SWTOR Updated Unassembled Component Rates for 5.1.2

Bioware will be increased the rate of Unassembled Components gained from warzones starting with 5.1.2 scheduled for next week.

Updated Unassembled Component Rates – 5.1.2 | 02.24.2017, 09:01 AM
Hey folks,As I mentioned in the GC roadmap thread, 5.1.2 at the end of February will bring a lot of changes to Missions and Unassembled Components. For this post I want to focus on Unassembled Components and the specific changes that you can expect. Below you will find the new values along with what their old values were.

  • Warzone Win: 8 (up from 5)
  • Warzone Loss: 3 (up from 2)
  • Arena Win: 4 (up from 3)
  • Arena Loss: 2 (up from 1)
  • Solo Ranked Win: 8 (up from 5)
  • Solo Ranked Loss: 3 (up from 2)
  • Group Ranked Win: 10 (up from 8)
  • Group Ranked Loss: 4 (up from 3)
  • GSF Win: 8 (stays the same)
  • GSF Loss: 3 (stays the same)

Currently in the game, PvP Missions do not award any Unassembled Components. In 5.1.2 we will be adding them onto all of the Mission rewards. Here are their values:

  • Warzone Daily: 12
  • Warzone Weekly: 40
  • Solo Ranked Daily: 16
  • Solo Ranked Weekly: 30
  • Group Ranked Solo: 20
  • Group Ranked Weekly: 60

These are the adjusted Component rates coming in 5.1.2 on Feb 28. Thanks everyone.


  • This is the dumbest bullshit I’ve ever seen ever. Nobody wants to play your dogshit slot machine system you assholes. The fact that you continue to try and polish this massive turd just proves that you are all incompetent ass wipes. I can’t believe you ruined yet another triple A MMO with the Star Wars IP. I hope you all get ZAIDBola.

    • abaddonsmummy

      I think I got ZAIDbola on drommund kaas once.
      But that Twilek dancer was HOT.

      • This pleases Slaneesh.

    • Bakgrind

      And people wonder why EA doesn’t fund the game like they used to. They don’t believe in the direction that they development team is going.

      • abaddonsmummy

        We don’t know that, instead I expect other projects are sucking a lot of resources.

      • noah

        I miss the direction they where going back in 2011/2012 even though end game was an issue at the time. they’re all over the place.

      • R315r4z0r

        There is no wonder. EA took too many people off of the project. Now BW is just a bare bones crew compared to what they where.

    • Fred Garvin
      • AshlaBoga

        Go Mythbusters!

      • LecherousOldMan

        I feel sorry for the person that pooped that out

        • Лев Сафаров

          Maybe it was compressed…

  • dzip.sys

    Hahaha. It’s like BioWare saying: You are still here? You’re still hoping we make the system worth it? WRONG! And now fuck off so we can finally shut down this game.

    • snarf

      if they wanted to shut it down they would just do it. No need for head games…

  • Ben Stinkers

    Oh wow, there are now some rewards in the daily and weekly missions.

    Yeah, you shouldn’t have make them usless before. How about that?

  • szlig

    Maybe they should also put some interesting items in the CXP shitboxes, so it’s not completely uselss to open them. If not give us an option to disintgrate them without openening them.

    • abaddonsmummy

      The contents of the boxes are laughable for experienced gamers, random cartel stuff and reputation we just disintegrate, but I know a lot of new players who depend on that stuff for money and basic 230 gear.
      My biggest gripe is duplicates.
      There should definitely be a vendor on fleet to exchange a duplicate set bonus item for one you don’t have.

      • s9

        I’ve maxed all reputation, except cartel market and the imp and rep fleet something.

        There should be a reputation token and a vendor where we can buy reputation items we really need.

        • abaddonsmummy

          Well I was thinking why not the new dark or light tokens from the vendors on fleet.
          Some of the gear is really nice, weapons too (Imho) and the vehicles are awesome (again imho).
          Think the vehicles are 50 token so you could rack up enough to buy them.
          Just my thoughts.

