SWTOR Upcoming Items from 5.2 V3

SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market items from Patch 5.2 V3. These items are part of the upcoming Warbound Crusader Pack


Enigmatic Hero


Sith Hermit’s Armor Set


Port Nowhere Mobster’s Armor Set


Zakuulan Socialite’s Armor Set


Security Chief’s Armor Set


Hoth Defender’s Armor Set


Dust Viper Bandit’s Armor Set



Tythian Lightsaber Pike


Tythian Lightsaber


Corellian K5 Sniper Rifle


Corellian K5 Blaster Rifle



Sinear PR-4


Vintage Load Lifter


Imperial Devastator (Flourish)


Rendili Chameleon


Corrupted Nexu


Iokath Wyvern


Crystalcrag Monolith



Title: Iokath Crusader

Tythian Flame Crystal


Emote: Excited Child


Pet: Ruby Vrblet


Pet: L1-L War Machine




Weapon Tuning



Gallery View: http://tord.mmo-fashion.com/category/database/source/cartel-market/packs/command-packs/warbound-crusader-pack/

  • Demanufacture

    Lemme guess, the Tythian pike will be a Platinum rarity item.
    Looks too good (to me at least) to be a Gold one. :

    • Diehard fan

      Sure it will =)

      I`m still missing Senya ones, for me paying 150 mil is too much (

      • Demanufacture

        Same here. But since I like the mounts, decos and few armor pieces I will buy a Hypercrate and hope for the best.
        That is if I will be able to make my way back to this game from the Andromeda galaxy 🙂

        • Diehard fan

          Haha, same here! Cant wait – just 10 days till Andromeda release.

  • keller

    I know a lot of the armours are reskins, and I could do without the hoods, but I actually like the look of most of these. Port Nowhere might even be an affordable Loyalty armour.

    And the spike! If that can be used as a dual saber then a lot of the animation problems in KOTET might be fixed.

    • Diehard fan

      It is used as dual saber by player characters. Same for Senya Pike.

  • fake

    Why.. Why? I love the chest model but why cape and hood.

  • Deshik

    Excited child, realy?!

    • Diehard fan

      Yeah, ripping off music probe is a very bad decision.

  • Cole

    Loving the decos, but we need about ten more bronze rarity personnel released to make them seem like not ghost towns. Hell maybe just start adding personnel into the vanilla game for like 2000 credits each from the basic vendor.

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  • Xavier Matheson

    That companion actually looks pretty cool o.o Too many reskins for me though. Will just buy the good stuff off the GTN.

    • abaddonsmummy

      I really need to stop buying the companions.
      I think they have been a fun addition to the game however they are next to useless unless you whack 5 mill of gifts down their throats to use in daily’s which after doing it few times get tiresome 🙁
      And they can’t gather/craft.

      • Diehard fan

        Just 5 mil? I thought much more. Never bothered to max out them.

        • Xavier Matheson

          5-7mil, depends what you use

          • gog

            Courting gifts usually…

            • Diehard fan

              Em… on CM companions?

              • gog

                That was sarcasm…

              • Diehard fan

                Sorry, I was really serious about the answer 😀

                I cant imagine how you can top 50 LVL companion for just 5 mil… it seems impossible on Progenitor.

              • gog

                In KotFE, you could do it for free with some patience it you farmed dailies, especially as a stealthie. Quit before I had anyone maxed out, but had a few at lvl 40 or so. Not sure how it works now tho.

  • Luis Rosado

    Some good stuff here. For me, it’s a big upgrade over the last pack

    • abaddonsmummy

      I find it the opposite, I’ve liked some of the last packs but this and the last one have come up short for me.
      Clothes are horrible, pikes are not new, guns look boring, speeders….well some are real cool, the rest……do we need another Rendili?
      The Tythian lightsaber looks interesting.

      • Luis Rosado

        I meant directly compared to the last pack. There are a lot of unique pieces here that can be mixed and matched. And the weapons (blasters anyway) would look good on a rugged smuggler or bounty hunter type comp. You’re right about the rendili though, I don’t think anyone would shed a tear if we never saw another one of those

  • Jo

    What’s the companion supposed to be?

    • Diehard fan

      Nathema beast most likely.

    • Sarigar

      Pretty sure that’s a Nathema voreclaw.

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Correct 🙂

    • Havik79


    • Horton

      Not sure, but I’m fairly certain I saw The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers beat it up on TV once.

    • Naq

      Mirelurk, Beetleborg, Umber Hulk, The Tick alternate universe edition, Giant from Neverending Story II, That thing Rico killed with a grenade in Starship Troopers, that thing you fought that one time in swtor.
      All of that said, its easily the most interesting thing in this pack. Would make a neat companion if comp AI didn’t follow 4 feet behind you blotting out the screen.

  • Anthony-Skyrim

    This pack is father of all reskins:
    Nexu mount reskin, Revan Reborn armor reskin, Senya sabers reskin, Monolith reskin, Load lifter mount reskin, pet reskins, Sinear reskin, concealed body suit armor reskin…
    Only things worth looking at are the new Nathema companion & that Imperial Devastator mount

    • LargeMass

      Im with this… Companion and Imperial mount are the only things that rock.

    • LargeMass

      Iokath mount might be interesting. all else especially the armors can go to hell.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      This nexu is pretty unique compared to the other nexu mounts because it’s not a straight up recolor of a basic nexu. It has glowing eyes, fur loss, and torn jaw muscle.

      Even though it probably uses the same model as the “Nathema Beast” companion, I’m glad we’ll be given the option to both ride it (mount) and fight with it (companion).

      • Diehard fan

        Yeah, I love that too! I use normal Nexu cat as mount and as companion, feels actually nice to fight with it.

  • Rance


    • Drivan
    • Diehard fan

      Whats your problem, dude?

      • Rance

        Ask it to your beloved dev team.
        Oh, wait… they don’t listen to the community lolololol.

        • Diehard fan

          Useless to talk with your bunch I see. Goodbye, Rance.

          • Dieharder

            well then they dont have to talk to you anymore. You think thats punishment? lol

            • Diehard fan

              Thats me who dont want to waste time on angry shitheads. Nothing more to be found in it.

        • abaddonsmummy

          I think you’ll find they are listening to the community as you can see from the changes they have made.
          The community has been very vocal in it’s damnation of how they feel 5.0 went and they are desperately trying to improve things.

          • Rance

            The only times they have “listened” have been when their subscriber numbers went red, very red, so their desperation now comes because of the money, not for us, the players.

            • Nomad

              Whoa dude! I think Diehard just put you on his ignore list!

              • Diehard fan

                Dont want to lose time on those people. They had a chance.

              • Drivan

                You are a frakin loser dude.
                A worthless pile of cow dung, a pretentious little slug with the intelligence of a lobotomized sloth. No one here one cares about your threats or your juvenile tests and experiments.
                You rate lower than garbage and have zero credibility.

              • Rance

                Like if I cared LOL.

              • Naq

                Pretty much becoming a badge of pride around here. Doesn’t do much though. He just logs in as a guest and rants at you in dead threads anyway. The nice thing is, he can’t edit his crazy rants as a guest. So, bonus.

