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GW2 Head of the Snake Achievements Guide

A guide to all the achievements in Living World Season 3 Episode 4 Head of the Snake.


Meta Achievement

For this meta achievement you have to complete 28 achievements, this is fairly generous compared to previous episode meta achievements. Upon completion you will receive 21 AP and White Mantle Elite Guard Mask Box


Story Achievements

A Meeting of Ministers

Upper City Security Chief – 1 AP

  • Revive the guards in this story, only need to revive 5 guards for the achievement. There are plenty of Ministry Guards to revive in the part of the story when the White Mantle attacks.


Shadow in the Shadows – 1 AP

Shadow is Queen Jennah’s cat. During the part where the White Mantle attacks. you can find Shadow chilling in the middle of the room so just run over and interact with it for an achievement. Shadow will be there at end of the instance too.


Sacrificial Lambs – 1 AP

There are four groups of Hostage Noble you need to rescue that are scattered around the map. Rescue all four groups for the achievement.


Sabotage Fort Evennia

A Fly in the Ointment – 2 AP, 1 Mastery Point

  • Interfere with the White Mantle in Fort Evennia 10 times without fleeing or getting caught. Pretty easy to do if you are doing the story mission since you need to steal 5 battle plans and rescue 5 Seraph soldiers without being caught.

It’s a Sabotage – 3 AP

  • Perform 25 acts of sabotage inside the Fort, tedious but you only have to do it once and it will help you complete the nearby heart.

Regrouping with the Queen

Courtly Discourtesy – 1 AP

Salute the aspiring young Shining Blade Guard

  • /salute the child running around


Dig for gossip with each of the ladies-in-waiting

  • Talk with each of the 3 ladies in waiting


Make a guard laugh by misbehaving

  • For this you have to do all 3 actions within short time frame of each other.
  • Pet Shadow the cat, then glide and swim in the water. You need to have all 3 buffs on you at the same time for the achievement.


Confessor’s End

The Whispers Way – 1 AP

Pretty easy, just don’t get too close to the two Jade Constructs at start of the entrance and you won’t get detected.


The Vigil Way – 1 AP

Kill the two Veteran Jade Bow and Jade Armor instead.

Illuminating – 1 AP

When fighting Caudecus for the first time, pull him under the Chandelier, attack the Chandelier and drop it on his head for the achievement. Might be easier to break his CC bar at the same time so he doesn’t move around. If you don’t have strong CC skills you can use the special action key when Caudecus use his teleporting move and stand under the chandelier. This will instant break his CC bar and stun him.


Riddle Me This – 1 AP

You get random riddles for this one, so here are some of the possible ones.

  • You throw away the outside and cook the inside then you eat the outside and throw away the inside. What did you eat?  – Chicken or Corn
  • I’m half as smart and twice as strong. I’ve a kick you won’t forget – Centaur
  • What has the head of a cat, feet of a cat, but dumber than a cat? – Charr

Master of Puppets – 8 AP

  • Don’t forget to do this achievement which is only doable at end of the instance. Here is the guide

Map Achievements

Holding Back the Tide – 3 AP, 1 Mastery Point

This is the achievement for doing all 3 major meta events on the map. Periodically, the White Mantles will attack either Saidra’s Haven, New Loamhurst or Harvest Cascades. You need to defend these areas from the White Mantles counterattacks for this achievement.

You can track the meta events on the map by using the meta event bar for Lake Doric. If the White Mantles are planning their next move, no meta events are occurring; if an attack is imminent, they will attack soon.


Fire Brigade – 1 AP

Can be done in any of the major towns in Lake Doric. Use the water buckets laying around to put out fires. Do it 15 times for the achievement. I tend to do it in New Loamhurst since it is part of the heart completion requirements anyway.


Chum Chucker– 2 AP

Grab the Chum Buckets in New Loamhurst and throw it on the White Mantle mobs. You do not have to throw it on White Mantle mobs and can throw it on the Hermit crabs instead for easier completion. Do it 15 times for the achievement.


