SWTOR Accessing Iokath in 5.2

Bioware has posted some details regarding accessing Iokath in Game Update 5.2.

Accessing Iokath | 03.27.2017, 07:54 PM
Hey folks,

Today will mark the start of us revealing more of the nitty-gritty details of Game Update 5.2. Let’s start at the beginning; who can access Iokath and how do you do so? We really wanted to ensure that as many players as possible are able to access the new content. With that in mind, here we go:

  • There is only one requirement to be able to access the new story content in 5.2, the character must be level 70.
  • You do not need to have an active subscription to play the story content, but in order to have a level 70 you must have subscribed since KOTET launched. Also, normal restrictions still apply, so you must be a subscriber to access the Gods from the Machine Operation.
  • The character does not need to have completed KOTFE or KOTET to play the new story. However, it is highly recommended that you have. There will be spoilers to those storylines if you have not played them. Also, if you have not completed KOTFE and KOTET, default choices will be assumed in the new storyline which may not match your preference.
    • Playing Iokath will not affect your KOTFE or KOTET gameplay in any way (such as advancing the story, etc).
  • To launch the new storyline, head to your ship’s Mission terminal where you can accept the Mission “The Forgotten World.”

If you have any questions about who can access Iokath or how to get there, let me know below. We will be continuing to post more updates throughout the week so keep your eyes peeled.


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Seems fair so far. Hopefully it won’t be as forgettable as Ziost with it’s one item vendor and one boss operation with no rewards to justify enduring that kind of difficulty.

Agreed the only upshot Ziost ever had was it was the quickest daily/weekly area. What’s sad is after gear removal there is only two decos and a bad mount to spend all those tokens on.

Here on T3-M4 barren Ziost is not only a barren planet but also barren player wise. When ever I get there … emptyness … me the only player on the instance and only one instance all the time.

Ziost could have been so much more.
So much wastet

RIP The Bastion
RIP The Shadowlands
RIP Jung Ma
RIP The Ebon Hawk
RIP Prophecy of the Five
RIP Jedi Covenant
RIP Darth Nihilus
RIP Tomb of Freedon Nadd
RIP Jar’kai Sword
RIP The Progenitor
RIP Vangervalis Chain
RIP Battle Meditation
RIP Mantle of the Force

If this isn’t reason enough to fire someone, what it’s?

Last time I checked T3-M4 wasn’t dead. It’s one of 3 healthy servers.

There is nobody left to fire for BioWare! hey are already with a minimal lifesupport crew that keeps this shit barely running.

Yes quite sure Rance 🙂 I get pvp pops, ops, FP, Uprising and guild activity is good. I have no quams, dispite what the all knowing server information link says. 😀

Sorry, your personal experience or luck or whatever doesn’t change the fact that 2 years ago this game had a million more players and fleets and guild ships everywhere are empty in comparison to before.

Well you seem to have your fact HMHero…so what are you going to do to change those facts for the better? (In your mind)….Oh yeah that right. Bitch in this forum lol

There’s nothing I can do to get the populations back up, I do choose to discuss Swtor here, not sure what your point is.

Comprehension classes it what I would advise. Denying that there is a point, doesn’t mean there isn’t one to be made, or that there is one. Glad this could go this far….shit.

You should try reading the population stats Mr Comprehension. That was the original point, still waiting for yours, or are you just here to bitch?

JC is a shell of what it used to be.
I remember when you cuoldn’t go into any of the dalies areas without instantly getting a group invite and you would end up having to wait for respawns so you could finish your dailies.

We had custom chat channels because there were SO MANY people LFG all the time that we NEEDED the rankedPvP, GSF, EndGame, HMPUG, and Alliance channels so we could find the folks who were serious and were good.
I remember when you had to bump your recruiting thread on the official forums 2 or 3 times a day or it would be on page 3 by the next day, now I haven’t bumped my recruiting thread since January and it is still on Page 1.

JC isn’t as bad off as Pot5, but it is starting to empty out fairly quickly.
Thing is SWTOR as a whole is beginning to empty out, Bioware hasn’t given people a reason to stay.

People wouldn’t “find a reason to leave” if BW was doing a good job of giving them reasons to stay.
People leave because it isn’t worth the subscription fee anymore.

