too late.

    • Ankhtenok

      The odd thing is you’d think people would be too busy lvling toons in other games or discussing those games in those forums to be constantly coming back here and griping, but nope. They always have time for that. Even when they insist they’ve “moved on”.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Hell yeah! Hey, I could say the same: you guys love the game so much, why do you seem to always have time to come here and bicker with the bickerers? It’s a two way street, you know?

        • Ankhtenok

          Are you serious? When are you going to get over it? The game apparently isn’t what you want, and no amount of complaining in this forum is going to make it so. How long have people been coming here just to gripe about it in the hopes that it magically becomes that WoW killer people dreamed of? If they really hate it they should eventually let it go and actually move on. Coming to this forum and throwing out gripes day after day after day is pointless.

          • Rompe Himself

            I guess a similar question can be put to you. When are YOU going to get it that people can vent, complain, insult etc this product as much as they like contrary to what you think they should be doing?

            You complain about the so called haters hanging around or not levelling up and instead posting here and yet, here you and all the other fanbois are, finding time to attack those complaining by complaining about the complainers? That is some next level Rumsfield shit right there.

            Here’s an idea. Rather the complain and attack those that have a view different to you, why not defend the product and tell us why and how, in your mind, it is still amazing. Or is that too hard given the state of the game so you attack people instead?

            • Adam Haynes

              It’s not our product to defend. Honestly I wouldn’t if it was because as a player I get tired of people like you in game that go on fleet and say “yeah, this game is all but dead… might as put a fork in it”, even though you log in Ebon Hawk, Harbinger, Begerin or half the Euro servers and can’t get a pop because there are so many ppl on at any given time that group queues monopolize.
              If you don’t like it quit! I’ve determined many times that a game isn’t worth playing anymore so I quit and move on. If I chose instead to whine about a mistake wherein a bonus was accidentally too big I’d expect to be called a whiner because I’d be whining.

            • Ankhtenok

              Didn’t say it was amazing. Said if you don’t like it, move on rather than just keep bitching and moaning about it. You’re not small children right. You understand that constant whining is childish, right?

          • Paulo Gomes

            That’s a lot of assumptions. That are WRONG.

            1 – I don’t hate the game.

            2 – There’s nowhere to go to from this game. There is no other Star Wars MMO out there.

            3 – The amount of complaining in Forums has, so far, removed BW from the Story-driven focus to Group focus AGAIN. Also made them change their Galactic Command system to something better than what they had, but nowhere near as good as it was before.

            4 – And yes, I’m VERY SERIOUS about my complaining in this game. It’s a free world, last time I checked. So I can divulge my opinion, same as you. If you bicker with me, I bicker with you.

            • Adam Haynes

              Then whine if you wanna whine… just don’t bother whining about being called a whiner after you’re done whining because that’s just more whining.

              • Paulo Gomes

                I don’t mind being called a whiner. In fact I’m very comfortable in that role. When/if the game returns to its former glory I’ll stop. It may surprise you, but I was once a “fanboi”. Yes, BW could do no wrong. Those days are gone now.

              • Adam Haynes

                Fair enough. I appreciate the reasonable reply as well as the sentiment. I’m fine with the game as it stands but appreciate that you long for it’s former glory. Apologies for referring to your critique as whining. Cheers!

            • Ankhtenok

              Except you replied to me initially. Not the other way around.

              There are other MMOs out there and SWGemu. There’s also Battlefront.

              You can’t can’t necessarily correlate complaining IN HERE with the game changing, and more importantly, people will still complain in this forum every day no matter what.

              Again, you didn’t have to reply to me. You could have ignored it. The comment wasn’t for you. And we have to listen to people complain every day, especially for those that don’t play it anymore, expect there to be complaining about the constant complaining. It’s tiresome and wastes space in here.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Yes, the comment wasn’t directed at me personally. But it was not an innocent comment, you KNEW EXACTLY the type of people you were directing it to. And I feel included. And have no problems with that.

                There are other MMO’s, correct. I’m enjoying ESO very much. And yes, after 3 or 4 hours of playing I still have time to come here and speak my piece. Just as you.

                There are other MMO’s out there. Correct. But this is the ONLY Star Wars MMO. Fantasy MMO’s? Oh man, take your pick. ESO, WoW, GW2, Neverwinter, LOTRO… The list goes on and on. Star Wars? Nope, only this one.

