SWTOR Changes to Command Ranks in Patch 5.2

Bioware is adding a bunch of changes to Command Ranks in Patch 5.2, here are all the details.

Tier 4 Gear in Game Update 5.2 | 03.03.2017, 08:14 AM

Hey folks,

In Game Update 5.2, we will be introducing a new tier of gear to Galactic Command. Tier 4 works a bit differently than other tiers and so we want to provide you with insight about why we’re implementing it. Additionally, we know our social post raised a few concerns and so we want to tackle those first.

Why add 100 more Command Ranks?
The 100 new levels were simply a logical next step for adding Tier 4 gear. However, since it’s already possible to rank up at Command Level 300 indefinitely we decided to take your feedback and keep the current cap. So, starting in 5.2, Command Crates dropped at Level 300 will contain Tier 4 gear (going forward Tier 3 will stop being provided at Rank 299).

Why a new Tier of gear?
We have two main goals in mind for the addition of Tier 4: The first is to act as a benefit for players who put in the time and effort to level up to Command Rank 300. The second goal is giving the most skilled PvE players in SWTOR a worthwhile reward for their coordination and gameplay mastery while also introducing gear drops needed for taking on Tyth in Veteran Mode and other Master Mode Operation bosses. PvP players will also be able to purchase Tier 4 gear for Unassembled Components as they do for other Tiers today.

Now let’s talk about what sets Tier 4 apart from previous gear upgrades. Perhaps the best way to start is to read up on how Command Crates are changing in 5.2.

Tier 4’s biggest difference from previous Tiers is every gear drop from a Command Crate will be Prototype (Blue) Artifact (Purple), or Legendary (Gold); there are no Premium (green) items. Additionally, Prototype quality items in this Tier all have set bonuses. This means every piece of gear coming from a Command Crate in Tier 4 will have a set bonus (where applicable) and be of Prototype or better quality. It’s also important to note every piece of gear in Tier 4 is better than gear from previous tiers, including Tier 3 Legendaries. As Legendary Tier 4 items are best-in-slot, they will remain fairly rare from Command Crates.

Tier 4 is primarily for our most hardcore players who have maxed out their Command Rank and are working on getting best-in-slot gear for their character. Now, with Galactic Command, every player has an opportunity to get a complete set of the best gear offered in SWTOR.

Does this mean Tier 5 and/or more Command Ranks are coming in the future?
We certainly have explored the idea of adding more Command Ranks (as you know) and Tier 5 has been actively discussed as well. While we do have plans for new items in the future, these may or may not come with additional Ranks or through a new Tier level. Once we determine the appropriate delivery mechanism, we’ll let you know, but more than likely that’ll be much later in the year!

Let us know your thoughts, thanks everyone.


Tier 1 – 3 Changes Coming in 5.2 | 03.03.2017, 08:15 AM

Hey folks,Coming with Game Update 5.2 we are making substantial changes to how Command Crates work, specifically focusing on drop rates for gear. Perhaps the single-most repeated comment about Command Crates is they do not feel rewarding due to the random nature of the contents of the crates. To resolve most of these issues, we’ve added ways for both PvP and PvE players to target specific gear slots and obtain those items directly.For players looking to gear up through Galactic Command working through a Tier can feel like a grind since your rewards don’t change. You can get that same Premium belt at Command Rank 70 that you got at Rank 1, which is frustrating when you are trying to complete your class set.

Starting with Game Update 5.2, drop rates of better quality items (Legendary and Artifact) will get higher as you gain Command Ranks in a given Tier, while lower quality items’ (Premium and Prototype) drop rates will go down. What this means is you are encouraged to continue increasing your Command Rank as your drop rates of more desired items get higher as your Rank increases.

Let’s look at a Tier 2 and 3 example. Right now this is an approximation of gear drops for the entire Tier:

  • Premium (green): High drop rate
  • Prototype (blue): Medium drop rate
  • Artifact (purple): Low drop rate
  • Legendary (yellow): Very low drop rate

After 5.2, gear drops get much better as you progress through the Tier. Let’s say you were getting close to the top of your Tier, this is what your drop rates will look like:

  • Premium: No longer drop
  • Prototype: Medium-low drop rate
  • Artifact: Medium-high drop rate
  • Legendary: Medium drop rate

As you can see from the above example, after 5.2 you will be able to get higher quality gear for your characters more consistently as you progress through each Tier. This will also help in addressing concerns about the inability to get set bonus gear from Command Crates (in addition to the Operations drop changes we are making at the same time). Keep in mind, these drop rate changes apply to Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Tier 4 works a little differently and is discussed in more detail in this thread.

These are the improvements we are making to Command Crates in Game Update 5.2. Let us know what you think.


Changes to Operation Drops in 5.2 | 03.03.2017, 08:16 AM

Hey folks,If you haven’t read it yet, we recommend you head over to the “Tier 4 in Game Update 5.2” thread and learn about the new Tier of gear coming next Update. Along with the new Tier of gear, we are making quite a few changes to what gear drops in Operations. For endgame PvE players we know there is a desire to gear primarily through Operations.The first change we are making is specific Unassembled Gear Pieces will now drop on each Operation boss in the game (except Golden Fury and Colossal Monolith). This means when you kill a boss in an Operation, you will know exactly what is going to drop and you can plan to run specific Operations if you are seeking a specific slot. Click the spoiler tag(s) at the bottom of the post for a full list of what drops where.

The second change is bosses will no longer have a random chance to drop Unassembled Gear Pieces. Each boss in an 8-player Operation will drop 1 piece and the last boss will drop 2; this number is doubled to 2 and 4 respectively in 16-player. Previously with Game Update 5.1, each boss except for the last boss only had a chance of dropping gear pieces.

The third change is with the introduction of a new Tier (Tier 4), we needed to ensure Operation players had a way to acquire this gear directly. This is especially true since Tier 4 will help substantially in being able to clear Veteran Mode Tyth along with future Gods from the Machine bosses, and all other Master Mode bosses. Here is a basic breakdown of where the gear will drop:

For existing Operations (Tier 1 will no longer drop in Operations)

  • Tier 2 Legendary Gear – Story Mode
  • Tier 3 Legendary Gear – Veteran Mode
  • Tier 4 Prototype and Artifact Gear – Master Mode (Non-final bosses)
  • Tier 4 Legendary Gear – Master Mode (Final bosses)

For Gods from the Machine Operations:

  • Tier 3 – Story Mode
  • Tier 4 – Veteran Mode

As you can see there a lot of changes with Operation gear drops in 5.2! Let us know your thoughts on these changes.



Tier 4 Gear in Game Update 5.2 | 03.03.2017, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by leehambly View Post
So, I’m guessing that the tier 3 crates earnt before 5.2, even after cxp level 300 will still be tier 3 and wont suddenly change into tier 4 when 5.2 comes out… ie: should we save them till 5.2 or keep opening them?


Your guess is correct! Continue to open any crates that you earn until that time.


Tier 1 – 3 Changes Coming in 5.2 | 03.03.2017, 09:15 AM
Originally Posted by Ryenke View Post
The elimination of Premium from the crates would have been a welcome change for me, but the deal breaker is the unspecified RNG drop rates and no duplicate mitigation. My personal drop rate resulted in was one usable upgrade (I don’t count clicky relics as anything except trash for instance) per 30 or so crates. At command level 240 ish (I think, it’s been a while since I bothered) I still didn’t have a 5.x set bonus and had 6 slots still unfilled and had tons of duplicates like 6 relics of the same type, 3 or 4 chests, 2 gloves, 3 or 4 ear pieces, and only one set piece drop that was higher than Tier 1.

Without some duplicate mitigation and/or some idea what the drop rates *actually* are (medium-low, Medium-high and Medium mean nothing), I have no desire to pay for a grind up to Tier 4, (and would have had no time to do so on alts).

So, good luck, I’ll check back in with 6.0 maybe.

