GW2 Super Adventure Box

GW2 Super Adventure Box 2017 Guide

A guide to the Super Adventure Box running from March 30 to April 19, 2017.


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World 1 Normal

World 1 Tribulation Mode

World 2 Normal

World 2 Tribulation mode

By Dulfy

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Quick note for this year, seems walking INTO enemies now hurts you as well, regardless of if they attack. Shoveling for baubles is rather dangerous due to spawning a rabbit on you now. If it spawns directly on you, you’re immediately hurt.

If you do three of the SAB dailies, it gives you a special daily that counts towards an infinitely repeatable 20AP award (repeat 8 times for max AP?)

and what is about meta achievements? =]
(i jsut notice that 95% of lunar and new year achievements this year didnt give a single AP and i cant log in atm to check it =[ )

everything you have done last year is completed in your achievement tab, so you wont be able to redo it and get the AP (which is good because I dont want to experience that z2w3 tough customer again…)

How much work would it have been to create a low res (SAB style) molten-boss-fractal-style encounter which involved a single platform and dealing with the Frog, storm wizard and storm dragon all at once? Entry cost being any sort of SAB token (continue coin, frog/storm king tokens or furniture tokens) and having the difficulty and rewards scale off the type of tokens submitted to start the thing.

Only changes you need to make is allowing the frog to submerge and reappear on any side of the square platform, make it that the storm dragon needs to be knocked out of the air by throwing frog jewel shards at it and that the frog only takes damage from the storm wizard’s lightning shots (and give the storm wizard another lightning ball skill where he will target a single player and launch lighting balls directly at it for 5 seconds.

On higher difficulty levels add ambient (out of range) monkeys who will throw coconuts onto the platform, a second frog and have a 1/4 of the platform occasionally submerge underwater.

There is not a single piece of logic which has not already been implemented in SAB. A boss like this would be a literal copy-paste operation and would refresh the entire festival -.-

Making a new level is not copy-paste, even if you reuse assets. And then what? You play that level 2-3 times, then you get bored again? Next year, you are here again complaining that SAB is dead.

Do you or don’t you code? Reusing existing assets cuts down on the time it takes to make a new level – and the amount of asset reuse which would be applicable here is just short of 100%.
Existing storm wizard boss platform, with existing storm wizard. Only addition being a 25% chance to cast 5 energy balls in quick succession at a player – which would require no additional animations or sound effects.
Add green water instead of a drop around the platform and have a frog placed there. Extra coding to allow frog to change platform sides when going underwater – ie 4 frogs with only one being active at a time. Remove target box when frog opens his mouth and make tongue sweep a far attack only (change aoe hitbox).
Make the storm dragon fly in a wider circle to arc the larger platform, existing attacks stay the same, just make the thunder breath disable a random quarter of the storm wizard platform. Add hitbox to dragons head so frog gems can be thrown at it.
There is work is get this operation. The amount of work needed is laughably small however.
Also laughable is your assertion that this is only playable 2-3 times. Its just as playable as any of the other words, each featuring a full set of colour changed SAB weapons. If you have a problem with people pointing out that easy game-play additions improve a game though, refrain from leaving the vanilla areas of GW2. You obviously have no need or reason to play HoT or Living world expansion maps.

Always impressive to see an intelligent rebuttal to argument. So what do YOU do – flip burgers?

I’m a professional programmer and I’ve been fiddling around with games engines for ages. If you’ve got any experience in this area which leads you to believe placing several SAB assets into a small modified SAB map would be difficult, please explain that experience.
If you have no experience in this field, and you basing this whole thing off how you’d like to think the world should work, please state that as well.

you dont need it to do trib mode not a single point REQUIRES you to do it, it just makes it easier

Unless you have ping above 100. In which case it DOES become necessary for certain parts. For example, there’s a particular jump in W1-Z2 where you need to either dodge jump past a jumping rock, or bait him out by half jumping and then jumping back. You CANNOT do the latter if you have ping higher than 200; the server will always think your position is a split second behind where your screen shows you to be, and the rock will ALWAYS hit you and send you into the lava.

no, if you jump directly on top it doesnt bounce, like i said, not required so please stop spouting nonsense, the devs even responded saying you dont need to jump dodge

Maybe if you have good ping, a direct jump on top will work. But I can guarantee you, as someone who has a minimum of 250 ping, it was absolutely impossible to get past that rock unless you did a dodge jump. Don’t believe everything the devs tell you; they’re not testing their game on a 200+ ping server, I’m sure of it.

1. its client side your positioning to start, hence why its so easy to speed hack. ping doesnt make a difference.
2. why are you mentioning sanctum sprint.
3. “oh no i cant play an online game because i have 250 ping base, blame the devs hurr durr.” youre an idiot, go get better internet.

I can assure you, ping DOES make a difference. A players movement is client side, but the environments are server side, so a players position in the world is determined by ping. A players movement always looks smooth on that players screen, but to team mate, they can look like they’re jittering and rubberbanding, and that’s what the server also sees. This makes the trap activations harder to predict, because they trigger based on the same unstable latency. If the traps were triggered client side in sync with player movement, it would basically be an entirely offline mode (besides chat), and therefore WAY easier for higher ping players. Lastly, it’s called a different country to where the servers are (Australia in my case), we can’t “get better internet”, because at the end of the day, it is still thousands of miles away from the servers in America/Europe.

Not sure if dodge jump is required, but I usually try to do two in a row there. The trick to that one seems to be to keep trying until the big rock doesn’t jump or jumps late, making it a jump of chance more than anything else. If it jumps late, it can knock you into the leaves beneath the trunk, allowing you to succeed in crossing as long as you’re careful in getting out from under the leaves (i.e., not touching the lava).

On the other hand, I’ve never managed to successfully use the forward-back-forward jump strategy described in the Dulfy guide.

(I have every King Toad skin, so I’ve had the “joy” of successfully jumping across that lava pit at least 16 times now.)

Yeah but fortunately you can feed the cat on the outside (next to the cloud), don’t need to figure out all those traps.

Currently missing from this year’s Dulfy guide for SAB: getting the cat, and info regarding the 2 new SAB-related guild hall upgrades.

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