Actually nothing has really gotten worse…if you think about it. The game launched with a certain amount of content. BW has only “added” to the game, people were fine with paying for WAY less when the game first launched. I think people’s expectations of what “should be” causes them to be displeased. BW releases something new, and it isnt what “they” the consumer would like for it to be, yet BW never expressed what they were releasing what the consumer had an “expectation” of. I know they have PTS and feedback forums, but that doesn’t mean that if you make a suggestion or bitch and rant that someone on the other side is going to pen and paper with your idea or complaint.

Too much expectation for something we were happy with 3,4 or 5 years ago. I think some people cant be satisfied even if the Dev gods fall out of the sky and wiggled their asses on their faces. IMPO

Well, there are many more bugs with old content that didn’t exist before some of the updates. There are also numerous (i believe the count was around 500 last I looked) that have been in the game since 2012 and not been fixed.
When Many players left after Shadows of Revan, yes many subscribed and resubscribed to experience it and that quarter BW boasted the highest number of subscribers since launch. The following quarter is when SWTOR began being mentioned as the major reason that EA was noticing a loss in subscribers to online services. SoR was a buggy mess and it took them 6 months just to fix or at least soften the impact of these buggs. Yavin, ToS and Ravagers still suffer from the Lag bug that BW attributes to some “tricks” they had to pull and brute force code many of the boss fights and mob encounters. Every release since has suffered from some pretty terrible glitches and bugs.
Yeah, yeah “every game has them.” As someone who has played 9 different online games in the past 2 years, NONE of the other games I have played have the type of problems that SWTOR has had. ESO and Wildstar released their last updates nearly bug free. ESO does still have 1 long lasting bug, but it is so funny that players actually got mad when they fixed it, so they put it back in… Lol THAT is giving your customers what they want.
The other problem is that BW has decided to break from the normal MMO type of release schedule and release focused content. According to the EA Financials we can see that Subscribership in SWTOR has steadily declined since the mass exodus with SoR. KotFE and KoTET didn’t draw players back in droves as they had hopped and this promise of an Ops Boss hasn’t been enough to get people signing back up in preparation for 5.2.

Again I say, it isn’t a matter of people looking for, finding or making up reasons to leave. It’s a matter of BW not giving folks a reason to want to stick around. First they have a laser focus on story content and completely ignore the endgame ops and PvP crowd, but now that the horse has already ran away they decided to fix the fence. Unfortunately they are working at a snail’s pace compared to other games.
So people are getting out there and playing other games. The majority of those folks are loving their new gaming experience and comparing it to what they had been getting from BW the past 5 years. I’ll bet 1 month’s subscription and all of my 175 million credits that most will never return to SWTOR. Not when SO MANY GAMES are announcing that they are releasing 5x the content that SWTOR is in 2017.

And why should consumers continue to pay for content that isn’t what they like?
Are the consumers not allowed to express the opinion that they are displeased with the fact that they have payed to play this game for 5 years and are no longer getting the content or the quality that they expect? Should consumers “just be happy” with less than what they want?
Bottom line is content gets old. I LOVED Eternity Vault 5 years ago, I still liked it 4 years ago. Now I have it memorized after having ran it about a million times. Same with the Dread Ops, they were so awesome and a welcome addition, but Now I have beat them thousands of times and can run through those ops one handed while binge watching Game of Thrones.
The expectation is that we get new stuff that we enjoy for our $15 a month or $180 a year. When compared to all of the other games on the market BW has not kept up with what others offer for your money. People are going to have expectations, that is part of life. I expect to get something I enjoy playing for my $180 each year, SWTOR is not delivering $180 worth of enjoyable content this year. KotFE and KotET were not worth $180 of my money either. SWTOR is no longer worth paying $180 a year for. It isn’t even worth paying $50 a year for at this point.

Valid..Valid. You have alot here. I’ll make it really short lol (due to time restraints at work haha), I agree with you and disagree, in the end I think that’s all we can really do 🙂

I do agree wholeheartedly with the bug reference, did “Landing Party” 3 times last night…bugged all 3. They need to nip that shit in the ass.

CZ-198 feels quicker. Maybe because I hate doing the instanced scanning mission on Ziost. And because the binocular shit also scans for ever for no fkcin reason.

I really liked the Ziost BEFORE it got wasted by the emperor, lots of different well thought out parts and missions, however it became a boring barren wasteland with everyone fighting over the same daily drops i.e the burnt bodies or the probe droids,
Uuurgh the time spent standing in those craters waiting for a mission add respawn clicking fire before anyone else got in first.