Although we aren’t going to expose exact drop rates, I think I can add a little clarity to the relative drop rates listed above. To your point, with these new rates you will have a much better chance of getting a set bonus quality item (Artifact and Legendary) than you would one without (Prototype). Basically, at the top of a tier, majority of your items will be of a set bonus bearing quality. That is in contrast to today where at all levels, Premium and Prototype are the most likely items you will get.


Changes to Operation Drops in 5.2 | 03.03.2017, 09:23 AM
Originally Posted by marmieej View Post
What about Operation Boss that do not have Master Mode (i.e. EV/KP)?

They will drop Tier 3 gear!

Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post

For existing Operations (Tier 1 will no longer drop in Operations)

  • Tier 2 Legendary Gear – Story Mode
  • Tier 3 Legendary Gear – Veteran Mode
  • Tier 4 Prototype and Artifact Gear – Master Mode (Non-final bosses)
  • Tier 4 Legendary Gear – Master Mode (Final bosses)
Changes to Operation Drops in 5.2 | 03.03.2017, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by Jerba View Post
Thanks for the heads-up! That allows us to plan raid schedules ahead of time.

But what about PvP? I’m not a PvP player but I know this will cause issues in PvP. Ever since you have merged PvE and PvP gear, there’s been this issue that PvP players can get gear more easily than PvE players. Now it appears that T4 is only available from Tier 4 Command Crates and from Master Mode Operations and VM Tyth, is that correct? Or is it still possible to upgrade gear to T4 via the unassembled components?

Good question! PvP players will be able to buy Tier 2 pieces outright, without upgrading from Tier 1. This largely leaves their progression untouched from today as they can buy gear, and upgrade it twice, they just start 1 Tier higher than before.


Tier 1 – 3 Changes Coming in 5.2 | 03.03.2017, 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by docbenwayddo View Post
There can be no clarity without actual rates.

I understand that there isn’t full clarity without all of the details, but let me see if I can get one step closer.

In the example from above, if there are 3 item grades each with a medium’ish drop rate, you could make infer that medium in that context means around a 33% drop rate (since there are 3 and they are relatively equal).

Again, that isn’t the 100% actual drop rate, things are subject to change, and my other community manager disclaimers. Still, that walks one step closer to the actual drop rate line for you!


Tier 4 Gear in Game Update 5.2 | 03.03.2017, 10:08 AM
Originally Posted by Ottoattack View Post

I have not seen in any of the posts addressing changes in PvP related to gear. So, I will re-ask the questions:

Since we have a new tier of gear is the bolster going to be moving up?

With the new tier, is tier 1 being removed from shops and tier 2 (236) becomes first tier you buy with UC? This is the case for ops. Or, there is going to be a forth tier of PvP gear?

If there is a forth tier, what will the UC costs be?

Is the existing cost of gear for UC will change?

  • Bolster will be moving up to 238.
  • Yes, you can just purchase Tier 2 as the “first Tier” with Unassembled Components.
  • I am not sure yet on the last two, let me work on getting those answers.
Tier 1 – 3 Changes Coming in 5.2 | 03.03.2017, 10:22 AM
Oh! Someone asked me this on Twitter and I wanted to make sure it is captured here as well. The contents of your Command Crates is determined when you open them (think of how it works with Disciplines). So any Tier 1-3 crates you have prior to 5.2 will have the adjusted drop rates if you open them after 5.2 goes live.


  • Baldarhion

    That make sense. They should have done that at 5.0. Anyway, they are beginning to listen. Now, I would like to know if the bonus Cxp will return to the meager 5.0 rates.

    I wonder why they did not simply shift the gear progression (I mean: rank 1-90 : Tier 2, 91-180 : Tier 3, 180+ tier 4.

    • Dakit

      It’s not that they are listening, they only respond in a “we are listening” manner when they are scared.

    • Wayshuba

      The only time BW has ever listened is when it hit them financially. The weekly CM sales with 30% price increases was a clear indicator this hit them hard – AS EVERYONE TOLD THEM IT WOULD WHEN IT WAS ANNOUNCED.

      They took four months to fix it during which time they pissed A LOT of customers off. The only reason they are doing this now is because you can bet your bottom dollar they lost a ton of subs. They probably also think by doing this a lot of them will come back, but one problem still remains – the pathetic lack of content delivery versus the competition. Put simply, this is way too little and definitely way too late to bring back those who have already moved on to another MMO (which seems to be ESO considering how much of the zone chat is about how much BW screwed up SWTOR).

      So, don’t think this is because they care about their customers, this is being done because Ben Irving is probably sweating his ass off right now in trying to explain to EA management how his Galactic Crap System cost them so much revenue.

      And, if this follows past precedent, Ben Irving will soon be looking for a new job as well. After every screw up in the past five years, EA has ALWAYS fired the one responsible for the screw up.

    • Drivan

      Quite honestly CXP gain rates mean nothing to the raiding community with this change in place. Because of this I’m banking on CXP gain rates to be lowered conciderably, but not all the way back down to what they were when 5.0 released.

      That, however is bad news for the PvE, non raiding community because CXP is still the most alt unfriendly progression system in the gaming world right now…
      As happy as I am that raiding will be worth it again from a gearing standpoint, I feel bad for the subscribed, PvE, non-raiding community. They are the folks getting the raw end of the deal here.

      • Baldarhion

        I agree. They should –in addition– merge the servers. If they set Cxp gains as they were in 5.0, OPs are indeed mandatory… And actually on some servers, it seems impossible (not enough players to try to do a static :/)

        Before Cxp gain, one rank (I was far from Rank 100) take me about 1 hour (Veteran FP, H2+). Now, a single Vet FP is enough to gain a rank. I should try Master FP, but heh… Yesterday on prime time, we were 9 players on the fleet…. And not many lvl 70 players.

        I take a month sub to gain some Ranks while the bonus is on. After…. I don’t know.

        • Drivan

          There are defiantly some servers that need to be merged, if players can’t find people to group with in prime time that is a problem. Unfortunately BW seems to be pushing the paid transfers instead 🙁

  • Wayshuba

    My god. This has become the most convoluted gearing system ever seen. While it is nice they put the gear back in Ops, basically their excuse for Tier 4 is we are making Tier 1 useless. So only three tiers still count.

    Also, let’s be honest, this is now four months too late. This is the stuff that should have been considered when it was on the PTS and they were getting the negative comments. This sudden reversal on the Ops boss gear drops (right up to legendary as well) and finally fixing the RNG crates somewhat shows this had the effect on subs they were warned about.

    The real issue is though, is this going to be enough to bring back all the subs they lost on the last few months and is it going to be enough to keep from bleeding the subs that are happening now.

    • Drivan

      They basically have just reinstated Ops gearing the way it was in 2.5-4.0 (from the launch of the Dread Ops to the loot table changers introduced with KotFE).
      Is it confusing?
      Is it FAR better than what the Command System is?
      Is it the right thing to do?
      Will it keep players subbed longer and get unsubbers to resub?
      Most likely.

      As screwed up as this whole process is and has been. This was the right move. Now they need to speed up the development of the Operations bosses, open up the lines of communication MUCH more and try to surprise the community with some well developed and bug free group content.
      I say this, but at the same time, I’m still not resubbing until the Operation is complete.

      • Wayshuba

        I will politely disagree with will it get those who unsubbed to resub again. The issue is that the Ops are still 2+ years old. You did the gear grind for them in 3.0 and could do them all. They reset it in 4.0 and again in 5.0. People want something fresh. A new gear grind, while 5.2 will improve it (not until May mind you), is not fresh. It is something we did three times already to run the same content you have run 1,000 times already.

        I have been trying to think of other MMOs that when an expansion launches, you suddenly cannot do old content that you were doing the day before the patch. SWTOR is the only one I can think of since the dawn of the 4.0 era.

        Lastly, all this time with the Galactic Crap System has been such a wasted effort of the development team. Effort that should have been spent on producing new content.

        Anyway, we’ll see but I highly doubt it will bring a flood of the subs lost back. Most won’t come until May, when it drops, and by that time they will have already been vested in another MMO for six months already.

