SWTOR Tait Watson Leaving Bioware

Tait Watson is leaving Bioware at end of this month and moving to California.

On Tacos and Tattoos | 02.08.2017, 09:42 AM
Hey everyone,There have been two forum posts in my time at BioWare that have been difficult to write: my introduction, and this one. For those who prefer brevity, I wonโ€™t bury the lead: February will be my final month on the SWTOR team and, in fact, with BioWare. I have had an amazing few years here, but it is time to sail different seas. I will go ahead and nip a few things in the bud because I know they will come up:

  1. I havenโ€™t been fired, and I havenโ€™t been laid off.
  2. I am leaving BioWare to move to California.

Okay, that out of the way, moving on.

“What are you doing now, Tait?”

An excellent question, me. For now, nothing I can disclose career-wise, but if you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you’ll see soon (It’s @pariahloki. Shameless plug). However, I am leaving Austin and moving to San Diego, where I imagine I will spend a lot of time eating tacos*, playing Frank Turner songs on an acoustic guitar, wishing I could afford more tattoos, and generally trying to be more like I was in 2006 – which is basically just skinnier and more emo. Just kidding. Same amount of emo. That never really went away. Have I ever told you the story about the time I saw Fear Before The March of Flames play on a sheet of plywood in a guy’s backyard in my hometown? There were like 10 people there— you know what? Maybe we’ll cross paths again someday, and I can tell you all about it over some tacos.

People often ask me what I do, and when I say I work for BioWare the natural follow up is “what do you do at BioWare,” and that is a deceptively difficult question to answer. Everyone here sees what I do publicly – primarily maintenance messaging, these days – but the sheer diversity of the things I do behind the scenes is hard to explain. That said, one thing has remained consist between the job titles (three!) I have worn here: advocating for players on a daily basis.

For now, however, I just want to say that, even though there have been rough times, I have never once dreaded coming into work. Not one time in the time I’ve worked here, and a huge part of that is all of you. Yes, you. If you have somehow come across these words on the internet, I am talking to you. You are the beating heart that keeps this vibrant and unabashedly passionate community going, and for that you don’t get enough credit. But I assure you, every single day people come into work and strive to show you just how important you are to us.

And I will miss that the most.


*Okay, but, for real. There is this restaurant/bar in San Diego that has the best fish tacos I’ve ever had and I can’t remember what it is called. Send help. It’s on 3rd, 4th, or 5th within a few blocks of Market. I think it had a small stage in it? I went during SDCC one year.

  • simurgh559

    Good luck, Tate!

  • John Kosto

    Tait Watson is a good guy. Be like Tait.

    • GiDeoN

      Agreed, was always helpful and fair when I messaged him.

    • Nomad

      hmmm…i always thought Tait was a chick

      • Dr. Mike Wendell

        Actually I thought the same. I work for a webhosting company and have a female client named Tait. She’s British though. I had wondered about that….

        • pooper trooper

          about what? if he likes it in the pooper? I think thats a job requirement at BW

  • good riddance

  • Disqus this

    All I can think of is: If we are teh heart that keeps this game going. I wish BW had taken better care of their heart.

    Because right now, we’re struggling to do much of anything the game has gotten so bad.

  • Auron

    Now, Ben Irving, it’s time to follow his example.

    • dtxu


  • kirk

    there we go… Fire the rest of the shit team thats left in this game, they have fucked this game to no repair.

    • rippled

      That you would type something liek taht about the guy whose job apparently was to post technical updates on the forum tells a whole lot more about you than him.

      Get a grip man.

      • kirk

        idgaf what the mans job was.. the entire team that has touched swtor in the past 2 years needs to be fired. period.

        • A Guy

          This boys and girls is how you fuckwit. Dont be a fuckwit.

  • Ramzzess


    • Seph

      If you don’t know that, I’m surprised you’re here bothering to post.

      • CRYPT from CATACOMBZ

        I dunno him as well and was playing SWTOR to now….

        • LecherousOldMan

          Been playing since 2012 and I dont know who he is. ‘I go to the restaurant and remember the meal, no clue who the waiter was’.

  • Acher4

    Oh :/ ๐Ÿ™

  • Eyyy, welcome to California, land of safe spaces and riots, where all American dreams come to die. But yeah, we have some good food here and there.

    I wish you the best, and I’m *certain* you will find a better company to work at.

    • Fart

      You’re funny

    • Poodoo

      Don’t forget weird food like salads disguised as pizzas. -_-

  • HyperSpace Trucker

    Good for him,working for EA must be like working for the Devil.Now fire Ben and Erik musco

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      Won’t happen. If they didn’t get fired for refusing to assist a deaf player with an account issue that went to arbitration 3 times….

      • A Guy

        Why does the disability matter and im sure thats not ben and erik’s job. EA has support staff for that.

        • Ben Gimson

          They do? XD

      • guest845


  • Amodin


  • OriginalG

    Shame you didn’t take Musco with you , now that would be a WISH coming true ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Risqu’e

      Musco is kind of a dork, but I don’t think he really wants to say the things he is forced to. “Don’t kill the messenger” as they say.

      • AshlaBoga

        Musco probably can’t just say what he really believes get fired and move on.
        I suspect his contract would leave him on the hook for damages if he criticized EA.

        • Rompe Himself

          Well lucky for you Musco fanbois, there is a video of Musco talking about non-SWTOR related stuff and the best thing?? It sounds exactly the same as when he is doing his so called job.


          • Naq

            Did this feel appropriate to post at all? Like at any moment did the somewhat decent portion of your rotted mind not think “Maybe this is too much.” and even hesitate? Or was it just a straight up compulsion brought on by the diseased raisin tasked with your thoughts?

          • AshlaBoga

            Wait, me a Musco fanboy? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

            Go check my posting history. I think I’ve burnt the guy like a marshmallow that fell off the stick half a dozen times.

