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SWTOR Operation Loot Table for Patch 5.2

Bioware has released an operation loot table for patch 5.2 with specific drops attached to the each bosses.

Loot by Operation

Eternity Vault

  • Annihilation Droid XRR-3 – Belt
  • Gharj – Gloves
  • Ancient Pylons – Earpiece
  • Infernal Council – Boots
  • Soa – Offhand

Karagga’s Palace

  • Bonethrasher – Bracers
  • Jarg & Sorno – Boots
  • Foreman Crusher – Earpiece
  • G4-B3 Fabricator – Legs
  • Karagga – Chest

Explosive Conflict

  • Zorn & Toth – Implant
  • Firebrand & Stormcaller – Relic
  • Colonel Vargath – Helm
  • Warlord Kephess – Chest
    • Implant in Master Mode

Terror From Beyond

  • Writhing Horror – Belt
  • The Dread Guard – Relic
  • Operator IX – Helm
  • Kephess – Implant
  • Terror From Beyond – Offhand
    • Legs in Master Mode

Scum and Villainy

  • Dash’roode – Bracers
  • TITAN 6 – Gloves
  • Thrasher – Implant
  • Operations Chief – Legs
  • Olok the Shadow – Relic
  • Cartel Warlords – Chest
  • Dread Master Styrak – Mainhand
    • Boots in Master Mode

The Dread Fortress

  • Nefra – Belt
  • Draxus – Gloves
  • Grob’thok – Earpiece
  • Corruptor Zero – Legs
  • Brontes – Offhand
    • Gloves in Master Mode

The Dread Palace

  • Bestia – Bracer
  • Tyrans – Boots
  • Calphayrus – Helm
  • Raptus – Relic
  • Dread Council – Chest
    • Earpiece in Master Mode

The Ravagers

  • Sparky – Belt
  • Quartermaster Bulo – Boots
  • Torque – Earpiece
  • Master and Blaster – Legs
  • Coratanni – Mainhand

Temple of Sacrifice

  • Malaphar – Bracers
  • Sword Squadron – Gloves
  • Underlurker – Helm
  • Revanite Commanders – Implant
  • Revan – Mainhand

Golden Fury and Colossal Monolith

  • Chance to drop any slot

The Gods from the Machine

  • Tyth – Relic

Loot by Slot


  • Ancient Pylons – Eternity Vault
  • Foreman Crusher – Karagga’s Palace
  • Dread Fortress – Grob’thok
  • Torque – Ravagers


  • Zorn & Toth – Explosive Conflict
  • Kephess – Terror From Beyond
  • Thrasher – Scum and Villainy
  • Revanite Commanders – Temple of Sacrifice


  • Bonethrasher – Karagga’s Palace
  • Dash’roode – Scum and Villainy
  • Bestia – Dread Palace
  • Malaphar – Temple of Sacrifice


  • Annihilation Droid – Eternity Vault
  • Writhing Horror – Terror From Beyond
  • Nefra – Dread Fortress
  • Sparky – Ravagers


  • The Dread Guard – Terror From Beyond
  • Firebrand & Stormcaller – Explosive Conflict
  • Olok – Scum and Villainy
  • Raptus – Dread Palace
  • Tyth – The Gods from the Machine


  • Colonel Vorgath – Explosive Conflict
  • Operator IX – Terror From Beyond
  • Calphayus – Dread Palace
  • Underlurker – Temple of Sacrifice


  • Karagga – Karagga’s Palace
  • Kephess – Explosive Conflict
  • Warlords – Scum and Villainy
  • The Dread Council – Dread Palace


  • Gharj – Eternity Vault
  • TITAN 6 – Scum and Villainy
  • Draxus – Dread Palace
  • Sword Squadron – Temple of Sacrifice


  • Fabricator – Karagga’s Palace
  • Operation Chief – Scum and Villainy
  • Corruptor Zero – Dread Fortress
  • Master & Blaster – Ravagers


  • Jarg & Sorno – Karagga’s Palace
  • Infernal Council – Eternity Vault
  • Tyrans – Dread Palace
  • Bulo – Ravagers


  • Revan – Temple of Sacrifice
  • Styrak – Scum and Villainy
  • Coratanni – Ravagers


  • Terror From Beyond – Terror From Beyond
  • Brontes – Dread Fortress
  • Soa – Eternity Vault

All tokens

  • Golden Fury and Colossal Monolith

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344 replies on “SWTOR Operation Loot Table for Patch 5.2”

It has to be OLD SCHOOL Megatron though so he can transform into a Pistol and Optimus uses him, in pistol form, to blast the piss out of the entire raid… Lol!

Awesome, that gave me another idea!

That happens IF either of the two happens:

1. The boss enrages, after 7min;
2. There will be a mechanic like this: there will be 3 Power Nodes (or whatever) scattered on the map and while the group fights one of the bosses the off tank needs to stay on the other boss interrupting it all the time (or as much as possible). The boss will be swapping from one Power Node to the other in order to charge it, if the 3 cores get to a certain power level, they’ll enrage as well.

Add in Sound Wave and Bumblebee as a pair of ads during the Enrage and I think you have a winner here!

So basically we’re back to the pre 5.0 screw-up regarding op loots. We have each boss drop a certain piece again and we have an extra currency (in form of command tokens) to trade the pieces for. Good job BW!

Hehe. Guess they must have lost A LOT of subs. This is basically going back to the Ops gearing of before. Too late though for many. My guild is already invested in ESO now. SWTOR is dead to us.

ESO has come a long way since launch. In addition, when you look at the content delivery being added to the game, it makes SWTOR look absolutely pathetic in comparison.

Our guild did ESO (so did quite a few ex-SWTOR players based on zone chat) but many others have moved on to FFXIV or even went back to WoW.

Either way, it brings us to that golden threshold in business- the hardest customer to acquire is the one you lost. The way BW crapped all over the feedback only to now, four months later, be finally admitting that the RNG and lack of drops from Op bosses was an issue is too late.

Besides, everyone knows they are not doing this for their customers or because they care about them. They are doing it because someone has to explain how they messed up and cost EA a lot of revenue and the four times that has happened in the past ended up costing someone their job. I am sure this is only being done because Ben Irving is now sweating his job.

The only thing I would personally take from ESO would be the ability to craft different set pieces. Other than Cybertech mods/enhancements, barrels/hilts, you don’t ever want to use any of the MK-4 shit (PvE mind you).
It would be nice to have heroics up’ed in difficulty, and even so Flashpoints. I want to be able to have different set pieces for different circumstances. Maybe give me more cooldown reduction for interrupts or, allow me to have more immunity to snare’s, stuns. etc. Having only 1 set piece makes gearing way too one-dimensional.
The problem I have with ESO is, and not for nothing, the game is too easy, plain and simple, and PvP is a Zerg fest, which I have heard they will be doing more arena style pvp, but even with that, some of those classes like the Templar, makes me want to pull my molars. I remember when the Jesus beam did ridiculous damage and these flavor of the month players just abused that. Not to mention the long horse rides through the plains…but if youre into that sort of thing, enjoy the ride?
One last thing, you cannot deny their undaunted key system is a complete and utter nightmare. I prefer the RNG in this game than the RNG in that game.

My point being, however, was while our guild moved to ESO, others have moved on to other MMOs, like FFXIV, WoW, some back to LOTRO and others.

Here is the issue with that. SWTOR, over the last two years, is the bottom of the barrel of triple A titles when it comes to new content produced. FFXIV and ESO in particular are cranking out the content and, unlike SWTOR, actually listening to customers (which is why those two titles keep growing while SWTOR keeps declining). For example, the Battlegrounds you mention coming to ESO in June were a direct result of requests from players for something other than an open world PvP. Even better, they are going to have different rendom objectives (Deathmatch, Defend and Hold, Capture etc.) and will allow you to only queue for the types you like.

Point being, once people have moved to whichever MMO they did, and see the regular content updates and improvements to based on actual player feedback (like nerfing the Jesus beam on the Templar), it becomes even harder to go back to SWTOR.

Honestly, to save the game at this point would require a major investment from EA in putting out a massive expansion – and we know that won’t happen. While it is nice they are going back to the old Ops gearing, it still is the same problem as before. With full 3.0 gear you could do all modes of Ops. They reset for 4.0, you grinded that gear to do what you were doing with 3.0 gear. Now they reset it again – and even better added another tiers only months after the new gear to….. do the same Ops and content you were doing in 3.0 gear.

See the issue? It is less about ESO in particular (as everyone will have their own tastes) and more about SWTOR can’t even keep up with competitive titles and there is only so many ways you can get people to regrind 2+ year old content before it no longer matters what colo lipstick you put on the pig.

Man, I didn’t realize they did nerf that. I just remember the last time I played that move was ridiculous.
Yeah, healing comps are stupid, sad part is you can double with a friend and do almost all the Master Mode FPs, even pull massive loads of mobs in a Heroic proves to not remedy the lack of challenge.
I think they need to proceed to SWTOR 2 (But you know that aint going to happen.) Include all the old operations, pvp maps, but refresh the game with more classes, you can have some old ones but introduce a system where you can customize a bit more, rather than this nonsense cookie cutter nonsense we have now. Give an option where going darkside will give you unique darkside exclusive moves and viseversa with the light.
I know that’s now dreaming, but man, if a so called “unqualified” member of society can have an imagination and ideas, why can’t the people who get paid to supposedly do this come out with awesome ideas.