        • Drivan

          Oh, I agree with you, but I also think there will be some who resub.
          I hate to sound like “you know who” here, but I’ve already had 2 folks in my guild say they are resubbing when they read this, but not until this change is in place.
          But I think you are right, there will be few who have moved on that will return.
          I’m still not resubbing, and since I’ll likely have to wait until December for the full Op to be out the chances that I resub will be slim.

  • Nasca

    I read “it was a logical next step” and then stopped reading.

  • Лев Сафаров
  • branky

    So if i understand this correctly everyting will be ok in 8 weeks or so? after 6 motnths?
    guess they lose more subs then, dmge control is a bit late imo

  • Ry

    Remember when they said that the old gearing sytem was too complicated…… and here we are with pre-5.0 System plus a whole bunch of convoluted stuff that I can’t even keep track of anymore…

    • Lee Hambly

      Yep, all those toys got thrown outta the pram for sure… is gonna make it messy. Lots of options now at least… and lets be real, its not complicated… its just not incredibly simple.

    • Wayshuba

      Yup before we had:

      PvE Solo – Get crystals, buy gear.
      PvE Raiders – Kill boss, get drop, get gear
      PvP – Get commendations, buy gear.

      Now we have something that takes over an hour to explain to anyone because it is completely different depending on the activity you do. Just look at the captures here on Dulfy. Pages of explanation for this system (just look at the above), when before it fit in three small sentences.

      Oh and Tier 1, that level we introduced in December, well now it means nothing more than 90 levels of grind you have to get through to get to the first Tier of needed gear – since Tier 2 is the new Tier 1. At least until Op Boss 2 when we drop Tier 5.

      Hope we don’t get any new players in that time, otherwise they are going to be so far behind the gear curve they will never be able to play end game (which is good because it will save them from having to pay a sub fee).

      Yeah, this was really thought out. Wasn’t it.

      • Bakgrind

        Yup, the way to obtain gear in the old system could of been explained in one sentence and easily understood. But, out of all the self inflicted acts of stupidity that Bioware has committed since the launch of the game the New Gearing Experience ties with the acquisition of the Hero Engine.

        It’s actually reprehensible of Bioware to call it a gearing change when the act of accumulating CXP is nothing more than a grind that substitutes for a lack of new or meaningful gaming content.

      • Lee Hambly

        PvE Solo – Get crystals, buy gear type A.
        PvE Raiders – Kill boss, get drop, get gear type B.
        PvP – Get commendations, buy gear type C.
        And none of the gear was particularly useful in other activities… in fact type A, did anyone want this gear? Temporary alt fill-out at best.
        Now the gear is aligned, no different types anymore, and multiple ways to get it. Simple.

        • Wayshuba

          Simple. Your joking right. Okay I’ll bite.

          First, if it was just changing the gear type to all align you could have done that with the old system. To whit:

          PvE Solo – Get crystals, buy gear type 5.0a
          PvE Raiders – Get token, buy gear type 5.0a
          PvP – Get commendations, buy gear type 5.0a

          Better yet, you could have just introduced a universal set of tokens with the same gear vendors.

          Instead we have this:
          PvE Solo – Grind Command Ranks until your eyes bleed. Pray for RNG or wait until you have ground enough levels to buy missing piece. Oh, and Tier 1 is a complete waste of time now (i.e., the first 90 levels) because Tier 2 is the new Tier 1.

          PvE Raiders – Get token, buy gear type.

          PvP – Grind matches for unassembled components. Convert to unassembled piece (which is redundant now that they are no longer in Ops), buy piece. Rinse and repeat to level up gear.

          Nevermind on top of all that, trying to explain the clusterfuck CxP system to someone. Ever try? First common question – so what gets me the most CxP fastest. Answer: Well, that depends on which week we are talking about.

          If all they wanted to do was make the same gearing, the process to get the gear was already in place with 4.0 and simply could have been adjusted with the same gear. If it truly was about simplifying, they could have put in one single currency – earned through solo activities, FPs, Ops and PvP and just had one set of vendors per class for each Tier. Simple and effective.

          This has NOTHING to do with giving everyone the same gear – that is an utter fabrication (among the many that came with 5.0) of the gearing system. The sole intent is to cover up for the massive lack of new group content activities (or even repeatable activities) over the last two years. The intent was to keep everyone grinding because that is all they have.

          • Lee Hambly

            I don’t fundamentally disagree with your point about the lack of content… but it is what it is. We have just had 9 chapters of a story and 12 uprisings incidentally, ok, maybe not the content you were looking for… but it is content all the same.
            CXP is a value, everything you do increases that value. At certain points reached in the value, you are rewarded with a crate of tiered loot. That’s it. 2 sentences.
            UA tokens: Every pvp activity rewards you some tokens. You can purchase new or upgrade certain existing loots with those tokens. 2 sentences.
            It is not complex… ok, to some its not simple… but its not brain surgery.
            There is now no need to desperately try to convince guildmates that grinding basics for crappy gear is a crappy idea. Or elites, or even ultimates… it was all crappy gear. Unbalanced and incomplete and utterly useless in pvp – and vice versa.

            I actually see it as a natural progression starting with level sync. Removing the silo walls between the discreet player types, and trying to make all “play” useful to all player types.

            • Wayshuba

              But it is not two sentences. I have had the pain of trying to explain this system. It is not “do what you want an get CxP”. When they spend four hours to get a crate (which BTW has tiered loot maybe one in 20 times), open it to get NOTHING, and then do it a second time for nothing again, then, if they are going to grind it they then ask all about the number of CxP etc.

              My entire guild left the game in one swoop (on Jan 14 to be precise) and went to ESO just because of what I described above.

              In addition, these new fixes are INCREASING the silos, not decreasing them.

              PvE Solo: Has a random roll for green. blue, purple, gold WHEN YOU GET THE CHANCE TO GET GEAR. But first, they have to grind 90 levels on CxP just to get to the new Tier 1. Whereas a PvP Raider will get a Tier 2 legendary on one boss in one Op (i.e., in about 20 minutes). So, where is the equalization here – 20 minutes for a raider to get one piece of T2 Legendary gear vs. 60-100 hours (depending on the luck of RNG) for the solo player to do the same. Yeah, that silo is equal. Also note that is all these notes, they mention increasing the chance of getting better gear as you get higher, but that is ONLY when you are lucky enough to get the gear roll. NOTHING HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT REMOVING ANY OF THE JUNK IN THE SYSTEM TODAY – which means on average a useful piece of gear every 15-25 crates.

              PvP: Has to still grind about 50 WZs to get the gear they want. That is roughly 15-25 hours of play time for gear. The Op guy got it in 20 minutes. Oh, and this one gets even better Once some people have Tier 4 Legendary Gear, the poor soul going into PvP at level 70 at Tier 1 mixed gear is going to constantly have his ass handed to him. The good news, is he only has to take it for about 2,000 WZs then he will finally catch up. Which will never happen because they quit in frustration instead (not for anything, but this is EXACTLY what happened in the 1.x era with the Battlemaster boxes).

              Yes, old silos are being removed and replaced with new silos that are worse than what was removed. With what is being proposed for 5.2, here is the Tier 4 scenario of investment and reward:

              Op Raiders: Full Tier 4 gear in about three weeks assuming 3 hours a night 5 days a week. So 45 total hours, maybe even less.

              Solo PvE: Must first get to tier 300. Time about 200-300 hours. Then needs about another 200 levels assuming okay RNG, another 200 hours. Average total time to get Tier 4 legendary about 500 hours.

              PvP: Needs about 1,800 WZs (assuming average mix of wins and losses) to get to Tier 4 legendary. Assuming 3 WZs hour average, that is 600 hours of grinding.

              So maybe I am missing something, but Raiders will have the chance to gear ten toons in full Tier 4 legendary (and at least Tier 2 legendary) before other play styles even gear one toon. To say the silos have been removed is a complete joke.