              • Snarf

                Yep. You’re not the only one either. Startin’ to wish he’d do the things he threatened to do to other people to himself.

              • Darth Gnaw

                As you say. Just when i thought he couldn’t be any more full of shit lol.
                It was “an experiment” and yet he’s all butthurt and blocking people. Wonder how that would have worked for Newton or Edison if they acted that way doing experiments.
                I guess the difference is they had balls.
                I expect he’ll respond to this 4-5 days from now when no one is looking little chicken shit that he is and threaten to block us. Oh no! not that! oh please! lmao


              • Risqu’e

                Wow. He’s such a little douche.

              • Darth Gnaw

                “Pretentious little douche”
                There I fixed it for ya 😉

              • Naq

                “There is nothing more dangerous than a humiliated man” -Nelson Mandela Lucky for us he’s just a little boy.

              • Drivan

                Convenient that I can call him CPT D, as in, “deez motherfuckinnutz!”

                What a frakin tool.

              • Darth Gnaw

                Pretty soon Diehard wont have anyone left to talk to but Abby.
                Oh, wait…

  • Drivan

    I care less about the stuff in a cartel pack typically, but damn they mailed it in on this one…

    • Naq

      I could be wrong, but I think I only see 1 new armor. 1 new mount? I feel pretty sorry for the folks who look forward to this. Anyone remember when the re-skins were just the bronze stuff?

      • Tonee

        I feel sorry for you.

        • Naq

          Another one of these? I think Michael is right. Every time I deal with one of these random sensitives who comes in here looking to start shit, another takes its place. Shoo. Find someone else. I dunno, go yell at John. (Sorry John)

          • Paulo Gomes

            Keep cool Naq. Save yourself for threads about actual content…

            Oooops… Nevermind. Those are actually pretty rare, Platinum grade…

            • Drivan

              I’m trying to find a good ESO fansite to move to personally.
              I unsubbed from SWTOR and I’m quitting it in 2 weeks. No since beating myself up trying to follow SWTOR anymore or argue with the WK’s who think SWTOR is still king shit of MMO’s.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Well, if you find one, be a pal and share it with us. I could use a change of scenario too… I only log in to TOR to do 2 things: reminisce the Vanilla stories, and try out a few Avd Classes I never played (Focus Guardian, Concealment Operative). Other than that, it’s just occupying space on my hard drive…

              • gog

                So far, reddit is the best place I’ve found, tho haven’t bothered with making an account there yet…. We could always necro old ESO threads here tho… 🙂

              • Drivan

                It would be nice to get the ESO section of Dulfy.net current…

              • gog

                Would be a pretty odd experience for some other regulars here tho, to see 5-10 of us go from being very critical to fairly enthusiastic fanboys…. 🙂

              • Darth Gnaw

                Maybe if someone sent dulfy update info for ESO she would post it?

              • Drivan

                That is a great idea!

            • Naq

              $60 please.

              • John Kosto

                Naq, I want to be facebook friends with you, like I have become with Paulo. Find us.

            • gog

              Judging by BW’s recent track record, I’d argue the CM IS the actual content…

            • DerpDude

              ….I think we’re moving into “unobtanium” area here.

          • John Kosto

            No apologies needed. My main is a shadow, and Deflection is pretty cool this days, I can tackle all of them. If they become super annoying and nonsensical, I can always Force Cloak and exit battle, leaving them to babble on their own, and when I feel like it, throw them a Spinning Kick and drop them on the ground.

            • gog

              Restealth, stalk and cast mind trap when they least expect it, never gets old… 🙂

          • gog

            It’s called respawns, happens all the time in MMOs…

            • Darth Gnaw


            • Naq

              Laughed pretty hard.

              • gog

                My pleasure 🙂

          • Fred Garvin
        • Drivan

          You feel sorry for people who have been playing for 5 years and can recognize shit in a Cartel Pack that is reskins of stuff you can get elsewhere in game and just buy a dye pack for it?
          Ok then…

      • Harston

        How do you define Re-skin these days? =o

      • Harston

        Remember when even the Bronze stuff was unique and interesting?

  • Diehard fan

    Enigmatic Hero, pikes, Devastator and Iokath thingie mount, a few decors – thats all of worth. Guys are trying at least. Still over 50% of regular reskinned stuff =(

    • abaddonsmummy

      Meh I’m just not getting this one.
      Worst for a while….apart from the Iokath mount and the tythian saber.
      I’m just not digging this one….and those clothes 😛

      • Don Loco

        Seems like a weak attempt at a reskin pack. To each their own I guess.

  • Lies

    Dont care about Barbie dress up. I care about content. Op boss was supposed to be on pts over a month ago, is it? Boss release is supposed to be in a month, is it? I highly doubt we will see this operation delivered timely. They stated first week in April. Hold them accountable.
    Source: http://dulfy.net/2017/01/26/swtor-jan-26-producers-livestream-coverage/

    • AbnerDoon

      No they said in the Twitter feed when they were going to add 100 more Command levels that 5.2 was slated for May now.

  • LiL Rogue

    Bioware update their Cartel market more times than Riot create patches for League

    • Rance

      If they put on the game only half the effort they put on the CM…

      • Naq

        Considering its mostly reskins, and thus barely any effort, I’d say they are putting in half the effort into the game as they are into CM.

  • Djangus Roundstone

    cool I’ve always wanted to look like Ultron

  • Djangus Roundstone

    what is that companion tho, it looks like a damn mirelurk

    • AbnerDoon

      I think TMNT may have finally made it to SWtoR. A bit more mutated then normal.

      • Diehard fan

        I`d love Krang companion 😀

    • Darth Ji’inx

      “Nathema Voreclaw” from KotET Chapter VII

  • Veno

    Ok Enigmatic hero looking kinda nice don’t care much for the hood or helmet though

    • fake

      Would be great set if they removed the cape with hood, shoulder pads and turnd sleeves into baggy ones. :l

      • Veno

        If only but at least it looks semi Jedi ish

  • Jason

    Stuff looks cool but most likely can’t acquire in game without real money so don’t care in the slightest

    • Mike

      Why spend real money? Just buy it off the GTN.

      • Jason

        Implying that the games economy isn’t complete dogshit. Just full of people over pricing things to no end.

        • rebuiltHK47

          If one is on the Harbinger, then the economy is fine. If one is on a server like Ebon Hawk, the economy is bad. Cross server GTN would help.

          • John Kosto

            I am on the Harbinger, and the economy is pretty messed up. Not as bad as other servers doesn’t make it fine.

    • Vanechka

      Wow Dude. you need to learn how to play the game, you can get ANYTHING from those packs at the GTN. if you claim not being able to afford then, ask someone in game how most people do it.

  • simurgh559


  • Toheen
  • Tonee

    Ayy, another good pack.

    • John Kosto

      Another? :’)

  • Leont Stepanov

    The weapons are amazing!

