GW2 New Items from Bastion of the Penitent and LW3EP4

GW2 New items from Bastion of Penitent raid and living world season 3 episode 4. This is a work in progress. [toc]


Necrotic Glider – 500 Gems



New Hair Accessory Colors – Exclusive to Total Makeover Kits/Hairstyle Kits


Bastion of the Penitent

Acquiring the backpack, weapons, and minis require you to clear the various bosses in Bastion of the Penitent.

Burden – Backpack (600 Magnetite Shards)



The weapons costs 600 Magnetite Shards

Indomitable Pistol Indomitable Gladius (Sword) Arbiter Greatbow (Longbow) Axe of the Unseen
gw2-assault's-indomitable-pistol gw2-indomitable-gladius gw2-arbiter-greatbow gw2-axe-of-the-unseen
Watchkeeper Trophy Warhorn Watchkeeper Trophy Bow (Short Bow) Spire of Samarog (Staff) Demon Virge (Mace)
gw2-watchkeeper-trophy-warhorn gw2-watchkeeper-trophy-bow gw2-spire-of-samarog gw2-demon-virge
Demon Gavel (Hammer) Treasured Bough (Staff)    
gw2-demon-gavel gw2-treasured-bough    


The Minis costs 300 Magnetite Shards

Mini Cairn the Indomitable Mini Mursaat Overseer Mini Eye of Janthir
gw2-mini-cairn-the-indomitable-2 gw2-mini-mursaat-overseer gw2-min-eye-of-janthir
Mini Samarog Mini Ragged White Mantle Figurehead Mini White Mantle Figurehead
gw2-mini-samarog gw2-mini-ragged-white-mantle-figurehead gw2-mini-white-mantle-figurehead

Lake Doric/Episode 4

These items are acquired from the various heart vendors in Lake Doric once you have completed their task.

Unbound Magic Collector

Seraph Backpack – 5000 Unbound Magic, 200 Jade Shards


Doric’s Landing

Mini Convalescent Logan
(105k karma, 25 Jade Shard)
Seraph Protector
(210k karma, 50 Jade Shard)
gw2-mini-convalescent-logan gw2-seraph-protector

Fort Evennia

Mini Lady Valette Wi
(105k karma, 25 Jade Shard)
Bloodstone Savant Staff
(210k karma, 50 Jade Shard)
gw2-mini-lady-valette-wi gw2-bloodstone-jade-staff

Harvest Cascades

Mini Fire Tornado – 105k karma, 25 Jade Shard


Saidra’s Haven

Mini Ghost Cat – 105k karma, 25 Jade Shard


New Loamnhurst

Mini White Mantle Battlemage- 105k karma, 25 Jade Shard


Lakeside Bazaar

Mini Captive Canach – 105k karma, 25 Jade Shard


Endless Miniature Tonic – 175k karma. Turns your character tiny.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

55 replies on “GW2 New Items from Bastion of the Penitent and LW3EP4”

i really want to know, how much ppl really play raids, at some high regular rate, my guild have 500 ppl, and i know max 10 ppl, which are calling about raiding in guild chat and maybe 4 of them have all masteries, I never enter raid since lunch, for my casual playing is raid fucki g difficulty, which i will not even try

There are definitely people playing the raids, yes. But I do wonder just how large a % of the population it is. I do see quite a number of 176+ rank players in T4 Fractals (including me), but I have to wonder how many of them are actually REGULAR raid players, and not people who did an Escort run or paid for a run and basically haven’t done much actual raiding at all.

It’s so fun to play raids for nothing, waste your time for no reward. More than 1 year after hots release and we got only footage of legendary heavy armor. Rly who cares about raids.

we’re not all like you, and like to insert things into our assholes while we sob because we’re too bad to play raids. lol. pathetic.

A recent article on (i think) showed NCSoft’s financial reports….GW2 is now the lowest “big name” of the company, in therms of income. That in itself should give a hint.

Before, it was Wildstar..which is doing so abysmal (i think just the devs play that game) that it was put in the cumulative trash bin together with other nongames with a very small profit gain (cumilative).

…hell…AION is doing better then GW2 financially speaking.

Interesting….. because a simple google would send u to their official page where everything is public. Please tell me again how you came to the conclusion what i said “is absolutely false”. You must be an Alternative fact supporter.

Here, i will help you..because usually you people with your alternative facts barely have enough “power” to multitask reading and understanding at the same time

Are you reality trying to imply that GW2 has same population as wildstar becuse that would be insane the starting zone have more people then all of wildstar by them selfs.

Anet are good to people and it hurts there income that law off mmo look at BDO or archeage who are rolling in cash at the cost of there population and bad press.

I love how you didn’t include the yearly sales, all to push the appearance of the game gone bad. One only needs to open the file and see Nadrian is telling half the story. Good job on the alt-facts tho.

Do you know the meaning behind alterantive? What i told you is actual and real fact listed by the company that owns ANet. If you want to look at that information as being “alternative” altho it seems you haven’t the vaguest clue about what that word even means, fine..go ahead. Some people need to lie to themselves in order to feel good.