            • Rompe Himself

              Ooooooooooooh fucking hate it when that happens!!! :'(

          • abaddonsmummy

            Is this you rompe?
            Thought so, thanks for the usual high level contribution. XD

          • Dr-Waffle The-Third

            Fanbois? I don’t think what they are saying sounds white knight-ish to me. They are just pointing out what they think is most likely true, and you know, i have to agree with them.

  • Eban
    • abaddonsmummy

      A cat meme with 22 upvotes and two words describes this community perfectly.
      Made my day thanks.
      GJ XD

  • Aeden Darko

    Good luck mate!

  • A Guy

    Aaaaaaaaand watch all the haters come out of the woodwork like the cockroach’s they are.

    • EyeKahn

      Of course. It’s not like haters have ever had anything constructive to do. lol

      • Rompe Himself

        As opposed to say, making comments about haters? :p

  • Nasca

    Take care Tait.

  • dzip.sys

    I liked Tait more than Muscort.
    I hope he found a better job at a better company than EA-BioWare.

  • aeagaeg

    “but the sheer diversity of the things I do behind the scenes is hard to explain”

    Sorry, but it really isn’t. Do you make objects in the game? do you write the story? do you make the animations? do you do admin? are you working on customer service?

    i wouldn’t exactly hire you if you couldn’t explain what your job involves.

    • Risqu’e

      its “hard to explain” because hes the guy that falls asleep in the bathroom for three hours. ;D

      • pooper trooper

        Maybe it means his job is to jerk off all the other employees…

    • Darth Twinge

      “What job are you applying for, sir?”

      “Well, it’s hard to explain…”

      “Perfect that’s just what we need! You’re hired!”

    • John Kosto

      He doesn’t have to explain to the community of SWTOR exactly what he does. He can keep that information for his job interviews, you know, where it really matters.

  • Tony

    People are so harsh on Musco. ๐Ÿ™

    We will miss you Tait!

    • Rompe Himself

      You’re fucking kidding right?? Musco is a fucking idiot. Watch any of their livestreams for proof. Sure, he has to stick to the message bw/ea tell him to do but he is fucking terrible at his job or explaining shit. So no, all the hatred for Musco is well justified thanks to none other then himself.

      As for Tait, he was the far better and smarter one who would post on the forums. I always preferred to see Tait as the go-between between us and the devs. Oh well, now we have retard musco only. I can’t see ea/bw replacing Tait given how tiny the team is and how little content and fixes they actually deliver as a whole.

      • Tony

        You should put your resume in the ring. Clearly you know how to do his job better than he does.

        • Rompe Himself

          Actually I would be better and funny enough, I have had a job in the past where I had to communicate the company’s (I worked for) properganda as I called it. Did it once to fill in, ended up doing it full time til I quit when the I.T project got suspended due to a change in CEO who had his own preference for a data management system but that is another story. Hell, even you could do a better job and I don’t know shit about your skills. That’s how piss poor Musco is. But go ahead, defend that idiot if it adds points to your Musco fan club membership. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Tony

            Thank you for the compliment! It would be great if Musco had a fanclub! He is rather sexy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Rompe Himself

              Why not start one up? Then you can be the President of said club and who knows, maybe you will catch his attention when he is not being such a retard and actually get to meet him in person. :p

              • Tony

                Even better idea! I chain Eric to the radiator in my basement and then you can have the job! Win-win! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • abaddonsmummy

          He’s just another keyboard warrior that this forum attracts so don’t worry. Unfortunately as every front man knows your gonna get flack when things get tough but some of things said on these forums are disgusting and vile but only go to show the people they are and weaken any argument they put forward.

      • Lysari

        Man, for all of the memes and other fuckery I make about him (/u/suriaka reporting in) he’s not a bad guy. He’s just the guy everyone likes to shit on because nobody knows a damn thing about the others. (he’s basically the only public face that communicates with us, at least during 3.0/4.0). Where other studios have at least 2-3 people to manage a community of tens of thousands of players at the minimum, Musco looks to be absolutely alone.

        It’s not just developer incompetence, that mostly comes from Irving and the other designers. It’s just terrible management.

  • Laz

    As an Austinite, I can’t blame anyone for wanting to leave this city, as awful as it’s gotten here. But is San Diego really that much better?

    • Snoop

      San Diego is great…. if you’re a surfer or a stoner

    • Andrew Flook

      It’s alright, I’ve been in San Diego for close to 20 years.

      If you like surfing, getting stoned, eating some bomb California burritos or carne asada fries, put guacamole or avocado on everything, and don’t mind the wildfires every few years – you’ll be fine.

      Also, San Diego is home to Rockstar San Diego (the Red Dead team), Daybreak Games (formerly SOE), Trion Worlds (one of their studios), and several others that i’m missing.

  • Devian

    Don’t know what to say. It seems like he was the guy who tested there content, addressed bugs and informed devs with gathered information from players of what community wants.
    Not that I’ve seen him actually do anything, yet he don’t seem like a guy who won’t do a thing. Well…

  • Secundum

    Looks like he’s abandoning the sinking ship…

    • LargeMass

      yeah, please join him. Get your life preserver. Better yet just jump in the water and try to swim to a floating piece of the ship.

      • abaddonsmummy

        No need because shit floats.

      • Secundum

        I’m safely on an island watching through binoculars.

  • Ahoi!


  • Ahoi!
    • abaddonsmummy

      Yet they are still going strong.
      Last laugh to Musco and the team i think.

      • Don Loco

        If you are paying them then I hate to say the last laugh is on you. The devs know what they are doing, they know the stuff they are putting out is only good for the new players (or those with tons left to do) and are laughing their asses off at all the suckers…er people still paying for this. As before enjoy if you can, for those of us here since start, nothing left but lame attempts at what the game once was.

        • abaddonsmummy

          Paying money + having fun = Good times.
          Hope your not paying don if your not having fun?
          And if your not paying…….why are you here?

          • Don Loco

            Waiting to see if these fools can get it together and fix this sinking pile of poodoo. Great for new comers, horrid for anyone doing this past a few years. Also, Dulfy costs nothing to post unlike official site.

  • s9

    To all ship personell, enter the escape pods! Enter the escape pods!