              • Lee Hambly

                Would be so much easier in a ts or discord or something… anyway…
                People are putting themselves in these silos if they exist. Why would they do that? The whole point of this is to break down those walls 🙂

                And I’m sorry but you are giving Ops raiders in your above example a very hefty hand up. You assume both the pve solo and pvp players are starting from scratch and yet assume an ops player will simply walk in and clear the highest level content?? Why is that?

                I went the whole of release 3.x without looting a single relic. RNG for you. Full lockout on Ops as often as I could… just never got the roll :/
                As for having to explain further depth and the nuance of which activity or method of focus etc is betterer… well, that’s something your guild, much like anyone else, have to work out for themselves tbh.

                MMO’s are constantly shifting… is one of the reasons I like it… I have activities I personally would like to do… I try to do them within that “release”… like getting X done before they drop Y and so on… it gives me an overall focus, it is personal… and currently, in 5.1.2 it is full bis prior to 5.2. In 5.1.1 it was something else… and so on…

              • Wayshuba

                I am not saying highest level content. Two raids a night. SM to start, Tier 2 done in about 3-5 days, then HM, Tier 3 done in 3-5 days then Tier 4, Tier 4 done in 3-5 days.

                I have been raiding for a long time. What I just gave is a SLOW example of gearing for raiders that have done the raids 100 times. When 4.0 dropped, I was full 224 in less than two weeks of casual raid play.

                In my example, I assume everyone from scratch to make the time investment required equalized. Raiders won’t even see Tier 1 now. PvE soloers must first grind through Tier 1. PvP players can go for Tier 2, but only after they have completed about 600 WZs (for that Tier).

              • Lee Hambly

                No, sorry… what you just gave is an impractical example… Two raids a night for a player new to Ops is not gonna happen.. not in 3 hours. And well… day 4 and done… there is no 5th day. Don’t forget those lockouts.
                If you were in full 224 in under two weeks of casual raiding, that is due to your raid team gifting you gear.

                Lets break it down… 14 pieces… average loot per Ops = 5/8 pieces. After one week… you have 5 pieces… lets hope they are the right 5 pieces. And let’s add that hope on top of the hope that you clear all of them every time.

                You cannot rely on other people to carry you through… apples and apples… 8 noob raiders walking in for the first time.

              • Wayshuba

                Unfortunately no, it is going to happen. I have taken dozens of new players through what I just described. You seem to forget that for veterans, these raids are so old we can run them on autopilot. Take a newbie or two (or even newly leveled vet alts) and you are through in that little time. We had KP/EV SM runs down to one hour and 45 minutes on average.

                As for gearing in two weeks – here is some math. 47 pieces of gear across all raids. You can be HM equipped in first week and NiM on second week. Even with average rolls, you will get 6 pieces a week. Yes, I tend to be focused on gearing first as main tank, then healer, then remainder. But even taken the above, anyone could be in Tier 2 legendary in about 36 hours of playtime (9 SM raids, each played twice, getting one in 6 drops average – 12 pieces in two weeks at 2 hours a raid).

                No one running Solo PvE is going to come close to that. To even have a chance (and just a chance where the Op runner is guaranteed) at full T2 legendary is going to take about 200-240 levels. Yes, I know you will be in Tier 3, but no one is fully kitted with T2 by the end of the CxP rank of it. So, the Op Runner in 36 hours can fully kit in T2, or close to fully, while the solo PvE’r cannot do it any earlier than about 100-120 hours. Similar for the PvPer too.

                And, this gets even worse when you consider alts. Solo PvErs and PvPers have the same course and grind (with just a little shaved off for each and every toon). Raiders not so. We can take a vets alt through two nights, three raids, let them get all the drops (because we are already geared) and they will be fully geared in T2 legendary in 6 hours. But the solo PvPr on his alt… well there is the 10% bonus, so at least he might be geared the second time around with only 90-110 hours of grind.

                And don’t even get me started on the utterly useless Tier 4 and how it messes this up even further. Hey, if your a raider you start a T2 and go to T4 – so three tiers. Hey, good news, PvPers are going to start at T2 and go to T4 – so 3 tiers. Oh, and you solo players….. you have to go through T1 for about 60-80 hours first before you even start on T2. So in essence, they just gave a big fuck you to the solo players with the 5.2 update.

              • Lee Hambly

                Yeah – if you are gonna basically gift all the loots to one player, ofc its quicker! screw it… full set in Ops in what 3 Ops? Yeah, do that. Just buy the loot basically. Seriously.. apples and apples!
                You have to adjust your approach to PVE and PVP then tbh… assume all players are in 208/224 to start or something… and if a solo PVE is in 224… well, they are done… nothing to do! Just wait for the GC to upgrade all your bits.
                You have to realise… No Op player is guaranteed ANY loot from an Ops… unless they are being gifted it. The best you can hope for is 3/4 or 7/8 of a chance of a piece in any complete run. Even in SnV, one guy is going home with nothing.

                And its 46 btw… 2 extra for SnV but 1 less for EC.

                Question: why do Ops players think they are the only ones that farm the crap out of Ops? There is no secret to this stuff. Literally the whole game does this… the ones that don’t are the exception or extremely casual. or possibly PVP only… but don’t worry, they will notice that silo wall is down soon enough.

                Those 36 hours, doing 9 ops twice… you are spreading that over 2 weeks, right? Like I said… you are skewing the process to tailor your timings so much now… yes it is quicker… it always has been… they have said time and time again, they want the hardest largest group content to have the highest reward. but if you want to make comparisons between a number of things… you have to base it on an equal footing.

              • Drivan

                The difference is that Ops Players haven’t gotten anything new, content wise in 2 years. PvE players have gotten new content at every turn. Even when Ops were released they were bundled with PvE content releases. You have a plethora of options of where to farm your CXP, Ops Raiders have 9 options of their preferred content.
                And no one really WANTS to farm EV and KP over and over and over because they are SO old and SO easy…

              • Lee Hambly

                Ofc dude. me too, and tbh most of the playerbase too! BUT it is not about you, me or Wayshuba doing them… Wayshuba’s point is that one type of player has a gearing path of X hours and so on… I am merely pointing out that if you want to truly compare these different player types, which tbh I rarely come across anyone who only exclusive plays one type of content… but if you are trying to compare those types of players and the commitment that is required to achieve certain milestones, then you HAVE give those players the same starting position… and that starting position has to be “an ungeared, fresh Level 70, with no wz or ops experience of any kind and is not gifted or carried through content” – otherwise you are basically, like I say, comparing Apples and Oranges… you have to compare Apples with Apples!

              • Wayshuba

                What I am talking about is this is EXACTLY what was done before by raiders. More point being, Op raiders are getting back their gearing process before whereas Solo PvErs and PvPers are getting screwed by the new system.

                To go back to your original point about similar gear. It would have been far better to have gotten rid of the PvP and Ops vendors. Put Tier 1-3 on the current vendors, then just had tokens drop everywhere in game.

                Let’s say a piece ocst 150. All heroics would give ten tokens – 15 heroics later you have piece for solo PvErs. For Ops, first boss drops 10, the 20, then 30, then 40 and last boss 50. A full Op and you have a piece. For PvPers, a completed WZ (win or lose) would drop 25 tokens. Six WZs later you have a piece.

                This would have been more fair and brought down the silos and gave gear equality. What 5.2 brings in not equal for PvE Soloers or PvPers vs. Op raiders getting their gearing method back. In other words, the system is STILL completely broken.

              • Lee Hambly

                Why are they supposed to be equal? I’ve not heard they are… they have always said the hardest, largest group content will always be rewarded more, etc.

              • Matthew

                It’s technically 48. TC and Monolith still exist. If only for T2 and T3.
                I know that they are random drops, but they are still a loot drop

              • Drivan

                I have been raiding in SWTOR for 5 years, I could clear 2 raids a night given a group of experienced raiders.
                EV and KP would fall in less than the time that we dedicate to a raid night. We could have our entire team geared out in 6 days if we chose to raid every single night and to do double duty, using alts, on Friday and Saturday night.

