SWTOR Game Update 5.1.3 Patch Notes

SWTOR Game Update 5.1.3 Patch Notes. This patch will be deployed after the maintenance (8 am PDT) on March 13.


  • Corrected an issue where the pop-up text for some Class Missions would display a different experience amount than the Mission Reward. Note: The player still received the correct amount of experience; the pop-up was incorrect.
  • Lowered the amount of dark/light side points required to hit dark 1/light 1 from 7500 to 3000.
  • Nar Shaddaa Planetary Missions will no longer auto-complete upon being granted by Galactic Command.

Items + Economy

  • The Unrelenting Interceptor has been restored to its original “sith-like” form. The vehicles sound effect will now play as intended and the engine has been restored to its original color, red.
  • Addressed an issue where some helmets would not display properly for Body Type 2 Female characters.


Landing Party

  • Corrected an issue where killing enemies was not adding progress to the “Dismantle the Opposition” Achievement.


  • Fighting Zanisk and Adacin from their entrance ramp will no longer cause the encounter to stop functioning.

Destroyer of Worlds

  • Dark Relics will no longer despawn after activating the access panel next to Skurr and Velloc.


  • Secundum

    So…Nothing that anyone actually cares about then?

    • GhGh

      The amount of bugs they fix is ridiculous! What they chose to be fixed is beyond hilarious. And, well, how often there is a update is pathetic.

      They have always been a very low skilled dev studio. But, I don’t know, from the low start this game had, they really became worse, and worse, and worse…

  • diggidug

    Last time free Nar Shaddaa CXP on my two Republic chars.

    Yesterday I’ve learned: the “Companion is dying on the blue force bridge in Star Fortesses”-bug is back! It was fixed once and for all long ago. How can this be back? Are they randomly putting old code in their patches?

  • Douchemaster McChest

    Getting “Free” CXP from auto-completing Nar Shaddaa Heroics on all my pub toons every day was nice. At least now I don’t have to feel forced to log on to every pub toon just to try to get CXP for some of my lesser played toons. I’m an altaholic who always liked to play all my toons, but ever since 5.0 with the GC, it has become a chore to do even on one or two alts in addition to my main. I have yet to get any toon to T3. Only one toon is barely into T2. All the rest are still T1. When 5.2 drops, time to start raiding 3 to 4 times per week to gear up all my alts.

  • Loco Motive

    Bioware should take more time off work. they do more harm to the game when they work.


  • Loco Motive

    This game hit its peak point during Rise of the Hutt Cartel. There was absolutely no reason to even contemplate the idea of anything cross-server related.

    Servers were nicely populated back then.

    Shadow of revan, in my opinion was a good expansion. Don’t believe me? Compare the content of shadow revan to 4.0 and 5.0.

    However, the game started to slowly decline during shadow revan.

    So, in a way, Bioware Austin had the right formula. They were doing a good job overall.

    They really messed up by going all out on story while ignoring all other components of the game.

    That was the start of all things bad in swtor today.

    • Rance

      Now they’re even ignoring story, their only focus is the CM.

      • gog

        They’re also doing one raid. Sort of. Kinda. Probably. At least a raid boss. We think. Someone is probably trying to do that still. Yup…

        • Paulo Gomes

          Wasn’t it supposed to be on PTS? Well, where is it? I would welcome news about that, instead of this…

          • gog

            It probably a super duper secret and closed PTS, so secret no one has been invited…

            • Paulo Gomes

              Yeah, that’s the problem: this game is turning into a very secret club no one cares about…

              • gog

                We I just figured out how to AoE nuke mobs with my stamblade in her new 160 cp gear, so now I started to solo all the public dungeons while farming more crafting mats and finally finishing Wrothgar main Q and starting on the side quests there and I probably should do Craglorn too and then there’s those 2 alts I wanna get to 50 as well, and I really don’t spend enough time in Cyrodiil, I might have time for most of that before Morrowind xPac hits except I’ll find a ton of stuff to do there before that and why doesn’t a day have 48 hours so I have more time to spend in ESO?

