GW2 Samarog Raid Boss Guide

A guide to Samarog the Warden, the third boss of Bastion of the Penitent raid wing.


Samarog is the third boss of the raid wing and is slightly more difficult than the previous two bosses (not by much). Samarog does have a CC bar you need to break every 10% and also bring CC skills such as knockback and immobilize for the 66% and 33% phases.

  • HP: ???
  • Enrage Timer: 11 minutes
  • Class Composition: Bring CC skills and knockback/immobilize. Standard raid meta works here.


This fight is divided into distinct phases with additional mechanics added in as the you go through the later phases.

  • Phase 1: 100-66%
  • Guldhelm and Rigom: 66%
  • Phase 3: 66-33%
  • Guldhelm and Rigom: 33%
  • Phase 3: 33-0%


Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode, activated by using the Challenge Mote, doesn’t have any new mechanics but ramp up the existing mechanics to make this fight much challenging.

  • Spear of Aggression/Revulsion are much more common and block out the entire room, leaving you very little space to navigate.
  • Inevitable Betrayal mechanic start appearing in phase 1 and adds a new difficulty to the fight


Phase 1 (100-66%)

Instant Death

Samarog’s fight arena is surrounded by spikes. If any player get knocked into the spikes, it is an instant death with no downed state. Samarog have numerous attacks that does knockback so players need to be extra careful in positioning him to avoid getting knocked back into the spikes. Everyone should be posiitoned behind Samarog (except for the fixation target) and position Samarog in the middle of the fight arena.



One random player will get Fixation every 10%, this is similar to the fixation mechanic on Slothasor. This player will act as a temporary tank for the duration of fixation (or until they get downed). They will get a purple glowing orb on top of their head as well as a message displayed on screen. This player will need to orient and position Samarog correctly to avoid wiping the raid. Samarog will follow and face this player for the most part except during certain mechanics that are described below.



Shockwave is a mechanic similar to the mechanic on Tequatl. Samarog will raise up his front legs and swirl around before finally landing his two spears on the ground, causing a massive shockwave that radiates out from point of impact.


This shockwave deals a medium amount of damage but it knock you back quite a distance (~800 range) so it an be lethal if you get knocked into the spikes surrounding the fight arena. You can avoid this shockwave in two ways by either jumping over the waves or dodge through the waves (dodge towards the wave). I personally find jumping a bit unreliable at times so I always dodge just to be safe.

Prisoner Sweep

Prisoner Sweep is a frontal knockback with a long charge up animation. During Prisoner Sweep, he will lift up his right arm and basically sweep outward twice using his spear. This is a knockback with similar distance as the Shockwave but you can get knocked twice (his second sweep can hit you in midair as you fly from the first sweep) and get pushed back even more. This is the attack where he will turn 180 deg from the fixation target to face rest of the raid so you can predict this attack and act accordingly. If you see him charging up this attack, you can simply run into him or invul/block it.



Every 10%, Samarog will pin down the target of his Fixation and start stomping on that player repeatedly in an attack called Brutalize while gaining a Break bar. The player being brutalized cannot act and will continue to receive damage while everyone else need to use crowd control skills on the Samarog to break that player out similar to the mechanic on Matthias. Healers may need to pay extra attention to the player being brutalized to prevent them from doing down to the damage.


If the player being brutalized goes into the downed state before the stomp begins or get stomped inside a Spear, they have a chance to get killed instantly with no downed state.

Samarog will switch his fixation target after this attack.

Spears of Aggression/Revulsion

Periodically during the fight, Samarog will drop either Spears of Aggression or Revulsion in the fight area. They don’t do much damage wise but if you get knocked or run into them they will apply taunt/fear/daze. You can remove them by either breaking their breakbar or killing them directly. If Samarog brutalize a player inside a spear, the player will also get killed instantly.


It is a good idea to clean them up periodically to prevent them from taking over the fight space.

Phase 2 (66-33%)

All mechanics in phase 1 are present in Phase 2 but with the addition of a new mechanic.

Inevitable Betrayal

This is a new mechanic that can cause raid wipes if not executed properly. About every 30 seconds, two players in the raid will get two circles, a big orange circle and a smaller green circle. These two players must move out of the raid and stack on top of each other before the circles explode to negate the damage. Failure to do so will cause a raidwide AoE called Inevitable Betrayal that deals ~15k damage. The two players that receive the circles will see a Choose your allies wisely message across their screen.


