• StrangeDais

      I bet my Wampa can beat up your Tuk’ata.

  • Rance

    I better reserve my opinion to myself.

    • snarf

      But then the terrorist wins…

  • Decadus
  • GiftoftheMagi

    A….Companion pack? Really? Weird.

    • Diehard fan

      Yeah, companions on CM are pretty cheap. At least some of them. Putting a label 1800CC makes it around 20 mil per companion on GTN, which will rise the prices, instead of lowering them.

      Idea is good, but it should be 1200 at least.

      • AbnerDoon

        It’s because the chance for probe droid and akk dog. I don’t think I’ve seen akk dog under 30 to 40 mil since release and probe droid is around 100 mil most days. The rest of the companions are pretty plentiful.

        I won’t buy myself as my rng luck is shit. But I hope some others waste their cash and we see some price drops on the GTN.

      • GiftoftheMagi

        I agree. And the price also depends on if it’s a droid or animal. Droids are relatively cheap, but animal ones are at the norm roughly 15-30% more expensive.

  • Alain

    These prices are getting ridiculous.
    I mean, look at the hypercrates: these used to cost around 5k CC. Now the majority is around 7k…

    Let’s not get started on the 1.8k CC for a mere companion…

    • Diehard fan

      They sometimes appear on sale for 4700 or lower. And they started to cycle older packs, so I think the only thing we need to do is catch a good price. If this term can be applied for CM pack.

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      A mere companion that you can’t do anything with but have it follow you around.

  • Saint

    Now im glad i sold my lightning tuning for 100 mil few months ago

  • Jay Asher

    It’s funny most of the items from the grand shadow pack are cheap as hell on the gtn except for the revan reborn. The Shan armor you can get the whole set for less than 100k ffs, rocket pack for like maybe 1-2 mil at most and the other mounts are around 1mil also. Paying that kind of money just for a slim chance of revan reborn set and everything else being crap that is cheap on gtn i don’t know what they think they’re doing.

    I mean hell if they got Revans armor right in the first place sure id take the chance but revans armors in swtor are dumb and look nothing like revan from kotor even being a bioware property. Give us a REAL Revan armor and maybe you’ll get more interest…

    • gog

      How much do the decorations from that pack cost? There’s a few really damn good ones in that pack, depending on your preference.

      Besides the decos, it was a pretty “meh” pack when released and one of the first where anything except the Revan armor was worth nothing but scraps.

  • Disgusted Customer

    Grand Companion Pack 1800CC?! No pls!!!

  • More shameless bullshit from EA. What a shame, these guys suck so bad. This game could’ve gone on forever if they just weren’t such complete assholes about their dogshit gambling packs. The worst business practices I’ve ever seen ever.

    • Rance

      Most honest opinion ever.

      • Whitedragon
      • Fred Garvin

        Except that he still buys stuff every week based on other comments he makes so he can’t hate it too much if he’s going to support it.

        • Rance

          Well, I prefer this version anyway, just imagine him ranting like if he was a fanboy xD

          • abaddonsmummy

            No he’s a great example of your camp, it’s makes us fanboy’s very happy. πŸ˜›

            • Rance

              The same can be applied for the opposite camp with 2 people I know here πŸ˜‰

            • Naq

              How many camps are there? I think we’ve got at least 3, possibly many more. We’ve got the angry divorcees, the devoted zealots, the fanbois, the dabblers, the disenfranchised, the whales, devils advocates, trolls, Memeclowns, Phantom of the Opera guest posters, Industry Insiders, snarling incomprehensible ragemonsters, the ghost of Holyfrog, upvote jealous whiners, random Naq haters, Diehards in Disguise, and unscrupulous manipulative females who feed on defenseless male upvotes.
              So, a wretched hive, of scum, and also villainy.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Haha love it, especially the last part for my benefit.
                Oh and you forgot the Eso knights, white knights, snowflakes, Passive aggressive’s, Alien Abductees, playground bullies, playground piss sprayers, gamer chick lap dog’s, Orangutans, neglectful dads, disqus profile stalkers, amateur psychoanalyst’s, potential arsonists, experimenters and Zaidboala experts. (and damn….most of them were me XD)
                Look it’s good we can laugh about this and ourselves from time to time, after all this is just a game, one which we all at one time (or still do) spent a long time playing and having fun with.

    • Whitedragon
  • Wayshuba

    SWTOR is in trouble and these weekly sales or regurgitated assets and breaking out previous platinum rares is just trying to milk what is left from the remaining player base unwise to how bad things are.

    According to SWTORdata, the two most populated servers, The Harbinger and The Red Eclipse, have lost more than 35% of their populations since December. Jedi Covenant, once the second most populated server in NA, has lost almost 40 percent of the population. Most of the remaining servers are literally on life support now. Not like the game was overly healthy before, but this is now a game that is on death’s doorstep.

    So either this GC system was a colossal fuck up on the part of Ben Irving and crew, and they are in panic mode to hit numbers for the quarter, or EA told them prior to 5.0 they were pulling the plug on this title this year and to milk as much as possible from the remaining suckers before that date.