                Sorry, got off topic there. What was it, one raid boss in the next patch and possible one whole raid in 2017 and do we get anything else besides CM stuff this year in TOR? 🙂

              • Naq

                I finished my baraha’s/thunderbug nightblade tanking set with Malubeth shoulders/helm, I can’t die, and I accidentally kill everything that touches me. Its like weaponized social anxiety combined with Hulkamania, and it is wonderful(quote of the day?)
                You summed up the “problem” I am having with ESO. Content overload. Mostly because its a whole new game, but also because the content is building up even as I play. There is no way I “catch up” in time for Morrowind, so the whole game is like a content buffet and I am always full, I forgot what that felt like.

              • gog

                Sweet, I’m going for a really weird stealth based solo PvE build, so I’d suck really hard right now in group content. But my god it’s fun to play in PvE, the customization for that class is great.

                And agreed, it’s a nice problem to have tho. Had the same feeling in TOR for about 9-12 months or so, WoW lasted 2-3 years. Suspect it’ll last longer for ESO since I’m an altoholic and the only thing I’ve done other toons is level 2 of them to lvl 10-15 and doing research and riding training so they’re prepared for when I wanna play them more.

                But to go back to topic (sort of), I’d say this is the main issue TOR have atm, if you’ve played the game for a while, you run through stuff to do too fast, and the amount of content that arrives isn’t enough to keep up interest. And you can’t just focus on one area at a time in an MMO to keep a broad player base around, you need stuff for solo PvE, group PvE, PvP and so on. And something for those of us who just likes to do weird stuff within the game, or collect stuff….

            • Drivan

              I was invited…
              I played…
              It was part of my decision to unsub.
              We had to agree to a nondisclosure agreement.
              I don’t want to give details because I may one day want to Play SWTOR again.

              • Rance

                You leave us all intrigued now LOL.

              • gog

                That is pretty interesting to hear. The nondisclosure makes sense no matter how good or poor the raid is, but I guess it didn’t look promising then. At least they actually did put up a PTS.

            • So secret that Bioware made several calls for people to apply and be a part of testing…

              • Paulo Gomes

                Oh! So IT IS on the PTS… That’s good news I guess…

    • Vinak

      They had the right idea going with more story content. The problem is they went with story content nobody was asking for and didn’t bother developing anything else.

      People were asking for more class story, new raids, flash points, and pvp maps.

      • gog

        Agreed, especially on the class stories. We had those characters that had unique backstories depending on class. The agent had a completely different perspective compared to the trooper, inquisitor or JK. They felt different, and should never have been morphed into the same, somewhat new person as in KotFE. It’s why the core game is still utterly brilliant, it begs to be replayed from a very different perspective.

        • ConcernedGuest

          This the reason I still play and most of the time only the core game … only looked into zakuul with once char, a few chapters, more than a year ago and never entered it again.

          Here is something really to be liked: if i could play the core game class story again with my existing char (no interesst in creating a new one).

          • gog

            I’m surprised they haven’t done that actually, they offer far more variation from different alts compared to the expansions, which means it won’t bore players as fast.

            Would replay the chapter where my SW beats the crap out of quinn sooo many times xD

      • Shawn Hargrave

        what they did is sacrifice their raiders/pvp community for the rp community basically giving up what was a HUGE playerbase for a small one genuis move!

    • Ben Gimson

      I was going to unsub shortly before RotHC (can’t remember why to be honest) but I’d pre-ordered so I stuck around to use what I’d pay for. It was brilliant, and it kept me subbed for years after. Fully agree that RotHC was the peak; it’s been downhill since then, and rapidly once KotFE dropped.

    • gog

      The build up to SoR was incredible, loved the way the story went with the (really damn good and fun) FPs to build it all up. Then we got non voiced companions in the actual expansion and well…. SoR was still good, despite the crapfest that was “early access”, but after SoR it did indeed got significantly worse.

      TL,DR: I agree 🙂

      • Fred Garvin

        SoR was really good. Great build up to the expansion and great build up at the end of the expansion…which led to nothing. Nothing about the Valkorian storyline actually felt like the natural place for the Vitiate story to end up. Just a lame segue into a soft-reboot.

