SWTOR CM Black and White dye packs now available

SWTOR CM Black and White dye packs now available

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  • dd

    They should really give us some new dyes.

    there was a time the made new ones all the time, but all of them have been purple and pink. This game still lacks on combinations of gray and brown, espacially dark tones. There are some, gut not enough. Sometimes you just need the reversed combination of colors, because the dyeing system is so stupid. This could be fixed by having the same colors, just primary and secondary rversed. But I know, even this, something they could make money from, is too much to aks from this crew of idiot developers.

    • Risqu’e

      I would like to see a dye system reform. Eliminate Primary and secondary from the dyes themselves and make 3 dye slots on all the gear. The third for those occasional un-dyable trims on some armors. The slots would then be primary secondary and tertiary. BW would still come out good because people would buy multiples of dyes to fill all 3 slots. And we wouldnt have to deal with their ridiculous color blind combos like, robin egg blue paired with dark purple.

      • guest

        That would be nice, but that would take too long for them to do.

        • Risqu’e

          Yeah, they have bigger fish to fry ATM. Just a dream.

      • Don Loco

        I know what you mean. Most of the colors they came up with looked like they were designed by a blind 70s pimp. Hideous doesn’t even cover it.

    • Snowbund

      If I could get a purple and pink dye module I’df totally make my latest character and use it…. Then again I think I got one already

  • Disgruntled Gamerette

    this black dye “sale” will keep the lights on a B-Ware Austin for another year…because we’re idiots :[

    • Auron

      Don’t generalize, I’m proud to say that I never spent any real money in the CM, if I wanted something I would just wait until I saw a good deal in the GTN.

      • Jonathan Doe

        Someone has to buy it before it is available on the GTN.

        • Auron

          That’s not my problem, I won’t be the one that spends $16+ for a one dye use in a virtual game.

  • Risqu’e

    Well played, Bioware. Well played.

  • Drivan

    My only question is, Are CM sales down or something?
    Other than over Holidays I don’t know that I have ever seen them have a CM sales event before.

  • Auron

    Observing all these last CM releases it’s obvious that they’re really desperate for money, but this is not the correct approach, I bet they would make much more money if they only got rid of the Galactic Command system and bring back the game as it was in 3.0/4.0.

    • Risqu’e

      But they won’t because Ben Irving can’t/won’t admit that it was a mistake to build the GC system. Most likely because it cost them time and money to code it and make art for it and the uprisings that go with it. So we are at an impasse.
      I think it would be fine to have the GC for cosmetic items and jawa junk and rep as an extra motivator to play/ sub whatever. But it just isnt working for end game gear.

      • Drivan

        The uprisings were a good idea, they are like flashpoint’s that are easier and quicker. They suffer from a lack of replayability though, just like KotET and most of KoFE.

        Despite problems for the first 2 or 3 months after it’s launch, SWTOR was a GREAT game until the infamous debacle surrounding the Ravagers Bug. It started to go downhill from there.

        Command is a terrible system and the CXP grind is as fun as a part time job cleaning out horse barns…
        They gotta do something to turn this truck around or even the extremely loyal will start to turn on them soon. I honestly don’t think that what they have laid out so far is enough, then again I am pessimistic about SWTOR ever since KotFE launched.

        Every game is doing progression systems these days, but BW is the only one that did theirs based on RNG gearing, cosmetic garbage and reputation tokens. Progression systems in other games are about making your character better, improving your stats and customizing your character for your personal strengths, weaknesses and play style.

        SWTOR has, for a long time now, been a casual player friendly, Solo mode MORPG, no more massively about it. Then again most games are doing the same thing.

        SWTOR used to make some REALLY great decisions, now they don’t.

        This is all just my opinion though and I know others disagree, that’s fine, but I believe that the dwindling player base points to the idea that I’m not alone in my thinking.

        • Kang

          My leveling group was on Ilum the other day. We had a group conversation in the story and we were amazed that the NPC acknowledged that we were a group, that some of us were aliens, some were not, and each of us had different conversation options to acknowledge it.

          We were amazed but we were also really bummed out. Because this is what drew us into the game to begin with and there is absolutely nothing like it in the new content, nor has there been for years.

          • Paulo Gomes

            This is a great point. I think it’s safe to say that the Story-driven orientation present in the game after KotFE failed. And this is one of the reasons why. There’s no attention to detail.

            They missed the fact that some of our companions would be a great addition to the story. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that Lord Scourge is nowhere to be found either on KotFE or KotET.

            It’s fairly obvious the 2 expansions rely heavily on you being a Force user. Some things just don’t add up if you’re not.

            I would gladly welcome mini-stories focused on the different races. Sort of like the mini class stories we had on SoR, but longer and with the focus on the different options we have. Imagine a plot centered on the fact that you are a Chiss (one of my personal favourites). Or a Miraluka. Or ANY of the races.

            If not for anything else, it could be an incentive for us to roll different toons with different races.