Just one thing on my end. I’ve been finding success in PvP with a Dual-Wield/2 Hand Nightblade Stamina DPS build with 70% heavy armor and rest medium. Been tearing through peeps.

One of our guildies, who is obsessive with DPS maximization, has built and tuned four Dragon Knights and 2 Templars to find optimal DPS output and he found a Dual-Wield, light armor, magicka DPS build on a DK to be potent. The one thing people are surprised by is a light armored dragon knight. But he does know how to squeeze out every last point of DPS.

The way you can tweak around with your character in ESO is really fun. I love playing stealthy characters for solo PvE and my main is a stamblade with DW/bow and only medium armor (since she steals a lot of stuff…), has a bunch of leeching abilities and one magicka based ability which means I can pretty much kill mobs endlessly without running out of stamina or health. Or, she can sneak past a ton of trash mobs in delves/quests and just nuke the boss.

Yeah, the One Tamriel update balanced out a lot of stuff. there isn’t a “1 class to rule them all” now, especially with all the new gear sets and some of the adjustments to the Champion System.

SWTOR decided that allowing lots of customization was the downfall to their system and implemented their Disciplines system and ESO felt that even more customization was the the answer and released like 20 more gear sets between drops and craftable.

Like Wayshuba said it isn’t really about what this game or that game is doing right, it’s about experiencing what is different in some other game and SWTOR and then trying to go back to SWTOR.
I Loved SWTOR for a LONG time. I tried SkyForge, Wildstar, Albian Online, NWO, STO, MWO, Star Citizen, Rift, Guild Wars 2, WoW, the launch of ESO and many others and I still loved SWTOR the best.
Then I got in to ESO about a year and a half ago and I can’t love SWTOR anymore given all the decisions they have made as of late.

This is a great point here made by my man Drivan.

It isn’t about personal taste. It’s about different PHILOSOPHIES.

The way TOR decided to deal with the unbalances that are bound to appear with different classes is key to the discussion. Their answer is to nerf classes to the ground until they are not FOTM. The result is that we now have classes that pale in comparison to what they used to be. We all heard how people in this Forum reminisce about Watchman Sentinel; Sniper Engineering; Operative healer… Feel free to complement. Those are just some that are my personal favourites.

Classes are now all equally miserable, and those of us that used to play them way before miss the qualities they used to have. Where OTHER games have gone EXACTLY the contrary route. And made their classes more interesting in the process.

Not to mention: I think TOR is the ONLY MMO among the AAA titles that has NEVER introduced a new class since Vanilla…

Ya know, I didn’t think of the new class thing, but now that you mention it…
The Warden looks SOOOOO amazing!
Something like this, a totally new class (of course SWTOR would have to introduce 2) could breath some life into the game.
But at the same time what would that class be? What could they possibly create? I would want a non force user or a gray/neutral force user.
IDK, My ability to use my imagination within the SWTOR universe is tapped out ever since this BS Command System they made…

Two ideas come to my mind:

One would be Dathomir Witches/Warlocks, obviously a Force-using class. I always was intrigued by Dathomir. I really loved it when the “Clone Wars” animated series featured that world;

The other would be both a class and a race. Remember Brianna from KotOR 2? well, she was an Echani, and it would be an unarmed melee class.

I really like the idea of introducing an Echani Warrior. That could be really cool. That could be a class that would be on either side plays teh same no matter what and allows both sides to explore a story line and perhaps build a few flash points, a daily zone and an Operation around.
I could go for days on this idea…

Since you bring up the Warden, it makes me think of something else – the expansion trailers. Both of which were produced by Blur.

The SWTOR one is basically the story of mother and daughter – neither of which is “your” character. It really drives home the point that the story is about “Keeping Up with the Valkorians” than about you.

The ESO one shows the Warden and a Nightblade Assassin at it’s center – both of which you can play – and highlights some of the new abilities of the Warden. While it tells a good story (my favorite part being where she kicks the target into the flames as the Warden puts up the Ice Shield), it highlights what is available to “you” the player.

To me, the latest game trailers are a microcosm of how the dev teams are thinking and the direction of the game. For SWTOR, it is about their story with the player being a third wheel whereas ESO it is focused on the player – showcasing both a new and existing class.

That is a VERY good point.
ESO and TES franchise has always been player focused and has always done a very good job of making the player feel as though they are the most important aspect of the game.
BW with SWTOR has been making this shift to, “the player is an observer, a 3rd wheel,” as you called it.
KotFE & KotET were totally focused away from the players.
Now in 2017 they are trying to shift to a player focus again, I don’t know if they remember how…
We are 2 months in and so far it’s been all about what BW wants us to do and not about what the players want, until this announcement. I’m still no convinced to re-sub at this point.

Yup. Nerfing is sometimes necessary, but if you have a class that is playing “too well” it might be a better plan to try to elevate the other classes to compete instead.

I remember the time I messed up swapping gear and was basically playing with only an armor skin…and hadn’t died once in Heroics before I noticed…lol.

WoW still had 5 million subs and they put all their chips on the table with Legion and it’s paid off big time. I’ll never understand how players give SWTOR a “small team” free pass when it is a backed by EA and has one of the largest/hottest IPs in the world.

Travel analogy: Blizzard had a road map but took the time to look up from it to see the road was not only bumpy but getting worse ahead, changed course, and are now back on track. EA/BW continues to stare at the map, looking up only at themselves to pat themselves on the back for how great the map is, and then lurch back and forth on the road; constantly correcting course after each massive pothole threatens to wreck the car.

Basically both SWTOR and ESO, In Normal/Story Mode, are designed to be easy and assessable to the masses.

Vet/HM is where they change.
SWTOR is marginally more difficult, but passable, Master/NiM is a challenge.
ESO Vet mode is more like SWTOR Master/NiM only with ramped up difficulty.
I say this for 2 reasons:
Mechanics: ESO’s mechanics are lightning fast and you must react by manually blocking, dodging and shielding yourself you you will die. Many boss mechanics are 1 shots if you don’t block, dodge or shield.
And because the fights are challenging, unique and really hard.

ESO is all based on player skill, once you work your way up to vet mode anything you NEED A LOT of Skill. If you think ESO is easier than SWTOR then you probably didn’t run any Vet Trials VDSA or VMA and you certainly haven’t played it since the One Tamriel update.

ESO in normal mode is on par with SWTOR Story mode, maybe slightly harder because in ESO you need to have good aim and the ability to know when to block and manually roll out of the way of incoming 1 shots.
SWTOR is, at it’s core, a traditional RPG based entirely on D&D dice roll rules so what ESO makes you do manually SWTOR takes care of with dice rolls and those rolls typically work out in your favor. ESO eliminates those die rolls and says, “you better block mother fucker!”

The thing is that ESO gearing isn’t dependant on the undaunted keys and chests the way that SWTOR is currently dependant on extreme RNG in GC. It is simply 1 of 4 ways to gear up. whereas right now CG is the primary means of gearing with Ops being secondary (until 5.2)

Is it RNG?
Is it stupid?
Did it take me 20 keays last night to get my Medium Grothgar Shoulders in divines?
Is there RNG involved in the other methods?
Yep, but… I also got 2 gear pieces I wanted while running trials last night as well as some really awesome deco’s. Not only that, I didn’t have to roll on them to win them because the loot I get is my loot, I don’t have to stare at the screen hoping I had the highest roll on that off hand I have needed for a year and never got… like I did in SWTOR…
In SWTOR I usually win nothing at all or maybe 1 item if I run 2, back to back 16 player ops. I ran 2 12 player trials last night and my loot gans were about 50 items. Granted only 2 were usable on my main, 2 I saved for an alt, I vendored about a dozen and will sell the rest on the market and ean about 20K off those sales (the equivalent of about 2 million credits in SWTOR). All in all not a bad 3 and a half hours raiding in my book…

As I have said many times I enjoy both games for different reasons and I still raid 2 nights a week in SWTOR and play PvP on Fridays. I like SWTOR, but you really cannot say that SWTOR is a more difficult game.
The SWTOR Dev’s have made a point of making sure that everyone knows that they have been scaling down their difficulty and trying to make everything easier and more accessible to the masses whereas ESO has had a balanced approach between the Normal mode being accessible and vet mode being a challenge.

Also, if you are running with friends or even an amenable pug, your chances of getting the loot you want multiply considerably. I told a group last night I was playing with a rattlecage build and wanted the jewelry if anyone didn’t need it. I didn’t get a single piece on my own, but when the boss dropped at the end, the other 3 players had my back, and I got all 3 slots done in one run.

I wish I would have that luck with my burning spellweave chest and pants. I was chasing them all weekend… I did get both of my Mother’s Sorrow Swords and a nice sharpened mothers sorrow Flame staff though, those drops saved me from spending a cool million on the trade markets!

