cartel market Command Packs SWTOR

SWTOR Vigilant Defender’s Pack Preview

SWTOR Vigilant Defender’s Pack Preview. This pack was released on Feb 28, 2017.



Cunning Statesman’s Armor Set – Gold



Reclusive Master’s Armor Set – Gold



Imperial Advisor’s Armor Set – Silver


Royal Guardian’s Armor Set – Silver


Badland Renegade Armor Set – Bronze


Wandering Disciple’s Armor Set – Bronze




Ordtech F7 Lightsaber – Silver


Ordtech F7 Dualsaber – Silver


Ordtech F7 Assault Cannon – Silver



Corrupted Acklay – Gold


Vectron Colette – Gold


Protector’s Command Throne – Gold


Armored Tundra Ice Tromper – Silver


Cartel Relaxation Skiff – Silver


Star Fortress Scout – Bronze


Zakuulan Falcon – Bronze



Title: Alliance Defender

Flair: Corrupted Command – Gold


Droid Companion: H1-K1 – Gold


Emote: Empowered Shuffle – Silver


Pet: Zakuul Minimech – Bronze


Pet: Experimental Nexu – Bronze


Advanced Yellow Gold Color Crystal – Silver


Toy: Holocall – Silver



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By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

176 replies on “SWTOR Vigilant Defender’s Pack Preview”

Holocall toy is funny. PC have holocalls from different allies.
The only armor I like is Imperial Advisor’s Armor Set.
Mounts and misc items are ok.
Love some decoration. Always happy to have more zakuul and oricon themed items/decorations.

All the while, crafting gets the absolute shaft for making any armor that looks good anymore, or lightsabers, weapons, mounts…

Keep pushing that Cartel Market right down everyone’s throats for anything decent.

The armors are for what game? SWTOR? Huh? They look like they are for some medival fantasy game. Even more as the SWTOR design always did.

I disagree about the Reclusive Master set. That *could* have been a great addition for Jedi, but isn’t even worth buying with credits with the bizarre chest attachment and hood that makes your character bald.

Even if the latter is possible to get around with a headpiece of some kind, the attachment isn’t. It also dyes poorly.

I guess for people that collect armors for pieces, the pants, hands, and feet are unique and might work well with other sets.

I hate the cape. Usually, when they do capes like that, they’re too static, like they’re made of starch or something. Felt the same way about the Wicked Huntress set when it came out. BW tends to ruin armor sets by just adding too much (i.e. the chest attachment on Reclusive Master and the stiff capes of multiple sets). Sometimes, less is more.

Its usual unfortunatelly (

We rarely get a good armor set lately. Imperial Advisor without this crapy helmet and recolored to blackred should look good.

You are the perfect example of what’s wrong with them. Little clinger that would pay for a pile of petrified dog droppings with SW logo on it, you don’t deserve any better.

Frankly, I would jack up the prices and make types like you squeal.

Why your ass is so hurt that I dont mind to pay a few $ to keep the game I like? Cant afford to do the same, can you?

That sad part is the Reclusive Master set would be quite nice for Jedi if it was hood-down and had that weird attachment removed from the chest.

It’s hard to believe BW isn’t aware of this. So why would they intentionally put out armor that looks worse to players and is less likely to sell?

Step 1: Take a bunch of existing stuff and change the color. Step 2: Mix pieces of the recolored stuff into different “sets”. Step 3: Ask people who are ALREADY paying to play this garbage game to GAMBLE actual money on boxes filled with shit instead of the shit from Step 1 and Step 2. What a bunch of deluded fucking assholes. I hope the ass clowns who think is is a good get killed by Vladimir Putin.

Now we’re talking! Drivan, I have ALL of Ozzy’s albums. This one is a classic, with the LEGENDARY Randy Rhoads on gueetar. Awesome man!