Gems of the Beach City – 1 AP

Find Lumpy Pearls from the Fish Cages scattered around the beach in New Loamhurst and then bring them to Bagran the Pearl Merchant in Lakeside Bazaar. Do this 10 times for the achievement.


(Hidden) Dance Club – 1 AP

Type /dance in front of One-Drink Drake in Lakeside Bazaar for this hidden achievement worth 1 AP.


(Hidden) Well Fare – 3 AP

Go to Eastern Hunting Grounds and look for a specific tree with the Kick prompt. Kick this tree to get the honey and then carry this honey back to Blaine in Lakeside


(Hidden) A Fish, A Fishy – 3 AP

Find a Jellyfish Remains in the Fish Crates along the lake beach and then give it to Ishoonoo the Quaggan in the waters north of Saidra’s Haven. Jellyfish Remains is a semi rare drop from the Fish Crates.


(Hidden) A Good Use– 5 AP

This achievement seems to complete when you turn in the Jellyfish to the quaggan. Might be a bug but incase it doesn’t auto complete, you need to do the following.

  • Turn in Live Crawdad and Fresh Seafood to cooks at Saidra’s Haven
  • Use Chum Buckets on White Mantle mobs in New Loamhurst
  • Give Ishoonoo Jellyfish remains.
  • Give Pearls to merchants in New Loamhurst

(Hidden) Paying Respects – 1 AP

Go to Soren’s Rest POI and then type /kneel in front of the tombstones for the achievement.


(Hidden) Not All Who Wander Are Lost– 5 AP, 5 Jade Shards

This event only occurs at night. Take a stick at New Loamhurst and then stick it into the blue forge next to it to turn it into a torch. Then stand and wait for the Priestess of Melandru to spawn at the indicated location (every couple minutes at night).


You need to run ahead of her and lit the trees ahead of her with your torch and she will walk all the way to Melandru’s Refuge secret area. Follow her to climb all the way up top  and stand next to the tomb for the achievement.


(Hidden) Execute the Executioner – 1 AP

For this hidden achievement, you need to first let White Mantle control Saidra’s Haven (this means failing the event to defend the town). Once White Mantle control Saidra’s Haven, there is an event that pops up shortly after to rescue villagers set by the White Mantle to burn at stake.


Tree-Hugger Hugger – 2 AP

Give this villager some food from the fish crates. Need to do this for 4 days (can only give one food per day) for the achievement to complete. Any food will work (Crawdad, Fresh Seafood etc).


Friend of the Forest – 3 AP

This event only occurs at night near Red Leaf Retreat Waypoint. You need to talk to the friendly Lost Spirits and pick the “good” option that the spirits will agree with to get credit for the achievement. Do this 15 times for the achievement. Unfortunately the event is pretty short and only one person can talk to the ghost before it despawns.


Moonlighting – 1 AP

This event only occurs at night every 15 minutes. Bandit Spirits will spawn and attempt to steal lumber from the yard. You will need to kill all the bandits before they manage to steal away the lumber at the yard. Any bandit with lumber with have orange swords icon above their head.

To get this achievement successfully you must have players ready as soon as the event spawns and brings lots of crowd control skills to break their bar so they stop moving temporarily.


Honorary Crew Member – 1 AP

Much like the Moonlighting achievement, this can be only done during daytime and spawns every 15 minutes. For the achievement you need to prevent White Mantle and the Skritt from getting any supplies. Not even a single White Mantle or Skritt can get away wit the supplies so this is another hard achievement where you need to have players ready and loaded with CC.

  • For White Mantles to spawn, Seraph forces must control Saidra’s Haven.
  • For the Skritt to spawn, White Mantle forces must control Saidra’s Haven (requires the White Mantle’s counterattack to succeed, so requiring failing the meta event).


Those Giant Hands – 3 AP, 1 Mastery Point

Kill the Harathi High Sage right by Fallen Watchtower POI. This requires a small zerg to make it to the top and kill him.