                SWGemu??? So I complain about lack of content in TOR and turn around and go play SWG??? Been there, done that when the game was ALIVE. Smart going, from a dying game to a DEAD one…

                Battlefront is not an MMO. Besides being a ripoff. Buying one third of the game and then pay for DLC’s to play it DECENTLY? Screw EA. They can shove Battlefront where the Force don’t work.

                And as for correlation: this Forum, and every other Forum is a barometer for how the people that play this game feel about it. The way I see it, either there is a DIRECT correlation between what’s written in this site and all the other ones (like swtor, Reddit and so on) OR they are bleeding subs SO BADLY they have to CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE GAME so suddenly they announced an Op without having it done!

                Either way, it doesn’t look good from where I’m standing…

        • Shawn Hargrave

          same old same old tools who cant handle criticism of such a “perfect” game /smh they always think thier admins or this is there personal forums and we have to abide by thier rules lolz

          • Adam Haynes

            Who can’t handle criticism? I said you’re whining and I’m right. That’s my criticism and it appears you’re the tool who can’t handle it. Sorry if this is confusing for you.

            • Shawn Hargrave

              says the whiner who responded to me. lol your right huh lmao yeah ok thanks for the lolz /smh

              • Adam Haynes

                Responding to your whining doesn’t constitute whining. Actually your whole response is pretty nonsensical. Maybe if you drop the stupid acronyms and focus on basic English you might make sense. Of course there’s also a very good likelihood that you still wouldn’t.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                that sounds very whiny and upset lol

              • Adam Haynes

                Then you obviously don’t know the meaning of the word. Not that that’s surprising.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                /smh sells adam haynes a toothpick deathstar for 1 million bucks

          • Ankhtenok

            Nobody said it was perfect just that people’s endless whining in here is a waste of time and annoying. Have you really nothing better to do with your time?

            • Shawn Hargrave

              do you?

        • Adam Haynes

          Personally I come to read the news and while I’m at it I look at the “chicken littles” crying about the SWTOR sky falling because I think it’s funny. I tend to do this at work as when I’m home and my wife is asleep I tend to be playing SWTOR or GTA online.
          So no, there’s a big difference between me and the whiners.

          • Wayshuba

            You kind of have blinders on. Take any MMO – FFXIV, ESO even LOTRO and they have put out a TON more content than SWTOR in the last two years. It is laughable how little content SWTOR has put into the game – and MMOs live or die on their ability to put out a variety of content on a regular basis.

            All they have really done in two years is get you to regrind gear THREE TIMES to do the same content you could do in 212 3.0 gear.

            This game is barely short of being in maintenance mode and even with the content they announced coming over the next year, it is still laughable compared to the competitive titles.

            No, my friend, this game is in fact on it’s last legs. The GC System, and their resistance to fix the RNG, and the tidbits of content are just to keep those paying that refuse to see what is obvious as the broad side of a barn

            • Adam Haynes

              I don’t know that I have blinders on as much as I basically don’t care. I don’t mean to seem apathetic about it but simply put it’s the only SW MMO out there, I believe it is the last survivor of the Disney Wars takeover so imo is the last bastion of EU

    • Mer Vila

      I complain because I like the game but right now it´s just fucked up. It´s like when you like doritos but the bag they give you is full of shit, comprendes?

  • Secundum

    Who cares? It doesn’t matter HOW much RNG you give us….It’s still RNG, that nobody actually wants.

  • Robert

    This is where CXP should have been at 5.0 in December. Grinding for a month to get a few crates only for one toon made me decide SWTOR was not the game for me any more. My sub ended in mid January, and I’m done with SWTOR. Bioware will realize getting people to re-sub is way, way harder than getting them to quit.

  • Spc

    RNG is RNG, no matter how many % you get from this leveling, i am not re-subbing anymore.

  • Hey Nil!

    Just let this game die already! Endgame is done. Over. 2013 saw hope enter SWTOR, now it’s a wasteland. The only people still playing are the ones who haven’t finished the story a certain way or with a different sex. ENDGAME IS DEAD.

    • Adam Haynes

      Lemme guess, WOW is way better? Isn’t that how you “this game is dead” trolls usually end your little speech on fleet for the last 3 years?

