GW2 Ascended Vending and Skill Balance Changes Next Patch

Arenanet is making some changes to Ascended Vending and Skill Balance changes next patch (Feb 22).

Ascended Vending

Greetings Tyrians!

With the next release we will be making some changes to ascended vending in PvP and Fractals. Over the past year we introduced ways to obtain ascended gear via participation in either game mode thus allowing players to acquire gear by playing the game mode they chose. We implemented these vendors in a way that made sense for their perspective player base at the time. With the next release we are making two significant changes to these vendors to create one system that functions the same regardless of game mode.

First, each game mode will still use a specific currency unique to that mode as part of the price but the rest of the costs associated with purchasing the gear will be the same across the game modes. Having a unified system for acquiring ascended gear via vendors will give us more flexibility for adjustments, if they are needed, and it will give us the flexibility to potentially introduce this system in other game modes where appropriate.

Second, purchasing the ascended gear will now rely much more on player crafting. The cost for a piece of gear will now include a crafted token which shows a player’s mastery of the appropriate crafting discipline, the game mode specific currency, and raw gold. Ascended crafting is vital to sustaining a healthy economy and it is important that we keep that in place even when a player acquires ascended items via a vendor. For PvP, this will add a considerable cost to the acquisition of ascended gear. Please note that you will be able to buy gear with current prices until the update is live.

Ascended vending is not intended to be the optimal path for acquiring ascended gear, but rather a way for players to acquire the gear through time spent playing their preferred game mode. And while ascended vending now requires max level crafting, players that obtain ascended gear via vending will see a moderate discount in cost over traditional crafting.

Skill Balance

We’ll be making a game update on Wednesday, February 22 that will include skill balancing. Members of our skills and balance team will be on the official forums for a while after the build goes live to discuss those changes with you.

To take part, please join the new thread we’ll post after the build goes live. For our players who participate on the French, German, or Spanish forums, we will provide a list of highlights from the conversation by the end of the week.

  • Ares Zax

    Sooo, does this mean r500 Jeweler at long last?

    • narg

      i dont think, you dont need jeweler for armor, and you can buy trinkets with laurens or as reward

  • Sv3

    “skill balancing”

    lol, as if they know what that even mean.

  • Ardenwolfe

    Ranger nerf inc.

  • Nitrobacter

    last time i looked at the prices for asc gear that could be bought in the fracs the prices where so increadable high, way higher than crafting, that it was complete useless… now they are going to increas the prices for pvp?

    gotta buy all the pvp asc gear before the patch goes live….

  • Charlie Dominguez

    Maybe I’m a little confused about the vending. Is it basically allowing us to sell crafted armor? Or its some other type of idea?

    • Knight_ldr

      They are basically saying that you shouldn’t be able to purchase Ascended Gear in Fractals or PvP without max crafting, so now it will cost slightly less to buy ascended gear in Fractals and PvP then making it them yourself.

      BUT you’ll need a crafting token of the appropriate craft to buy it from the vendor and will cost the unique currency + gold + crafted token.

      Of course they didn’t take into consideration the fact the mats to make said token will increase and make the whole idea pointless but then again the whole point *IS* to force crafting on all players.

      Well I have all crafting at max already, so no skin of my back.

    • minion_condi_necro

      No, it will still be acc bound. By balancing the market they mean that the ascended crafting material market is starting to dip. I personally dabble in that market to make a quick buck if I need to, and recently it’s gone into a bit of a decline. If they make crafting a requirement, we could see those tier 7 materials go up in price.

  • Max Durak

    But will we be able to change stats on this gear with MF?

    • Knight_ldr

      I don’t see why not, they are not changing the gear, just the acquisition costs.

      • Max Durak

        I’m asking because acs gear obtained for asc shards of glory in pvp can’t be changed in MF.

        • Knight_ldr

          Ah ok, I just got the one from fractals and it’s the same you can get from drops so it’s changeable.

  • Alot

    Pity. I’m sick of GW2 pvp but the ascended gear from the leagues felt so valuable a burnt right through it. Guess I should empty my inventory of ascended shards before the patch :/

    • Braghez

      Already did it :v Made the viper armor my ranger needed.

  • JiM

    Can we get that engineer rework/rebalance now?

    • Kira Sternenfeuer

      I want back coated bullets and pistol-, rifle and elixiergun- range trait Napalm away from juggernaut so you can combine them to make Flamethrower more useful and most of all a change to the stupid decission to make medkits thrwoable but not useable in underwatercombat anymore! Also mortar needs a underwaterversion as they stole grenades with higher range.

