Producer's Livestream SWTOR

SWTOR Game Update 5.2 Producer’s Livestream Coverage

SWTOR 5.2 Developer Livestream coverage where Iokath and other content will be showcased.

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  • Community Topics
  • War for Iokath
  • New Daily Area and PvP
  • Gods from the Machine
  • New Galaxy Map
  • Star Wars Celebration

Community Topics

  • Unassembled Components and Legacy – Something we are interested in doing, havn’t decided if that is something we are doing. Most commonly requested feature.
  • Class changes – No class changes in 5.2. One of the class designers just had a kid but once he is back they will dive into that. He is not the only one working on the class changes.
  • Command XP after the event – Command XP boost will stay after 5.2 launches. Base XP will be lower but they are giving CXP back to enemies.
  • Spending tokens, unassembled pieces, and unassembled components – Changes coming to vendor. They are adding tier 1 gear from CXP crates to the vendors so you can buy with them with tokens (this is coming after 5.2). Vendors will show gear for your discipline by default but you can switch it to show all for alts etc.

Warbound Crusader Pack

  • These items will be coming next Tuesday with 5.2


Game Update 5.2 – War for Iokath

  • Everyone is on Iokath for the Superweapon and resources they need to continue the war with each other. You need to support either Republic or the Empire on Iokath.
  • Returning companions – Quinn and Elara. They will side with you depending on if you side with Empire/Republic. Sith Warriors may have another way to get Quinn back. There are still choices you can make that determines if you get them or not. These companions are tied to the story, and not dailies/reputation.
  • Season 8 PvP will go on a bit longer, no date on end date.
  • You just need to be level 70 to access Patch 5.2 content. Which means you must have been a subscriber in the past but don’t need to be a current subscriber.

New Daily Area

  • Opens up once you finish the story, which is not repeatable.
  • You can collect currency in the daily area and use them to command walkers, stationary turrets, Iokath monitor droids, and mouse droids.
  • Player vs Player – even though you make a choice in the story to support Empire/Republic, everyday you can log back in and pick a side to support for daily activities. This allow you to work on both the Empire and the Republic Iokath reputation tracks.
  • Unfortunately you cannot team up with players of the opposite faction that picked the same faction to support but they will be friendly to you.
  • When you kill players on Iokath, they will drop Iokath currency like the regular NPCs but you are not stealing their Iokath currency.

Gods from the Machine – Tyth

  • Being in playtesting for a long time by multiple guilds. Lots of footage on youtube if you type Tyth

New Galaxy Map

  • Wanted to improve the experience of the Galaxy map. Old map was pretty but clunky.
  • You can access this galaxy from anywhere now via the UI, as long you got your ship. This allow you to quick travel from any planet to another planet via this new galaxy map.


Star Wars Celebration

  • Starts next Thursday, they will be there on Friday from 7-11 PM.
  • They will have a contest inside the Cantina for players to try and beat Tyth. Players in the teams that beat Tyth will receive some special prizes.
  • They are also giving away new t-shirts and Tyth posters.

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208 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 5.2 Producer’s Livestream Coverage”

no classes changes for 5.2 because one of the dev had a baby? ok congrats!! but in the same breath claim he is not the only one working on it…if he’s not the only one working on it… then why fucking mention that he is having baby? what does that have to do with the rest of the class balance team???????

it cop out, there is really on one person doing this other wise they wouldnt of mentioned the dev have baby or saying they weren’t the only one either.

“you cannot team up with players of the opposite faction that picked the
same faction to support but they will be friendly to you.”

So disappointing, whats the point of switching?

they don’t have the technology to take crystal clear pictures lmao…2017 and they are showing off shit quality images that look like it was taken with an old flip phone!!

Class changes – No class changes in 5.2. One of the class designers just
had a kid but once he is back they will dive into that. He is not the
only one working on the class changes.

