SWTOR Upcoming Content

SWTOR Upcoming CM Items from Patch 5.2

SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market Items from Patch 5.2. These are parts of the upcoming Vigilant Defender Pack. 


Cunning Statesman’s Armor Set – Gold

Reclusive Master’s Armor Set – Gold

Badlands Renegade Armor Set – Silver

Imperial Advisor’s Armor Set – Silver

Royal Guardian’s Armor Set – Silver

Wandering Disciple’s Armor Set – Bronze

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Ordtech F7 Assault Cannon – Silver

Ordtech F7 Dualsaber – Silver


Ordtech F7 Lightsaber – Silver



Corrupted Ackley – Gold


Vectron Colette – Gold


Protector’s Command Throne – Gold


Cartel Relaxation Skiff – Silver

Armored Tundra Ice Tromper – Silver


Zakuulan Falcon – Bronze


Star Fortress Scout – Bronze



Title: Alliance Defender

Droid Companion: H1-K1

Zakuul Minimech – Bronze


Advanced Yellow Gold Color Crystal – Silver


Flair: Corrupted Command – Gold


Emote: Empowered Shuffle – Silver


Pet: Experimental Nexu – Bronze


Toy: Holocall – Silver



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168 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming CM Items from Patch 5.2”

*Sigh* Still no KotOR armors… Not counting sets that had reskinned pieces, it’s been almost 2 years since a KotOR armor set was released.

I mean, technically, the Black Vulkar Swooper set ISN’T in either KotOR game, but with the name, it is KotOR related.

Darth Nihilus’ Mask + Sentinel’s Renowned chest + black/black dye + any plain jane lower robe; Bob’s your uncle and there you go.

I seriously doubt we will get one at this point because they would have to release it as a full set (including helm), which would cause problems (rage from those who already have the helm & redundancy w/ Collections unlocks).

Just go back to the old cartel packs and you will find almost every “new” piece in one of them. The armors, the mounts, the weapons, everything really.

Oh man check this fanboi out. How easy this is going to be.

Ok whether your legit that ignorant or trolling, here are but a few examples to say nothing of all the past reskins I HAVEN’T shown: is a reskin of: which they have reskinned previously already as:

Another example?? Sure let’s do round 2. There are plenty of examples as John Kosto said: is a reskin (Which itself was a reskin of an ingame armor) of:


My NS sh is my little Speeder show room and nothing shows how many reskins BW Austin do of their mounts better then the Gurian family of speeders:

Bottom line. BW Austin are so lazy, they either just slap a new color on an existing armor/speeder and call it new or take pieces off other armors to add to another and call it a new design. Either way, reskinned proof as requested. 😀

Yeah I know. Just giving a quick show and tell to silence that idiot fanboi who somehow believes BW does not recycle.

And regarding gurians, I haven’t even got them all on display but my ns sh staircase proves my point all the same.

Not to mention that those chest pieces were in the vanilla version of the game as random greens and blues well before the cartel market even existed. Not sure why they think anyone would want reskins when we have dye modules. Youd think they could at least change the texture pattern if they want to reuse the 3D model for time reasons : /

fucking garbage bioware. just make a new fucking game already, stop spitting on the playerbase that has left playing the fucking game…

Totally uninspired armors, which is a shame. 🙁
Mounts look nice tho (except for that stupid traveler bag on the spine of the Acklay), but skipping the Hypercrate again, will buy those few items off of GTN.

On the brighter side, they’ve just saved me the money for Mass Effect Andromeda. 🙂

Make sure you check which copy you’re buying. Don’t know if you’re aware but the pricey CE versions don’t come with the game as standard.

I actually like the first one. Head gear is a bit strange though. I RP a character who is from House Rist of Alderaan. I feel it would suit him

Not a very interesting pack… it’s sad that the silver armors look better than the gold… The chair mount is cool as is the Imperial Advisor and Royal Guardian sets.
P.S. BioWare please just make an unlockable Advanced Yellow Crystal… not these weird multi-coloured atrocities

Once just once can we have a decent jedi armour set without armoured plating the dark advisor set was perfect … But nope armoured plating strikes again -_-

Not sure about that. This set’s been called “Shadow Disciple” since it was first datamined at least a year ago.

