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I’m just hoping they’re focusing all their energy’s and resources on new group content in 5.2.
Fingers crossed.

Well, I left the game two monthes ago but i really hope BW take care of the people who are still here. I wish you good luck guys.

I hope for EU customers a server merge too. And a new dev team could be a good thing. New ideas and taking care of customers too.

Yeah, the whole “Outlander” thing wasn’t really working out the way I had hoped. You get members of two factions together for a mutual cause, and theres the inevitable bickering and whining and who “shot first”. So I said “Fuck the Alliance” and moved to Nar Shaddaa to pursue my modeling career instead.

Seriously thinking about getting back into GW2 or even try ESO since a few former guildies went there after the content drought in SWTOR.

It’s depressing when you compare Dulfy’s GW2 & SWTOR pages. So much content going on in gw2 which is b2p and yet swtor which has a couple of hundred thousand subs (Generous guessing here since BW are too embarrassed to admit their fail numbers) and addicted cartel whales and all the swtor pages consist of on a daily basis is what’s new in the cartel market or the occasional class guide. The content coming out has slowed to even less then a trickle. And when content does come out, it is so comically tiny in depth.

Damn this game had such promise once, to say nothing of the IP. Good work BW Austin. You had just one job (hell you were created just for swtor) and you still failed miserably.

Somewhere along the way they confused the support of the game through buying from the cartel market as what the subscribers want most. Their logic of hey we don’t actually have to make anything to do new in the way of group content is coming back to haunt them. It is crazy to see how much content these lesser funded MMO’s churn out and makes me resent the college drinking kids who control EAware Austin all the more.

its all about mass effect andromeda atm where tors budget went to. If i want to gamble ill go to vegas not play tor /smh

I think you will find that SWTOR post 5.0 will still be the shit heap mess BW Austin made it even after ME: Andromeda comes out. The money is there, EA just doesn’t give enough to SWTOR and BW Austin are clueless what to do in anycase.

i left way before 5.0 i play sto swg emu’s lotro. tor will never out live the ghost of swg it was just to good the spave was its own game tor is such a step backwards technolgy wise /smh

Not convinced you ever played tbh, I think your just here for the hate.
After all you couldn’t recognise Firebrand and Stormcaller while at the same time moaning about repeating content.

At least he is not jumping into conclusions, like you, Drivan.

Shawney here is the main hater of all the positive things, I think a few posts before he even mentioned he left the game not long after 3.0 or something.

I shouldn’t troll the troll’s, I know that, but I cant stand their garbage sometimes. Shawn is one of the worse, but I can name a few who are very close behind.
Their interest in the game is negligible however they populate these boards with their hate like they own it.
My god the games not perfect by any means but it’s no-where as bad as they make out.
As much as I hate to say it (because of the way he treats me) Drivan has made some intellectually sensible comments here, we just crossed paths at a bad moment for him when he was attacking someone, and he weirdly hates me for that.

Actually I hate you because you treat others with hate and disdain while attacking them for their own hate.
What you do is wrong and you (mummy) the only person on these forums that I dislike and treat poorly.
I’ve even agreed with things that DieHard fan has said recently and have had positive responses to nwstd who you LOVE to reference constantly.
BTW what happened there is a drop in the bucket compared to what you do on a daily basis. Your comments did make me realize that I didn’t want to be “that guy” so now I only argue with you because your behavior is the epitome of wrongness and I despise it.

So by trolling the trolls you hate me?
As a lover of the game as you say you are you excuse their disgusting, and I mean disgusting comments about the developers and instead hate on me for standing up to them?
Nicely plated swtor fan.
Despise away….

Nothing you can ever say will ever justify the way you treat others. Plain and simple.
You want to end the hate, start with yourself.

So by ‘others’ you mean Hargrave, Smedley and the like.
Maybe you can give them hugs to treat their pain after my unjustified response to them. Or just upvote their disgusting comments. Same as.

Funny how when you are backed into a corner by the truth, you simply return to the exact same type comments I’m talking about.

Or maybe, just maybe they’re true.
Leaving that out there for you to think about.
But sadly you won’t.

People are irritated at the game and you express how you hate them because they are dissatisfied with the game.
That makes you the one in the wrong.

So telling a developer to die of aids is irritation in the game, and is ok?
Your letting yourself down here drivan.

Did I make that comment?
Did I write my endorsement of that comment?
Prove that I feel this way.
Prove that this is my sentiment.
How does a statement that I didn’t make apply to me?

You treat others poorly, you say rude, condescending, sarcastic and mean things to people and try to justify it as trolling the trolls. In actuality it just makes you a bad person.

Never said you did, but you said I am hateful for expressing my disgust at these comments, therefore you are defending it.
and I’m the bad person?

If standing up for something I like makes me a bad person, I can sure live with that.
What about you defending them?
What does that make you I wonder?

If you can live with the nasty things you say to people and the horrible way you treat others then again, more proof that you are a bad person.
I notice you have chosen to abandon the conversations where you look bad and chose to stick with the threads where you seem to have a leg to stand on.

So here is this. Earlier today a person made a comment specifically about SWTOR you alluded to no one caring about him in your reply. I called you out and you say you are trolling the troll. But what about hisome statement was in poor taste? Why was sarcastic and rude response from you warranted?
Trolling the troll?
The fact that you felt the need to reply proves my points.
You are offended when you think someone is bashing the game and you feel you must lash out at them. You have such deep love for this game that you must always defend it. Why?
Is it because you have nothing else? Is it because it completes you? Is it because you define yourself by this game?
Are you really Ben Irving…
If the answers are yes? Then you are a very sad person. If the answers aren’t yes then you need to reevaluate your “love” of SWTOR. I ask these questions because this is the persona you portray.

I love how you say I have to be making the game to like the game, yet you yourself claim to like the game.
I’d love to know these threads i’ve abandoned. Are those the ones where you call me names and I don’t respond?
So you don’t know why this is trolling “If biocrap was smart, they would start putting operations in the cartel market as 1-offs. Then people might care….”
Are you serious?
No really!
And If I chose to troll them back it’s my decision not yours.
And your attempt to deflect your behaviour is hilarious.
Let’s evaluate. You are following me from comment to comment calling me names ‘again’ in an attempt to….not sure it seems like your trying to educate me on forum behaviour yet you dont seem to follow any of your own advice.
Your advice to me is don’t troll the troll because it makes you hateful.
I’ve seen a lot of hateful comments on here that seemed to have passed you by conveniently (some made you) and I shoudn’t defend the game.
What gives you the right Drivan?
Are you smoking the really strong stuff this week?
Yet you defend and upvote the haters because that’s the right message to send?
And I’m the sad one…….

Text book deflection here.
You have taken all the things I have pointed out about your behavior and attempted to apply them to me.
Here’s the problem, the only person that I interact with negatively is you. Theven only person I treat shitty is you, because you have earned it. Because of how you ya others you get treated in the same manner.
I don’t react to people who treat you like crap because you have earned that too. You get what you give and I notice you ate the only person who gives me shit, you give everyone sir and many give out right back.
Deflect all you want it doesn’t change the facts.

Your amateur back street psychology is hilarious but flawed as usual.
Your a fake drivan πŸ™‚

I’m sure in drivan’s world everything drivan says is spot on.
However this is the real world i’m afraid, and on here your the bully.

Hmmm I believe that I have been talking to you about NOT bullying people and you have been working very hard to justify your bad behavior…
You can continue to be delusional though, I care not.

Well, I’m 5 chapters into the new content, and every time the game has tried to innovate I can feel it straining under the bulk of its decaying and bloated game engine. Walls disappearing, textures popping in and out during cut scenes, new mechanics bugging out months after implemented, giant robots gliding back and forth because their walking animations are broken by their weapon animations, killing my swtor voltron dreams. So its not as good as some other people make it out.

When I played it with my Scoundrel my belt spent most of the time trailing behind me off the screen like some weird prehensile tentacle.
Quite disturbing.
I have always said the I hated the new chapters, I don’t play force users much and it was ridiculous to see my space bum scoundrel sitting on the eternal throne. It made me cringe.
I did however love being on Iokath, the place was amazing and i’m hoping for daily/ops on there.
However I know a lot of guildmembers that absolutely loved it and only subbed for it. They are in the main pve and rp players but they’re subs none the less.
But it’s only a part of swtor and completely optional (which is why I only ever did it on my main).

The rubberbanding issue that seems to be plaguing mobs, NPC’s and player characters lately is extremely troublesome. It started out that is was just an issue in the Bulo fight back in December. Now there are rubberbanding issues in all of the flashpoints, most of the Ops and a lot of the dailies and Heroics.
We killed Kephas in TFB last night and right after he died 4 of us and Kephas rubber banded over to the middle of the room. At the same time, dead kephas shot out one last attack and one all 4 of us… It was really lame and annoying.

That first cat I fought on Drommund Kaas did that. Mid fight he was suddenly 45 meters away, but still in range according to my bar, but out of range according to my raid warnings, then he charged me again. “Save me Acina! Its in my hair!”

Wow. that sounds awful. I haven’t seen rubberbanding lately, knock on wood, but i always seem to get mobs that fall through the floor making them un-targetable even though they can still attack. Only way to kill them seems to be using aoe abilities and companions can still fight them for some reason. Oh and that knockdown bug thats been going on forever, like if a mob uses knockdown (common on Voss heroics) you visually cant get up properly until you change instances….

The fall through the floor bug is a real pain in a couple of the Uprisings. The Droid adds spawn in the right place then fall as soon. as you aground them. You think they are dead, but your mini map tells you they are still alive somewhere…

Popping walls and NPCs is only your PC and IPS doing, sorry.

For me and my GTX 760 (!) it runs smooth and sound.

I see that alot of people ar saying about such problems, but how come I never seen one?

Well. I mean if you can’t trust a guy named “Diehard fan” not to be full of shit when they say the bugs you are experiencing on your brand new PC are your PC’s fault, even when running newer, better, more intense games without any of the same issues, who can you trust right? No way that guy would be wearing bullshit blinders.

Completely agree!

No way you can buy a newer (not the top shelf) PC, get some optimization for your own hardware via either recommended settings or testing and get a better results during gameplay. Also saying about bloated game engine while not understanding sht about its work and possibilities is much required.

Also understanding sarcasm is strictly forbidden!

I’d like you to roll this D20 for an Awareness check. Oh my…your perception is really low. Lets pretend you rolled a one….
1. You are now aware that this game was built on an incomplete game engine, frankensteined out of gum and old bandaids by coders and devs who have moved on, into the game that new coders and devs are now forced to make due with. They strain against this with every update, and do their best. They push to innovate beyond the limitations through work arounds, sometimes brilliantly, but inevitably things go wrong.
2. You suddenly understand anyone who doesn’t take everything said by a person who’s name translates into “Zealot” with a grain of salt is a fool. Nothing personal, but you picked the name.
3. Saying sarcasm after the fact, when no sarcasm was implied, is fibs. “The bugs are your fault, my 2013 video card is awesome, everyone else who implies there are bugs is full of crap” isn’t very sarcasm-y….well, except the way I just said it. But you are aware of that now too.
4. You become horribly aware that you have no idea what specs I am running, and that all your implications have no founding. Luckily you realise you are not responsible for Bioware tech support and can relax though. Nobody is paying you to deny actual legitimate tech issues the game has. You feel a sudden sense of freedom.
Do you want to search for traps, hidden compartments, or treasure?

Oh my god, you really think that your full of shit sarcastic comments is even close to real state of things in this game? Its so sweet.

Please, prove that this engine is:

a. Incomplete.
b. Build on bandaids.

I dont really care what specs you run on, I was talking about configuration, if you dont know the difference, too bad.

FYI – my account name diehard fan is sarcasm. If you cant see through this – you`re more deluded than a Zealot White Knights you`re so afraid of.

Anything else, honey?

Allow me to google for you:

President and COO of Hero Engine comments on SWTOR coding:!