He is probably the only one who is doing all things and the rest of them are just looking. Maybe that’s why this game did not have good content for a long time

So we now can buy Tier 1 with command tokens ? No unassembled piece required ? If that is what I think its pretty good news (although the grind remains unbearable). Also the fact that they keep CXP boost is a positive, taking it out would have been an absolute no brainer.

From the forum after the stream: One point of clarification from the stream,
Charles mentioned the ability to purchase Tier 1 gear with Command
Tokens. This is something we plan to implement in a future update but it
is not in 5.2. Charles says “I am a rogue agent and I cannot be

Thanks everyone for tuning in!


Wow thats crazy jaded even for a swtor fan, new area and a WB called maintenance.

“Class changes – No class changes in 5.2. One of the class designers just had a kid but once he is back they will dive into that. He is not the only one working on the class changes.”

The second person working on class changes is his newborn kid. That’s right, BW just added a new member to their staff!

You people… With all your negativity and stupid comments! Can’t you see??? This is STAR WARS!!! This child will bring balance to TOR. He will be the one to turn the game into a REAL AAA MMO. He will bring Ops, pvp AND story the likes never seen before! I have seen it in the Force. It’s been prophesied in the MMO datacrons of knowledge. This child has the highest MMO-chlorian count known to man.

Well… When he grows up, that is… And that’s if he doesn’t turn to the Dark Side and start developing FPS games…

*WARNING: Extensive use of sarcasm. Use your sense of humor, if you have one.*

So far the kid hasn’t managed to screw up class balance even more, which means she/he is off to a very promising start! 🙂

A baby will eat it’s parents time for how long? Minimum 3 years. Max 18…
So, I guess we’ll stuck with these mercs.

I have it on good authority (ok I’m making this up but just go with it) that the child in question REALLY likes to play as a marauder because the lightsabers are shiny and stuff. So expect them to be the OP class of the future.

It made them sound like they have a random generator of excuses:
1. Dog ate our homework
2. We were out of coffee
3. We still work on Windows 95
4. Our employee had a kid
5. Our employee is a kid

Honestly, it would have been better if they made no excuse at all.

“Unassembled Components and Legacy – Something we are interested in doing, havn’t decided if that is something we are doing. Most commonly requested feature.”

“Most commonly requested feature.”

It’s like they don’t get how this shit is supposed to work…

Just because a request is common doesn’t mean it’s reasonable. I’m not a professional balancer of MMOs, so I won’t chime in on whether it’d be a good idea or not, but I do think doing something JUST because it is their most popular request isn’t always the right choice. Sometimes just because players think they want something, doesn’t mean it’ll make them happy in the long term. See also: overpowered companions.

A good point, just not one that applies here. This grind is universally despised, and people have been wanting it to be more legacy friendly since the start. All they need to do is make the gear bound to legacy. Still have to earn it, but you don’t have to grind for thousands of hours.

They should have done it from the start (they should never have changed it, but that’s beside the point now), but as usual they dropped the ball yet again.

I’m gonna have to agree, to a point…

But then: doing EXACTLY the opposite of what is most requested I don’t think is a good strategy either… See: Galactic Command…

Overpowered companions were awesome! Also, they were not requested by ALL players. Legacy Unassembled components are requested by literally anyone who plays PvP, has a brain, and who does not work for Bioware.

Hold on do I read that right? They gonna keep the boost from the event but at somewhat lowered rates? Awesome

At least they realized that getting CXP is even with the 250x bonus a pain in butt.
Finally they understood one thing people give feedback about.

If only the players could implement RNG subscription payments. Sorry EA, this month you were just unlucky but try again next month and maybe you’ll get paid! Isn’t that exciting?

They are currently rolling dices as BW HQ to determine whether or not to implement it. If the dices rolls our way, then they need to take roll them again to determine how exactly the loot table will work. Hopefully they won’t roll consecutive crit fails like they did before KotET….

“Class changes – No class changes in 5.2. One of the class designers just had a kid but once he is back they will dive into that. He is not the only one working on the class changes.”

