SWTOR Bioware on coming 5.2 CXP Nerfs

In addition to the Fractured CXP nerf in 5.1.2, Bioware will be nerfing the CXP gain from KOTFE Chapter 1 and 2 in 5.2.

Why did you nerf Fractured Uprising CxP? | 03.08.2017, 10:27 AM

Hey folks,

I talked with the team to get the scope of what Mission rewards are changing with 5.2. As some of you guessed in the thread, the following Missions are also having their CXP values reduced:

  • KOTFE – Chapter 1
  • KOTFE – Chapter 2

Those two along with Fractured are the only Mission rewards that are seeing major changes in 5.2. However, there are other Missions which are receiving minor tweaks as well. Just to set an expectation, beyond 5.2 we will continue to make Mission reward adjustments based on time spent vs reward. Our goal is quite simple, if you play a type of content, you should receive fairly consistent rewards across that content, difficulty, based on time spent.

Example: If you want to play story mode Uprisings, we want all Uprisings to give you relatively the same reward for the time you spend playing them. If an Uprising takes 5 minutes, it should give around 1/5th the reward of one that takes 25 minutes. Obviously that won’t be exact, but you get the idea.

If I learn of any other CXP changes happening in 5.2 (or in the future) I will pass them on. Thanks everyone.


Why did you nerf Fractured Uprising CxP? | 03.08.2017, 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by TUXs View Post

Thank you Eric.

I need to ask – rather than just nerfing anything that can result in quicker CXP gains, have you thought about possibly increasing the points given to those that take longer? You’re never going to keep up with the players and you’ll always be one step behind if you’re always looking to reduce the amount of CXP gained vs. increasing it in the areas that take longer. Incentive works.

Absolutely, good question. We certainly will lean into buffing over nerfing, where possible. In the case of Fractured and KotFE Chapter 1 and 2 though they are not only outperforming other Uprisings and Chapters, but also other content as well. It is still our intention that large group and difficult content (such as Operations and Warzones) are the best source of CXP.

If someone can do something by themselves (or in small groups), with minimal challenge, and receive more rewards than something like an Operation, you should expect it is gonna get adjusted.

Again, on the inverse, if you discover something that is not rewarding for its time spent, let us know! If “no one is running X Uprising” cause it is not worth the time, we will almost certainly buff it to bring it in line and feel rewarding.


Why did you nerf Fractured Uprising CxP? | 03.08.2017, 11:25 AM
Originally Posted by AscendingSky View Post
The bonus CXP event has made GC tolerable. Knowing you’re not only going to be cutting the CXP back to pre-event levels in April, but actually cutting them LOWER than that for several activities, seems disingenuous–especially when you’re finally working to fix the horrendous drop crates on Command Crates.

Just to clear up any confusion, once the CXP event has ended we will be buffing the standard CXP rate. They won’t be returning to rates that you experienced before the event, they will be higher. Exactly how high is still TBD and I should have that information in the coming weeks.


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I would like to know what do you mean by “massive cxp boosts” and “ops” words, as far as I have read the boost won’t be even close to the one in the event, while the Ops aren’t Ops, not even an Op, it’s just 1 boss atm.

We’ve had and still have for another month 250%boosts in cxp , and the Op’s are underway along with daily’s.
Patience padawan 🙂

It’s really not better though. One operation boss after 2.5 years of nothing is really not enough. At all. Also, why do you use the CXP boost as a good thing? If they CXP system does not get removed, no change will fix it.

*Insert extreme sarcasm*
Yep, by the time this 1 Op is finished, 1 boss at a time, spread out over a year, the “Newest” Op’s (ToS and Ravagers) will only be 3 years old…

Yep BW is doing a smashing good job old sport, a smashing good job…
**Rolls eyes and walks away**

There’s a lot of assumptions in your post, not any fact.
It’s been so long because of Kotfe/Kotet so that isn’t news either.
People are getting what they are asking for, an easier cxp ride and new content in 5.2 in April, we’ll the ones that are here looking for it to be a better game that is.

I realize you wear those rose colored glasses all the time, but common dude….

BW:A is basically working with windows ’98 over there, seriously.
5.0 didn’t work?
Ok, reboot and choose “last know good configuration.”
Welcome to 5.2!

