GW2 Beastslayer Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Beastslayer Weapon Skins gallery. This is a new weapon set released with the March 30, 2016 patch.

Elemental Sword Skin (Uncommon drop from BLC Chests)


Beastslayer Axe Skin


Beastslayer Longbow Skin


Beastslayer Short Bow Skin


Beastslayer Dagger Skin


Beastslayer Focus Skin


Beastslayer Greatsword Skin


Beastslayer Hammer Skin


Beastslayer Mace Skin


Beastslayer Pistol Skin


Beastslayer Rifle Skin


Beastslayer Scepter Skin


Beastslayer Shield Skin


Beastslayer Staff Skin


Beastslayer Sword Skin


Beastslayer Torch Skin


Beastslayer Warhorn Skin


  • Kasper Asmussen

    Lord Faren’s been busy in the jungle i see.

  • commentor

    Definitely not my cup of tea. Someone out there might have the taste that fits, maybe.

  • Johnsue Rivera

    Rifle Shield and GS look decent, the rest look like shit to me. Il save my gold.

  • Blippedyblop

    Dear lord, these are fugly.

  • minion_condi_necro


  • Daaw Daw

    shield looks rly good,but rest is bland,shoud be AB rewards.
    maybe they just relasing shit skins bcs they know,that all gona farm SAB red weapons?

    • Archi

      exactly. why waste any time on these when 95% of active players will spend the next three weeks inside SAB

  • Jayce

    “The Elemental Sword is available as an uncommon drop for the duration of this seasonal change.”

    It’s a bit much for them to put it in a promo with the Black Lion weapon set when it’s a rare drop from their slot machine.

  • Endless Soul

    Hmm, out of my 11 characters, I just can’t see these weapons on any of them. ~shrugs~

  • banrob2

    Great set!

  • Alastor999

    I wish rangers could use shields. Then I’d use that skin while having a Bristleback pet active and renamed to “Hes Next” >:D

  • Korey Garabed

    Does anyone else think of monster hunter when seeing these beastslayer weapons?

    • Paco Chung

      First thing I thought of

  • Jane

    I wish they made a set of elemental weapons instead…

  • Lycaeus

    These look like they should be low level dropped weapons, absolute arse.

    now a full elemental weapon set, that I would buy

    • Alastor999

      Now that you mention it… yeah, though instead of low-level drops, I think these should have been drops from the HoT maps

  • kazerniel

    that focus omg 😀

    • Alot

      Is that sarcasm or enthusiasm. I honestly don’t know -.-

      • kazerniel

        sorry, sarcasm, it’s quite gruesome 😀

  • Paco Chung

    This is a new weapon set released with the March 30, 2016 patch.

    I think you mean 2017

  • SomethingSomethingDarkside

    Wish they would’ve gotten a proper sound for the riffle. As if I don’t hear that damn healing turret enough z, z

  • Alot

    The shield fills a niche. The rest seem a bit bland to me.

  • AbnerDoon

    Should have known a skin that cool would just be a tease to buy more BLC’s.

  • Raizel

    Really disappointed about the sword, I was hoping it was a BL Ticket weapon, not a BLC one…I think I’ll never get it so *sad*

  • Suan

    Man, ANet is starting to go the douchebag way of Hi-Rez studio from SMITE. A nice looking skin? Lets put it in a chest with price of 400 gems [that’s the price in SMITE] mixed with 70 other things. Good luck buddy! And thank you for your support.. I was okay with GW1 skins for gems but BLC is a big dick move.

    • Tormod

      “starting to go…douchebag way”. More like has been going that route since launch and been getting worse. It makes me sick to my stomach of the game.

  • Archi

    That beastslayer focus should have been the mace. It looks much more threatening as a flail than a focus

  • nadrian3k

    Apart from the GS which is decent i am really not impressed by any of them..not even the flaming sword thing whatever.

    Will pass this set also.

    • BraveSlayer

      Which one set you like? Honestly curious.

      • nadrian3k

        The last set that i liked and eventually got all was the latest Halloween gargoyle set. Looked apart….had the Gothic style and even had a twist with the day/night light.

        Bloodstone has a few cool skins but not all, Dominator the same. There’s that full-white glowing set that i always forget the name of that is cool.

        • Shinokata

          Chaos is the pure white weapons.

  • Solomon Darkfury

    Soooooooo… what you’re saying is, it’s a rifle that looks like a mini-gun but fires like a shotgun…

  • Casey Hays

    The Torch has some neat animation to it. when its stowed the mouth is closed. When you attack with it the mouth open and the flame lights.

  • Ardid 9

    That rifle was perfect… without the animal head.

  • Ares Zax

    Is that… a minigun? O.o The shield looks pretty unique too.

    • Nick Peterson

      to bad doesnt shoot like one or would be amazing

  • writinwater

    nice….after the lacklustre last set, this one actually looks like it is worth buying/getting tickets for^^

  • Tormod

    Unfortunately, this set is good enough to replace some of the shitty weapon sets we’ve had since launch like the Norn set. >.> They could’ve put this as an in-game reward instead of BLC lottery also. Instead we get horrid skins from HoT like bladed armor and Chak weapons which nearly no one uses.

    • Brimstar

      Psssh, says you. Bladed armor looks amazing as fuck, Chak weapons on the other hand….

      • George Smith

        i like chak weapons 🙂 and bladed armor set

        @tormod yes it is disappointing its not in game but the choices are probably as a black lion skin set or not at all

      • RabbitUp

        The Chak focus is awesome, though

  • Louisa Dalrymple

    was thinking meh until I saw the shield!

  • Trillium

    Normally I’m the first to scoff at skins-only releases, but boy, do these skins look awesome!

  • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

    Another set limited to BL kits sigh… Why why WHY not have them drop from bosses like GW1?

  • Jayce

    I dismissed these when I saw them, but I’ve got to say, one or two of them aren’t too bad for very niche themes. The rifle looks cool, but nobody uses a rifle apart from maybe a power engineer when running across Lion’s Arch. The scepter looks pretty cool for a tribal witch-doctor-y theme.

    • iqValentin

      The rifle spins when you are holding it. THAT looks great.

      • Jeremy B

        The sound it makes is the same as the engineer healing turet 🙁

        • iqValentin

          They should have used the Dreamer projectile sound effect on repeat instead. Because reasons and stuff.

  • Angelos Konidaris

    Am i the only one that noticed March 30 2016?

  • Lirabelle

    Elemental sword in the Black Lion Chests? Excuse me while I FLIP SOME TABLES.

  • Bryan Turner

    That weapon set has Charr written all over it; maybe I’ll pick some of these up after I’m done with my hiatus from GW2 (when they make Power GS Reapers Raid Meta).

  • :3

    A Minigun?? we don’t have any class that shoots 300 rounds per second

    • Alot

      I just noticed the rifle is a minigun. Want so much but no class to minigun with :C

  • Honest Panda

    This has such a Monster Hunter feel to it, I just don’t understand the hate people have towards these skins (okay, maybe the minigun).

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