  • Fuzzypaw

    Well this isn’t a good sign at all.

  • DualBlastersGuy

    Always, it’s the decent ones being pushed away, whilst the useless scum stay behind to slop up all the rewards.

    But hey, we still have the Thrill(TM)of Ben Irving’s “vision,” isn’t that prospect…well…Exciting(TM)?

    It’s so obvious to everyone that this ship is headed for the bottom, except for the moron at the helm.

  • Drool Bear

    The restaurant your refering to is called “Michos”, 762 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101. Enjoy. : )

  • Rompe Himself

    It’s going to be hard for Tait to forget the shit his seen and worked with, now he is leaving. Here is the BW Austin team hard at work on the new “Op”‘s first boss. Can you guess which is Musco and Irving?


  • Renneganzerg

    Damn, lot of people saying he’s leaving cause of SWTOR being down the drain. God, can anyone think for one second and see that he’s moving on to bigger and better things? Hell, if you got a job and there is one paying better for the things you’re probably doing, I would dip too. It’s sad seeing someone leave the SWTOR Crew, but hopefully they’re happy for doing so.
    To another note, to all the haters really saying that SWTOR is dead or you think it’s trash…
    Really, why are you here?

    • Drivan

      While I agree with you, I also think of it this way; most people who are happy with their job, or at least like the people they work with, aren’t looking for a different job.
      Not to mention that he is moving from Texas to California for this new job…
      Let that sink in.
      He is making a very expensive move, crossing over 1,300 miles to go live somewhere that has almost 2x the cost of living.

      I mean, It would have to be getting one hell of a pay raise, jump in job duties, responsibilities and title for me to make that kind of leap. That’s just me though.

      It’s not like he took a job a that’s 30 or 40 miles away and really just needs to toss his stuff in a little u haul trailer. This is a 3 and a half hour plane ride, or a full day’s drive from where he lives now. A person doesn’t put themselves in a position to get a job like that and that far away if they aren’t looking to get out of where they are.

      Maybe he has had some bad experiences in his community and wants to get away, maybe he really hates Texas, maybe he doesn’t dig cowboys and oils wells or cattle ranches. Who know, but what he is doing is a BIG move and (no matter what the job is) is a big change.

      • Havik79

        Maybe he is chasing a girl, or maybe he wants to move to protest, isn’t California where all those people are with that no my president stuff.

        Maybe, just maybe he is feed up with you people, I have been subbed for 4 years and all I see is toxic shit about everything, and this game is dead.

        I am feed up with seeing these trolls run on an on, claim they leaving the game then continue to shit on it, must be hard for them who work in any way with this game.

        So long as diznee keeps pumping out movies, this game will still keep going, besides too much of a cash cow for ea.

        • John Kosto

          What a bunch of crap. There is nothing toxic in Drivan’s post, contrary to yours, which spews toxicity and negativity.

        • abaddonsmummy

          What makes it more hilarious is his attempt to second guess his intentions and make up what he thinks are reasons why he’s moving?
          Really? XD

          • Drivan

            I see you are still opening with insults instead of conversation. Same jackass different topic.

        • Drivan

          Quite frankly a person would have to be pretty emotionally weak and unstable to quit a job because teh customers aren’t happy with their product.
          Perhaps there is a valid reason so many people are unhappy with this product?
          If you actually ready what I wrote you see that I agree with the line of thinking that he just wants a change.

          I also love how you and your kin conveniently ignore when I mention how much I like SWTOR and that I still play and enjoy what I am playing. You read and respond to what fits your agenda and your own system of hatemongering.
          I gripe about the condition of the game and what frustrates me and you respond with personal insults and attacks.

        • Don Loco

          You really don’t have much of a clue about the world do you? Please travel, read a book or three, talk to people with different views, SOMETHING! Moving from TX to CA is a major change with the cost increase on everything just the start. Vehicle emissions are stricter, they still have water rationing in places and it is a pretty fair drive from TX on top of numerous other issues. Most people over the age of 16 wont leave a job over being unhappy with people complaining. Please, get a clue.

    • abaddonsmummy

      The haters will jump on any bandwagon including this one because they are realising that they are beginning to lose the battle as Bioware are trying to give the community what they want with easier Cxp, set bonus ops drops and group op’s incoming.
      Where I agree it’s not perfect it’s massively heading in the right direction and they hate it.

      • Drivan

        Just like you.
        We gripe about teh game, you respond with personal; insults and personal attacks.

        • abaddonsmummy

          Nice try, from the king of insults and harassment.

          • Drivan

            I’m just good at rewording what you say to other people and making the statement relate to you.

            • abaddonsmummy

              lol how was my statement a personal attack?
              “I’m just good at rewording what you say to other people and making the statement relate to you.” You think? XD

        • Rompe Himself

          Because that is all BW fanboi’s have left. They can no longer defend idiot decisions BW are making or the direction of the game so they resort to personal attacks on anyone who complains about how shit SWTOR is becoming.

          Given abaddonsmummy’s fanboi level is well over 9000, I would love to hear more of his delusion regarding how swtor is “MASSIVELY” heading in the right direction.

          • Drivan

            Agreed, I would like to read any kind of discusses that provides facts about SWTOR’s “success” as of late.
            I follow SWTOR here, on Reddit, the Official Forums, MMORPG.com, on Twitter, Facebook, TORCommunity.com, Badfeeling podcast and several other fan sites. Thus far the only folks who are not criticizing Bioware’s decision making are folks new to the game and the Blind Knights/FanBoi’s. At some point every white knight turns critic, my own conversion was painful, and I still remember how blindly I championed this game. It was a tough lesson to learn, but now that my eyes are opened it actually helps me to enjoy gaming more.

            • abaddonsmummy
              • Drivan

                See, you don’t know how to have amy intelligent conversation. All you ever do is post moronic meme’s or lash out with insults.
                Thiso is why no one likes you.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Unlike you lot i’m not here for the votes, just to tell the truth.