“He[Walton] saw the Hero’s Journey demo and told the team, β€œI need this” for a
special project that was still secret at the time. He said he wanted to
license the engine. Walton didn’t want to wait until after hero’s
Journey shipped, since he was in a rush. He would take the unfinished
engine and have his own engineers modify it. Walton licensed the engine
for his BioWare team in Austin, Texas, and it onlysine became apparent
later that they were using it for the Star Wars MMO. Were it not for
Walton’s enthusiasm, the technology might have stayed in-house, rather
than helping the entire game development community. Meanwhile, the
Hero’s Journey was never fully finished.”

Unfinished engine, patched together and frankensteined in house by swtor’s devs. Most of those Devs have left the company, which is running a skeleton crew of people less familiar with the game’s coding.

Game, and computer are configured properly, and optimized for my gaming, thank you very much. The issues and bugs I experience are not uncommon, in the slightest.

Your account name is not sarcasm. Do you read your own posts?

I could care less about what Shawn said and I’m not defending him. I’m pointing out that Mummy is accusing someone of slinging hate, when that is exactly what he is doing. If he is going to criticize someone for their hate he needs to end his first.

Thought I was a whiteknight Drivan?
Make your mind up XD
Like I said before I troll the trolls.
Make me a hater like you lot?……hardly.

this coming from one of the few carebears left take a look around your a dying breed but keep defending the right to be covered in shit lolz /smh

i have it wasnt and i uninstalled it. if you consider fun playing cup in a ball over and over enjoy

Actually that sounds abut your level.
Watch you don’t hurt yourself though, those balls can move fast.

Classical Shawney with his carebear problem.

Xoxaan armors on GTN on every server proves you wrong. Maybe you`re the dying breed here, trolling old fart?

/smh you do realize i was callin abandonababy a carebear? How stupid are you? As for a dying breed theres 2 of you left here lolz . Your going on about armors /smh welcome to tors ideal customer

you do realize I dont give a crap about it? Word “carebear” means completely different thing, which I already explained, yet you use it constantly.

How can a sane man argue with full of hate turtle brained slime like you? I wish there was an “ignore” button in disqus, so I can ignore all of your stupid irrelevant comments!

If you dont give a crap why respond then the term is taken personally by you. If i mention it in a general sense you act as if im talking about you lol

No, it means I dont like your stupid irrelevant comments and your general attitude, thats all. Other than that I really dont give a crap about what you do or write here.

You`re the one being summoned by my comments.

Go ahead, I`ll leave the last comment, and I`ll be the winner over you. So keep trying, shthead, keep trying.

You failed to prove anything. All you do is replying to my full of wisdom comments with your stupidity.

Dont you think they actually trying now? Look at all the changes. Have you played the latest KotET? What exactly you dont like except hypothetical theory that all the money from CM goes into someones wEAllet?

Its so fun to read Shawny and other haters here, especially when they are talking about EA money. But meh, I dont really care anymore about them or about trying to argue with them. It a loss of my precious time that I can spent on porn and actual gaming.

Have you read this guys comments?
There is nothing on earth Bioware could do (within reason) that would be enough for this ‘person’, his comments are abusive and hate filled.
Makes you wonder why he’s here? πŸ˜›

I love it how you say you love the game but you’ll defend the haters of the game. XD
Hypocrite again?

I believe that my love of teh game and yours are completely different.

You have more of a puppy love, SWTOR is awesome and the greatest thing ever. Even though it beats me with a rolled up newspaper for not playing the game teh way the developers intended for me to play it once in a while its still my master and I love it till death do us part.

My love for SWTOR is more like, this is an awesome game, the last bastion of hope for fans of the EU and all of teh creativity that disney sapped out of Star Wars. The UI is friendly the controls just work and so much about this game is customizable. It has so much potential and I hope that one day the devs can bring out teh best that this game has to offer. This CXP though, Command System, lack of Ops for 2 years, making us grind teh same Dailies and heroics we have been grinding for teh last 5 years only now there are DIFFERENT achievements and rewards… Ugh!!!!! I just can’t keep PAYING for this!

You engage in a tunnel vision love of SWTOR, I and others like me see the whole picture.

“I and others like me see the whole picture.”
Yes I have met them and they do you justice. XD

Please, try to figure that “haters” (i belong to them according to your words) did love this game. I left a month ago. That decision make me sad because i had ton of fun in SWTOR. But really… In my case my server was dead (battle meditation: on prime time you had only one instance of the fleet with no more than 40 peoples), tons of bug (at least with the french client).

On planets there were nobody (except on RP starting planets). The grind of GCxp kill my pleasure. You know that feeling when after 400+ H2+, 50+ FP you only achieve rank 60 and you have nothing of interest.

That day I log off, uninstall the game, uninstall all EA games I owned.

May be one day I will return, but the anger against EA will take time to apease.

So, maybe you don’t like Shawn statements but he’s often telling what i’m thinking of in a lot more funny way than I would.

You`re not a hater, you`re just sad that SWTOR have nothing more for you. Dont add to my words more than there already is. You stopped liking this game, so what? Good for you. I still play it, sometimes. I`m not saying that its awesome, bugfree and super rewarding for every sneeze of a player.

It just gives me what I want, thats all. If I`ll stop getting fun from it, I`ll stop playing. Simple.

As for your second part – uninstalling all EA games, that is very wierd. There are at least 5 EA games worth disc space for me – ME1-3, Sims 3 and Battlefield 2. Some are just nice to play a bit, some, like Syndicate, are terribly frustrating, but delete everything because of SWTOR? Well, maybe you should talk with therapist? Maybe you`re sad not about SWTOR but about something else, if you uninstall all your games?

It’s more complicated πŸ™‚ ME franchise is my favorite game ever. Uninstalling EA games was a reaction of primal anger : “You ruined a game that I enjoy ? Ok, I have no more faith in you. I can live without EA”.

That’s all. And I’m a really stuborn guy. I guess that someday I will play swtor again. At least, I hope. Actually, i’m on FF14: not a bad game.

PS: Yep, syndicate was great indeed. UFO ennemy unknown was one my favorites too.

Old strategy Syndicate yes, was a great game. I was talking about “newest” EA FPS version of it. They created a Deus Ex clone with a terribly unsuable perk system and very ugly level design.

I think you hit the nail on the head with what irritates many of us.
The CXP grind.
Running the exact same heroics and dailies that we have been running for years, grinding through them so much that you can do them in your sleep. Doing this day after day, constantly nothing but grinding through the same old stuff just to get to Command Rank 300.
Now they are gonna raise that to Command rank 400 and reaching that rank will take as long as it took you to get to 300 in the first place…
I don’t hate SWTOR, never have. I still raid with my team and fill in for my guild’s other team from time to time. But I can’t do the CXP grind and it is turning me off on the game as a whole.

Its hardly news about CXP, it was a problem #1 even when it was first announced. Devs simply cannot abandon it.

They could abandon the CXP idea, or convert it into more of a character development system rather than a gearing system. I just think that they are trying to save face right now and they don’t want to admit that they may have made a mistake.

The new problem with the CXP grind and Command System is that they seem to be doubling down on it every chance they get. There aren’t many players that speak out in favor of CXP and Command.

Yeah Ben’s metric’s are probably showing him that everyone is participating and therefore everyone must love it, but what I think he is failing to realize is that right now you could give us an event where we have to ride our speeder around fleet so that a hologram of a monkey will hump a hologram football and people would play the crap out of it. 1 because it’s new and different and 2… well it’s a monkey humping a football.
But I digress…
The point is that the only players left in the game are the folks who are going to play ANYTHING they give us, so metrics mean squat. They need to actually read what players are writing about CXP and the current incarnation of the command system.
I was upset that we haven’t gotten an Op in over 2 years. Then they gave us CXP and Command and honestly if they don’t turn the ship around I’m leaving at the end of April and I ain’t looking back. And what will make many of you all happy, I won’t be visiting These forums anymore once I leave.

Like I said, even if they want to leave it, they cant.

Again, dont be mistaken, I like the divercity of ophinions and persons here, I dont like clueless impotent rage and pure arrogant hatred of some people here. And its really a minority. Even Smedley is fun for a change.

I see what you are saying now, and agree. They can’t leave the CXP/Command system behind now. They invested to much into it.
It would be nice to see them convert it into a character progression system that allows a person to tailor their character for their desired type of content.
For example: in ESO’s Champion system you can use your champion points to buff your abilities in PvP, Dungeons and Trials, questing and even loot farming. Is ESO a perfect game, no. I don’t think there is such a thing as the perfect game, but their progression system is right on the money! I just wish “respecing” was free… πŸ™ That is one of the things SWTOR got right, allowing subscribers to respec for free or buy a “field respec” ability that allows you to respec for free.

I have to be honest, I can’t stand Smedley. I don’t find him funny, just filled with hate and anger. I have called him out a few times and he ignores me. It’s for probably for the best
He, along with one other, from the opposite end, could disappear and it would make this forum community a better place.

Well, GW2 has its own problems. It was P2P from the start, so its paying model is different.

GW2 is fun, but its not great in many aspects, for me – the lack of mounts and jumping.

IMO – yes. its actualy playable without subscription (though you have to buy DLC’s individually that way and WILL have a lot of bad space issues, but restrictions are nowhere near as bad as SWTOR. that said IMO, subscription is worth it. the game is a long term investment, everything will take time time time to accomplish. but to me its fun, the stories are great, voice acting is fantastic (protagonist is silent, but everyone else is voiced). I wish they had ongoing free trial, just to allow people to see, but.. you can’t have it all. the one thing that I honestly think sucks balls in ESO – is trading. you don’t have centralized trading house – you have guilds who buy out in a world traders for a week and those traders are scattered all over the place. you can buy from them regardless, but in order to sell – you have to be a member of a trading guild. its a mess. otherwise, this has been my primary MMO for months. personaly

It is very dense. I am going to do a comparison soon, as my sub for swtor runs out, but short and sweet the game offers a very layered experience, expanding on the mmo with several activities that make it a genuine elder scrolls experience. It doesn’t feature “choices that matter” but nobody really does. It has all the things you want in an elders scrolls game. Racism, alien fantasy, all your favorite guilds(2 are locked in dlc, but worth the coin, or included in sub), you start off as a prisoner, and sooner or later, guards are going to friggin hate your stupid face. It does some interesting things with PVP, and has a bright future.

Horrible downsides:
1. No tab targetting, you miss because YOU missed. Very embarassing.
B) Raids are added completely, with no time to get used to them one boss at a time.
>Poor people who don’t subscribe are allowed to equip gear and do raids…gross.
5. Horrible cartel market only seems to update crates every 6 months, needs more horse colors.
5.No Musco, not even a little bit. Existence feels bleaker.
6.Tons of gear sets and player builds make the game confusing for new people and the illiterate, boooooo. No sir, they’re saying Boo-urns.
Se7en. Expansions feature new areas, new class, raids and storyline, too much content, very disorienting.
Ate) No command exp, *sadface*.

Am I to assume listing that spastic Musco – the so called SWTOR Community Manager that barely communicates to it’s player base unless
it is to announce an announcement or some shit like that, as a negative means your whole downsides list is sarcasm??

I regret to inform you that as ESO is a medieval high fantasy game they have a strict policy on “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” memes and references. Your 1,B[sic](2),5 reference has been catalogued and may come under review.

Nein) Its a prequel and prequels always sux

Apart from possibly hating twitch mechanics the other two common complaints are that ESO is too loose with established canon. Of course they completely changed the original lore when they released Oblivion and made Cyrodil change from tropical to temperate, so not exactly unheard of in Elder Scrolls. And, having to watch which faction you joined, or purchase the unlock to play any race on any faction, especially if you have RL friends in game.

edit reason: switched from It’s to its. Felt more in the spirit of things.

“And, having to watch which faction you joined, or purchase the unlock
to play any race on any faction, especially if you have RL friends in

Fixed in One Tamriel, for free. Not a perfect game, but that is still fixed. Not even a cartel market unlock.