  • KevinSaku

    Man I want that pike absolutely

  • Tony

    Wow…literally not one thing I am interested in with this pack. That is a first! Everything is hideous and industrial. Considering that perhaps only the Tatooine stronghold would be appropriate for the decos…why do an entire pack of industrial shit? Unless they plan on doing an Iokath stronghold or something…which would be stupid. I may be able to avoid dumping my usual $139.98 on cartel coins this month! Not a bad deal!

    • John Kosto

      I think you should reconsider. that’s not even $140

    • Harston

      <- Loves the Industrial, Utilitarian look.

  • Zallestar

    Wow, I didn’t know you could get Eric Musco as a companion now. I’m definitely going to resubscribe! /s


  • Ben Gimson

    For a planet that we can’t go back to (although they’re already planning to contradict themselves on that, because fuck being consistent right?) Iokath sure gets milked.

    • rebuiltHK47

      There was never any indication of never going back there.

      • Ben Gimson

        They explicitly state they can’t go back for a long time because of radiation or some shit. There was more than an indication; it was outright stated.

        • John Kosto
          • StrangeDais

            A lot of claims there John and little in way of solid evidence. You are seeing what you want to see then claiming it as fact. A pity you had to indulge in a meme. It’s juvenile, not the least bit clever, and only serves to undermine your credibility.

            • John Kosto

              Thank you for your input, let’s agree to disagree. I thought the meme is actually pretty clever, with multiple layers of humor.

        • rebuiltHK47

          But “long time” doesn’t mean “never”. Also, considering the place, it is not unlikely that the radiation could have been cleaned up quickly. So it’s not an inconsistency.

          • Ben Gimson

            It means long time, which it hasn’t been. I just don’t see why they put this shit in if they’re going to immediately go back on it. It suggests to me that they have no long-term plan in place and that this return to Iokath was a frightfully recent decision.

            • rebuiltHK47

              Think about it for a minuet. It is likely that one could not return in a long time. However, there are two possibilities here: 1) It’s been a few years and you’re now going back. 2) More likely something has cleaned up the radiation quicker than estimated by those outside of Iokath. It would not be surprising if the technology existed there to do that, or if SCORPIO found a way to clean it up.

              You are aware that no game company can just up and change the story in a snap decision, right? This stuff doesn’t take a couple weeks to make. It takes months to create. It takes a ton of pre-planning just to get started. What’s coming now has been worked on since KotET launched, if not before that. Trust me, they wish they could just press a few buttons, make a few mouse clicks and be done. But it’s not possible.

              • Ben Gimson

                1) Is highly unlikely. 2) Is just shitty writing. SCORPIO, who is now controlling Iokath, would have no reason to want to ‘clear up’ the radiation either. And I seem to recall the situation being so bad they couldn’t even scan or get close to the planet? Technology isn’t magic. So yeah; bad writing. Too much of that lately.

                And this is EAware. If anyone breaks the mold when it comes to lowering the competence bar, it’s them. I don’t object to recycling Iokath, I object to the writers not being able to string a consistent story together when that’s what they’re paid for.

              • rebuiltHK47

                Oh yeah. All that inconsistent writing. Yeah. So prevalent. My. Look at all of it. Yup. Gee. There’s so much it doesn’t exist. /s

                Don’t bash what you haven’t seen/experienced yet.

              • Ben Gimson

                Keep droning fanboy. Seen plenty before now, and don’t need to wait for Iokath to be released to know they’re already backtracking on something that was already established.

                Never going to get why you people are so determined to make up excuses for them.

              • rebuiltHK47

                Oh my. Look at you. Trying to be tough with the name calling. “fanboy”. Ooh. “Making excuses for them.” Ooohhhh!

                I tell you what, Mr. “I can see clearly”. Seeing as I tried to reason with you while you have only made claims, it’s your turn. PROVE that you are right. Give full examples. When have they been inconsistent? How exactly are they backtracking in a way that defies the points I made?

              • Ben Gimson

                You didn’t make any points. You made weak excuses while being a pretentious little drone about it like you’re being now, and I’ve told you why those excuses are pissy at best (seriously, SCORPIO ‘cleared up’ the radiation? Maybe the laughable monster thing in the Makeb uprising cleared the air there to make it habitable again as well?).

                Biggest backtrack so far though is Valkorion. KotFE did a complete 180 on the character, changing his personality and goals to the point where it wasn’t even clear that he was still Vitiate. Almost as if they, y’know, couldn’t be consistent and stick to everything they’d established since the Knight class story?

                Defend it all you want, but it’s bad writing. Don’t say one thing if you plan to disregard it a couple of months later. Whatever excuse they use, it’s just going to be ‘space magic’, and frankly there are people out there who would happily write something better for free.

              • John Kosto

                I admire you for actually engaging in conversation with another clone. The operation on Iokath was probably decided after the first few massive unsubs. And the location was decided after the majority of people found a glimmer of hope with KOTET, as Iokath and Nathema were pretty cool locations. To think that the same Bioware who have not thought about any storyline or game mechanic in advance since years ago, now has thought about forthcoming content that will be released by December since a year ago, is ridiculous.

                They probably wanted to do something more with Uprisings, and they also mentioned multiple times that they are looking into more 4-man group content, and 8-man content which will NOT be operations, but since they got massive criticism, they went back to old classic good operations. As they backtracked with gearing. As they backtracked with everything, seeing that with 5.0 they messed up everything.

              • Ben Gimson

                I try, at least for a bit, for all the good it does.

                Definitely feels to me like that they’re doing things on the fly though. Feels incredibly chaotic, like they’re trying to patch up holes in the ship as they appear. I don’t even mind Iokath as a location (although the whole secret droid-run planet wiping out life in Wild Space was the weirdest tangent I’ve ever seen), but if they planned for us to go back why did the story pretty heavily imply we’d never go there again?

                Nathema would be more logical. Perhaps the Sith have gone there to study the effects of the void and try to replicate the ritual or something, and the Alliance moves in to stop or support their efforts, but once we’d left Iokath it seemed pretty clear to me that SCORPIO and all the cool tech that would’ve tipped the scales was going to be inaccessible.

                It was wrapped up. SCORPIO’s story came to an end, one way or the other, and Iokath was neutralized as a threat and a potential resource, wrapping up both a companion and a location to move onto the next.

                Imho they should start doing competitions. Let the players write stories, let them design gear- all BW would need to do then is take what they’ve been given and make it, and I don’t doubt for a second that the players would come up with better material.

              • StrangeDais

                Referring to your last paragraph, allowing players to design gear would be a disaster. The game would end up resembling a WoW themed pride parade than anything remotely close to Star Wars. I’m dubious that player crafted stories would fare much better but maybe it would work. Personally I would like a return to the Imperial/ Republic dynamic, and it seemed like some of the old animosities were reemerging at the end of Kotet so I guess we’ll see where they take us.

              • Ben Gimson

                Well, the idea being that the good ones get made, not any and all of them. Most of what we get already is pretty far from looking very ‘Star Wars’ too, so worst-case scenario the situation wouldn’t change, best-case we’d start getting what players want to see.

                As for stories; I’ve read a fair bit of a fan fiction that would put KotFE and KotET to shame. Just because folks aren’t paid to do something doesn’t mean they aren’t really good at it. It’s a dream job, after all, so only a few lucky bastards get it.