SWTOR isn’t getting better, they are reverting to something that worked. They ditched the idea of balanced content releases to focus on story and lost a lot of players. Now the are focusing on Group content and all those folks who stuck around for the stories are getting agitated. They placed themselves in a no win situation.

You may not see it, but SWTOR isn’t improving.
You still find enjoyment in SWTOR, good for you.
I wish that I still had my rose colored glasses too, but after experiencing a game that is alive and producing fun and engaging content I’m no longer satisfied to let BW piss on the back of my neck and tell me it’s raining.
SWTOR used to be awesome and it was so much better than most people gave it credit for. I can agree with you that SWTOR was once the best game out there, but that time has passed.

This is the bit I don’t get.
*takes rose tinted glasses off* (just for a bit mind :P)
People wanted change in focus from Story to group, I get that i’m one of them and its coming in 5.2 (Early April), good news surely.
Story people have had nearly 2 years of content, hopefully that replay value will keep them going for a bit.
Players didn’t like CXP, so they made it much easier and will continue to do so (as I predicted) making leveling easier and gear easier to get.
They added 100 levels for the players that were saying I’ve hit 300, now what.
They’re adding boss drops in 5.2 for set bonuses because people felt they weren’t dropping enough in the boxes, so again making things easier.
All of this should be an improvement, because that’s what people have been shouting for?
So without looking back (that’s the killer) looking forward to 5.2 is it not improving?
*puts rose tinted glasses back on*

It’s not an improvement, technically, it is a reversion to a known good system.
After such a long drought in this type of content the drip that they are releasing with 5.2 will get gobbled up and be old hat within a week or 2. And that cycle will continue all year.
IF BW is smart, they better be working on 2 maybe even 3 full Operations all at once right now because with the method they are using to release this new Op people will be finished with it and tired of it by January.
But I doubt they are.
The BW:A studio is focused more on this New game under the unique IP that EA let slip they have been working on for the past few years.

It’s a semi reversion but it shows they’re listening at least.
We still don’t know 5.2 breakdown yet, we’re all hoping for op’s/daily’s just something to get our teeth into but I totally agree 1 is not enough this year.
They ARE going to have to follow it and quickly with more Op’s/content as I said in previous posts, but also some ‘meat on the bones’ if you know what I mean, a reason we are where we are fighting what were fighting and that takes time unfortunately and has to be done right, because if it got any bugs…….jeez
No point in rushing them out for the sake of it.
The studio will always have new material coming out that will never change and I guess it will always be a stick to poke them with if things take time. That will also never change.

BW has never been good at trying to service multiple products at once.
When SR was ready to launch at BW:A SWTOR took a huge back seat.
Now that ME:A is ready to go DA:I has taken a huge back seat.

Yes it is a stick to poke them with but in BW’s case there is historical evidence that shows us how poorly they operate when servicing 2 products from the same office.

I upvoted you for the first time in months, because you appear to talk after a very long time with some logic. I do agree that 5.2 is an improvement compared to 5.1 and the horrible 5.0 expansion.

And yes, looking back is always a mistake in life if it keeps you from progressing forward. The problem with the current state of affairs, is that nothing gives us confidence. I would love to see things in the optimistic way that you do, but realistically thinking about it, and without any kind of prejudice,we know for a fact that Gods Of The Machine will not be completed at least until October, and that’s an optimistic scenario. According to Musco’s announcements, it will probably be completed in December. IF SWTOR has survived until then after this year’s fiscal report, in order for developers to actually have funds to complete that operation. I will believe it when I see it.

And even when I see it, I will not be grateful for heaven’s sake. I will say that this is the bare minimum that we, as paying customers, should expect.

Am I happy about the new daily area? Yes
Am I happy about exploring Iokath perhaps? Yes
Am I happy with the possibility of new flashpoints? Yes
Am I happy with a new operation? Yes

But the CXP system still needs to go away, and also, it will take a very long time for SWTOR to release all of the above. So yes, the game is improving, but:

1. Most people have lost their patience (the vast majority I would say)
2. We have lost the confidence in Bioware that they will deliver, and it’s not looking good. They have lied to us many times in the past
3. An improvement from the bottom doesn’t get you very high. The game still needs many improvements, and they have to bust their asses now to do that. Not have experiments about platinum items on the Cartel Market and add new tiers of gear and more grinding. People are fed up with that.