I agree with you. Many of ESO’s early issues were fixed with One Tamriel and the game really is awesome. From the beginning it is focused on player skill and the progression system is focused on character improvement.

Anyone who hasn’t played it since before December of 2015 can’t legitimately criticize it because of all of the changes.
I can understand why Tab Target players have issues with it, once you grow accustomed to a tab target game learning a twitch or manual targeting system will have a big learning curve.

Good to know. So poor customer service since I didn’t get refund(unless I did and didn’t notice it)

In regards to point number 1 is the targeting system more like Oblivion and Skyrim? It feels like Morrowind to me, where even if you connect with the “hitbox” it can still miss due to an RNG roll. Of course, my friends and I play on older machines so maybe it suffers from some sort of lag ghosting.

I have a PBAoE heal on my resto staff tree that I don’t use because I don’t feel it lands 100% of the time if there is server lag, which happened a few times in my first month, so in a worst case scenario, it is possible. I replaced it with the Orb of Light in Undaunted tree though and that thing is really awesome. I’ve never missed a melee or bow based attack due to lag, but when in the moment I have been known to swing at all kinds of nontargets and rain arrows in all the places they don’t/shouldn’t go. In moments of intensity I may have missed with my fire staff ult, and instead of frying a battering ram team, I might have provided them with critical nearby warmth instead.

While the sarcasm is once again awesome, I would never play a game without tab targetting. I don’t like the setting of ESO anyway, but yeah.

I find ESO battle system quite easy actually. But crafting is terribly unfriendly for the begginer. Its ok when you play for some time though. As for lore I`d say stay away. You compare Skyrim Oblivion with ESO and saying that they are in the same line you`re either havent played them well or dont like their PRG element.

ESO feels nothing like original TES games, sadly. That was the reason I purchased Imperial Edition when it was first announced and cancelled it after I tried beta. Since beta not many things changed honestly =(

Housing, raids, PVP, its all nice, but its not giving the wow effect. And TOR, even in a state like it is now, still deliveres it. To keep off the barking dogs – I very much love TES series, I played since Daggerfall and have literally thousands of hours of gameplay in TES series. ESO is just a failure, no matter how well it seems to be as an MMO. It wouldnt go P2P in same 6 months otherwise.

I played TES from Morrowind right through to Hearthfire and also played thousands of hours of gameplay, but my first toe dip into Eso was awful and although I have there are many improvements, visiting the Eso forums was an eye opener, they’re are a lot of unhappy players.
The strange thing is I love fantasy films especially LOTR series, however Lotro, GW2, Eso and Wow just left me empty and bored.
So the question is am I just here because I’m a star wars fan?
Well apart from lightsabers and the odd bit of music it doesn’t feel very ‘star warsy’, more like a sci fi game because the timelines are so far removed, and my main alt’s are all force users.
It’s just fun, but I agree it needs to get better.

There are also some sci fi mmo games out there, like STO, Defiance, EVE, MWO maybe too. Except for EVE, which is a slowly sinking ship too, STO and Defiance are simply terrible. I tried both, and I actually liked the idea behind Defiance (TV show had actual progress followed the ingame progress from players), but I couldnt handle more than a week in it.

What I`m trying to say is – SWTOR is something more than SW franchise game. Its very own BW project, for good or worse, people still talk about it, meaning that its alive.

Actually your right, I’ve never thought of it like that.
It is BW’s own Star Wars project, with all the new content they’ve added Makeb, Oricon etc, some of it done well, some not so (looking at you otlander), yeah it is more than the SW franchise it started out as.
And yes it is very much alive.

Yep, TOR era is a lot more interesting than star wars canon. But since 4.0 I guess that TOR era came to an end. I guess Drew Karpyshyn reluctantly wrote some lines in 5.0 while thinking “Crap… what am I doing here ?!”

I’m on FF14 now and I miss SWTOR a lot. But I won’t return until they hire a complete dev team. Too bad for them, too bad for me.

I feel your pain =(

But I wont be so toxic about it, even it TOR will change its course to 180* and hire FFXIV top level devs, what will change? Its not about programming, its about storytelling ((C)TM)

Its not too late to create something like an expedition to outer rim, or even another galaxy via some “Rakatan” technology. Maybe we`ll see something different after KOTET. I personally would love more planet exploration and much much more GSF level expansion. But I`m in the minority with it. Am I sad? A bit, but I`m patient.

If they do that, I resub immediatly πŸ™‚ You’re right. What I did enjoy on lot on swtor is the writing quality (even in french it’s really excellent). And TOR era is a wonderful lore to build multiple great stories.

I think that SWTOR deserve more love from EA. Really.

I mean base mechanics. Targeting, animation, AI. This never changed. And this, by my ophinion, are the main aspects of the game.

Of cource many secondary things were added, dont be silly.

When I gave up on SWTOR I went to ESO and personally do not regret the change. But being worth it is totally up to you. If you liked the lore and game play of Oblivion and Skyrim then yeah this game will be very familiar to you. The biggest con for new players is that you have to belong to a guild to sell items in traders which is there version of the GTN. You can still advertise your goods and trade items via the chat menu like in most games so it may not be that much of an annoyance for you.

All I can say is check the Eso forums and see what you think.
If players are happy and things are going well you will see it.
If it has a lot of problems you will see that also.
Strange why you should come here stranger to ask that question πŸ˜›

Absolutely it’s a great indicator of a game, the Swtor forums show the current turmoil within the game just now as I have always stated and have seen myself.
It can show the true nature of a game, from the players side.

It’s a pretty good estimate of how a game is doing, if it has problems it will say it on there.
Why does everyone that plays a game have to comment?
People are always quick to point out issues and if they are or aren’t being dealt with.

By your own logic then SWTOR is doing WAY worse than you are willing to admit and worse than you feel ESO is…

I rarely see you address these problems or list anything other than that you don’t care for KotET.

I’ll assume you don’t understand how this comment is abusive, rude, in poor taste and inappropriate.
I’ll go ahead and site it as yet more proof of your poor character and that you are a bad person.

I respond to abuse with abuse lol
Your amateur back street psychology is hilarious but flawed as usual.
Strange how you didn’t say the same to him.
Your a fake drivan πŸ™‚

I think you’ll find it’s the opposite.
I’ve never called anyone on here the names you’ve called me and other people….and i’m hatefilled?
Didn’t you want me dead last week?
Or maybe that was merited too.
Hilarious as usual drivan.

Again I get on your case because you have earned it by equating the make believe world of SWTOR to real life and justify attacking people on a personal level when they criticize SWTOR.

You have issues if you feel you have to defend your pretend universe against the “haters” that dare criticize it…

You call people unimportant because they criticize a video game, you launch personal attacks when they attack a game… a make believe world with lightsabers and space magic… you are defending space magic with real world insults and degradation of who a person is…

As for wanting you dead, did I say those words? Link me a post where I said I wanted you to die.
Show me where I typed the words die, dead, or deceased.

You are vile to me and others because we dare to stand up for the game but in your world that’s wrong, so there is nothing I can do to help you.
I have plenty of healthy discourse on my profile for anyone to see but you focus on me for trolling the trolls, people that bring nothing but hate to the discussion and can’t be talked to.
Your defending of them is delusional if you think that people that I have mentioned would ever enter into a healthy discourse about the state of the game when every word involves biocrap or I hope musco get aids.
I’d love to know if you actually believe that.
I’ve responded in another post regarding the dead topic.

What others?
Link the posts, show me these times I have been “vile” to others.
Show me where I have argued this way with anyone other than you.

You are trying to defend a pretend world.
You are standing up and speaking out in defence of a Space Magic Universe!

You Have serious issues!

Ok by others I mean me and nwstud but I guess we don’t count because we have a different view of the game from you.
Or maybe you think 2 is an ok number to be vile to.
We’re fair game because as you have said we deserve it, for standing up for what we like.
and I have issues……
Look in future can we have are fun chats on one thread, it makes it so much easier πŸ™‚

As I mentioned previously, you love to mention nwstd, and I have upvoted several of his comments, agreed with several of his statements and posted positive feedback in agreement with things he says. So at this point it’s just you. You make nasty statements to EVERYONE, so by your logic that means that you are easily 10x more vile that you accuse me of being.

I’m an asshole and have never pretended to be anything other than an asshole who is pointing out your flaws, the fact that you are the most deplorable person in these threads.
You want to be the “hero” in here “trolling the trolls,” “standing up for what you believe in,” Fighting back against those who trash talk your pretend universe…

Yes you have issues.
No we will never have fun chats, I don’t like you.

Meh I bash the tirades of hate, you defend them.
I try and see good and positivity in moving forward with what we have, you call it nasty and hate.
I can live with that.

I call the personal attacks you make against others hate. You attack first, therefore you earn all the ill will you receive.
Notice I almost never reply to your conversation that actually involves game discussion…

I’ll refer you to the comment I made to Paulo.
Not sure how to link to it but it’s here.

Defending the game with information about the game is one thing. That is respectable and normal behavior.
You Defend this make believe world as though you live in it, as though you built it with your own 2 hands. You act as though every slight to SWTOR is a personal insult aimed directly at you.
Then you lash out with personal attacks.
That is what makes you wrong and a loser.

More name calling?
I honestly don’t think forums are for you, i’m genuinely worried you might pop an aneurysm or something.
Forum’s can be lively sometimes.
Chill it’s a game.

When you make it personal it isn’t a game.
If you wouldn’t say something to someone to their face, don’t type it on the internet.
Everything I have said to you I would say to your face, much of what you say to people would earn you an ass beating.

Are you aware that ESO won MMO of the year for 2016 and won players choice Awards in the MMO category from several media sources?

There are a few, but the ones I have personally witnessed are funny. Like the glitch where you summon your mount and you run on its saddle while it is running along the ground. Or the one where an enemy gets stuck in a wall and all you see is their “mage’s staff” sticking out of thier lower torso.
I have ran into a glitch where I have trouble looting a body, but pressing my block button fixes that.
SWTOR has HUNDREDS of such glitches, mosteoporosis of which I care less about and don’t talk about.
I talk about the lack of interesting and replay able end game content and Ops. I discuss how I dislike CXP and the command system and it’s gearing.

Unlike you I discuss this game. You discuss how much you dislike others posting in these forums.

Looking on the Eso website I never saw any glitching complaints, but I saw many many others.
I discuss the game with many others on here, today in fact, just not the haters and you, as all I get from you is hate, as I have seen you talk to others who dare stand up to you or say anything against Eso (on a Swtor forum which is hilarious).

If you haven’t played the game in the past 14 months then any statement you make about it is ignorant and based on speculation alone.
Personal preference is one thing, many people have trouble with the interface and controls.
You hate on folks who aren’t playing SWTOR giving statement based on speculation, it’s really hypocritical to do the same thing to a game you aren’t currently playing.

I play both games so I’m free to give an informed opinion.

I’ll be honest, it takes some getting used to if you have been playing SWTOR for the past 5 years, but it is GOOD!
It has it’s flaws, but what game doesn’t.
I think it has a great story, not 8 individual class stories, but 1 main story, 3 faction stories, 4 guild stories, Imperial City story, Wrothgar and teh up coming Morrowind Story.
The storytelling is good, again not perfect, but interesting, engaging, interactive and fun.
I didn’t like it at first, but once I started playing it back in Dec of 2015 I was hooked!

I’ll see about downloading it. I should probably ask, Have you guys noticed if it has servers that are better than others? Like in SWTOR, theres 3 that have much higher active population than the others do….

There’s a megaserver for EU on PC at least, think it’s the same for NA. So no need to pick and choose between servers. The game can handle 100+ players in one area without going wonky.

So, no ghost servers like in TOR and WoW.