                Or lucky and undeserved, in the case of the swtor team.

              • rebuiltHK47

                Thank you for your calm and well thought out post. I hadn’t considered the possibility of some Sith being dumb enough to try to go to Nathema for any reason. An interesting concept. Considering the conditions there, I would be interested to see the how and why.

                I too think it would be cool to see what kind of stories players could come up with. Unfortunately they can’t just use those as there is still a lore to stick with. There might be some kind of process that would allow for it. It would be interesting for sure.

                On the point about Vitiate: They didn’t change Vitiate. He still planned on doing what he attempted in the Knight story. His goal was the same. He just came at it differently. It was obvious it was Vitiate the whole time. One just had to look closely enough to see it. In fact, I was told by a friend that the KotFE/KotET story was very close to the Mass Effect story telling (which he is thoroughly familiar with). So he could see something was coming and that it was a 99% chance of happening. But I did not see it as clearly as he did since I’m not familiar with that.

                On the point about Iokath: You make some fair points. The story involving SCORPIO and Iokath could be considered finished. But there are ways for it not to be finished.

              • Paulo Gomes

                But why do they keep trying to re-invent the wheel? Why try to come up with outrageous plots that go nowhere?

                RotHC was a pretty nice expansion. It didn’t feature any galaxy threatening villain. But instead we took a sidestep into a smaller scale event that made sense, at least. It was the last expansion where we had 2 different storylines for Empire and Republic. And while the scale of it was not amazing, it was a good change of pace from the full on, galaxy at risk kinda thing. It was either you or the Newton guy that mentioned this to me, loooong time ago, and I had NEVER realised that…

                Why not use what’s in the game already? The Rakata. The Esh-Ka.

                Remember the Red Reaper? Imagine a pure blood Sith Lord trying to wipe out BOTH the Republic and The Empire, because he wants a full reset of the galaxy?

                I mean, they just used their ace in the hole. Their “get out of jail” free card! Where the hell do you go after Vitiate??? (I refuse to call him Valkorion…)

              • Ben Gimson

                Agreed. RotHC was good storytelling. A good story doesn’t need a stupidly insane threat to all life in the cosmos. I’m hoping that, now that we’re king/queen of the universe, we get more exploration themed story. I’d love if we could just fuck off somewhere with Lana and Theron and explore undiscovered planets and civilizations, uncovering history and new shit while dealing with local problems that won’t end with the galaxy going boom if you fail.

                “Commander, long range probes have detected a habitable world in sector.”

                Players proceed to go check it out and get stranded when they’re caught in a meteor shower/unexpected asteroid field/other brand of space-dwelling rocks (because it’d make a nice change if something bad happened because life, instead of some villainous plot). The team are separated on crashing (maybe Theron/Lana has to be rescued as they were found unconscious by a local tribe of alien primitives who you have to deal with one way or the other?) and the whole expansion could be you and your small team of companions trying to find a way through an ancient catacomb/temple/ruined city/beautiful amazon style jungle simply to reach a clearing.

                And why do we need to reach that clearing? Is it because there’s a super-secret ancient weapon that can teleport us to safety? No, it’s because the jungle is so thick everywhere else that no rescue vessel will be able to pick you up any closer than that.

                Simple plot, new location (because BW clearly don’t want to write within the Star Wars universe anymore), room for interesting mechanics and fun dialogue while limiting the entire expansion story to something that has no bearing on the anything once you leave. BW don’t need to remember anything, because once the arc was done it wouldn’t come up again.

                No stupid world-destroying monster/Force Satan/super-duper-mega-weapon/badly written villains. Simple, fun, self-contained. But chances are we’re going to get more garbage stories about super-threats in a constant Marvel-style spiral of pissy writing and limited imagination.

              • Paulo Gomes

                I would only add: if people think we only hate and make no constructive criticism about the game, they need look no further. This is constructive criticism right here.^^

              • Ben Gimson

                No kidding :’)

                I’d write them the entire bloody expansion, with variations for individual classes included, if they asked me to. Just got to the point now where I doubt any kind of constructive criticism will actually make a blind bit of difference.

                The only time they react is when subs plummet, by which point it’s too late and the damage is done. Eventually the damage will be too much, and everybody loses out.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Bad writing? Oh I’m sorry but you’re wrong. There’s bad writing… And THEN there’s what they did in KotFE. It’s not bad writing. It’s HORRIBLE writing. No character development, weak plot, WHOLE CHAPTERS of exposition just to steer us in the story (seriously, they should change Lana’s name to Darth Exposityous).

                The ONLY consistent variable in those two expansions is SCORPIO. She is the one that carries it, because she’s fundamentally CONSISTENT with her character and motivations. The rest just doesn’t add up. “Epic BW Storytelling” my ass.

              • Ben Gimson

                There were elements that had potential I think, but for the most part, yeah, the story was just a mess. I mostly just looked forward to the tender moments with Lana, because the main story was dull as fuck.

  • Jep Fareborn

    Definitely gonna try and grab Luke Skywalker’s Moisture Farmer Fisherman’s hat and the Hoth goggled-facemask :p The Corellian K5 Blaster Rifle looks cool and is a possibility as well. Gotta see the fx of the Child emote are first, though. ;p

  • Darth Gnaw

    Some nice looking things. Good colors. Cool weapons. Anyone know what the weapon tuning does yet?

  • Acher4

    Wow, nice pack. Half the armor looks great, the Sabers are sweet, the companion seems intriguing and it will be fun riding that Monolith. 🙂

  • StrangeDais

    Liking the Sith Hermit and Enigmatic Hero sets.

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    • Top Hat Dood

      Yeah and I got paid 200k by wacking off to porn and playing video games. We all know that’s a scam

      • John Kosto

        Interesting, I got $500000 from a Nigerian prince the other day, and he found me via email. And to think I don’t follow that email address that often. I will see the deposit in my bank account any day according to his last message, I only had to give him $1000 for processing, that’s like, nothing

        • Rance

          Man, that must be a bless from the RNG gods at Biowurr so you can expend it all on multiple Unstable Crapsabers.

        • Evil Otto

          Me too! He promised me $10,000,000, though. And once the Nigerian prince sends me my money I’m done with all you peasants!

        • AragarVarnus

          Isn`t that from Cyanide & Happiness?? That`s one of the best shorts they have made! hahahahahah

  • Harston

    Loving the Rugged look going around in this pack. While some of the sets don’t look all that great on their own, I could definitely take bits and pieces here and there and make a pretty decent outfit outta them. Huge step up from the last pack, I’m sure most can agree on that.

  • Mister-giggles

    Love the new companion’s nod to the Dark Crystal!


    • GiftoftheMagi

      The Garthim!

    • Don Loco

      The original idea for mirelurks came from the same place I’m sure.

  • AbnerDoon

    If that emote actually has the party light it is going to be money.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    I will comment more later on this (late and I have a LONG day tomorrow)…but this looks like a handsome pack indeed. And praying that the saberpike will be a Silver or Gold, NOT a damned Platnium.

    • John Kosto

      The probablity that it’s NOT a platinum is 0.0001% I would say… and that would make it a gold. I give this item a 0% of being silver.