If Rattle cage was still BoE I could have given ya a few pieces too, I was collecting it for a while. Then they made all those old drops BoP… 🙁

Its a bad build. Like I know its bad going into it, I just really want to make a traditional heavy armor paladin healer with Julianos/Rattlecage/Engine Guardian. My heart dropped when I realized the rings and necklace are all health, but I think if I just own it, and use the right stat food it can work for a fun build to do vets on, resto pally on bar 1, retribution pally on bar 2. Which is why I am going to beg you for stahlrim swords when I get home tonight.

You can always change the enchantment too to make it work for you. I did that with my Mother’s Sorrow jewelry to make the other stats fit the rest of my build to get the 5 piece while dual wielding.

If you haven’t played SO since the Releases of Tamriel Unlimited and One Tamriel then you really go back and check on it.
MUCH has changed.

Agreed a good portion of our guild is in FF now and enjoying consistent game updates. I don’t think this will bring them back. It’s good for us still here on the verge.

I think part of this is due to loss of subs and part is due to already pushing 5.2 into May. It is probably going to be pushed back further.

I see a lot of ESO relevant comments here, and I am not sure I get that part. The moment I stop playing SWTOR entirely (I have definitely reduced my playing time by far) I don’t think I will need to replace it necessarily with another game, let alone ESO, which has nothing in common with SWTOR other than it belongs in the same genre.

Think a few of us have played a few or all of Morrowind, Oblivion and/or Skyrim, on top of that it’s much more different from TOR in terms of game play, compared to WoW at least. And it’s also evolved into being really damn good, and the megaservers makes the game feel alive in a way I kind of missed from TOR before i unsubbed.

Lastly, their far better at communicating with players compared to BW.

Just to clarify your last few words speak to it. A lot of people, like myself, just enjoy MMOs in general. The social and grouping aspects of it a lot of people do like. That being said, for those who like the genre, there are enough titles out there to be able to move on.

Let me use my guild as an example, which is over 15 years old and still going. Started in Lineage, then WoW, then LOTRO, then SWTOR, then to Guild Wars 2, then back to SWTOR and now ESO.

The ESO (and FFXIV) comments from ex-SWTOR players I believe is because of the two year content drought in SWTOR that many are going to look for a title that has 1.) a decent population and 2.) a company that puts out decent content on a regular basis (the bread and butter of MMOs).

Well look at that…. I’ve been calling from Day 1 that the Command System should have been a supplement to the existing gear system instead of replacing it. Here we are 4 months later…. and that is what has happened. Such a waste of time and grind….. *sigh*

Just FYI. Patch 5.2 isn’t due until May supposedly. So it will have been six months since the Galactic Crap system dropped before it begins to get fixed.

And one can only wonder how many subs they have lost that will never come back and how many more aren’t willing to wait till May to still have to grind through the same old Ops to get new gear.

Here is more food for thought since our conversations below cover ESO.

So let’s say their are a few who have gone to ESO that say they will wait for SWTOR to fix things then might come back. SWTOR drops 5.2 near end of May and only a week later ESO has a major expansion coming out on June 6. I can’t see those in ESO rushing back to do the Ops they have done for over 2 years with ESO expansion so close. So, let say, they stay for the expansion. Now that sucks up a good portion of their time and another two months go by. By then, we are on the cusp of the group (ie., two dungeons and a trail) DLC in ESO.

You see, the issue becomes with the rate of new content coming out in ESO (or FFXIV or any other title for that matter) there becomes even less and less reason for people to come back to SWTOR.

Will a new daily area bring them back? Will fixing the gearing to re-gear for yet a third time to do old content bring them back? Will one Op bring them back (one that won’t be done until next year)?

Think about this. It is taking the SWTOR team 4 MONTHS to develop ONE OP BOSS. In three months their competitors put out a DLC with a new area, new dungeon and sometimes a new trial.

SWTOR was already on precarious ground. They really couldn’t afford any mishaps. Instead of a mishap, they inserted a massive self-inflicted wound that I do not think they are going to recover from.

Ya know you are 100% correct.
SWTOR was already behind the 8 ball, now it’s just worse.
Only their faithful few will stick around, those who have moved on won’t be tempted to come back for just a single boss and to grind loot from old Op’s.

I know I’m not giving up making my Warden just to try 1 Ops boss in SWTOR.

This is true. I’ve moved on to FFXIV. It’s something totally new and fun even though I’m not top level or doing end game content yet. I’ll probably get to top level and begin doing end game content just before their next xpac comes out in June. This will keep me dedicated to my new game. (My rule is, I only sub for one game at a time) So, unless, SWTOR gets this gear shit squared away, and puts in some new raids, then I don’t see myself subbing up anytime soon. I’ll keep checking back here to see how you all are doing. Let me know when it gets good again.

Their release schedule discussed in the live stream makes it sound like it will take them until December to finish this 1 Op.

That is IF they decide to bother finishing it. If subs don’t go up substantially when Tyth drops, I doubt they will bother to even complete the whole thing. We all know, as do they, that one boss does not make an Operation and therefore hardly anyone will resub for it.

I believe this token boss in 5.2 is more about them excusing themselves from delivering any future Operation content by claiming they’ve rolled one out and it wasn’t popular enough.

I resubbed last week. Spent about 2 hours in game and haven’t been back on. Nothing to do! AND I don’t get the gearing at all.

Unsubbed again. doubt I’ll be back.

I’m thinking I might only be coming back for storyline vacations. Short 2 week breaks where I sub once a year, rip through the story and then go back to ESO, or w/e I am playing.

Haven’t heard a peep form him since last live stream. Maybe he’s on the way out. This change wouldn’t have come without subscriber loss. Tack on the horrible reception the Sunday tweet on 100 new GC levels went and the reversal of that this week as well. I have to think that a head or two must roll for the financial state of game and Ben’s head would be top on that list.

Bioware Austin has some serious balls man.

You remove loot from operations, then bring it back after the usual “if it catches fire, we’ll fix it” approach.

Keep in mind that while they struggle to remove and bring back the same exact content as before, other games are bringing massive new amounts of content for their players.

I am not sure but this reminds me of something. Can’t put my finger on it though…

For anyone willing to grind this out, I commend you. TBH, I hope other MMO games are paying attention to what is going on with this game and take full advantage of the stupidity. Let these devs feel the burn. It should not have to come this, all this crap could’ve been preventable, if they listen to the community.

Comparing this to 4.0 drops, they are almost identical. The only differences I could see:
Eternity Vault:
Infernal Council (4th Boss) – Used to drop Relic, now drops Boots
Soa (Final Boss) – Used to drop Mainhand, now drops Offhand
Terror From Beyond:
The Dread Guard (2nd Boss) – Used to drop Boots, now drops Relic
Temple of Sacrifice:
Revan (Final Boss) – Used to drop Offhand, now drops Mainhand

It appears they wanted to make Mainhands and Relics a little harder to get, so they made it so you can’t just farm them off of EV any more. On the upside, Offhands are MUCH easier to get now. I never got a single one back in 4.0 due to them all dropping on the toughest bosses (I’m talking 224s, obviously getting a 216 was easy).

Yeah because getting marks to turn in for gear is not the best way to get gear. That was sarcasm by the way. Wish Heroics dropped the pvp components.

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one thing that swtor is imo way way better is the combat system that is completely more balanced and under control in comparison to eso, where they are obsessed with the idea of ‘play how you like’, ‘total freedom’; completely old-fashioned sandbos-concept, etc…eso came out with 1 year delay and was not rewarding for normal consumer ego-purposes. swtor is much more accessible and fun on the long run, if you want to have a good time from technical point of view basically. the combat system works. in eso , you need to find the people. there is no logic in ESO-combat system , imo… and it’s rather a waste of time , unless you are only there for social purposes and RP-immersion-nostalgia-purpose. ESO’s combat system actually destroyed the whole easy, relaxing, immersive character pretty much the whole Elder Scrolls franchise had. it feels like 2-D-space-shooting game, imo…

What is not clear to you? The guy stated his mind, how this can be something else than his opinion?

That’s just like, your opinion man….

ESOs combat is fun, and that freedom is awesome as hell. Never liked using recommended builds for solo play in any MMO, and ESO is the most fun I’ve had with that in ages. Don’t care much for group content besides the occasional PvP in either game, but enjoy ESOs combat far more than TOR which feels far too easy. It’s also a huge improvement from Skyrim where bow+stealth was way too OP compared to other builds.

Putting aside the ESO battle system, how can you compare mechanics in single player RPG and MMO RPG? They are two different systems, man!

Since I usually play MMOs as single player games besides the occasional PvP, I’d say it’s fair to compare the two from that point of view (single player vs. NPC mobs, PvP and group PvE are indeed irrelevant for a comparison). And I do find the combat in ESO to be far more enjoyable compared to Skyrim.

I feel the same about ESO battle system. I like the setting, cities design, but that only thing drives me away all the time (

So, two steps back, one step forward. Good ol’ Bioware Austin.