There is only one server for North America, one for Europe and one other I think.
It’s more about faction choice, in the beginning and if you wish to PvP. Dominion seems to be strong during the afternoon, Pact is PvP strong in prime time, Covenant is strong late at night. The weekend is usually pretty even.
I HIGHLY suggest getting the full collectors edition and using your free crowns to unlock any race in any faction.
After that it’s about finding good guilds. You can be in 5 all at once and guilds are account wide, as are all unlocks etc.
You need a good PvE guild and a couple good trade guilds.
The really great guilds usually have a waiting list, but if you know people the list gets shorter… lol.

Trade guilds and the best and worst part of the game… That requires a lot of explanation, but if you get the game and play, you’ll understand quickly.
Good luck! Stay in contact I’d love to know what you decide

When I started, I found one of those discount game code sites and bought the base game for about $12 just to try it out. Their FTP system without a sub is pretty decent other than the inventory limits(the limits aren’t bad too but subs get infinity spaces for anything crafting related). Once I decided I was having fun I did a month of sub time, which unlocks all the expansions for the sub time, but also gives you crowns (cc) equivalent to the cost of the sub, so it felt like I was breaking even, I bought a Guar (Yoshi) mount with the crowns, and had a blast doing the thieves guild, been subbed since, and I started channeling the monthly points into buying all the DLC, so there are a few ways to get into the game if you wanna do baby steps.

Got em! *Tosses ESO Pokeball* (I was accused in another thread of only being here to recruit for ESO…so I guess this is documented proof, even if I say its a joke)

Are you the new white knight of Eso Drivan?
Looks like it but erm….. I think your on the wrong forum.

Just stating a fact, you were being a hypocrite.
You launch personal attacks against those not playing SWTOR who criticise it, no you are doing the same with ESO.

As I was stating facts about Eso, which you didn’t like.
Welcome to the real world again drivan Eso’s not the game you make it out to be….again on the wrong forum.
Still getting it wrong eh?

You can’t state facts about a game you don’t play because you don’t have any facts to go on.
If you feel that you can make statements about ESO based on what you read in a forum then you need to leave folks who aren’t playing SWTOR alone when they talk about shit about it.
If you want to bash them for their actions then you engaging in the same action makes you everything that you call them only worse.

The facts were of Eso’s own forums, it’s own players, so your wrong again.
You bashing me for someone else’s words about a game you like that are nothing to do with this forum..
You know how demented that sounds…..right?

If you aren’t playing it to experience it then you have no ground to stand on. You are creating speculation based off of someone else’s opinion.

This is the EXACT same thing you bash others for doing here.
If you are bashing them for doing it then you are everything you say they are and more.

I’m sorry I was just quoting Eso’s own playerbase.
If that makes you uncomfortable then that’s not my fault m8 or do their concerns not count? Another of drivans rules If I remember.

You bash others for doing what you were just doing.
That makes you a hypocrite. Any and all critiques you launch against folks who don’t play SWTOR but criticize it based on player opinions are null and void, completely illegitimized.

Depends on what kind of games you like, but I’d say it’s worth it. Having a blast playing the game, tons of stuff to do there. And the more I play the more I like the combat

OMG they’ve completely given up. I don’t get it. There are like a handful of small changes they could make that would Make SWTOR Great Again. But nooooooooooooooo they want to ride the gambling cock as long as they can. What a bunch of worthless fucking assholes. I hope they all get AIDS and ZIKA and EBOLA all at the same time.

SWTOR is great, no need to make it “again”.
I don’t get it why so many of you here concentrate on the shop items. Don’t like them ? DON’T BUY THEM!

To hard to think about this solution for you whiners ?

Anyway, i leave you to your self pitty.

The reason why people “concentrate” on the shop items is because this is the only part of the game that gets regular updates and focus while ignoring the game itself.

To make matters worse, all that money made from the Cartel Market isn’t put back into the game whatsoever which pisses the paying subscriber off to no end when this is the least updated MMO on the market but with the biggest name brand recognition.

i tryed to tell people on here but ya got a lot of dumbfucks and fanbois who are gonna go down with the ship apparently /smh

SWTOR was never great.
A great Star Wars MMO would be totaly different.
It’s just the only Star Wars MMO game. Period.
Sometime is bad, sometimes it get worse. That’s all.

Considering how awfully limited the engine is (more than 8 vs 8 pvp? Madness!), making TOR again with a good engine might actually make the game greater….

Seems so, his latest posts were hilariously adequate, now its all over again. But honestly I like this John-off-the-meds more…

Disgusting, but I don’t expect anything less from John or his upvoters.
They just go to prove my case as to why they’re here.

So how bout that new content in April? Xoxaan armor gonna go for 120 mil in GTN by the hyper inflaters. Who keep bragging about made up stories how they got it for 100k and flipped it for millions and millions of moolaaaa.

Nah, 120 mil is overkill. Even for current “fair” rate 10 mil to 1k CC it should be around 30 mil. I`d say it will go for 50-80 for this week, will go lower than 40 after this week, than again will skyrocket.

I got my xoxaan for around 15-20 mil I suppose, should bring up records. It is possible to get this set for quite good price.

I ended up getting the damn armor in the DVL crates, but it wasn’t unlocked in my account, I felt I got…. robbed.

I come here everyday to se if: ”Alright folk we are worried about the current, unhappy status of our community and even more about the massive unsub wave, so we’ve decided to start listening to you: we will go back to the old gearing system and we will stop evading the core issues of the game”.

Tiny changes could mean so much to so many yet they continue to sink in their bubble of greed.

I remember when they introduced the cartel market… who would have known it would consume their developing interest.

Its money, thats all. CM was a way to save the game, and it worked perfectly. No reason for them to stop a cash machine.

If you had a way to get stable income over a few designs per month, honestly, would you drop it for a chance for more subs?

Completely agree. But one does not negate the other. They could do both, no one would care about the Cartel Market.

Rephrasing: People would stop complaining about Cartel Market, as they would have actual content to play. I mean, we could have BOTH, new, non-recycled, refreshing content. AND Cartel Market packs, on a regular basis. I’m not one of those anti-CM spammer you see here everyday. I’m fine with the packs and stuff, as you CHOOSE to buy or pass, so why complain about it. But I sure would like a lot more quality playable content coming out every month. And my point was, they could do both if they wanted to.

Yeah I agree, the problem is they got to focused on this KOTFE/KOTET nonsense and forgot the raiders and op’s players.
I guess they thought it was a good idea at the time but they seem to be refocusing in the right direction now.

Well, ugly truth is – people tend to spent money and show it off. CM is one way to do it. Raiders show off with Wings of an Architect, people who are willing to throw 100-200$ a month – with platinum stuff and Direct purchase armors.

Right now only CM gives what EA wants, people feeling that “paying 15$ per month for a few raids that doesnt give a thing is worthless” (a quote easily taken from at least 50% of people here). So here we are, CM shows great profits, while advanced search and statistics shows that people dont want to pay for sub.

Its only logical that devs move slowly with changes, considering all the toxic sht they got before, but CM part of SWTOR thrives.

Its not that devs doesnt want, I think on the contrary, they want to do all the good changes, its the high management that stops them. And not about the lack of money, but because they cant see through it.

Once again, I totally agree. I just don’t want to stop at, they choose one way or the other, as they could take both route at the same time if they wanted it. And you’re right, it’s definitely not the dev’s doing, but a business decision.

When I was plaing, I felt the same. At least it seems that direct purchases are more frequent. That’s a good move. It’s more fair than RNG packs.

Yeah I don’t get the cartel rng packs opening excitement but people love them and buy them in droves, I buy them just to sell on the GTN and they go like hotcakes.

Yeah I get what your saying however I think 5.0 gear change is here to stay, the whole 5.0 system is geared around, but they have tried to soften it with huge cxp boosts and set bonus boss drops (chance drops btw which is rubbish but causes much hilarity in our guild runs) so they are listening to customer feedback. It’s now way easier to gear up.
Op’s and daily’s dropping soon too much to customer demand, so things are getting better but they have to fulfill their promises, and soon.
Cartel market is an added bolt on which is only driven by customer demand, so if no-one was buying it would fade away……people are buying so it’s still strong.

How is the new operation coming along? Oh no news because you have not started? Oh its delayed a few more months? Ok so we get a longer cxp bonus event.. perfect.
Guarentee this is what is happening and going to happen come mid March/end of March.

Still waiting to hear about how this game is quote “MASSIVELY” heading in the right direction as per a previous post you made. What’s that? It was a line you can’t back up because you blindly support this game and it’s recent decisions??

Thought so XD

*sigh* I’ve replied to you in about 6 threads now that were getting op’s and cxp is much much easier.
Are you still finding it hard Rompe? XD

You are pointing out a system people hate and an op that is coming out in pieces as proof of your massive direction?? If this was so great, this game would be thriving and killing WOW but alas, reality says otherwise. But yeah I replied already to you up above so leave it there.

Hm, I really hope they continue this and we get more interesting gear/looks with direct purchases. They make things oh so much easier. πŸ™‚

Here is one of those comments I’m talking about.
He states his frustration with SWTOR, you say no one cares about him.
You turned a SWTOR comment into a personal attack.
This is the action of a bully.
This statement makes you a bad person.

All Abaddonsmummy does is comment on peoples original post due to lacking any originality or anything positive to say that Bioware are doing (which I can imagine to be very difficult)

No, not true. He also makes truly LOL comments but refuses to back them up and continues to attack people.

Case in point, on the Tait Watson leaving thread, he had this awesomely ignorant response to Renneganzerg who asked all the so called haters who kept saying that SWTOR is dead or they think it’s trash…
“Really, why are you here?”

“The haters will jump on any bandwagon including this one because they
are realising that they are beginning to lose the battle as Bioware are
trying to give the community what they want with easier Cxp, set bonus
ops drops and group op’s incoming.
Where I agree it’s not perfect it’s massively heading in the right direction and they hate it.”

So abaddonsmummy, far be it for me to distract you from personally attacking anyone who isn’t happy with the game or disagrees with your blinkered take on the current product, if your Black Crusade isn’t too busy, can you tell us how SWTOR is going in the right direction and giving the player base what it wants?

Because last time I looked, as just one example, a massive majority of the SWTOR forums, Reddit and Dulfy want RNG gone (And many more wanting CXP and GC gone and returned to the old system) and yet here it remains to say nothing of how many fixes the player base is crying out for (Romance companion gifts for example was meant to be fixed in a past patch and nothing was done or mentioned since). So please, take a break from your personal 14th Black Crusade for just a moment and tell us without insulting, how you came to view this “massively heading in the right direction” thought?

Holy shit!! Is that it?? THAT is all it takes to make you think BW is taking swtor “massively” in the right direction?? No, seriously, that can’t be it.

* An op that is coming out in STAGES unlike every other mmo out there including the little f2p ones that release full ops rather then this piece meal effort by bw despite all the money it makes.

* cxp – a system no one asked for (much like the god forsaken cartel pack interface) and that very few like. A system that makes players have to redo old content and pray to the rmg gods for gear.

THIS is what you call massively heading in the right direction?? Damn, it was always obvious what a fanboi you are but this borders on delusional thinking and I don’t mean that to be insulting for once.

Care to elaborate for all us supposed haters, how you think cxp is great for the game and the in stages op without resorting to attacks?? If I can do it, so can you. πŸ™‚

There doing what you’ve been crying for for weeks now and it’s still not enough.
A cxp system no one asked for. Did you ask for the last one? No, so who says you get a say in the next one. Change is life i’m afraid.
They’ve showed you a boss in the short term to placate the whiners and show what their working on, how dare they eh?
It’s been just over 2 months lol and your saying you should have new op’s by now?
Attacks where? O because Drivan says so?
Have you seen his posts attacking me and other posters.
Or do you chose to ignore it because it suits your and your hate.
Thought so.
O and cxp is damn easy, surprised anyone’s still struggling with it.