But, it is an operation. It’s just being divided into several parts for them work on over time. It’s going to turn into a complete operation in the long run

You want to go out for a steak dinner.

Steakhouse A and B both advertise a 5 star dining experience and both have large, marketable, established company names known around the world.

Steakhouse A will happily sell you a steak, baked potato, choice of veg, and all the rolls you can eat for $60 right now, tonight.

Steakhouse B will charge you the same $60 but you can have only the baked potato tonight, the baked potato and choice of veg the following week, and eventually you’ll get to enjoy that steak if you keep going.

If Steakhouse B is your sort of thing then enjoy. I’ll post Instagram photos of my delicious meal every week for you to look at while you hold out for that “steak dinner” to arrive from the try-hards (who funny enough don’t have to only try when it comes to taking your money.)

Sorry but this is a “steak of the month club” for $15 a month. The steaks might be old, the seasoning unspectacular and it’s a la carte, but if you skip the potato and veggies and just enjoy the mediocre steak for what it is, $15 is $15 at the end of the day. If you consider that the average schmuck spends that much at Starbucks every day you gotta step back and ask if it’s really that big of a problem?
I for one will sub till the game dies simply because it doesn’t cost much and when I do play it allows me to do more.

What is not expensive for you, may be expensive for others. Even better, most of the people I know have stopped playing the game out of principle and because they just don’t like what it has turned to.

I too give them my money because I have an active guild that resurfaced out of nowhere for some reason, but I am actually ashamed to give them my money. The content is just not worth it, and has not been worth it for a very long time in my opinion. Plus, the principle thing.

The “operation” done in parts throughout 2017 is just a joke when it comes to the way it is handled. Let’s hope that at least it will be somewhat interesting. It’s the LEAST they can do. They are not going to get praise from me because they do the absolute minimum after a very long time, sorry.

Sorry but there are other “steak-of-the-month” clubs offering fresh steaks that are seasoned well for the same price. It’s also a shame that this one only allows access to desserts at an extra cost or the option of a “Grand Chance Dessert” mystery option.

But, hey, if you enjoy the box this one comes in that much that it offsets the clear shortcomings, enjoy!

Fred get a life man. Pretty much all that needs to be said, if I drop my sub on a game then spend hours on a forum based on said game talking shit, that would be one of the saddest lives I have ever encountered. However players enjoying the people in their guild and running said content with those people while paying a sub to be able to that, there is nothing sad or wrong with that. And its those people that are still paying that really have the right to give their opinions. As far as what you say here? The used TP floating in my toilet has more meaning than your posts do.

It’s like a steak of the month club where you pay SotMC A $15 a month and get a variety of choice cut Filets, Strips and Ribeye.

SotMC B (Swtor) is giving you the steaks that most people cut up for “stew meat”

I’m not made of money and $15 a month is a luxury, I’m not going to spend the little bit of luxury $ I have on stew meat when I can go get a nice juicy strip for the same amount elsewhere.

I’m moving on to ESO, the great thing about that SotMC is that, since I have been a subscriber long enough that I used all my free Crowns (like cartel coins) to buy all the DLC’s I can let my subscription lapse for the next 6 months, hell even a year, and keep getting those nice grade A, choice cut, grain fed, perfectly marbled, angus steaks I’ve grown accustomed too for FREE!

Ok, although I do generally adhere to the Ron Swanson life principle I’m gonna break from the steak analogy.
Instead I’ll just say that everyone can bicker incessantly about whether or not wasting $15 a month is foolish or how bad new content is or how long it’s been since anything truly new has been brought to the table in SWTOR, but I plan to stay with it for one simple reason. Disney discontinued Star Wars. When they purchased the franchise from that moron Lucas they immediately stated that what we’ve all known as Star Wars for the last 40 years is now irrelevant and it has since been supplanted by “Disney Wars”, which was already in effect before the sale through clone wars and Rebels cartoons. Their new movies follow suit and are soulless merchandising ploys that have about as much integrity as the latest cut and paste pop hit single.
There are 2 vestiges of Star Wars left for its true fans to hold onto. The disenfranchised novels games and comics that once made up the Star Wars universe which are all now in stasis, and SWTOR which is the only active piece of Star Wars left. I’m not being melodramatic when I say that once SWTOR dies so does Star Wars. Moving forward there will only be Disney Wars novels, games and comics. There will be no more bane trilogies, there will be ewok cartoons. There will be no more armies of sith and Jedi facing off, there will be stale, politically correct, kid based drivel.
I support SWTOR because once it’s over, it’s over. Call me a moron for spending $15 a month to play a game but know that I’ve been a die hard expanded universe fan since the first SW comics hit the stores and Foster stunk up the works with Splinter of the Minds Eye. The end of an era is imminent but I’ll enjoy it until it’s dying breath.