I’m thinking that after one or two more dumpster fires in 2017, maybe they’ll get around to releasing some ACTUAL content.

at least it guaranteed drops now and better then what you get in the crates. unless i’m missing something,

While will I commend them slightly for at least taking RNG out of the equation for whats left of the raiding community, this is really not what we wanted. We want actual content, not a token boss (Tyth) that is behind schedule already. By bringing drops back they may alleviate the frustrations of those raiders that remain, but I doubt many will return. I think we’ve got to the stage where ‘promises’ of content in the pipeline are received as outright lies.

I personally probably would have remained subbed if they didn’t bring RNG into the equation in 5.0, I was upset with the lack of content for a long time, but through routine more than enjoyment I logged on week in and week out and raided with various characters.

I still keep an eye out on Dulfy, thx Dulfy!, for updates on the game as I hope one day BWA will see the light and start rolling out a variety of stuff to make me and others return.

Fingers crossed for 6.0. If the game lasts that long 🙁

“I still keep an eye out on Dulfy, thx Dulfy!, for updates on the game as I hope one day BWA will see the light and start rolling out a variety of stuff to make me and others return.”

That’s exactly what I’m doing as well.

RNG is not that bad right now as it used to be, trust me, devs know about all the fuss they started with it. Look at current event to boost crate drops.

If you havent tried new version of it, I suggest you to do so. A few posts back there is a list of changes that were already made and which will take place soon. This changes alot of mentioned by you problems, including the necessity to farm crates.

Just an offer, see for yourself. I find things now alot less stressfull then at the start of RNGalypse!

To be honest it’s not really about the RNG at this point, it’s more about the amount of actual content they release. It all seems to be about Cartel Market profits with piecemeal playable stuff as kind of a token gesture as it is game after all.

The RNG essentially was just ‘the straw that broke the camels back’ so to speak. It may be better and credit to them for at least addressing the problems, but for me and this is my opinion, the game needs to be less about Cartel Market and more about actual playable content.

To be honest I wouldn’t have cared at all about the RNG and drop rates all that much if they were rolling out new stuff on a regular basis. All MMOs are a RNG grind of varying degrees and the game has always been a bit grindy, it’s just that there hasn’t been really anything new of substance to grind in 2 years.

I am still waiting for weekly passes to return, one of my best friends don’t have all week to play, so they play 3 times a month, and don’t want to pay for subscription for that 3 times a month, that’s why we had weekly passes before this stupid update.

“The Old Republic‏ @SWTOR”

‘We are looking into the login issues that players are experiencing for both the game and web. We’ll pass on updates as we have them.’

That tweet after 2 hours complete downtime worldwide of web and game. WTG…

From Reddit, people were saying in game that their CC had disappeared, while some were having odd errors…so it could be a hack. For now, it’s wait and see I suppose.

Well the only question from myself to this … will the OP bosses be changed or do they stay the same as now (damage, life, etc).

Thats the only thing I’m interested in. Don’t care about gear changes, only if the bosses stay as they are or are upgraded to more damage, life etc (hopefully not).

Anyone with mor info / insights on this?

If their goal is to be able to tackle operations as your gear progresses, as they have stated so far, then it would make sense that all current operations will stay as they are. Especially since there is no maximum level increase. And I sure hope that they stay as they do, so that my guild can actually pick up from where we were in 4.0 and be able to try all operations in HM, since at the moment ToS and Rav are unreachable to us.

I told him exactly what I thought, and no word of a lie…his pitiful attempt at rebuttal started with,

“I’m a rich customer […]”

This is why F2P/cash-shop games need to die in indescribable agony, and the people who make them should be blacklisted in the industry forever:

It brings tiny minds with all their RL nastiness into game which a lot of us play –and pay to play– to escape from crap like that. Save that shallow, predatory, nasty shit and the equally shallow people it appeals to for mobiles and tablets, it has zero place in the MMO-sphere.

I`m so sorry I made you hurt. Maybe you should try and stay with the right people then? And not with the bunch of zombies who can only whine how SWTOR is bad and will never get better?

Just an offer.

You? Haha,ou have zero effect on me. I only care about the game I play, and the people I play with.

SWTOR is very bad, not just bad. Will it get better? Perhaps. We thought that it can only get better, but recently it’s finding new lows.

Same here. I care about the game. Alot of people here conveniently put it into trash category, while still saying that they are helping it. How stupid.

They forget about great Galactic Strongholds,which was the first successfull experience of player homes in MMO, I`m not counting Rift and Lotro, Rift had nice overall idea, but game ruined it. Guild flagships? Please, tell me who is not enjoing having a battle cruiser?

They forget about game modes like original Fleet missions on your class ship and expanded GSF. They are old, but they are fun. Can you name alot of games that has such different game modes?

They forget about original stories, which is, not only by my opinion, are the best ever told in MMO. Not WoW, not FFXIV, not ESO cant compete with SWTOR in class stories and depth of stories. I think the only real story driven MMO is GW2 now, that is quite close.

I`m in the minority here who actually follows the story of KotFE and KotET and enjoyed them.

I prefer to think that things will get better. You all can live in a swamp of hatred and regrets, I`m not going to ruin my fun because there are some problems that can be solved.

If you prefer to hate me for my position about this game – go ahead. Nothing will change and the hatred will keep us all going further. Perhaps some people prefer it that way. I want to live in peace with everyone, where everyone is free to post his on ideas and opinions. Right now its a hegemony of 4-5 retarded haters, who dont even care about the game, they care about nothing. Its them, who pulls you into dispair and hatred towards SWTOR.

And its your choice to follow them or not.

I`m saying this not only to you, but to everyone on Dulfy. Its your choice. Make a right one.

In this you’re right … it’s just the original story that is the reason I’m still here … Imp vs. Pub … chapter I – III even IV or V.
Even now I rejected the zakuul nonsense und prefer planetary questlines or char stories. In my opinion “The Old Republic” is exactly this.

But then with Zakuul everything changes to a generic sci fi story that could easily put into a star trek games or something else … and I’m absolutely not interested about the whole thing.
Only reason to start this sooner or later with one or two chars will be for achievements. But thats it. One or two play throughts and that’s it.

Back to a new char. Back to the original deep and intriguing story about THE OLD REPUBLIC.

Even now PVP, GSF, FP, Ops is still Imp vs Pub themend. Nothing related to the zakuul nonsense (despite uprisings).

And even then I think doing zakuul with a token char, quick and dirty through in one or two weekends and thats it. But not with one of my beloved chars I play everything else and to whom I’m just emotionally (and irrationally) connected.

I will make the right choice, and abandon this sad excuse of a game as soon as my guildies do the same. They’re the only reason I still play.

All the content that you mentioned is old. Very old. Everyone loves that content. No one is complaining about that content.

I couldn’t care less about your position about this game. Go ahead and play 12 hours a day if you want, why would I care. I can’t really control other people having low standards, otherwise we wouldn’t be having a brainless fucktard for a president right now, would we?

I have never seen ONCE someone not being able to express themselves positively about this game. On the contrary, I have seen hundreds of times, white knights such as yourself and you alter ego, criticizing people with the opposite opinion. You just did it throughout your entire post.

I don’t hate SWTOR, but it’s become a horrid game. That’s my opinion, and you can disagree all you want, but it’s not going to make the game better.

No, but I see you finally got time to post out whats inside you. You did good till the very end, sory Kosto, bye bye.

It’s very amusing that the only post which made you finally blame me for something, is the one where I criticize your favourite game. You are far too easy to manipulate.


Nah, silence in this case is the equivalent of accepting it. Just because TOR have been in a downward spiral for the past 12+ months, if we stopped pointing it out after 6 months, it’d be like we’d accepted it. Most of us would love for TOR to improve significantly.

I know, still its not helping.

If you think posting here will help, by all means – do it. Some people here act like the already given up long time ago. I will not give up on SWTOR. Just because.

Yep, I`m a rich paying customer, go find support from bums like you then.

Dont forget to add the second part of my reply:

“Dont have money – go play football on the street.” How conveniently you forgot about it. No worries, babe.

Guarantee that This person is a kid.
He is completely unable to admit that he was wrong and no integrity in the matter after the proof is laid out in front of him.
Then when he finally realized that he could be wrong he lashed out and went back to the tired old, see you hate me because of my love of SWTOR…

We are all here be cause we either love or used to love SWTOR, some folks are just to blind to see that.

He/she is one of only 2 or 3 ppl I’ve ever blocked in my years of coming to Dulfy. An absolute waste of space.

Dont like me – fine, I dont give a fuck. But you`re a useless liar, Freddy, you cant block me, I`m in your head already!

I`m here again, you whiny shithead. Have something to tell me personally? Have something against the fact that I enjoy SWTOR right now? Go ahead, show your real face. Oh, you already did on the picture above.

Thats all you can say?

Why I even bother to respond is beyond me. Maybe I want to get to real you behind that avatar and make you understand that all this hatred is useless and we all lose time for nothing. So basically I have a Messiah complex and I want to save everyone.

But I guess I`ll stop with this shit thanks to you. You see, you actually did something good in your life!

