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GW2 Master of Puppets Achievements Guide

GW2 Master of Puppets Achievements Guide with locations of the letter around Beetlestone Manor.

This achievement is only able to be done in the last story instance (Confessor’s End). You have to finish the instance to do this achievement as some levels are only unlocked at the very end. Basement can be reached by the doors that unlock in the main room after you have completed the instance.


1. Concerning Convert

First door on the right when you get to the upper floor of the mansion.


2. Purged by Fire

Right  by Bandit Barracks POI.


3. Falcon Company

Basement level of the Mansion. To get to the basement, you must have completed the instance and then the doors in the main library on the ground floor will open up, allowing you access.


4. A Timely Promotion

Upper floor, opposite from #12.


5. Flea- Bitten Bedfellows

Upper floor, same room as Lady Wisteria Whiskington


6. He Lives…

Ground floor, one of the side rooms that lead down to the basement.


7. Unrefined, Yet Effective

Big room with all the bandit munitions


8. A New Protégé

Opposite from #7.


9. Sacrifices Must Be Made

Upper floor, opposite room from #1.


10. The Curtain Falls

Upper floor


11. A Minor Setback

Upper floor


12. The Enemies of My Enemy

Upper floor


13. Under New Management

Basement level of the Mansion. To get to the basement, you must have completed the instance and then the doors in the main library on the ground floor will open up, allowing you access.


14. Old Friends, Older Enemies

Top floor of the barn


15. Trouble at Home

Ground Floor


16. Pirates? Really?

Also ground floor, on a room at the corner


17. A Wi Problem

Upper floor


18. Eye for an Eye, Child for a Child

Ground floor


19. Yet Another New Protégé

Upper floor, not far from the stairs.


20. And Stay Dead

Basement Level


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it has sub achievements, find 1, 5, 11 and 21 pages
check the actual achievement which pages you’re missing. If you have all pages then you’re done. its 21 including the bundle. if you have it complete, then it’s just a bug on the book

“Master! Master! Where’s the dreams that i’ve been after?”
“Master! Master! (you) Promised only lies.”
“Laughter! Laughter! All see or hear is laughter.”
“Laughter! Laughter! Laughing at my cries…. FIX ME!”

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