GW2 New Eye Colors in Feb 23 Patch

GW2 will be adding new eyes colors to the total makeover kits in tomorrow’s patch. Here is a sneak peak.


By Dulfy

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18 replies on “GW2 New Eye Colors in Feb 23 Patch”

Anet will also be adding new textures for the underside of your feet, improving your ability to better express your character when other players see it gliding – without boots on.

they actually should, have you seen the tanned version of norn female palm colouring (noticed only on norn female)? It’s like a caucasian-basic-negro..not a norn.

It’s funny how they are boldly experimenting when developing the actual game (e.g. level scaling and doing away the holy trinity in vanilla, kickass multi-layer maps with gliding and some fun mechanics in HoT) and then release absolutely bland skub updates with bloody outfits and eye colors in between. It’s like two different teams with absolutely different philosophy and values working.

Hence my disdain at times for this company. We bring you Legendaries! We’re stopping the Legendary campaign. No wait, we’re bringing it back with FLARE!

Anet used to release really good feature packs but then got burnt when they released an undersized expansion.

My current hope is that they’Ve been hoarding all the feature pack type updates for the next expansion.

No proof of course, just wishful thinking.

Nah, they already burnt out during LS season 1, let alone it was a poor investment: One-time only content in the scope and amount they did was a bad idea resource-wise.

Oh, and that infamous September feature pack that broke many things including vanilla Persona Story. That was a horrible one unfortunately.

There are so many potential QOL unlocks that would sell like cupcakes on the gemstore and yet they keep on adding generic outfits, gliders and freaking hairband and eye colors. It’s maddening.

Thats because it is 2 different teams. (3 actually) One team works on the expansions, another on gem store crap & another on living story.

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