Revelation Online Open Beta Giveaway

Thanks to the generosity of, we are giving out 10x Butterfly Wings, 15x Golden War Horses, and 20x Exuberant Growth Services.


We are giving out three different items. You enter one contest for them, which one you win will depends on the draw but each person can only get one of the three items.

  • 10x Butterfly Wings โ€“ Daytime White
  • 15x Golden War Horses
  • 20x Exuberant Growth Services (30 Days)

Daytime White Buttefly Wings


Golden War Horse


Exuberant Growth Services (Premium)



This contest is running from Wednesday March 8, 2017 from Noon Eastern to Wednesday March 15, 2017 Noon Eastern.

How to Enter

  • Use the Giveaway interface below to enter the giveaway. There are a couple of actions you can do to increase your chances as well so read all the entry options carefully.
  • Use this link to read about details about the game and make accounts:
  • Check here and your email on March 15/16 to see if you have won.

Contest Rules

  • One reward per person.
  • I reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or invalid contest entries if I suspect security, fairness or proper conduct has been compromised
  • Any person found to be tampering with the entry process will be disqualified
  • Winners will be notified by email so make sure to provide a valid email address.


Contest Winners

10x Buttefly Wings

  • Cory Leuck
  • Amanda White
  • Mazznight69
  • Albi
  • Thomas Zamblauskas
  • Jason Piasecki
  • Karl Wahrenberg
  • Blackmint
  • Kissxaku
  • Herdcalf

15x Golden War Horse

  • Mostafa Champion
  • Kirsten Banham
  • Andrew Crawford
  • whowhere whatwhen
  • Medeniya Bobby
  • Dalton Hollins
  • Tal On
  • Hmmwhatwh
  • Nierpotao
  • Yukilydia
  • Jason Parker
  • Chavez Mooney
  • war_cipher
  • Stephanie H
  • Dehvi Blint

20xย Exuberant Growth Services (30 Days)

  • caca
  • ege
  • elyon92
  • Diana
  • Mikael Roswall
  • Dalton Hollins
  • Brian zhao
  • Kevin Redant
  • Megan Viers
  • Henrik Lundmark
  • Thomas Zawislak
  • Gally Young
  • Megan Viers
  • evilfocus
  • Charles Goodling
  • Alex Dragon
  • Paulo Martins
  • Nubnubnub
  • Zrgogog
  • Herpze
  • Ninja Mang

    Dulfy, what server are you on?

  • ncbwilson

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Denisse

    Hey! Contest if only for NA?Ty

  • Eve Stratos

    Q_Q I need it

  • Mostafa Champion

    which server or all ? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • ncbwilson

      My guess is it will be a code that you could use on the account page which isn’t tied to a server.

  • Good luck, y’all! ๐Ÿ˜€ <3

  • vinay G

    Good luck all

  • Sniperumm

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  • Steffi Rust

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  • Haykel Jendoubi

    it can be used for the entire account or only one character ?

    • Kuroi Usagi

      1 char, founder bonus is also 1 char

  • Nordin Ilias Khan Arrifi

    Good luck all thank you RO DULFY ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rabiii3

    wish i win

  • Sebastian Aleksandrowicz

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  • Neagu Marian

    i hope i win this for my wife.

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  • Fuzzypaw

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  • cccccc

    dalton hollins is one lucky son of a bitch

    • Mike

      2 people actually won 2 prizes.

  • KittyCat Free Golden Warhorse they gift it away redem ur code just for 2 week available!

  • Hyko Harris KeyOnn Yap

    feelsadman i’m late T_T

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