SWTOR CM Weekly Sales April 4 – April 11

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales April 4 – April 11

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  • Magnus Rolstad Jordal

    Why the **** is not new packs added anymore?

    • AbnerDoon

      Probably next week with the next big update.

    • It will be out in April 11th I guess when 5.2 comes out.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Typically, there’s one pack per month. The last pack came out at the beginning of March. The new pack (Warbound Crusader) will most likely come out next week with the update, as other people have said below.

  • AbnerDoon

    I can’t believe that mount doesn’t have a flourish. You’d think it would have something along the lines of the Landslide Assault Speeder or Vectron Enforcer.

    • Rance

      That way the 1500cc at least would have been justifiable.

  • Farlas816

    Feign death isn’t even that expensive on the gtn.

    • Sadriel_Fett

      I know, right?

  • John Kosto

    That walker is nice, but not 1500 CC nice.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Interesting. The new walker is more expensive than the typical Cartel Market only speederbike, but less than the animal mounts. It is however in line with the “landspeeder” mounts, flourish or not.

    Walkers are typically hard to get and fairly rare in-game. A few can be gooten only by grinding reputation, one is dropped for being subscribed at a certain time and we have a few from packs, all Gold I believe.

    So…1500 CC isn’t exactly a bad price, when compared to how the rest of the market behaves. I feel it is fair, although I would have preferred it to have a flourish of some sort. Thankfully it is generic-enough looking to fit any faction and detailed enough not to be boring.

    Using my grade system, I say it is a B+ at least.

  • Whitedragon

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