Yeah, I know that. That’s why I’m a bit confused as to where he’s getting that info. As long as they release it, I don’t care. Lol

Sorry to burst your bubble, that armor was data mined back at 4.0.2, along with a number of armors that have still yet to hit the servers

I have never understood why BW keep making hooded armors when they have never fixed the hairless glitch you get when wearing a hooded armor. That’s why as much as I want a hooded armor, I stayed away from them because of said glitch.

Looking good is all we can hope for at this point. Aside from fashion and the occasional rpg dlc they have us pay for, what else do we have?

What a fucking garbage… why would anyone want to buy this for real money lol
I really miss shipment 4-5-6 packs

Reclusive Master’s cape should be a separate head slot item together with the hood. This is the kind of cape that would literally fall off you should you start making any sudden moves.

This is all the same garbage over and over and over again in different trollings and rants. Who the fuck falls for this stupid shit?

But no comment from you on the level of recycling made by BW across all these packs huh? Just attack anyone who gets sick of the laziness by BW instead? Yeah you fanbois have nothing.

But then I wouldn’t expect much from someone who foolishly believes BW are quote “massively” heading in the right direction with swtor.

Since when have I attacked anyone other than that nuisance Smedley? Since when have I made a comment praising BW’s direction? You don’t even know me, yet you attack me with assumptions about me with nothing to back them up. Unlike you, I actually look for proof whenever people try to pass on misinformation without backing it up. Instead of being a hypocrite, why don’t YOU find some evidence to back up your remarks.

Mea culpa indeed. I looked back and saw it was abaddonsmummy who made the comment about BW’s direction. I am not full of pride to admit when I am wrong so apologize accordingly.

Smedley’s posts are usually one of about 5 different sentences that he copy pastes on here. And he has also confessed before that he buys like 5 hypercrates each time one comes out. He isn’t really “sick of it”. He’s part of the “problem” that his hypocritical posts imply. That is why people poke at him.

After taking the time to calculate exactly how much time I have spent playing this game and trying to rationally tabulate how much I have spent on this game, then looking at the new content (this is included), I can’t see a reason to continue a sustaind player status. I think that at best, we need to look at any new content they give us as independent rpg DLC and nothing more. Pay for it when it comes out and fuck all else.

Some of these are truly worthy to acquire.
Half of the armor.
The first 4 mounts (especially that chair),
and last but not least, the new Flair. Perfect for the DS chars.


The Imperial Advisors Armor definitely has that Sate Pestage and the other ROTJ Imp Advisors to it. Nice little throwback to that. It’d probably look good on one of the Imp Companions.

It’s part of their recycling “What was old is new again” content release plan.

Now let’s see how many old emotes get recycled.

Pure cash shop now in a game where all other areas have stagnated. They don’t even have the staff to consolidate all of the mostly empty servers. If you haven’t played this game in two years you aren’t missing a thing other than some cartel pack releases. The ever diminishing population is grinding away old content to acquire rng boxes that give out useless trash you end up disintegrating.

The KOTET and earlier chapters are written by hollywood rejects so bad in fact they can’t write a plot better than the recent Spiderman flops. And still the cartel packs keep on turning out like those water bucket brooms in Fantasia.

Very true. One only need head over to Dulfy’s GW2 or BDO pages to see the embarrassing difference in content releases compared to swtor and those games are b2p that make less then swtor.

And what good is swtor if all the idiots at bw austin do nothing but recycle? Swtor has become a stranded boat taking on water with idiot Ben Irving staring at the busted engine with zero clue how to fix it. While the cartel market helps expel the water from the boat, Irving keeps removing parts of the engine then putting it back but not the way he found it, thinking he is fixing it. All the while, the boat remains stranded.

