GW2 Upcoming Items from March 28 Patch

GW2 Upcoming Items from March 28 Patch. Chat links taken from that_shaman’s thread here.

Weapon Skins

Crimson Assassin Sword Crimson Assassin Shield Crimson Assassin Rifle
[&ChMcAAA=] [&CgEcAAA=] [&CgUcAAA=]
gw2-crimson-assassin-sword gw2-crimson-assassin-shield gw2-crimson-assassin-rifle
Crimson Assassin Mace Crimson Assassin Staff Crimson Assassin Torch
[&Cg4cAAA=] [&ChocAAA=] [&Cv8bAAA=]
gw2-crimson-assassin-mace gw2-crimson-assassin-staff gw2-crimson-assassin-torch
Crimson Assassin Warhorn Crimson Assassin Scepter Crimson Assassin Hammer
[&Cv4bAAA=] [&CgQcAAA=] [&ChwcAAA=]
gw2-crimson-assassin-warhorn gw2-crimson-assassin-scepter gw2-crimson-assassin-hammer
Crimson Assassin Short Bow Crimson Assassin Greatsword Crimson Assassin Dagger
[&ChEcAAA=] [&ChQcAAA=] [&Ch4cAAA=]
gw2-crimson-assassin-short-bow gw2-crimson-assassin-greatsword gw2-crimson-assassin-dagger
Crimson Assassin Longbow Crimson Assassin Focus Crimson Assassin Pistol
[&CgIcAAA=] [&ChAcAAA=] [&CggcAAA=]
gw2-crimson-assassin-longbow gw2-crimson-assassin-focus gw2-crimson-assassin-pistol
Crimson Assassin Axe


Mini Super Snake [&AgH0OwEA]  


Mini Super Frog [&AgEHPAEA]


Mini Super Goat [&AgHzOwEA]


Mini Super Queen Bee Dog [&AgETPAEA]


Mini Super Storm Wizard [&AgHuOwEA]



Super Adventure Holo-Copter [&CiAcAAA=]

  • Super Holo-Copter Glider Combo
  • Super Holo-Copter Backpack and Glider Set
  • Super Adventure Holo-Copter Backpack
  • Super Cloud Glider

Crimson Assassin Backpack Cover [&CiEcAAA=]


  • Utrex

    Wonder how the warhorn sounds? :3

    • iqValentin

      Guessing the same as the previous SAB warhorns. Which is awesome, btw.

      • mrh

        Each warhorn has different sounds so far.

  • Archi

    Goodbye to my friends, family, and free time for the next three weeks!

  • iqValentin

    Will the gliders be sold with gems? Crafted? Rare drops from black lion chests?
    Gotta know if I can drop my keys to try and get the Elemental Sword or if I have to save them for all the SAB paraphernalia.

    • Archi

      just hold those keys for a few more days and you’ll know for sure

    • Jeffrey Flores

      Gems. I can say with 100% certainty, without any knowledge of whether this is the truth or not.

    • Daaw Daw

      how many gliders you crafted in past 2 years?

      • iqValentin

        You are SO right, was thinking about backpacks. So, scratch that “crafted” part; leave the gems/rare-drops thingy around.

      • mrh

        Two, Fractal and PvP gliders!

  • minion_condi_necro


  • Alot

    Wonder what these red weapons will be a reward for? Unless they add a new world, all reward types are covered :/

    • Kasper Asmussen

      They said it was from dailies.

      • iqValentin

        If it is indeed dailies (like the gift-wrap-thing on wintersday) that would mean that you can’t collect all of the skins. =(

        • Centaur Player

          I got all the gift wrap skins on winters day, did you miss a daily?

          • Suan

            There is only like 5 gift wrap skins, SAB red skin is a full set. So no way you’ll be able to collect them all if they follow Wintersday daily style.

            • Answerer

              16 skins
              if 1 skin = 1 day of work
              16 days, how long does the event last? 2 weeks, then you’ll be short 2, if not longer.

              Maybe you can buy more with baubles or something.. I dunno, or extra with achievements. It’s a bit early to say you can or can’t get them all without seeing the content

              • iqValentin

                The event will be 3 weeks long. Praise the 6.
                But honestly I doubt that ANet will give us 1 skin for just 1 day of dailies; specially when said skin is so cool. Besides, that way it would be way easier to complete this collection than the orange and green ones.

              • Suan

                Well, not anymore. 8 days for the cheapest skin. It will be imposible to have them all unless you saved chest with orange weapons from last year.

      • Alot

        The orange set is a reward for dailies isn’t it?

    • Ares Zax

      Yeah. This actually makes me kinda sad, because it means that we’re highly unlikely to ever see Worlds 3 and 4 now. We only had Red and Purple left for weapon sets, which fit in neatly with Trib Mode for Worlds 3 and 4. Now that Red is available, it likely means that no more work is being done on SAB for the foreseeable future.

      • RabbitUp

        They could make a white set.

      • Answerer

        do you really want a world 3 and 4 over expansions, living story, current events, fractals and raids? because making those will cost on that

        • guest

          I do. They made a promise and I’m furious they aren’t planning to keep it just because it’s not the “main” content. They won’t be seeing another cent from me until World 3 comes out.

          • Alot

            Mostly agree.

            While yes, powercreep, i only consider it a problem if it happens 2 expansions in a row. Advanced professions were introduced (in all but name) and as long as that remains the cap of power (and we do not get advanced advanced professions next time round) I don’t take any more offense to this then I took when ascended trinkets were introduced.

            More difficult fractals is an odd one. The question I’m left with is: Should any player be able to complete a lvl 100 fractal? The challenge mode nightmare is insane and not meant to be beaten by plebs (such as me apparently -.- ) but isn’t the point of scaling difficulty to allow players to progress as far as they are capable – and mark their achievement as the furthest point they reach? There are 76 levels of difficulty (with lvl 75-100 having the same health/damage scaling). A more progressive march to pit yourself against (and possibly deadlock against) cant be implemented.