    Of course, if the latter is true, then I will be curious to see the effect of the colossal brand damage they are doing to the EA/BW brand in general.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Don’t even go there man. don’t bother. You are just “hating on a game you don’t even play anymore”. I’ve been alerting for the fact that the playing population is decreasing and that’s the rap I get. I’ve posted the link to http://swtordata.com/server_statuses more times than I can count.

      According to my OWN accounting, the last time we had anything coming above “Standard” playing population in ANY server was at KotFE launch. Which makes sense: people were curious to see what it was all about. At KotET’s launch, servers didn’t even FLINCH. There were server problems at that time that were responsible for an INACCURATE spike in server population, but it was due to a problem at login. I experienced that problem myself.

      GC was a colossal fuck up? You betcha. But it was only ANOTHER colossal fuck up to add to all the previous ones. How many more stabs can this once great game endure is beyond me… But hey: everything’s fine… We’re just hating on a great game, aren’t we???

    • Baldarhion

      That’s why I won’t ever buy a EA games from now on. I’m still playing SWTOR because of the good old memories but they lose a customer. Well, it’s not a big deal for them I presume.

      Their lack of communication/damages control is surprising.

      • Thank the Maker for torrents! Now you can play your favorite half-assed games from companies like EA without the eye-gouging price tag and DLC (downloadable crap)!

        • Rance

          That’s the same I do, and I would do it with Swtor if there were any private servers, the code always is released when a MMO shutdowns, so better for us.

    • abaddonsmummy

      I personally think your barking up the wrong tree here.
      We’re at a hiatus in the game just now as people are waiting for 5.2 to arrive with new content.
      I don’t think the servers are going to go to heavy but there will be an increase in players who come to try the new content.
      If it’s good they will stay, play it and wait till the next content, if not……………
      I don’t think GC would have been near as big an issue as it has been if there was new content released at 5.0 to grind it on.
      It did need balancing though.
      And as for colossal damage to the EA/BW brand have you seen the animations from ME:A? They’re hilarious.

      • Wayshuba

        Hiatus? It is obvious the game is in maintenance mode.

        Is 1 Op boss going to bring back raiding guilds? That would be a complete no.

        Is a new daily quest areas going to bring bring those who have migrated? That would also be a complete no.

        Truth is, with such a very small amount of content, and a massive focus on re purposing the CM store items, it is obvious to all but the most die-hard Star Wars fans that the game is on it’s very last legs. The proposed content is so minimal, there is not a chance in hell that it is going to draw anyone back.

        As far as MEA, to conclude, have you seen the extremely negative articles saying how there is nothing new and that the whole thing is a way to sell DLC content for multi-player.

        To make a long story short. The “pathetic” amount of content announced is not going to bring ANYONE back. Nothing is enticing about the maintenance amount of content announced.

        • Bakgrind

          From time to time I find myself viewing the SWTOR forums and found a really great post concerning the same topic which kind of lays out all of the development to the game over the years from a poster which forces one to ponder about the future of this game.

          Link: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=916280&page=5


          “How many years did it take Bioware to staff up, storyboard, and
          ultimately create this game in its original context as a four-pillar
          MMORPG? And what have they done since? They have stripped and trashed so
          much of this game that they would almost have to start from scratch
          again. One could make a case for rebooting to a previous build and
          simply making things right from there. But that would entail a
          recommitment to making this a MMORPG again. Besides, even if they wanted
          to I’m guessing they probably trashed the old code leaving nothing to
          go back to:

          2.0 Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Scum and Villainy (04/09/2013)
          Leveling Game: traditional and farmable.
          New Story content: from individual class stories to just group planet story
          New Group content: from leveling level-appropriate FPs to one-size-fits-all tactical FPs
          New End Game Content: new Operations
          New Open World Content: Makeb & Oricon
          Progression and Loot: traditional, fixed and farmable.

          Ben Irving becomes Lead Development Director: June 2014

          3.0 Shadow of Revan (12/02/2014)
          Leveling Game: traditional and farmable.
          New Story content: from group dialogue interactions to solo-only, missions themselves could still be played through in a group.
          New Group content: new FPs, from leveling tactical FPS to Solo mode FPs with indestructable jeezus droids
          New End Game Content: new Operations
          New Open World Content: Rishi and Yavin 4
          Progression and Loot: traditional, fixed and farmable.

          Ben Irving becomes Producer: August 2015

          4.0 Knights of the Fallen Empire (10/20/2015)
          Leveling Game:
          from level-appropriate planets to level-sync’d Planets;
          all leveling FPs to solo-centric Story modes and
          one-size-fits-all tactical FPs, all leveling Operations
          to bolstered end game Operations
          New Story content: 9 chapters, from solo-only dialogue interactions with group-playable missions to solo-only everything.
          New Group content: 4-player FPs replaced with 2-player cookie cutter Star Fortress instances
          New End Game Content: None for group play …
          recycled all 3.0 and earlier leveling Operations and bolster to end game
          level cap. Add Eternal Championship solo end game.
          New Open World Content: None
          Progression: relocate group leveling game to
          end game (removed and not replaced), elder game from
          traditional progression to Alliance rep progression, end game Operations
          progression remained intact
          Loot Tables: all loot tables outside of end
          game Operations to Alliance crates and companion gifts, end game
          Operations loot tables remained intact.