Go have a lobtomy.

That will also make you better than you were and that’s a good thing.

Hi again mate, what you playing these days 🙂
You should give Swtor a try it’s fun.

Hello, mental burger-flipper, it’s none of your business 🙂

I’ll pass, since your idea of fun seems to be riffling through compost piles.

Mmmmm I fancy a burger now. When does your shift start?
I can see what you up Mr so I won’t be responding any more.
Thanks for checking in. 🙂
Take care bb XD

Of course you do, you need to keep the body mass up or you might have to walk on your own.

And that’s a dang shame, I was so looking forward to more inspid viral marketing from you.

Either way, you are welcome, I like to keep an eye on little animals 🙂

So…it only sucks a small bowl full of dicks instead of a whole truck full of dicks?

Alrighty, then, I guess everything’s relative when all is said and done.

(I remember when MMO player-communities had standards. It was cool. Why can’t those days come back?)

I could reply that because you’ve unsubbed there’s less dicks now (to use your lovely analogy) XD but I won’t be that cheap, instead i’ll say the the truck full of male members is now taken a turn off from the PVE/Story road, turned left at the roundabout of CXP despair and is now heading down the street of your getting what you’ve moaned for.

“It’s a step in the right direction”

Though there are still 9999 steps to walk until the game becomes decent.

Ugh… Even with the CXP bonus going on I’m still not higher than GC Level 60 on my main. All alts are between GC Level 0 and 5… Why not make this Legacy-wide??? Or make the 250% buff permanent. Not that I’m a “fanboi”… I just Star Wars.

I know how you feel, I’m here for the same reason, but since years ago I learned that we can’t trust any of clowns leading the dev team, that’s why I don’t have any hopes left on them doing things the right way.

I am in the exact same spot. I don’t know why it’s so hard to add stuff like this to the legacy. I have 16 alts and have no intention of grinding each to 300+.

You can easily gear all your alts with all that leftover blue and green gear mods put into legacy armor, plus crafted gear with all those schems you’re getting.

The sad thing is – this doesn’t matter. At all. It adds nothing, it takes nothing away. It’s just irrelevant.

Just wait until the CXP boost event finishes and the tier is updated with 100 levels more, this will drive away from the game even the most faithful grinders.

I thought they weren’t adding any more levels. I think they said that Tier 4 will be just level 300 over and over. and Tier 3 will end at 299.

Yeap, my feelings towards that announcement were indifference and slight amusement. I don’t care anymore. Besides, I would never grind any of those things.

I’m done with all this stealth nerfing, how convenient that it always happens when it means bad news, right?

You know what stealth nerfing means right?
When they announce it beforehand it’s not stealth nerfing.

Do you know to read? Just at the beginning you have a link of a post named “Why did you nerf Fractured Uprising CxP?”, open it and read the first page, please.

at this rate will there even be a 6.0?

because Galactic Command is the biggest piece of shit i’ve ever witnessed in this game…

Outside of NiM raiding with a team/buddies, how anyone finds this game enjoyable anymore is beyond me. There is 0 reason to login besides raid night as the crafted 240 gear is enough to down current NiM with player skill. Why grind cxp when SM and HM will drop even better gear in a month or two that will be overkill for all current and future ™ content if you are a good player? Sigh

The one thing players were willing to grind for the CXP, you are taking away. The big middle finger to all those poor souls.
@ SW dev team, Vaya con Dios

I think the definition of “Damage Control” for Bioware and SWTOR specifically, is “let’s see how much damage we can cause until the game dies or one of us gets fired”

Whatever the rate is, it doesn’t change the fact that we have to grind content endlessly to advance. At what point does a new FP, Uprising, or Operation cease to be fun and just be another night of same buttons, same bosses? A week? Two weeks? A month? Not long enough.

Killing Quinn is all I have to look forward to right now. Although in fairness, that is not insignificant.

I don’t care.

GC in the game – Me out.

And NO you guys can’t have my stuff! GRIND you fools!


You can have fun gridning 5 year old garbage in your piece of **** game, with other mentally challenged lemings.