The best are almost always taken too soon. In Ozzys case, Heaven don’t want him and Hell’s afraid he’ll take over 😀

‘Step 1: Take a bunch of existing stuff and change the color. Step 2: Mix pieces of the recolored stuff into different “sets”. Step 3: Ask people who are ALREADY paying to play this garbage game to GAMBLE actual money on boxes filled with shit instead of the shit from Step 1 and Step 2. What a bunch of deluded fucking assholes.’ < I agree with this.

At this point I’m not sure why they don’t open Ops up to at least the prefered players, if you can’t access Galactic Command then the only rewards Ops have is the joy of playing with your friends and MAYBE you could win a piece of gear that you can’t turn in because you can’t earn the command tokens…

That would be a good move to bring back some people. Yep, my seven days will end soon and I really feel lonely on the server.

Yeah and i think if people got the gear piece drop they would be more inclined to sub for a month to grind out a few tokens and turn it in.

What I find funny is that other games that have “flair” on your character name require you to earn it through achievements etc. BW will sell you all the flair you desire.

SWTOR is beginning to feel like this odd combination of Communism, Socialism and Capitalism.

Welcome to “Knights of the Flair Empire”. Better yet: as Kosto said to me via Facebook “Knights of the Eternal Flair”…

Some expression, pay money for a dinky icon with pixelated effect next to character portrait, classy.

Most commonly known as JD from Scrubs, I think this picture is from this series too, but can be mistaken.

Em… not sure why you did all this, hope you feel better knowing that I misstook one Zach role from another similar one.

I havent asked for your help. If you dont know names of actors, its not my problem.

….that actor isn’t Zach Braff. Its Mike Judge. The writer of Office Space. It’s ok to be wrong. Its just stupid to double down on it. Its straight up ignorant though, to tell off the person who gives you the right answer, and tell them they are the one who is wrong. Homerun though on the “Diehard” part of your name.

The man on the photo is slightly different, I`m not going to watch all 9 seasons of Scrubs to prove you wrong, but this TV show used alot of refferences to popular movies, so its quite possible this was used as a refference to Office Space.

If not, fuck that, its still possible. Until someone who originally posted it will make notice its impossible to say who is wrong here. I dont mind to be wrong, I stated it several times, your stupid stubborness to prove me wrong – what keeps me going.

Did you even visit the imdb pages you linked? The first picture of Mike Judge is him…in the scene the photo is from. Suck up your pride. I know its the internet, but when you tell someone they are wrong, you take on the responsibility of being right. This is a responsibility you are not ready for. Clear your mind of all the “Grrrr Naq is talking so I am angry!” look at the pages you linked. Check out the shots. Maybe watch the fucking movie. Its pretty good. Then come back and apologize.

Save you some time, 1 whole minute of you being wrong. At about 33 seconds in is you being the most wrong. But can you admit it, or will you just ignore it like the last time you pulled this horseshit with me?

That’s what flair is about Diehard. Its about fun. Thanks for leeching away all that fun.

Its you who need to suck up and understand that I dont fucking care.

But I`m sure you`ll keep saying that you`re right, because its so hard to accept that you`re wrong with an argue with someone like SWTOR diehard fan.

Suck up your pride and accept that SWTOR is great game, its just you who stopped getting fun out of it. Cant do it – its your problem. But dont transfer your hatred to simple mistake of yours. Accept it – be a wiser man you are now. If you can.

Actually the Meme was created directly from a screenshot of Office Space, (that has been on my external hard drive since 2008) by pausing the movie and using a program called Jing to grab a screen shot. Then ran through gimp for editing.
I uploaded this Meme to an Imagur account years ago and shared it with folks sometime in 2009 while deployed to Afghanastan.
I have since lost access to that account since I never used it after my deployment, but this looks just like the meme I created and shared way back then, which is most of the reason I used it when I found it.
Just saying…

Exactly about flair?

Well, if its really you cut this from movie and uploaded 9 (!) years ago, then uploaded it again here from an external drive, than I have nothing else to agree that thats not what I was thinking.