                I have ran and cleared these Ops so many times that I can do them blind folded.
                The example given is pretty accurate.

              • Lee Hambly

                Read the other reply… its not about what you can do, its right there int he last line of my post: “8 noob raiders walking in for the first time”… its about what a new player has to go through to gear up. As I say… if you are gifted all the pieces, you are fully geared in about 3-5 hours soon. That is an utterly pointless comparison.

                And for an experienced raider… 2 a night? Short night :/ Don’t need experienced raiders… just any pug on fleet.

              • Drivan

                So are you saying that new players shouldn’t have to progress and learn the ops through a lot of trail and error the way the rest of us did?

            • Fuzzypaw

              While I agree with you that new content was added in the forms or 9 more story chapters, and 12 new uprisings. I did them all a few times, and was ready to move on. I am an operations guy. I like to do the operations. New operations would be great, but that never happened. Once GC came out with the RNG crap, I was done. So, I voted with my feet, and left the game. If you are happy with the game as it is, the more power to you. Have fun with it.

          • Mer Vila

            Finally someone who sees it for what it is…

        • Divers

          ‘Now the gear is aligned, no different types anymore’

          Except… accuracy and tank stats are useless in pvp whereas in pve its needed…

          .. so depending on your class, you need 2-4 type of gear sets… (if you enjoy both pvp and pve)

          • Lee Hambly

            Tanks will always have to run two sets if they play both specs, but dps and even heal dps don’t need whole sets, you can be extremely economical and cover all the bases with a bit of thought… especially if dps/heal… 4 “set-ups” but not 4 “complete sets” by any stretch of the imagination – 1.5 to 2 if you do it right.

            • Divers

              What I meant was that if someone wants to play as a tank in pvp, they need tank set bonus armorings and dps mods/enhancements. For that, they either grind as a tank enough crates to get the set bonus, then grind more as a dps for mods or they craft/buy mods, but those ain’t exactly cheap.

  • Loco Motive


  • Cole

    It’s a little complicated, but I like the change. I suppose once hey get this implimented I can grind for a reason.

  • Matt Gustin

    Oooh, another tier of best in slot gear to grind, to use on the one new Operations boss in April, so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should I run Fractured 2500 times or mix it up, decisions, decisions…

    • Drool Bear

      I’ve run Fractured so many times now I think I could actually create a bot to do it for me. I’m sure someone else already has.

    • Lee Hambly

      well, you should definitely try a different Uprising, cos since the exploit fix, .. it aint the quickest.

  • Drool Bear

    I feel like with this gearing system they have made all my alts obsolete now. On just one character, I still haven’t reached 300. This 250% boost is supposed to end in what a month?

    • Лев Сафаров

      Probably when 5.2 starts.

  • UnkPunk

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9d3c172aa3fa6b9c7cd67ea0e27651cc036f4f2cc02aed9472811b8a2898d634.jpg Yep this is how it should have been at launch, except without the command crates, but for me it’s too little too late…

    • Fuzzypaw

      I agree. I’ve already moved on to another game.

  • Seph

    While I applaud the fact they backtracked on raising the CXP cap, I am shaking my head that they were going to raise it in the first place.

    • UnkPunk

      Wasn’t aware that they decided not to add 100 new levels. I’m guessing all the outrage on social media and the forums they realized that was a mistake lol. If only they would have listened before 5.0 released that GC wasn’t a good idea the game wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in…

  • Secundum

    Buahahaha. I wonder how many of us left to force them to get back on track?

  • d8xC0

    Why have this green blue purple shit anyways? Never got it. But made a decision I only keep purple stuff, everything lower than that goes to the venor (or in case of GC recyle bin).

    made things much easier. I just don’t care about some stuff, no campirosn to my equipped gear. Not purple? Just trash it and be done with it. Works fine.

  • GhGh

    These guy still in charge? Well I guess a skilled developer is to expensive for greedy EA and won’t get into this mess of broken engine game anyways.

    Guess we stuck with the Stooges…

    • GSF4Lyfe

      Eric Musco is a community manager, not a developer. What he’s doing in these quotes is telling us what he’s been told to say. There’s a big difference between CM and dev. He doesn’t make decisions like this.

  • So after all these months of shenanigans, PVE gear is basically going back to what it was minus the comms vendors and only PVP players are pretty much fucked over. fantastic! I sincerely hope everyone at BioWare Austin dies in a fire….

  • Iam T. Walrus

    And so… when the next expansion giving us the new level cap of 75, all of this new and shiny Tier 4 (and Tier 5) gear will be totally useless anyways.

    Thank you, but I’ll just stick with regular solo-gaming gear.

    • Lee Hambly

      So, you’d prefer it if “Swtor 1.0” was the game and it just stayed that way until sunset?

      • HMHero

        3.0 would be cool

        • Lee Hambly

          That’s still 15 odd tiers of gear gone through (6 pvp and 9 pve) to get to 3.0.

          Just cos they didn’t call them tier 1,2 3, etc… doesn’t mean they aren’t exactly the same… our incoming tier 4 is actually tier 40 odd…idk, too many to count.

      • Drivan

        I would have taken a balanced release schedule like they used to do, like every other MMO on the market still does, that has content for folks who like large group content, small group content, PvP and Solo PvE. If they had stuck to balanced releases I, and many like me, would have never started looking for something else to play.

        I guess that is why I’m playing ESO. They are releasing several new dungeons, some PvP arenas, some new trials, a new class, a new story line and and a new exploreable area…
        All by JUNE!
        Not a little at a time over the next year, but a release so large that it’s a full expansion pack!
        But Hey, SWTOR is expecting 1 boss and about 5 Cartel Market updates between now and June…

  • Mer Vila

    So you do not pvp nor do ops? You dont exist to them.

    • John Kosto

      Ok, first of all, if you don’t do ops or pvp, you don’t really need gear. Literally everything else has bolster. But even if you do need gear to make your life easier, the above changes still increase the rate at you get your gear through command crates a lot. No more green bullshit items, and the blue items will have set bonus. Not that I would ever approve anything that has to do with the command crates and the crappy CXP system.

      But people not doing ops and pvp complaining about stuff they shouldn’t be complaining, is the reason why the rest of us were removed of endgame content and new pvp maps. So yeah. Please stop.

      • Frigi

        I play ops, but not very often, don’t have a large guild and my timing is erratic. So while before I did play my share of ops in SM and HM over a year’s time, I’d have to go about gearing in a bit of a roundabout way.

        Vendor 208s with amassed basics to get started; mixing drops from SM ops (making grateful use of even the ‘trash’ drops) with spamming HM FP pugs as much as I could when I did have time–and seriously, you cannot sit there and tell me with a straight face that running Blood Hunt, Manaan or Rishi with randoms is easier than an SM ops run where even just four people from one guild are running.

        I now have no way to quickly get into the bare minimum of gear required to carry groups of random bads through an activity I actually used to enjoy a lot.

        I now have no way to quickly get set up to a point where I can fill in for what HM ops I used to play.

        I do not pvp at all, I do not like the attitude of pvpers, I can’t play HM ops anymore at all, I don’t dare set a foot into a random HM FP anymore… all that is left that I can do that I did and enjoyed before is one or two SM ops per month.

        There is no one single way to play this game, and arguing against different playstyles getting some love was not okay when it was about ops players, it is also not okay when about players who don’t play ops. Everyone deserves a useful system.

        • HMHero

          “Everyone deserves a useful system.”

          let us know when swtor gets one… again…

        • John Kosto

          I am not sure how your response applies to what I said. The 208 gear that you started with before in 4.0 is actually worse than the 228/230 that you start with now. You can always craft gear to fill any holes by the way, but you don’t even have to. For god’s sake, I am not defending the current CXP and Galactic Command system, I think it’s horrible. But with 5.2 the gearing process will be exactly the same as in 4.0 with ops, AND it will have the command crates to give you gear. So you will actually get MORE gear than you did before.

          Every single command crate will give you at least one blue 230 set piece with set bonus. I don’t see how you will not be able to gear your toon ready for HM FPs in just a few days, even if you have very limited time. What Command Level are you at now?

