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GW2 Super Adventure Festival coming March 30

GW2 Super Adventure Festival is coming March 30 and will last until April 20.


It’s that time of year—dust off your best jumping boots, take up your pointy stick, and get ready to experience Tyria’s most cutting-edge technological edutainment system: Moto’s Super Adventure Box! Explore a whole new virtual world in beautifully-rendered, three-dimensional graphics. Go on an epic quest to save Princess Miya. Prove your strength against wizards, assassins, and giant frogs. And if all of that sounds a little too tame for you, prepare to die (repeatedly) in the punishing Tribulation Mode!

This year’s Super Adventure Festival begins on March 30, and ends on April 20. Don’t forget to check out the official Guild Wars 2 merchandise store for Super Adventure Festival t-shirts and mousepads from WeLoveFine!


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33 replies on “GW2 Super Adventure Festival coming March 30”

Sounds like they are trying to pass this as something new…

Also, does it sound like we can finally rescue the princess?

I remain cautious…

Well they’re certainly not passing it as something new, it’s been confirmed as one of the annuall “festivals” ever since last year. It’ll just come around each April now. 🙂

Personally I like it, better than letting perfectly playable content rot somewhere in the dark recesses of their data archive. *looks longingly at LWS1*

SPOILER DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT THE SAB: It sounds like they actually finished the damn super adventure box… cause if im not mistaken.. there was only 3 worlds… and the “final” boss was the wizard / Dragon. It’s Anets famous ” we ran out of content; need to stall the players with “New/Returning” unfinished content” routine. Hey don’t get me wrong though, i like super adventure box… I just wish it was finished so we could finally see the end of it.

There it is, just like the others I wonder about that “save Princess Miya” did they finish it or nah? Well anyway, it’s gonna be fun time.
Questions. One, did they do something about the people selling runs in SAB? [I remeber hearing about it last year but I didn’t Investigate].
Two, no news about LS S3 Episode 5? It’s getting close to 2 months mark..

Yep, you could no longer get into an advanced instance. And you couldn’t advance past a checkpoint in tribulation unless everyone was there. Something like that.

we already have blue, green, yellow, and orange. next will be purple. it’s been following the currency colors

Orange actually doesn’t correspond to the bauble colours. It goes Blue (Standard), Green (W1), Yellow (W2), and then Red (presumably W3) and Purple (W4).

Well… the most important thing is that the pistol sounds like a laser pistol. Phew phew instead of bang bang

The skin colors follow the same colors from rarity of weapons/armors.
Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange (exotic). So if you follow that pattern, there should be a pink/red and purple left.

Scrap the rest of the worlds, scrap the Moto side story, scrap the princess rescue. Just give us Shortcut Eagles helmet and everything will be happy and magical.

YES! SAB IS BACK! 😀 I wonder if there’s any new worlds this time around though. Even if not though, I do look forward to collecting more Kaiser weapons.

Its my favorite festival in gw2.
I hope they will add next world this year to explore.
Not like lazy Anet did in last year..

there wont be a new world, probably ever.

talked about this in his blog post last year: “Guild Wars 2 is a huge
game, and keeping it strong means making tough decisions about where to
spend our time to best serve the most players. We decided we couldn’t
justify the sacrifice to Guild Wars 2 to make more new worlds for SAB.”


Im not really into SAB but i guess this is better than nothing. Hopefully they will release EP5 soon not waiting for SAB to end.

I honestly doubt that. If anything, Ep5 will not even be out at the time SAF ends because if there is a new SAB world, it’s developement could have slowed down season 3 developement.

they said there wouldn’t be a new a world anytime soon (not ever at all, just not for now). But yea, it’s very propable that >IF< LS3ch5 was done by the time SAB ends, they would wait for it to end, which is one of the main reasons I really hate SAB exists. It was a bad joke back then, and fans demanded to keep it pushed, costing the resources of the game…………

But they said in the announcement that we have a “whole new world” to explore and that we go on a quest to save the princess. I mean, if they didn’t have world 3, they wouldn’t use this kind of wording because they would piss of a lot of SAB fans.

It is just the usual wording of the SAB advertisement (written from Moto’s perspective). I doubt there is deeper meaning in this than just “SAB is back”. It does not mean that there won’t be new content though.

I still think SAB has the best story in game – plus the side arc involving motto’s previous crew and SAB imprinted alter-ego.

Plus I’d love the idea of getting pixilated SAB armor – and with how low res and clunky it would supposed to be looking, it wouldn’t be too hard to make it a full on transforming armor ^^

I am not saying it’s bad……i enjoy it it’s fun….but i just want to progress in the story of the game. The time between content updates is big as is…i would prefer it not be prolonged by side content.

Originally, SAB was pretty much developed by the jumping puzzle guy in his spare time. The problem arose when we went full on loko in the last 2 zones, making them too long and too hard at the same time. After that dev time had to be put into making those levels playable, where before spare time was just put into making new worlds. If the mess that is that mountain level is ever streamlined, production of SAB should become an extremely low cost endeavour again.

SAB is a festival now. It doesn’t drain dev time, like Halloween and Wintersday, it’s released between LS episodes.

I am not talking about dev time i am talking about the time between actual-story episodes. I would have preferred they released the next story episode instead of a festival…festivals are just there to postpone.

Actually the festival is there to keep us busy so they can work on the story episode without having to worry about biweekly content updates as much. Which is great for them as it means more development is being done on the new maps and such while we twiddle our thumbs in SAB collecting some new decorations or recolored weapons, etc.

It would be cool if they implemented craftable SAB bees as a form of transport in guild halls. Have a flower which spawns a large bee when jumped on and another flower which the bee would travel to before de-spawning – and give the bee a solid hitbox so people can sit on it while it flies ^^

Hahahah nice april fools joke they’re not actually releasing sab they fooled all of you a hahahahahahaha

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