              • Drivan

                I really dislike you, can’t stand you as a matter of fact. I care even less for upvotes.
                I would like to see SWTOR become something much better than it is and I voice that opinion.
                You take that as a personal insult being made at you, this makes you a very sad person.

              • abaddonsmummy

                “I really dislike you, can’t stand you as a matter of fact”
                “You take that as a personal insult being made at you, this makes you a very sad person.”
                Wtf are you drinking there drivan? Petrol?
                And I really couldn’t give a rats ass if you like me or not, i’ll sleep just as well tonight.

              • Drivan

                Actually, what I was refering to is the fact that you take folks criticizing SWTOR as a personal insult and that is what makes you a very sad person. Nice attempt to edit my statement and spin it so that you could invent a comeback that painted you in a positive light, but it was a failure.

                It’s pretty obvious, seeing as how folks criticize the game and you, in turn, criticize them. You are not capable of talking about SWTOR and discussing the game all you know how to do is trash other people.

                Trust me most folks in this thread would miss you if you were abducted by aliens tonight.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Trash talking i’ll leave to you,
                I have many meaningful discourses regarding the game on these forums, just none with you because your abusive and can’t understand some-one liking the game.
                You believe in aliens abducting people?
                Says it all man……

              • Drivan

                I have never seen you do anything other than attack others, on a personal level, when they criticise this game. You don’t discuss the game, you discuss how much you hate anyone who has does anymore that praise SWTOR.
                All you do is trash talk others.
                YOU are the only person that I trash lately, because the other 2 people I disagreed with in the past have made comments that I agree with.
                I have said many times I like SWTOR and have been a continuous subscriber since day one. I say what I say because I want it to continue to be enjoyable, but with the Command System I’m no longer having fun.

                Now who can’t take a joke? Or understand when someone is using 1 reference to mean something else? What I mean is, know one will miss you if you disappeared.

              • abaddonsmummy

                You are abusive, offensive and disgusting to anyone who dare disagrees with your hating the game and your pissed with me because you were bullying a poster for standing up to you and I called you out and you know it.
                No point in getting pissed with me because of your bad behaviour.
                You want me to go, disappear, well that ain’t happening as long as bully’s like you and your ilk inhabit these forums with your negative b*shit and rage against genuine poster’s who dare to like the game.
                As long as there’s haters, trolls and flamers like you i’ll always be here, get used to it.
                Ain’t going nowhere. XD

              • Drivan

                Only towards you.
                The 1 person you are able to reference that I wasn’t so nice to, about 4 months ago) has posted several things that I have agreed with, upvoted and even posted my agreement to recently.

                I dislike you, I don’t sugar coat my conversations with you. I’m blunt and call it as I see it. You obviously don’t like that, good. You getting angry about my comments to you tells me that I’ve hit the mark in my assumptions about who you are as a human being ๐Ÿ™‚
                You are the only person to whom I respond negatively because you are all of the things that you just accused me of being and so very much more. Only you act like that towards everyone on these forums and you enjoy it. You get your jollies by treating others like shit.
                It goes back to my my primary assumption about you:
                People criticize SWTOR and you return with a personal insult against them. You can’t have a rational conversation about their criticisms, you simply lash out ignorantly attacking their personality. How dare they talk bad about that which your live revolves.
                You make disgusting comments about others and attempt to justify it because they don’t understand how a person can “love a game so much.” If you love a game so much that you engage in the type of behavior you do toward others than you have a very sad, empty and meaningless life. You troll so hard because you have nothing else, I respond to you because I hate asshats.
                You accuse me of being a bully, no, sorry, I think you are looking in the mirror when you make that statement. You treat people like shit over your feelings about a stupid video game. I treat you like shit because you are shitty towards others.

                You are right, you ain’t going nowhere because you are a loser.

          • abaddonsmummy
            • Drivan

              You can always leave, no one will miss you.

              • abaddonsmummy

                C’mon you know you would.
                If I wasn’t here it would just be you, don, jon and rompe stroking each other which although fun for you would get boring. XD

              • Drivan

                You are disgusting.
                No I wouldn’t miss you if you fell into the sun.

      • John Kosto

        Well that’s some nice sugar coating right there. By “not perfect” you must mean “pretty bad” or “worse than it has ever been”.

        No one would hate it if SWTOR was heading in the right direction. That’s what we would all like. It has already been 2 years without operations, and it will be more than 2.5 (if not 3) before they hastily release the content they JUST started developing, after who knows how many ex-subscribers decided to not give their money to receive RNG crates with bullshit and with no interesting new content.

        There is no battle by the way, we are all on the same side. I wonder how you come up with that bullshit, as I’ve said before, you’re probably a Bioware employee, I can’t put my mind to the possibility of you actually having such a sad and distorted view of reality.

        • abaddonsmummy

          If I’m a Bioware employee I better not leave, just imagine the fishwives then?

          • John Kosto

            It wouldn’t surprise me if Bioware employees are indeed like you. It does feel indeed that they would glorify average at best content, and pat themselves on the back about the current horrible state of the game, ignoring comments from the vast majority of their customers.

            • abaddonsmummy

              Seems the opposite to me.

              • John Kosto

                Well if you take a look at 90% of the comments on the official forums but in the CXP “event” article here on Dulfy, you will see that they are basically from people who are cancelling their subscriptions, or strongly criticize Bioware for their newest bullshit.

                And guess what, I am not even one of them…. because I am trying to be patient and because I do not expect anything from Bioware anymore. The bar is as low as it has ever been, and it’s not getting much better, contrary to what you might think.

              • Don Loco

                Sadly no matter how low the bar has been set, they keep finding ways to get under that. As I said above, if there is a way to piss players off and fuck up this game further the devs seem willing to embrace it with a passion.