    • Diehard fan

      I`m on that with you, but most likely it will be next Platinum item. They tend to introduce 6-7 Platinum level items per Group of packs. And its time for the next one…

      Not gonna ask for it, but they yet never tried a Platinum armor set. The day this will happen I think alot more people will leave the game. Sadly, but CM really a huge part of economy now.

      • GiftoftheMagi

        I don’t see a lot of people rage-quiting over the packs, just a sudden decrease in sales. The packs are a major part of the game’s profit line, as shown by the increased sprinkling of armor sets and items in weekend or weekly deals.

        However, the Platinum ranking is something I have yet to hear anyone say a good word about. The drop rates are insanely low, and now thanks to a recent sale at the time of this post, Bioware has shown us that they think such items are worth around $60 USD, THE SAME AS A TRIPLE-A GAME TITLE. They REALLY think that you should spend as much as a major game release, on a single weapon that less than half the classes in the game can use. A item. Worth $60.

        FUCK. THAT.

        Yes, I am very worried this will be one. If so, I don’t see interest in the pack increasing. In fact, that would be a major turn-off.

    • Ry

      It will definitely be a Platinum unfortunately. I am actually surprised that this pack actually has somewhat decent stuff in it. There are a few items that I want out of this pack. Guess it’s time to save some credits for the outrageous price these items will go for on the GTN.

  • Kirill Zhmurenko

    What is the difference between Enigmatic Hero and recently released Silent Warden?

    • Diehard fan

      Are you serious?

      Different mask, gloves, belt, most likely will be different boots. Hood and shoulder model is different also.

      • gog

        Agreed, while I recognize a lot of reskins in most of the other armor models of this pack, those 2 are very different indeed.

      • Bogdan Anghelescu

        nope, just some more shit

      • Toheen

        Looks like you made cumsies! Make sure you clean your keyboard off or your keys will stick.

        • Diehard fan

          I`m fine, ty. But thanks for the warning, I see it comes from great experience.

          • fake

            Name checks out.

          • Toheen

            aww your passive aggressiveness is unbecoming,but from a fanboy I would expect it.

            • Diehard fan

              Its not passive, bitch. My name here is simple detector of angry shitheads like you and you fall for it completely.

              If you have something to say about SWTOR, go ahead. If you here to troll – GTFO and I`ll just block you. Your choice.

              • Toheen

                awww poor baby. The only one angry is is you..Now run off to your safe spot before it gets too hot. When the heat is on you then the only thing you little bitches know how to to is block.

              • Diehard fan
              • abaddonsmummy

                Love it 🙂

              • Snarf

                You say that as if anyone cares that you would block them. You think your opinion is why people come here? Get over yourself.

              • Diehard fan

                No, I block them because they are hopeless idiots and I`m not going to waste my time on them. Good day, stupid angry anonym.

            • Don Loco

              Get used to it, he loves to do ‘experiments’ where he looses his shit over little things then blames everyone else for it. Enjoy!

        • gog

          This is coming from someone who usually takes a verbal piss on BW for the way they reskin way too many armor pieces, and who usually disagrees with Df. Would you say that these 2 armors, while sort of similar, are reskins of each other?

          Trolling him when he actually has a point isn’t as fun as when he doesn’t have one.

          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6f1c3d5cc86c5f8b1f10dd5151f946507291b95cf798ed7067a184fb75152dfd.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/35fe9ec36b959af0095edf3887a8f2f4c0b145cfccfad04ef2ca0106bd6d04fc.jpg

          • Diehard fan

            Haha, thanks, gog 😀

            I`m actually looking forward to this armor set, helmet looks cool. I think I`ll use it on my Jedi Sentinel, will be perfect for him.

            • gog

              Never really liked any of the Jedi armors in the game, except for the Relnex robes (or whatever they’re called), always liked Sith robes better. But this one is on the better end of the Jedi robes at least.

              And no problem, you know I often disagree with you, but in this case we’re definitely in agreement. Never been a fan of disagreeing with people because of who they are, substance is far more important. 🙂

              Also, the Zakuulan Socialite’s Armor Set contains so many reskins that I don’t even know where to start. But the chest is just a copy/paste of Revealing Bodysuit, which in turn was a reskin (they took away the arms and made holes on the sides) from another armor in one of the first packs. That armor is lazy as hell and is utterly pointless to release.

          • Toheen

            yep exactly, took the words out of my mouth.

  • Marvo Da Mighty

    Question : If one is not happy about the state of the game to such a degree that one actually hates it, would it not be wise for one to simply stop playing and stop going into the forums? Any other course of action is disruptive to ones own well being?

    • Diehard fan

      Well, you wont find your answer here for sure.

    • rebuiltHK47

      Answer: But doing so would result in peace of mind, and well being. You must be a raging 5 year old that screams and cries to get what you want you they get it. Even though there are more peaceful and more useful channels to get things done, you must yell and post everywhere, even to the point of harassing the developers with death threats to get things accomplished. Someone is wrong on the internet and they MUST be corrected at all costs. I disagree with someone, and they exist on the internet. They must be told off at any opportunity or it will never get changed the way I want.

      I mean really, it’s totally not illegal for them to just sit there and ignore everything that people say. They can totally just sit there and ignore all bug reports, spam reports, etc. They definitely ignore it all. That’s the reason the game is so broken. And you can definitely tell they don’t care by the way they stayed in the building an extra 4 hours after work hours to fix the cause of everyone being unable to play the game.

      Oh wait… that’s not true at all!

      WOW! Being a decent person DOES involve what you said and more! WHO KNEW!?

      BioWare gets so much crap for all the good they do.

      • John Kosto

        What. A. Bunch. Of. Crap.

        You don’t really seem like a person who is in peace of mind.

        Bioware does not get crap for all the good they do. They get crap for all the crap they do.

        • rebuiltHK47

          ^ Case in point.

          • John Kosto

            Not really. Just one valid argument that makes your entire post irrelevant.

            • rebuiltHK47

              So you feel your but-in post that lacks any substance makes a post full of substance irrelevant?

              • Naq

                What part was the substance? The part where people who don’t love swtor are 5 year olds? Or was it buried in the passive aggressive rant near the end?

                “Bioware does not get crap for all the good they do. They get crap for all the crap they do.” Is really damn accurate. When…if Bioware announces a positive change, then the tone around here changes for the better. But EA treats it like a toilet, and all the players get lately is crap.

                Piecemeal generic story content that removes the focus from your character? Not a ton of people enjoying that, not when its held up against what people bought into, 8 different stories built into 2 faction stories.

                They added Uprisings though! Oh sweet, they lack the development team, the talent and the ambition to make flashpoints anymore….hurray. Watered down grindy flashpoints.

                A new system to gear up in! It sucks. It sucks so bad, and they fought us kicking and screeching and clawing to keep their stupid ass system, and its still there, like cancer. But they “listened” because now, finally, operation bosses drop loot pieces again?

                Not to mention the devaluing of their FTP players. The players that kept them going when their subs(like me) weren’t enough.

                But despite all that, these people still love this game, or they wouldnt be here, desperately hoping for positive change. Fingers crossed to see things turn around.