          About Blood Hunt, Manaan and Rishi in HM…. if you think that gear makes a significant difference… guess again. If people don’t know their DPS rotations and the mechanics of the fights, they could be in full 242 gear and wipe 100 times. I have completed Blood Hunt HM with a level 60 operative dps back in 4.0, when operative didn’t even have the awesome DPS that it has now. It’s all about mechanics with these fights, not gear. And again, even if you did need gear…. HM FPs all have bolster man. You can literally enter them at level 50 if you want.

          I will agree with you that running random FPs and Ops though through group finder is now a lot worse, especially on the republic side for some reason on my server. Many new people that dont know how to play their class…

          • Frigi

            Bah.. my response seems to have disappeared.. and it was an entire novel too. Will try again in a more brief manner..

            If you really think that 208 or it’s previous equivalents compare to 228 or 230 now, then.. I’m not sure on what planet you live to be honest. I could get my army of characters to a bare minimum within a single day of hitting a new level cap. I have 50 characters on my primary server. Exactly none of them are in at least 228 gear, let alone better. It’s virtually impossible for someone who plays many ~30 characters or more and does not have a defined main to get their characters in all 230 within a year if they do not play lots of ops and/or pvp. I’m not even talking about speed. I’m talking about possible.

            And yes, I know it’s possible to finish HM FPs with no gear and/or at the lowest level you can enter them in. I’ve done so. With people I knew and trusted. I rely on groupfinder. I said I had to play with randoms. I can’t carry randoms if I’m only able to carry my own weight. Maybe others can. I cannot. I need to overgear to compensate for them. I’m not complaining about this, I love it. But now I can’t do it anymore.

            • John Kosto

              The problem with alt toons is a major one, and it’s not just for you. I have managed to craft gear for all of my (25) alts, but that literally took 2 months since December when 5.0 was released, and a tremendous amount of credits and crafting materials. I think I did it only because there isn’t much else to in this game anyway…

              I am 100% with you on the alt toons problem of course. For your other problem…. honestly, I admire you if you try to finish AND carry other people in HM FPs (I have definitely done that many times as well and I don’t mind) but seriously, you should find a guild with people to do them…. if you are on the Harbinger, just join my guild and I will run them with you whenever you want. The truth is that they have also made HM FPs harder. Which is fine because it’s actually a challenge many times, but there is no balance. The 2nd boss in Manaan is ridiculously hard even in Tactical Mode.

              I mean I am the first one to say how many problems this game currently has (and there are soooooooo many) and how bad it has become, especially with all the lack of content, but I think gearing will be easier in 5.2. I think everyone agrees that the crystals system was much better overall of course.

          • guest

            Same gear system as 4.0 with one caveat: in 4.0 the trash (mk-2 non-setbonus) drops were extremely useful for filling out your gear/min-maxing enhancements/making an alt set/reverse engineering.

            In 4.0 I can count the times I tanked an OP on one hand, but I did have a full 220 non setbonus set ready to go if needed.

            Would be really nice if they did something similiar in 5.2 for ops players because we no longer have coms (which served the same purpose).

          • Paulo Gomes

            “If people don’t know their DPS rotations and the mechanics of the fights, they could be in full 242 gear and wipe 100 times.”

            Truer words have never been written. THAT is the problem right there: gear does NOT make you a better player. It just makes you a well-geared BAD player.

      • Guest

        You need to read a little closer. Only Tier 4 (Command Rank 300+) blue items have set bonuses, and “green bullshit” will still be in Tier 1-3 crates; the chances of it will just get lower as you go through the Tier, at which point you will go into the next Tier and start getting it again (albeit at a higher rating).

        • Wayshuba

          and… you chances of getting gear are still as slim as before. Notice not a single thing was said about changing the percentage chance of getting gear, nor about removing the junk. Just that when you do get gear every 25-30 crates, it will have a chance to be better than it is today.

      • Mer Vila

        My complain doesnt deprive you of anything, since it has literally nothing to do with it.
        My point is, in previous 5.0, you could do an amount of content and still do baby steps towards getting decent gear. Since 5.0, what activities do you do and reward you with gear you can actually use instead of the crap of rng? PVP and OPs.
        Do you get my point now?
        Do you understand that by leaving a lot of players out of the gearing campaing (because the cxp is not, sorry to say), you leave them no room to move? Nothing we do counts, unless of course you take leveling command as something that counts.

        And finally, you dont have endgame content nor new pvp maps because developers dont work on it, not because I write a comment here on Dulfy, just saying.

        • John Kosto

          Well SWTOR has changed dramatically in the last 2 years because of people complaining that it’s too complicated, and that they can’t do ops, and that they don’t have good gear, because they can’t do ops. Not only the gearing system became crap, but also they oversimplified combat trees, giving us these preset proficiencies now, and removing all skill points, which gave us the freedom to customize our combat style in thousands of different ways, literally.

          So your complain on Dulfy might not have done the trick, but similar comments in the official forums did it. By the way, you could not get ANY gear at all without having to deal with RNG crap in 5.0. That happened in 5.1, and it will be improved in 5.2. I am sorry, but getting more and better gear by doing Ops is pretty sensible to me. If you don’t do ops or pvp, what do you need the best tier gear for? Master mode chapters? Is that really something people do? I know that the RNG system sucks, but at least they are somewhat improving that part too…. somewhat.

          • Ariania

            Sure, blame it all on players, they’ve done it for us.

        • Dont feed the troll. Crafting or buying gear is so fucking easy. a tier 1 command rank 1 can be full 240 min max in 1 to 2 weeks running dailies. Stop with your nonsense, thats your way to get gear if you refuse to do content the best gear requires is for. ERP doesnt require BiS shit.

      • Ariania

        It’s funny how you’re defending stu-p!d system and lack of content with “you don’t need it”. 🙂

    • Lee Hambly

      Don’t exist to them? Err… 2 full releases of content purely for that player type and the GC system which is purely for that player type… seriously dude, there’s plenty (though less now) for people to have a go at them about… but this is definitely not one of them. ffs!

      • Mer Vila

        For that player style? Sorry? I dont enjoy opening boxes with crap inside them, I want to be able to work towards the gear I want to have. The only way now is OPS and PVP, do you understand that?
        That´s why this patch doesnt work for me. And to be honest the system with boxes and a gazillion levels of getting boxes for boxes and boxes with A CHANCE of something useful, doesnt work either, and not just for me.

        • Lee Hambly

          So, what is it you need gear for? I am actually curious…

        • Maybe cuz this game is an MMO ??????? Go play solo game and stop argue on shit

  • Disgusted Customer

    The remaining playerbase and some of the new players.

    • Baldarhion

      Ha ha ha ha 😀 excellent… It reminds me the FP via group finder 😀

      • georgiadawg

        LMAO That clip is every pug group since about 3.0. One tryhard dragging 3 BRs and explaining the mechanics of EVERY pull. Maddening, Cadimemu shouldn’t take 3 hours because your team can’t kite the bot to the cage and dps it there >:|

    • Wayshuba

      Hmmm. I think that reminds more of the team at BW when discussing what they are working on next.

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  • Thomas Connen

    So there is an other index isn’t it ? How much ? 248 ??

  • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

    they want cookies for going to moon via Jupiter and back?

  • Genbo the Shandian

    GENBO wil be KING of you ALL!!!

  • Jason

    Bioware could single handedly save this game with one patch and people would still bitch about it. “Muh pvp” Well how about you shut the fuck up and wait for them to make announcements, this patch is coming in april, it’s far more likely that they haven’t either come up with improvements to pvp or just haven’t stated them first because pve is far more prevalent in the community. Shut your whore mouths and give them a bit of time and faith. These changes are a huge step in the right direction and there will be more.

    • Drivan

      So 2 years wasn’t long enough time, we need to give them another year?
      I gave them about $360 and feel as though I haven’t really gotten that monies worth, but by all means should give then another $180 this year when I’m not enjoying running the same content that I have been running for 5 years?
      Nope, sorry.