Who, other than you, have I attacked of since the altercation with nwstd. Please link those posts.
I see you couldn’t even make this post with out trying to get your jabs in…
No one said CXP was hard, it SUCKS!
No one with a life wants to spend HOURS on end grinding the same 5 year old dailies & heroics. The Uprisings are buggy and boring and the current Ops are wore out.
Yes CXP is easy, but it’s a completely ignorant system!
While EVERY OTHER GAME is making progression systems that focus on player skill and character progression, BW makes a progression system that focuses on gear and regression…

So how many people do you have to follow from thread to thread calling them names for it to be wrong?
Do you have a number? Is 2 not enough?
Cxp is easy that’s the whole point.
RNG is in Eso and Wow it’s part of MMO’s.
5.0 isn’t going away so get on with it, I am and so is my guild and were running HM’s with full set bonus’s.
Is it too easy now is that what your saying?
They’re making ops after 2 years of story progression they have said so but it will never be enough for you and your gang.
I just see your running out of things to moan about and now your targeting the likers of the game.
Sad but true i’m afraid.

1. The whole CXP system and the crates should be completely REMOVED. No one cares if it’s easier now than it was with 5.0, the absolutely WORST update SWTOR has ever seen. Or maybe it should stay for the people that don’t do raids or pvp, and just increase all the other rewards by a factor of 100.

2. Your guild is running EV and KP HM, like all guilds these days except from the raiding ones, and there are not many of them left. They have moved on to better games. Stop lying. No one is buying it. You are NOT doing Styrak HM, you are not even getting to Styrak because you’re probably wiping at Titan 6 HM or maaaaaybe at the Cartel Warlords, but no, honestly, no way you can finish Titan 6 with your casual raiding guild that according to your words recruited new players to start doing raids.

3. You are not running TFB HM either. For the love of god, if for some magic reason you were able to get the first two bosses down, I would LOVE to see your guild run of Operator IX in HM. I would die from laughter for sure.

4. You are not running DF or DP HM, since there is no way to take down Draxus or Bestia with your guild. I am not even going to go to Ravagers and ToS, that would just be pointless. You can’t even get the first boss down in any of these two, and everyone knows it. Even if you can, I am laughing at the idea of you doing Bulo or the Walkers in HM.

5. Feel free to put me in my place with a video of you and your guild members doing any of that stuff in HM. I will be waiting.

6. The are making one boss fight until April and then 4 more by the end of the year. After 2 years of releasing story content in the worst way possible. If you are satisfied by that, then good for you and your expectations. I can see them at the bottom of a well, and even so, Bioware barely delivers.

7. Learn the difference between “your” , “you’re” , “there”, “their”, “they’re” please. It’s not that hard.

8. Sad but true.

Great post Kosto. I say this because I actually read it.

But even if I hadn’t, ANY post that finishes off with “Sad But True” by Metallica gets my like.


Regardless of “Sad But True”, I know you always like a good rant, especially when it’s backed up with facts πŸ™‚

God I love metallica but we’ll move on from that. Nothing else matters is way better but I guess it’s your attempt at humour.

1. Right time to wake up and smell the coffee john. CXP ISN’T GOING. Whether you love loath or hate it it isn’t. They’re whole Command 5.0 system is tied up in it. I’m 99% sure it will go at 6.0 but it’s there until then. You gotta let go man and move on. They’ve made it stupidly easy now because of my gear and my guild members gear only 2 1/2 month in.

2. Ok the facts which you will not like. EV/KP nice dps checks but easily cleared. S&V HM cleared. It took us 3 nights and about 20 attempts but we did it and we had a great laugh doing it. It possible mate just hard, but we love the challenge. We can muster 6 veterans and 2 well geared newbies for the harder hm’s, We geared them through KP/EV/EC.

The rest of your post seems to be you aren’t doing this and you aren’t doing that, some correct some false because you are guessing which seems bizarre John.
What we ARE doing is having great great fun. When we drop a boss someone on discord will do a drumroll to see if we get drops and theres a cacophony of cheers if we get something.
Some people embrace and move on.
Some don’t.
O and the grammer nazi but at the bottom. I always find it hilarious when you pick up me and literally no-one else. A simple ploy to goad that has no effect on me. I write quickly (because i’m at work) and rarely spell check.
But please feel free to waste your time doing it if it makes you feel better.
Thank John πŸ™‚

More lies. Show me a video and I will apologize, and then shut up. There is no way you have a video of your guild clearing Styrak HM, even if you try 7 nights in a row.

O John I may be a fanboi, whiteknight but i’m not a liar.
We don’t record guild runs, we never have, but yes we did it.
God we wiped dozens of times, maybe the gods of crits were with us but we killed him, put away small styrak got the dragon before enrage (just) and I was dropping bushwacker to help dps every single cd, we had no deaths prior to it so, had a rez for the tank when he insta died and the offtank kited him.
You’ll come back that i’m lying again but meh I can live with that.

You talk about this dead ass game like it’s your baby, LOSER!
No one likes you, wants to talk to you or gives a damn about your opinion. STFU!

As I said I’m an asshole and have never pretended to be anything but an asshole. I don’t like you because of your behavior and I point out that behavior out when I see it.

CXP and the command system blow donkey balls it isn’t that it’s easy or hard, it’s that they replaced a system that wasn’t broken with one that most people dislike because it is far too time consuming, monotonous and BORING!
The Command system and CXP grind SUCKS because it isn’t any fun. Hundreds, if not thousands of people have said this many, many, many times, but BW is just doubling down on a system that people have stated they hate.

Ops… They are making 1 boss at a time and releasing them “as they become available” by the time the Op is complete we will be looking at over 3 years between fully released Ops.
This goes back on the PROMISE from Musco and Irving that they would never go 14 months between Ops releases again. Plus they never directly addressed the community with an explanation as to why the reneged on this promise. Doing so would have gone a long way to allowing people to be more lenient with BW, but they decided to just ignore the need to address that promise.

No, no. You give me plenty of ammo with every comment you make. This happened to be a discussion about the game (for a change) and, out of nowhere you decided to toss my name in your comment for no reason other than to get your jabs in. That really showed your class…

I still play SWTOR several nights a week and I still like GSF, raiding with my team a little PvP here and there.
I dislike The command system and CXP grind because it is busy work, it is unfun, it is playing through the exact same dailies and heroics I committed to memory years ago. That is not enjoyable for me.

No, that was a false statement. You made a loaded comment and you got the responses you knew you would get and you are hoping people will give you ammo to work with, but they didn’t so now you are making shit up aga

You and your guild are running full set bonus??? Damn, you guys should share your secrets with the guys doing the Class Guides. You see, THEY aren’t running full set bonus gear. But somehow you and your guild are… Great going there.

Nah, they probably are. But there’s only one way to have full set gears for every raid member in a group, unless you do raids multiple times a day so that everyone gets their gear. And that way is to have kept the 220/224 armorings from 4.0 and just replace mods and enhancements with drops and crafted ones. That’s what I do. It’s a lot more expensive, a lot more time consuming, a lot more annoying, a lot less effective, and honestly, it’s just BULLSHIT.

But hey, abaddonsmummy says that he and his guild are “having a great time playing SWTOR, they are geared and complete 16 man HM ops every night”. I guess I believe him now. I picture him in a LAN at his mom’s basement, with 16 different computers, all logged into SWTOR, while he tries to play all of his 16 toons at the same time. Probably with 192 armorings, you know, from the time that he actually might have had friends in his guild to play with.

To be fair I cannot comment on how difficult it is or not. I really don’t play the game much these days. And when I do I do it casually, doing the stuff that Prefs CAN do. I just found it peculiar that some of the guys doing the Class Guides don’t have full set bonus gear. But that can be attributed to the class guides being done before the changes to Galactic Command, and only being posted recently.

Where did any of the guides mention that they don’t have their full set bonus though? I haven’t come across any reference like that. I don’t think there’s any raider (that also writes guides!) who wouldn’t know by now that even a 216 armoring with set bonus is much much better than a 240 non-set bonus armoring, in order to complete the 6-set bonus.

From the Marksmanship pve guide. There are a couple of others that mention something along these lines:

I am not anywhere near BiS right now and cannot give a definitive gear setup that I will use, so I am recommending following Bant’s theory crafted numbers (you should try to get as close to these as possible).”

Oh I think that when he says “best in slot”, he means the best mods and enhancements at 242, which would give the maximum DPS. I really don’t think that he would throw out his 224 armorings for non-set 234 or 240. The 6 set bonus increases DPS a lot more than one piece of an armoring for a little bit more endurance ans mastery.

Oh no, of course not. He/she must have some sort of set bonus gear in place to tackle these Ops for sure. It’s just not Best in Slot. Which I would think would be a sine qua non requirement for these things. But then again: when I see a thread where people are gearing healers with Accuracy to help out in dps it must mean NiM is not very hard these days…

I wouldn’t know about that, but HM ops and especially HM flashpoints are much harder these days than they were in 4.0 or even 3.0. There are many tighter DPS checks, the healing in some fights is just impossible, and gearing is so slow that BiS is impossible even in 230, unless you grind like a student who spends 12 hours every day playing this game.

For some parts this is a good thing (everyone enjoys a good challenge), but for progression guilds such as mine, who had cleared TFB/SnV/DF/DP in HM and was working on Rav and Tos HM having 5/10, it’s a major step backwards. We basically have to do everything from the beginning until we gear up to be able to reach the same level as we had before.

Ok Paulo I need to clarify, I generalised far too much there I agree,
Firstly I’m not a raider (hardcore) and I have never said so in any of my posts.
What we do we do for fun and a bit of a challenge sometimes.
I didn’t say 240 set bonus man, that would be crazy, but I also didn’t specify what bonus but my intention was never to mislead, I’m a casual and have always stated so.
Just that we all had a set bonus implying the new 5.0 cxp 230 or above gear from packs or boss drops.
Mine is half 236/234 and 230 but I have a tier 3 guildie that is all 234/236 so it can be done but he’s a hardcore grinder.
I also bought iokath relics implants and ear on my mains to give me a boost in heals.
With this gear and discord on we are a pretty good HM team for a lot of bosses, some we fail hard on but that’s all part of the fun.
We have had some good chat’s on here putting our idea’s back and forth intellectually, I would be very sad (honestly) if you fell into the generalised hate bandwagon that everyone is driving over me just now.
I can deal with it, I got thick skin, but you know where i’m coming from man.

To tell you the truth, I retired my hate with Diehard Fan, formerly known as Captain R. There were some things I was not proud to say to him. I took my step back and really tried to analise things properly. And even if I may go a bit aggressive sometimes, I hope I don’t go full hatred anymore. Never go full ANYTHING, it lacks perspective. πŸ™‚

As I explained to Kosto down bellow, I’m not even in a position to judge if gearing is easier, better or anything. I don’t raid anymore. I just play casually, revisiting parts of the game that I find enjoyable from time to time with my non-set bonus 228 gear, old set bonus sets, or in many cases worse lol. I’m just waiting for the new stuff to come out. I like a pragmatic approach. Yes, I think other companies are doing a better job. But as I said in other places: this is the only Star Wars MMO we got. We either give these guys the time to come up with something to our (my) liking, or we move on.

And I say this with no sarcasm: I think it’s great you can find the game enjoyable. It’s great that you still play and do all the stuff you do. I just hope in a not-so-distant future I may join you.

This game needs to be great again for all of us and I will see you hopefully when the time comes.
Good luck man πŸ™‚

Thought so? Nope, you thought wrong. Just to get it out of the way, the attacks I mentioned are in previous posts but then I am no innocent here either. You got your little back and forth going with Drivan and Naq atm. I do not ignore it. But if you haven’t noticed, I am neither getting involved or encouraging it but instead trying to actually engage in a debate on your opinion so let’s continue shall we?

“A cxp system no one asked for. Did you ask for the last one? No, so who
says you get a say in the next one. Change is life i’m afraid.”

The last one as you called it is what the game started with and yup, it worked perfectly fine for a few years before BW decided to pump out very little fresh content and instead, recycling became the ACTUAL DIRECTION bw chose to take. Look to 4.0 and how they incorporated the old heroics to build up your alliance, never mind the fact that from just a story prespective, KOTFE takes place 5 years AFTER those heroics but yeah, bw wanted to pretend there was new content but instead we got recycled content. DVL, an example of this. So sure, I didn’t pick the original system, nor had a say in the current but let’s call it for what it is – a lazy attempt by bw to make the old new again. Nothing more, nothing less.

