SWTOR Upcoming CM Items from Patch 5.2 V2

Here are some more upcoming cartel market items from Patch 5.2


Dust Viper Bandit Armor Set


Port Nowhere Mobster’s Armor Set


Zakuulan Socialite’s Armor Set


Hoth Defender’s Armor Set


Sith Hermit’s Armor Set




  • Irid Magrein


  • David Daniels

    Constant crap all the time it never ends.

  • Matias Javier Fabressi

    Mortal Kombat Pack

    • Shang Tsung.

      It has BEGUN!

      MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    Weapons looks really cool tho

  • Vakarian

    Maintinance mode crap.

  • Stephan

    Throw some Armor from earlier releases together, mix it, and ther are some new Armor-Styles. ^^

    • HH_Png

      Yeah. They now startet randomly bashing together random armor pieces that not even remotely fit or build any kind of set.

      I guess the art team is now also replaced by RNG.

      • Farlas816

        Adds to the thrill of the hunt™

  • Ben Gimson

    One has to wonder why they keep using the bad hoods instead of the good one :/

  • dtxu
    • Adam Haynes

      Hahaha! That sums up all packs for the last 3 years. Nice one man.

    • Aurek007

      Lol, very nice!

  • schneps


    Oh whoa… oh whoa…

    Everybody was kung-fu fighting

    Those kicks were fast as lighting

    In fact it was a little bit frightening

    But they fought with expert timing

  • Eban

    Got to love those armors.

    First one has 1970’s disco sleeves.
    Second one, whats that a turtle neck top with a fishermans hat?
    Third is a 1980’s jane fonda fitness video outfit.
    Fourth is all about the padding, padding everywhere.
    And the last one is like 5 different outfits thrown together in the washing machine and the colors have accidentally dyed, what we got green,black,red and grey and maybe some blue in there.

    Not hating before the anger arrives, just laughing.

    • That’s okay – I’ll hate for you. #TerribleReskins

  • Luis Rosado

    Weapons look cool, not crazy about the armors.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      You’re right about the weapons.

      • abaddonsmummy

        Yeah i’m really liking the weapons, can’t see much in the armours I like though except the last one’s sithy looking face breather thingy (not accurate terminology I believe)

  • Darth Ji’inx

    I’m assuming that the second armor is “Port Nowhere Gangster.”

  • Farlas816

    First two armors look nice, and those weapons are looking really cool. Best I’ve seen since the Plunderer Pack.

  • Haggard

    The second armor from left to right on the top looks nice, I just wish it didn’t have the backpack with antenna.
    Also, the sniper rifle looks awesome! The blaster rifle is ok, but I wonder if a scoped version will come afterwards.

    • To your comment about wishing there was no backpack and antenna… that’s quite literally every good chest piece. Pisses me off that we can’t just have a good armor set without the lopsided shoulder plate/bandolier/backpack/antenna.

      • Sean

        Someone in the art department at Bioware obviously seems to think that asymmetrical chest pieces and shoulder greeblies designed to hook onto things make you cooler…

  • Veno

    Well they’re definitely unique

    • Snort


      • Veno

        Oh indeedy

  • fake

    Wtf is all that traash,….

    • Snarf

      I wear your grandads clothes.
      I look incredible.
      I bought this big ass coat
      from the cartel market down the road

    • Harston

      Trash to some, I happen to like it. =p

  • Tortanic 2013

    Sure wish this MMO would die so they can create a new, modern one. This game ran its course, and while it’s still fun for some, many of us have done all there is to do. If you haven’t defeated Brontes NiM then your comments aren’t valid. Have a nice day!

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Or if this game dies, they may view it as people aren’t interested in another Star Wars game…

      • John Kosto

        Everyone knows that people are, and will always be, interested in a Star Wars game…. just not in a bad Star Wars game 😛

        • Adam Haynes

          You’re missing the bigger picture by a mile here… Star Wars is gone, it’s been replaced by Disney Wars. Once this game goes so does the EU. This is the last bastion of old SW. Disney will only release games featuring their own characters so if you are sick of Sith and legitimate Jedi characters then good for you, your wish William come true eventually. As for old EU fans such as myself, I’m in no hurry to see that final nail in the Star Wars coffin.