          5.0 Knights of the Eternal Throne (11/29/2016)
          Leveling Game: no change from 4.0
          New Story content: 9 chapters solo-exclusive
          New Group content: from 2-player Star Fortresses to shorter 2 to 4-player Uprisings
          New End Game Content: None … continue recycling all 3.0 and earlier leveling Operations to bolstered end game Operations
          New Open World Content: None
          Progression: all level cap progression to Command Ranks, no change to level progression from 4.0
          Loot Tables: all loot tables to RNG Command Crates.

          Story dialogue/game play going from group/group in 2.0 … to solo/group
          in 3.0 … to solo/solo in 4.0? New large group content going away
          since 3.0 and being replaced by short co-op instances? Open world
          planets being replaced by, well … nothing? 4.0’s Alliance crates
          replacing the leveling game’s loot tables meant to condition us for
          5.0’s Command Crates replacing the rest of the game’s loot tables? Does
          anyone not see a pattern here?

          BWA has both systemically and systematically tried to condition us over
          the last 3 expansions to expect a continuation of less and
          lower-maintenance content that focuses on solo RPG story with co-op end
          game elements, and substituting new content with new ways to present old
          recycled content.

          I truly believe BWA has been wanting out of the MMO business for a while
          now and is doing what they can to string us along until they can
          execute an exit strategy. Assuming of course they have one. It wouldn’t
          be too little too late if they rededicated themselves to recreating that
          SWTOR MMO magic. They likely won’t but I’m still here hoping that they

          • Π›Π΅Π² Π‘Π°Ρ„Π°Ρ€ΠΎΠ²

            They can transform this game to single player rpg and there will be not much difference from what it now. Need just add few bots that will be simulating players, and number of droids for fps and operations.

            • Disgusted Customer

              Yeah offline mode also would be nice for the times when they going to off the plug.

        • Diehard fan

          If you remember the ME3 multiplayer, it was an ultimate win-win, people still play it. I was actually waiting ME:A multiplayer to see if it rocks like the previous one. Answer is – yes, it is. This is enough reason for me to call ME:A a success.

          • Wayshuba

            Don’t want to rain on the parade, but I think we are reaching the end of BW being known for producing good games:


            I also wouldn’t put much hope on their “secret” new IP they have been working on since 2012.

            • Diehard fan

              I see what kind of person you are. Dont waste your breath though, this problems been known since closed beta. Some people like this animations, some dont. FYI – today was major patch for ME:A. I`ll take a look at it tomorrow when I`ll have time. Be so kind to not no put equals between animations and general success of multiplayer model.

              I`m sure all this issues will be addressed in nearest feature. But you seem to love to say that game industry gone to hell and people are lazy idiots. Wont argue, to each his own.

              Good day.

        • abaddonsmummy

          Maintenance mode yes while they build 5.2 group content.
          Dead/dying no.
          They do need to pull some good sh*t out the bag next month though.

          • Don Loco
            • John Kosto

              Dude that’s the second time you are trying to sell my hometown’s bridges… stop it, sell the Golden Gate bridge if you want, Brooklyn is not for sale

              • Don Loco

                Ah man….but Brooklyn is so much closer and truth be told has been ‘sold’ more than just about any other bridge.

          • Wayshuba

            This years content update, announced for a whole year is, so far, recycled areas and mobs thrown into 15 minute FPs, with voice overs, called Uprisings. Other than that, there is a new daily quest area (solo content), two companions (solo content), and 5.2 is supposed to bring 1, that is a big fat 1 Op boss. Not to mention recycling CM stuff to try and sell more of it.

            That is the very definition of maintenance mode.

            As I said before, 1 Op boss and a daily quest area with 15-20 minutes of quests in NOT going to be bringing anyone back. When you compare it to the content any other major MMO is releasing, it is absolutely laughable what they are planning for NEW content this year.

            And I don’t know about you, but 35% plus drops in population in three months, when populations already were not that stellar, is also the definition of dying.

            I will stick with my original assertions I have made in other threads. This game will not live to see the end of 2017 knowing EA’s very predictable history. Once revenue drops to $25 million or less, they will cut the cord permanently.

            • abaddonsmummy

              I think we have to look at the time frame here.
              5.0 happened in Nov 16 and since then as well as taking the game forward into group content as was said, they have had to spend time re-balancing Galactic Command across the board, as well as the launch for KOTET.
              As we have seen from other MMO’s it can take years to put a comprehensive new update together, Bioware have had just a few months at the least to get something out, that has to be bug free and entertaining.
              I know people are playing because I see raids come and go every night guild or fleet pugged, lets face it an sm gf raid can net you about 12 levels in galactic command, do that for a few weeks and your well into tier2 gear.
              People will return but as long as we understand this is a few months work and not years worth of planning it’s something to build on for the coming year of group focus.
              People will hate on this but it will be a step forward in the right direction.

              • Wayshuba

                You see, I have to respectively disagree about other MMOs taking years to put things together. Here is what I was getting to and I am going to use one other popular MMO for comparison (staying away from WoW) to look at what content is being provided to customers this year.