My apologies to lemmings 😉

Hi again, I so love our chats.
We should meet up on swtor, run some op’s, have a laugh.
It’s a date.

No thanks, I prefer not to deal in person with bipedal equivalent of bovines.

And I’m so glad that you do, it must be a highlight of your pathetic existence.

Even if I link a cute cat picture :3 ? Give your crates at least ! I need something to desingrate to flush away my depressing thoughts when I log on !

Erm, not to intrude, but why not try some other game? Plenty to chose from, don’t allow yourself to be shackled by abused SW IP.

I was playing FF14 recently but… it lacks of SF and the 2.5sec GCD is a pain in the ass 😀 TSW is great too, but lack of contents is worse than in SWTOR :/

Well, I have a complicated love/hate story with SWTOR. Still… it’s in SWTOR that I had the most fun moments. Nostalgia complex I think 😉

Worse, I’m not a fan of SW IP. I really prefer TOR timeline (and it seems that with 4.0/5.0 this timeline is dead. Sad.)

Ugh, my condolences if you are KOTOR fan, Valkorion family sitcom really killed the vibe for me.

Still, SF wise, maybe try Star Trek Online? Not my cup of tea but it’s F2P so you have nothing to lose.

Even with the event, leveling cxp seems to be taking most people forever and a day.
Do they expect us to NOT have jobs and do nothing but grind all day, or do they expect us to have jobs and buy their $50 lightsaber?
The event needs to become permanent at the very least…

Yep…..I love playing alts. I haven’t played this game in months and can’t bring myself to load it up after having played steadily since launch. I just don’t have the interest or energy to grind command crates and run the same content over and over for all my alts.

I feel for the people that will continue feeding these clowns with their subscriptions and CC, you made the right choice.

Let’s face it, Galactic Command continues to have it’s problems such as RNG (and duplicates) and alt unfriendliness. But, grinding Fractured or chapter 1 and 2 was just dumb. Was anyone actually enjoying that? Glad they’re nerfing those things and trying to balance CXP vs. time invested.

You are not required to grind those if you don’t want to. It just gave us options to do something in solo mode. I myself enjoy running OPs and Warzones, however when I am playing at a time when there aren’t any OPs forming, or any Warzones popping, then I want to be able to run/grind solo chapters.

I also don’t agree with Eric’s claim that we are earning CXP with ‘minimal effort’. If you have run Master Mode chapters successfully, you will know that it can be harder than Operation bosses. Making small simple mistakes means you will end up flat on your face dead. Taking 50K damage per hit is no joke. So yes, I thought that the Master Mode chapters were actually giving out the right amount of CXP. I actually liked it, because not only was it a decent CXP, but it is the one thing that actually gave me a bit of a challenge in a long while. I can fly through SM OPs easily, and with a good group, many of the HM OPs.

Bioware, every time I get on here I look for a reason to stay with you.

But every time I get on here, I see a reason to leave.

They ask us to grind. We grind too fast, so they’ve decided to slow it down. Galactic command is big no-no

Good work bioware. Might aswell shut the game down and end our misery.

Yeah so in other words its gold stars all over again, people found a way to get xp quicker then ea wants so they punishing as as usual.


Seriously? I dont have words to describe Bioware Austin anymore.

Only good news would be now making game free to play and not doing anymore updates so it can end fast. This is just pure agony now.

Woo-hoo, all other MMOs I’m following are decreasing the grind but not TOR. No siree, you’ll grind and you’ll grind at the pace they set up, and you’ll grind the content they chose.

Oh yeah, and buy their overpiced pixelated cr*p so they get their bonuses this year.

It’s STAR WARS man, STAR WARS, zomg!

When I was playing The Secret World, I was thinking that Aegis shields grinding was a bother. When I experienced the “exciting” GC, I learned what “grinding” was all about :3 Thank you Ben Irving to make me less stupid.

Same here regarding WoW artifact power, they made it easier int he meantime to boot.

The best promo other MMO’s could have is from TOR. If you can stand the grind here, no grind in any other game is too difficult for you…

“We certainly will lean into buffing over nerfing, where possible.”
I really love this phrase 😀
Still in game balance need fix but they wasting time to screw up only reason left to play anything in this game…

Hum… My prediction : they won’t touch current Cxp gain. They know that if they do that, subs would decrease even more. In all their recent communication, they try to underestimate the damages though.