                TLDR? “Bioware does not get crap for all the good they do. They get crap for all the crap they do.”

                We should get T-shirts made….

              • Eban
              • Baldarhion
              • rebuiltHK47

                Re-read what I typed. I did not say people that don’t like SWTOR are 5 year olds. I said people complain and cry like 5 year olds when they don’t get their way instead of acting like mature adults. Here’s why that has substance:

                You just said it’s E.A. treating us like a toilet. So it’s not BioWare’s fault then is it? BioWare must do what E.A. says. E.A. holds all the cards and license. BioWare cannot ignore what E.A. says. Instead of finding out the truth and understanding how things work or letting go of what upsets them, people come to comment sections like this or the forums and fill it with toxic hatred. They twist what others say to fit their understanding of things and not only spread misinformation, but are also themselves misinformed. This causes more confusion and rage.

                They can love and hope for improvements on this game all they want. The point is how they handle disappointment. You could waste your time raging like little children, or be an adult and while being content use every opportunity to speak up in the proper places in a respectful way. Don’t assume I myself don’t want improvements to the game.

              • Naq

                Considering one owns the other, there really isn’t any point in drawing imaginary lines is there?

              • rebuiltHK47

                Yes. Any company would do more for it’s customers. E.A. is like the rich parent that only cares about how much money their child makes regardless of the quality the customers have to deal with. Just look at what they did with Battlefront. Nobody wanted DLC. Everyone wanted Clone Wars. “We are listening to our customers.” -E.A. They then give us paid DLC and no Clone Wars.

                BioWare would be pumping out Ops, WZ, FPs, story, items, etc. if they weren’t under E.A.’s greedy thumb. If E.A. would pump more money into them, they could hire on more staff, redo the engine, and make more stuff. But E.A. doesn’t want the long-term investment. They do like all other big businesses do: go for that short term quick big profit. They try to out do themselves from the previous year. But it hurts everyone else below them. Usually because there is someone higher up that is too dumb to use a computer with no clue how to do their job.

                Is it possible that there are some at BioWare like that? Yup! I’m quite sure there is at least one that is a total moron. They’re not all saints. But they are still human and deserve respect for at least that. And in most cases, there’s just the one or two that are the source of the problems.

                Do you fault the grocery store for the pricing of items, despite the fact that the pricing comes from the source? Or do you fault the gas station’s pricing of gas when the price is determined by speculation in the market?

                I hear it all the time from friends and family: If our company didn’t have to answer to them (the company over theirs), we could provide for our customers better.

                It doesn’t help those that are doing their job well to see all the hate and rude comments made by us. The ones doing their jobs well are already stressed out because they have to deal with the moron(s) they work with. We don’t have to add to it.

              • Naq

                So what you are saying is its a good thing that people complain here, as a community, instead of on their forums where they could see it and possibly cry. Good point. Gentlemen. Commence bitching.

              • rebuiltHK47

                Nobody said complaining is wrong in and of itself. It is the way it’s done that can be a problem. You can cry like a 5 year old, make no sense, fail to make a point and get ignored, or be an adult, step back, understand the situation from more than your own perspective, then file your complaint.

              • Naq

                Where do we file our complaints?

              • Eban

                All complaining = 5 year old crying
                All positive feedback = adult talk

              • Naq

                Thats my concern, is that we are being told to quietly endure and disappear in the one place we come together as a group to voice our concerns, and discontent, just to feel like we are not alone. Take our complaints to quietly submitted emails to the bioware devs so it is more easily ignored, so that more echo chambers are able to exist for people to say “Holy shit a $60 lightsaber, please bioware, harder and with less lube please!”

              • Eban

                Very true this is a gaming website for multiple games and not owned by Bioware or EA.
                I look on the comment section to see if there are other like minded people who see the same flaws as I do.

                I’ll never understand the mindset of like it or lump it either.
                ”Not happy well shut up no one wants to hear it and there’s the door.”
                Oh and my favorite is the ”when the game goes in a direction I don’t like I will quietly unsub and leave” but in the mean time they yell angry abuse to anyone that wants change but we’re to believe they will silently retreat when the time comes without a word.

              • rebuiltHK47

                Your concern is valid. And yes, this is an appropriate place to voice one’s concern as well as the forums. That was a bad choice of words on my part. I too have used various other locations to voice a concern. If you have a concern/disappointment or don’t like something, there is nothing wrong with voicing it. However, I believe I’ve been unclear of my meaning.

                I cannot speak for anyone but myself. I personally don’t care where one speaks up about their disappointment, within reason. Nobody said anything about being quiet. The only problem that I have with most complaints, is simply the construction of the complaint. I have no problem with someone saying an item looks terrible. Or that a price is too high.

                It’s the disregard for the employees as human beings. It is the misinformation and resulting cynicism. The hijacking of posts with endless raging arguments about irrelevant topics. These things are problems, and are the very things that led to the harassment of developers.

                Dulfy doesn’t police these comments because it is a waste of her time. We must police ourselves. And when possible help others see reason or help clear up misunderstandings. The tone of our conversations affects those that read them. The developer harassment was caused due to the constant raging on the forums. That fueled the anger of a few, resulting in serious legal action having to be taken to ensure the safety of the developers, their families, and the arrest of those players. What we say here DOES impact them, we just don’t see it, and it’s not always immediate.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Yeah you hit the nail on the head there.
                It undermines any sensible and logical conversation people have in trying to improve the game when the boards are filled with the hateful crap we see here daily.
                BUT the key to this is the posters.
                By spending time here I’ve got to understand a lot of the posters concerns and where they stand on the game.
                Not all spill the kind of hatred that we see here daily, we all know who these are, with the same terrible memes that get dragged out every Tuesday for CM market news and disgusting comments about the developers.
                But just like them the other side of the coin is the idiots that come on and say ‘why the f*** are you even here if you don’t like the game’.
                I used to be one of them, then I spent time conversing with the ones that were able to, realising they loved the game, most still do, but are massively frustrated at the course of action Bioware for whatever reason has taken over the past few years, which as we can all see has badly divided the community. The evidence is everywhere.
                So in a sense you are right and you are wrong.
                I don’t know how we would police them, I suppose ignoring them would be the answer but sadly I see them getting a lot off upvotes which only encourages them.

              • Baldarhion

                yes the community is divided, but we share(d) the same love for the game. So in the end, we have a strong common asset 😉

                Love/hate combo is only an expression of our “emotions”. And if the hate is sometime so strong it’s beacuse it relates on an equal past/present “love” of this game.

                “I do not love you except because I love you;
                I go from loving to not loving you,
                From waiting to not waiting for you
                My heart moves from cold to fire.

                I love you only because it’s you the one I love;
                I hate you deeply, and hating you
                Bend to you, and the measure of my changing love for you
                Is that I do not see you but love you blindly.

                Maybe January light will consume
                My heart with its cruel
                Ray, stealing my key to true calm.

                In this part of the story I am the one who
                Dies, the only one, and I will die of love because I love you,
                Because I love you, Love, in fire and blood.