                ESO: Just released 40 houses, integrated into the world, with a new crafting tier and over two-thousand decorations plus three new collections of set armor (so nine new armor sets). That was first quarter. In June, they have an expansion coming with a land area 30% bigger than the largest zone currently in game, 50-60 quest chains (so 150-250 new quests), four new public dungeons, and an instanced dungeon and a trial (raid). Plus a new class and 18 new armor sets. That is second quarter. In third quarter we get a group DLC and, if like Shadows of Hist, it will have two new dungeons, a new trial and 2-3 new armor sets. That is third quarter. In fourth quarter, we have a DLC coming comparable to Thieve’s Guild/Dark Shadows, so a new area with 20-30 quest chains, two-three new dungeons, and additional skill chains.

                For SWTOR you have (in 2017): 5 new Uprisings (released in January), a new solo daily quest area, maybe a new Op completed by end of year and two companions returning (in either a story chapter or alliance alerts).

                ESO, not including the housing, is estimating they will be releasing about 50-60 hours of new content this year to SWTOR releasing 4 hours worth (and that is being generous).

                You see the difference? I could have easily used FFXIV or WoW as comparisons. The point is to show what SWTOR is competing with in terms of content value for the money – and it is the WORST of the Triple-A MMOs out there in that regard. Once people have moved on into one of the other MMOs, there is NOTHING at all compelling about the paltry amount of content SWTOR is releasing that is going to bring anyone back.

              • Drivan

                This post is spot on and I wish that more people would read and understand this information.
                Although I still, desperately want to enjoy SWTOR. I made some great friends in that game and I will really, really miss playing with them. One of them told me last week, “the way I see it I’m paying $15 a month to hand out and play a game with people I consider to be my friends.”

                I respect that and I really like hanging out with my guildmates. I can’t keep paying BW/EA $15, $135 the remainder of the year, for a game that isn’t delivering anything I enjoy other than a forum to hang out with my favorite group of gamers.

                ESO is dropping SO MUCH CONTENT this year that my head is swimming wondering how I’m going to experience it all and still have a life outside gaming… Meanwhile with SWTOR I would pay $15 a month so that I could binge watch GoT while grinding through the same 5 year old content…
                I would end up shutting SWTOR off and just watch GoT…

              • Paulo Gomes

                I upvoted you even disagreeing with your views Abby. But it’s nice to see someone actually discussing things instead of going FR (Full Retard) every time someone disagrees with him. Kudos.

                Now for the mater at hand:

                Why did they have just a few months to put this together? And yes, I DO agree it’s a bay step in the right direction.

                Because they continually refuse to listen to their player base while it actually matters. You know, BEFORE people start pulling the plug and cancelling their subs.

                What you see as putting the game forward I see as a major mistake they are now trying to correct.

                Wayshuba went away from WoW. I won’t. I too could talk about ESO, but he already did that. So I’ll just mention WoW’s Warlords of Draenor, which surprisingly had many similar points to what happened in the KotFE/KotET years. They lost a lot of subs with that one. What did they do? Went back to a model they knew worked. Just like BW. The difference is the amount of material. While BW is struggling to take a baby step, companies like Blizzard are taking giant steps.

                This is a comment by someone that disliked WoD in WoW. See if you can spot the similarities (link to the whole thing coming next):

                “WoW’s difficulty has reduced continuously since its launch. While this attracted a lot of casual players to the game, it alienated some of the more serious players. The character progression became easier and this was exciting for a lot of players at first. But the sense of accomplishment was gone and players became bored fast as they achieved too much in a short span of time. This resulted in an increase in cancelled subscriptions. It was a good move in the short run, but was always going to be detrimental to the long-term franchise. Did Blizzard forget that it is not the destination but the journey that matters?

                Re-hashing of game content is further creating a sense among WoW subscribers that the game doesn’t have anything new to offer. The latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, had its zones modeled on the second expansion, The Burning Crusade, which came out in early 2007. Additionally, there are fewer new dungeons with every expansion, and the game play has largely remained the same. The novelty factor has worn off and the players are very much accustomed to the game now. While this has caused an increase in the skill of an average WoW player, it has also resulted in monotony creeping in much earlier.”


                In closing, I do hope me and the guys are wrong about this. I really do. I hope your hopeful views on the game are right, and that we are wrong. It would mean the game has a future, of which I’m not so sure about now…

              • abaddonsmummy

                Thanks man, it’s scarily easy to get drawn into the petty squabbles on here but i’m making a concerted effort to try and ‘stay on target’ to quote Gold 5 from episode 3, especially with 5.2 so close to landing.
                I love having discourse over the game with intelligent people and although our views are different I love hearing peoples opinions on the game and even though we don’t agree, we can respect each others views.
                I don’t know and we’ll probably never know why KOTFE and KOTET came about, and the subsequent drive into PVE/Solo play.
                I can see that maybe they wanted to get back to the grass roots of what made Swtor so amazing to begin with i.e the initial stories, perhaps looking to get in fresh blood but why they didn’t see any potential warning signs from the established community as a whole, a greater percentage of which is group/ops based players who want it to move forward in that direction is a strange one. I can only surmise that they expected you to be satisfied with re-jigged hard/vet modes and uprisings which from appearances certainly isn’t cutting it for you guys.
                One positive is that they went into Kotfe/kotet with great gusto (as bad as it was) so hopefully they still have that drive and vision for new group content.
                I’m going to respond to Wayshuba here as it covers the same topic we were both discussing, one which Wayshuba puts very well I may add, and agree with a lot of his points.
                Initially I think it’s maybe a bad comparison between swtor and Eso and FFIV only because they are relatively new/revived games that are pouring out content to a new audience, much like the early days of swtor, where every update brought a new wave of add-ons, basic features that make a game what it is. I am aware that swtor didn’t have housing till much later in it’s existence however I like to think that’s a Quality of life improvement, a non essential addition to a game that is fun more than real content.
                Wow I think is a good example of a game that was described by many as dying, especially after Wod which many people hated leaving a near 4 year drought in decent content, but they turned it around big time with Legion and I hope Bioware take a leaf from their book in turning Swtor around the same way.
                To sum up it is in Bioware’s best interests to get this title back to the way it should be, and reap the benefits of an increasing subscription audience, but they will need time and much effort to get there.
                And with a such hostile community who are waiting to jump on any sign of delay or failure it’s going to be some task.