It’s a Trap – 5 AP, 1 Mastery Point

Go to Noran’s Homestead and buy a key daily from him (need to complete the heart first). Once you have the key, go through the maze. There are two chests, both will give you Jade Stones. The first one will give you oil that you can use to oil your key for the final chest that give you the achievement.



Scavenger Hunt Achievements

Letters from E – 5 AP

Cin Business – 5 AP

(Hidden) Master of Puppets – 8 AP

Mastery Insights

Lake Doric Insight: Lakeside Bazaar

Take the updraft from the arrow on the map and glide across.


Lake Doric Insight: Melandru’s Flourish

There is a small gap in the wall behind the wall in Temple of the Six POI.


Run through it, take the right set of stairs, climb up and use the updraft to reach the mastery insight.


Lake Doric Insight: Melandru’s Refuge

Easy mastery insight, just jump!


Lake Doric Insight: Watcher’s Hollow

See video, this is the top left Mastery Insight.



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73 replies on “GW2 Head of the Snake Achievements Guide”

Also note that answering the 2nd riddle with Kitten will make the player go back to the first room and does not affect the achivement (as it is also a correct answer but Cadecus just hates charrs xD)

Just a comment, I believe the Gem of the Beach City achievement is also part of “A Good Use” achievement because I got my “A Good Use” pop when I turned in the 10 pearls.

Giving the tree-hugger food triggered it for me after doing all the other requirements without getting the achievement..

Agreed. There was a lot of huffing and puffing about this tonight. Seems some people decided to troll the group that wanted it to fail. Wasn’t pretty.

Not only that..but the event in itself is very unforgiving….it spawns 3-4 vets at the same time in different spots and very close to the loot u have to protect. If you don’t have a dedicated mini zerg there, the chances of succeeding are abysmal.

If people can barely do it now…just imagine in a few weeks when this map won’t have the same number of players.

Dulfy this guy (Josh Davis Arenanet) abuses people that comment on your pages. Just take a look at his history. Also he is posing as an ArenaNet employee. I know that no one that works with the company would abuse thier player base like that or be permited to. Thanks for your time.

I just YOLO’ed my way through the centaur camp and went up the Minecraft looking block behind it to that mastery point at Watcher’s Hollow. XD

Can you be a little morespecific about the Execute the executioner achi? Because nothing seems to spawn in the haven itself after the fail defense event.

Well Fare. I bring him the good before it expires, hit F for Give Food, and it just keeps spamming “Bring something tasty for Blaine!’ in read.

Is there a specific spot to find jellyfish remains? I looted a lot of fishing cages between New Loamhurst and Saidra’s Haven but nothing 🙁

You can also buy Jellyfish Remains off the TP if you absolutely can’t find any. Alternatively, I believe they also drop from Jellyfish in higher level maps. Try farming the Jellyfish in Bloodtide Coast and Frostgorge Sound.

Based on my experience, it’s more like 20 mins. The first one will usually start about 5 – 10 mins after the Dusk period starts, so a typical night cycle will have 2 rounds of Moonlighting.

I got the “It’s a trap”-achievment by just reaching the place with the 2nd chest even without opening the chest.

Same. Didn’t get the chest, because I wasn’t aware of the oil and key situation. Oil looks like flaxseed oil, so I just shrugged it off.

Dulfy for

A Good Use (Hidden Achievement)

I did all that you said there but what granted it to me was the villager on the tree from Tree Hugger achievement when I gave him a seafood.

Illuminating – You need to be more specific with how to do this… the chandelier isn’t targetable the whole fight. Even when his stunned or at all during the fight.

I completed the achievement because I used the new 5th downed skill and the chandelier fell down because of that xD

All you have to do is stun (break the CC bar) on Caudecus near the middle, under the chandelier. Canach will drop it for you.

“A Good Use” – when I got this, I still hadn’t found anyone in New Loamhurst to give pearls to, But I’d sold a stack of 13 or so to the Pearl Merchant in Lakeside Bazaar. It seems to qualify.