            • Kang

              Not only that, but what really impressed me about early SWTOR wasn’t simply story content but GROUP story content. When they first introduced the concept of an NPC acknowledging an entire group with different group members piping in at random moments and cutscenes that acknowledged everybody, I was blown away. I’d never seen anything like that before in any sort of RPG.

              I get that this is not a feature that has a large playerbase, because it’s not very practical for the average player to have a group of friends that they consistently level with and can go on adventures with together. But this is honestly the big selling point for MMOs to me, particularly this game in the beginning.

              If all I’m being offered is single player story content, too many games do it better.

              • Лев Сафаров

                Yea, that was fun even when i used my jedi knight character, we travel with my friend who were smuggler. We fly on his ship, help each other class stories, doing heroics (when they were not so easy like now) and when planetary quests, we had different conversation choices, damn was good times. He then vanish somewhere, now i travel alone.

              • Naq

                “He then vanish somewhere, now i travel alone.”
                Sorry to hear that. Some of my fondest leveling memories are with a full group of 4, myself, Pyre, Vess and Nee, tearing up the galaxy from lvl 1 through 50. I loved that instances added gold mobs if more than 3 people were inside so it wasn’t a complete steamroll. But, when they cut ops, Vess left. Nee was mostly all about the RP, but with the long content drought, she moved on. Lost so many companions to the game suddenly not catering to their interests…hey is that maybe why we have like 40 ingame companions? To make up for all the real ones who left?

                Cause I’d trade a handful of them no problem for Ari and Red back. Or Nogs. Or…. *trails off sadly*

              • Paulo Gomes

                That’s the saddest part of this game. I too lost so many people I used to play with.

                The guys in my very first guild, that literally carried me through my first Ops.

                The very first friend I made in this game, that showed me all the things I was pretty much oblivious to, simple things like doing the Dailies. What a great player he was.

                The guys in my Portuguese guild, we had a blast playing the game, even if more recently. We tried to get an Ops group going, but there simply weren’t enough people. I’m still in that guild. NOBODY comes online.

                And two of my three sons, that I had to get subscribed because they wanted all the cool stuff I had.

                All gone now. Obviously I didn’t lose contact with my sons, but the other guys I miss very much.

              • Naq

                “Let’s just say I had SERIOUS gearing problems back then lol…”

                Stacking aim to make sure your lightning hit its mark, amiright?

              • Paulo Gomes

                Yep… That and having gear several levels bellow my own… And wondering why the game was so difficult… looooool.

              • Baldarhion

                Well, I will alaways remember my first encounter with Dark Zasch when I was still a new player stuffed with green gear and Khem Val with his starter gear :3 Good old time 😀

              • Paulo Gomes

                The companion I miss the most is Treek. I mean the old Treek, not this thing we have now. That tank stance was awesome. I mean, a tanking companion that did periodic heals, how cool was THAT? And she was not a bad healer. But I mainly used her as a tank. As a tank she was better than many of the players I encountered in Flashpoints. In fact, when some tank jumped ship I would pull out Treek in great gear, and the group’s response was almost always: “Great. Now we have a PROPER tank”.

                I know she was seriously OP. But the guys at BW didn’t have to make her so BAD. I mean, she is only worth it as a dps companion. As a healer she’s barely usable, and as a tank she holds no aggro.

                So please BW listen to my plea:

                MAKE TREEK GREAT AGAIN.

              • abaddonsmummy

                It was a great idea to open up the companions for all of us giving us weird combos (my sith sorc with bowdar and my smuggler has xalek) and giving us new ones and taking away gearing them, god I remember the hassle of gearing all my comps as well as myself, a great move.
                The vanilla versions (pretty shells is all they are now) they have made of them are terrible.
                There all the same…..and now I’ve got dozens of the buggers….doing nothing.
                I used to love treek the tank/healer but i loved my hk (assassinate anyone) more.

              • Naq

                “taking away gearing them” Yeah no, its way better pumping 1000 metric tons of scoobysnacks into them instead.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                Look at poor hk what they did to him…

              • Baldarhion

                Oh yeah 😀 Oricon dailies with treek was like a breeze (as a healer, wandering with Treek was indeed mandatory and fun)

                MAKETREEK GREAT AGAIN !

                Before stop playing I was using Treek as a dps comp and she was not bad at all with all her AOE.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Oh Naq I tell you: I’m not the world’s biggest FPS fan. In fact I hate Fps games. But you gotta hand it to the guys at Blizzard: they do great stuff. The game looks great just by watching my son play it.

                But now I lost my partner in ESO. Time to blackmail my son: if he doesn’t play ESO with me, some allowance adjustments may be required…


              • gog

                Dude, you’re on the EU PC server in ESO? Been playing that game waaay too much in the last month or so.