“…stale, politically correct, kid based….”

There it is. As soon as I saw the length of your rambling and the first sentence of your anti-Disney BS, I knew it would be there. The real reason you’re angry to the point that a shitty half-assed MMO is your Star Wars savior. You guys always try and hide your garbage under a wall of text but you’re as predictable as the sunrise. Put down the ‘Member Berries, Adam.

There’s so much stupid to unpack in your post but I’m not a “real fan” so…

Wow Fred, project much? I never came off as angry in anything I said… you on the other hand though? I made a very general statement and directed nothing at you or anyone else except calling Lucas a moron (which EU diehards have been doing in chat rooms since the early 90’s… guess you weren’t there), and made clear my dislike for Disney having dismantled the former SW universe. If you are a huge Disney fan and find yourself much happier with the direction Disney has taken their acquisition then congratulations… you should be a very happy man.
I’m really confused though about your statement that “if anything has stripped Jedi vs. Sith from the SW universe it’s SWTOR.” The game literally features Jedi and Sith facing off in every class story line. I think in your angry “defend Disney” rant you might have lost track of what game you were talking about.
Also, throwing the ewok and droid cartoons of the 80’s in my face makes no sense… those were Lucas’ doing. I made clear in my post what EU I will miss: Bane Trilogy, Old Republic, etc.

I’m projecting? Nearly every argument you make on this topic can be applied right back at pre-Disney SW which was nothing but a lightning-in-a-bottle scenario that Lucas bled dry for every merchandising penny he could squeeze. Only Irvin Kershner brought any real respectability to SW and was then followed by Dave Filoni who’s done a great job with Clone Wars and Rebels.

Don’t like CW, Rebels, or the new movies? Fine, they certainly aren’t above reproach but stop this Disney is the death of SW nonsense. They are doing nothing different from what Lucas did except they are doing it in a more organized way and are smart enough to bring in talented story tellers and content makers…something Lucas wasn’t bright enough to do when he limped through the prequels.

If anything Disney has saved SW from Lucas’ delusional hands. It might not be “your” SW but it never was. Nor mine. It belongs to everyone who experiences it and like everything else that goes on for decades, it will change with each generation. Get onboard or jump off…the train is continuing onward either way.

Fred, you just clarified everything. You don’t read, you’re a fan of the movies which is not EU! I can’t believe I wasted my time listening to someone criticize the EU when they don’t even know what it means. If you’re a fan of the movies, good for you! There’s a lot of people that are SW fans that just saw the movies and most agree that the new Disney stuff is great. That’s not the Expanded Universe though. EU refers to the extraneous components of the Star Wars story as it existed before the Disney purchase. It means a couple hundred novels, comic books and games that told the rest of the story. Many fans of the EU didn’t even like the movies aside from the first 2 (myself included) and were bigger fans of EU than Lucas’ version of SW. Chances are you would probably still hate it even if you did go back and read it because it seems you are predisposed to a negative opinion but to those of us that liked it, we are sad to have seen it eliminated by Disney (and you are incorrect, it was canon or Disney would not have been compelled to publicly state that it was no longer canon once they purchased and revamped it).
I have an opinion and like it or not it’s a valid opinion… on the other hand you are mouthing off about something you don’t know and therefore have no valid opinion of. Read 100+ SW novels and 30 years worth of comics and then come back and we can have his conversation, otherwise you’re nothing but a pair of lips flapping.

Again, you clearly didn’t read what I said earlier. I can reiterate for the 4th time I suppose:
I know that much of the EU was crap. I skipped entire generations of novels written for kids (so many scholastic novels that I wasn’t prepared to waste my time on), and of the 100 or so novels I did read I’ll be the first to agree that at least half of them sucked. That said I liked 30% of those books and loved 20% (basically the work of Karpyshin, Stover and Schreiber, most of the Xwing series, all the old Sith novels, etc…).
Also, much of the comics were junk for the most part, but those were the story lines I followed from the late 70’s on. I accepted them and it grew on me. Consider too that Disney plagiarized EU stories to make both of their films so far, so apparently even they had some respect for those storylines.
As for Disney, I am completely unimpressed by what they have done and am surprised that they have done such a poor job on their films considering the great work they have done with the Marvel franchise. I found both to be sterile, rehashed storylines with hollow characters that I didn’t care about. If only they had left well enough alone and actually used the stories they plagiarized for these movies.
Anyhow, that’s my opinion. I’m literally a 4 decade EU fan, so maybe I’m just bull headed and resistant to change, but I think if any series I care about was purchased, scrapped and it’s history rewritten I would feel the same.
Apologies for the gene pool comment, you seem cool enough and actually seem to know EU so I will respect your opinion.