  • Bob

    No GSF love? Why not do 6/12? GSF is going to die again.

    • deletebioware.exe

      I only went back to play GSF because you can do the daily quite fast and it gives CXP + Unassambled Components. I would prefer pvp, but pvp sucks with all the Mercs.

      Flashpoints and Heroics and Chapters are a waste of time, because you dont get any Unassambled Components, just Command Tokens you can’t use without the Components.

      • Arkira

        This ^^ and the one above. So right. And that’s without asking for an update to the outdated GSF; I’ve given up on hoping for that….

    • Adam Haynes

      GSF was doomed within months of it’s release by it’s lack of popularity. Too few in the queue means first timers are pitted against cc players resulting in a complete imbalance, thus most first timers become last timers. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to die again when that coffin is still 6 feet deep.

  • brtfgzzzh

    – They want all players give the option to have BiS gear with Set Bonus.
    – CXP was the way to get it, by doing nearly any content in the game.
    – It didn’t work that well, because of RNG.
    – BioWare want’s to keep it, but have an alternative path.

    But then, why introduce 2 new currencies?
    And why only give one of them through Operations and PvP?

    Make 1 currency, Command Token.
    You get them from CXP crates, PvP, OPs, FPs.
    You reached the goal! Any player can get Set Bonus Gear by playing any kind of content!
    It’s not over complicated.

    Why prefer PvP and Operations over Flashpoints? The goal was: everybody can have set bonus gear. The second currency is there just to make this gear only avalable to Ops and PvP.

    • John Kosto

      No, you can still get gear doing anything you want. Ops SHOULD be more rewarding and should drop tokens for gear.

  • At least these changes make sense. Winning your way to the weekly was only good enough for 1 damn piece, which was madness….

    Anybody else notice that the rng drop rate of set pieces in command crates seems to be even lower since 5.1? With the cxp boost

    • Godlikesaliar

      Yes, the drop rate has been laughably lowered since the ‘boost’. So many boxes, so much green crap, and terrible ‘shells’.

    • Drivan

      I was commenting on this to a guild mate earlier this week.
      Granted I only play 2 nights a week at this point but I seem to only be getting blue gear, ear, implants and relic’s in my crates as of late.

    • John Kosto

      IT has actually been a lot better for me. But that’s how statistics works. If you don’t have a sample of at least a few thousands or at least hundreds of crates, there is no safe result. The system is still idiotic and has made SWTOR a laughable game with minimal (bad) new content

    • Kurj

      It’s been consistent for me – long stretches with no meaningful drops whatsoever, followed by 2 or 3 within 10 levels, then another long stretch of nada.

    • R315r4z0r

      Actually, to the contrary. I’ve been getting set bonus pieces quite frequently after 5.1. Like one in every 4-6 crates.

    • Paeniteo

      Uh, how many thousands of boxes have you gotten so far to even think about applying the “law of averages”?

  • Auron
    • Don Loco

      That would be funnier if it were not so true.

    • RandomFan

      Hillarious! U made my weekend!

  • Reality

    Tell me there is something wrong there and they missed a couple of 0s.

  • Seph

    Still trying to figure out how this is an improvement over the WZ comm / expertise system.

    • Darth Lattice

      Opening a CXP box is thrilling. Will you disintegrate everything or will there at least on useful item? Meeep, no. Loser!

      And as PvP player you can now run from one vendor to another multiple times, to buy and sell higher tier gear, over and over again. Awesome! Thrilling.

  • dcxce

    BioWare: Ok we give you 1 unass. comp. more her, and 1 more there. Great? Awesome, right?
    Players: You’re joking, right?
    BioWare: Ah come on, this is very generous!

  • Jonathan Parker

    Great, it will take us one decade less as opposed to a full century. Thanks, Bioware.

  • Secundum

    Still RNG? Guess I’m not re-subscribing anytime soon.

    • Fallen

      cool enjoy ur new game 🙂

    • trollhunter1016

      No one misses you! XD

      • John Kosto

        I miss them, so bye bye!

