• Karrotops

    With 1000 cartel points, it would just be better to buy one of the armors in the market instead of these packs.

  • Jep Fareborn

    I hope releasing the covert set in CM brings down the prices of the individual pieces. All I need are the boots! ;p

    • Jammie

      Agreed, I need the wrist piece.

  • Jim Darling

    2000 Cartel coins and we don’t even get to see what it looks like FIRST????

    • Ann Nonymous

      yes you do: what you see is what you get. It is the underwear look :p

    • gog

      It’s even worse, you can’t even dye that armor.

    • j’oe

      you have to pay a fee to see what it looks like

  • Fred Garvin

    Unstable Emoboi’s Lightsaber – Cost: 7,600 wannabe-Sith tears.

  • Adam Haynes

    Next thing you know Bioware is gonna start selling max level characters with maxed out crafting skills for CC… oh wait

  • IQuitThisShitstorm

    Inb4 Crest of each dread master 20k cartel coins… only for those that can afford it

    • Rance

      Don’t forget the mount “Wings of the Architect”, they will directly ask for your kidneys in exchange.

      • Paulo Gomes

        If they EVER “Cartelise” a version of the Wings of the Architects I will be SEVERELY pissed.

        • Secundum

          They won’t care, due to all the money they’ll get from it.

        • OhShet

          Don’t forget the DP mechanical rancor was put in a pack, maybe they’ll put out a dread masters pack and have those items be platinum

        • John Kosto

          I will actually be happy, even though I won’t buy it. The vast majority of the players that own it, have it because they bought a carried run for 50-70 million credits anyway, when NiM DF and DP were 5 levels down back in good old 3.0.

          Not that I care about the feeling of elitists either.

          • Paulo Gomes

            It’s not about elitism, it’s about certain things in the game should be rewards for playing. Like the Dreadseed and Star Forager armor. I couldn’t care less about the elitism factor, because as you rightfully say 3.0 was a joke. I remember solo healing DP on my Operative during 3.0, that was a real joke lol… But this game NEEDS more stuff you can get through actual PLAYING, even if it’s a carried run.

            • Rance

              And instead of that they keep removing playing rewards like they did with PvE decorations, gg EAware.

            • John Kosto

              Well I know it’s not about elitism when it comes to YOU, because you don’t seem like an insecure person whose self-esteem depends on what they do in a game….

              And yeah, rewards should be about stuff that you do in game, I was just commenting on how the Wings of the Architect are nothing special, and have not been special since 2 years ago. Anyone could have obtained them then, as there were literally guild runs advertised on fleet, that would carry you and give you the mount, for your money.

              • Paulo Gomes

                And you’re absolutely right. I remember those runs being made in The Red Eclipse also.

  • Shawn Hargrave
  • Rance

    This “Covert Energy” thing must be another of their social experiments to see if people is retarded enough to get charged for an armor that is actually inexistent.

    • JRP

      It’s not a new ‘armor’ set either. Just it’s finally all in one crate. Skip buying it from the Cartel Market, but if it’s still something you want, just check on the GTN for it.

      • Rance

        The problem right now is that GTN suffers from an incredible inflation on this sort of items, probably for the lack of players, before, I remember that there was so much competence in the market that it forced the prices go down, this could be easily solutionated by merging servers, I’m not even asking them to try to take all those subs back, so I don’t know what it’s taking them so long to make for once a right decision.

        • Nomad

          a cross server gtn could solve a lot of problems

        • Fred Garvin

          Sorry, Rance. Gonna have to hit you with a technical for mentioning the word “competence” in a discussion about SWTOR.


        • Calure

          It wasn’t about competition. The armor is really old and most players who got it have long since stopped playing. The items were expensive on the GTN because having an unbound one was rare and it was desirable for customization.

    • thezenix2

      The armour essentially leaves the slot “naked”. If you use the outfit customization slots they will show the piece from your main gear if you leave anything open. If you put on covert energy gloves in an outfit slot it will show bare hands. Kind of a neat set of gear to have if you like playing dressup I suppose… :-p

      • Deshik

        I love this set. It removes bracers dude.