I think the EU had some genuine good parts. I just like to laugh at the bad…because it is so bad. I as well hated when something I really liked was re-written and scrapped…like Boba fetts origins….over and over. Before Disney even stepped in and did it again only even worse. I do like some of the efforts I see in the Rebels cartoon. I got goosebumps when they introduced the Interdictors, even if they were overdone, I got grumpy when they took the B wings away from Akbar. I flip flop all over with the new franchise material. I also wish Rey was less super mega secret ultra jedi, and more awesome acrobatic scavenger/treasurhunter…for no personal reasons at all….

I have to admit that that conversation is more interesting than most convos that occur in the prequel films.

So that is what you gleaned from reading scores of EU novels? Please do the gene pool a favor and don’t breed.

Naq, clearly you’re unworthy of having children because you didn’t become enlightened by reading years of mostly shitty Star Wars books.

Again, more elitist bullshit that means nothing. NOBODY cares how many books you’ve read. Pull your head out of the EU’s non-relevant ass and get some fresh air. There is nothing in any of my posts that puts forth the idea that I’m confused over what the EU is or that I’ve never read a SW book. You were just looking for any excuse to pontificate.

Enjoy SWTOR being your shining Star Wars beacon. Meanwhile, I’ll be sure and jump right on reading that 30 years of comics because without knowledge about Jaxxon I just don’t know what I’m talking about….lol.

Lips still flapping? yup. Anything more brought to the table? Nope.
Over and out.

Aww, come on, you can do better than this. I want to hear about how you cosplayed as some obscure EU character 20 years ago and everyone who didn’t know who you were wasn’t a real fan. Or how you have an “as new” signed copy of “The Glove of Darth Vader” in a museum case on display in your living room.

More stories of EU-peen greatness, please!

Holy crap man! Are you still going on about this? You are a seriously bitter dude. What do you do for fun, burn insects with a magnifying glass and beat women you pick up at bars? Good God dude, find something that you don’t hate and maybe focus on that for a change. Your existence is starting to make me feel sad.

If you’re going to feel sad about something it should be that you jumped back into a conversation 15 days after it was over to freak out and spew more nonsense.

Or maybe you didn’t realize it had been that long because you were too busy updating 10 year old posts on your Myspace page dedicated to the brilliance of the EU.

Go away.

I didn’t realize it had been that long because my life doesn’t revolve around monitoring Disquss on a daily basis. I suppose if my entire existence consisted of going to a discussion page on a site dedicated to a game I don’t play based on a series I hate with the sole purpose of grunting out bitter comments at anyone who dares say something positive about said game I’d likely be johnny on the spot with my replies too.
My advice: get back on your meds so you don’t end up posting random murders on facebook.

Solid rebuttal of the comment there… you’re quite the orator. Maybe someday moving forward you can manage to string 2 or more words together.

You sound like one of those raging fanbois that likes to pick and choose because lukasfilm put out a bunch of total crap in the EU, like JarJar and ewoks/droids cartoons and a ton of utter crap and unreadable novels that Disney would never look at but your boy George sure did.

Kid based? Rebels has fools stabbed thu on the reg and all the main characters in R1 died. Rebels has the same show runner as clone wars, the old eu sucked and was mostly unreadable. You are not only wrong but delusional and uninformed.

But, don’t fret! Some of the ‘greatest’ minds in the US are currently forming world shaking decisions with the same mentality so you are in good company (I guess…).