Raid members that do not have these circles must avoid as them as they can still take damage from the circle explosion if they stand in it. Unusually the player with the big orange circle will move out of the raid and stand still while the player with the smaller green circle moves to them.

Phase 3 (33-0%)

Phase 3 has all the mechanics from Phase 1 and 2 with the addition of two new mechanics.


This attack has a similar charge up animation to Prisoner Sweep with the key difference being that Samarog will slam the ground with his spear instead. If you are in front of Samarog, you will get hit by this Slam and it can down you in one hit.



During this phase, Samarog will periodically pull all the spears to him. Before doing so, you will see a big arrows indicating their path so you can move out of the way beforehand. This mechanic is only problematic if you have a bunch of spears of aggression/revulsion up so you may want to clear some beforehand. Regardless, the spears move slow and are fairly easy to avoid.


Guldhelm and Rigom (66/33%)

When Samarog reaches 66% and 33%, he will become invulnerable and charges to the back of the room, make sure you are not in his path or you will get pushed to the spikes and die. Two new mobs will enter the fight: Guldhem and Rigom.

  • The only difference between the 66 and 33% Guldhelm and Rigom fight is the addition of Inevitable Betrayal mechanic in the 33% phase.


Guldhem is a Jotun mob that redirects all damage received to Rigom, a human. Once Rigom is killed, Guldhem will start taking damage but Rigom will keep getting revived until you also kill Guldhem. Guldhem is immune to all crowd controls but Rigom is vulnerable to all forms of crowd control skills. Rigom will also remove all conditions from Guldhelm once he get revived.

Guldhem and Rigom both have a fixation mechanic, they will fixate on the furthest player from them and switch their fixation periodically. If their orange auras meet, they both gain a stacking both that increase damage for Guldhem and HP for Rigom (100k HP per stack).

To avoid this, you need to keep Rigom and Guldhem apart. The best strategy we found was to push Rigom into the orange bubble that surrounds Samarog using a knockback and then immobilize Rigom inside the orange bubble. Attack Guldhem to redirect all damage to Rigom and once Rigom is dead (temporarily), damage Guldhelm. Repeat this until Guldhem is dead and kill Rogom for the final time. Everytime Rigom get revived and runs out, knock him back into the orange bubble.


Rigom is invulnerable for a few seconds after he revives himself so make sure to not use your knockback/immobilize until this invulnerability wears out or you will be wasting your CC skills. Guldhem also have an AoE daze/interrupt that can interrupt your skills

In addition to Rigom and Guldhelm, Spears of Aggression/Revulsion will continue to spawn in the fight area. It might be a good idea to clean them up before finishing the phase.


Special thanks for members of the [zQ] progression team and Rubik for writing up the initial draft of the guide.

  • Dosko

    what a boring ass raidboss. fractals require more personal skill than this. sad that anet thinks the 5% doing raids deserve all the shinies that are exclusive to this content, including legendary armor. worst decission so far from anets side.

    • Alk

      i am so tired of comments like that from ppl who believe raids are so fucking rewarding! Most of the times you get an exotic that it sells for maximum 2g and a small chance for ascended that most ppl in raids don’t need because already have the armors and weapons they want! I assume you are a fashion wars player because i personally have so many ascended armors that i do not really need the legendary one! I can make the armor tomorrow if it comes out, but i won’t. Armor that changes stats is nothing if you can’t change runes as well. And also if it’s so easy just go find pugs and do it, you do fractals with pugs i assume :3

      • Razyiel

        “Armor that changes stats is nothing if you can’t change runes as well”

        Well said – exactly that is my main problem i have with GW2 legedaries in general…

      • It’s not Anet’s fault you got shitty luck at drops becuz ur a little bitch. you couldn’t make jack shit tomorrow too, don’t even pretend fuccboi. the only thing you make is your diaper crusty, you mouthbreathing autist.

      • Josa

        I’ve just reached 100LI, and earned enough Magnetite Shards to purchase almost 3 full sets of Ascended Armour. Thats ALOT of gold worth. Not to mention I’ve had 3 Ghostly Infusions and ~6-7 Ascended weapon drops. Nothing in GW2 has been more rewarding for me than raids.