“They’ve showed you a boss in the short term to placate the whiners and show what their working on, how dare they eh? It’s been just over 2 months lol and your saying you should have new op’s by now? Wow.”

Lol dude, it has been over 2 years since this game last got a new op. Remember bw promising they would never go so long again without a new op and how quick that promise died? But you said it yourself – “PLACATE”. That is all bw are doing atm to stem the exodus of subs and money leaving this game. Not make the player base happy, not make them excited for what is coming, no it is nothing more then bw placating us all. And because bw neither invests the money this game makes back into this game (whether because EA doesn’t give them much or the studio itself is just that fucking hopeless), the point still stands that bw are doing the bare minimum to try and keep the player base happy.

And yes, cxp is easy but boring as fuck if you have played this game from the beginning as a lot of us have. The problem with cxp is it is a smoke screen for bw not giving us proper fresh content on top of them making end game players grind and grind and grind for little reward. Not to mention it is torture doing it all over with alts.

In summary, to take a page out of your book – TLDR: The changes they made are not ones anyone asked for (Why change what was not broken) and they are offering us crumbs to placate the exodus of players with this farcical op coming out in stages. No other mmo has done that. This is not massively heading in the right direction unless you count the cliff as being the right way.

Ok firstly and I need to get this out of the way.
Curze, really?
It’s Magnus all the way man. Curze is a lapdog of horus although what he did to rogal dorn was epic, pity he didn’t finish the job.
Anyway back to the ‘other’ unreality.
Secondly my tldr was childish, I apologize.
Ok DvL was lazy I totally agree but man it worked for some people, I’ve never seen so many fp’s etc popping and people who loved achievements loved this (myself included i’m an achievement whore), those that didn’t care for them were rightly pissed as there was no new content.
A bad time for group content fans.
KOTFE/KOTET came out.
Rather than wait a year to unload this on us they drip fed it thinking that would be what people wanted.
I know people that loved this, but I also know many that hated it (myself included) but I can totally see what they were trying to achieve. They wanted to give us something that swtor always excelled at – Great Story but in a lot of peoples eyes they failed and failed hard.
So 7/10 for effort on KOTFE/KOTET, 1/10 for trying to guess what the existing community wants.
Again a very bad time for group content fans.
So that all said where does it leave us now?
That truth is as we all know it is that 5.0 ain’t going. Like, hate it, loath it it’s going nowhere because they’re whole 5.0 update is based around it.
I’m 99% sure come 6.0 it will be gone, but between now and then it’s here to stay.
So regarding this they made it easier because of the bad feedback. A fair bit easier. Combined with boss drops (and yes more hideous rng) gearing was made easier.
But and this is the crunch they haven’t given us anything new to grind the gear on. Rightly it should have been there on 5.0 release.
But again they’re saying that they’ve listened to the community and op’s are inbound. My interpretation on it was that to placate the community the are showing us the first boss while putting all the rest into place, to show their intent on providing group content, but maybe people see it differently.
You see what maybe I take from this all is that it is not in their interests at all to fuck up, after all they’re out of a job and bang goes swtor if it goes down so everything they do ‘they’ think is for the good of the game. No?
They messed up and I think they know it now but for the reasons I have stated above I think they’re trying to get things back on track.
So sorry for the long winded explanation but you did ask for my opinions. πŸ˜›

Honestly if this were such a great thing then everyone I used to play with in this game would actually be playing it. Instead I watched guild after guild empty with no new players to replace them. Sure the new folks are loving the hell out of this, why not? They haven’t been stuck on the same treadmill for the last two+ years. I had hoped there would be some indication the devs listen but thus far they only seem to listen to the little voices in their heads saying “Sure, the players will love it, do it anyways.”

Is Eternal crusade any good.
I watched the You Tube videos but it’s hard to make out true gameplay from it.

In my naivety, I thought it was going to be something similar to WoW/SWTOR/GW/etc BUT, it’s more like… uhh.. I actually don’t know for sure!

I suppose you can say it’s a blend of Battlefield (ish for PvP) + L4D (PvE) with certain RPG elements. It’s about conquering territories (disputes between the SM, CSM, Eldars and Orks for the PvP element) and fending off the Tyranids invasion for the PvE environment.

IMHO, it has a cool context and story but it’s not very well implemented I think. Maybe in a couple of months when they (hopefully) add more content it will be enjoyable.

But if you are like me and like questing and raiding, Eternal Crusade is not the game we’re looking for. Unfortunately. *sobs*

So let me get this right, your trolling me for trolling a troll?
No that’s right according to you I should tell him about how fun the game is instead.
But wait did I beat you to that?
Sorry on you go tell him how fun the game is.
Got to give it to you drivan your excelling yourself here.

No, my comment is how you responded to a statement about SWTOR with a comment about how no one cares about his post. You took. comment about the game and made a personal attack.
That 1 sentence proved my point.

You take what people say about the game and you respond with a personal insult.
That isn’t trolling the trolls, its psycho.

We should all just start flagging and reporting his posts rather than replaying to them anymore.
The more I interact with this person teh more I wonder about their age and mental stability.
Honestly it’s getting really hard to figure out how.

I’d rather deal with my own hurt feelings head on, I normally only report the insanely bad stuff, like whitedragons dildo gifs with no context or point other than “Mom isn’t watching me!” Or Rompe’s youtube video of some poor handicapped person (which I saw get banned in realtime, which was pretty impressive…)
On the other side of Abbadon’s posts is a person who probably feels backed into a corner, like his favorite thing is under attack from all sides. I get the desire to defend it, but he needs to learn when its time to bring out the nukes, and when its time to shrug and agree. He isn’t blind though, just goes personal when it isn’t necessary.

He seems to go personal way more often lately and much more personal than is called for.
I too tend to deal with things head on, hence all my long winded posts…
I’m passionate about SWTOR, but I think that my passion and his are different. I want the game to be awesome, I want it to live up to it’s potential and I want it to be they only game I want to play, again. But I also see teh flaws and am willing to discuss those as well as what I like, these days there are just a lot of flaws.
His is more like puppy love everything is awesome, don’t be mean to my game!
I think my last couple of weeks as a SWTOR white knight over on the official forums and on Reddit were similar, then again I didn’t attack people on a personal level if they didn’t agree with me.

Strange then I’ve never seen you challenge Shawn or Musco sucks or Rompe or Eban or smedley over their abuse?
Or yourself for that matter.
Instead you upvote them, then of course remove them when i challenged you claiming it was a phone error.
You’ve said many disgusting personal things to me and others yet I haven’t to you or anyone else, except to call you out on it.
So many unanswered and avoided questions Drivan.
I guess you’ll try another playground psychology examination on me?
Or call me names depending on your mood.

The fact remains, people criticize a video game and you come back with attacks on their person. That makes you wrong, it makes you a terrible person.

You bully people on this forum and call them horrible names for not agreeing with you and wish them dead.
That makes you an awful person.
And you know it by trying to deflect it onto me and others for daring to like the game.

Coming from you, that is a complement.
At least I don’t feel a overwhelming need to defend a pretend universe.

Lol erm… were all here for a pretend universe, it’s called swtor or have you forgotten that.
Or why are you here.

Folks criticize the game that is set in a pretend universe, You attack them on a personal level, on a real life forum because of their opinion of a make believe world.
If you don’t see how this is wrong then you have serious issues.

Please re-read that statement and tell me that makes sense.
We’re all play a game in the pretend universe.
You’re saying their opinions matter but not mine.
You don’t go on forums much do you drivan?

Show me where I have wished someone dead.
Link post where I told anyone I wished they were dead.
You take your love of a make-believe and pretend world and bash real people. You are like the young child on the playground that gets angry when the other kids won’t play “right” with him and his imaginary friends.
You are a spoiled little brat.

More name calling.
That’s what you do best.
It was me you said it too, but as you say I deserve it standing up to the trolls.
You wanted you wanted me to disappear, be abducted by aliens and die in the sun or some drivel like that, the usual drivan insults.
But in drivans world that’s acceptable because he said it.
Bad man drivan.

He blocks his profile so you cant see what he says to people but it’s all there to see on the forums, just scan back.
I’ve got nothing to hide please check.
Sorry don but your friend is what he is, not my fault.

*sigh* do I have to do everything for you?
And what do I get when I find It?
All i’ll get is – no when he said he wanted you to fall into the sun or be abducted by aliens he meant it in a friendly way. He thought you needed a tan, or no the sun is a fish taco restaurant, he wants to treat you to dinner.

So you are trying to stalk me now.
This is the reason keep their profile private, so creepers like you can’t do weird creepy things.

What, pray tell would I possibly be hiding?
It’s a public forum and anyone can read it.
I keep my personal information hidden to keep stalkers away…
It’s obviously working since it concerns you so much…

I’ll refer you to the comment I made to Paulo.
Not sure how to link to it but it’s here.

So if I fall into the sun I wouldn’t die?
Typical drivan likes to defect and bend things away from the person he is.
Your truly an awful person.

How dare you flick your hair at me in an aggressive way.
Think i’ll have to report you…..:P

Please please do, I’m afraid if you did you would lose most of your so called friends for abuse long before I got taken down. Or do you not read theirs?
That I would enjoy.
Still here and liking swtor πŸ™‚

Lol i called you a gamer chick.
That must have really hurt.
and no threads are dead, please report me an see what happens.
I hurt your feelings about Eso that was all.
You guys are hilarious.

let her freeze with jack and rose while we go by in the lifeboats dont worry her heart will go on with the tortanic!

Well you insult me constantly with personal attacks, tell me what should I say to your insults?

As do the trolls I troll but when you do it it’s ok.
Your deluded m8 but you do make me laugh.

So by criticizing a video game, people have earned you attacking them on a personal level?
You shouldn’t have “abandoned your mummy” so soon, I think you still need her.

Have you been on many forums before?
You don’t seem to understand how they work.
I can respond anyway I want.
If someone trolls I troll them.
You respond with hate, venom and abuse to me, I ignore it because that’s what you do.
Your a bully drivan and a horrible person.
But I think you know that because you spent weeks saying you were an asshole but I was just like you or have you forgotten that?

If anything, you bring people together. Eventually even the people who have tried to be nice to you, or see your side of things just get fed up and bored of your shit. Hats of to you, you tiny, sad, little man.

I’m not here to make friends, just tell the truth, which people don’t like.
How’s the Eso recruiting going?
Or are you here for swtor?

I’m not sure what that is, but please know that I think the same of your comments, but we both know that so no news there.
But thanks for checking in.

You just attack. You offer nothing in constructive ways, only mock those that try to offer them or just attack those that don’t agree with you. Call it what you like, dress it up as pretty as you like, still a weak bully. I honestly feel sorry for you, that you cannot move beyond that. May life someday be kind to you man. You really seem like you need it.

I discus the game just not in the hateful way you like, sorry and all that.
I feel sorry for you guys coming here to whine about a game you no longer like.
If I ever get like that over a game please shoot me.

I’ve not seen one “truthful” comment come from you the past 2 days, just you trying to justify bad behavior.
Trolls usually try to be funny. You are Psycho.

Nor have I from you, truth seems to be something you like to avoid when directed at you.
Excusing trolls again eh? suits you man.

In the last 3 days, I have done 8 chapters. Considering the time you spend here responding to everyone with nothing of value, I’ve probably played more Swtor than you have.

I’m responding to a bully who doesn’t like me standing up for swtor and I’m also at work lol. Got my own office so no hassle being on here.
My evenings are spent with my family eating and watching tv having fun then I go on Swtor for a few hours when hte kids head off to bed, hit discord and have a laugh with my guildies running ups.
KOTET chapters….. eughhh.
Sounds like you’ve got the bad end of the deal lol.