      • bms

        I don’t want to defend the statement that “this game is dead”, but it kind of is, for rather normal people. I’m guessing it’s the same for any other people. After finishing story lines I’ve played for a bit more until the point I’ve been repeating the same thing for no real purpose or feeling like I’m getting rewarded in a way that it would keep me motivated. Warzones are often unbalanced, either you’re mowing down everyone or just losing terribly. The only cool things are in crates behind painfully punishing RNG.
        I have over 100 mil credits and already nothing I’d genuinely want to spend them on. The only real reason to play I’ve had is to talk with people and in a guild chat.
        Technically, the game is dead for me as well since I have no desire to grind. It might be due to the fact that I grew up a little bit,
        Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been having tons of fun with it, it just becomes tedious for some people, ones like me for example.

        • Adam Haynes

          I get it, and aside from the game being dead for you as it clearly is for many others there are entire servers that are literally ghost towns at this point (Jung Ma is just plain creepy at times).
          That said, the generalization that the game itself is dead when there are 100+ players on any given planet or fleet at any given time on a number of servers is clearly not true. I will admit however that the majority of players still grinding it out on those servers are in all likelihood there for the social aspect or simply dedicated to a particular guild (I am compelled to get my conquest points in weekly for Blood Bath and Beyond still).

  • AbnerDoon

    Yup just makes me angrier with faster boxes of nothing. 😀

    Scoundrel, tier 1 rank 75, 1x boots, 1x relic, ear, 2x implant. So 1 out of 7 for set bonus.

    Operative, tier 1 rank 65, ear, 2x blue implant. 0 out of 7 for set pieces. No relics had to buy 228 pieces to upgrade weapons.

    Now with components I have enough to buy 1 or 2 entry pieces on each. Still going to be a while before I get a full set.

    • Adam Haynes

      Yeah it’s way better to grind through 3.5 times more FP’s and WZ’s to get the exact same result. Brilliant.

  • Havik79

    When is 5.12 coming.

  • Just to confirm. Ive gotten nearly 100 crates this week, and a total of 3 set pieces in them. So yeah, fuck you even more bioshit!

    • Adam Haynes

      I get the frustration in general but seeing as the article is about you getting 3.5x the crates you normally would have, the fact is without this bonus you would have received about 29 crates containing 1 set piece in all likelihood. I am not understanding the anger at bioware for giving the bonus that allotted you 2 additional set pieces.

      • Meelis S

        This “big” cxp boost will be gone after april. Nice try.. problem will still be rng.

        • Adam Haynes

          Nice try? I’m pointing out that during the boost you get 3.5x the drops thus 3.5x the chance to get a piece you actually want amid the junk. Where am I wrong? I never said anything about it lasting forever.
          I don’t get these people who feel compelled to have the last word and “win an argument” despite the fact that someone is posting simple facts. No argument necessary. I blame Barney for teaching all the Millennials that they’re all winners. Thanks for that.

          • Meelis S

            Maybe you should try less being white knight on Dulfy site?
            You reply to every post bascially and try to make it look like an awesome game without flaws. Its over paying customers have spoken already. But you can still put your head into sand and ignore all this. Whatever works for you but dont think this will work for others.

            • Adam Haynes

              OMG! You’re like robots! Please concentrate really really… REALLY hard and read my post again. What do I say defending the game at all?!??! I’m saying complaining about getting something makes no sense because it is better than nothing. Is that really so hard to fathom?
              Lets say I hand you $30.00 for absolutely no reason. You look at the $30.00 and say “Well this isn’t $100.00 so it’s worthless and I’m going to complain about it”. I would say that is completely illogical and does not merit your complaints as should you not have received the $30.00 you would have neither $30 nor $100, you would have nothing.
              This is my point. I am not defending the game, it’s content or it’s decline. I’m not putting my head in the sand and ignoring the bigger picture… I’m making a simple side point in this post and it is a simple fact. If you choose to argue a fact against the fiction in your head then be my guest. I’m done defending logic to the illogical.

  • Meelis S

    Happy grinding soon https://www.reddit.com/r/swtor/comments/5u1f88/new_command_crate_tiers_found_in_pts_52_4/

    Muhahah 😀
    Korean style grind is soon real with this game. They should add even more junk into crates because its exiting to gamble.

    • Phoenix

      Come on, don’t be like that. RNG is exciting™

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