      For gadgets they need a complete rework as well as the elixiers and the elxiergun. Toolkit is also mostly useless.

      Before the changes we had 6 possible builds which were more or less useful but at least fun to play.

      pistol pistol + grenades = aoe build + underwatercombat build (nowadays more like singletarget conditionbuild)
      rifle = powerbuild (stil kind of)
      bombbuild = closecombat aoe power build (nowadays a part of conditionbuild)
      Flamethrowerbuild = what the name says not very strong but effective in hitting enemys
      pistol shield toolkit build = defense build
      elixierbuild = never very strong but at least an option

      For Healingskills meta says Healing turret but Medkit was good too without stupid throwing and not useful medkit 1 skill

      Mortar before stationary weapon with stability now it has parts of old grenades with less conditiondamage and hits and old Mortar but weaker than both. (best would be to give mortar juggernautbonus too which would make a new possible build for longrangeaoecombat)

      With scrapper we could had get a strong closecombat build option but the rangeproblem because of the missing weaponswitch make it extremly vulnerable against longrangecombat situations as well as kiting situations. for closecombat bombs still are the stronger option during there aoe effect so scrapper is more like the defensebuild with pistol shield before, allowing a few good situations but all of them extremly specific. Gyros are really nice but making them only useable with scrapper limits theire use extremly strong.

      When it comes to gadgets they are like the worse versions of gyros often nice effects but terrible high cooldowns which limits theire use tremendeous.

      Elixiers are also terrible to use because of theire gigantic cooldowns and short effects.

    • answerer

      yes, actually, last week I ran into a post, somewhere in the AMA I think, that said the engineer will get quite a big overhaul. they saw how it wasn’t viable in any gamemode, and wanted to change that. So it’ll propably be more than a few cooldown and damage tweaks.

  • guest

    I see why Arenanet wants to change the system for PvP but I’m not sure that’s the right way. I mean I thought it was ridiculous when I found out last season but adding the requirement of max crafting disciplines makes it more or less useless for the purpose it was intended to serve.

    Luckily I won’t be hit by the change but I’m rather sure there are a lot of people who haven’t started leveling their crafting or gave up before reaching max lvl because it is either time consuming or fucking expensive or a little bit of both depending on the way you go about it.

    Add the additional gold cost – fine. But they really should think about the whole crafting requirement.

  • Tsar CUBE

    Well this is just retarded to be honest. The whole ascended tier was a mistake in the first place, a mistake they almost corrected by making it available through vendors and drops for various currency, now they are fucking things up again. People who didn’t bother with the useless ascended crafting before wont bother with it now either anet, you are wasting your time. If you want a good economy introduce interesting crafting recipes for new armours and weapons instead of trying to force people to craft your ascended trash again.

    • Qnrad

      I would love to have new armors recipes.

  • Donaldo nottrump

    well, i dont think this is a good idea. namely because the amounts of money generated by fractals and pvp vary, which increases opportunity cost … Sad!

    • Braghez

      Considering that a pure PvPer doesn’t care much about the ascended armor this point isn’t that important.
      A mixed games can do both and have no problems about it…and still with the new reward chests you get quite some cash with rankeds, plus match cash.

      • Alot

        I’ll accept that you probably a pure pvper that doesn’t care about ascended armor but I’ve always found this argument a bit iffy.

        The reward models of mmos are achievement points, fashion pieces and superiority complexes – with harder to obtain achievements or fashion pieces being viewed as more valuable.

        If a pvper has no interest in obtaining the more exclusive achievements, unlocking the rarer fashions or having purple borders around their equipped armor textboxes, I just don’t see why they would stick with mmo based pvp instead of hopping through each new pvp game as they release.

        GW2 pvp isn’t bad, it’s just not a magical experience if you don’t buy into the reward models :/

        • Braghez

          The main problem is that that set isn’t exclusive at all of whatsoever. It’s something that everybody did. Being it with 300 losses or 150 wins.
          Those skins gives literally no prestige over a PvEr…even more considering that he can be quite bad at it too. Could get the same set by afking all those matches.

          I’m not a pure PvPer, i’m just saying that the set isn’t meant at all to a pure PvPer. It’s a set added to lure PvErs into ranked PvP and to give an easy option to let PvPers have access to endgame PvE easily…and in both cases we will end up talking about a “mixed” player.

          Pure PvPers already got their rewards. Which were first the ranking tiers and second the titles for the leaderboard.