          • Harston


          • John Kosto

            How am I missing the big picture? SWTOR is anything BUT the Jedi and the Sith of the old at this point. Its story revolves about a dysfunctional family that have nothing to do with Jedi and Sith. The gameplay is pretty bad at the moment, and there is no replay value. There is literally nothing that has to do with the old EU in this game anymore.

            As for the franchise, I am not sure that this will be the direction. I am also an old EU fan for sure, and I did not like many things in The Force Awakens, especially how they recycled EU material that they had scrapped 2 years before. At least we got Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels, which due to the greatness of Dave Filoni were much better than anything Disney has done to the franchise.

            • Adam Haynes

              Dude, I see eye to eye with you on nearly everything you just said. The only place I disagree is the game having not anything to do with the old EU… whether or not you like the story, it does progress the story line and fill in some of the blanks of Valkorian and his reign and coming to power. Aside from that there is still the original game and SOR which granted has been done too many times to still get anything from, however much like the KOTOR’s, stands as almost a sort of time capsule of EU. Unlike the novels and stand alone games though, this particular capsule is still active and imo keeping the EU alive. Maybe I’m simply being sentimental but I am in no hurry to see this game go away because I believe once it does it will signal the end of an era.

              • John Kosto

                Well I never said I want the game to go away. Though I will definitely start thinking about it if they make it even worse, which seems impossible at the moment, but they’re really trying.

                Valkorion’s storyline is a cool storyline, but all the bullshit surrounding the KOTFE/KOTET story is totally unneccessary, and it doesn’t even feel like Star Wars at this point. The original game, the Dread Masters, Kephess, The Hutt Cartel, Shadow Of Revan, sure, I am totally with you 100%. All of that is great for the Expanded Universe. Even so, I still prefer the EU stories about what happened AFTER the movies. Excluding the ridiculous Yuuzhan Vong stuff of course, bleh.

              • Adam Haynes

                Right on man, well even where we disagree I respect your opinion since you’re clearly an EU guy too. Yeah the early stuff was way more EU feel than the new (Knights of the whatever), but at the same time even with the new characters and all it still feels more SW than anything Disney has or probably ever will do.
                In any case I hope you get the most outta the game while it’s still here. Maybe I’ll run into you one day! Xerstorung on Harbinger is my main.

          • Damn it. It’s hard to hate the game when you put it that way. *sigh*

            Last bastion of old SW Lore. I have to agree with that. Curse Disney for killing SW’s EU. :'(

            • Adam Haynes

              I feel ya man!

    • Fallen

      Well if it die’s then the next game can be made by Disney and it can be called the Last Jedi since they kill the Sith off and you can be………….Darkside Mickey

  • Ramzzess

    Hoping none of the outfits are “Sith Hermit”

  • Jep Fareborn

    Alright finally! Luke Skywalker’s Moisture Farm Fisherman’s Hat!

    • Darth Twinge

      I know, right! Now who to put it on…

      • Marrks

        a sniper, like man you are the nigga camping with the fishing hat on quesh huttball pipes, fishing some fresh and unworrying sentinels,

  • Genbo the shandian

    IT all STUPIT!!!

    • Decadus

      Way to insult their IT Department, you’re surely sticking it to the man!

  • Deshik

    What is this supposed to be? Eternal gymnast?


    • Veno

      Gotta stay fit in order to run a galaxy

    • Snarf

      Zoolander cosplay

      • John Kosto

        I spat on the screen

    • dtxu


      • Travelering_swordsman

        good lord wow…. this was fan service to me when i was a kid xD

      • Snarf

        I came

      • LecherousOldMan

        Thanks for this, it linked me to some fapulous videos

    • Deshik

      Oh so its named Zakuulan Socialite’s Armor Set. Guess I am not the only one having trouble naming this mistake of a robe.

    • Marrks

      who’s stupid enough to wear that thing, only people that make those funny silly looking toons

    • Marrks

      Eternal Latex Fetish patch v3

    • Nomad

      olivia newton john from “let’s get physical” video…lol

  • ghnt

    Proof this is a typical Star Wars hat:


    There is Han Solo in the background.