Its not about the movie, its about Naq trying to prove that me, happy with SWTOR, is a bad person. Well, point to his warry ass, I hope he is happy with this achievement:

– awarded to Naq 05.03.2017

Hey moron, the entire thread of this part of the conversation was about a movie meme…
You’re pathetic…

So let me get this straight…
You refused to believe that the guy in the meme wasn’t Zach Braff in a Scrubbs skit even when links to Office Space, video’s and pictures and other information is posted to show what the origin of the meme was. Instead of having some integrity and admitting that you were wrong you change the argument to be about your love of SWTOR and everyone hating on you.
Then you post a diatribe of how people who aren’t paying don’t get a voice, but because you pay you get to speak your mind.
That gets shot down and you just lash out and act like a spoiled little pre-teen.

Oh and as for “masturbation simulator” shall we revisit your comments above where you were DESPERATE to know who the lady with the 3 foot long dildo in her throat was because you “have lots of shots for her”?

Does your mommy know you are using the internet?

My opinion still stands, and I said twice even, that I migth be mistaken and I see that I thought about different thing. You both preferred to ignore this my honest statements and continued your dull song.

Also I really loved how that girls used her throat against that huge asskiler, so I was really desperate to know her name to check out her other work. I can see talent where is one. I`m afraid its not your case, since you say that admitting someones sexuality and experience is a manner of kiddos.

I say this again – I dont care, and I really dont, if you dont like me because I play SWTOR. I honestly couldnt give more fucks about people who gave up on something they love.

Dont like SWTOR – its entirely YOUR problem. And your whining and different ways to insult me wont change anything in your life. Again, deal with it.

If you have something else to say – go ahead, insults, begging, threadpointing – its all the weapons of your dull party of SWTOR haters. Go on. Keep your hopes up if some EA executive will read your genious posts and change SWTOR and make it great again!

I`m done with you.

You blind defenders so utterly disgust me, I can barely find words.

You are why MMORPGs suck complete shit since about 2010. You wanna eat second-rate trash developer’s garbage up with a spoon whilst whaling in the cash-shop as if that somehow makes you something special (Which it does –just not the kind of “special” you think), then be my guest, but don’t you fucking dare expect us to put your complete lack of standards up on some kind of pedestal as something to emulate.

You are the problem, nothing else.

Who the fuck are you that you think you can tell anyone what to “suck up?”

Eat shit and die, you little useless wallet-warrioring parasite!

I`m rich paying customer, and you`re just poor stupid ignorant brat who thinks that for 15$ he should get AA product for the rest of his life, and exactly what he wants.

The fact that you`re so angry with me, paying for this game, says much more about you, than you think. No one here owes you a thing, babe. Cant pay – go play football on the street. No one forces you to pay for what you think is beyong this insane 15$/month.

Cheers, asshole.

You cared enough to post. Considering I`m the mentioned pump, are you shit then? 😀

I’ve been paying them $180 a year for over 5 years now.
That isn’t even counting all the money I used to spend on cartel coins, sorry bub, you aren’t the only paying customer on these forums, we all have a voice and we all have a right to voice our opinions.

You love SWTOR and worship at the feet of the dev’s. Others used to love SWTOR and now despise what the dev’s have done to this once great game.
You being you doens’t make your opinion better than anyone elses and that has always been teh problem with you and several others on here. You forget that other paying customers are allowed to have opinions too.

Sorry, but yes, for as long as I have been paying to play SWTOR I expect that they maintain it as a AAA product, right now it is more like a C+ product and that is unacceptable.

I never stated that you, bunch of angry bitches, cant state you opinion. Its you who always tries to shut us, still happy with SWTOR. Again, deal with the fact that we love and enjoy it.

Whine all the time you want, play ESO, WoW, masturbating simulator, whatever your heart want, but face the fact – there are still people who play and enjoy, and you cant fucking do shit about it.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
If we must accept that you still love SWTOR, you must also accept that we don’t.
Or is your opinion the only one that counts, are you trying to shut down other peoples right to an opinion?

