GW2 Gemstore Updates for Feb 22 Patch

GW2 Gemstore Updates for Feb 22 patch which bought in new eye colors, glider and toy.

New Eye Colors for Total Makeover Kit


Shattered Bloodstone Glider – 400 gems

Bloodstone Ascender – 250 gems

  • lithlius

    … so the bloodstone ascender and the glider are reskins of the electric ones we had. Not complaining just noting.

    • saif khan

      That is true it is BS for it to be considered a new glider. Just add a color slot and there you new glider.

      • concot

        Micro-transactions keeps the game going.

        • Firesaif

          What game? Its all a farm.

          • Alot

            Running a farm would be pretty cool though.

        • Phillip Betts

          That’s the only thing this game is any more.

    • RabbitUp

      It’s an exact recolours, the red one has bloodstone shards around it, and missing the electic sparks going upwards that the Electro glider has. The shards can actually ruin it for some people.

      • Ares Zax

        Yeah, it’s slightly different, but the base model is fairly obvious. XD

  • Sv3

    Yeah let’s go make a bunch of store items named Bloodstone and obliterate the lore in the process. The Bloodstones are freaking artifacts, educate yourself of your own lore, not items of accessory.

    • Izuna

      Bloodstone lore got retconned ages ago from Mary sue human “gods” creating them anyway (since GW2 release). If anything, the connotations that the new lore brings from the origin of bloodstone(s) explains much better why the Mursaat were doing what they did with them. Let alone it was a bit smart of them to snark the concept of “schools” of magic as science moving forward shenanigans. Plus, it has been already explained in painful detail why we see all these bloodstone X artifacts since the current storyline started. Actually, even since the 2nd raid wing release.

    • Executive Monkey

      Same can be said for the razer-mice, only thing they would raze in the end is your wallet

    • ElecManEXE .

      If you want to go by the lore, all the Bloodstone gear that’s been coming out are replicas created by the BLTC to look like bloodstone, not actual bloodstone. I recall one of the Gem Store updates on the official site (which are all written in-character by Evon Gnashblade) saying something along the lines of “They’re just replicas. I don’t even allow bloodstone dust to be sold through the Black Lion Trading Post, no way I’d be selling real bloodstones”.

      • Sv3

        That’s BS since you can easily buy Tuning Crystal Station (as well as other Stations) made with Bloodstone Bricks which is made with Bloodstone Dusts from the Trading Post. Evon is never a trustworthy guy, besides, replicas aren’t battle ready nor have a power to be used as a glider. Replicas are cheap imitation of the actual objects the are trying to replicate. The fact that these bloodstone items are real weapons and have power to grant levitation means Evon is full of shit.

  • Tomas X

    Stop complaining about stuff in gemstore. It´s not buy to win (even if you make some gold with all the nodes), just dont buy items. GW2 is almost a free game and fot it to keep going strong with real people working on it they need some sort of income. Don´t give them shit, it helps pay for this game.
    And if you are good enough you get enough gold ingame to convert into Gems. First day of the game you got 100 gems for 23 silver. 🙂

  • ballads27 .

    Only showing human eye colors? Pfft dulfy getting lazy.

  • Id like the ascender more if it had the person in an upright position when standing still. Having them always tilted forwards as if gliding just seems poorly thought-out. Even with the combo discount, I am not sure id pay for this with the animation as it is.

  • Kyle Johnson

    is there some sort of bloodstone infusion so you can walk around with bloodstone aura?


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  • CharmingRogue

    huh, I can’t find the Bloodstone Ascender Toy in the gemstore?

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