        • gog

          Yeah, Vitiate was REALLY cool, and defeating him was worthy of at least one more expansion, and in the end him being defeated in either the hardest raid in TOR history, or with a singles mission that was the Revan fight x 10. Vitiate tho, was kind of crap. And then there’s the complete waste of Lord Scourge, who should’ve played a major role even as early as in SoR. If the singular focus of an expansion is the story, then that story has to be better than the stuff that was in the core game.

      • Paulo Gomes

        I still maintain to this day: the best this game ever was, is built around the Oricon storyline. SoR was not bad, but was plagued with a bad delivery. But it had EVERYTHING an expansion should have, except some pvp areas.

        • gog

          Most story content up until SoR was good, with the occasional flaw (mute Scourge), as someone who hated raiding, Makeb and the buildup to SoR was more enjoyable for me. Oricon was still cool tho.

        • Shawn Hargrave

          the problem is tor cant decide who’s the villian first it was malgus a poorly done vader looking wanabe then then god himself the “emperor” who eats planets who needs a death star? then revan the supertool got used again then the current soap opera lolz

          • gog

            The major problem with Malgus was that my alien Empire toons really wanted to join up with him since he made a lot more sense as ally for them at the time than the other racists in the Empire. Vitiate always made sense as perfect antagonist to build an expansion around.

            • Shawn Hargrave

              he didnt last long lol

              • gog

                Yeah, maybe that’s because for some reason before they went to Ilum, he chose to not try and align himself with the inquistor who before that had done or was the following:
                Happened to be alien. Constantly showed pure hatred towards the racist views of the Empire. Had a crew with even more aliens. Was very progressive for someone within the Empire. Disliked the Republic and considered the Jedi to be idiots. Killed one of the most narrow minded bigots on the dark council.Conquered Corelia + bunch of other planets and had helped Malgus out on a bunch of other special missions (FPs). Was really powerful and had a knack for murdering her enemies no matter how powerful while not stabbing her allies in the back that much.

              • Scarecrow


              • gog

                The way she murded people who called her that was glorious… xD

        • Naq

          I think the game was heading somewhere right up to the end of SoR and the ensuing devouring of a second planet….then they must have fired their story person and hired someone else who was like “I have an idea. What if Vitiate was the king of space? And had a family of mentally broken children? What if we changed all the companions into pokemon?” and they promoted that guy to lead story developer.

          • John Kosto

            Collect’em All! Now if SWTOR had promoted KOTFE GO! …. that would have been funny. Koths and Lanas all over the place

          • Лев Сафаров

            I think their best update was rise of the emperor. Even it was short compare to others, it was interesting and fun. I wished they continued that story line, instead we get this zakuul that i dont like.

            • Naq

              My #1 problem with Rise of the Emperor, which was pretty cool all the way through, was the end fight. You finally get this one vs one fight with the Emperor, in the body of a powerful Jedi, its time to fight for your life, the gala-…oh they are dead. Did I kill them? I barely hit them! Maybe he tripped? Should I come back tomorrow, maybe he was tired? I’m sure this normally doesn’t happen to him, he’s really good at it, just ask his ex girlfriend, etc.

              I may not be a huge fan of Kotet/Kotfe, but the boss fights are much better, although some are pretty stun/root/snare heavy.

              But to Rise of the Emperor’s credit, the storyline was solid, the dailies were a neat change of pace being mostly puzzles and activities instead of repetitive combat, and it had a raid…that nobody wants to do.

              • Лев Сафаров

                O i tried that raid few times before i upgraded my pc. Was interesting to heal 16 man op with 20 fps…

      • HMHero

        SoR was ok but the removal of the skill trees was the beginning of the stupifying of everything fun in swtor.

        • gog

          Agreed. While there’s always a cookie cutter spec for serious raiders and PvPers, allowing for different styles makes the game more fun for players. It’s the same thing with WoW, classes were more fun with the old skill trees, you could make those really weird builds that were awful for 90% of the game but really awesome for the other 10%.

    • John Kosto

      Yeap SOR was at least decent if not a lot better than decent.

    • Shawn Hargrave

      i didnt care how revan turned out to be someones bitch for a 3rd time lol. Kinda depressing to see the main character in a better game be shit on by a crappier game.

      • Risqu’e

        At launch I was expecting for it to turn out that Revan was the sith emperor.