But, you are going to respond to this too, because it isn’t a Messiah complex, its a childish meltdown. Like the last childish meltdown and the one before that. Sort of my point. Only this one is at least out in the light…for now.

No, you and people like you are beyond salvation, you and some other people helped me realise that. I just want to squeeze all the shity comments I can from you and then I`ll block you. So keep posting, you have about 2-3 hours untill I get to my home PC. Then goodbye forever. Use this time wisely, babe.

Go read older posts, idiot. I already stated it several times. You people are insufferable selforiented whiny bitches. I dont care about your problems or that you used to play SWTOR. Dont play – dont have the right to say bad things about the game. Playing the game – can post whatever you want. Got it? To hard for you? Seeing only selected words? Read again then.

Are you afraid to face the fact that you cant play SWTOR anymore and using this hatred to save your little brain from overheating? If you only can whine about me, congrats, I`m in your head. And will keep eating your brain until you will play SWTOR like a brainless zombie again! Mwahaha.

I still playSWTOR and still pay to play SWTOR, ergo I can say what I wish according to your above statement. STFU and leave me the fuck alone moron.
I believe you are only seeing selected words.

If you pay and play – go ahead and write a letter to the devs with what you dont like. Its your own right and no one is taking it from you. I dont have either time or desire to search – but I think a month ago you wrote that you left SWTOR and not a sub anymore. So you`re a sub again? Congrats! I dont have any problems with you, except you occasionally start to write shit about me, so I just respond, nothing personal, dude.

I can only say the same – save your anger to some raid bosses in ESO or whatever you play, its useless against me.

Write a letter to the devs that they will ignore like every single one they have gotten saying they suck? Oh those! Yeah, those go into the circular file immediately, THEY DON’T CARE. They are getting paid no matter if players love the game or not. Truly their actions have spoken more than loudly enough thus far but sure, believe they’ll actually listen to anything other than the negative feedback like they got over the 100 added GC levels. Otherwise they just keep the fingers in their ears and go “lalalalalalalalalalalala! All is perfectly fine! The player base love us! We are so great!” and nothing more will happen. So for the record yeah, people have sent them loads of emails, letters and the like for all the good it has done.

I dont think you understand, but you`re really wrong. Studio cant afford to lose the main playerbase, their funding will fade less than half a year if this will happen. What is main player base? Stable amount of people with average playtime of 1.5-2 months, at least 5% of them getting a sub for more than a year. Maybe less even. Its not relevant. People who dont like the changes are mostly older players. Newcomers is what keeps them afloat. So they hit hard the advertising on the market, they`re working on one-time content like CM and fast running FPs to keep the people going in.

If they will get enough people on a stable basis, which will happen, sooner or later, they will continue on stories, harder content. I think we will see alot more after 6.0. It is actually happening, slow, but changing.

SWTOR is an old engine and economy model MMO, so most likely it will endure till 2020-2025 and will keep running if people will pay for at least 1 server.

Its all about the money, you know.

You rage against people who are speaking their mind the same as you are. Either be willing to be understanding of other peoples point of view and have a conversation about it or move on if you can’t have an adult conversation.

I play the game, and the game sucks. I like torturing myself from time to time, that’s why I do it. The servers are half empty, pvp is unbalanced and full of hackers, there is no new group content since December of 2014 if we exclude Uprisings and Star Fortresses which not even the White Knights of SWTOR enjoy, the gearing system is the most idiotic thing that has ever happened to SWTOR, and the game is full of bugs and typos.

Bioware is doing a horrible job, trying to convince themselves that they are doing a good job, patting themselves in the back, when they should be working 20 hours a day trying to fix what is currently hardly salvageable.

The majority of the subscribers have moved on to other, better games, and all guilds are slowly or quickly dying.

Any questions?

You are not wrong. I’ve pretty much started to filter out all the psycho level comments. But no, nobody should be wishing firey death on Bioware employees. Or say, threatening to beat everyone up.

So… if someone is a creep, the line of defense for him is to find someone else who is also a creep? Does that somehow excuse the creep who is your friend?

“Just a reminder of who we deal with here.”
I was also reminding the community that there is another side of the coin.

Yeah that’s exactly what I said. You felt the need to stand up for a creep, saying that others are creeps too.

I’m saying the forums are full of people that say bad things, not just the ones that like Swtor, which was clearly her intention.

Just to elaborate, it was more “How do we have any proper discourse with a person who when confronted with full evidence to them being wrong, pivots the argument, and ignores the evidence?” But, its also behind us now, and so heavily edited by him you can barely make out what anything was about to start with. Moving forward, I’ve already said it was a mistake. I couldn’t have predicted the raw insanity to follow.

It’s a shame that you didn’t say it that way because it came across very differently, but I suppose that ‘s forums for you, it’s all about interpretation.
He was totally in the wrong and I think he knows it now, and I begged him to stop, but as usual it’s all my fault.
Luckily I’ve got thick skin 🙂

So… if someone is a creep, the line of defense for him is to find someone else who is also a creep? Does that somehow excuse the creep who is your friend?

Bwahaha! I never thought I`ll rise such a huge wave of shit.
Naq, whats your problem with me? Dont like that I enjoy SWTOR? Dont like that I dont give a crap about you or your fake accounts?

I dont care much about you or any of you, who gave up your hopes. You can either live and play other games, like I do, or stay in the swamp of regrets and hatred. Its all up to you. If you prefer to hate me for my position about this game – go ahead. Nothing will change and the hatred will keep us all going further. Perhaps some people prefer it that way. I want to live in peace with everyone, where everyone is free to post his on ideas and opinions. Right now its a hegemony of 4-5 retarded haters, who dont even care about the game, they care about nothing. Its them, who pulls you into dispair and hatred towards SWTOR.

And its your choice to follow them or not.

I`m saying this not only to you, but to everyone on Dulfy. Its your choice. Make a right one.

I would explain, but you wouldn’t understand. Your brain is full of steroids, thus making it impossible for you to understand anything complicated. Perhaps that’s why you still enjoy SWTOR.

You already did explain alot, tone down now. Or dont really, this only making you worse. Its up to you, like I always say. Feel the dark side, let it flow through you…

No dark side here, sorry. Just cold hard facts about how some people are inconsiderate. The world will not change. It will have people like you forever. Or at least like your online persona. All of us know that you are partially a troll, don’t kid yourself that we fell for your trap. We have been on the internet for a very long time to actually believe that what you say is true….

Werent you the guy who wanted me to die and cursed me to be the main problem of SWTOR because I actually pay to play it?

Well, well, arent you a two faced piece of shit?

I never said that.

Fuck off, tryhard;

It’s over, you got beat, move on. (I’m sure you’ll resurface soon enough under a new account.)


“Eat shit and die,” = telling someone in no uncertain terms to piss off in North American English. Us 70s/80s kids use it a lot in certain quarters. So I come from an age when “triggering” and being offended/over-wrought by everything were not things, so sue me…


Dat DualPeni… pardon DualBlaster dude! He is really an asset to the “people” here! 😀

You really made my day, thanks!

Yeah, no:

I kept it in-thread, and at the level of a joke. Granted, perhaps a bit ham-fisted (<—Heh: What I did there. Did you see it :))

It was also the only penis-joke I ever directed towards you, if memory serves. If that's unsuitable, then I could do fart-, fat-, or poop-jokes, too!
(Sometimes, you really do just have to scream "PEBNIS!!" in the middle of a crowd and let the chips fall where they may.)
I certainly didn't blatantly carry anything RL into it, nor yet resort to real life threats when/if called on my bullshit.
Your attempt at stirring drama is lame.
Come on already, you’re not even trying :/

I made this comment hours before Diehards threats, that’s shits nothing to do with me, no matter how much you all lay it at my door.
And one persons disgusting is one persons funny (referring to the penis comment, which was more than once).
And your right I’m not even trying 🙂
And as for the the drama…who was the op again?

I totally agree with you in every part but can I say please please don’t use foul language, that’s a tool they use and I feel it can undermine the excellent points you make.
It can be really hard to keep your cool on these boards (believe me I know) when dealing with some of these people, but take step back and remember why some of them are here.
I think the saddest part is you give a balanced view on the game giving both the good and bad points of the game but that’s never enough for them.
You have to hate the game as they do to be allowed to propagate these boards in their eyes.
Chill 🙂

Thanks, man!

I dont care if they hate me. But they use it as an excuse for their own inability to move on over something they dont like anymore. I really feel bad about them.

I`m not a good man, I`m a realist. When I see profit, I take it, when I see a good game at its bad times, I want to help it – I`ll pay for what I see right and what I want.

Sadly, some angry people prefer to kick a wounded dog, when you need to help it to get up. Its very childish and cruel. Possibly because their own life is so bad they cant help but laugh at it.

You melted down over a picture you were wrong about. That was all I commented on, perhaps you might read what I actually wrote. How special you love the game still however a small note you missed. You are not the only one that loves the game. Strange that like yourself we are entitled to an opinion. YOU sir/ma’am/whatever lost your shit over being proven wrong about a picture. You are delusional in the extreme if you think you have actually pushed anyone towards hating you. It was just a sad example, nothing more. May you continue to find enjoyment in the game but yeah. REALLY need to get over yourself and get some help.