HM, you didn’t actually read my post did you? If you had you would have seen that I think Lucas is a buffoon so the entire first half of your comment is pointless.
In Rebels someone got stabbed and some others died so it isn’t kid friendly drivel? Come on man. I do pick and choose favorites from the EU and yes some was crap… perhaps most of it, but the adult oriented EU like the Bane trilogy, the death troopers set, the Darth Maul novels… these are what I consider non kid friendly. If you’re a kid and like Rebels and appreciate what Disney has done with the franchise then I’m happy for you, that’s why they did what they did… it’s going to sell. If on the other hand you are condemning me for standing behind the novels I specified without having read them yourself then I’d say why are you even chiming in without having a clue what you’re talking about? If you’ve read these books and still say that you like Rebels and Clone Wars cartoons better? Hey to each their own. Im not going to say you’re “delusional” for not liking a more hardcore version of the Star Wars universe that used to exist, I’m sharing an opinion and I understand that others have theirs. Calling anyone’s opinion wrong is foolish… it’s their opinion thus unarguable.

You’re just talking nonsense here, the ‘more hardcore version of the Star Wars universe’ you like has never existed outside the gigantic crap the rest of the EU is, it’s not an opinion, all that stuff exists and the majority of it is bad, your ‘adult’ stuff is part of that not separate.

An argument can be made that the stuff you call ‘adult’ and ‘hardcore’ is just as crappy as the rest and was written for teens but nobody is making that argument.

Allow me to paraphrase for you: “No Adam, you’re correct… I never have read the books you specified but I like to hear myself talk so I’m telling you that they suck even though I have no clue”. Thanks HM, it’s always enlightening having a conversation with someone about something they’ve never seen but insist on being right about.

Enjoy your vastly superior Disney version of Star Wars, all EU was shit and Star Wars shouldn’t have even existed until Disney saved it from itself. There, happy now?

Like I said before nobody is making that argument but you obviously want to get to it so- You are incorrect. I read those maul books and most of the emo solo kid stuff, I just didn’t get into it. The bane stuff is ok, I guess, but certainly written with teens in mind same as the maul stuff which is a bit better. But the Darth Jacen stuff idk man, maybe you don’t have much experience with young adult literature but, for me, it reads like any other ‘paranormal teen romance’ novel (totally a section at Barns & Nobel) typical, over-sensitized, and extremely predictable.

You should try Flowers in the Attic.

Disney is actually pulling quite a bit from the EU. No they didn’t use Kyle Katarn in Rouge One, but Oh well, he is just a video game character anyway and a WAY over the top one at that. Thrawn is an EU character. As a matter of fact Disney using him in Rebels has resurrected the entire Chiss race out of legends and into cannon. Many of the new books, material in Rebels and minor details in the 2 new movies pull a lot from the old EU.
Yes they are cherry picking, but what they are cherry picking is some of THE BEST material to have come out of the EU.

Tell me, other than in SWTOR, when did we actually get to see armies of Jedi and Sith facing off in the old cannon. Although we got some of that stuff in the old EU, Lucas himself always said that only the 6 movies were “Official” the rest was more like stories being told with in the universe. He once referred to the Star Wars EU as being the stories that the inhabitants of the Star Wars Galaxy told their children or read in their own publications. Lucas never officially recognized much of the EU as official Star Wars canon.

Your statements say it all, you are such a diehard SWTOR fan because it is the last bastion of the old EU. Sorry to burst your bubble snowflake, but it is what it is.
Bioware is killing this game, instead of getting pissed at folks like me who are criticizing the job BW is doing you should be angry at BW because of what they are doing to the dying light of the EU.

Who’s “getting pissed”? I was sharing an opinion about what SWTOR means in the big picture of the now defunct EU and I did so without singling people out or calling names. I’m also not defending the game or it’s content. I disagree that Disney’s cherry picking is presenting us with the best of the EU… I think the story line of Jacen Solo/ Darth Caedus was much better than the Disney loosely based synopsis in part 7 and I was a big fan of the One Sith. Disney might surprise me one day and come up with something better than the best story lines of the EU but so far it’s not happening. I respect your opinion but I disagree.

We all mourn the loss of the EU and wish that Disney had stuck with those characters and stories. I also am willing to look at what they are doing with “fresh eyes” and say, “yeah this is pretty good.”

Once I take my mind off the EU and just watch the movies for what they are with no expectations, waiting to be wowed then both of the new movies are great.
I’m not a fan of Starkiller Base or the planet sized Death Star, I mean seriously, if they are draining a sun to power their weapon then that weapon is a one time use… not only that, but won’t they be creating a black hole?
But once I leave real life behind and just watch the movie for what it is, I love it!
Rouge One was an excellent movie, it was epic and awesome. Yes it was a separation from the EU and there was no Kyle Katarn, oh well, it was still an AWESOME movie!