Deflection again.
I call you out on your actions you repeat what I say aimed at me.

You feel a need to defend your space magic universe with hateful jabs about people’s character and position in life.
I call you out on your action.

You defend make believe with real world threats and insults…

“You defend make believe with real world threats” – please link them, but we both know they don’t exist.
I’ll leave the deflection to you, strange how you have forgotten your past on here.
Despite blocking your profile we both know what you’ve been up to.

I’m honestly worried that there is something really wrong with you at this point.
Seriously you are suggesting that I’m up to something nefarious because my profile is set to private? Many people set their profile to private because they don’t want people to stalk them.
They don’t want people to see their contact information and find them outside these forums to track them down and continue to bully them elsewhere.
Obviously it’s effective, because you are concerned that you are unable to stalk me through my profile.

Seriously there is something wrong with you

I repeat my question which you have tried again like all the questions I ask you about your behaviour to avoid.

“You defend make believe with real world threats” – please link them

1) I’m not a troll. I’m a paying customer not getting the bang for my buck and expressing my displeasure.

2) If you think this is quality trolling, you are bad at trolling.

3) Even if you were good at trolling, it wouldn’t make your parents love each other again and get un-divorced <3

Hilarious you are a troll, your comments offer nothing to the game constructive or otherwise and only flame.
Therefore you are a troll.
I didn’t say you were a good one. XD

Exactly. I would totally buy access to new planets and special operations. It’s how Bethesda does their DLC. Gambling packs with filler you can’t sell and overflows your storage…No thanks…

By this time we have gotten so far away from the subject of the game it seems NO ONE knows what they’re really doing.

I am one of the few “haters” here who respects your opinion. I may be the only one that doesn’t think you’re a fanboi. Maybe because we had a previous coming together and we sorted out our different points of view. Well, sort of.

I just find all this drivel sad man. Everyone is going off the deep end. Shit, I’ve gone off the deep end. MANY TIMES.

This has NOTHING to do with the game. This is just people in different groups giving shit to the others. And I’m not blaming you. I’m blaming EVERYBODY.

Let’s all just take a step back. Take a deep breath. And try to discuss the game.

I agree with you completely.

Like I’ve said many times in the past, I’m an asshole and letting go of that is tough.
It would be nice to actually discuss the game, that is part of my points with mummy.
Folks try to discuss the game, for good or bad, criticize or not oh well. He attacks first the overwhelming majority of the time. I have no respect for him at all.

I hammer this dude when he attacks on a personal level, I leave him alone in the few threads that he actually discusses the game.
He said it himself, he enjoys what he does and does it on purpose. I hammer him because of that.

Yeah I get caught up in the biocrap stuff sometimes, I just see it as flaming and flame back, I’ve said many times I shouldn’t but life eh?
Somethings get to you, but I guess that’s their intent.
I’m embarassed when I look over to the right and I see my name so many times, arguing pointlessly, but I suppose as a human being when someone misinterprets (i took out ‘lies about’ because that’s subjective and not constructive) you, defence mode comes out.
Funnily I tell my kids off for that and tell them to rise above it but their own dad can’t. They would tell me off lol.
The truth is i don’t hate anyone on here, I find Smedley and shawn nuttier than a squirrel’s turd but they amuse me, fred and dragons meme’s make me laugh, I have a healthy respect for Kosto (but man he’s entrenched), Rompe can have days of brilliance then goes a bit mad :), and Drivan well man he hates me with a passion but I don’t hate him at all. I guess it’s because of the Eso thing with him and Naq. The funny thing is I’ve never said it was a bad game, I’m sure it’s fun, I just said that the forums say it might have a few problems. (ok i’m pretty sure that was inflammatory :P) I also like the guy who looks like checkov from star trek with his green lightsaber who’s name I cant type. And there’s a few more that like to have a jibe at me but that’s forum life.

Anyway all that crap aside your right as usual man it’s time I stopped with drivan.

No more Drivan, I’ve sent my last silly argument to you, my last childish jibe, and I’m sorry if I wound you up, it was childish and didn’t mean to upset you in any way.
You and naq can recruit here to your hearts content, I might give you a jokey poke now and again about it, but don’t take it personally.

And to all of you I hope eventually we all get the game we want and enjoy.

*kneels before paulo* thank’s man πŸ˜‰

No idea if that was all sarcasm but believe it or not we all want a decent Star Wars game.This was once, might be again with the right people. May life be kind to you man.

I am sarcastic a lot of the time but I assure you that wasn’t man.
Good times for us all hopefully.
Take care.

My statements made earlier today still hold true.
In response to you subsequent comment, actually, that was the order in which things happened and you did attack me during conversations that I was not a part of.
That is what drew my attention to you.

*All hostility removed for the following post, all thoughts are in a calm and even tone*

I’m not recruiting for ESO, nor am I defending/WK’ing it. Games are just that, silly little games, hobbies and they do not require defending. You engaged in the actions regarding ESO that you trash others for doing. I pointed that out, nothing more.

My point has always been that personal attacks and insults regarding one’s opinion about a game are uncalled for.

School yard antics have been referenced a couple time, yes that is true. As I said to Rompe last night I read what you right, know I shouldn’t care or respond, but I do anyway. Yep, I’m an asshole because of it.
I’m done, we will never agree when it comes to “acceptable” trolling.

I have agreed with some of your opinions of the game, but I don’t post that agreement or upvote you. I just read, nod my head and move on. What you say about the game is your opinion and you have a right to it. I have never argued your opinion of the game.

To quote Don Loco, “believe it or not we all want a decent Star Wars game.This was once, might be again with the right people.”
Everyone’s opinion and tolerance for wait time is different and we all express our frustration in different ways. We must all understand that as well.

Ok the first half of that i’ll chose to ignore for peace and harmony (through gritted teeth) but from school yard antics down we are in total agreement.

Let us move on and discuss a game we do or did enjoy for the positive enjoyment of us all.

This long reply train. I seriously think abaddon has some issues…
This is way different than ordinary bioware game fan…

At this point I take their announcements as a blunt, straight in the face ‘fuck you’.

”Hey guys, old subs continue to leave the game”

”Just throw some pretty white stuff in there and some dyes so they can turn the white into black. That should do the trick”

Their behaviour is becoming incredibly more insulting with every piece of information they drop.

More realistically, that “pretty white stuff” is actually white/white/white and the third colour slot can’t be dyed,

So they are launching a Cartel Market Campaign?
The Cartel Market has always been a huge focus for them, but these types of campaigns are typically targeted as sales for a special event.
This reads more like a fund raiser, yes a Kick Starter campaign…

Wow, that reeks of desperation. Truly makes me sad that such an awesome game has fallen to this point. Perhaps we’ll get lucky and there will be a decent crew added to this project or they will just shut it down and start something more aligned with current gaming practices. Because this dev team doesn’t seem to have a clue left.

Welp maybe they shouldn’t have blown their financial wad on a 7 million dollar 2 minute animated promo for kotet. That’s like 8-10 new operations right there.

2600 coins for one set.

To pricey for me. Whats that equal too. About $26….?

Screw that. Almost 2 months worth of sub for one set.

It’s funny how 2600 CC is advertised as a “deal”. Reminds me of Black Friday and unique “deals”. You buy a TV with $399 in that awesome deal down from $2129, and a week later it’s priced at $369 in that same store. I don’t own a TV btw.

I’m just grateful for the now overflow of gear from Kotor 1 & 2. Paying 300k – 2million much more reasonable than the 2-15 million some of that gear was selling for.

Interesting…. care to share which armor sets? I just sold a Dewback that I had bought for 4 million, for 16 million, so I’ve got 40 million credits to spend on items I guess.

282 comments, when I go to post this. 36% belong to one person. Imagine this forum was a school yard. We don’t all like each other, we have our little groups and we’ve come to see who we don’t get along with, and just sort of avoid each other. Except that 36%. That’s the kid with the squirt-gun, full of his piss, running from group to group spraying them and cussing them out, and when the whole schoolyard has had enough, and they circle that person and let them know they’re tired of it, he crumples up and cries and tells them all that they are the bullies, the haters, and the ones who are wrong.

What a damn mess.

Don’t be sorry Drivan. You, Abaddonsmummy, Naq, Johnny Kosto, hell even Genbo (who gets all stuff), have every right to say what they want, feel etc unless Dulfy decides to close the comments section of every thread she puts on her website and that is her choice given this site is hers after all.

But I hate to tell you this Naq, not sure how old you are, but you do seem a little sensitive given you took offense to whitedragon’s dildo gif or whatever it was and my posting a retard in place of Eric Musco talking BUT…………….this forum is very much like life. School is simply the precursor for kids to start learning about life and interacting with people of all walks and life and it teaches one very important thing: you will not always agree with what other people say. And yes, there are those in life who say things to elicit a reaction (whether negative or positive) among other reasons. Again, this is what life is about. Human interaction, both in real life and on the net is unscripted. And yes, some handle it better then others, some complain when the shit blows back on them. But again, this is life.

Simple course of action to anyone who takes offense or doesn’t like what they read – Don’t read or contribute to the comments section.

Don’t take this personally, but the whole “this is life” excuse doesn’t really cut it. If someone posts a photo or an animation that implies any kind of making fun of disabled people or people with special needs, that someone is kind of a piece of shit. It’s not about agreement and disagreement, it’s about having some respect for other humans.

Nope, not taking it personally at all. I can take what anyone says without crying foul so please don’t take this personally also but you need to be careful there yourself Johnny. Not that I want to be seen defending Abaddonmummy but If you start talking about having some respect for other humans, your previous posts about Abaddonsmummy will prove you to be quite the hyprocrite as a lot of what you have said about and to him is not what one would define as “respect”. Just sayin……………

Well I automatically respect every single human being, until they show me that I was wrong in the first place to respect them, if they ever do that. But here you are jumping a few levels in your train of thought.

I hope you’re not implying that if I can be offensive to someone who constantly disrespects, throws personal attacks, and offends other people in the most toxic way possible, that gives you the right to make fun of people with special needs. Because it’s hardly the same you know. It would really suck if you’re implying that this is a valid excuse.

Wasn’t justifying my youtube video post about that Fucktard Musco. I simply pointed out your comment about respecting other humans. But see this is where you and I differ. You want to respect people automatically until given a reason not to, I am indifferent to people I do not know or care for and do not respect people until they show me I should.

And I do not claim to be innocent like some people on here. I know I have insulted peeps here, I have taken insults back. See, another difference between you and me is I let people say what they want and use what they say against them or to challenge it. You and a few others have gone personal and that is your choice in how you interact with people because guess what?? Bottom line is you do it your way, I do it mine yes? Because you guessed it, That’s life!! πŸ˜€

I don’t care what are your social ways and the filters that you use when it comes to respecting other people or not. I am just explaining to you, that I have not disrespected someone for no reason, therefore, I am not a hypocrite, contrary to what you suggested.

If you choose to interact with people in a disrespectful manner and not show respect for anyone but yourself, it’s not because “that’s life”, it’s only because it’s easier for you, and you just can’t do the opposite. But hey, if it works for you, keep on doing it. It’s not like this world will be a better place any time soon.

Your logic about people “claiming to be innocent” reminds me of some people who say that everyone is a racist, whether they admit it or not, only to justify their own racism and to convince themselves that it’s ok to be a racist. It’s not. And it’s not how “life is”. It’s how you choose to treat others and life.

See now you are going off on a tangent. You have your way of living and that is your choice. But honestly, you not liking Abaddonsmummy because he happens to insult and throw venom around when you yourself have done the same?

This is just a forum. People are going to say shit we like, hate, laugh, or get offended at, well some get more offended then others. Like I said to Drivan, if you are so easily manipulated to let an anonymous poster get to you like that, regardless if his opening salvo is insults, then perhaps the better course of action for you is to walk away. Letting it get to you like that is not healthy. Life is too short dude.