                Pablo Neruda”

              • abaddonsmummy

                We’ll I’ve had a lot of responses on here, some hilarious. some horrific, some disturbing but I must say I’ve never been sang to before.
                Its a good message in those lyrics.
                Thanks man 🙂

              • Baldarhion

                no problem 🙂 poetry is always cheering the mood (but the poem was not directed against/toward you: don’t misunderstand me. It was more to explain the hate/love combo I have with the game.

                And of course, Pablo Neruda is one of my favorite poet (I wish I could read him in Spanish but heh…. In French it’s -somehow- close :/ )

              • Paulo Gomes

                Take my upvote Abby. You’re cool, even if most of the time I tend to not agree with you. And yes, you are right on this one.

              • Baldarhion

                I often think that the number #1 issue is this lack of communication between SWTOR team and customer base. If Bioware/EA tried to “build” a real link with us, things would be better.

                #annoying-story-of-my-life : I was for too many years a chief in a big after-sell service for a big company (like Wall-Mart but in France). Every day was made of complains, harassment, menaces, etc. In those cases you have two policies :

                – bury you head in the sand, hoping that things will resolve on themselves. It does not work of course. But that’s the actual Bioware policy.

                – Communicate : try to find a compromise. This is the right thing to do of course.

                Ignoring customers complains always lead to bigger issues. Worse : you lose customers. I can’t understand the behavior here. Of course, I won’t threaten them (after all, swtor is only a game), but I feel they don’t treat me as a customer.

                If there is so many hate on SWTOR forum it’s because they don’t adress legitimate questions. It always backfire to them. It’s worse on french forum since german/french CM disappeared since a long time. Is it Musco’s fault ? Of course not. I think he would prefer to coommunicate with us but he is certainly “hand cuffed” by some stupid clauses in his contract of employement.

                In the end I agree with you at some extents : hate/shame should be on EA’s shoulders, not on the devs.

                Ignoring customers is a major flaw in the video game business.

              • rebuiltHK47

                I agree that communication isn’t superb. When the game was in beta, the community manager was superb. Everyone was engaged. Events took place on the forums. Answers to questions were fired off right and left like nobody’s business. Eric does the best he can. He probably gets tired of seeing the posts that basically say “I hate you all!” and stays out of the fire so he doesn’t go down by saying something that will be twisted around, cost him his job, and hurt BioWare.

                BioWare does not “bury their head in the sand”. Things *seem* that way on the outside. But that’s not the case. And that’s the misinformation that causes people to rage. For example: If they ignored customers, they wouldn’t be actively making changes to Galactic Command. However those changes don’t happen immediately. They need time to strike that grind vs reward balance, which requires time to collect data, read the data, then reformulate (this includes meetings to discuss it, schedule days for those meetings, change the coding, and deploy when scheduled), rinse and repeat. It really is a delicate and lengthy process.

                Raging about it doesn’t make it move faster.

              • rebuiltHK47

                You know where. You place them in the proper sections of the forum that are relevant to the topic.

              • Eban

                When people unsub they have no access to the forums.

              • John Kosto

                Oh, you mean that section of the forum where people have been placing their complaints since 5 years ago and have been consistently ignored for the vast majority of these complaints, but at least we can now sit on our chairs in our space ships? Right.

              • Diehard fan

                Trust me, most of these people cant do it. All they do is whine all day long on this board. They dont really care to be heard, its a cry for help they dont know who address to.

              • Jamael

                You have a very valid point. Each and every time I come here somebody is bitching about something they don’t like. Grow the fuck up people, it’s just a game. Don’t like it? don’t play. It’s that simple.

              • Eban

                Everyone knows that EA are the arsehole of the gaming world.
                That’s not news to anyone here.
                But telling Bioware ‘we know you’re struggling so we’ll praise everything you do no matter how bad it is’ isn’t going to help at all.

                ‘heh Bioware thanks for the 4..0/5.0 story line that was primary for force users only and lightside at that which alienated all other classes and was badly written’
                ‘heh Bioware thanks for the new uprisings that everyone knows is watered down version of tacticals which are watered down versions of flashpoints which means I’m getting less than what I had before.’
                ‘heh Bioware thanks for the most horrific gearing system ever created and hated universally and been tweaked about 5 times because we all know you’re just winging it.’
                etc etc

                Bioware will end up at their yearly meeting with EA going ” well the servers are nearly all light populated and subs are at an all time low and profits are majorly down from the cartel market but all the feedback is positive, we just can’t put our finger on whats wrong”

                Feedback starts at the source (ie Bioware) who can take it up with EA.

              • Eban

                True it is EA that has cut funding hence the lack of devs and content drought.
                But saying Bioware aren’t to blame for how alot of things currently are is wrong.

                Make no mistake this game was immense back in the 2.0/3.0 days.
                Then came 4.0 and things went very wrong,servers emptied and Bioware/EA share the blame.

                People do want improvements for this game and the forums here on dulfy/reddit and swtor.com is where to speak them.
                You say yourself you want improvements but did not say what they were, how does Bioware improve the game for people like yourself if all you offer is praise and silent criticism?
                It’s always ”you people are posting rage and hate” which is not true, the only hate and anger on these forums come from people that are still supposedly happy in game.

                Look at Naq’s post above, everything she said is accurate (with zero hate and rage) and that’s why you skipped most of it.
                The KOTFE story/uprisings/new gear system/the ftp model/cartel reskins etc , Bioware get crap for those things because well they deserve it

              • John Kosto

                Funny, I thought you’d send them to me, but now you are the tank and I am the dps in this situation. Excellent work, if only we could find a healer to give us “peace of mind” and “well being”, because apparently one has to be in a mental breakdown to post a negative opinion about Bioware.

              • Fred Garvin
              • Naq

                I was trying to be the healer 🙂 Thats why I just expanded on what you already put perfectly.

              • John Kosto

                Thank you, if we ever DO indeed make T-shirts that say “Bioware does not get crap for all the good they do. They get crap for all the crap they do.” I will be expecting to receive 51% of the profits.

            • Big Mac

              If you think your response was in anyway a valid you should get your head examined. But then again there really isn’t much hope for you there.

        • Paulo Gomes

          “Bioware does not get crap for all the good they do. They get crap for all the crap they do.”

          ^^This right here.

          And I AM making those T-Shirts. AND posting a photo with them as my avatar.

          • Big Mac

            Hey Paulo, get out of your basement, go outside and get some fresh air. You spend too much time on these forums.

            • Paulo Gomes

              Oh hey, it’s the hamburger guy! Well… I do spend a lot more time here than playing unfortunately… But’s it’s a lot more interesting here Fast Food guy… Thx for the advice anyway.

        • Big Mac

          The only crap I see is that stupid looking tattoo on your arm.

    • rebuiltHK47

      Oh, and you must seek out others that hate like you do so that you fester that hate and become more miserable instead of calming down and letting it go.

    • Baldarhion

      Simply because a lt of us used to enjoy greatly the game. I resub some days ago because I still hope a miracle.