Again, I dont care that you dont love it. It changes nothing.

You seem to ignore what I just said – you do whatever you want with your opinion, cry, beat the wall, run and sing Imperial march.

And I`m, from the bottom of my heart, can assure you – hate SWTOR as much as you want! Thats eniterly your decision and your right!

Who is ignoring?
If you can state your undying love for SWTOR why can we not state our frustration?
Or are you only allowing those who love STWOR to post here?

Again, do whatever you like. I`m not stopping you. You have 12 MMOs to play, how can I argue with such an MMO expert? 😀

You are on here trying to tell people what they can and can’t talk about. Trying to imply that only people who love SWTOR should be allowed to voice their opinion.
Look I love SWTOR too, I want this game to be the only one I play. But it’s getting REALLY boring grinding through the same heroics and dailies I memorized YEARS ago. Grinding through the same Ops my team and I have had on farm for YEARS.
So I branched out to 11 other games. I ditched all of them except ESO and I still play SWTOR because my raid team and I are real life friends.

Again and last time most likely, I`m not forcing anyone to anything. Everyone has free will to do whatever they want.

I`ve payed over 300$ for last two months. By your logic it makes me 20 times more valuable than you.

I dont worship SWTOR, dont be mistaken. I enjoy parts of the game, I never stated than SWTOR has no flaws. Again – for special flakes – SWTOR has flaws, most of them related to endgame content. And lack of development in several different game modes like GSF and GS.

When compared to ALL of the 12 game I have played in the last 2 and a half years SWTOR has huge issues. Especially in the area of Group content, PvP and endgame replayability.

12 MMOs in 30 months? So roughly 2.5 month for each… Gosh I dont even know so much MMO titles! You`ve been really busy!

I don’t still play all of them… Don’t be stupid.
I currently Play SWTOR and ESO.
I played tried out Wildstar, ESO, NWO, STO, MWO, Star Citizen, LOTRO, GW2, Albion Online, Sky Forge, Blade and Soul, and Terra.
I stuck with ESO and SWTOR.
But compre SWTOR to any of those games and you can see that SWTOR is going the opposite direction of the rest of the market. The rest of the market is continuing to pump out LOTS of content, SWTOR is slowing down…

And you win the special snowflake of the week award! Yes, you too share the wonderful characteristics of the cheeto in chief! Thanks for being such a wonderful person!
The entire issue is the picture referenced the first time was from the movie Office Space. That the actor was in anything else was in no way relevant to that picture for it was not of him in said role. The fact of the matter is that YOU oh snowflake, are having the meltdown over being incorrect and whatever issues cause you being unable to understand that. Ditch the self help and see a professional maybe. Good luck.

I hope other special hateflakes will join the discussion, its getting boring with just 2 of you. I stated 3 times already, that I admitted that I thought of a different thing. You people continue to rant over things you prefer to see.

But your comment is very valuable ofc! Keep posting revelant info about my doings, its so good to know that I`m getting so much attention from you.
Just so you know naq is starting this on another thread.
Tbh I have no idea what this is over and it doesn’t seem relevant to the game, however she tries to use the ‘he’s attacking me on dead threads so no-one can see’ nonsense she likes to pull to get sympathy from the Esoknights.
Tbh don’t rise to it, it just goes to show EXACTLY why they are here ;).

You are wrong, and you got schooled by someone who doesn’t like your favorite game. This must make you feel even more little than you are. And you are very little, judging by your responses.

No, John, I was having fun, looking for people who wont take advantage of such behavour, but looks like its so rare I should really stop looking that way. You seem to be the only adequate person from selected group and less affected by it. I was going to write a post about my research but then I understood that those apes wont appreciate it anyway. So I keep it to myself. Also I blocked a fair bunch of people here, so they wont be bothering me again.

SWTOR is hardly my favourite game, the fact that I still play it sometimes doesnt make it the best, trust me.

At least you try to judge and think, for that you have my thanks.