So …Guild Wars of the most well known mmos on the planet, in therms of yearly sales is doing:
1. Worst by 105 points compared to Blade and Soul (f2p+cash shop, not b2p)
2. Better by 5 points compared to AION (older mmo, that received a HUGE wave of negativity in it’s days, it’s f2p+cash shop..for an year now i think)
3. The same as Lineage 2 (in it’s golden days it was p2p now it’s f2p+cash shop, also one of the oldest mmos on the planet)
4. Worst then Lineage 1

..and all..GW2 did well only when they released the expansion in 2015..which is absolutely normal.

in order for you to feel good you shave your legs and twist your nipples, you god damn freak. looks like you still never learned the english language, lol. wow. sad.

You know someone has lost and completely given up when he’s last resort is to point out that someone who is not a native-english speaker, doesn’t speak english as well as someone who does it on a daily basis.

Even more sad is that it’s coming from someone at ANet….and he even liked he’s own post

They just want to have the feeling that their precious game is a good buy. GW2 is my main MMO and I really love it, but I am not a bit to pride to admit the fact that Anet has made a lot of stupid mistakes. Making a casual game more “hardcore friendly” is one of them. And yes, before some people ask: I DO raid every week, but that doesn’t mean it was a healthy choice for this game.

Well…don’t get me wrong..the game is well worth the investment…you definitely get enough out of it to compensate for your investment…it’s just that it could be so much more. The potential is there…but as you said, a lot of stupid mistakes (some of which they do to this day..a very small example is the need to FAIL an event in the new map in order to get a chance at an achievement).

As for raids…….they honestly seem like a plague on this game rather then something that gets ppl playing. If i want to raid i can go do WoW which has both the numbers (when u click the raid button it doesn’t take more then 10 seconds to get in REGARDLESS of gear) AND they have a ton of separate difficulties for each raid. Another good raiding mmo is FF.

ANet is trying to be 10 different things at once ..and in that process became mediocre at best.

just because you can’t raid, because you are fucking terrible at this game, doesn’t mean GW2 shouldn’t have raids. Our raids are great! They’re challenging, different from other MMOs, and fun. You have trouble understanding the general concept of a sustainable MMO, where there should be multiple activities and game modes, suited for every kind of gamer. According to you Anet should turn GW2 into a F2P racing game on Android. UNGHHHH DUNNGHHHH?

LOL SHUTUP, BITCH. you know someone is a pathetic crybaby when they start fights on dulfy because they’re too terribad to play this wonderful game in any capacity! but that’s okay, keep complaining, keep voicing your unintelligible opinion, on every update, every piece of good news! you’ll always find something to cry about.
you could instead:
1) study the english language more, even though you’ll never catch up to us Americans as we are a vastly more technologically advanced society, and if the world was a fat man you’d live under his tit
2) shut up

First of all, gw2 is primarily a US/EU based game, while the others are not, so from the beginning, we have games operating in different markets. Second, these figures do not include the gw2 china numbers, those are under “Other sales”. What’s important here is that gw2 is responsible for about 60% of NCsoft’s US/EU sales.

oh no, is the widdle babyboi cry cry? LOL still posting dumb comments and telling lies, I see. why don’t you just go back into your dirt hut in Slovakia and focus on gathering more rocks to boil?

i love how the way you spout about this game reflects how very little you understand about it. you’re like a grown man with down syndrome that throws a tantrum on the bus because the balloon he saw outside flew away and goed bye bye! could you be any more of a goblin-nosed tryhard? lol sounds like you play on the lowest tier server there could be. that IS where you belong, though.

question: did you EVER make it out of the starting tutorial? or are you by chance still stuck there? LOL

Guild war 2 is still once of the most popular MMO by far with the once of the highest PVE population.

There are way more people in Gw2 pve then blade and soul/BDO/ESO etc it just that GW2 has no P2W in it so there no real reason to spent cash on gems.

So ignore the insane people who thnik GW2 is next wildstar becuse income.

Every thing will be made up with next expansion with most of there team is working on.

in your country boiled rice and dial-up internet are considered delicacies LOL. way to be clever, lil boi! oh, go you! you did a berry good job, yes you did!

Not just bloodstone goulash, various kinds of bloodstone foods. I got her through spare raidfood Bloodstone bisque, for example.

2 new foods. I forgot to write down. I know that one was Lake Doric Mussels. Anyone remember the other one? Was it Saffron Mussels?

And ofc they don’t add any of the “normal” hair colours to the accessory options because that would make too much sense, letting us match the headband to our hair

Oh I agree. I was actually pretty hyped about this announcement, thus my disappointment that they hadn’t just unlocked all the kit exclusive hair colours for the accessories.

Have you figured out how to complete the Voice of the Deceased achievement yet? I’m stuck on the last one, “Found the culprit”, and I know what item to interract with to get it but it doesn’t give me the same dialogue as my friend who got the achievement.

Wait, is that an ascended staff reward for jade shards? That would be an interesting rewards turn. I find it humorous that they trying to release more ascended amulets after releasing the half-legendary bloodstone amulet though those Thackeray sigils are intriguing. I could almost see situations in fractals and raids where condition vipers could swap to these for a small damage decrease and large group healing buff. If necros get a healing elite in the next expansion, I think these could be meta.

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