      • Wayshuba

        Wouldn’t bother. One comment is his whole thread on Disqus and this just happens to be it.

        I sense a sock puppet…

    • Nomad

      I believe they are heading in the right direction as well. But using toxic language to make a point is not helpful to a discussion.

  • Lazaro Cabrera

    Makes no sense to grind this crap, wait till the next expansion and they will provide the Tier 3 gear to all level 70’s for free. Bring back tokens for gear all the way around, instead of band-aiding this experiment of theirs.

    • Leth

      They wont make it to another expansion.

  • Meelis S

    Can somone explain me Bioware logic here.

    They will change drops rates and quality with patch 5.2 AFTER they remove cxp boost game offers now? So best is to wait new changes are released and then increase tier by 1 add another 100 levels and remove high cxp bonus???

    What kind of backwards logic is this?? No way i will come back later with 5.2

    • UnkPunk

      My Guess is they have lost too many subs and this is the way they think will bring those lost subs back, but sadly this alone will not be enough.

      • Meelis S

        Yes it kinda looks desperate move but its totally backwards. Hey come back and get awesome loot but at slower rate and with more levels?
        Also its same rng anyway.

        I’m shaking my head does Bioware really think SWTOR playerbase mostly are braindead and farm mindlessly whatever they come up with?

        • Shawn Hargrave

          Yes they believe that a 100%

        • Лев Сафаров

          300 level cap stays. You stop receive tier 3 after 299 level and get tier 4 at 300 level and so on.

  • BorgOvermind .

    No content, more grinding. ‘Great’. Pass.

    • John Doe

      same if i wanted a grind i’ll just go back to WoW to farm Artifact Power and RNG.

  • Jay Asher

    was actually surprised I got a legendary yellow mh weapon. Ugly as sin but just need the insides

    • Lee Hambly

      KEEP THE SHELL! buy it back if you’ve vendored it.

      • Jay Asher

        i did I noticed it had +60 force instead of +40 thing that sucks is I already had a better hilt when i got it… lol But yeah its the same ugly ass lightsaber with a monocol on the side of it. But having gold compenants in your set shit is always nice looking

  • Harston

    If anyone’s interested, Tier 4 will have some cosmetic gear that actually has new models. And not bad ones either, even if they are only helmets.
    Are the two most notable.

    • Appreciated.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Can’t tell for sure from the icon, but the second one looks like a recoloring of the Wicked Huntress (Vaylin) hood except as a helmet/head slot piece.

    • Tony

      Sorry to burst the bubble, but I immediately recognized the Omniscient Master’s Headpiece. I have been wearing 1.0 Columi headpiece since 1.0. That is the piece with the “horns” removed. Devious Outlaw looks like the gear you see on the trash mobs in Scum & Villainy. Technically new to players, but not the game.

      • Harston

        Aye, you’re right. I wasn’t implying that the Omniscient Master’s Headgear had a new model, only that it was a notable piece of Cosmetic gear as it’s one of the few hoods that’ll be able to be worn without being attached to a chest-piece. Was more referring to a couple of smuggler head bits and I think one Hunter helmet?

  • Nogs sgon

    Wow, so took them half a year and lots of unsubs to figure out they fucked up.

    • Bakgrind

      One thing that will finally come out of all of this is that we will know what their real intentions are about this game. Do they throw some money into the game or will they continue to stay the course by not really giving it the development that it deserves.

      • Seph

        It seems like that ship has sailed already.

        • Bakgrind

          Yeah sadly it would appear so.

  • John Doe

    Lol this is just depressing :))

    • DualBlastersGuy

      I actually find it rather blackly comedic at this point, but yeah…

      (My sense of humour is rather more severely warped than most.)

  • Ariania

    And this, guys, is how I started playing BDO.

    • Udesi

      What’s BDO?

  • Solar

    I cancelled my long time subscription to SWTOR about a month after 5.0 was released due to gearing via RNG. Now, especially because of the guaranteed gear drops from ops bosses, I was considering resubscribing. However, since I cancelled, I have bought and started ESO gold edition. Also, this weekend, I started a trial of FFXIV. I am thoroughly enjoying both. ESO for the open world exploration and combat style and FFXIV for its beautiful world, great character customization and the fact that it’s final fantasy. I’m actually leaning towards playing both and subscribing to FFXIV. Both have given me an idea of what SWTOR COULD be if SWTOR just received some genuine TLC (tender loving care) from their development team. Even with the RNG and gear adjustments, the new content coming in 5.2 is barely just a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of new content this game needs considering the new end game content drought SWTOR has had for about 2 years now. And, also BW/EA has a less than stellar reputation and track record. So, I’m now leaning less towards resubscribing to swtor and spending that monthly $15 towards FFXIV (ESO is buy to play, so since I already bought the game, I don’t HAVE to spend money on a monthly subscription fee). What are your guys thoughts?

    • Лев Сафаров

      I think that where i am subscription cost 2x less because of exchange rate. If seriously i have eso too, but stopped playing it. I like elder scrolls, played 678 hours in Skyrim, but im not fan of fantasy mmo. Swtor in opposite i think normal SF mmo except (star citizen that will be released later) lack of new things to do.

    • Drivan

      SWTOR is in deep shit man. They aren’t even releasing 1/4 of the content that other games are releasing this year. They haven’t come close to releasing 1/3 of the content that ESO has released in the past year.
      Even WoW pushed out a bigger release than SWTOR in the past 12 months.
      I am right there with you, SWTOR just doesn’t have it anymore and what they are releasing this year is no longer worth “the price of admission.” Even reinstating the boss loot drops isn’t enough to keep me playing anymore. I have no desire to grind out 300 command ranks play through tired old content that I memorized years ago. My problem is that my raid team are my friends and I get along with them so well and I love Star Wars. But I think I love ESO WAY more than I love SWTOR…

      Do you think that the fact that EA is announcing 3 new Star Wars Games next month is a coincidence given the huge content drought that SWTOR is having compared to other games in it’s genre?
      I Currently play 2 games, ESO and SWTOR. I don’t plan to play SWTOR much longer.

      • Solar

        BW Austin is the studio that takes care of (supposed to) SWTOR. Correct me if I’m wrong, BW Austin is not the studio developing these new games (https://www.ea.com/play2016/news/the-future-of-ea-and-star-wars-games). However, it could be that EA is reallocating resources ($$$) away from BW Austin and giving those resources to these other studios. And maybe that’s why development has slowed to a crawl, both in new content and bug fixes. Perhaps also, the revenue from the game (subscription + CC sales) isn’t being reinvested into the game. But I digress; these are just speculations. However, these days it seem that SWTOR has like 2 part time game coders and 2 part time high level designers. Which is a shame because I really did like SWTOR in the days of 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x before they went all KOTFE.

        I’m not 100% done with SWTOR. I’m still hoping that BW can get their stuff together and release some real Flashpoints, new WZs, maybe even a new, big, fully explorable planet instead of a tiny little boxed in area like yavin (though I did like 3.0 and thought it was the best SWTOR expansion in terms of story and content).

        I’ll probably buy the ESO Morrowind expansion some time after it’s released. I still need to get through all the content from the game and previous expansions. I’ll buy heavensward later in the year too if I decide to subscribe to ff14.

        If SWTOR would offer a real expansion, not just some streamlined story that, while an interesting story, takes a few hours to get through with little room to branch out (I was hoping for a few big forks in the story since choices mattered in KOTFE/ET), I would gladly pay $30 – $50 for it. A real expansion as in a continuation of unique class stories with fully voiced cut scenes, at least 2 new, big, fully explorable planets with one time quests and at least 1 daily/weekly area on each planet, new Flashpoints (uprisings are what happens when you get lazy trying to half develop an FP), at least 1 new operation, and more companion interaction with your class companions (instead of 40 barely 1 dimensional companions).