        • trollhunter1016

          Sorry, do you think that you matter?? XD

          • John Kosto

            Do you think I care what you think?

            • trollhunter1016

              You should, I’m superior to you in every way… 😀

              • John Kosto

                Not even a single one.

              • trollhunter1016

                LOL! Keep telling yourself that, loser. XD

      • Secundum

        Actually my guild want me to come back (because the GM believes that Bioware are suddenly going to make the game better for some reason….).

        And quit being whiny.

        • trollhunter1016

          I agree, you should quit being whiny. :))

          • Secundum

            Your stupidity is painful.

            • trollhunter1016

              I’m delighted to know that I’m causing you pain. 😀 Thanks so much!

            • trollhunter1016

              This was almost too easy. ;D

  • Remove RNG

    Eventually the will fix (in their language: ‘tune’) the gear drops from the crates… I’m thinking it is best to farm them and just save them until they do so. They will either increase the rate or introduce unassembled comps dropping from crates. What do you think?

    • Sozinho

      Do not save the crates, as their content is already established when you earn them. It will not change.

  • DualBlastersGuy

    There’s a reason Asian-style blind-grinding games have never succeeded in the West (No, I don’t consider BDO or Blade and Soul going pay-to-win as “success”), and no amount of second-rate, not-as-smart-as-he-thinks-he-is attempts at social engineering from that fucking prat Ben Irving will change this.

    For the love of Dog, EA, there’s no ay this can’t be affecting your bottom line by now, so fire these fucking incompetent clowns, already

  • CXP crates should be a extra goodie you get.

    Main method of gearing should be done with Command Token, without any unassambled stuff. Harder content gives more of them. Done.

    You buy you gear with Command Token, and if you are lucky you get an extra piece from the additional CXP crates.

    Easy. No Ben and Charles brainfkc.

  • Les Pes

    It’s sad how much time they spend on shit like this, instead of doing something useful that improves the game, makes it more fun, and get subscribers back into the game.

  • Mer Vila

    Still Rng. Still ptw. Thanks! But no, thanks!

    • DualBlastersGuy

      It’s not P2W, because the cash-shop is still pure fluff/vanity with some minor convenience that makes almost no real difference over any real time-frame.

      I’m quite sure that P2W is coming, though. It always does sooner or later with worthless garbage mobile-games like this, and it’s obvious that Ben Irving is too fucking stupid to see any difference between Angry Turds or whatever it’s called and a supposed AAA MMORPG.

      Much as I’d love to blame it all on EA for this it was 100% BioWare letting him rise so far past his level of competence.

      • It’s pay-to-win in the sense that you have to subscribe to even access the Galactic Command system.

        • DualBlastersGuy

          Common misconception that TOR is an actual free-to-play game. It’s not.

          There was no free-to-play option at all once, (beyond a very basic trial which you could cap in, like, 6-8 hours at the most) and if Durr-durr-Ware and EA hadn’t shat the bed by releasing the game at least six months too early, then there might never have been the need for the cash-shop cancer and scam of “free”-to-play.

          What you actually get for free is an indefinite trial, and by the standards of trials, this one is actually pretty comprehensive. It’s also not time-limited like many games’ trials are. But that’s ultimately all it is, a trial.

          Add in IncompoWare’s stupid, petty, and possibly downright spiteful restrictions on freeps/freemies (“Oh, you Philistines would dare to unsub from our greatness? Well, here, we’ll just lock fucking quickbars in the cash shop!! Ha-ha, so there! Bet you really wish you hadn’t un-subbed now, eh?”), and it seems pretty obvious that the intention is to still be a sub-only game in all but name and outward appearance.

          For all practical purposes, this is still a sub-only game if you even want it to be playable beyond a certain point. In other words, just like a trial.

  • J B

    This seems like a good balance, maybe give 1-2 more on wz loss so scrubs don’t stay scrubs gear wise. But the increase on top of the comps for daily and weeklies I’ll be able to get 2 pieces to t3 a week in combination with what I get from cxp crates.

  • Jubilee

    Any info on how many cxp points will certain ops pack types award in 5.1.2?

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