              • abaddonsmummy

                I have had no leavers in my guilds however we’ve had a dozen new members over the guilds, were now running 16 man ops, it’s great fun.
                I’m not saying the cxp system is great, but the old system was ridiculously easy, so not only don’t i mind the challenge I’m also having no problems gearing up. 2 month’s in and my 4 main alts have nearly all 230 set bonus (the cxp boosts have helped) and some have 234 with a few iokath 240 pieces I’ve bought from the GTN.
                There is a mixed reaction in the guilds over the cxp system and yes its the players like myself who have a dozen alts that are the most disgruntled however people overall are ok with leveling their favourite alts, and they just get on with it, we’re enjoying doing the uprising runs and the HM’s Op’s are a real fun dps check now after 5.0 but yes we all look forward to new ops and daily’s.

              • John Kosto

                I will only respond to you seriously if you stop the lying. We both know that most of the above is a figment of your imagination.

              • abaddonsmummy

                As much as you may want it to be false you know its all true. As much as I hate KOTFE and KOTET it’s brought in a wealth of new players however at the cost sadly of many raiders going. I know many that will return when the new ops come out, many have said so on here.
                As for gearing it’s all true i’m afraid, it’s not hard, it’s just not alt friendly which is sad. My biggest gripe with the gearing boxes is duplicates. There should be a vendor on fleet to trade them against another set bonus, apart from that 3 of my four main alts are HM ready already, after 2 months.

              • John Kosto

                As I already said, if you don’t stop writing thing that are simply not true, I won’t dignify with a serious answer. You are NOT doing 16man ops, that’s just laughable.

              • abaddonsmummy

                We ran 16 mam EV and KP HM each twice last week, was great fun and a real dps check, sadly though you still only get 2 drops per boss.
                We also did 16m Toborro’s on hm and sm, so plenty set pieces floating around for the guild members.
                Not going to lie and say were going to do 16m dread palace or Ravagers yet because half of the raiders are new to the game but as they learn and gear up we’ll get there.

              • Davrel Kex

                Man, I get where you’re at. Really, I do. I played this game since beta in 2011, and defended it like hell whenever anyone criticized it, trying to prevent a perception that the game is dying. But there is really no denying it. I’ve played on Terentatek before the initial merges, PotF, BC, EH, Harb and this is *easily* the lowest the pop has ever been on any of those servers. Harb has dipped *significantly* and it’s been the most populated by far for a couple years now. I know you don’t want the game to die. I didn’t either. I wanted, believed, that the devs would one day get their shit together and the game begin to truly thrive and come into it’s own. And to be fair, it came close. 2.0-4.0 was a great time, but at this point what you and I wanted is *never* going to happen. SWTOR will continue to die an agonizingly slow death while EA milks whatever cash it can out of the Star Wars license until it has another Star Wars MMO to replace it. But this game is on it’s way out, make no mistake. I watched it happen with SWG, and I’m watching it happen here.

                Enjoy what’s left, while it’s here. But let’s not pretend SWTOR is something it’s not.

              • abaddonsmummy

                People on here are happy to make out i’m some blind defender who like everything about the game, I don’t I’ve got many many issues with the game, too long to go into, however so do the other mmo’s out there, and people are here and not on those mmo’s because it’s true (and I’ve played most of them)
                The facts are as I see it the raiders believe KOTFE/KOTET killed the game.
                It didn’t, it just pissed of the raiders, many who sadly quit ( I know some left my guild) but Bioware did it to bring new players to the game which it did so its give and take with new arrivals and leavers.
                CXP packs people hate, but they’re not going, so after listening to the community they made it crazy easy to get gear now, I know people in my guild who have gone up 60+ levels taking them to tier3 and full set bonus’s in tier2 so it’s not hard.
                It sorely needs new op’s which are on their way it’s definitely getting better which it sorely need to do after KOTFE/KOTET.
                I think there is plenty life in SWTOR yet.

              • Davrel Kex

                16 man ops huh? What guild and what server?

              • abaddonsmummy

                The Red Eclipse server however i’m not giving out guild names because of the haters, but we’re in top ten in guild conquest each week.
                We’re certainly not the biggest but we hold our own.

      • Drivan

        Are they giving the appearance of heading in the right direction?
        Are they still making horrible decisions and big mistakes with each patch?
        Look they spent 2 years working on KotFE ad KotET and that turned many customers away. Sorry numbers don’t lie. Server populations across the world show as being in the low range of “light” whereas just before 4.0 launched they were constantly in the high range of Standard and at least 4 servers globally were hitting heavy on the weekends.
        For the first time since the game launched SWTOR is not mentioned in either the Quarterly report or the Q-10 report this coming after a mid quarter report showing that SWTOR was responsible for a 1.4 million dollar LOSS in subscription revenue.
        SWTOR is one of only 2 active/live games that BW is running right now and the only Live/active MMO that EA owns and it isn’t even mentioned in the financial reports they released for their investors.

        This won;t carry any weight with the Blind Knight community, but in the MMORPG fan poll SWTOR only got 6% of the vote for favorite MMORPG and was nearly beat out by the “other” selection… ESO was the clear winner with almost 34% of fans voting it the best MMORPG of 2016.

        Again, the part that you ALWAYS ignore in favor of trying to toss out personal attacks and insults, I like raiding in SWTOR and I like playing through content with my guildmates. After 5 years of playing through everything that had a high replay value the group content with friends is all that is left. KotET and KotFE have a very low replay value and there are few that disagree with that statement. If BW would actually produce something that was more than just a half assed attempt to shove some type of content at us then I wouldn’t be complaining.

    • LargeMass

      it’s the dooms dayers lol…everything = SWTOR sucks. Hey guys Tait wiped his ass! Ohh swtor is shutting down, no more ops for the next five years, CM 200% price increase, everything is re-skin, nothing new, hate RNG cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry.

      Let the guy have a life and get on with it. I agree Renn

  • TheRealSlag

    See ya later. You are a piece of shit that stole our hopes and dreams, you piece of human filth -Love, Slag.

    • abaddonsmummy

      Oooo we got a keyboard warrior here, everyone stand back he might be dangerous.
      How is your mom’s basement these days?

      • TheRealSlag

        Warm, Dry and Free. Not too bad really.

    • Fred Garvin

      If your hopes and dreams are tied to SWTOR that’s just beyond sad.