This game is running from the last one. Would like to know how actually for real many people is sitting and working in BW studio on SWTOR. Maybe it’s the time close the shop and keep going on some new project. Wish the new MMORPG from SW universe. Because SWTOR is dead or going to be soon dead.

This game won’t die until players stop buying from the Cartel Market. It is clear BW Austin neither has the manpower nor imagination to give us true content so until that day comes, they are just going to drag it out for as long as possible. The Star Wars ip deserves so much more. 🙁

Indeed. This is why I spend hundreds on the market each month. This is the only real source left for Star Wars. The next MMO will have the loathsome new canon in it. This is a vast, untapped era for Star Wars based on the canon we have during the Lucas-Era. I will do whatever is needed to keep TOR alive.

ToR canon is some of the worst shit the old EU has seen in decades. KotFE just turned the game from Star Wars to generic BW story. Think it’s time to let go of the EU now :/

Your sentiment is not shared on any level. I will never let the EU go and I will continue to pour thousands a year into this game, Etsy purchases and custom creations from unlicensed producers. Outside of a single ticket purchase, they will not receive one God Damned penny for me!

Swtor really isn’t EU quality, though. It’s just some cancerous exploitation of what started as a great series. Swtor is -more- like Disney crap than some of the Disney crap Disney have released thus far.

Yeah, I agree! There was some good stuff in the old EU, but it was hardly perfect, even before Troy Denning and consorts decided to make Jedi just space wizards and to turn Jacen into a carbon copy of prequel-Anakin (at least in regard to the way he supposedly fell to the dark side). But even long before the Yuzan Vong turned up there was both good and bad stuff.
But in regard to SWTOR, one of the things that takes it outside of any reasonable EU canonicity, IMO, is portraying the SIth Empire as a carbon copy of Palpatine’s Empire. They did that for marketing purposes, making Empire ships look like star destroyers, etc. But it makes absolutely no sense philsophically, or politically, for the Sith Empire to have a vast Non-Sith citizenship, like Palpatine’s First Order had. Palpatine’s Empire was not a SITH empire, because Palpatine would never have allowed any other Sith Lords beside himself and somebody like Vader, who he (thought he) could control.
A ruling class of Sith would never allow the development of a numerous, free citizenship, and we see in the game that they have no use for it. A citizenship and a true middle class would not be able to develop under such political circumstances! The game just feeds us this to make it more plausible to look at the Empire as a faction in its own right. But if you compare this to WoW, it just doesn’t work – the Empire is functionally and politically dissimilar to the Horde.
For Palpatine’s Empire it mostly makes sense to argue that for the normal citizenship there is an ideal of “order at any price” to justify the politics.
For the SIth Empire in SWTOR the only political principle is the Sith philosophy of “POWER at any price”.

I don’t care for the new cannon either. StarWars in general probably peaked around 1995 when “the original one last time” came out. Its been slowly downhill from there. I admit the EU had some… weird stuff in it. But it was worth it for the really good stuff that also came from it.
Disney only cares about milking the cow until its udders squirt blood. I’ve designed product for them for 10+ years. Before they even bought starwars out, they couldnt even keep characters names or plot items straight for Starwars weekends items, referring to Han and Leia as “luke and laura” etc. I wish i was kidding…

I felt this exact way until I saw Rogue One. Certain episodes and characters in Clone Wars and Rebels also added value for original fans.

I’d say Valkorrion is almost as bad as Abeloth.

My guild pretends that the game ended when we killed the Dread Masters. To be honest, I feel like that’s a good way to go. The game ended on Oricon.

Abeloth was awesome. New cannon has a freaking emo teen as the villain and a derpy ex-storm trooper/Jarjar reincarnation as the new Han Solo. Oh and an emo teen as the hero too for good measure.

