• Nora

    … Wasn’t the gree regen item like a common drop?? I remember everyone having them and them being like 30k or something :- Little much for 2400 cc lmao

    • GNazi

      Was it like a common drop, or was it a common drop?

      • Shadowofdeath

        it WAS a common drop. Everybody had one

        • BM

          It’s a silver cartel item. It was uncommon but sold for just a few hundred k when its pack was out.

          • Karen

            That’s just sad.
            I see now why they don’t bother implementing anything to regulate the GTN prices now– they get to benefit it by selling shit at expensive prices themselves >_>.

            Seriously, I mean the deposit thing doesn’t even make people bat an eyelash. You literally get all your deposit back if it doesn’t sell, so people just keep posting at ridiculous prices.

            >_> bah.

            • KillSWTORforGood

              That gree shit is a drop from TFB NiM mission it’s an deco not a regen shit

              • HMHero

                its both things

          • Shadowofdeath

            not sure what server you’re on but on Ebon Hawk even recently you can see then go for as low as 30k

    • Rance

      Still, there will be lots of kids paying for it.

  • HMHero

    I remember when the Gree seemed like they were going to be an important part of the swtor story, 4 years later the swtor gree news is- overpriced cartel trash sale!

    Chartreuse obtuse bioware austin.

  • Loco Motive

    There’s three things I miss the most about this game:

    1. Clearing HM and NIM with friends
    2. Gree PVP, missions, event.
    3. Leveling up right before death from taking on too many mobs.

  • Drivan


  • John Kosto

    The number 3 has always been very important in human symbolisms and legends!

    3 wizards carrying gifts for baby jesus
    3 manifestations of the christian god known as father son and holy spirit
    3 Cartel Market updates every week
    3 years since the last new operation
    3.0 the last good stuff this game saw


    I’m glad to see them sell these on the Cartel Market to help fund new things to sell on the Cartel Market.

  • UnkPunk


    This is pretty much how I feel when I see new weekly things added to the Cartel Market…

  • Rance

    With each CM update they make me feel better about my decision to leave this game and go to ESO, enjoy your overpriced bs fanbois.

    • Dragon

      So why do you still check a SWTOR site?

      • Rance

        Just to laugh at poor fanbois that still support it.

        • abaddonsmummy

          That’s funny because I visit the Eso forums for the same lols.

          • Rance

            Eso mops the floor with Swtor.

            • kakkapylly

              Lol…fanboys make me sad. ESO…smh.

          • Drivan

            Kinda hard to critique a game you don’t play…

        • Dragon

          I’m getting a chuckle out of your intentional misspelling there.

  • aaaagh

    Will this game just die already? Will you idiots please stop buying shit off the cartel market so they can fucking shut the game down and make way for something far better? Maybe someone will decide to make KOTOR 3 for once. Fuck

  • Late to the Party

    When will this game finally shutdown?? So we could play its emulator with all this shit from CM for free.

    • Meelis S

      I belive they are so desperate now that even those who have subs ended can still post on forum. At least i can. makes me wonder are they so badly hoping i will come back.

      • Dr. Mike Wendell

        It’s been like that for awhile. Some folks can continue to post while others can’t. I let my sub expire (Actually had a very large medical bill that I’m still trying to cover) and, having just tried, I still get the error:

        “Forum posting is limited to Subscribers of Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

        One good side effect of not being a sub: The credits are just accumulating up in my escrow. Been a while since I’ve been anywhere near a billion. 🙂

  • Kyacho


  • Meelis S

    Well my sub ended last week after over 5 years with beta playing it.

    Game is so dull now. I cant even imagine how can old die hard fans play this game still with recent updates. I understand new players trying our story but that cxp grind is just crazy.
    5.2 will be another dissapointment i can guarantee that.

    The good thing is that i did not use real money for those CM items, bought all with credits and still got tons and tons unused and unbinded sitting. Maybe when game will shut down i wil log in just to give them away for laugh.

    • abaddonsmummy

      “5.2 will be another dissapointment i can guarantee that.”
      Actually you can’t, it’s entirely subjective.
      I’m just under 5 years, and I’m enjoying flying through cxp levels with my alts, the gold 236 drops are so frequent now it incredible.
      However i’m really looking forward to the new 5.2 content as grinding (which all mmo’s have) is much more fun with new content.

      • Meelis S

        Same as its subjective why players still leave game. Good that you enjoy nothing wrong with that however grinding can have meaning. If you enjoy doing same content and few minor new things in 5.2 good for you. Many pulled their subs as not worth it.

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