              • Risqu’e

                “‘stay on target’ to quote Gold 5 from episode 3”
                Yeah, well, much like SWTOR subscribers he got it “from behind”

              • Naq

                I find the time and effort wasted defying the player base on CXP, the dates between worthwhile updates and the focus on churning out the same old, same old through the cartel market tell a different story. I’m not being insulting here, but I wish I could see the game through whatever tint the glasses you are wearing have, because I don’t see any evidence on their end to support that optimism. Its yours to have, but I just don’t see any big effort coming down the pipes for us. How many times can a game fall flat on its face before they throw up their hands.

                If I was an executive, looking at the numbers on this game, initial investment, plus day to day expenses, the cost of these videos they’ve made, all the cash they’ve poured into the game over and over, and I saw the numbers of people logged in dropping in defiance regardless of efforts. If I saw how everything the studio came out with was received by the players. If I paid attention to reviews and how the mmo community (not the swtor community alone) regarded the game, I would be embarrassed. I’d be running to the plug.

                I had a friend who I used to bug to play swtor all the time in the first 4 years of the game. They finally joined up about 6 months ago. I was embarrassed all the time while they played. Years old bugs, terrible systems, everything was cartel market to the point where they as a new player pretty much couldn’t touch the GTN. Its probably a huge contributor to how I feel about the game now…that and the part where they fractured the community by systematically telling splinter groups to piss off, they didn’t matter. I think we’ve all lost friends in these little spurts until we are the only ones remaining in these tiny little cliques. That’s no way to run progression, or roleplay, or even enjoy the game from day to day.

              • abaddonsmummy

                Yeah I can absolutely see where you and many other posters are coming from when they say it’s a worrying future, with the initial investment compared to what we have now, but I still think this title can be a veritable cash cow for EA/Bioware.
                Just look at these forums and you’ll see the passion and the vested interests even the most entrenched posters have in wanting the game to be better, players who have 30+ alts who want to go back to guild/group play. There is a great potential here for successful product, one which the investors will want to realise back into their pockets.
                It’s an established platform about a very popular film franchise and in the early days they must have been raking it in, so the question would have been asked, what happened?
                KOTFE, KOTET happened for whatever reason, the Blur trailers were exceptional and I’m sure when shown to EA/shareholders they would have been overjoyed at the potential success that it would bring, maybe not being gamer’s didn’t see the potential repercussions on the existing community.
                I’m sure they do now (in their pockets), and I can’t see it’s in their best interests for the economic reasons I stated above to walk away but I suppose time will tell.
                Maybe I’m lucky that I’m in a good guild, half new half old players. I/we are enjoying showing them SM/HM content, gearing is easy now so were working through DP/DF HM, and its fun doing it, but if your having more fun somewhere else, I get that also.
                Also MMO’s are buggy, I’ve just done a quick search on the WOW and Eso bugs reports, I think it’s something inherent in these types of games because of the variables involved in random player interaction with the environment.
                It’s certainly going to be an interesting year πŸ™‚

              • Wayshuba

                Thanks for the interesting discussions guys, it is good to cover this with reality in view.

                That being said, here is my take and why.

                SWTOR is done. EA had put a rumored $300 million into this game ($200 million development and $100 million marketing), plus the on-going investment over the last five years. The made a big bet on this title to become a staple in their overall portfolio (they expected it to account for 20% of their total revenues by now) and it never achieved that. Not only that, it has never even made their money back.

                Considering an average AAA title for EA is usually around a $40 million investment, EA could have pumped out 7 other titles for that money that probably would have made them around $500-$600 million in return.

                My point being, when looking at this solely from a business perspective, EA just doesn’t see the investment being worth it anymore. I think what frustrates most people is SWTOR really could have been the market contender that EA had envisioned – it’s just that BioWare was the wrong studio to do it.

                ESO and FFXIV, on the other hand, have a major commitment from their backers. This is why they have turned these titles around and continue to invest in them. The big difference is they both learned from their launch mistakes and corrected for them. SWTOR never did. There has always been a certain arrogance from BioWare and, despite the failure of the TORtanic, they never became humbled from the experience. Both Zenimax and Square-Enix did however.

                Finally, I think SWTOR is only going to survive long enough for EA to fill in their Star Wars portfolio a bit more (with the new upcoming releases) and then the plug is being pulled.