        • Shawn Hargrave

          Now that would have been a 1000 times better

    • Adam Haynes

      You nailed it man. I’m with you 100% on all that you said. I still maintain hope that the game will get better but every update that goes by my hope wanes a little more.

    • Meelis S

      This is because Shadow of Revan was last major update that was created by old dev team before it was taken over leftover skeleton crew.

      After Revan update everyone who has been playing this game long enough noticed major shift to story chapters and pretty much no more group content after that. EA said to them to make the most out of already created content. So Bioware came up a plan to recycle ALL with companions, story missions and later galactic command xp grind.
      They have planned this after Revan for long time but in different phases because of less developers left in this team. Ben also has other vision how to retain most loyal fans few more next years until population is too low to ignore that.

      After that EA can very well say enough and no more updates and basically end the game.

      • Loco Motive

        Lol skeleton crew

    • Errtai

      Nice summary. Agree everything you say. SoR was great, but don’t forget Ziost which was a really, really nice x-pac (if you call it that). At that time, I had the Yavin daily area, Ziost daily area, 2 ops in which I still had bosses to kill in HM, and cool FPs. SoR story was also nice and the class missions -even though there was only a short one- had great nostalgia value.

      For me, the game was at its peak during the Ziost xpac. Then…. yeah. I endured 4.0, hoping things will get better. But I stayed mostly because in time SWTOR turned into an habit; an addiction. I HAD TO log on to the game every night. I was so used doing it for years, I didn’t know what else to do. And at least those “heroics-now-turned-into-dailies” were there and they kept be busy for a while. But 5.0 was the end of story for me (because of reasons we all know I assume).

      Still, I’ll resub for a month when Elara comes back. I also want to do check the Iokath daily area as well. My LS Operative will side with the Republic, my DS Gunslinger side with the Empire… if BW did it right these things can be fun to play… for a while… a short while… I guess…

      /end ramble

      • Only thing that SoR took away was nightmare-mode ops. That was pretty destructive as well.

        • Corwin

          Tos HM was basicaly Nim though…

    • John Doe

      Agreed the game has been slipping ever since on a downward spinal , the class balance was so much better back then too.

    • DoubleDoom

      The dumbing down of the game overall hasnt helped. Skill trees and mixing them up added to gameplay. Planetary mobs could kill you. Now you can just run around pressing 1 all the time. There used to be some excitement in levelling when items dropped that were better than what you wore and you may get a purple. Now, there is no real gearing requirements during levelling.

    • Ex

      I agree but think the height was Oricon, that was the pinnacle including the last NiM progression. Story and ops were the best for me as it ended the dread masters storyline. Daily area and pvp on planet was popping trying to get scare bear title. It was my favorite time in swtor. Sadly i never see them releasing content that good again.

      • ConcernedGuest

        Everything between 2.0 and 3.0 the game was TOP. Most bugs had been corrected, the PVP was at least halfway balanced (as i recall). I
        n spring ’13 Makeb (2 story lines, imp & pub) as well as shroud and dreadseed, the most interesting questlines in the whole game.
        A few month later: czerka, new daily area and 2 FP.
        A few month later: Oricon, a new planet with daily area and 2 ops.
        And in between: galactic strongholds, galactic starfighters … the game was never more interessting than in that time.
        And in between: Ragkhoul Event, Nar Shadaa Nightlife Event.
        A few month later: the four alliance FP.

        The first decline came with 3.0. Two planets, 2 FP, 2 Ops but only 1 storyline and many side quest did not even have a real quest dialog. Questgiver where just “terminals” of some sort, click on it, get the quest, and thats it.
        And the only new content shortly after was Ziost , a meager 1 hour story trip and a boring daily area.

        And the decline continues since then

  • Danny Seth

    The best thing in the whole GC system was the Nar Shaddaa daily auto-completion. 🙁

    • Jonathan Parker

      It’s pretty much the only reason I’ve been leveling it. I’m not going to dedicate hours and hours and hours to grind activities that I’ve done dozens if not hundreds of times.

      • DoubleDoom

        It’s a sad day now that NS has gone.

