GW2 Gemstore Update–Shield of the Goddess

GW2 Gemstore updated today with Shield of the Goddess Skin for 600 gems.


  • Shield of the Goddess – 600 gems



  • Heroic Booster – 102 gems each, 5 for 436 gems, 20 for 1440 gems

Available for 7 Days Only

  • Lion’s Arch Rebuild Dye Kit – 120 gems ea, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems
  • Mini Angry Chest – 400 gems
  • Mini Chieftain Utahein and Mini Svanir – 700 gems
  • Raven’s Spirit Glider – 500 gems
  • Shattered Bloodstone Glider – 400 gems
  • Shadow Assassin Outfit – 700 gems
  • Braham’s Wolfblood Pauldrons – 300 gems
  • Nekami

    love the shield

  • Suan

    I mean, I know this is just a gem store item.. but “Shield of the Goddess” it just makes me curious.. it can’t be one of the human gods because they would just name it properly then, so is it someone before them? Or.. hm.. maybe it is just a name for a nice looking shield.

    • shortorder

      it looks like it would be dwayna if it was…and there already is a shield of dwayna named skin

      • Alastor999

        It doesn’t necessarily have to be Dwayna if it’s one of the human goddesses. The Sunspears (Paragons specifically) used a lot of angelic motifs on their gear, so it could easily fit with Kormir too.

    • Namuel Peeps

      It’s Kasmeer’s elite spec weapon, like Belinda’s greatsword or Eir’s burny longbow. Bet you Rox gets a staff, though she needs a new face more.

      • Suan

        Eeh.. to be honest I was kinda thinking that they may tease new specs with Kasmeer, Rox, Rytlock [since he always only uses a sword with an empty hand]. Specialy that Jory using a greatsword was a thing for almost all of the season 2 [if you remeber there was a lot of talk with both her and Rox that she keeps on training with the GS and Rox is giving her some tips since she learned to use a lot of weapons back with her charr band], Braham being able to use LB is easly understandable since he is a norn and they are born hunters, he probably used it a lot in his younger days. I don’t really see Rox as a druid with magic staff, Kasmeer using a shield would be okay and in place, but yeah.. I just kinda hope they will tease new mesmer spec with her since expansion is getting closer and closer.

  • Alastor999

    I really want to believe that this is actually Kasmeer’s shield since the white feathers remind me of her armor set and Chronomancers use shields because really… where the hell is Kasmeer?!?! It’s been over a year and four episodes now! T.T

    • nadrian3k

      I bet she’s the one disguising as the Mursaat. That’s why Marjory was so vehement in going together with the fake mursaat.

      • Suan

        Wait wait wait, what?

        One, fake-Lazarus being a mesmer, mortal would be soo stupid. I mean how did, lets stay with Kasmeer, how would she be able to: suck in all that power when bloodstone exploded [and lets remember it was so much power that it could hit LA – that’s what our character says], one shot all those destroyers back when we were defending the baby? Unless Kasmeer was someone else all these years then okay but right now, her or any other mortal, mesmer being the fake-Lazarus is just retarded. It has to be someone old, powerful etc. Like Livia, she’s still out there somewhere and she could easly learn mesmer spells by now [specialy that back in GW1 we could have 2 classes at the same time]. I mean, why didn’t she just tell us back in the chamber “hey, pss, it’s me commander, cool right?” like come on.

        Two, gods didn’t disappear. In season 2 in one of the missions taking place in Durmand Priory you can read a lot of books and there is one written by some asura that I forgot name of. He says that human gods are just simply a very, powerful magical beings that went into hiding in fear of the Elder Dragons sucking their magic. So I’m really getting more and more annoyed with ANet for not bringing them back. Early current events was all about magic going wild and it looks like the other 4 dragons are not keeping up with sucking the magic so human gods could easly start sucking it all up, and become a powerful allies in our fight with the dragons. That asura also said that all of us could become like human gods if we were to be exposed to a lot of magic [which our charatcer – commander is all the time]. If in episode 5 we will stop Taimi from using Omadd machine and finish the vision ourselfes that would put us on this path even more. Not sure how about you guys but story wise I was kinda thinking that we “commander” will become something like human gods at the end of Guild Wars 2[regardless the race] a very, very powerful magic being that would keep the magic in place.. some sort of “Guardian of Tyria” “Spirit of Tyria” or something like that. We probably will kill all the Elder Dragons and someone will need to take their place. I don’t really think that we will be going with our characters to Guild Wars 3.

        Soo that’s about it.. if Fake-Lazarus will be mortal, mesmer etc. I will be very sad as it makes no sense at all, and I’ll keep to my hope of human gods coming back one day.

    • Imry

      700 gems says that they’re having trouble with her new outfit, and they’ll release it along with her first appearance. I mean, all the other Destiny’s Orphans got new outfits, so Kas should too.

  • Jayce

    Maybe it’s just me, but I get a Lightning/Etro (from Final Fantasy 13-2) vibe from that shield.

  • Exteena

    Shield reminds me of Kormir. Don’t forget- she was a Paragon before ascension. Feather like accents are here. She had similar as a hair deco (??), anyway a part of her armor. Even shape of shield calls memories of Heraldic Shield or other Paragon shields. Colour choice also matches her.. 🙂 Hype!

    • Asda

      Never forgive, never forget Kormir.

      • DD

        Who? That useless blind b*tvb who killed herself?

      • Lirabelle

        I will never forget or forgive her, that is true.

    • Fashion Mage

      If the feathers, official post, and colour scheme are any indication, it’s themed after Dwayna.


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  • Lexi-licious

    Looks meh. Doubt it’ll give me the ‘fashion wars’ edge.


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  • Fashion Mage


  • Mike Yorku

    Can someone model this on sylvari pls?

    • Mike Yorku

      I can’t preview it wielded from the chat code or from the gem store. 🙁

      • Diggity


  • Mike Yorku

    Was this 500+ file patch really just gem store stuff?

  • Alot

    Yo, Dulfy, shared inventory slots on discount at the moment. It would be silly to try cover all the one day discounts but this is quite a big one 🙂

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