I know nothing about the picture, I wasn’t in the discussion about it at all.
Naq’s sad effort of dragging it here is what I have an issue about, it’s not even swtor related she just did it for the coverage.

I believe she was making a point about his attacking tied to that. Not sure, not my car. I was however, shocked that Diehard responded like that over a picture. Nothing more than a simple mistake yet kaboom against all that didn’t agree. Blasting people and calling them haters because the person was wrong kinda kills any argument he has about haters.
and for the last fucking time I don’t hate the game, just do not care for the ass hats that have utterly fucked it up over the last few years. Again, my opinion that, believe it or not I am entitled to, just as you all are entitled to continue to support said ass hats.

Yeah certain things in what he said I can’t defend, but then again I’m not his keeper and don’t have to.
I did raise the point over his use of language but it’s up to him if he listens he’s his own man/woman.
We all lose our ‘shit’ from time to time, and what seems trivial to some people is massive to others I suppose.
Maybe stuff’s been building up in him I suppose and this was the issue that set him off but I think the way in which naq and ‘others’ have done this is well……..

Everyone has days. Not everyone uses it as an excuse to rage irrationally and throw around threats on a website about a videogame.

Its not about the picture, I couldnt care less about it. Its about the concept of relationship here. People like Naq use any little chance to throw a shit in the fan. She was the one to continue it, not me.

Being a woman doesnt removes her resposeabilities. She could stop it, ignore me, move to another thread, but no, what she did? Started a supporting flame. Says alot about her.

It certainly does, but be the bigger person and stop, or she get what she wanted all along.

lol yes very true, but I’ve buried the hatchet with a lot of people on here, some people are responsive to intelligent conversation, some less so and are not worth bothering about. 😉

I guess after todays 3-4 wasted hours I`ll do exactly the same. Just want to see some rageposts from Naq, then I`ll block her and some other people here. Its was fun, but my time is much more important than an argue over a picture.

So I wanna make sure I understand you correctly, are you supporting this person who was threatening to beat people up and telling people he will “deal with them all soon,” because we are all on his “list?”

I mean the comments this person has made go way beyond trolling and are, literally in the category of Illegal in a great many countries.

I’m not his keeper, I don’t decide what he says.
I upvote things he says that I agree with and don’t upvote things I don’t agree with.
Is that not how forums work?
Again i’ll leave this here.

Careful, Aba- i mean capta- i mean Diehard will show up and start another arguement about who the actor is lol

I think we should ALL make it a point to call this douche “little one” in every post going forward lol

I think you’ll find 16 hours in between those comments.
The answer lies there.

Doesn’t change the threat written no matter the time he wrote it. Trying to pretend it was all an ‘experiment’ to dodge taking responsibility for his actions is another example of childish behavior. That you support his threat making and such behavior is pretty damn sad. I honestly thought you were a better person than that. Live and learn.

I’m disappointed that your laying the blame of this at my door after I begged him to stop, calm down and not use fowl language.
After that Drivan got involved and started egging Diehard on.
I never upvoted his threat to naq or you but I did to Drivans because he carried it on with claims of his ‘not being able to beat him up’.
His experiment claim in my opinion is an embarrassed climb down, but again I’m not his keeper.
If your going to lay this on me please check the facts.
Like I said to Paulo if you poke a dog and it gets angry, then everybody pokes it and it bites and everyone blames the dog I think other people should look at their own actions.
I tried to stop him.
Did anyone else?
I thought we had broke bread but I was mistaken.

I lay nothing at your door. You asked at the beginning for him to use non foul language and that was pretty much it. You defended him after he started making threats so yeah, stand by what I said. Now you try and blame someone else for your standing by your friends actions. As I said above, sad. May life be kind to you.

No point’s in going into raptures about our involvement in the 3rd party’s actions, our take on the events we will never agree on obviously but hey that’s forum life. 🙂
Take care.

An apology? Cause that’s what I asked for, but instead got crazy ranting. You are too smart to keep upvoting this nutjob Abby. He’s just going to drag you down with him.

Oh wow. I can’t access Dulfy at work, so I can only see threads I have posted in on Disqus…that is disappointing. Not sure how to feel about that.

You shouldn’t have expected less from Mummy, he loves to stir the pot, he gets off on this BS and has admitted it on many occasions. This is what he considers “fun.”

He and DieHard both claim to be “in their 30’s,” but I’m guessing it’s more like early teens.

You took a conversation about the picture, only about the picture and nothing about the picture and used that to attack folks in the thread claiming they were attacking you about your love of SWTOR. Ironically the only mention of SWTOR in that line of conversation was from you in the message where you attacked Naq.

You are right, it is a SWTOR board,
YOU started an argument about a picture then got pissed off when you were proven wrong, tried to find proof to be right and when enough proof that you were wrong was presented you CHANGED THE ARGUMENT from about the picture to about the GAME when NO mention of the game had been made before you used it to attack others.

THIS makes you DOUBLY in the wrong.

I’m not sure what comment your referring too as this thread has become a mess.
However ones view of irrational nonsense depends on the side of the fence on which they stand.

Attacking? Please, reread the thread already. I stated several times, that I might be wrong and at the very first response I mentioned that that is another dude. But no, Naq and other “gifted” people started to attack me because they felt its a good chance to hit someone with a name Diehard fan.

Be a wiser man already, stop this. Or you feel the necessity to continue too?

Its you who need to go over, dude. This matter is closed already, also you replied to the wrong person. Or you think that Abaddon and me are the same guy? No, we are not.

As for opinions – this seems to be the main argument from people like you – I never stated that you cant have one.

YOU lost your shit over a picture, no one else little one. Abaddon has far most class than that and has shown it. People tried to help you out and tell you EXACTLY where that came from and all you did was attack after that. I guess whatever helps you sleep little one.

Not me, Naq. Read carefully. It was not me to continue it.

I have rage issues, I know, I could beat a crap out of you (or anyone else – if you got it personal) if it was a real talk. Lucky for you its the internets, you can tell me all the offensive words you want, I cant reach you.

Whats the issue with little one, you seems to use it quite often. Do you have… ahem… no, I really dont want to know.

So you result to threats. Tell you what child, PM me and I will tell you just how to reach me. I would be delighted to help you with this issue you seem to have. Come on down.

Its not a threat, its a warning. And it was not directly to you, but to everyone who want to test my temper. Again, I mostly like your attitude to the game, except some things I dont. I`m 30 years old, so if you older at least 20 years more, you can use that term, if not, I suggest you to stop. Its not offending, it just irritates me.

If you live anywhere close to Moscow we can meet and talk, but I wont be visiting Europe in at least 3-4 months.

Yes child, I am older than you by good bit. You state “I could beat a crap out of you (or anyone else – if you got it personal) if it was a real talk.” That does define as a threat. Of course you live on the other side of the planet, pretty much every tough guy that makes an internet threat usually does. I have told you what you need to do. You want me to stop treating you as a child then kindly stop acting like one. Until said time you are nothing but a poor version of the cheeto in chief, all wind and no substance. Good day.

So not only you`re a liar, but also stupid. Ok, I hoped I can keep you, but its your choice to be an ass. Good day.

Go ahead. You think I really care about it?

It just shows how insignificant life you keep. I`m sorry I cant help you though.

BTW, I`m not under US jurisdiction. Disquis sure can delete my account, do you think you can solve your problems with it? Dont think so.

I’m pretty sure you can’t beat the crap out of a lot us. And as someone who had a pretty short temper when I was younger and have learned to deal with it. DEAL WITH IT. If you’re 30 and have not yet learned to deal with it, you might wanna start doing that, since it’s a great way of screwing yourself over in the end.

Oh, dont worry, I`ll deal with it pretty soon enough. Actually in a matter of hour.

Your mom really needs to take your internet privileges away.

Making threats of Physical violence will get you nowhere.
Also, pretty sure you can’t beat the crap out of me…
1. I was in the army for 21 years and am still in pretty good shape
2. I don’t hang around middle schools

No probs, like I said, I live in Moscow, SAO district. If you will kindly pay a visit to Russia one day, I`ll be glad to meet you and we can take a look, who will answer to the words directly.

Anyone who thinks he can bully me can try to do so personally.

For your information, this all started after a series of comments when I said that the game runs smoothly for me and Naq should check his/her PC and preferences ingame. She/he replied in a very angry manner and puffed away in shame. After that she/he was searching on a way to offend me. Simple as that.

Believe me or not – up to you. Like I said – I couldnt care less about people who continue to rant over it.

You mean the thread where you said I was an idiot and didn’t know anything about the game engine, and then when I linked you to articles confirming what I said you finally slinked off to where-ever it is you go between meltdowns?

You never linked anything or answered to my questions either. Also I really couldnt care about you, are you that desperate for attention?

I read the entire thread before I commented the first and second time. I stand by what I said. A good day to you.

Of course we’re not the same person.
I’m Ben Irving and your Musco.
Or is it the other way around I get confused….. 🙂

Ah that was addressing the fact I answered Abaddons reply instead of Diehards as I intended. That I answered Diehard I was not amiss in doing so.