  • Terry G Roberts

    Armor names (hover or click on image to see code):
    FACB0A04552D8B5D = Port Nowhere Mobster’s Armor set
    2CC7778C80925BCE = Dust Viper Bandit Armor Set
    6DFCD0EE973EEAC1 = Zakuulan Socialite’s Armor Set
    A56C72B804635E6C = Hoth Defender’s Armor Set
    B34BBFF278C220E1 = Sith Hermit’s Armor Set

  • Marrks

    who keeps buying cartel market items? RPers?

  • Vinak

    Did they fire the art team or something?

    • Ben Gimson

      If only.

  • Sadriel_Fett

    Okay, I kind of really like that weapons set.

    • Vicious

      You like a pump action on your semi auto weapons?

      • Guest

        That’s a hand grip you douche. Look at it again,there’s nowhere for it to “pump” too it’s touching right in front of the trigger guard.

        • Vicious

          Don’t call me a douche, faggot! Look at a pump action shotgun you cock goblen. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7d08627cd848dae09fa46ca6be13107a04daea053a560286587df192d75109e6.jpg

          • Harston
            • Adam Haynes

              Nice man. Way to put a fork in that one.

            • Vicious

              I make a comment about the grip and all you guys can think about is the shaft…

              • Guest

                You didn’t say anything about a grip you call it a pump.
                You are the one talking about a shaft…

              • Vicious

                Keep making nitpicky arguments on the internet. It doesn’t make you look like a twat at all…

              • James WTF

                coming from a dumbass faggot like yourself thats big talk

              • Anon22

                Your the one being the douche you fucking idiot, Vicious is right you are a twat and most likely a 13 year old, try harder next time kid.

            • Guest

              Thx for that, bro

          • Guest

            Great use of a picture proving my point. Makes you an even bigger douche.

            • I Am God

              your the one thats being a douche you stupid nigger faggot

        • I Am God

          shut the fuck up nigger faggot

  • Harston

    Well! That is much, much better!

    • EyeKahn

      Yeah the Port Nowhere set is pretty sweet. The weapons are sharp and it’s nice to see ‘formal wear’ that is different from the stock Alderaan/Corescant sets. The weapons are sharp and the good news is if someone doesn’t like stuff in this pack they are not required to buy it and can do do something else.

  • Adam Haynes

    If they came up with a simple black cloak and symmetrical stormtrooper looking armor… maybe throw in a Mandalorian helmet that doesn’t look like an upside down pitcher and people would go nuts! No more bad 80’s headbands or rehashed ugly armor? How hard can this be?

  • GiftoftheMagi

    With one exception, these armors are again a mixture of pieces from other sets. Not a terrible thing nor uncommon with these sets, and a t least interesting reskinning like with the Port Nowhere Mobster chestpiece. The REAL bonus here is those weapon. After a run of some rather meh looking guns, these…..THESE….look amazing. Hopefully they will not be recolored in something more metallic or darker. They are perfect as is, Bioware.

  • LOL, these are all just mismatched crap from other sets that nobody cares about. Who the hell is in charge over there? What the fuck is going on? This game is garbage now.


      This game is not carbage. This game is melting from the last one… To the time until ppl is gonna pay for this shit

  • Tony

    These armors are hideous. The Emperor’s gear and Alliance Dignitary set were the highlights of 5.0.
    We need more “classy” gear sets that are not so environment specific. Not interested in stuff that can only be worn on Hoth, Ilum or Tatooine.

    Go back and look at the comics covering the Great Hyperspace War, ornate and gilded armors would be nice to have. Tired of the dirty industrial stuff.

    More crowns and unobstructive headgear would be nice.

    • Harston

      Eh, that’s a valid opinion.
      Personally, I’d say I like these armors better than any others that have come out thus far in this shipment. Really hoping they stick with the Utilitarian theme.

      • ghostbeetle

        Yeah, utilitarian is good, but I I wish we could have some, just a few, really, everyday utilitarian wear, like shipboard jumpsuits, or engineering coveralls without bothersome tubes everywhere, or breathing apparatuses, or huge, ridonculous shoulder pads! Just simple, clean lines, following the shape of the body. Maybe some in ‘baggy’ style and some more close-fitting. Like the undersuit visible beneath the ‘Powered Exoguard’ armor set.