The EU isn’t dead, those books are still out there and you can still buy them and read them. You can still enjoy those stories. Disney is just following along with what Lucas always did.
Lucas never canonized any of the EU stories, he always said the thought of the EU and the stories & legends that people in the Star Wars Universe tell each other.

Hell the EU has some really bad stories too. Like the book that has Humans in Earth’s distant future have an accident while traveling to Alpha Centauri. They are pulled into a time vortex wormhole and dragged clear across the universe to the Star Wars galaxy. They travel back in time to a point millions of years ago to become the first humans encountered and enslaved by the Rakatan Empire the only humans in that galaxy. That was just a really, really, really bad book.

There are also a lot of continuity issues in the old EU, some authors have a different take on some characters. So on and so forth. There is a lot of great material in the old EU and I hope disney continues to pull from it, but I am also looking forward to some of the unique stories that they will come up with.

While watching ST TNG, you yell “Stop calling it a tv series, it’s one short story after another!”?

Wrong analogy. A TV series is well established as being released on a weekly schedule (although now we are getting accustomed to full seasons released on streaming services.)

MMOs have established that large scale end-game instances are released completed and not drip-fed to you over an entire year.

Usng your analogy correctly applied to SWTOR would be a tv series having an episode itself that isn’t released whole. “Just hang with us and ignore all the shows that release completed episodes. Didn’t we do you a huge favor by giving you 10 minutes now instead of the full episode?”

lol you dont need to sub you must have been subbed or sub to have access hahahaha talk about spiining a statement.

I getcha. But to be fair, he means you don’t have to be CURRENTLY subbed. But in order for you to meet the current level 70 requirement, you were subbed in the recent past.
Honestly, since this is the most end game content we’ve gotten so far it damn well better require level 70 lol

Well, this is welcome news to guys like me. I haven’t been subbed for the longest time. It will be nice to play the new story without having to sub. Although at some point I think I will do just that to get a taste for the new Op… Sorry, new Boss that will turn into an Op… Hopefully…

You may have missed the part where you have to be 70. To be 70 you had to have been subbed within the last expansion.

and that’s how they get ya. and get ya to resub even if it’s just for 2-3 months when new content comes out it’s part of their business plan… Hell same reason I keep resubbing after quiting for a long time because even prefered status sucks to sub and the game is basically pointless without a sub even if a previous toon unless you newly maxed all gold 242-4? gear I’d have to log into look. But then they’ll make a higher level and then you’ll have to sub again. Its quite the trap admiral akbar would be proud.

“Get me”? No they don’t “get me” that way. I unsubbed when the game went 1 full year without a new Op, after SoR. I subbed 2 times after that. To get Vette and to get all of KotFE. IF the content is good I might consider subbing longer than 2 months. After all, I was subbed from launch. Uninterruptedly. If they deliver stuff I like, I’ll sub. Why not? Isn’t that what it’s all about? But that’s a big “if”. Let’s wait and see what they’re bringing to the table…

I upvoted you just for the complete lack of grammar, syntax and reasoning, even though I get what you’re trying to say.

I wasn’t really trying to be proper, but thank you english nazi. I was making a point, and I never went into reasoning because it was a reply. And if you understand my point then why talk shit?

Nice to know I won’t need to resub to try the new content 😀 Don’t really care about the op since it’s not finished, and I wanna play it when it’s finished not before, so there’s no reason for me to resub 🙂

Since now we have the whole “Chapters” format for the KOTFE/KOTET story part, they should just grant unlimited access to all level 70 toons, to the following:

– Odessen
– Companion Locator Console
– Iokath, Nathema, Darvannis and the planets visited during that story line
– Zakuul
– The Eternal Championship
– All relevant vendors on Odessen, Zakuul etc.

It really does NOT make sense at all to complete the story on a toon so that you can get all of the above. And if they’re doing it for Iokath, which is a good thing, they should do it for everything. I have more than 20 toons, and I can’t be bothered to finish 15 hours of story on every single one of them, but I also can’t do any Chapters on their own, because then I will lose my old companions. The whole format of KOTFE is one big pile of shit. Give me Makeb, Oricon, Rishi, Yavin, Ziost any time, without any effect on my companions, and without the need to do any of those stories, but with access to the planets regardless.

It really does. Without expansions you have no idea that planets like Odessen, Iokath, Zakuul, Nathema ever existed. And other things you mentioned are tied to those planets.