So this one guy on the class design team is off because he had a kid and then you can’t do any class balance for like 5 months? Even if this guy was the only one working on class balancing, you should’ve been able to figure something out surely.

Goes to McDonalds…

“I’d like a #4 with a Coke, please”

“Sure but there aren’t any french fries today, sorry. The person who makes fries just had a kid so….”

“Ummm…is he the only one who makes the fries?”


“So, why aren’t there any fries?”

It is just confirmation of what everyone has known for a while – that SWTOR is literally running with a skeleton crew. The pace and amount of content released over the last two years should have made it apparent to everyone.

The new galaxy map and the zoom to each planet separately kind of reminds me Star Wars Battlefront, and I like that. Now, if Bioware starts hiring people who have done a vasectomy, we will be getting more material hopefully.

Class changes – No class changes in 5.2. One of the class designers just had a kid but once he is back they will dive into that. He is not the only one working on the class changes.

WTF Bioware? Seriously WTF?!
What in the shitting hell is going on in your dumbfuck heads Biofail?!
I just….
Fuck it….

How about you learn grammar before instructing someone to read? I mean, I can barely make out your point so it is no surprise anyone else cannot.

If you can’t understand what he was saying- which is fairly clearly- that’s your failing, not his.

lol i wish i could believe these fucks but i dont buy the open world pvp not lagging especially with playable walkers as for the galaxy map lolz still no open free roam space huh? oh well back to swg emu and my 100 different ships i can roam freely with in space as i play my wookie /smh at this garbage

I don’t think that the server performance is the only problem with OWpvp, like BioWare discribed it. It’s also a problem with this pathetic gameclients engine.

I’m pretty sure it will be laggy a. f.

Class changes – No class changes in 5.2. One of the class designers just had a kid but once he is back they will dive into that. He is not the only one working on the class changes.

Theiry: The other one is prolly his wife, but she also recently had a kid, what a coincidence.

As a gold seller, no major changes coming with the 5.2 for me.
I have 6 childs from 3 different wifes, i’m selling credits with my server park and 3 different websites belong to me for years now..
My competitors selling aswell.
Dont ban me, cause i have more childs than my competitors, and we are need the money.
I almost forgot to tell you, i have new car and a big house from these sales,yet i just have this picture i’m here in Geneva , opening some new bank accounts now.

As a gold seller, no major changes coming with the 5.2 for me.
I have 6 childs from 3 different wifes, i’m selling credits with my server park and 3 different websites belong to me for years now..
My competitors selling aswell.
Dont ban me, cause i have more childs than my competitors, and we are need the money.
I almost forgot to tell you, i have new car and a big house from these sales,yet i just have this picture here in Geneva , opening some new bank accounts now.

Don’t get ridicoulous QQer. I bet you’d be some trash who would negelect their child for some arbitary game balance.

Funny thing is, I didn’t expect much from this stream. We had streams in the past with no real information at all, just screens of CM items we already can buy und some evasive talk.

I think that’s why I’m ok with it.

I didn’t expect class changes in 5.2. And if you don’t, BioWare has no problem to deliver.

No class changes huh? So being gifted on the force is not being gifted anymore right Sorc? Do youself a favor and buy 2 guns plus a heavy armor like our Merc friend, stop using your lightnings, they don’t murder anymore, they just tickle now 🙂

Don’t worry guys. The class balancing dev had a kid recently, but he’ll get back on that soon. Don’t mind him wasting everyone’s money while he’s taking care of his kid. BW is so full of shit.

“You just need to be level 70 to access Patch 5.2 content. Which means you must have been a subscriber in the past but don’t need to be a current subscriber.”

Have they changed the SWTOR subscription model? When I was last in, You had to be subscribed to get new content. Or am I just misinterpreting what was written?

You had to have been subscribed at some point since KotET dropped if I understand right. It self completes a bunch of choices if you go there so there has to be some kind of link.

Got it, so since I was only part way through KotFE when I had to drop out, I’d have to be subscribed until I got to that point if I understand you right.