The excuse of “I was performing a psychological experiment, a test” when proven wrong in everything one has posted on a thread of the internet, has been overused since 2003. You have to find better excuses.

Yeah, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and not complain about this. Oh, and if you could go ahead and sit at the kids’ table, that’d be great.

Oh, oh, and I almost forgot. Ahh, I’m also gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too…

What? Also, dont forget to switch accounts, people might consider that you`re a lonely idiot who talks to himself when he is bored. Just a friendly advise.

Nevermind, if you`re not another account of Naq, then disregard previous message.

The only item I would consider purchasing from the GTN is the Flair: Corrupted Command – Gold. Everything else can go into the rubbish.

reclusive master hood looks lop sided lol

the armor on the chest is also bad

still waiting for revan armor with the hood down… what hes wearing in malestrom prison… also still waiting for hk-47 skin for hk droids… and also waiting for classic jedi robes LOL

No, it’s a simulation of Ben calling the developers to put in another 100 levels of exciting RNG grind because people just love it so much… well all except the 75% of them that cancelled their subs and went to ESO or FFXIV…

But if you use their metric formula the 25% that are still in game are 100% supportive of all the changes they have made. So in their mind it’s a win. And it’s really good to be the king of la la land.

This is art man. This girl is an artist…

Hey: AT LAST something we can agree on! Pity it’s not game related…


Lol this is the internet man, type in anything sexual and you’ll get a million returns, like this ‘lady’.

Aaah! Finally a pack where I really don’t crave a single piece! Thank you! This is sooo good for my wallet! Good job! 😀

Chair, 3 gold and 2 silver decors, droid and flair – that easily 8 quality items in this set. Armors are usually crappy, sometimes we get a descent one, I dont even bother with them much. But hey, misc items getting more interesting.

The Armour has been great imho until last pack and this one which is a shame.
The weapons and speeders imho are getting better as they were poor for a while.
And nice decorations for a change.

Isn’t that a UI Editor thing? Are you saying you used to have the numbers but they’re not there anymore? Or you just want to turn them on? If so, you have to open UI Editor. There’s an option in there to turn numbers on.

Don’t know if it’s any help, but I tried…


Never tried that before actually. I used to play with UI editor, but havent noticed that numbers there can be enabled. Will take a look when I`ll be back at home. Thanks!

Got it:

Open UI Editor. Click on your Player Frame. Go to the Editor. Search for the option that says: “Show Information Text”. Check that.

You should be all set to grind those beautiful GC levels with a more accurate information now…

(Sorry, couldn’t help myself!)

Thanks for looking it through! I like numbers on my HP/MP bar, brings me back to good old CRPG times. Will apply it now.

Please Bioware, could you do something intelligent like in FF14 with the mog station ? It would save a lot of player’s money and increase your income since these players could buy what they really need/want (= more transactions) ? just saying….

Why not put some decent shit up for a change? Classic Jedi Robes, something inspired by the red cloak imperial guards but maybe a bit more sithy, more decent pilot outfits, 4-Lom like customization for ship droids, hk47 customization for both those hks we got now, vintage Lana customization, some timings that are more subtle.

Normally there is at least one item that jumps out at me but this pack is all trash. Mediocre armor sets, re-skinned decorations and puke colored crystals. It’s not like there aren’t a plethora of ideas you can come out with BioWare. Jo for example gave you six in his post. Not like they actually listen to what the players want, or bother to read forums. Just keep producing trash and hoping we keep buying.

The cunning statesman upper is the temple guardian robe with a modified upper. Lol. They aren’t even trying….

I haven’t played for more than 6 months…kind of missed the game and thought I checked in. What a disappointment. Eaware is still doing the same thing. It makes me feel good for stopping wasting my money on this game. And I hoped at least something would have changed. Ah… when will someone make a good sw rpg?

