Black Desert First Year Anniversary Infographic

Black Desert Online has published their first year anniversary featuring the stats from the NA and EU servers.

03 March 2017 10:00

To commemorate our 1st year, we’ve prepared an Infographic of EU/NA region. Check out all the differences now!

  • Cooleo

    Damn those horse deaths… I had a sudden urge to call PETA when I saw that there was an EU horse with 209 deaths.

    Also, why is there an Ultimate Grunil Helmet in the Weapons Section of the “Weapons/Armour: Most Existing PEN Items and Quantity”. I never knew we could use that helmet as a weapon. Must be deadly

    • Syced

      it says: Weapon / Armor. and a helmet is Armor. 🙂

      • Ian-Devon Lewis


    • Jason Neilson

      lmao i had the same thought about the horse…that person better NEVER get a pet.

      also the weapons/armor section shows both weapons and armor, but it is divided between EU and NA.

      what you’re seeing is that NA is balling on PEN boss weapons more than anything, while EU is cheap and only upgrades their armor…hence why EU has more money than NA.

      bunch of money hoarders 😛

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  • Logic First

    I think it says a lot about BDO that only 5% of the population hit the level cap…. Would love to see how quickly the population drops off after people hit lvl 50

  • Anthony DeRouen

    Only 5% of the population is 56+? I know there’s very little incentive to grind past 56, but damn that’s surprising. Consider me of the 95% of other players that just don’t see a value in grinding after the Awakening.

    • Alexander Yee

      I’m not even sure if that’s 5% of the player population. I assume adventurer population is number of active players or accounts, but for 56+ it says “Total characters of level 56+.” If we interpret that literally I have 3 56’s, but I’m guessing I only count as one “adventurer” and therefore less than 5% of the population actually has 56+ characters. A lot of the game slows down and becomes tedious once you hit 50 and even more so at 56, and the game is not very alternate friendly. Personally I think this game would be better and do better if there wasn’t so much RNG and you didn’t have to sell your soul to the game when you hit those “soft caps.” I’d much rather have to continue crafting more and better equipment throughout the entire game than roll a dice to see if I get something better, or even worse if you reached that point.

  • Dr. Mike Wendell

    Beer stat should be up top. 🙂

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