If only they listened their customer in the beginning… Is there enough time to save the game ? Well, I hope. But it will need more than some Cxp adjusment… A lot more. Trusting Bioware is difficult. I still remember december : they did know that many players were suffering to grind their GC ranks, and they did NOTHING for more a whole month. They could have push a small patch to adress this. No they decrease Cxp gain.

Hope they learned from their mistakes (well, I don’t think so, but I need some huh… positive thinking 😀 Even if I know that for us we are just some anonymous wallets.)

I will give only one advice to the dev team: guys, play your own game to figure what we have to endure. Oh… And merge the servers… You know, it’s really depressing to play alone 95% of the time.

They do need to nerf this. Also, if you don’t play this game and it sucks for you, what are you still doing here, trolls?

Raining on your parade and making sure your particular brand of toadyism doesn’t spread to other titles.

Simply put, this company just is not realistic.
They have this warped delusion of thinking that people will do re-runs until the end of time, and literally nothing phazes that process whatsoever.
Well it isn’t working, it never worked.
The one boss idea was great, but wasn’t exactly new.
Toborro’s Courtyard and Colossal monolith should’ve been shining examples of how the future for SWTOR should’ve been as far as PVE Operation & Bosses were concerned
Instanced zones with compact maps that are easy on the frames and do not require multiple segmented mapped areas that have enough room to qualify to be a stand alone planet by itself!

One room, with enough space to fit the boss, mechanics, 16 players, with simplified mechanics and environment.
It was easy to understand, compact and small, without any of the bullshit areas of lacklustre interest.

Instead, they waste their time creating ‘Uprisings’, which literally have such a short lifespan, and SWTOR are invested in shortening that lifespan even more.
Great, a PVE activity that is LESS rewarding than Operations and more time consuming than anything any player could’ve hoped for.
The only way SWTOR will be saved is if their staff stop looking at their ideal outcome and just start looking at things realistically.
5 minutes of the forums will slap you into reality, but SWTOR choose to stay benevolent to their own ignorance… a shame, this game had great potential, but like many others. Ruined by unstable ideals that automatically are threatened the moment its bootlegged lazily, than look at what players want, and adapt your ideas around them.
I swear these game companies aren’t even trying anymore, why the hell do they get so upset when the players don’t try likewise?

So true… FF14 is the best example here : The producer is a gamer and actually plays his game. EA is just a company ruled by non-gamers. I really wonder if they understand what we are expecting… Player’s entertainment does not rely on hard metrics.

I actually welcome huge maps of operations where you progress and complete a mission. Eternity Vault, Scum and Villainy, Terror From Beyond all still have some of the best maps in the game, and also some of the most epic fights when it comes to mechanics and structure of what you have to do (Soa and Operator IX a grand example of that).

I would take a small room boss fight over nothing, but I would still prefer operations such as the above, you know, when the game actually had content.

Look… I’m not saying it’s a bad idea.
I’m simply saying, if it takes a company 3 years to DECIDE what to do… let alone actually doing it. They need to condense what they’re doing.
I love huge maps as much as the next guy, but TC and Monolith hinted towards they are ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING.
Which was nice… then 5.0 scrapped the whole damn thing and their value became laughably worthless.
They could’ve continued that, until they feel a huge one was necessary, or that they were ready for it.
Instead they pull a bigger flop than Mass effect and botch the whole thing, the idea, the idea that led to the idea… any possibility of old content being valuable, and to top it off, they give us dogsh*t content (uprisings), which are supposed to be what exactly?
They disregarded daily farming zones, open pvp zones, pvp arena & warzones, now, operations are being buried… for:
Mediocre, hashed content to build your preparation to doing…. … ahh yeah.. opening fucking crates.

Real unforgettable legacy being killed off here people!

A little disappointing, since KotFE chapter II was what I used when I needed to “cap off” a bar of CXP. Not sure what my fallback will become.

An uprising takes 5-10 mins about the same time as chapter 1/2.
That should be ok for a quick top up and they pop really quick.

