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GW2 Cin Business Achievement Guide

A guide to locating the 18 items for the Cin Business achievement in Lake Doric.

Completing this achievement will give you 5 AP and Sentient Oddity consumer that consumes 25 Piles of Bloodstone Dust and 25 Empyreal Fragments per day.


1. Shipping Orders

Inside a long house near Lakeside Villa POI.


2. White Mantle Rations

Drops from any White Mantle mob in Lake Doric.


3. Warm Animal Pelt

For this one you have to complete the heart at Harvest Cascades to be allowed into Noran’s Homestead/cave. Once you get past the door take a right and you should see the crate of pelt.


4. Tower Shard

This one is super annoying to get. If is in the centaur camp with al the sharpshooters that can kill you in 4-5 hits. It is best to do this in a group. The object you are looking for is a Tower Stone stone up top of a small tower on the path to Fallen Watchtower POI.


5.Cord of Stolen Wood

Kill Bandit Spirits in the area until you get a drop. These bandit spirits only spawn during specific events in the area.


6. Quaggan Food

On a raft in the river north of Saidra’s Haven


7. Fancy Greatsword

In a tent south of Doric’s Landing


8. Fishing Supplies

Just north of the heart vendor in New Loamhurst


9. Lost Locket

Found on the ground in Watcher’s Hollow. If you don’t know how to get there, there is a gap in the wall at the marked location on the map below where you can enter through a spider cave and exit to Watcher’s Hollow.


10. Magic-Imbued Peace Core

Talk to Nature’s Watch next to the Peach Tree to get Magic-Imbued Peach which you can double click to turn into peach core.


11. Pearl Shell

Talk to the kid behind the metal bars in the water and she will give you a Pearl Shell.


12. Bloodstone-Infused Toadstool

On the ground in Melandru’s Refuge


13. Pinkeen’s Sextant

Interact with the Forgotten chest in the ship


14. Mystic Cloth

Obtained by killing Justiciar Agatha in Saidra’s Haven as part of the boss event. Justicar Agatha spawns near Fort Evennia during the White Mantle counterattack on Saidra’s Haven


15. Queenslayer Jade Chunk

Obtained by killing Cairn the Queenslayer in New Loamhurst as part of the boss event. He spawns south of the town during the White Mantle counterattack.


16. Stolen Flank Steak

Obtained by killing Siegemaster Immelhoof in Watchtower Cliffs/Harvest Cascades as part of the boss event. He spawns in the Centaur camp during the White Mantle counterattack.


17. Bottle of Red Mantle Wine

On the second floor of this building in Fort Evennia. Don’t forget to get a disguise from the nearby heart vendor so you can enter the area freely.


18. Doric Dam Splinter


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20 replies on “GW2 Cin Business Achievement Guide”

I think it’s something crazy like 2h..and if you don’t participate from the start there’s a very high chance u don’t get the achiev.

Even so that’s not hard..the hardest event i’ve seen so far is the SS Whatever, where u have to protect the ship boxes from looters…even if u are 1-2 in the auto spawns 3-4 vets that go in 3-4 different areas. Without a zerg that dedicates to WAITING for that event to start, i don’t see how that can be done.

Oh…that would explain why it took so much when i did it…it was daytime indeed.

And when you think they could have made the exact same thing for the SS-Ship thing..White mantle during the day…skritt during the night.

But have to intentionally fail the game.

Please, oh please, let us combine the 3 sentient consumers and another one into a new consumer item when the next one comes out. I will spend the next 3 weeks squealing like a drunken fan girl.

Nr.4 The tower shard is not to be found where you found it. Not sure if they relocated it but it is not there anymore.

Tower Shard also found just on left side of the wall at poi. Also there is a solo way up to the poi.

Goto peach tree and head up towards the vista. Then head east up there towards the fallen watchtower poi and you will see some green bricks heading up to the poi. It not totally safe but great for a solo player or a few people as you end up right up near the poi.

Can’t confirm.
Source: My dead carcass at Fallen Watchtower POI right now. No sign of the item.
The directions to get there are correctish (video on YouTube confirms), but there’s no tower shard I can find.

It Works! It’s just a bit tedious and I suggest using a character that has a lot of healing and an invulnerable skill or something 😀

One of my guildies got the shard from a block on the ground on the left side of the outer circle (as you look at the map). It is a square concrete looking stone straight ahead against the wall on the ground where you come up if you take the shortcut up the blocks. It is not too hard to get to if you can get past the mobs at the top of the cliff. I never saw it there though. I got my tower shard as I was going up with a zerg at the top of one of the short watchtowers near the top. Possibly it is in two different places to allow folk to get it one way or another.

As of December 4 2017 this collection is bugged waiting on a fix. Check GW2 forums and see if it is resolved.

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