  • Amodin
  • Jo

    Thanks Tait, you’ll be missed man.

  • And to think, you’ve been only 1 letter away from TAINT this whole time…literally and figuratively ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Ahzhihod

      I’ve always called him Taint Watson to be honest.

      • Keltic knight Dave

        Haha I was under the impression that tait was a typo

  • Fallen

    What ever Good luck at the new job This game on an mmo lvl does sux for new content but still like playing when i do get over the boring part Oh well Happy trails to you!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Jawa Jay

    Well I guess that is one less credit spammer we will have to deal with in the game. I mean it is known by now that EA is behind the credit spammers in the game. EA makes Bioware sell credits to bring in more money.

  • abaddonsmummy

    Eurgh…..fish Taco’s?!?!?!

  • Cole

    You’ll be missed, Tait.

  • Zasz

    Ive seen this story before in other games. The happy tale is just a story to hide the real motives. I feel split about it. Who leaves a company when its all good? Why move away when you have a good job? I bet he ends up in a bigger company with a better reputation and other benefits.

    • Simon Cleal

      Lots of people, I did it myself

    • Drivan

      Just a little outside the box thinking with a minor amount of insider information to bounce off your post.
      1. Sony has a Studio in San Diego. They do development work on Playstation games, PC games, Animation and story work for movies, trailers for all of their products and much, much more.
      2. My Wife’s Cousin just started working there (if you don’t feel as though you can take my word for it I can link you to his IMDB page privately and you can see the projects the man has worked on, it isn’t many, but it’s high quality, digital animation) and recently made the jump from movie animation to animation in video games.
      3. According to him SOE has a big project at this studio and they are hiring everything from low level coders to web developers and folks like my wife’s cousin that develop movie quality animation.

      Again, some outside the box, extreme speculation, but perhaps this is where Mr. Watson is going?

  • Emprah

    There is always the chance that this is not even job caused.

    Maybe he is moving in with someone, or moving to support family.

    • abaddonsmummy

      No he’s leaving because Bioware is going down, look read down the morons say it is so it must be true.

  • E

    “In light of the recent staff changes we have decided to delay the new ops boss. To make up for this we have extended the bonus CXP and exp event! Go and get more crates! We will provide an update once we feel the content is ready.”

    • abaddonsmummy

      Never happened.

      • Don Loco

        Oh just wait, you’ll get your facial….um…your bonus from Bioware just as soon as they are done stroking themselves over how great they are and what a success this current system is. So far if there is a way to fuck this up, the devs have embraced it with a passion.

        • John Kosto

          Hahahah oh my, a little too graphic for my taste, but I laughed out loud, so I guess I approve after all xD

        • Tony

          I want to get a facial from Eric. That soul-patch makes me moist as a snack cake down there!

        • abaddonsmummy

          Hey, I want a facial AND a bonus.
          Meh your just jealous because drivan and john are all dried up.

          • Drivan

            So, you felt it was appropriate to toss my name in here why?
            Oh, I forgot, it’s because you are an asshat who gets offended when someone calls you out for being an asshat.
            Go, F*** yourself.

            • abaddonsmummy

              And here we have the real drivan.
              Thanks for being your true self, welcome back.

              • Drivan

                I much prefer to have a discussion, but you are incapable of that because you are an idiot.

              • abaddonsmummy

                More name calling lol.

              • Drivan

                If the shoe fits…

            • abaddonsmummy

              “So, you felt it was appropriate to toss my name in here why?”
              You upvoted Don’s comment about my facial so I’d thought I’d include you.
              Can’t take a joke Drivan?
              And i’m never offended, especially at the names you call me, I find them hilarious XD

      • Abb

        You mean *has not happened, yet.

        • abaddonsmummy

          You mean may never happen.

          • noah

            it will, trust me from 2011 to 2013 (when i stopped) thats all there was

            • abaddonsmummy

              You stopped playing 3 years ago and you still come here?
              Wow just wow.

              • noah

                yep, tried to start again getting my mian to lvl 70, i did. then as expected, went down hill from there. trust me its going to keep happening. I still like to come back and keep hope on overall improvements for swtor since it was the first mmorpg i got serious about. As a star wars fan my whole life, its hard to see this game turn into re-leveling chars and opening packs of the cartel market. so yes im still here hoping for the best. They steped away from specific class story, well rounded pvp (slightly improved), Group content for more than 5 people and put way to much effort into becoming money hungry with the cartel market (with no effort put into 90% of armor pieces anyways) and not focusing on what they were back in 2011. The full star wars mmo experience. Honestly, this game would be 10x better if it was a lobby based multiplayer game with a P2P platform. Still have hope though for future months.

  • abaddonsmummy

    Ahem…. stop makes sense and go back to meme’s.

  • Paulo Gomes

    Good luck with his new challenges. I’m sure he thought about this, weighted pros and cons and decided on the best course for his life.

    Reading something game related into this is a stretch of the imagination, even for me. And I’ve got a fertile one.

  • Zasz

    I dont necessarily say the sky is falling when a employee leaves. But honestly, “Im happy here but I move elsewhere (to be happy there even tho I dont know/tell that Iยดll be happy there)” is just lame. If I say that to my coworkers they think Im stupid for leaving the place Im supposedly happy at.
    If a better offer is on the table, I would understand. Its a lack of loyalty but understandable. If he isnt happy, Im ok with that too. It happens. But being happy and looking for better places is just stupid.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Look, we can only guess. It’s not like we really know what’s going on in this guy’s life. So why not dismiss all the conspiracy theories and get back to discussing the game?

      Because I’ve seen many stupid things. And said a few meself. But I can’t really grasp how some people hate this guy. I don’t hate ANYONE at BW. I would never wish for their personal misfortune. At the end of the day it’s just a game. There are higher values we MUST preserve. Yes, I think some of them are incompetent. But hate them? That’s too much.