There is noone in Loamhurst that wants the pearls. It’s only the guy in the bazaar.. That’s why you’ve got the Good Use achiv.

Not only that, but you don’t need to hand in the full 10 for “Gems of the Beach City”. I did this again on a second account, and I’d only handed in (I think) 3 gems when “A Good Use” completed. I’d guess (and it’s only a guess) that even 1 gem handed in is enough.

“Not All Those Who Wander are Lost”. I got this without ever seeing the priestess. Just went into the hidden cave at SE and glided to the central platform. This after several “nights” waiting for her to spawn without success. (I was still carrying the torch from New Loamhurst at the time; that may or may not have been relevant.)

You can’t do it, I don’t think, unless you come in from the door by the statue of Melandru in Melandru’s Refuge. Having just done it on a second account, I can confirm that that seems to be all that the “escort” of the priestess does – opens the door (which then stays open for a while – plenty of people followed me in). Before, I must have followed someone else. Anyway, once you’re in, it’s pretty obvious; you go up an obvious staircase, jump/glide across a couple of gaps, go up just a little bit further and find yourself across a gap from the top of the column from the chest. None of the jumps were in the Peach Tree league of difficulty. The only difference when you lead the priestess is that she basically takes you along the route you need to go anyway, so you don’t need to work it out for yourself.

There is another Hidden Achievement, it’s called Perfect Execution and it says that: “Rescue villagers set by White Mantle to burn at the stake or escort quaggans near Saidra’s Haven”
Reward 1 AP

I have absolutely no idea about the skrit one, coz’ I don’t remember doing any skrit event, but when I did the White mantle one, the achievements completed automaticly

Yeah, I went there today. And after some waiting the event started. 2 more people came to do it and it went rather easily. Then I got the achiv and it shows that I did both WM and Skritt one.. I guess they have changed that too.
Well, I’m glad since with that I have my *star* in the story journal. And that’s all I care about. 😀

Confirmed, also escort of the quaggans does not depend whether Saidra’s Haven defend event wins of fails. Unfortunately we did not find the timer of the event, but for us Quaggan Event started between 10:35 ~ 10:40 CET (it could be possible that event spawns every hour as we waited at least 40mins)

Dulfy, can you post a guide to the Harathi High sage spawn? Because I’m hearing multiple stories about his spawn (timer, killing all champs, etc) and It’s getting extremely annoying to me as that is one of the last achievements I have left for this update, and the only mastery point one I have left.

Please help.

These masks have potential but they need to be combined with head cover to make sense. Pity its not possible to equip non-stat related masks with hoods or helms :/

Did you give both Crawdad and Fresh Seafood? These are not the same. You can find Crawdad only near Saidra and find a specific cook that wants it.

Not sure why you’re sending this to me sir. I was trying to help Raizel, I did these achivs on a first and second day after the patch. But yeah, video will help if there is still someone who can’t find it.

Is there a special condition for the Moonlighting achievement event to start? I’ve been camping at the lumber mill every night for days and the event has never started.

dulfy, this guide needs some editing, see above. i have been trying to get this achievement for ever, and knowing i could just have escorted some quaggans would have saved me a lot of time

To get a the achievement “A Good Use”, I had to give a live crawdad to a child in Saidra’s Haven. It took me forever to figure it out. I don’t know what all these guides are talking about for that one.

A Good Use:

The Achievement requires you to do the following things

Give a Live Crawdad to a Starving Seraph Soldier outside Lakeside Bazaar
Give Fresh Seafood to a cook in Saidra’s Haven
Get the achievement Chum Chucker
Throw chum or rotting fish at 15 White Mantle invaders
Get the achievement A Fishy, Fishy
Give Jellyfish Remains to Ishoonoo who lives in the Quaggan village west of SS Pinkeens

I’d add to guide to buy the Jellyfish Remains off the TP. Currently going for 39c and saves a hell of a lot of time with A Fish, A Fishy hidden achievement.

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