I actually liked Abeloth. She was built up using lore that already existed and brought something new in terms of what a villain looked like. Valkorion, while I like the character, is something BW just pulled out of their arses- along with all the other lore they made up to go along with him.

Ironic would be the new story team promising that the new story would be better than Vanilla, or that we’d get tons of new content. Ironic would BW saying we’d never wait more than 9 months for a new Operation.

That KOTFE and KOTET had such lackluster dialogue and plot isn’t ironic, it’s just sad.

Adorable. Feel free to leave ToR and embrace the infantile garbage Disney is producing in its place. I am more than happy to make up for the revenue loss with a few extra cartel coin purchases. You won’t be missed.

Did a mean man touch you in a scary place at Disney World, Tony? Take the Mickey doll and show us where the man touched you, Tony. Everything will be OK.

Not at all. I just find it amusing when ppl go to the already tired “hate on Disney” routine. I’m no Disney fanatic but I just don’t get it.

Strange then how I find it amusing when people go to the already tired ‘hate on Bioware’ routine.
Annoying eh?
That said I think the job Disney have done with the films is actually quite good.

One has nothing to do with the other; you just attempted to connect them to to defend SWTOR. It’s clear Disney is trying their best to give fans what they want with Star Wars content and maximize the IP’s potential while BioWare/EA constantly shit the bed and deliver limp content compared to similar games in the genre.

Sorry but that’s exactly the point, where as you see Disney trying their best to give fans what they want I can give you a hundred voices that hate the new films and what they have done to the licences and hate disney for it, just as with Bioware and Swtor.
And I see similar games with similar problems too, just check the GW2 and Eso forums for the haters.
One person treasure is another persons trash.

Really? So you are going to pay money to keep alive a game on the sole fact that it is star wars? Not on its quality of a game?

I love star wars but considering that most current games out there produce a significant amount of new content in comparison to SWTOR, the is no way i would just throw money at them like an ignorant fool.

I came to TOR as a Star Wars fan first. Actually was hesitant because of my fear of addiction to an MMO. $12.99 a month is a small price to pay to have an EU-rich universe at my fingertips. Could it be much more, better run? Yes. But I will settle.

People like you are the reason this game still exists so congrats. It is also the reason this game will never be as good as the other games.

Why do more when they will pay for less?

Speak for yourself. Unsub and delete your characters. Find another MMO. This game is the only real Star Wars I have left that continues to evolve…granted, new content could be more expansive, but I will take what I can get.

The emus are doing well tbh. The one I’m on has grown by 300 players in the last 2 months. I’d wager they’ll outlast ToR at this rate.

the emus are free and ea isnt involved and i can play my wookie/rodian/transdoshian and i dont have to que for space. The space portion of swg is reason alone to bail tor lol.

There won’t be any Star Wars MMO. MMO(RPG) games aren’t popular anymore.
They cost a lot of money to make, and to maintain.
After SWTOR, that’s it. There won’t be a replacement.
This isn’t 2005 when everybody thought there is a ton of money to be made by some WoW-game. All MMORPGs are in constant crisis.

Royal Guardian’s armor looks pretty neat, could make a cool set by combining the chest with some other pieces

Not thrilled with this pack. Some okay decos, but they tweaked the original asset to the point it is annoying. The “noble” statue has Zakuulan lantern heads strapped around it. It looks silly. The original statues looked nice. The Corellian flags have that obnoxious, jutting out feature, which ruins them, IMO. They would have been nice as standing flags or banners.

I like the Imperial Advisor armor, but since I can’t put it on Lana, I don’t see much use for it.

The emote, pet and toy look nice.

I really wish they would balance the weapons they release, WAAAY too many hideous, heavy industrial looking weapons out there. I want more things like the Heirloom Lightsaber. Something elegant that a former Dark Council member, a prized bounty hunter or savvy smuggler could afford.

Lol omg it is two of the lamp pieces glued on. That is really lazy.

I will be aiming for getting the monitor the experimental tank and toxic canisters.