It’s very amusing how you automatically assume that I was “triggered” or “sensitive” or whatever. I have never ever, not even once, felt manipulated or triggered by abaddonmummy’s or anyone else’s posts here. I am not even sure why you would assume that I have. All my responses are usually cold hard facts, that I express in a pretty normal way.

I am between teaching labs and I have a two hour break man. I have a lot of free time and nothing to do, don’t overestimate your ability to impress me or affect me with your responses πŸ˜›

Not sure if you have certain dibs on yourself in real life but don’t think yourself of having any importance or value to me that I care to impress or affect you in any way because I couldn’t give a fuck for, or about you nor what you think of me. It comes back to me being indifferent about people I do not know remember?

And speaking of, since you do love your cold hard facts, if you state: “Well I automatically respect EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING, until they show me that I was wrong in the first place to respect them”, and then edit your post to now say “Also, it should go without saying that I don’t respect EVERYONE. I have absolutely zero respect for pieces of shit like Donald Trump for example. Or Martin Shkreli.”, well then I guess you don’t respect EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING after all. Might I recommend you change your line next time to “I automatically respect most decent human beings, until they blah blah blah”?? Because by saying EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING means exactly that. Not pick and choose. You’re the one who cares about grammar to point it out to Abaddonsmummy. Live by the sword……….

But I digress, You can deny all you want about being “triggered”. You sure seem to bite when it comes to Abaddonsmummy. Why, you even said as much:

“I hope you’re not implying that if I can be offensive to someone who
constantly disrespects, throws personal attacks, and offends other
people in the most toxic way possible, that gives you the right to make
fun of people with special needs.”

See you spoke of that in the context of respecting other people but if Abaddonsmummy talks shit and you respond in kind, I guess it did elicit a reaction out of you or “triggered” you so to speak.

Sure on some posts you have used COLD HARD FACTS (using my cinema voice over there for extra impact) but other times, you have gone and insulted people as well and fired back. You are no where near as aloof and untouchable as you proclaim. Why, I remember you calling Abaddonsmummy “pathetic” and “insecure” not too long ago among all the facts you posted to him. Seems to me he got a reaction out of you. If your list stopped at #6, you could say that yes, you were using cold hard facts. Then you went personal after that and well, that was that. Even funnier given the back and forth was between Driven and Abaddonsmummy but you included yourself in there. So I guess I too get to be amused now. >:-D

Wow, I have never seen so many wrong assumptions in a single post. Let me break it down for you, because you’re not exactly very strong with reading comprehension.

1. Martin Shkreli and Donald Trump have shown me they don’t deserve my respect. Not. One. Bit. So to hell with these scumbags. I am not sure why you thought that I should respect those human beings. I was very clear about the fact that I respect everyone who has NOT shown me that they don’t deserve my respect. They have. Very simple. My grammar was flawless by the way.

2. Being untouched and aloof and at the same time calling someone pathetic and insecure are not mutually exclusive. My opinion about abaddonsmummy is based on his posts. And my opinion is a cold hard fact for me personally. It doesn’t come with a lot of emotion, it is what it is. I don’t need to be “triggered” to call him pathetic. All it takes is to find him… pathetic.

I am sorry to ruin it to you, but this is the way it is. I am thinking that perhaps you cannot make the distinction between feelings and thoughts, but some other people can.

I’ve got to ask what were my insults to drivan?
He’s called me all kinds and i’ve only ever called him fake?
I’m fascinated to know.

You use sarcasm, passive aggressive statements and hide your insults being moronic statements. At least I have the balls to be blunt…

You earn every ounce of ill-will that comes your way because most of the conversation you enter into contains some type of personal attack or insult.
You earned everything I throw your way because you started the interaction between you and I. You chose to mention my name in attacks you were making against “the community” as a whole in a conversation that I wasn’t even a part of at the time.

Before that we had never conversed and had never exchanged words. Days later you inject yourself into the convo about ESO with nwstd and several others by attacking me. weeks later you again injected yourself into a conversation that I wasn’t part of and chose to toss out an insult at me for no apparent reason. You started this and are earning every bit of what you are getting in return.
You start shit then complain that people are spitting hate at you.
MF’er please!
If you disappeared from this forum the majority of the real hate would be gone.

I’ll refer you to the comment I made to Paulo.
Not sure how to link to it but it’s here.

I’m replying to your statement on Palo’s post, but that doesn’t change what I have written here.
This statement is a fact and it is what started tension between you and I.

Your facts and my facts are totally subjective to our own views on this matter but reading Paulo’s post made me stand back and look at what I was doing.
Winding people up of a forum is a petty and cheap trick and I’m guilty of that, I see that now, please don’t think i’ll change my views on the game and trolls etc but our conflict was getting embarrassing and childish.
One poster naq I think compared it to a playground (albeit to have a dig at me :P) but she’s right in this is playground antics.
Cyclical arguments are pointless, you have your views and I have mine and we can’t change each others.

Its less offense at those two exact things, and more taste. You posted a youtube video of someone clearly handicapped having an episode in their underpants on a forum for Star Wars gaming, and I get the context, but it was achieved just as easily with the video you replaced it with.

The dildo speaks worlds of WhiteDragons understanding of the world around him…aka none. But on top of that, I think we all expect this place to be reasonably SFW. My boss is pretty understanding, and there is a lot I can explain away if he comes into my office. A girl with tears streaming down her face choking on rubber cock doesn’t fall under that umbrella.

Lol believe it or not, but the youtube search I used came up with that video that offended you as the first video. Using the same search again after the video was banned got me the second video so *shrug*. Everyone has different levels of humor and offended levels but my point still stands – you interact with people, you do not know what you will get. If you are easily offended, then nothing I can do. I am going to be me regardless. Whether you agree or not is not my concern. Until the OWNER of this website says otherwise, I do what I do like you will, like many other posters here and we keep going til Dulfy calls time.

As for you reading this at work, GET BACK TO WORK!!!! You’re not getting paid to surf the net!!! Don’t forget your TPS report!!!!

You do you sir πŸ™‚ As I said, not offended, just found it over the top, I reported the video btw, not the post, and was kind of blown away youtube had it down in seconds…..back to finding my red stapler.

I’m an asshole, trained by professional assholes, and made to be an asshole for a large portion of my adult life. Adjusting to life away from the need to be an asshole, well, that’s rough. I get carried away sometimes.

I honestly have to say that the handicapped video was over the line in my opinion, but that has been the only thing I’ve seen you post that I was shocked at.

I have a high tolerance for dickish behavior, but can’t stand Mummy. I shouldn’t have gotten the little prick all riled up, because now he’s just spewing that hater-aid all over the place…. Oh well.

I don’t care for Smedley either, but guys like him are a dime a dozen where I come from so I view him as the crazy uncle, hand him a beer and walk away…

For the most part there is a good group around here, great conversations most of teh time.

I don’t Think Naq is school age young though. Pretty sure she is in her 20’s.

Maybe it’s cause I am damn near impossible to offend but hey to each their own. Musco is a retard. My point still stands. That video was the first cab off the rank on youtube videos with whatever the search I used.

As for you and John and others not standing certain people here, damn dude, this is just a forum. Are you so easy to upset that someone’s thoughts, whether true, false, insulting or just trolling gets to you that much? Abaddonsmummy talks shit. Guess what? So do you, so does Naq, so does Johnny Boy Kosto and yes, So do I. Everyone here does except for Genbo. He never talks shit, he is too busy getting “all stuff” (but never tells us what stuff).

No disrespect to you but It’s a point you all seem to be missing. If you put your thoughts out there and interact with your fellow man, whether real life or not, you have to accept that you may get a response you either like, don’t like or may even offend you. If you cannot handle it, then don’t start what you cannot finish.

I talk a lot of shit, I know I do.
I guess I can’t stand mummy because he starts out with personal attacks and just keeps hammering teh personal attack. He can’t have a real conversation about the game without attacking someone.
That is just bad manners.
Yep I attack him, call him an asshat, a brat, etc. He has earned those titles fair and square.
I grew up in an age where folks didn’t “troll” each other for fun. folks said that kind of shit because they disliked you and truly meant what they said.
I’m old, I remember when respect was a thing, now it’s old fashioned.

Well to quote Bob Dylan – The times, they are a changin. Hell I remember when being a slut in school was a mark of shame, not a badge of honor like it is these days but that’s how things are now. We now have people who get some twisted sense of pleasure, fun or entertainment with trolling or baiting people.

If you say you grew up in an age where people didn’t troll, then you should be old enough to remember what our parents taught us back then that applies to now – Don’t give them what they want aka DON’T FEED THE TROLL!! πŸ™‚

Very true.
I think that every time I reply to him, then I hit the reply button anyway and let it fly….

Oh, sorry, now I see the answer.

I wonder if you older than 40, because I grew up when people did both. They could troll others because its fun, but also they did it from the bottom of their hearts. Also internets just appeared in my country when I was around 15, so before that we had a chance to face the offender, now kids or “older kids” can troll anyone without fist waving above them. It makes them even more angry imo, the feeling of virtual immortality. Anger just feeds more anger and in the end they cant see anything except their own fixations and retarded ideals they follow to letter.

Look dude, stop trying to stir the pot all over again.
Let’s talk about the game or not talk at all.
Good day to you.

Like its ever an option here. Trust me, I`m not the one throwing shit in the fan, but no one actually cares either.
Good day to you too, sir.

What exactly wrong with Abbadons? He seems ok to me. Also I think you and Naq are mostly fine and good people, same as Corso, his comments are all adequate and bears alot of actually good thoughts. Why some people here get triggered over others who still enjoy the game called SWTOR is beyond me.

There are alot of games, MMOs, yet some people just use it as an excuse for their shitflow, possibly its not their fault even.

I personally think that such people feel betrayed and bitter because their favourite game cant deliver what they enjoyed before, yet when I ask about it they became more edgy than a scared hedgehog.

I dont feel bad because I still can enjoy SWTOR and ready to pay 100-200$ a month to support it. Its my choice, I`m doing it because I want SWTOR to be online as long as possible.

Good post yeah some people think theyre admins here and this is there personal forums god forbid someone post there opinion here oh the humanity of it all!

will slightly a different opinion? Lol no all i have to do is say carebear generally and you respond as if i were saying it to you lmao

I wont even pretend I read this random words coming from you, you seem to be a broken AI who cant get enough of stupidity to shut down.

Proving that you`re worthless idiot who dont even know whats a carebear means? You`re welcome, tard.

Again, write all you want, I`ll leave the last comment over here, so I will be the winner over you and you will perish.

So good to know that I have a bitch that will run and write to my comments. Go on, my bitch, write more, its an order from your master!

Funny as hell that whenever i say “carebear” a diehardfanboi appears angrier then time before lmao!

Never argue with an idi*t, he’ll bring you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Although I will confess that mummy dearest psychotic tantrums amuse me, especially since they change nothing.

ATM all servers are light save Harbinger.

I would admire you more if you said that you actually counted all of his 101 replies, rather than using the “Search” tool for “abaddonsmummy”.

Have my up vote, not because I agree with you but because I love the ORIGINAL Harley Quinn (Not that abomination from Suicide Squad). πŸ˜€

Meh I stand up for something and you hate it down.
I’m the kid standing in the corner and your the big group of bully’s shouting obscenities.
But this kid won’t be beaten down. πŸ™‚

If you were saying these things to people in person you would have gotten “beat down” (your words). a long time ago.

Also, Funny how you chose to attack me in a dead thread, but I shouldn’t be surprised. This is par for the course for you. You prefer to try to misbehave away from close scrutiny.

You ain’t neva lied!
This is the kinda guy that even the nerds, geeks and dorks didn’t talk ta. Tha crazy fucker that was gonna shoot someone in the face if thay made fun of his power rangers!

Meanwhile, the operation was supposed to be on the pts 2 weeks ago, any word? The operation is supposed to drop in 1 month… is there any information?

because we need to drag out the unrelated war that this thread has become even more? As it is I have to scroll for 3 days to hit bottom.

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