    • gog

      I love to crap on BW for the CM, but… Personally, that armor set is probably the one I’ve used the most on a lot of different characters, in some cases I wanted outfits that didn’t have visible gloves, bracers or feet, and in the case of my low level commando dude, it was the chest.

      If you use that set ONLY on a toon then yeah, it’ll be sort of ridiculous. But when you really like simplistic armor setups (like I do) without a bunch of annoying crap on them, it’s one of those sets that’s great for complimenting the other armor pieces by simply being invisible. It was one of the first ones I had unlocked, and it was one of the most used for me (along with Juhani’s boots, some fingerless gloves from a set I can’t remember etc).

      Lastly, back when companion armor still mattered and my SW had to choose between Treek and Quinn as healers (I hate Treek’s voice sooooooooooooooooooooo f***ing much), having a pantless Quinn with some ridiculously dyed armor top never got old….

      • Rance

        I understand your point, what I don’t like is that they try to milk players even with this, now that we have an outfit designer anyone would understand that if you don’t put X piece of the armor it’s because you want that place to be occupied by nothing, but instead it gets occupied by the piece of gear you’re currently wearing and they saw on this the perfect opportunity. “Why correct it when we can make money with it?”.

        • gog

          I’d agree with you if the wardrobe function had arrived before the set, but covert armor was first. And while leaving a spot blank certainly would’ve made sense, and been easier for newer players, I get why they let the covert armor fill that need as otherwise it would’ve been completely worthless. And I spent both CC’s and in game money to unlock those pieces, so I’d been pretty annoyed if it had been rendered worthless.

          Add in that at least before, those pieces weren’t really that expensive to obtain. And now they’ve made it available to newer players again, either through CM or GTN since I’d imagine prices there will drop from this release. It’s a money grab for sure, and you suggestion would’ve been better for the players indeed. But it’s a less annoying cash grab compared to most other things in the CM, at least to me.

          The price should’ve been cheaper tho, like 1000 CM instead.

          • Rance

            Seeing it from that perspective I fully agree with you then, didn’t know that the armor arrived before, but being EAware and knowing its methods to milk players it wouldn’t have been strange if it was the other way around xD.

            • gog

              Perspective is good. 🙂 Looking at how things are at the moment, it would be logical to assume the armor came after the wardrobe function.

              TOR have been on a slowly worsening spiral of milking players through CM, but for a long time it worked with quality, drop rates and amount from the crates being good and balanced enough for a lot of players to purchase them without feeling ripped off. Which in turn meant the items were available on the GTN for mostly sane prices after the packs came out.

              Then the drop rates became crap, if you wanted certain armor sets that were rare, you got 1-3 pieces from 2-4 hypercrates, but the bronze crap you got (like 10+ of the same crap armor item) sold for so little you still barely made even. And the quality was starting to decrease at the same time. By the time the chance cubes arrived I’d already stopped spending cash on CC’s.

  • Rance

    Meanwhile in Bioware Austin…

    • Baldarhion

      ha ha ha 😀 brilliant !

    • I can’t believe how accurate that video was… You, sir, are amazing.

      • Rance

        This video is in my head everytime I read something about them trying to fix it LOL.

    • That was fucking hilarious.

    • Ser JuJoo Guppy

      That is hands down the most accurate description of BW trying to do anything with SWTOR that I have ever seen. Had me laughing my ass off!

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Ok, what exactly IS a First Grand Acquisition Pack?

    • Rance

      Buy it and let the new thrilling RNG experience surprise you…

  • MM

    Dear BWEA, You know what I would pay for. Something that isn’t reskinned. Something that is actually original and looks like it’s worth a damn. I have 9K coins waiting for your lazy arses to do something.

  • Veno

    Just seeing that lightsaber up there triggers me

    • dinodoc

      Do you need s a safe space?

  • Blackfrost

    i wish they would make the unstable vented lightsaber. that’s what i’m looking for

  • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

    7600cc for a light saber.
    Here is the reason for you to grind and stay in game.
    Spend real $$ for imaginary pixels…..

    • dfsaafsdasf

      Whats the difference between spending $76 for a lightsaber and $76 for a 3 hour concert? To each their own in my opinion, it’s all just entertainment at the end of the day.