Depends on the group. Whereas the chapter is solo so there are no external factors that influence time(players, finding a group). I actually enjoy doing chapter 2 because I can watch a movie at the same time and not worry about a group. I can also take breaks whenever I need and not need to worry about finding another group. See where I’m going with this?:P Anyway, chapter 2 on master gives more CXP per unit of time. I manage to get 5-6 minutes on chapter 2.

If you enjoyed doing chapter that’s cool, although I did chapter 1 a few times, easy cxp in vet/master but really boring really quickly.
Random ups will be the thing to do now that fractured has been fixed, for quick CXP/speed, but I do love a flashpoint 🙂
Daily’s give a nugget of cxp 70-92 maybe double with the bonus.

Meaning that your poor third-rate excuse for a game lacks content since chapter takes 5 minutes.

I will admit I was unsubbed for a few months but when I tried Uprisings around 5.0 launch they failed more often than not.

Might be better now I’ve been disinclined to try but if PuGing is like it was I feel like they’re not going to be as reliable as a quickie chapter .

I suppose it depends what a quick top up is. 🙂
SM uprisings are easy and will give you around 1k cxp (i think, it’s been a while since I did an sm one) and they are easy with few mechanics to worry about since damage output is low, it gives you time to work things out.
The HM do need better gear and some are quite tricky but do give a good few thousand CXP but a knowledgeable group makes it much much easier.

<— So glad that I finally un-subbed from this hopeless fucking turd.

But also sad, too, because it’s not really the game’s fault.

There’s actually a pretty solid, if design-limited themepark MMO still buried in there under the poorly-written soap-opera, As the Valkorions’ World Turns

It didn’t have to be this way.

If not for these worthless shit excuses for a dev-team, then that solid MMO would still be at the forefront, like it was in later 1.xx and 2.xx.

Perhaps Ben doesn’t care what players think. But he can at least look around the room at his colleagues and ask himself is his ego that is driving the game down worth possibly costing the jobs of those around him if this game ends up closing down or having to layoff more staff? When the best the content creators who are the influences can give us is “Things look promising, let’s give it a chance”, “well its a smaller ‘bag of dicks’ than it was before” rather than “I love this game it is awesome and the announcements are awesome” things are not in a good place.
Even the fans who defend GC defend it by saying they can craft around it to ignore it. Ignoring your new system is what the defenders suggest. You done messed up Ben. Maybe it’s time for another letter to tell us how much everyone supports this game still while content trickles out at a slower pace than all marketplace competitors.

In all honesty none of the will lose their jobs.
It’s most likely that they are all double hatting on the other IP that BW:A is working on. If SWTOR fails there could be a handful reassigned to another portion of EA. I’m doubtful that anyone will lose a job at this point.

They are doing what they are doing with intent and with a goal in mind. They aren’t telling us what the goal is, they don’t want us to know and I’m betting that it’s because too many people will leave.
They have to wait until EA’s other SWTOR games are out and BW:A’s unique IP is making money.
A year from now we will might get the full story.

Well, at launch they lost a lot of subs and there were massive layoffs (part of the reason why we have the state of game we do). So if there is another massive drop in subs the past year I could see more layoffs coming – no where near the same number, but could be some.

The sad part is that TOR line is going to sink… Even if Karpyshyn wrote some KOTET lines, I can’t feel this TOR feeling.

Instead of nerfing the cxp gains from things, how about we make sure these things work… Can’t tell you the last time I played an uprising without a bug that impeded progress through it.

Emotional nostalgic post following:

I remember a time when I would get on Dulfy and I would find 3 new articles with guides to the new Daily area, guides about the flashpoints in Story and Hard mode, guides for achievements in that new planet they released, guides about the new operation…. and there was one article with the new Cartel Market items.

Now, and it has been a very long time that this is the way it is, I only see Bioware announcements about how they are destroying the game, announcements about announcements, excuses for their latest changes in the game, and multiple updates about the Cartel Market… and all the articles have flame wars between players that are so frustrated with everything, that will even find some of the neutral updates annoying. And I am guilty for that too. Two years ago, a nerf in the rewards of some mission in the game, would be just a minor correction to one of the very few things that were wrong with this game (excluding bugs of course, these have always been there, and I feel that they alone are not enough to ruin a game experience, but when they are on top of everything else… they are more obvious). Now? It’s just another nail in the coffin….