    • Scarecrow

      I honestly thought I was the only one who had the bug because no one was talking about it. Also it only happened on certain toons

      • Drivan

        Any toon had completed all of the Nar’Shada heroics since 4.0 could get credit for completing just by getting Nar’Shada to pop in the random planetary heroics que.
        No one was talking about it openly because no one wanted it to go away…

        • John Kosto

          5.0 you mean of course, right?

          • DoubleDoom

            You just needed to have done NS heroics once previously since 4.0 (possibly longer). You didnt need to have done them with 5.0.

          • Drivan

            I hadn’t run the Nar Heroics on my Sent at all in 5.0 but had run them a few times in 4.0. I was able to get the instant Pop on him every time.

  • Nick Emory

    Still no correct fix for the Torian / Vetted companion terminal bug. It was patched last time but the “fix” didn’t actually work, just shows the dialogue now. Would really like to get my companions back.

    • Scarecrow

      Yeah, I’m still having that issue as well.

  • Yallida

    Well with such improve of QoL I belive the can wait till 5.2…

  • Drivan

    It only took 4 months to fix the Nar’Shaada Heroics bug…

    • Seph

      It was a feature

    • DoubleDoom

      What makes you think it is fixed?

      • Drivan

        True, I did read something to the contrary on Reddit today.

    • Seen

      …and still counting. 😉
      Reward is still granted on clicking as before.

      • Danny Seth

        Well, not to me. I had to do it 2 days in a row… it’s fixed to me. 🙁

  • Sply

    That’s very few bug fixes! Fewer than unexpected bugs every patch adds.

    If they keep working that way they put in twice the amount of new bugs than they fix.

  • dinodoc

    Yay! I can wear my Revan Mask again

  • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

    It’s alk about fixing cosmetics….
    It’s all about cartel market….

    • Dragon

      Um, no? There are eight fixes listed. Only two of them deal with cosmetic issues, and I for one strongly appreciate the female body type 2 mask fix if it works correctly.

      • Don Loco

        Wow, that only took them a tad short of forever to get that one fixed. Yay.

      • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

        I mean my friend…i love this game but is all about cm sales. They really dont care about anything else, at least as it seems till now.

        • I’m with I love the game but they course it’s taking….

        • Diehard fan

          Its half true. CM is the easiest and makes the most margin, but its hardly the main driver of their cashflow. They have to keep the game in good shape, no game – no life, I mean no CM. BW and EA are no fools, they know the balance.

          I prefer to stay on the bright side and think that soon we will see SWTOR great again. At least shiny in some parts. GSF, ahem, GSF.

          • Fabiwalker

            Make SWTOR great again!^^

  • Disqus this

    Just like the last patch and how bw nerfed fractured without telling anyone.

    Anyone want to take a guess at what got changed this time and they didn’t show in the patch notes?

  • Musco didn’t pull out in time
  • Toheen

    Nice, love how the whole system crashes to upload this patch. And if you look at their stupid twitter, it was last updated on 6 Feb.

    • Neg Sani

      Huh? What crashed? And their Twitter was updated today when the servers went down. Try scrolling past the pinned tweet.

      • Toheen

        yea I hit it after posting and I face palmed lol.

  • Reverend Smiley

    In 4.0 we got cancer.
    In 5.0 we got AIDS.
    Man, we’re completely fucked for 6.0

    • gog

      Patch 6.66 will be glorious tho….

      • Errtai

        Order 66. BW will delete all your characters and then will start a new D&L event. Considering you won’t have any toons, grinding old content will now have a meaning :).

        • gog

          *cries in cartel coins*

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  • Shadow

    What a fail, Nar Shaddaa is still broken XD

    • ConcernedGuest

      Perfect … can always use CXP for free. Just a few times click and ESC on the GC screen until it pops and good.

    • Disgusted Customer
    • Madoka

      All my characters, those that finished the Heroics after the “repair” for the conquest lost the ability to get the free CXP, only my characters that didn’t do the heroic can still get the free one, so if you don’t want to loose your free CXP, don’t do the Nar Shaddaa heroics.

  • Danny Seth

    They forgot to add the double alignment points in quest rewards. Now they give 140 DS/LS points instead of 70.

  • james-graves@mail.ru

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