• Alastor999

    Perfect for my Sylvari!

    • Celty-san

      ikr its like a cloth/plant hybrid its a very good outfit for a cloth wearing sylvari

  • So Asura and Charr only get the male version, rather than female and male? That seems rather crap to me.

    • Dev

      That’s how it almost always is.

      • Talindra

        Wrong, stupid.

    • Zenamez

      The Charr one is probably due to the feedback they got about people complaining that the female Charr was “too human like” for her outfits (so they used the male one instead).

      I recall many people said “give us 6 nipples/boobs or the male one instead” in the Reddit thread.

      No idea about the Asura. Most likely to cut down on clipping or something.

      • Mona

        The asura look like children, a lot of the female armor in this game would be totally inappropriate on them.

    • RKC

      The only time when the female Charr and Asura did actually get the female counterpart armor was one of the past Chinese New Years armor. Other than that, it ahs ALWAYS been like that!

      • Lirabelle


        Except for the Witch, Hex, Wedding, Fancy Winter, Winter Solstice, Exemplar, Imperial, Bandit, Monk, Daydreamer…

        • RKC

          Ok, MOST of the time then! There are 48 outfits and you mention 9 that the female Asura and Charr do actually get the said female version of the outfit.
          Ok technically some of the outfits intended to be gender netural like the gods one but there is no way in hell am I’m going to check every outfit to see how many are gender specific but it is for a fact most of them just the females get the males one instead.

          • Lirabelle

            It’s not really unreasonable to hope for the female version, though, given that they have done it more than a few times in the past.

            I’m just happy the fancy winter one lets my Asura wear a a big poofy dress.

  • Suan

    Nice looking outfit, but I’ll probably pass on it. [maybe on some sale, someday] what I would like to get if we will follow the Braham outfit trend, those heels man.. I was asking for some nice heels for females for a loooooooong time. That would be a nice skin, even for 300 gems.

  • Sv3

    Losing Kristen Perry shows how the outfit design took a drastic down turn.

  • looks basically the same as every other long robe non-interesting looking outfit/armor in the game,except with some peacock feathers on the back of the female version which might appeal to a few people desperate to buy something “new”.

  • SpiralCee


  • Daaw Daw

    they will make those collars on every single outfit,just to make sure that ALL long hairs will clip.

  • YunJun

    i’m not a go green person and lame design.. so hell with this costume..

  • Hawke

    Five years of armor disparity, creating overwhelmingly prudish armor for men covering them from head to toe and female armor showing shoulders, legs and back. Bye Anet, I’ll be back when you consistently create sexy armor for men as well. And that doesn’t mean lazily giving us a bare chest.

    • Shaggy

      honestly id just rather them be consistent between genders. these look like totally different outfits.

  • Kuroi Usagi

    In nature, its the male peacock that has the colorful tail, in Areanet its the female…
    the colorful options are pretty though 🙂

  • Narottam Zakheim

    the female version is beautiful… still with all the limitations of outfits i wont be getting it… i think it would be good if when you hide outfit components… the armor piece below would be revealed… this would offer a level of customization the would make outfits an interesting option… as it is… not interested.

  • Miralenka

    I’m tired of buttcapes and long skirts. Could we please have simple pants for both genders?

    • EEEEE

      Just wait tell we get Kasmeer’s New Outfit. Bet a lot of imaginary Gold coins that outfit will have more butcape and Bewbs showing. :p

  • Celty-san

    kind of starting to want revealing outfits for male

  • Mimi

    Male version feels very boring, like a regular light armour :c

  • Valentina Overkova

    As for me it is ugly, way too much of everything, kinda want female version to be same as male.

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