I kinda like the Industrial theme in terms of weaponry. Though, I must say, with the textures they’ve been releasing for the more recent Industrial weapons.. They’re not doing it right.

I’m sick of normal banners, for wall large.

The jutting ones are great. The game needs more of them. And they fit wall small!
With these two new ones there are now 4 flags of this type in the game, and you are starting bitching about them? LOL!

If you like the normal banner type, there are enough already in game. Same for standing ones.

That is some dated looking armor.

At this point I hope I will have enough on me to afford one or two of the gold mounts. Also glad they are releasing another emote but I wonder why they don’t release the ones that have been grayed out for ages showing in game.

I agree about the emotes. I don’t mind new ones, but the ones that are grayed out originally made me wonder if I missed out on some exclusive promotion. I have 100% of the emotes and moods on permanent unlock and am always looking for more.

Reclusive Master’s set seems to clearly be inspired by Luke’s TFA robes…of course with too many “addons” in typical Biowear Fashion (and yes my typo is intentional) 😉

Well, crap. Guess variety is out the window. Big thanks to those who’ve been hounding Bioware for more Sith / Jedi robes, now we non-forcies are left out in the cold. ~_~

I used to do my best to complete all of the collections that I could. Have a number of packs that are 100% collected. Now I just make sure I buy at least 1 of each decoration.

I can’t stand swtor anymore but I too still come here. Why? Because it’s funny to see the lack of effort put into the content. Not hard to figure out but I just wanted to help someone less fortunate than myself by explaining.

Because its the minority who asks for changes. Most people would pay for any SW stuff even if its wookie drops.

You may want to take a second and review both of those articles. They were written early in 2016 and reflected what the authors thought would be popular for that year.

I think it’s funnier you still come here cause you literally nothing better to do than go to a forum of a game you cannot stand.

Meanwhile we are still waiting to see you peak your fanboi 9000 level by explaining how you incredously believe that this game is quote: “MASSIVELY” heading in the right direction. Or are you too busy attacking anyone who isn’t happy with the current product to inform us??

I respond the haters and troll’s in the same way as they do, shame they don’t like it. 😛
You call it attacking because it suits you to defend the hateful trolls as you are now at ‘entrenched hater lvl100’ and can’t see anything else.
Heading massively in the right direction?
My 4 main alts mostly 234 set bonus’s thanks to cxp boosts and 3 months in lol).Thought rng was hard?
Op’s on the way.
Fleet numbers higher than I’ve seen in years.
Guild recruitment up on my rep and empire guilds.
Sorry Rompe but your hating is getting old and your getting desperate.

MASS Effect Andromeda comes out next month. Developed by BIOWare, produced by EA. Massive open world game. And OOOOOOOOOOOO LOOK… NO SUBSCRIPTION. Bye bye SWTOR and you garbage fucking gambling and RNG dog shit.

I think you misspelled the title, it’s called Mass Effect: Inquisition 😉

And for the record, I still enjoy SWTOR, it’s quite a fun single player game. Shame about NPC’s AI though (nudge-nudge-wink-wink). Oh… and I haven’t bought a cartel pack in ages.

Why so “high” hopes for MEA? Mass Effect was their most successfull title, no reason to think it will be their fail.

I wasnt a big fan of DA series, presonally I think that the best is DAO, never liked second one, Inq either.

Agreed. After ME3 and how boring DA:I was, I am not holding much hope for ME:A. Just the companions on their own are pure face palm, though not as bad or try hard as their James Vega or that useless reporter characters were so maybe a little hope perhaps??

Umm It’s the same people making it. They even moved some crew off of SWTOR to work on MEA. Why would anyone expect it to be handled differently?

I’d take anything produced by EA with a grain of salt. Also, I’m pretty sure there will be a dozen DLCs for it and if there’s any multiplayer it will feature microtransactions and gambling packs like the ones from ME3 multiplayer. You do remember those, right?

No, he probably never even tried ME 3 multiplayer. In defend of it Id say that it was and still awesome. Doing solo platinum was great test of my skills.