Yeah, you’re absolutely right. There’s a noticeable loss of perspective from the people unhappy with the direction of the game. I mentioned that elsewhere, it’s a “snowball” effect. To the point that it must become very irritating to the people that still enjoy the game to read all the negativity.

I do stand by that negativity though. It’s founded, and based on observation and play experience. Not only in this game, but in others as well.

But there has to be a dosage somewhere. Some people may not believe me, but I get sad when I log on here and the vast majority of comments are of people expressing their frustration.

I wish the game could be turned around to the point when I was a White Knight, when nothing wrong could be found in the game. Well, almost nothing.

Here’s hoping that may come true, someday.

“To the point that it must become very irritating to the people that still enjoy the game to read all the negativity.”

Fuck that, I don’t care about that. I really couldn’t care less about the feelings of sheep that wear glasses with Bioware colors on. I am a scientist and I have learned to accept and value truth above personal feelings, and not because of science, but because of a horrible break up 10 years ago. I had the option of either accepting the truth and moving on, or just crying endlessly about the fact that my life couldn’t possibly turn out to be totally different than what I had envisioned. I did the second thing for a couple of months, and then I decided that it doesn’t get me anywhere. So yeah, I don’t know why I said all of that, but I guess my point is that accepting the truth makes you a better and stronger person. No reason to be in denial.

Well, there’s no possible way for me to contradict that statement…

So I won’t. You’re absolutely right. Believe me, I tried to love the game. I tried man. I went into denial over it. When they came out with the KotFE/KotET thingy and I was HAMMERED in this Forum for crying “wolf”, I finally gave up. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. “Perhaps it’s not so bad. Maybe I can enjoy it.” Nope. I gave them ONE FULL YEAR of sub money and I was unhappy. Not anymore. No sir. I call them like I see them.

Many may not remember when I was a SWTOR white knight, arguing with the naysayers.
I sit here listening to my eclectic play list of Ozzy, Metalica, Ben Folds 5, Flogging Molly and the Bear McCreedy version of all along the watchtower from Battlestar Gallactica and remember telling PvPers asking for balance to go Play CoD, raiders asking for more and harder content to be patient and telling folks bashing GSF they just needed more practice. I remember acting a little like our present day WK’s, but not nearly as aggressive or angry.

Then I think about where I am now…

Here is a truth that we all need to realize, Ben Irving has selected a direction in which to take SWTOR and it doesn’t matter what any of us think they are trudging along in that direction. They are making twerks as they go, but for the most part they are doing what they want and doing what it takes to keep making money along the way.
We will see where this gets them soon and I hope that by December we will something good from BW:A as it relates to SWTOR.
I’m not giving them anymore money until the game again resembles something fun again.

*Bear McReary (I know that’s not the point, but great composers deserve to have their proper names thrown out there. ^_^)

To the point: I was also much like you. Having only subbed and attained my first max-level character during Shadow of Revan, and this game having been my first MMO experience, when I saw people complaining about it, my answer was always, “Why are you complaining? THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO!”

As someone who got really into raiding after getting to max level, when I would see raiders posting about how there’s no new end-level content, I didn’t really understand it. Then I joined a raid team and smashed the same content week after week after week. After a while, that welcome fresh experience with a need to adapt to changing mechanics and learn them becomes stagnant dance moves that you learned (what felt like) years ago. Especially when you’re repeating the same runs multiple times a week for gearing (raising the operations to max-level and setting a priority operation was nice, but OMG, I never want to even SEE the inside of Eternity Vault ever again). I’d imagine doing the same maps and objectives over and over again while getting ground into the dirt by the same overpowered class of the half-year felt stagnant and awful in much the same way for PVPers.

Basically, I get it now. I’ll not respond again to that person saying they’re bored with what’s available that I don’t know how they could be bored because there are so many operations/PVP maps/flashpoints to do. When you invest a lot of time into them, they get boorishly repetitive faster than you’d think.

That said, personally, the best way to vote is with your wallet, in this case. Much as I want a Star Wars game more than anything, and it’s what attracted me to SWTOR in the first place, realizing I liked MMO group content resulted in my joining another game that seems to provide just what I want, so I’ve taken my subscription elsewhere.