              • Drivan

                I can’t agree with this more. I don’t believe that SWTOR will last much longer, a year and a half, maybe till December of 2018. EA and BW have so much going on right now and I’m afraid that doesn’t leave much room for them to continue on with SWTOR.
                As I mentioned above, SWTOR isn’t even part of EA’s presentation at Star Wars Celebration this year and I think that says a lot about EA’s opinion of this game.

              • Drivan

                ESO seems to be doing comprehensive new updates about every 6 months or so. Huge ones at that.

                Maybe WoW, EQ and EQ2 got away with taking extremely long periods of time to release updates back in the day, but game developers can’t get away with that anymore.
                There are too many other games out there and even Blizzard now realizes that they can’t put so much time between content updates any more.

          • Drivan

            I know you have high hopes and big dreams, but BW is giving you and your fellow hardcore fans the mushroom treatment right now. They are keeping you in the dark and feeding you a bunch of shit.

            I know you don’t believe me, but I REALLY want SWTOR to have a resurgence and a big comeback, but it ain’t gonna happen and BW/EA knows it.

            Look, here is the reality of the situation.
            EA will be unveiling 3-4 new Star Wars games at Star Wars Celebration in a few weeks, all of which are rumored to be launching this year. Add to that, BW:A will be starting to chat about the brand new game based off a unique IP in the next couple months.This, according to BW and EA is going to be a multiplayer game that will bring players together in several new ways. Notice that the talks about SWTOR are really quite and pretty much off the grid at this point? The SWTOR folks won’t even be at Celebration in an official capacity, musco and Boyd are just going.
            According to EA and Disney press releases the only game production studio’s at SW Celebration in an official capacity are Dice, Visceral, EA and Motive.

            Meanwhile, the other popular games out there are planning to drop 10x more content this year than SWTOR has released the last 2.
            4.0 and 5.0 (thus far) are about 5 hours of content and this 1 boss fight isn’t adding much to it…

            • Deewe

              I’m afraid you are right.

              Tait Watson’s gone, also noticed Toby McCall is also looking for opportunities since January.

              Guess there are other less public figures that left the sinking boat, voluntarily or not..

      • Dr. Mike Wendell

        Heavy? Haven’t seen anything over standard in eons. 3ish maybe?

        • abaddonsmummy

          It was light for a good while, standard is progress.

      • Diehard fan

        Yeah, I have to agree on that about ME:A. I love it so far, but some animations just freak me out… I do hope Wayshuba have more revelant info then we, Paulo said he had some shares in EA, so he just might get actual responses from representatives. I honestly hope it is so, it actually matters to have relevant info about project future.

        But also GC is not bad, BW supporting the model of people who dont do hardcore raiding anymore, just all other content irregularily. They`re trying to find out if returning of hard group content model with liven up the things in TOR.

        For the short tempered people like me I can add:

        Changing a course of a company and game development is a hard to do thing, we will see results in 4-7 months after their declaration of focusing on group mods, so this Summer is actual milestone. After that we can decide the real fate of SWTOR for next year. I mean its obvious when we can see real server population ourselves.

      • Kubrickian

        That and the over the top reverse racist who is outspoken about his hatred of white people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vOebv2_hH8&t=252s

        • Drivan

          Honestly, there is no such thing as reverse racism, It’s just racism and it is wrong no matter who is engaging in it.

        • abaddonsmummy

          Yeah I’ve only just come across this in the last few days.
          This is seriously mental, is he still employed?

      • Darth Gnaw
    • Deshik

      You know. People who play swtor also play other games and we come back when something major is going up.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Problem is: nothing “major” has come up since SoR…


        • Diehard fan

          Yeah, thats sad truth.

          People will come back, if there will be a massive reason.

          Right now I`m off – Mass Effect Andromeda cought me in its early access and I think I`ll be playing its multiplayer alot for first few months.

        • abaddonsmummy

          Now that’s not true man.
          We had all that alliance and KOTFE and KOTET stuff.
          It was awful but it was content πŸ™‚
          Man you remember the excitement of the KOTFE trailer, must have watched that a hundred times.
          Such a pity that was all that was good about it πŸ™

        • Drivan

          Not nearly enough people returned to the game for what little content we have gotten the past 2 years. Although story and solo content is popular with a subsect of the playerbase, it doesn’t carry the mass appeal that a truly balanced content release would have gotten them. I honestly believe that this laser like focus strategy for content releases will prove to be their undoing.

          There are those that will site KOTFE, KOTET, etc, so on and so forth, as being major releases, but I would argue that they were mostly all hype. There was no meat and potatoes, we paid for the free salad and breadsticks.

          My sub is running out on Friday and I wanted to do the one thing that I had been thinking of doing for a few months now, a full play through, start to finish of KotFE and KotET. So I got started Sunday morning around 8:30 am and started my run through on a character that I had made 4 years ago, but never took through either story. I was finished by 2pm.
          After chapter 9 KotFE is just a hot mess of short stories patchworked together by the idea that is is all tied into “The building of the Alliance”
          Half of what was actually good about KotFE is unraveled by the events of KotET and a quarter of makes you ask, why wasn’t this that or the other companion included in this, that and the other parts of the story? Their inclusion felt like a no brainer given their back story…

          2 years of development, writing and creation for 5 hours of game play. 5 hours of story that was in the low range of mediocre at best…

    • Whitedragon
    • KitsuneAoi

      My reason for not really playing SWTOR any more is more directed towards the fact that I am on very limited income so can’t afford to sub every month. There fore I can not advance in the GC system and gear up so not much point in playing after reaching 70 unless they make the Ops, Uprisings and Command system available to preferred players as well. The 5.0 loot changes to flashpoints reduced the chance of even getting upgrades once a week for your character.