From a gameplay perspective, it does not make sense. It’s too much work, and content with very small replay value. I have already done the story on 6 characters (not complete on all of them) and it’s the most boring thing I can think of to do it again.

If you have seen the story once, you know the story. You don’t need to do it all over again.

It really doesn’t, the whole galaxy would know that wild space exists what with the skyfortresses (deathstars), fall of the 2 major galactic powers (repub and imp), and the zakuulian fashion crazes poppin off in the cities.

Starting KOTFE/KOTET on another toon makes me wanna kill myself. Once you have done this expansion twice the replay value = 0.

It’s so linear. Once you start you feel like a mouse entering maze. Nothing open world feeling about it. Prior to that everything else had an open world feeling to it. Zakuul feels by far more claustrophobic than the tunnels of Coruscant or Nar Shaddaa. The actual walking in places like Ventress’s castle feels slow motion. The requirement of killing every trash mob is beyond annoying. Something in the coding changed after SOR everything sluggish in those places. Understand why everyone is back on fleet now.

Once I replayed Chapter 1 of KOTFE just to have my character get called Darth Imperius and to interact with Darth Marr again.

But beyond that, one and done.

Please please please please let us take our own companions.
One of the worst things in Kotfe/Kotet.
I’m sure it will for the daily’s, but the story part………

The same 5 people have the same 2-3 arguments in every thread, it’s hilarious. Just let it go boys. I hate literally everything Bioware has done since SOR. But ive maintained my sub because I love my guildies, there isn’t a better SW game to be playing, and I can easily afford the $15 a month. I get that this doesn’t apply to everyone, but believe this….THE SECOND I quit this game, you will never see me post here again. Why waste any time talking about something you hate? Just saying.

Why do people waste time asking why other people like posting here even if they don’t play the game anymore? Just saying.

Totally agree with you, but those same trolls that are always on here have nothing better to do and will keep posting anyway.

Meh, I just lurk in the corner and check up once every few months, make a few comments then disappear.

I also like to see how bad bioware is doing globally, especially with how bad mea is turning out. Maybe the edmonton studio’s new ip will be worth a damn, but after seeing the decisions and people behind them, I’ll just sit back with my member berries.

believe it or not MEA is actualy a much better game that people give it credit for. the loud internet contingent fixates on some visual glitches and the absolute worst of animations that they had to pause videos for to even catch, without having actualy played the game. but hey, blind hatred is the internet way, right? P.S. I’m not a fan of the way swtor has been handled lately, to put it mildly. but at least my dislike is based on my actual experiences within the game, NOT hearsay and some youtuber’s opinion.

Welcome to the club then. I only play the MP of MEA, very enjoyable. And yes, the little bit of SP I had to play to get strike teams going, yeah the animations and modeling was bad…very bad. Turned a potential AAA title with a C movie script into an A. Amazing environments though, but you expect that with the frostbite engine from BF3 to 1

Not needing to be a sub to access the new daily area was an unexpected news. That’s… great actually. I was more than okay to resub for a month or two to access the new daily area :).

My Vanguard has been waiting far too long to get back his wife. Even though he isn’t my main, he will most definitely be the first toon I’ll take to Iokath. Just can’t wait!

After 2 straight expansions that were “free to subs”, I think they assume at this point that anyone who would care for next content (or at the very least most of them) have subbed and played the last expansions, so they could toss this bone to people who finished and unsubbed.

I just sincerely hope they don’t do the silly shit they did with Ziost where the story ended with a To Be Continued, and we had to wait a few weeks before we could do the dailies….

We all know you weren’t going to unsub or stop playing. Just like the rest of the people here who complain about the game. They still login and most still pay for shit.

And i posted on forum today. Well i cant complain. I guess they are SO desperate trying to hold last paying customers. My sub ended like week ago.

“Its totally different than Gharj you guys! This one you have to stand on collapsed ceiling tiles to get out of the electrified water”

Don’t worry, it will be broken for six months before they finally half ass fix it. Another year till they fix it for real, then they break it in the next patch after that.

A totally random chance but … Looking for an RP Master. Will join your guild. Currently on the Jedi Covenant Server (but open to moving a character to yours) If interested, let me know how to contact you.

I have both! (Sith lvl 70 / Jedi Knight lvl 62) Also I have a token to create a new end game if need be. heehee Mostly play on the Sith side thus far.

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