      That’s like saying the guy that delivered your last pizza should die because he couldn’t find your house and the pizza was cold…

      • John Kosto

        Wait, pizza delivery guys who can’t find my house, do not deserve death? Ugh… getting my shovel and going to my back yard for a few hours, brb

        • Paulo Gomes


  • Don Loco

    I wish Tait well, may Cali treat him better.

  • Darth Twinge

    Kinda sounds like he’s moving just because he can’t get a decent taco in Austin lol

    • UberSamoyed

      There are great taco’s in Austin. But, if you prefer fish taco’s…well…Austin ain’t your place. Isn’t the unspoken rule “no great seafood more than an hour from the coast”?

      In fact, Austin is really more of a BBQ place…or a “get wasted on 6th street” adventure. Drunken funnel cakes are the best. Regardless, the best BBQ in the world (I’m not kidding) is located in a small town called Lockhart just outside of Austin. Two places…Kreutz Market and Black’s Barbeque. If you find yourself in the Austin area, then you should really try them out. You won’t regret it.

      The moral of the story is you don’t go to Austin for fish taco’s. It’s all about the BBQ.

    • Diehard fan

      My thoughts exactly ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Whitedragon

    Tait see’s the writing on the wall, like rats leaving a sinking ship. good luck finding a full time job as an American. .https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/deb5ed4affba2a47cc588ae861d4347766415f9eaf09e3c5db196b8d53239884.jpg merican,

  • Nil Got Tait Fired!

    With the loss of Fight Club on Shadowlands, SWTOR is a lonely place. Good job Nil! You did it!

  • Lord Cyrus

    Damn, I was going to say something negative about ops(raid) crybabies here, but couldnt ignore the fact this dude loves fish tacos.

    His story is clearly a sugary cover up. The fish smell was bad in Austin, so he found better smelling fish in Cali. When the taco smells fishy, you must go find new tacos to dig into.

    So…. what did this guy do?

    • John Kosto

      He was trying to handle crybaby PvPers but at the end of the day they won, because nothing can stop PvPers from crying :/

      • Adam Haynes

        But he said he’s emo… I figured crying would be his thing.

        • John Kosto

          Maybe he likes to cry, but doesn’t like having to hear everyone else cry?

      • Lord Cyrus

        I need a tissue for everytime Ops players get a rude awakening when they do poorly in unranked. It’s more heart aching for me than it is for them.

        Fish taco anyone?

        • John Kosto

          It doesn’t surprise me that a PvPer would find another reason to cry. It’s an addiction after a certain point.

          Want some onion with that fish taco?

          • Lord Cyrus

            Those onions better be peeled by those PvE war veterans to tell me how they used a rotation to beat a “hard” boss. Oh guys let’s stand in da cross and move out of da rockkkkssss. Oh jew gotta interrupt and run at da flying ballsacks at 17 stacks!

            Now I want a Corona with a lime.

            • John Kosto

              Your view of how you think raids are (I doubt you’ve stepped into any) shows exactly what your ability as a PVEer is probably like…

              • noah

                you cant defend swtors pve… anyone can do it.

    • Drivan

      He does all of the patch notes and translates them to different languages (via Google Translate, per Musco’s admission a few months ago). He also works with PvPers and the “PvP team” He runs the back end of the Live Streams, works on the website, has done some story writing in the past, and was working on the community team for Shadow Realms and Dragon Age: Inquisition for a short time.
      He and Courtney Woods did some story writing for Shadow Realms and were in charge of PR/Advertising for Shadow Realms and the SR website.
      I would venture a guess that he was involved with this secret project that BW:A is set to announce, deliver and launch in the coming months since it is rumored that many of the resources and personnel that worked on Shadow Realms were diverted to this secret project.

      • Diehard fan

        Any thoughts what is that project? Maybe some forces to work on Andromeda? Since he worked on some content for DAI.

        Either way his work on SWTOR hardly made any good changes to the game, sadly.

        • Darth Twinge

          It goes beyond Andromeda. They are building a new IP all together of their own. They posted about it recently:

        • Drivan

          Yeah, to reiterate what Darth Twinge said it is a brand new IP. It has been SO secretive that we are, according to the EA president, about 12 – 14 months from this game’s launch that no one knows ANYTHING about it.

          To bounce off of the Story Twinge linked one could speculate that it would be an Overwatch style game.
          I’ll take an educated guess, that will likely to out to be wrong, and say that this new IP will be a game similar to Overwatch, The Division, and Destiny, a “Loot Shooter” as this RPG/FPS/MOBA style game blend is being called. I’ll guess they will build off of everything they had in place for Shadow Realms, but evolve into one of these loot shooters BW put A LOT of work into Shadow Realms and it doesn’t make sense to just out right ditch it.

          Shadow Realms was a 1v4 style game similar to the Steam Game “Dammed” which launched shortly after Shadow Realms was officially unveiled complete with Beta Sign ups. Days after Dammed released EA announced that they were delaying the release of Shadow Realms to review its release on Origin.
          Damned tanked almost instantly and EA pulled the plug on Shadow Realms DAYS before we got to try the Beta.
          EA’s reason for canceling Shadow Realms was that BioWare “forgot” to code in full Origin support and it would be to costly and time consuming to go back and make the game available via Origin… In light of the fact that SWTOR didn’t ship with full Origin support and they didn’t finalize that until the game went F2P I think that was a convenient excuse.

          Anyway, back to topic. I think that what we will see from BW:A will be something completely new, totally unlike any other Loot Shooter, but with the same concept so that they can market to a wide variety of players.
          All though I criticize BW a lot, the one thing that BW has always done really well is RPG’s and the story that goes with them. EA has always been really good at making sure that all of their games are accessible to folks who want something that is mindlessly easy, but can be scaled up to be ridiculously hard.

          This is one of the reasons that the past 2 years of SWTOR has been so infuriatingly frustrating to me, I know BW and EA are considerably better than what they have released to us with KotFE and KotET and anything Star Wars practically prints money… With the revelation that BW:A has been working on a project that will go live within the next year makes me feel like BW:A is sabotaging SWTOR so that they can focus more on their unique IP.