      • Dr. Mike Wendell

        Ditto. I’ve just been trying to fill out the achievements I’ve missed along the way and I don’t need to be a sub for that.

    • Eban

      yeah I had a quick glance at the server status on saturday in the afternoon (BST) only red eclipse was standard by saturday night T3-M4 had just managed to get out of light population barely.
      The issues are plain to see, lack of devs, lack of diverse content, something new original and that awful horrible horrible rng gear grind.
      Until something major is done populations are going to get worse.
      And 1 ops boss in april with a small daily area is a band aid for an axe wound.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Even if we can discuss if the game is on it’s last legs or not, there’s something we ALL can agree on:

        This game is in desperate need of server merging AGAIN. Which is not a good sign, but hey… I took up that discussion a few comments bellow.

        Being European, I made a couple of characters in what used to be the English pvp server. Yes, I know, one of my frustrated attempts at playing pvp loooool…

        So if anyone fails to see my point, just make a toon in one of these dead servers. Tomb of Freedon Nadd was my choice, but there are others. Oh boy are there… See if you can get any group playing done then…

        • Jon Lovett

          I fired up an old Toon on Tomb of Freedon Nadd at the weekend!! Good god, the only things moving were the tumble weeds. . .

      • Shawn Hargrave

        how can this be? the subs are skyrocketing! this is the wowkiller how dare you! (lolz)

    • kirk

      there are too many other fun games out in this day and age to pay for a monthly Single player title. Maybe if this company didn’t shit all over its loyal fan base, and stop producing MMO content 30+ months ago this game may still have a heartbeat.. but at this point its just on life support, its a Vegetable, waiting for the plug to be pulled.

  • F2P Ranked ERPer

    All these people bitching. Game will continue on with or without you like it has been for years.

    Thank you for coming to Dulfy to whine since you can’t shitpost on the SWTOR forums.

    • Paulo Gomes

      You’re welcome, don’t mention it. Happy to oblige.

    • Eban
      • Rance

        Chances are 50% for either diehard fanboi or abandonmumy.

    • gog

      *does some inappropriate RPing on Dromund Kaas*

    • Fred Garvin

      You’re welcome.

      I hope you’re enjoying official forum access for your $15 a month. You sure aren’t getting much else.

      • Diehard fan

        Dont have 15$ for a forum – dont have right to talk about it. Simple as a hole in your shoes.

        • John Kosto

          Nope, people should be able to express their opinions anywhere they want. It’s called freedom of speech.

          • Drivan

            He claims to be from Russia, if that is true, he doesn’t actually know what freedom of speech really is.

        • Whitedragon
        • Drivan

          So by your own logic you cannot talk about anything you are not paying to play/do.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            lol remember this is ea’s target market 12 years who know everything while paying for forum access /smh

            • idc

              Seriously, my lunch costs more.

              • Diehard fan

                Just ignore them, those people ready to bitch about anything. Enjoy SWTOR and dont let those shitheads ruin your experience.

                Good day.

      • Lizard Creams

        That’s subjective no? There are going to be players who never played the whole game, played all classes, etc.

        I’d say those players are getting their $15 bucks worth.

        If you’ve played through everything, yeah you’re fucked sorry. Take a break perhaps?

        • Fred Garvin

          I’m just trolling back at a troll. Not trying to look too deep at it, tbh.

          Of course new players have plenty to do; though even their experience will be affected by the changes made to leveling over the last few years.

          As for a break, I got that covered as I don’t play anymore and haven’t for well over a year. The only reason I don’t uninstall is for occasional community events with what’s left of my guild. I come to Dulfy just for the lols.

        • Snarf

          This exactly the problem. They are just pushing for new players to come in and go hey look at all that there is to do while ignoring the “founder” players who are getting bored due to the long time of nothing new to do.

      • Paulo Gomes

        Shit! That’s a way better retort than mine… Well done, wish I had thought of that one looool…

    • Whitedragon
      • Paulo Gomes

        Lol… Was it just me that seemed to actually hear Yoda’s voice while reading these lines???

      • Diehard fan

        Lol, that one is great πŸ˜€

      • abaddonsmummy

        Ok best meme ever…..you bugger. πŸ™‚

  • David W

    Off topic question. I had to drop out last year with a broken laptop. I hope to come back in a few months. My question is: Will I be able to play the KotFE content I missed, or am I going to be bounced straight through to the next expansion?

    • Michael

      Both. Your choice

      • David W

        Thanks. I’m glad to hear that.

      • lol


        • Drivan


    • kirk

      a better question would be, why return? there is no new MMO content. This is the only MMO that gets away with producing 0 endgame content, but the game is dying a slow and painful/ugly death. there are much better games out to play right now, then wasting time with this crap that hasn’t produced a single bit of endgame content in well over 30 months.