Don’t you know.
I’m Diehard, Ben Irving, Musco and everyone else who likes the game.
I sure get around. XD

Haven’t you paid attention? I have never called you any of those, merely made a mistake when I replied. You going to start this crap again?

Sorry Don I was bringing you into an accusation made to me by others in the same conversation we were all having, and I shouldn’t.
Apologies man.

I don’t think he did either, seeing as how the other account replied and in the proper manner as if he had been addressed…

:O (dun dun DUN!) Finally revealed, Naq has been posting as Twinge since 2015, just to mess with Diehardfan.

I’m glad I screen shotted a lot of his comments, because it appears as though he is beginning to edit many of them…

I bet. He’s probably been reported several times today for making threats of violence lol


Statement can be considered a threat if it is:

1. an expression of intention to inflict evil, injury, or damage
2. an indication of something impending

My posts were neither expression of intention nor indication of impending action.

You can report me as many times, as you like, I`m protected by wards of EA battlemage-lawyers, who protect me because judging by posts of people, I`m the only of 2 people who still pay to play SWTOR.

Also, you`d better stay away from angry people here, they got sucked in hatred, they have no turning back from the internet swamp of retardness and hate. Save yourself, while you still can.

Almost all of them. Makes me think of “Warren” from Empire Records. “I’ll get you! I’ll get all of you!”

please show the edited ones.
I can’t but but I guess i’ll have to……..

Yeah, that was one of the posts I watched get edited while I was trying to get a screen capture.
Just sayin.

Well, that pic is still mike judge and white scrubs still isn’t in office space, unclear on how that has anything to do with your love of swtor.

You`re a bit late for the party. Read back – I already wrote it so many times my fingers hurt.

You could reply to the corresponding thread at least, you know.

The problem is that you are raging against everyone on these forums because you were wrong about who was pictured in a Meme…
This is what makes you childish and continues to define how wrong you are.

As I said below, you have ZERO credibility. You were proven wrong by many people, refused to ad mit it then changed your argument with belligerent hate directed at those who proved you wrong about who is pictured in the meme.

Have some integrity, admit you were wrong and apologize for your behavior.
Or continue to prove to us all that you are a preteen lashing out.
So far you have only done the latter.

You really dont want to see through it. I thought you were smarter. Anyway, I will deal with alot of you soon, so no worries, you`re on the list.

Another Screen capture to send to the admin’s.
What you are doing is illegal in every country and with this line of conversation you have lost all credibility.
ANYONE who supports you in anyway should be viewed as a terrible person who also has no credibility.

Wow… A guy goes away for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose…

Y’all need to take some chill pills. This is just embarrassing. EMBARRASSING. You guys should be ASHAMED. You’re not even discussing the game anymore! It’s just personal attacks back and forth.

And Diehard Fan, formerly know as Captain R: resorting to personal threats does not make your points, however right they may be, stronger. It makes them WEAKER, and makes you look slightly deranged in the process. C’mon man, I really thought you had grown out of that. This is not some bar brawl back in Russia man. And you’re not Putin (I think!!! hehehehehe)…

Hey, I’m no saint. I said some things to Captain I was NOT proud of. I went over the edge. You guys can call me a hypocrite if you want. But this shit just looks BAD man…


*puts down her implements*

That’s fair. I come from a family of yellers. My brother passed away last Thursday, the only other gamer in the bunch of us(5 sisters, 1 brother). He taught me a ton about online gaming as I was just getting into EQ/Lineage2, he was killing it in Ultima, and admittedly I am on a hair trigger. Especially when someone tells me I am wrong when I am right. I dealt with it all weekend from my family, because its is what they do. “I’m right, end of the line, google it.” So I do, and show them, and the posturing starts. “Oh well that’s not how I’ve ever seen it.”

So, considering every time I tried to get away from it, I get another update on my phone with another crazy person insisting I don’t know what I am talking about, I couldn’t help but try to prove to them I was right, and, when shit got stupidly personal, I brought it to light, hoping I might get that apology when others stepped in to agree, that final “I was wrong Naq, you were right” that I guess I kind of needed.

So uh, it didn’t go that way though. It turns out sometimes when you face someone down with how wrong they are, they kind of break. I broke a person today, all to feel better. I did that, and I feel kinda bad. Kinda. I mean I think they were broken to start and all I did was give them the means to show us all how broken they are. But. Well it wasn’t my place to do it, so I’m sorry. Not to them. But, sorry.

First and most important of all: my condolences. It’s never easy when a loved one passes away, no matter how people try to cheer you up. I know. I’ve been there, unfortunately.

Sometimes you just gotta take the high road on these matters. I’ts just letters on an Internet page. You win virtually nothing, even if you beat the other person into submission. And I mean “beat” not as in actually beating, you know.

And I’m not blaming you personally. I’m not blaming anybody. If anything, I’m responsible for some very heated quarrels in this place too.

Just thought I would call “foul” right now and try to put some sense into the discussion, that’s all.

You are a good man Paulo, I’m happy to know you. Even if it is through an avatar on a forum…

Well… That picture is actually me. Taken at the premiere of “The Force Awakens”. That’s a REAL Stormtrooper behind me. Well, not an actual Stormtrooper… Blast, you know what I mean looooooool…

My Condolences on your loss, I don’t know is you were talking about that when we chatted in ESO over the weekend, If so I’m sorry I missed it. I get pretty focused and forget that my chat window is in the bottom left. I always look for it in the SWTOR position in the Top left.

To be fair, DieHard snapped over an argument about a meme and then turned it into something else and the whole thing went off the rails.
Not that any of us did the right thing, but some integrity on the part of DieHard would have ended it on Friday. Then someone came in and started stirring the pot and there you have it.

No you just stirred the pot like you always do.

It should tell you something when the only other person on these forums that you get along with is someone who claims to have a hit list and has made the real world threat to be taking care of his list soon.

It tells me a lot that you support him.

You have said many times that you enjoy trolling people, that makes you a bad person. The purpose of trolling is to belittle others and try to make them feel bad about themselves.
You engage in this behavior constantly.
Because you are defending a video game…
If it was so awesome would it require you to defend it?

Like I said I didn’t bring it here.
And I’m not his keeper, I told him to stop, how is that supporting him.

Last time we kicked off was over your support for Musco Sucks the ‘non troller’ (in your words) who said a few days ago that and I quote ” I sincerely hope everyone at BioWare Austin dies in a fire….”
Why do you approve of this.

Actually wait, I don’t delete or edit posts despite what you say so please ignore the post i made below 12 minutes ago.
For the sake of Naq’s news in this thread keeping this going is disrespectful and I will again drop our pointless tit for tat exchange.
We both have opinions of each other and stand by them however here is not where they should manifest.
Take care.

Sorry for your loss Naq. It is never easy to loss a love one. I hope that as time goes by all the happy memories you shared will bring you a smile and the warmth of his love will lessen your sadness

I want to thank all of you guys for your condolences, these all brought a smile to my face today. I was torn whether I should even have brought it up, but its got me off kilter since I got the news, and I have been behaving in a way that I thought warranted explanation. I should probably be careful what I post till my head is on straight.

I still gotta watch my temper though, there was something said about me hiding behind my avatar and I almost straight up posted my picture. Then saw another post talking about “dealing with us all later” and being “on the list” and was like….whooo, dodged that reverse image search psycho bullet.

Condolences, I lost someone close recently.
This loss and pain never goes away but gets very slightly easier to bear day by day.

My condolences. But do you think it’s a good idea to get wound up more than necessary dealing with “specials” around here? We have a saying in this nick of woods – don’t stir s***, it’s only stinks worse.

Then again take my advice with a grain of salt, I enjoy my mudpit fights.

I saw Logan over the weekend, and it was great. A bit heavy for me, as I am right now, and yup, I cried. But it was so good. Children of Men with claws.

You havent broken anything. I know people like you, you run to the public, to claim attention and approval, you can and will lie to get public endorsement, use situation to your advantage, no matter whats really happened and real state of events.While people who you fought with simply prefer to ignore you, like I do.

This is my last post you, I spent enough time on people like you, trying to make them better, by different methods and got mixed results. So its time for me to do some good things to myself. From now on I`m going to ignore, block, spit to the ground and move on.

As for Drivan, Costo and some others who reacted the same way – I really was conducting an experiment on you all, to find out the depth of your hatred. You got spoiled by it. No matter if you have free time at work, hate SWTOR or fight for the Greater Good in the internets, you use this to conduct hatred.

Think about it. Good day to you.

Captain Diehard

Call it what you wish, you lost your shit over being wrong then tried to make up an ‘experiment’ to cover your ass. You showed us all exactly what you are, try as you might to counter that. May you finally learn a few things little one.

OMG so much like hate, like dude! Shouldn’t you be wearing your p*ssy hat while drawing with crayons in your safe space?