    • Kang

      In fairness, the criticism of the cartel packs a year or so ago was the other way around. Players complained about the overabundance of fantasy and so called “DND” armor while asking if we could get more Star Wars-y stuff which meant in their minds as more Smuggler jackets and Rebel Alliance-esque gear.

  • Aurek058


    • JamesisKKKool

      nice autistic laugh you have there

      • Aurek007

        I believe you need to look up the definition of the word “autistic.” I was simply laughing at the fact that we’re getting more terrible items on the Cartel Market.

        I’m so glad none of the money I earn goes towards the shit they provide.

  • ..

    In what universe is a bandolier needed with ammo pouches when guns are lazer based?

    • Harston

      Slugs, Grenades, etc.

    • Guest

      First, they are not laser based. A laser is a beam of light. Blasters are plasma based, so they need plasma cartridges.
      Second, assuming they were lasers, you would still need a power source, so battery packs.

      • Sorrai

        In Star Wars I believe blasters are a discharge of Tibana gas. Look it up in the Wookiepedia!

        • Emprah

          Yeah superheated gas. But the pouches can contain a medikit, rations, explosives or a lot of stuff.

        • Diehard fan

          Its not correct. Only some huge weapons uses tibana gas, not all. So its still based off something else like ionized plasma or laser pulse or space magic. And it still requires an energy source. So small power cells sounds pretty much logical.

          • Sorrai

            Thanks for the correction, Diehard Fan. After some additional reading on Wookiepedia I realized that the description of Tibanna gas is different between the Canon and Legends versions. Considering Star Wars is more science fantasy than science fiction, I think it’s important for all of us to keep in mind that there is always going to be a lot of wiggle room with imagining how this stuff is all supposed to work. In regards to how blasters function I pulled up these excerpts from Wookiepedia:

            LEGENDS: “A blaster was a ranged weapon that fired bursts of particle beam energy called blaster bolts from a replaceable power pack. The most commonly used weapon in the galaxy,
            blasters’ intense beams consisted of compacted high-energy particles
            and intense light that could kill or paralyze their target, depending on
            the setting.”

            CANON: “A blaster was any type of ranged weapon that fired bolts of intense plasma energy, often mistaken as lasers. Operating under the same principles as laser weaponry, blasters converted energy-rich gas to a glowing particle beam that could melt through targets.”

    • gog

      Those are Magic the Gathering card pouches.

      • Diehard fan

        Yep, when waiting for another contract BHs from all across the universe gather and play 😀

    • Rompe Himself

      Maybe someone on the Cartel Market team is a Rob Liefeld fan. Those pouches…….. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/99f550ce9f1041e8df0c8d5639de6bf3d1cfef1535ae3057504d51725b89adb3.jpg

    • Darth Gnaw

      I dunno. Ask Chewbacca or the sand people….

    • Diehard fan

      Well if you closely look they do sometimes need to reload their power cells. Republic Trooper even have such animation for reloading his rifle or cannon. So ammo pouches hold additional cells.

      FFS its a game, if you dont use your imagination while you play I`m really sorry for you. Some people seems to forget that games requires alot of imagination from player too.

  • Decadus

    I’m surprised Bioware hasn’t tried to use the old PVP gear as the new armor sets for the Cartel Market, I’m pretty sure a lot of people would pay for those Centurion sets.

    • noah

      i would definitely! none of the new packs “wow” me. Still have the 1.2 armors on my jugg and powertech. IMO those were the best sets!!

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  • Diehard fan

    Anyone knows when patch 5.2 is coming up? Soon after march or early march?

    • Harston

      I’ve heard February 28th being passed around. Not sure.

  • Hawke

    Finally some good-looking armor.

  • Zedrick

    Sith Hermit looks great, finally some good looking armor sets.

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Gold: “Port Nowhere Mobster” & “Hoth Defender”
    Silver: “Dust Viper Bandit” & “Security Chief” (Note: Check out TORCommunity’s new post for a pic)
    Bronze: “Sith Hermit” & “Zakuulan Socialite”

    It seems the trend of Silver armors looking better than Gold armors continues…

  • Demosthinez

    I like the look of the weapons, I just hope they sound like guns and not little pew pew pea shooters.

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