I feel you. I’ve stopped playing for about 2 months now, I come back and check dulfy every week. and every week i’m dissapointing by biowares incompetence, and EAs greed. I think its about time to finally cancel my sub after playing seance 2013 nonstop sub. IMO the game has only been getting worse, and there has been no sign that they are going to change their ways or get their shit togethor. I feel your pain. This game can be good, it could be good. INFINITE POTENTIAL. But they simply care more about their money. greedy scumbag bastards.

The business model they’re following is very stupid …basicly make as much money as possible by allocating as less resources as possible in the the smallest amount of time. This business model is a fucking disease spreading everywhere and destroying economy as we know it worldwide. EA seems to really love this. They just cant stop! It gives ppl the impression that youre making money fast and with less risk but everytime you do it you destroy a part of the market. Keep on doing it and ppl wont buy anymore. Their idea is that by the time ppl figure out they are being scammed they ll have enough money to move on and the company employees are the ones who are gonna pay for this by losing their jobs…the suits just move on keeping all the money or something. What they don’t get is that by saturating the market like this they destroy any chance of making more money in the future, unless ppl get more stupid than they anticipated. Its so hard playing ea games … you always get to see this policy of theirs everywhere in a game…from the models and texture resolution and fucked up gameplay ot the fact that many of their games just last for 5 hours and then youre done. Sucks so much and those bastards always manage to get their hands on really nice ips only to screw em up. They only leave with one choice. Don’t buy / don’t play completely ignore ea. Go find other games to play…but I still want a character with a lightsaber wearing jedi battlelords armor.

I haven’t played since right at the start of the DvL beta event myself. Sadly the closet Star Wars rpg wont be released at the earliest until Visceral Games releases their game. But it’s not all bad. I can live without my Star Wars fix for a bit while I”ll be playing ESO and some other titles that will be released during this year.

So what your saying is that you are waiting for another EA own company to come out with a new Star Wars game Do you think it will be treated any better then this EA own Games is?

Yeah it does sound strange to say that, but the way this title (SWTOR) has been used and abused for the past couple of years with what appears to be a lack of direction and care I think people are ready for a new type of Star Wars experience.

According to the Wookieepedia” The game will take place between the events of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, with at least part of it taking place in Mos Eisley. The game’s plot will focus on more than one core character, and the plot will primarily focus on new characters.” The down side of the game for a lot of people will be that it wont be and MMORPG since it currently is being called and RPG that will more than likely have some multiplayer capabilties as well.


no im just daydreaming of the day that one gets the balls and the cash to take star wars away from EA…I have the right to dream.

Crappy uncreative unoriginal reskins with unimaginative crap armor for an overpriced charge of 50$ bucks. Oh yeah, and none of it is guaranteed anyway…. The more I think about it, the more I realize the cartel packs are just a big scam. disappointing as usual. step up your game bioware. I regret how much money I have put into this game. It was not worth it.

They have always been a big scam. I often wondered why people buy into “The random chance to win a random item or a set piece of gear ” when it could be digitally replicated 100% of the time. It would of just made more sense had they sold each item separately. Of course they wouldn’t of made as much money if they had or would they of? But I wouldn’t feel too bad if I was you since it’s just one of those things we learn not to do to often for our gaming “fix”.

You really miss the idea of gambling then, its really good for you. People gamble to win, they dont care about loses, mainly its for the feeling of a big fish coming your way.

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Just realized looking at this set, this is sure-fire proof shit must be really bad….

How you ask.

Not a single platinum item. Means CPs must not be selling well as they are willing to make the worst RNG roll a gold. For BW to voluntarily surrender platinum….

Imperial advisors belt, chest and gloves are new and welcome. Royal Guardian is also a nice set. I figure that’s pretty typical of packs for a long while. Two good. rest, meh.

This has got to be the worst cartel pack yet… this will be the first in a long time that I haven’t bought any packs or crates. EA/BW needs to start trying and quit with this weak stuff.

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Bring back revealing/sexy/shorts /short sleeved shirts/ high heels for outfits!!! then they’d make lots of money

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