            Last point is over the rewards the new maps offer. The Hot maps were a mess, a guy resigned, and now are less of a mess. The new lvl 80 maps however cater to high level gear however which has always been extremely grindy to obtain. In vanilla GW2 getting hold of exotic armor was a friggin pain. Leveling crafting was hard, time consuming and expensive (i think they quadrupled the crafting mat drops when HoT launched) and getting a single piece of exotic gear usually pertained clearing 4-6 dungeons – and dungeons were much harder before they were repetitively nerfed. For reference, completing the mad kings jumping puzzle rewards exotic boots (think they are boots). When that was first released, an exotic item for a single challenge was an insane reward. These days however, i regularly salvaged exotics without even checking what they are – as they drop like candy and serve no purpose. Now we getting maps where the base rewards are exotic and in living maps, the rewards are often ascended. All the rewards these days are grindy – they are less grindy however then high end gear used to be in vanilla GW2 however. The disconnect thus seems to come in when collecting gear for skin which people do not need the stats for, just the unlockable appearance. In vanilla GW2 skins were extremely cheap to unlock (once the wardrobe feature was implemented, before then it was expensive as heck -.-) but these days, every skin unlock is grindy as heck – as you forced to pay for the stats as well as just the skins. So to cover, farming highest end equipment is easier then it used to be but unlocking fashion pieces is much more grindy then it used to be – which people can take however they will. I would like skins and exotic gear split so i could obtain the skins for cheaper – but the cost of items as presented are fair.

          • Answerer

            made a promise? they made an april fools joke and you guys wouldn’t shut up about it so now anet feels forced to keep this farce of content alive

        • Ares Zax

          To be honest? Yes. HoT felt pretty underwhelming as an expansion; only 4 new maps were introduced, it created distinct power creep, and it shifted to a hardcore grinding approach that turned off many players. I think it was no accident that after Colin Johansson left, MOB instituted a massive turnaround to make HoT less grindy. I won’t go as far to say that Colin was pushed over his leadership of the HoT launch, but I’m certain that the massive levels of dissatisfaction with HoT among the casual player base played a part in the change of approach.

          Living Story and Current Events are fun (especially Current Events), but again, I’m displeased to see that the new maps have such a high focus on grinding for their content. It’s obvious that the maps don’t have much in the way of content, so ANet were forced to include grindy hooks to keep players playing in them.

          Fractals is in a good place at the moment, I feel. Lower tier Fractals serve as a good means of introducing players to Ascended gear and higher difficulties, while T4 Fractals are a good source of income for experienced players. New maps from time to time would be welcome, but I suspect the vast majority of people doing Fractals are doing it for the gold and mats, not so much new experiences. I do think that ANet needs to be careful about the “raid-ization” of Fractals; a trend where new Fractals are ever more difficult, while old Fractals get beefed up in difficulty. (For example, the changes to Swamp, Cliffside and Thaumanova). They might end up alienating the players who enjoyed Fractals for its more casual difficulty in between standard PvE and raids, the exact same situation ANet found itself in a pickle over at the release of HoT.

          I have never been a supporter of raids. I feel that they cater to too small a segment of the player base to deserve the resources being poured into them. Furthermore, I feel that they promote elitism and contribute to the “meta” problem that has plagued GW2 since its inception; the unspoken belief that a particular build is THE best build for your class, and if you don’t play that build, you are a bad player or you’re not contributing to your team. Players who just want to see the story are shut out of raids altogether (a notable problem since the latest raid wing has some BIG lore tidbits that tie back to GW1. Not to mention that a lot of the White Mantle storyline that we concluded in HotS feels very disjointed if you never played raids. Like, who’s Xera? And why does the Pact guy in Bloodstone Fen talk as if you have firsthand experience of Spirit Vale?)

          Raids are exactly in the same place that dungeons were at launch. The irony now is that, due to power creep from Ascended gear and HoT builds, dungeons are more welcoming to newbies since just one or two good players can easily carry a team full of newbies. But nobody does dungeons anymore because the rewards are so lackluster compared to Fractals or meta maps. Unless raids become easier or more welcoming at some point in the future, I can guarantee that raids will slowly die out once experienced raiders get what they need (for Legendary armor) and then leave, and there will be no one to replace them. (This is the same situation in PvP that ANet has been trying to fix by enticing more PvE players into PvP with AP and Ascended gear.)

          • mj

            Totally agree with everything you wrote. I havent been to raids yet, because I’m a very casual player and no1 wants me realy :).

        • Nitrobacter

          i play raids myself and i would rather like to see SAB 3 than any new Raid wing…

  • Sevenkitten

    So max i can have 3 red skin weapon if daily…

    • Answerer

      I’m not sure where you got that from? I’ve searched by the requirements for these weapons are naught but unknown at the moment. Maybe you get 1, maybe you get them all. Find out tomorrow on the next episode of Dragon Ball SAB

  • Girl Gamer Chronicles

    Just ean FYI someone posted on Redit you get 8 Crimson tokens in the repeatable daily keiser weapon box, they had a spare box in their bank and when they opened they saw the tokens.

    But no one know how many tokens you need per weapon. 🙂

  • Lindsay He

    how do we get the minis??

    • Jasmine Lock

      They’re not out yet. These are leaks. You can get Mini Super Storm Wizard now though.

    • Ryu Gekido

      Gem Store

  • Felipe Nogueira

    So, the Super Adventure Holo-Copter [&CiAcAAA=], any cluess where this is in the game?

    • yeah

      i bet ten bucks is gonna be gemstore

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