      • John Kosto

        One of them is real, the other one isn’t.

        • AmethystOracle

          Movies aren’t real and people spend $15 to go see them all the time.

          • Rance

            False, I pirate them, if I had to pay I wouldn’t bother seeing any of them 🙂

            • Erin

              Well, it does not matter which one costs more to make, it is simply that different people adore different rewards they exchange their money for.
              Your oppinion is just that, yours.
              Let others be.

          • John Kosto

            Do you really wanna go there? And calculate, effort, hours spent, money spent, and inspiration, between a multimillion dollar production, and a digital piece of equipment in a game which takes literally one person and a much much shorter amount to make? And you will compare a full piece of art with a story, a meaning, a symbolism, with, again, a digital item that is purely cosmetic?

            I mean, seriously, trying to bring everything to the same level so that one can support and justify the existence of everything, isn’t really good for creativity.

      • gog

        The costs and talents (well, maybe not in pop music all the time….) required to perform a concert worth 76$ is a lot bigger compared to an in game item that any fairly talented modder could throw together in a few hours….

      • Paulo Gomes

        Wrong. One is not just “entertainment”. It’s also ART. The other one is a bunch of ones and zeros cobbled together…

        It’s not a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of FACT.

        • branmakmuffin

          Show us on this doll where Bioware touched you …

          Your comment indicates 2 possibilities: you are trolling or stupid. Which is it (or you could be both, I suppose)?

          • Paulo Gomes

            Well… If you can put a concert by a band in the same wagon you place a computer video game weapon it says A LOT more about you than it says about me mate…

            You can suppose all you want. I’ll leave you guessing. While you take a long hard look at your priorities…

            • Ciraxe

              Yes, music is art. However, what a band is doing for X amount of hours for a concert for you is entertaining you. How a person wants to spend their money for their own entertainment is up to them. Just because you value something such as a concert higher up than a video game doesn’t mean you are anymore right than the person that would rather use their money on a video game instead. After my bills most of my play money goes into street bike modifications. I do throw money at the Cartel Market here and there though. I’m an adult, no one can tell me what I should be doing with my money.

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    • Лев Сафаров

      Come on…

    • Baldarhion

      Contact Buy-o-ware, they need your support. Ask for Ben Irving.

      • sfdfsafasd

        What was it, it’s deleted.

        • Baldarhion

          that was a spam/scam, you know like “I earned 104000$ etc…” 🙂

  • The Deplorable Chris Morel

    That Grand Acquisition Pack is complete garbage. I am so angry at myself for buying one. I got a Thul statesman armor set and a reputation item that I already had maxed…

    • branmakmuffin

      What I dislike so much is that the stuff they sell in the CM is absolutely required in order to access the top tier content. Can’t really do ranked or HM Ops without an unstable arbiter’s lightsaber.

    • Yeah it sucks man

  • william.gurganus@mail.ru

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  • Ciraxe

    I’m not missing your point by a mile. You’re trying to point out that a concert has more weight than a video game. To each their own, plain and simple.

    I refuse to go to concerts. If we’re going to keep money part of the topic, I would rather save my money and just download songs for free. A concert is a 1 time thing that to the average person isn’t exactly cheap. (~$50 for the ticket, at minimum $20 for food/drink, +souvenir)

    I know the user has no rights to their character and everything along with it. That’s pretty much known to anyone and everyone that plays games online. That doesn’t stop people from using their money within those games for 1 time incentives or aesthetics.

    Would I spend my hard earned money on a rented bike? Well, technically I don’t own the bike I have yet because I’m still making payments on it so, the bank owns it for the time being. Do I throw money into it? Yes, because I have no plans on not making payments and losing the bike. Now, onto a full on rental bike. You technically still have to put a small amount into it for fuel but, beyond that the rental agency covers unless you manage to screw things up.
    Renting property, do you throw money into it? Yep, you sure do. We can go on and on.

    More power to you for having an experience you will never forget. The argument is kind of hard to have due to you being biased to begin with when it comes to concerts. People that enjoy music and/or are musicians will of course prefer to throw money at those venues instead of a video game. Once again, to each their own.

  • Stupid Genius

    Left the game 3 months ago, sad to see it hasnt changed.

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