You just have to be level 70, that’s it. And to be level 70, you must have been a subscriber for at least 1 day from December 2016 until now, otherwise you couldn’t have leveled. You can access the new Iokath storyline, even if you have never stepped foot in the whole KOTFE & KOTET storyline.

Which storywise doesn’t make sense, but I don’t care personally. I have 25 characters, and I want to be able to do the new daily area with all of them. With Ziost it was different, since the Rishi & Yavin storyline doesn’t take more than 2 hours to complete, so I was cool with having to do all of that on any character. But KOTFE & KOTET takes HOURS to complete. So yeah, I am glad they made it that way now.

I still wonder how they are going to handle the alts that have never run KotFE and KotET. If it’s going to be the mess that 4.0 was as companions drop all their gear into inventory and switch over to the new versions.

Or if they will somehow leave them alone. Which I can’t see them doing if all the choices are being defaulted for you.

They haven’t changed anything. War for Iokath is the same kind of story like Ziost. Exactly the same. So the only prequisition you need is to have the level for it.

Massive Incoming Content Patch!
-New Storyline, The Outlander abandons everything to visit Andromeda Galaxy with their sibling
-Awesome revamped combat system allows for active gun battles
-Refined single player experience with multiplayer mode elements
-Adding cool new star wars races like Krogan, Asari and Batarians
-Tons of new armor and weapons
-Tired old Force has been upgraded to Biotics
-Lame old Lightsabers upgraded to Omni-tools
-Facial animations that push the boundaries of modern expression!

2 things:
1. I really enjoy ME: Andromeda, while char customization is crap and some animations are wonky, the rest is really fun. As someone who loved ME 1-3 (And really really hated the shit ending of ME3), I’m more than satisfied with the game.

2. Krogans are the best. There’s not a single species in an fictional universe that I like more than the Krogan. They somehow manage to be both utterly terrifying and really damn fun and charming. Wrex was one of the 3 best comps of ME 1-3 and Drack is the best in ME:A. Who doesn’t wanna hang out with a grandpa who has a fondness of violent killstreaks?

There are even poeple who enjoyed Rogue One.
There have also been poeple who liked KOTET more than KOTFE.
I know it’s unbelieveable.
Everything has it’s fans.

yeah but after watching that scene that takes place a couple days before he fights Obi-wan on the Death star doesnt that seem odd? I could accept that they did more acrobatics and force stuff in the prequels because they were 20 years younger. But now it makes it weird…

Obi-Wan is a master lightsaber duelist. Technique beats speed/ruthlessness, which could easily explain why their duel seems so slow, as just swinging angrily could easily leave Vader open to a fatal counter.

Alternatively, it’s just as easy to remember that Vader vs Kenobi was filmed decades ago, well before special effects. Doesn’t really need to be an in-universe reason.

There’s another explanation there. In those earlier duels, the actors were instructed by some guy named George Lucas to wield the lightsabers as they were EXTREMELY heavy. Mark Hamill has stated the actors wanted a bit more acrobatics in the movements, and George explicitly told them to avoid that.

He must have changed his mind when he made the prequels though…


Or that. Whatever the case, Star Wars has far larger faults than that slight inconsistency.

I’ll still take Vader vs Luke in ESB over most lightsaber duels in the saga. The dramatic tension adds more to it than any amount of flips and spins would have. Kershner did some great things with lighting and camera angles.

I also happen to feel that Sidious vs. Maul and Oppress from the Clone Wars episode “The Lawless” is one of the top duels in all of Star Wars.

To me it’s Luke vs Vader in RotJ. When Vader mentions Luke’s sister… Epic! But the duel in ESB is very close. I mean, it has the best plot twist in movie history, right?

The music is fantastic in that moment as it tracks Luke pushing Vader back until he falls down and Luke takes his hand. One of my favorite score moments of all the films.

I read the book for ESB, and it goes into a ton of detail on the smell for some reason at that moment. The sour body odor from extended physical exertion combined with the smell of cauterized meat….I can still imaginary smell it every time I see that scene. Thanks books.

