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GW2 Letters from E Achievements Guide

A guide to the Letters from E achievement in Lake Doric.

This achievement requires you to find 7 letters scattered in Lake Doric. No hints are given but they are fairly easy to find.


E’s First Letter

Inside one of the tents in the centaur camp, run in, grab in and get out.


E’s Second Letter

On the top floor of a building next to the heart NPC.


E’s Third Letter

On the beach with all the shipwrecked rations


E’s Fourth Letter

Next to Logan


E’s Fifth Letter

On the roof of the building next to Lakeside Bazaar waypoint.


E’s Sixth Letter

There is a hidden path next to Temple of the Six POI that lead you to a secret area with h Vista and Mastery Point. Follow the path and when the stairs begin to branch take the right path and keep going up.


E’s Seventh Letter

Near the little dam by Eastern Divinity Reservoir.


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4 replies on “GW2 Letters from E Achievements Guide”

I missed the “small dam” letter–unless you look from the right spot it’s “outta sight, outta mind”.

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