Dude, I am sorry, but when a guy talks to a woman in the most disrespectful way, telling her how he is going to show her his abs and how rich he is (even though it’s all lies through the safety of a computer screen of course), this is stepping over the line. And it needs to be dealt with. Not buy burying the hatchet, unless that hatchet get buried on the keyboard of the disgusting human being who writes those things.

Yes, he did step over the line. That’s what I said in my comment my friend.

But look, we’re all writing this on the safety of our homes, or on our mobiles to or from work (preferably NOT at work, but hey…). You are not really going to deal with anything (neither is he, for that matter), only sink to lower levels of communication over the Internet. So yeah, taking the higher road sometimes is the better course.

You KNOW I’m not without sin in this. You remember my altercation with Captain R. That was a classic one my friend. But afterwards it left a bitter taste in my mouth. Left me a bit sad about it all. What did I accomplish EXACTLY? Nothing. Being right? It doesn’t excuse vulgar discourse.

I’m saying this and maybe someone will push me over the edge one of these days. If that happens, I’ll welcome anyone who does what I’m doing here today.

I think we’ve all taken a step back once or twice and sort of reigned the rest of us in. It was your turn 🙂

Well I don’t have any bitter taste in my mouth because I did not get into a lengthy fight exchanging posts with this guy, we just exchanged maybe 2-3 replies, in which there was literally one personal comment from me towards him, and that was that he is vomit personified. And I do not take that comment back. It was just a cold hard observation.

The words of someone who claims to be rich, fit, and also feels that he has the right to address people in general, and women specifically, in any demeaning way they see fit, deserves a lot worse than what I said. So yeah, vomit. With everything he says. No bitter taste afterwards, despite the vomit.

Oh don’t take me wrong. I don’t take my observations back. Not the hard facts I pointed out. Not those. But the WAY the whole thing developed… I wish I hadn’t gone full retard. I mean, we have enough hardship in our everyday lives. I don’t need it here. Sure there will be clashes. But keeping it civil is better, imo.

Well we have ALL gone full retard on the internet at least once, and yeah, it’s good to never go full retard. I don’t think I have ever gone full retard on threads about SWTOR, for fuck’s sake, it’s just a game and not a very good one for that matter, I don’t care enough to go full retard 😛

And yes, I completely agree that it’s always better to take the high road. But sometimes this is impossible when the other person is representative of what goes wrong in the society of humans, this overrated species.

I can only say – I agree. But try to understand that all of this was a show, an experiment. And it worked even better than I thought. Everyone got involved, for the full picture I need only a response from Smedley.

So dont take it personally.

There is nothing to take personally. As I told you in another thread:

The excuse of “I was performing a psychological experiment, a test” when proven wrong in everything one has posted on a thread of the internet, has been overused since 2003. You have to find better excuses.

There is no such thing as an experiment conducted by you. Feel free to use it as an excuse though.

You really take it personally, dont you?

My abs are not perfect, hehe, but richness, yes, I`ve made quite alot of money already, and planning to make much more in the future.

As for my right to tell people what to do – I never said that. What I was always saying – people doing bad things themselves, I only help them to free their instincts. If someone is good at heart – they will stop and leave, or get stuck. Bad people will continue to rant, bite and use anything to bite me.

If you feel you need to prove how bad I am, it only means you have some hidden things inside you you wish to cover by it.

I did not take anything personally. And your conclusions about good and bad people… are arbitrary, inaccurate, and at the end of the day, made up. I really don’t have a dark side as a person, I am very balanced. I do have a lot of free time at work though, so sadly I sometimes use it to comment here. If you fail to realize this… then that’s ok. I don’t really care or mind.

You a good man, John, but you cant see through lies. Or maybe you take everything as truth untill its prooved otherwise.

Stepping over the line was continuing the flaming to prove something not game related – that was Naq person doing. I took a chance to test some people here, most reactions were very predictable.

Women have the same rights and resposneabilities, as men. They deserve no special treament. Especially women who lie and use others as a shield to solve their problems. If its ok to you – you`re a good man. I`m not – I`m a realist, and I use people. Alot. If you want to call me bad – go ahead, but I know I`m right. No one deserves special treatment only because of different gender. Some women will agree with me, most will not, because they use men to solve their problems. Its common practice. And its the worst thing we inherited from Medieval age, where only brutal force was a solution.

End of history lesson, my point is – it was up to Naq to stop the flaming, she did not, so she and some people here got what they deserved – they got blocked by me. I think its for the best, I was thinking to block them for some time, they helped me do the right thing faster.

The excuse of “I was performing a psychological experiment, a test” when proven wrong in everything one has posted on a thread of the internet, has been overused since 2003. You have to find better excuses.

I don’t really care if you are a bad or a good person. Your behavior on this website as an online entity is horrible. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

Hey, it was a little experiment of mine, nothing personal. Call it a hobbie, I like to test people. This way I find good people like you, who I can talk with, deep and responsible.

I blocked some people here, because I think its better for me to ignore them, I might unblock them later, right now their reaction seems immature.

Also people tend to lie online alot, but its hard to find it out until you test it with special methods like I used recently.

I dont think people can understand my motives, and I`m surely not gonna waste my time explaining them. Suffice to say – its ok to be wrong, I get wrong sometimes, no one here knows everything, but the reaction to core factors – thats what determines personality. And thats what I was looking for.

Ok man… Just try to stay within reasonable lines of “experimentation”. That’s all.

If you don’t, next time you want to do something with your UI Editor I won’t help you. Deal?

Well it just goes to show one thing.


Seriously though it reminds me of an adage where someone pokes a dog with a stick, it get annoyed, pokes it again it gets angry, they all poke it and it bites and they scream it’s the dogs fault.

I can’t speak for Diehard i’m not his keeper, but people can get caught up in forums and say daft things (sometimes as in Diehard’s and ‘others’ case innapropriate) , that’s forums life, people get angry over the strangest things jeez I have and all over a game eh?

Although reading my inbox this morning it’s all my fault apparently, despite asking him to stop.

Poor Dulfy having this crap on her game forums.

You know man, we two almost went into VERY toxic territory. Remember? ALMOST.

But then you asked me something along the lines why I was commenting on a game I hated, and I answered. PROPERLY.

I almost didn’t do that. There was a split second where I thought: “this guy is getting on my nerves. I’m gonna fight back.”

But I didn’t. I explained that I didn’t hate the game, just the direction it was taking. And somehow we reached an accord. No, we didn’t become best palls, but we saw where we were coming from, and why we were on opposite sides of the fence.

THAT’S what’s important. And for the Force’s sake and one very last time: most of these guys don’t hate the game (there’s a few that do, I have no defense for those). They come here because they CARE. Because they miss the great game it was. Because they miss the great people, friends that already left. And aren’t coming back!

Shit. My wife always says I’m the world’s very last hippie. Because I believe in all that “let’s all get along and spread love around” stuff hehehehehe…

Spread some love people.

You funny. Its a classic attempt to focus on something outside of context and show it in fast motion with no sound.

Anything else to amuse me?

What an epic read read while on the toliet. Truly that thread below. Thats more content and story delivery than SWTOR the past 2 years. It took me longer to read it bottom up then Kotfe.

I wish I could give you multiple thumbs up just for – “Thats more content and story delivery than SWTOR the past 2 years.”

Lol, my pleassure. Thanks to some rudimentary principles under the core of some people here you and I had a great drop on the water, thats the best decription of whats happened here.

At least this is a step in the right direction. Not a big step but a step.

Given just how bad SWTOR was with 5.0 and RNG crates and so little content, there really was no other direction swtor could go but up. It was just that bad but it’s going to take them a while to recovers from the crap they released so far if they can at all.

Its been an amazing match here at the Disqus arena, 9 exciting rounds as we watched the Blue Boxer land blow after blow on the contender, Zhalkiy Fan who seems to be threatening the audience, seems our referee has stepped in though. Blue Boxer is addressing the ref, is she? She is, the Blue Boxer is apologizing, just waiting for word from the other corner, it looks like its going to end a clean match….oh….oh no folks, he’s pretending he was rope-a-doping the whole time. Sorry folks, he’s going with the “puppetmaster” approach, we’re just checking the rules here, the judges are deliberating, sorry, but the judges are shaking their heads. The rules are clear, you can’t pretend it was some kind of experiment unless you state it clearly before hand….whats this? The results of the authenticity tests are in? We have proof of mass editing folks. DISQUS-ualified!

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All this shit is getting out of hands for them. In my opinion they should scrap the old opses, and release not one boss but something like 5-6 new operations… Do the loot table different, each 2nd or 3rd boss drop shit and last too.

yea..loot table now available…now that after 600+ damn command lvls some we finally have the bis end game gear and we re ready to do some NiMs.
Problem is after all this grind in that damn fractured, i m really a little bit bored from game…

Interesting. I haven’t seen that drop. The only unusual thing I’ve seen drop in that op so far is the Yavin Temple Chandelier from Temple of Sacrifice.

Can you update this with the latest patch especially for the gods of the machine operation? the only boss listed here is 1st one but there’s all of them already now =)

Can this get updated for Gods of the Machine? Izax drops Mainhands. Esne and Aivela drop Chests. I don’t remember Nahut and Scyva.

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