          • Alot

            The 150 wins/ 300 loss ascended pieces are the same prestige level as the normal ascended armor in pve – not a sign of unquestioned game mastery, just a show of considerable effort.

            The set filled a gap in the pvp reward tiers. The only level of prestige you seem interested in has been implemented already however. There is a reskin of the pvp ascended armor which is awarded to players who place in pvp tournaments.

            • Greene

              I think the point of this was not getting PvE players to play SPvP but to give SPvP players a way to get the gear to PvE without an intense grind. Look at it this way, right now a heavy PvE player can go into any game mode and be fully geared fairly easily as they already have all the gear making the barrier to entry low. SPvP players and WvW players on the other hand must do very large amounts of grinding outside their prefered game mode in order to even have the possibility of doing things like raids or fractals. This creates a very strong barrier to entry that very few SPvP and WvW players cross. Essential what happens is the more SPvP and WvW a player plays the less likely they are to ever try things like raids and fractals. While this cuts down on the “casual” PvEers it hurts the game as a whole because the fewer game modes that a person can play the more likely they are to burn out and quit the game.

  • Kite

    Skill balance?
    Does this means that PVE engi will be viable again?

    • Braghez

      PvE Engi is pretty viable, just not really that “useful” compared to other classes.
      Beside CCs and a very slight support is just a condi DPS machine….and while engie is like top condi dps, necro got 4 times more the utility even with low dmg, thus making it very useful in many encounters…especially in raids. Ranger does kinda similar dmg without a crazy ass rotation, can fill the role of the niche offhealer+GotL bitch if needed and is the soft CC king for mobs, can range better and so on.
      It’s a similar discussion with ele-thief…ele isn’t choosen just because it does more dmg (even more since the rotation is harder than thief…and i see very few people in pugs actually pulling off higher dps than thief), but because with dmg it brings utility. How many fights need that ranged DPS, high AoE and high utility with AoE heal, rebound, summoned weapons and so on ? Especially in raids…a lot of them.
      Rev is in the same situation unluckily. Had lots of utility even with subpar dps, but they removed it now so gg.

      • Kite

        I main 2 characters. An Engi (my original) and a Guardian. Both are being kicked out of raids for “not being Meta”. They told me that the only way they’ll let me get closse to a raid with those characters is to go full ascended viper on my Engi and play an Insane rotation that they’ve seen on a Meta site somewhere… I hate that build! It’s the reason I’m taking a break from GW2 right now (that and work).

        • Braghez

          Even that won’t really fix the problem. Guard is a bit more used in certain encounters, yet still not vital, but as I said the engi unluckily plays little to no utility in fights.
          Even if you learn the viper condi build perfectly at most you will be took for VG….maybe SAB and Cairn if you find really open minded people. The only fight you truly need a condi is VG, but that role is easily filled by a condi druid + condi PS.
          Every condi class can fill another role in the team, but engi can’t.

          • Alot

            Admittedly haven’t HD time to raid for a while but it was literally just a separate class and character for each seperate role/boss.

            The only notable thing about viper engi in vg is that it is extremely seeable when the condi characters are doing hectic damage in the split phase – as opposed to usually not being able to tell who’s performing better or worse.

            • Braghez

              Yeh, certain classes are better on the long run in a certain role, but engi “suffered” hard when they buffed condies for rangers. They did it for engies too, but what sucked is that you already got two druids on VG. So running one condi, with a PS condi pair ended up being more optimal than taking an engie which would lose a lot of DPS after the first 33% due to the boss moving.

        • Pink Popstar Taliyah

          The minute long rotion?

        • RabbitUp

          Guardians shouldn’t be kicked from raids, especially after DPS meters were declared legal. My training group is actually more willing to accept DH and DD instead of Eles, because people suck at the rotation and the meters made it painfully obvious.

  • GW1

    Those interested strictly in the rewards (like me) played only for 2 weeks and left anyway.

  • Vebedar

    I’m pretty disappointed they didn’t do a skill balance preview. I’m sort of excited by rumors i hear as an engi main, but the last few balance patches have been very boring. Nowhere near the feature pack level of balance I was hoping for.

    • lulz

      Probably because on previous previews people raised hell without even waiting to try the changes in practice.

  • Purple Ghost

    buy ascended gear now???

    • Diggity

      With PvP shards – yes, use them all before the update.

      With fractal shards – who knows if it will actually be cheaper or not after the update, I wouldn’t buy now, they are very expensive as it is.

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