      Building a great MMO imply to build a “trusty” link with customers : we are part of the game, we fund it. It means that –like in all company– customers care does matter. Take a look at WOW, FF14, TSW forums : Here, Blizzard, Square Enix, Funcom reply to players question, they maintain the “trusty link”. On SWTOR, it seems they ignore us. Only one CM who does not (or is not authorized) to adress our questions.

      Still, I replay SWTOR once again. Why ?

      Because I still like this game. Because MMO rely a lot on emotional memories (friends, story, …). Because I like the TOR time line (still playing KOTOR/KOTOR II from time to time.

      Well, I could find many reasons to explain why I always return to SWTOR while expressing my anger here. You could say –in a ways– that it is a proof of love. Hate/Love combo. Indifference would be the sign that we don’t care.

    • Mike Riley

      Funny … I tell people that, all the time in game.

    • Fred Garvin

      Answer: One can both not play the game and pop onto a forum for 5 minutes to post musings about that game without being disruptive to their own well being.

      • Diehard fan

        His usual excuse to whine here. For a great raider he once were, he is now a pathetic shadow of himself. Shame.

    • R315r4z0r

      Because when you once liked the game but witnessed them slowly whittle away the stuff you liked about it, you kind of want it to go back to the way it was. You aren’t going to willingly stop playing when you know that, at one point, you did enjoy the game.

      And, for someone like me, the only real reason I still play is because of my guild.

      • Git Gud

        No offense but some of us don’t have time to do raids/long chain quest for certain in game “elitist” items. “But, now, after it’s all said and done, it’s finally sinking in. When there is no uniqueness to the game’s achievements” what are you talking about here? Let’s be honest most people do achievements in MMO’s either A. Bored or B. Want to show off their online nerd status. I’m sorry you get flamed my friend but come on let’s be honest money keep MMO’s alive.

        • R315r4z0r

          “but some of us don’t have time to do raids/long chain quest for certain in game “elitist” items.”

          Yeah. I’m one of those people who doesn’t have time to do that sort of stuff. I don’t really understand the point you’re trying to get across. Are you trying to imply that just because you don’t have enough time to do something then it means you should be given an easy pass to get it anyway?

          How is that at all fair to the people who DO have the time to put in? Why should people bother playing when they can just get the same stuff the easy way?

          If you don’t have the time to do it, then you don’t do it. Simple as that.

          And no, you’re incorrect. Money does not keep MMOs alive. Players keep MMOs alive.

          • Git Gud

            Just cause you had all the time in the world to get in game items thru achievements 1. Had no life and lived at home with mom/dad who paid all your bills, 2. Your on workers disability and look like the “Make Love Not Warcraft” dude, 3. Some weird hermit who was left with a large sum of money and doesn’t need a job to pay for his MMO account. I’m leaning that you are a 1. Kind of person : ).
            “And no, you’re incorrect. Money does not keep MMOs alive. Players keep MMOs alive.”
            Really? Last time I checked developers don’t work for free plus the people who play use money to get the full benefits of the MMO. So please tell me how you are right? Yeah I didn’t think so ; ). Don’t be upset cause people can get items you spent so much time to acquire. What you need is 200 mg of butt hurt medicine stat

            • R315r4z0r

              Huh? I just said I’m one of the people who DON’T have time to play. What are you going on about?

              And, no, money does not keep MMOs alive. Because an MMO without players is a dead game. Even if the small hand full of players are the most wealthy people in the world, the game does not work with no one playing it.

            • Calure

              If you can’t keep the player base then you can’t get the money. Every player you lose is less money and the fewer players there are the fewer people who want to play your game; it’s a domino effect.

              Every MMO will tell you the most important thing is to keep a stable and large player base. Even free to play MMOs do better with tens of thousands more players playing for free than a small player base sometimes buying their junk.

            • lol @ this idiot

              I do work 40h/week, and still manage to be a in NiM progression group. We raid 2 nights a week, 3 when everyone can. Everyone in my group is in the same situation as well. So I don’t know in which world you live where only lifeless/disable/hermit people can do that kind of stuff. At the end of the week, 2 nights a week is about 7h of playtime.

            • Facts

              I work full time in a job that took 6 years in uni to access, have kids and raid 3 nights a week on tight timeframes in NiM/etc context. I make the time for the challenge, for the camaraderie, to enjoy the game design and because friends I’ve made through the game ask me to come along. Rewards should be earned. The slackers you describe are rarely successful at anything.

        • Calure

          If you don’t have time to raid then don’t raid. If the items are not appealing enough to you to do the content then don’t do it. There’s no reason to not have the extra content just because you personally don’t have time to be bothered.

          I worked full time and still managed to do Nightmare raids back in the 2.X patches. I don’t care about the rewards (most are character specific anyway); like most who do it I just wanted the challenge.

  • Matias Javier Fabressi

    Companion Rules.

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  • Decadus

    Slap me with a PB&J and call me Clyde

  • Kadra

    the lightsabre looks a bit short

    • Darth Twinge

      thats what SHE said :O

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  • Sabretooth

    Enigmatic Hero, the tank, and the comp seem to be only o things of interested

  • Vince Anzelone

    Man, this is some shameful shit right here. This is just regurgitated crap from other packs that were also crap. What are these guys thinking???

  • Harston

    If I still had the ability to use the forums I’d be begging for more character customization instead of useless bronze items. Just… ‘Something’ they can release along-side every second pack that players might actually want.

    But sadly, The ‘You must be a subscriber to post’ crap rears it’s head once again…

  • oh cool, a Krogan

  • Patryk Jesionek

    WHat is the name of this companion… what race/species/bug type it is? xD

    • Darth Ji’inx

      “Nathema Voreclaw”

  • Torque

    the hats are awesome and the sith armor set looks cool beans.
    no blaster pistol tho? :S

  • Jay Asher

    I can only wonder which of those items is the next 100mil trend… Just kidding it’s just the lightsaber and saberstaff both will be diamond And just lead to the cc buying addictions to sell enough crap from packs or get one… I’m sure in a few months they’ll be for sale for straight cc.. that seems to be the trend. $100 for a decent chance at just one of those or wait 3-5 months to be offered for $40 since it will cost just over what you’ll get with 20 forcing you to buy a larger cc package just to get it through cc.. I hate to say it but the sith would be proud of bioware.

  • Harston

    Hrrmmm… Looks like the backpack on the Dust Viper set might be the same backpack that was cut from the Reclusive Master’s set.

  • Kevin34

    it’s a shame this cool good jedi robes they are bringing, all with hoods (which they are cool but the bald problem you know what i mean :P) i’ve seen two times already the solution tho, they seem not interested to try it dunno why.

    there is in the fleet, the dark side and light side section, an armor with the hood up, and i saw just one step below the same piece, i checked the preview to watch the chest, and magic was done, same chest piece but with the hood not removed, just down, but this is not new, you already had this with this armor set for example http://torf.mmo-fashion.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/out2.png, dunno the reason why they don’t do it, but sure is already tested and implemented.
    hope maybe someday, cause this last 3 jedi robes they made are amazing, but the hood up just stop me from using it and my female sentinel is eager to wear them, i suppose i have to use the mask i guess xD.

  • Cat

    Decomposing nexu… yuck, I’d rather stick with my fresh one.

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