        I’m hoping that in 6.0 (if SWTOR makes it that far), the premise is that our PC awakens from their sleep and realizes that the events of KOTFE and KOTET was all just a big, bad dream, and the game resumes where 3.0 left off, with unique class stories for each class.

        • Drivan

          I agree with you.
          I hope that SWTOR makes it to a 6.0 and that they have something HUGE and EPIC in store.

          However, given that BW Austin is set to release a brand new IP that they have been working on since Shadow Realms evaporated and EA is announcing 3 new Star Wars games that will also release before too long I have my doubts about SWTOR making any kind of resurgence.

          My gut instinct is that the 5.0 run is the last hurrah, that they have created the Command System as a way that people an continue to work toward gear and achievements while the game is on maintenance mode. They may toss some Cartel Market stuff in teh game a few times a year and make a few updates here and there, but I don’t see anything big happening.

          BioWare Austin will have their new IP to focus on, BW Canada has Mass Effect and Dragon Age to focus on and the London office is running the European support for all BioWare titles. EA is fairly notorious for not doing much to financially support their subordinate studios. I don’t see things going well for SWTOR past 2017 and I’m not sure that it will live long after the release of BW:A’s new IP.

          Dragon’s Age: Inquisition stopped being updated and has been mostly ignored since BioWare Canada started getting serious about ME:A. With MA:E close to launch look at DA:I now, a few DLC’s that were basically 1-offs that took a player no time flat to complete. I feel bad for all those folks who wasted their money on a 1 year pass expecting a ton of content…

          Notice how SWTOR has slowly lost dev support in the form of meaningful, juicy, sink your teeth into it, replayable content and we just learned that BW:A will be releasing a new IP soon?

          I can’t have a rosy outlook at this point, I’m pretty sure I’m moving on.

          • John Doe

            You are going to be very dissapointed , this game has been releasing very shallow expansions and less and less content. It’s pretty obvious where this game is going. I am an optimistic guy but at some point you gotta face the reality the game will soon shutdown.

            • Drivan

              I agree with you, I think the writing’s on the wall.

              I look at these points:
              1. EA VP states that BW Austin has been working on a new game with a unique IP since 2013 and that game will be launched within the next year
              2. EA announces that it has 3 Star Wars games that it will unveil during Star Wars celebration.
              3. SWTOR’s releases have been unbalanced and focused on a single content type for the last 2 years.
              4. They are pushing to a low maintenance system that can keep players busy for a long time with little intervention from the dev team.
              5. The game FEELS like it has reached the end of it’s story and as though it it’s time to move on.

              I would love to see it have a resurgence, I just don’t think it will happen.

              • Wayshuba

                The thing is, the way they are handling this “exit” with SWTOR, by pissing paying customers of to no end and those that remain they treat with such abuse and contempt, is going to have a much bigger effect on things than they realize. They are not just destroying the SWTOR brand, but they are also doing a lot of brand damage to both BW and EA in the process.

                I can tell you one person (myself) and many others (all of my guild members) who, as a result of how they have handled the 5.0 drop and the piss poor way they have dealt with the massive negativity, that none of us will be purchasing anything with the BW or EA brand on them. Two people in particular I am thinking of were once excited for ME:A and both have decided they are going to take a pass on it.

                So if the intent is that this title is shutting down later this year and the goal was to come up with something with a minimum of effort that keeps suckers paying until they announce the closure, they have done that splendidly. If the further intent is that they will then get a lot of these customers to purchase the latest and greatest out of BW, they are failing at that miserably. Want to bet that ME:A is going to perform below expectations?

              • Drivan

                I agree with you completely.
                I know so many people who will never buy another BW title because of the way they treat customers.
                I honestly don’t care what the title that BW:A is releasing is. I’m not buying it simply because the team at BW:A doesn’t seem to know anything about customer satisfaction.
                I’ll admit that I’ll be tempted to check out any new Star Wars game no matter who the producer and studio is, but that is only because I love anything Star Wars…
                I’m an old geek…
                But yes, BW and EA have burnt many bridges with how they have been handling SWTOR since the big controversy surrounding “the Ravagers Exploit.”
                This 5.0 debacle has only made everything worse.

        • Kubrickian

          Maybe one or two years ago it started to become pretty obvious that the cartel pack sales weren’t going into making new content for the game which is incredibly sad because a good number of people were under the impression it logically would. All the people that purchased 10 or more hypercrates in the last two years should get a 50% off discount on ME Andromeda.

      • Jonathan Bacon

        Yet you have time to make this comment. Who you kidding dude

        • Drivan

          Yeah, I made the comment 6 months ago… and haven’t played SWTOR since a few days after.

    • Fred Garvin

      Ask yourself this: would you even be considering re-subbing to SWTOR if it wasn’t Star Wars? I’ll bet the answer is no.

      My thought is don’t let your love for SW and the hope that SWTOR will maybe, possibly, someday get back on track to deliver a compelling SW MMO exp keep you from two other games that it sounds like you’re enjoying. They have certainly provided more content over the last few years than SWTOR and will probably continue to do so.

      Even though I play WoW now I’ve played both ESO and FFXIV and think that both are great games; definitely worth your time and money more than SWTOR.

  • Burritos

    The summer is the time when things will change entirely since many people are canceling their sub fees right now, due to lack of content and because gear boxes every 30 minutes isn’t enough and it gets boring after 200 crates on 1 toon.

    • Disqus this

      Crazy thing I read is that there is a tier 5 that is going to to be released before summer.

      Thats really going to piss gamers off.

      • Лев Сафаров

        They add tier 5 to test server and discuss its implementation. If negative feedback i think they may not release it or add it without increasing 300 level cxp cap, like now with tier 4.

        • Wayshuba

          Not increasing the level cap is a false dichotomy. You cannot start earning Tier 4 until level 300, then every level after that is a Tier 4 crate. So while they didn’t increase the level cap in number, they did increase it for the Tier 4 gear.

          When they add Tier 5 somewhere around summer with New Op Boss 2, they can once again say “Look, good news, we are not increasing the level cap.” But you won’t start earning Tier 5 crates until you have got at least 100 Tier 4 crates.

          In case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, the game is done. This whole thing is simply to keep a few hamsters spinning on the wheel as long as possible right up until they pull the plug on the game later this year. Those that remain playing are being played by BW and EA for suckers. It is as simple as that.

          Bookmark this thread (and this post), if I was a betting man I would take a big bet that it will indeed happen before the close of this year.

          • Drivan

            I only disagree on part of what you said. I think they will wait until EA’s new Star Wars games launch. And I think that they will keep SWTOR limping along until BW:A at least announces their new game under the unique IP if not wait until just before that game launches.
            I do wholeheartedly believe that SWTOR is done.

        • Disqus this

          I have no doubt they are going to release it. Given how bw talked about the tiers it might not be mixed into GC and that grind (but I bet thats how we get it) but expect to see it in some form before the summer.

          Now that I think about it, given that Tier 4 doesn’t go anywhere and is stuck at 300 over and over. T5 might not be attached to that at all but be in OPS or PVP only. Skipping GC entirely since most things galactic command sucks anyway.

          • Лев Сафаров

            Maybe that. We’ll see soon enough.

  • Tony

    Again, I will take the improvements. The increase in components and the 250% boost with the new 100% boost on top of it were excellent additions to the CXP system. However, losing the 100% after you hit a certain level feels like a punishment. I appreciate the restoration of the guaranteed drops during ops. However, the fact that ops bosses do not drop components is not good. Components should equal the old data crystals and comms and drop in ALL CXP activities. CXP could have actually been a great system, had they added it to the old gearing schedule, not replaced it. Now they are bringing it back, but continue to dither on our biggest gripe. CONTENT. One boss every few months is ridiculous. TOR should be like its MMO peers. I expect a minimum of two new ops, pvp maps and flashpoints each year in conjunction with new story. I will continue to sub, not going to lie. However, my presence on the server is largely determined on the activities I can engage in. 5.0 had a great story…little else was added. Uprisings have no story context, compared to even the paper-thin flashpoints. Why should my main care about going to X to do Y without explaining WHY?

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