      • David W

        I still have 3 classes I haven’t taken to 50 yet. For me the story is the best part of the whole game.

        I started in early access, had to leave after a few months, but I’ve always liked coming back

      • David W

        Besides… it’s freaking STAR WARS πŸ˜‰

        • Drivan

          That isn’t enough to sustain it anymore.
          I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan, I grew up with Star Wars and I am one of those rare fans that loves EVERYTHING Star Wars, even the prequels…. But at this point even I can’t stomach the way EA and BW are milking SWTOR fans.

          • David W

            I may reach that point someday. But in the meantime, there’s content I haven’t seen, and i’ve had fun with what I have seen. If i do hit that point, I can always unsubscribe and wait/see

            • Drivan

              My suggestion to you is not to drag your feet, don’t take too much time to experience what you want to experience in SWTOR.

              EA is showcasing ALL of their Star Wars games at the Star Wars Celebration in April, EXCEPT SWTOR.

              EA is announcing 4 new Star Wars games at SW: Celebration and BW:A is working on a brand new game under a unique new IP that is scheduled for launch within the next 12 months.

              Meanwhile they are keeping nearly all future plans for SWTOR secret. We know about what is coming in 5.2, but what about the rest of the year?
              No clue.
              I can tell you exactly what ESO, WoW and all the other popular games have planned for the next year, but no one knows what SWTOR has planned, does BW:A even know?
              They are the most tight lipped and secretive Developers in the industry.

              I’m not sure SWTOR has a very bright future at this point.

              • David W

                If it’s dead before I get a laptop that can play it, then there’s no use crying over spilt milk. I do have fond memories of this game that I never had with other MMOs. So I hope it survives.

              • Drivan

                Same here, SWTOR used to #1 on my all time favorites list.
                It still ranks high, but not in the top 5 anymore.
                It used to be awesome, hopefully it will be again.

              • David W

                I thought it was still fun when I had to leave. I’m hoping I will find it fun when it comes back. That being said, I do hope they make improvements *before* I get back.

  • ConcernedGuest

    I’m still here & still subed. Playing without sub = to many restrictions.
    But focus is solely on HC FP’s, collection achievements, and planetary storylines I skipped so far.
    No interest in running raids anymore, nothing new in it and the gear dropps are not needed for anything besides HC or NiM raids (well, maybe pvp, maybe).
    No interest in new raids … for what? The whole Zakuul content is not Pub vs Imp anymore which is what I liked for the game, for what I joined in the first place..

    Or playing GSF because there won’t be any gear devaluation as it happens with each new revision of the game (2.0, 3.0, 4.0. ) what you buy in GSF stays forever.
    It’s ok, for now.

  • Shawn Hargrave

    you know its so sad tor could have been something when im in swg emus its just pure star wars no idiot devs no limits on me no instanced tiny “zones” actual worlds while i play my wookie that the idiot tor devs said people dont relate to wookies get fucked tor lol. How is it even now tor doesnt have 2 people speeders? ffs swg had it from the get go not in tor you want a ride buy your own. How about large scale pvp battles no queing for warzone garbage just go to restuss and have at it unlike tor the engine can handle large scale battles something tor even now cant do…..

    Then theirs the space… my god swgs space game is its own game in in itself no ques just go to the starport and launch your ship and roam freely unlike tor… Its just so sad and how anyone thats played swg can defend tor lmao /smh

    best part is its free! no cartel market which is 95% of what tor is now not much else. What could have been another game ea destroyed…

    • Guest

      I agree that SWG was a better game. Still SWTOR has it’s own qualities which SWG didn’t have (aka endless mobs grinding to lvl up). I enjoyed both. I played mostly CU era of SWG, which was good. Loved my smuggler/pistoleer/TKM. Played NGE too, which was alright, but I prefered pre-cu and cu era. SOE kinda ruined their game with NGE (well for most players). So it’s not that different from what happened with SWTOR. Still enjoy the game tho, and take it for what it is. Different approach. Each with strenght and weakness. I think SWTOR had much more potential at launch than what it has become now.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        Well like i said how does tor not have 2 people speeders? Its just stupid lol i do agree about the leveling system in swg lol but you can afk it.

        • Guest

          Well, I remember that swg didn’t have 2 people speeders right away either. At first there was no speeder at all. Then, only 3 different mount (seepder, swoop, and landspeeder). 2 people mounts came around CU if I recall correctly, if not later. Anyway. I wish there was 2 or more players mounts in swtor too! Was fun!

          • Shawn Hargrave

            Why tor is so depressing among other things

        • Guest

          I played SWG-Emu for a good 8 to 10 months. Was fun, but it’s not the same. Lot of stuff missing, and the game engine has gotten old, and it didn’t age well. Still a good game to me, but better left in my memories. The thing I miss the most is definitely Jump to Lightspeed xpac.

          • Shawn Hargrave

            Yeah gsf is a joke compared to jump to lightspeed

    • Shiteater

      How can I get swg? I don’t my discs anymore

  • ConcernedGuest

    Do not forget to apply the Nar Shaddaa planetary quest CXP buff on your pub chars each day.

    Well, the most important buff at all for the moment ^^xd

  • Need2Crash

    Eh before I even bother do this Grand shadows packs drop Rep items?

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