So this will be your last posting here then….. Or until you get bored, angry about Mass Effect then you will come here to bitch about that BW/EA (garbage) game?

Based on the pic, this one’s upside down, has a different line pattern, and it looks like a miasma animation rather than electricity.

I don;t see anyone else saying this so I will.

Dulfy, thank you for the heads up on these items.

Or, for the more cynical, the advanced warning for these items. 🙂

yea I missing of this. We need more spiecies , more options(age , voices, and more detals in creating characters , more repairing bugs (clips, missions ) , new fps / ops /wz , class balance (faster)

You would think given how lazy or resource starved BW are (yet some fanboi gleefully posted earlier on this thread or another CM update thread, two links showing how much money swtor made but clearly ignoring how very little of that is going back into the game), considering the only thing being updated every month with recycled…….I mean new content is the CM, that BW would go hard on it.

Two examples:

1) Here we have a game where we have been given a shit load of new companions but barring the vanilla companions from other classes, none of these new comps have any customisation for sale via CM.

2) Here we have a game where not only is BW’s work cut out for them with regards to the IP, meaning they do not have to think of designing any new race as the Star Wars universe is untapped compared to the few choices we have in SWTOR, but BW also benefits from the fact races in this game are purely cosmetic so no need to work out any class imbalance etc.

But no, just on these two examples to say nothing of the litany of other examples available, show what we currently have post 4.0 going onto 5.2 and beyond, is the best we are going to get sadly.

Yeah but 1.2 this was largely stuff that was part of the game but not finished in time for launch. So its not really a fair comparison

Ho boy, I’m not exactly sure if I got this right but I’m reading the armors to the names left to right, top to down. If I am wrong, please correct me.

Armors: What. The Literally. Fuck. Cunning Statesman is a GOLD?!? That set would barely qualify as a Bronze. Reclusive Master is your standard Jedi Robe #43981, but from the design I bet you could make it Sithy too. Three Silvers and all of them interesting at least. The Bronze is not bad save that helmet. Overall, it’s not the armors that are bad, it’s the rating.
Grade: B-

Weapons: AT this time I have no image of the assault cannon so I’m just grading the sabers. Decent worn look, but the regular saber is the same model we have seen a lot of lately. Rather boring to be honest so nothing to rush to get.
Grade: C-

Mounts: Well now, this is better. A new sleeker Acklay, a cool floating padded chair (MUCH better than the Meditation chairs), a ragged landspeeder that has a haunted look to it (SCOOBY-DOO!), an Ice Tromper….and what the blue fack is the Vectron Colette?!? How can you even see where you are going? I…I don’t get it. But AWWWW look at the cute widdle Star Fortress Scout! Do you need a hug? Yes you do, yes you do!
Grade: B+

MISC: Standard faire with a few extra nice bits. Love me a Nexu pet, and the holocall emote is a nice new addition for roleplayers.
Grade: C

Decors: Welcome back, decent decors! We had quite a few rather dull sets in this area, but this looks more promising. It is a short list and the images don’t seem like much at first, but look closer and you can see promise. New flags, statues, lights, a radar dish and a pair of free standing holo-displays. NIce accents for a base or a person dwelling. NOt a great set mind you, but a big improvement over the last few.
Grade: B

Not the strongest set and marred by weird choices, but not terrible by a long shot. I recommend a 5-pack or two and watching the GTN after the weekend to see what comes cheap.

Correct order (left to right, top to bottom): Badlands Renegade, Reclusive Master, Royal Guardian, Cunning Statesman, Imperial Advisor, and Wandering Disciple

I agree that “Badlands Renegade” looks more like a Bronze set.

Looks like we are getting our second Nathema mount (“Corrupted Ackley”) and a Zakuulan throne mount (“Protector’s Command Throne”).

TORCommunity just posted an article with updated and added images for this pack. Some of the items on this page are also mislabled.

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