… all in all, a long and rambly way to say, I was the exact same as you were. And thank you for posting about it.

I used to champion SWTOR myself. Hell, I was like third in line for the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim cantina. Got there three hours early when I heard people were starting to show up at the location cause I wanted to make sure I had a good seat.

Then only a few months later they announced plans for KotFE and I was like, “Are you serious? You’re going to release an “expansion” with no new open-world areas or group content?” Writing was on the wall at that point. By the end of the year I was gone due to lack of content and constant incompetence.

There’s no way I’d have believed someone if in spring of 2015 they told me I’d be unsubbed in less than a year. Most of my guild went through a similar experience.

“beyond 5.2 we will continue to make Mission reward adjustments based on time spent vs reward”

Sooooo….FlahPoints like Blood Hunt will be rewarding 10.000+ CXP then ??

How about nerfing the Unstable Arbiter Lightsaber from Cartel Market. I heard it is a very overpowered price.

“They won’t be returning to rates that you experienced before the event, they will be higher. Exactly how high is still TBD”

I expect 103%.

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Tell me your stone number and level in your pyramid to tell you how much you lose instead of win….you victim…

Unbelievable how stupid they are… are they really that dumb that they don’t see how fucking idiotic the grind is now? First and foremost they need to keep the event values! Anything less will cause a lot more players to leave. And now they are gonna fucking reduce the fastest ways to gain CXP.

Bioware really is trying to kill this game.

Band-aiding this game is not going to be worth it to the players and
fans a like. Hard core Star Wars fans want to play a game that has
meaning. The old Republic is still part of Legends, it’s time to bring out a successor that fits in the new canon. The next one should not be a MMO and should follow the very successful Mass Effect franchise in that respect.

A Star Wars RPG with the next Mass Effect engine, can’t say that does not sound epic.
I will gladly buy the game perhaps on every platform I own and purchase what ever DLC they throw at it.

This is the kind of crap that made me leave the game. We learned how to farm CP from the trash mobs at the beginning of KP, and then they nerfed just those trash mobs. It really pissed me off. That is when I decided to leave the game. Not only was I getting multiples of gear pieces, but BW actually wanted us to grind more in order to get the random gear. Now it looks as though the players are not playing the game as intended again.

I will return when they get rid of the random gear drops and add some more operations, but I doubt that happens.

It won’t take long and they will announce another 5lvls expansion, so they can try to fix all the damage they’ve done.

with regular comms system I should have full ranked with augs by this time (I just play some warzones due to lack of time) with this grindshit system i’m stucked in 230’s which is shit

I don’t care about CXP. I can do it all in 230 what I want to do. Instead I look at the bigger picture.
So, in my view they closed the storyline of “Where does this robot come from?” and “Who is the Sith Emperor?”. Fine. So the Sith Emperor is that ancient spirit in my head. But I am done with it now, it’s gone. So what is the next big thing?
Excuse me? A rusty old droid is supposed to be harder to defeat than an incorporeal Sith Spirit? That’s not going to work. People don’t mind to grind, if the incentive is there, but this is not it.
And because of that it won’t matter what it takes to get the next crate, because the final goal isn’t even worth one of them.

Yeah I totally agree that the amazing story lines that this game was founded on have died a death with the horrible KOTFE/KOTET.
I know some people loved it, but having you kill the emperor, take the eternal throne making you the most powerful person in the known universe…..what now, where CAN they go from here.
And now it’s canon in swtor, they’e going to look fools if they retract on any of it.
Someone made a post recently on here about if we are going back to Iokath (which beautiful planet was the ONLY high point in Kotfe) how is that going to work seeing as the story told us it’s out of bounds for a long long time.
Another horrible jump in years inbound?
When they release the new content it can’t be silly nonsense that clashes with what has gone before.

The story they set up with Ziost was so good that I thought the next thing was going to be the best storyline SWTOR ever made. I was very wrong. I would give anything to have a do over and let them scrap KotFE/KotET and just start back at the end of Ziost.

Wait for them to increase the CXP cap lol, if they already discussed it like they said in previous post it’s gonna happen and then the grind pushes forward.
They should have just scrapped the CXP ranks and reinstate the old vendors back , why fix something that ain’t broken ?

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