              • Shawn Hargrave

                After ilum crashed and burn that was it for me how stupid to have a star wars mmo with no large scale battles? Fuck warzones hell in swg emus in restuss there over 50 plus people or more pvping large scale battles but not tor. Then gsf lmao jtl was the shit a game in itself in swg how sad and failsauce tor is…

              • Лев Сафаров

                Well, thanks for that. (: Yea, would be nice to get friends back, maybe someday, or in other game…

            • gog

              Not to mention Scourge wasn’t voiced in Revan. I know Doc was a romance option which is why he got voiced, but my purely LS jedi really wanted the insights of a former servant to the Emperor who’d known Revan ages ago while solving that whole expansion.

              And what others have said, the main game IS incredibly good, and you toons felt unique depending on class and faction. That was one of the best, if not the best aspect of the game. And the biggest reason why it was a blast to level 15+ characters thru the base game.

          • Drivan

            Yep, base game was awesome, they stopped paying attention to those awesome details years ago.

  • Whitedragon

    Why is Black more expensive than white? racist perhaps hmm

  • Ser JuJoo Guppy

    Oh hey, spend your $16+ for a ONE USE DYE in a virtual game. That sounds like an excellent use of my income…

    God I hate the current dev team for screwing over the game I have loved and enjoyed for years.

    • Steven Dorsey

      I just bought two, because I was bored and thought “why not”, and now Im confused. The two packs I bought for cheap didn’t give me the damn items. >:( So I just wasted my time and energy

  • Wayshuba

    It is becoming more obvious every week SWTOR is in melt down mode. From BW now doing WEEKLY sales and offering $25 costumes (where in game like ESO you get them for about $6) to the constant threads now popping up on the official forums asking for the server mergers… including once populated servers like JC and SL.

    Looking into my crystal ball, I foresee a post coming on Dulfy this year for SWTOR… the one where EA announces they are pulling the plug.

    It is hard to ignore the obvious at this point – EA is putting very, very little money into this title at this point. Unfortunately, the damage Ben and team are doing on SWTOR is not only going to cause that title to sink, but cause a lot of damage to the BW and EA brand for a lot of people in general.

    Now that I and my entire guild left SWTOR for ESO, I can say that I am finally done with both EA and anything BW for good.

    I have a funny feeling we are going to be reading in the coming months how ME:A falls short of expectations.

    • Naq

      “Looking into my crystal ball, I foresee a post coming on Dulfy this year
      for SWTOR… the one where EA announces they are pulling the plug.”

      EA never straight up comes clean when they do shifty bullshit. They always make it sound like its for our benefit. “Coming soon, SWTOR AWESOME MODE MEGASERVER MERGE! Thats right, finally an opportunity to meet all the people playing on all those other servers, we’ve been trying to bring this to you guys for 5+ years now!(*Available for a limited time)

      • Wayshuba

        True. However, I have a feeling that EA has already decided to pull the plug on SWTOR later this year.

        It appears there are less than a dozen people working on this title at this point. From the CM just taking items out of previous packs and being sold separately (for $25 I might add), to new armor sets simply being mish-mashs and recolors of several different past armor sets, to completely ignoring the real problem people have with Command Crates (which is the RNG, not the CxP, which is all they seem to focus on), to the pathetic amount of new content announced for this year (a daily area and maybe an complete operation).

        This is what I meant by it is obvious EA is done with this title. All they are trying to do at this point is milk what money they can from the people remaining (and causing numerous levels of brand destruction in the process). Any one who thinks otherwise is simply in denial at this point.

        • Shawn Hargrave

          Acording to the 2 fanbois left this game will be here 20 years from now thanks to tools buying 150 cm packs at a time

      • gog

        Well the nice things with megaservers is that it will at least take away the need for cross-server group finder which they’ll probably never implement….

    • Paulo Gomes

      Totally agree, except on ONE point. Not completely finished with EA/BW, I am going to take a look at ME:Andromeda.

      And it pains me to say this, because I’m a firm advocate against piracy. Especially being a musician, and musicians get utterly f*ck*d by piracy. Believe me, I know.

      But I’m going to download it illegally if I possibly can. They aren’t earning a dime from my pocket just yet. IF the game is really great I’ll buy it. But ONLY then.

    • Shawn Hargrave

      What will become of diehardfanboi and abandonababy? Oh the humanity of it all!!!!

      • abaddonsmummy

        Happily me and the game will both be here.
        Will you be?

        • Shawn Hargrave

          Do you even read before you post? /smh

  • Jab

    Wow, these dyes are so cheap… I bought five! Now my family hungry… 🙁

  • Hooray for more sh*t nobody cares about!

  • Destiny charges NOTHING for shaders. You can make unlimited copies of them. Mass Effect charges NOTHING for coloring your armor. ZERO. SWTOR? FUCK YOU. I hope you all get eaten by sharks. Sharks that have AIDS.

    • Sean Jackson

      What? You’re bitching about something? No way…

    • gog

      In ESO, you have to unlock achievements to get your colors, the darkest black is tied to the main story for all factions. It’s awesome.

      You and those woodland critters could probably come up with a good punishment to BW together 😉

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