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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales February 28 – March 7

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  • SWTOR is 99% gambling packs and gambling addictions and pay to play and 1% SWTOR. This game is total garbage and so are the people who ran it into the ground.

    • K-Man

      Can’t disagree lol

    • Diehard fan

      I think that garbage is people who thinks that their way of free stuff for bums is the only one.

      I have gambling additction, I like to gamble, I like to win. And guess what? This game is awesome. If you stop whining and actually put your head out of your ass and start to play it, and not to work it out for nothing, you`ll see that.

      • John Kosto

        Nothing is free stuff in SWTOR if you pay $15 for a subscription. You are a paying customer and you should DEMAND top quality. If John Smedley starts playing SWTOR, he will realize what the rest of us have. That it’s perfect if you have a gambling addiction and you are proud of your addiction on top of it. Otherwise, the game is mediocre at best, and very very crappy at worst.

        • Diehard fan

          I`m not proud of it, but at least I can minimize it in this game, which is ok for me. Also I enjoy this game beyond gambling packs, I like original stories, SoR and very much like Makeb arc. For me this part of game has huge replayability, I still can enjoy going through Agent and Inquisitor stories, even if its for the 3 or 4th time. Maybe in its current ENDgame state is mediocre, but GSF and story whats makes it good for me.

          • John Kosto

            You’re telling this to someone who has finished Oricon on all 24 toons, and also Shadow of Revan on about 16 of them. I didn’t bother with it with my 8 DvL toons. Makeb is very long so I have only done it with a few, but the point is, that all of that stuff has been out for 2, 3 or even 4 years now.

            You are basically proving everyone’s point. The material in this game that was REALLY worth it, was everything between launch and early 2015, I will also give tou Ziost if you want. It’s been two years and KOTFE/KOTET, Uprisings, Star Fortresses have very small (if any) replayability value for most people. I have many guildies who never even started KOTFE and KOTET.

            • Diehard fan

              You really focus on what you want to see, dont you? All I said is what parts of game I enjoy, even from that you managed to turn to your old melody about “no new content over years, WTF BW ruined series argh argh”

              I dont blame you, we all play what we want and invest as much time/money as we like.

              BTW, Makeb imo is shorter than SOR.

              • Snarf

                I would also say that Makeb is shorter but its tedious and boring in comparison, which makes it seem a lot longer lol

              • Diehard fan

                I really enjoy Makeb each time. In SoR you just play through it, for Makeb you need to dive into story, but it is well worth it. You cant rush Makeb, it ruins the feeling, but you can rush SoR without hurting its value.

              • John Kosto

                Well I feel the exact opposite… that’s because I prefer the SoR story a lot more. I don’t know, maybe the amount of missions is more in SoR, but first, some of them take literally 1 minute to complete, especially on Rishi, and second, the distances that you have to cover on Rishi and Yavin are so much shorter.

                When Makeb was released in 2013, we didn’t have all these legacy perks, all the taxis unlocked, and zero cooldown on quick travel, so it took an eternity to travel from one spot to the other.

              • Drivan

                I’m with ya there.
                I avoid Makeb, It’s I feel like it is a total Pain in the ass, but I’ll do Rishi and Yavin over and over again.
                For me what made Makeb a pain in the ass was that you weren’t really free to explore. I was very linear, if you got to far off the path (in most areas) you fell off a cliff or were met with an invisible wall, Similar to Zakuul that way.
                Rishi had a bit more of an exploreable area and Yavin actually had secret areas that you would never find if you weren’t exploring.

                The exploration factor is why I dabbled in Wildstar and why I love ESO. I can explore all over the place and I even get rewarded for doing so!

    • Drivan

      Lets look at it like this;
      Prior to working on SWTOR what did Ben Irving, Producer and head Honcho for BW:A do?

      He was an E commerce guy.
      His big projects were MyOB.com, InCityFashion.com and Offers.com.
      Once he arrived at BW he moved up teh ranks quickly and is now head of the studio…
      A guy that has no experience in video games, but lots of experience in selling stuff is in charge.

      Could this be why the Cartel Market is such a big focus? Put an eCommerce guy in charge of a video game and you get? A game who’s primary goal is to get people to spend a lot of money…

      • Bakgrind

        Since the time the game went ftp I always thought their focus was on the cartel market more so that subs. And I don’t see a change from that to where we are now, except that now they have to worry about both the subscription and the cartel model.

        We likely wont really know whom shoulders the lion share of fault ( EA or Bioware Austin ) because the corporate world takes care of themselves. And he would more than likely be promoted up and out and into a new postion.

      • Kubrickian

        You nailed it as Ben nails coffins into an MMO he has no business being involved in.

    • Whitedragon
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