      • Lord Cyrus

        Oh wow, thanks for that info. I wasn’t too sure of his involvement.

    • Diehard fan

      Daum… the guy left because of TACOS? That tells something about BW Austin for sure…

      • Lord Cyrus

        Out with the bad, in with the worse?

        • noah

          most likely

    • swtor’s dead

      Does it hurt that you NEVER cleared Brontes NiM and NEVER will? Yup, that’s gotta sting bro!

      • Lord Cyrus

        NiM brontess is the closest you pve failures can compare to real combat. And I ain’t talking about bads. You don’t need to tell a good pvper to taunt use movement buffs, taint switch, nor focus target. We do that shit all day.

        • DualBlastersGuy

          Because totally risk- and consequence-free instanced match-PvP in the most casual-pandering themepark MMO in existence is SERIOUS FKN BZNS, amirite?


      • Lord Cyrus

        PvE = Practice mode

      • James WTF

        and your an autistic 12 year old, stfu kid

  • Kubrickian

    The rats are jumping ship sensing impending doom. Notice he didn’t mention playing the actual game or any plans to ever play it again.

  • Morgulian

    I hope I’ll see a new about BW marketing team all fired/quitting their jobs/dead/or some other “good” thing happening to them. That may revive the game.

  • Neun Dreisieben

    i don’t wanna say that it is his fault, but if i understand his job profile right,
    i have to say that he failed all the 2 years. i don’t know why he is leaving.
    maybe he is fed up with fighting against windmills, maybe he is not the right
    person for this job and we need someone with more enforceability. maybe it
    is an unfulfillable job, with all the other people around you, saying it is not possible,
    until it is done by someone. i really don’t know.

    but i wish him good luck for his new life and hope he will share the adress of the tacobar with us.

  • Marrks

    who was this guy and what he did for the game?

    • nwstud

      He helped make the game what it is today!

      • Marrks

        I don’t complain about the present of the game but it could definely be better than this

        • nwstud

          Don’t get me wrong, I still love SWTOR but I haven’t been a fan of some of the changes these past two expansions.

          • Marrks

            that’s what I said, I like the game, but it could be way better than what it is today

  • Jordan Placer

    People are rude and trolls, but I hope you have a good adventure, Tait! Find those fish tacos!

    • Marrks

      next espansion coming on 4th april “Rise of the Fish Tacos”

      • Diehard fan

        10/10 would buy

  • Genbo the shandian

    He nows genbo will be the king!!!! *evil!!!

  • Zijyfe Duufop

    I hope this isn’t the start of…well, what happened to Firefall…

    • DualBlastersGuy

      I think it is. And for much the same reasons, if I’m understanding what happened to Firefall correctly.

      Maybe not as obvious, because Ben Iriving doesn’t have the kind of budget or staff that the utter moron Mark Kern had (and so egregiously wasted), but the incredible self-deluded cluelessness, comically arrogant self-worship, and just total, perfect stupidity are exactly the bloody same.

      A pity, I had very high hopes for Firefall;

      We need a real MMOFPS/3PS that is also a real MMORPG in the traditional persistent virtual-universe sense. (No, not just standard match-maps made 100x bigger that can handle more players like Planetside 2, either. It’s still not a fully realised virtual world, which a proper MMORPG is.)

      (Just as an aside: I’d sub up, and play the living fuck out of a FPS/3PS version of EVE-Online just like I have the spaceships-and-spreadsheets version for almost 10 years, for instance.)

      Defiance is actually fun in small doses, but ultimately just such shallow, janky, Typical TrionWorlds F2P trash.

      • noah

        I agree, still trying to have hope lol.

  • GG1xagain

    Atleast he cared about this game and answered the most important pm-s, problems. This game is already in bad shape, and Tait is not their puppet anymore, so he is going for another job, like all peoples doing when their actual work in risk, and there is the chance of the unemployment in the future cause of money cuts.Ofc he not need to be fired. This game is currently not what is keeping the peoples subbed, and where is no income, no sucess, and yeah employers looking for another job sooner or later. Behind the scenes they already fired the most of the best team members who’s are produced the ‘decent group content’ and the great cinematic animations, ofc they contacted few peoples from the past for design a new ops cause, they not want to shut down the game, but also not spend enough on their game to keep it alive.EA is the worst company ever, they not even care about its game mmo aspect and peoples bound to their characters when the profit drops even more they just say hello for everybody even the most loyal subs with the casuals altogether.

  • Dr-Waffle The-Third

    Have a good one. Your life is probably headed in the right direction. Take care, and enjoy those tacos. You will be missed.

  • Don Loco

    Hands down best fish tacos in San Diego are at Bahia Don Bravo. Worth every cent.

  • JohnTooGud

    Niggers ruin this game, i fucking hate niggers

    • Donald Frederick

      Can’t tell if more disgusted at what JohnTooGood just said or all of the cowards here who haven’t called him out on his racist bs. Honestly, at times like these, you are all disgusting

      • DualBlastersGuy

        Calling an idiot an out for being an idiot isn’t going to make them any less of an idiot. And even if it does, then there are still a hundred more waiting to take its place.

        Preserve your energy and time, and fight battles that are actually winnable.

        • Donald Frederick

          Not calling him out on being an idiot, but a racist bastard. Was also calling out everyone that posted for not countering it.

          • Bakgrind

            Apparently the joke was on you since the day that he posted that subject matter was two days after anyone else bothered to come to this thread topic. Also YOU need to seriously get over yourself with your own inflammatory accusations by blaming everyone instead of focusing on the person at fault. Report it. Bock him and move on like the rest of us instead of purposefully stepping into dog mess when you know it’s dog mess.

      • Diehard fan

        10/1 this two guys have the same IP. People who trying to warm up racism – thats what really disgusting.

        • Donald Frederick

          Good point.

      • Drivan

        It’s actually more effective to flag the comment as inappropriate, which I did, so that the it gets deleted and that he possibly gets a ban from the forum. Calling him out just sparks more discussion and draws more attention to his stupid statement.

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