    • dregsdakaballa

      LOL some kid thats salty they cant pug raids, you’ve obviously never done raids in this game if you believe the BS youre saying LMFAO way to look dumb 😀

      • Dosko

        first of all, u dont know me. so pls dont assume things without any basis just to discredit some1 else opinion just because u dont agree with it. im probably older than u “kid”, and i never said anything about raids in general other then the rewards being exclusiv.
        secondly, i was just revering to the boss shown in the video. and if u watched it too u will realize a few things: the boss has very limited mechanics, stacking is still the most viable way to fight and most importantly, u dont have to know shit about the boss to sucessfully clear it. if u still think content like this makes u elite in any way, than so be it. u probalby also think wvw-rank is an indicatior for personal skill…

        • minion_condi_necro

          Well if you fuck up in a fractal people can solo quite easily. If you fuck up in a raid, yea maybe less personal skill but it’s difficult for a group to continue and complete the fight. Having 10 players be constantly on point is a lot harder that you might think. As for legendary armor being locked behind raids, yea that isn’t a very good decision.

        • Azure

          Except the mechanics in the boss fight itself aren’t the challenging part – it’s really how quickly the group can coordinate repositioning / CCing the Jotun/Human phase that determines if you’ll kill before enrage (and enrage on this boss gives it 5x damage meaning even it’s basic attacks hit for > 40k).

          If you think this boss is just stacking and then tank and spank you’ve got it wrong. And if you don’t know about the human/jotun phase before going in you will not clear this boss. Our group prefers to do the first run through without reading about the bosses and that phase is what kept us from killing Samarog (got it to ~15%) on our first run through the wing.

          I found the fight to be a lot of fun and required decent coordination as well as personal awareness for the inevitable betrayal attacks, the shockwave, the break bar during brutalize, and the jotun/human phase.

          This new raid wing is also far more inclusive than the old ones in the sense that it’s easy to either PUG or find a group of others who felt the previous raids were too exclusive but who want to form a group for this one. The fact that they divided difficulties between easier main fights and challenge motes makes it far more accessible than Forsaken Thicket (and the lore is so cool in this new raid!).

    • :3

      Its not rewarding and honestly its just a waste of time, raiding in gw2 has been meh, rewards are also meh
      The only ppl who do it are the one in for the challenge which are obviously few in numbers and they are many other mmos that can do a better job

      Oh but we get legendary armor……….. no point if i can’t change runes on it as well, its easier to keep changing sigils on a weapon since they won’t cost much but runes in comparisons is another story

      • the only waste of time here is you, as your parents regret not aborting you every day. lil BITCH.

    • not as boring as your sad fucking life, you inverted mandible-having mongoloid. people who prefer the stale, repetitiveness of fractals to the much more intelligently crafted raids are the same people that drink dish soap.

    • Felipe Nogueira

      Raids are boring and easier than fotm? Alright, you just went full-retard. Don’t do it in public next time.

  • dregsdakaballa

    what the fuck the third boss guide comes out before the first and second? you cant even get to the fucking third boss to begin with what the hell lmao

    • Grand Paladin Tyrux

      Chill out buddy, does it really matter that much to you what order they come out in? The first two bosses are easy enough to read up on, or just learn the mechanics yourself ._.

  • Grand Paladin Tyrux

    My group found that Samarog’s fixation is based on distance – once he’s broken, he fixates on the player furthest away. We usually had our two chrono’s purposely position themselves far away during break phase, in order to trade fixation between themselves.

  • Ellantriel

    HP is 40 millions.

    • Ellantriel

      Maybe not. Different tools are showing different values. Here it shows 29Millions…?

      • Kedasky

        29.49 M On normal mode

        And I believe that in CM its goes up to 40M

      • nadrian3k

        What’s that DPS addon thing u guys have

  • freakingboss

    Guldhelm can only deal with condition dmg or am i wrong? no mention about that in this guide.

    • That is not true, that was initially a misconception but it can receive all dmg if you do it properly.

  • MrX

    >TFW bosses design reminds of Dark Souls. And I love it !

  • You should note that you can’t actually damage the jotun guldhem unless rigam dies within the giant orange circle. If rigam dies while outside the circle then the jotun stays immune. Until rigam dies within the circle guldhem remains immune to damage.

  • John Black

    This guide created very common misunderstanding. Especially on pugs.

    People thinks rigom must be in samarog’s orange circle.
    Rigom and Guldhem just need to be apart. It can be anywhere.

    They are trying hard to push him there and lose time.
    Mechanic needs to stated more clearly on guide.

    Root him wherever he is. Pull back Guldhem, damage Guldhem.
    When rigom revives push him back and root again. Repeat.

    • John Black

      Also, thanks for guides.

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