Another thing has always bugged me about lightsaber duels and when people discuss them: there is really no way to truly replicate what it would be like to fight with one. Aside from the obvious issue of them not existing, they aren’t like any form of real blade combat since all of the weight of a lightsaber is in the hilt. Swords, knives, kendo sticks, etc all have a balance between blade and hilt that a fighter must attune to but wouldn’t the blade end of a lightsaber be presumably weightless? This would make them even more dangerous in the hands of someone with no training.

Yeah, such as the geonosians designed the entire deathstar according to AOTC – They even show us a complete hologram of the plans being handed to Darth Tyranus, but then in Rogue One some old white human dude who wasn’t even there takes credit for the whole thing.

The truth is, there has yet to be a starwars movie that stands up to the original trilogy. These days I often find myself wishing it had never gone beyond that as far as films….

KOTET is MUCH better than KOTFE.

And Rogue One was very good. It has been praised or received positive reviews by the majority of Star Wars fans.

At first glance i read that as:
“There are eleven people who enjoyed Rogue One.”
XD I’ve only met one of them in person.

If you haven’t played it a lot then your opinion is pretty pointless. It’s a game that gets better and better.

Not really? If a game is that painfully tedious in the first few hours it’s not going to get good enough by the end to justify the work, and judging on the youtube vids it really doesn’t get much better.

Yeah, I’m having fun while playing it, and have barely spent any time in ESO since it was released. Less railroading than ME 2/3, and the filler isn’t as boring as it was in DA:I. And the further in I get the more I like it.

So much filler though :S

Had to uninstall it before I got very far. Too much compulsory mako driving.

That vehicle is pretty fun to drive once you’ve upgraded it, especially on that asteroid with low gravity. It’s nowhere near as annoying as those bloody mountains in ME1.

“-Facial animations that push the boundaries of modern expression!”
It’s like surrealism, but applied to facial animations! Amazing!

So let me see if I have this straight. When we last left off, the Republic and Empire were buddies because of the power of the Eternal Fleet. It ended with you either being the Galactic Tyrant or Peacekeeper, but either way you had control of the fleet and the only thing to contend with were some scattered rebellions.

Fast forward five months, and a new superweapon is discovered so the Republic and Empire are magically back to their pre-“Keeping Up with the Valkorians” saga.

I’m sorry, but anyone who tries to tell me BioWare knows how to do story is really smoking something serious.

On an aside, anyone notice Ben Irving was conspicuously absent?

To be fair, the 8 original class stories, the Flashpoints main arcs, the Dread Masters arc, and the Revan arc, are either great, or at least very good. I personally think it started going downhill with KOTFE. Different writers?

Each of those stories were independent of each other, but kind of cool that they all came together at Ilum. Since then, there’s only one story for all 8 classes. There is no way to write a story that makes sense for Bounty Hunters, Jedi Knights, Sith Sorcs, etc. So the story HAS to suck. Can’t really blame the writers – they are given too many restraints. I can blame the writers for being a bad story, but they have to work with this mess. Boring as can be.
I’d say downhill since Revan, just a steep drop after KOTFE because it ceased to be a Star Wars universe, and your character became a NPC.

No replay value at all. I completed the story once. I have 5 toons kind of in the middle, and the rest I just don’t bother so I can keep my original companions.

While this is true, the story during RotHC and Oricon and Revan was still a common story for all classes, and it was either great, or very good in my opinion. The Oricon stuff is among the best storylines in the franchise I think.

So I think there is some blame to be placed on the writers. And yes, I completely agree with you about KOTFE/KOTET. I have completed the story on 2 characters, another 4-5 are half way through, and I will not touch the story with the rest, so that I can keep my companions.

“The Oricon stuff is among the best storylines in the franchise I think.”

I would go one over you. It is not among the best. It is THE best thing in this game.

You are introduced to the Dread Masters on Belsavis, as part of the planet quest. After dealing with that, some offshoot Dread Guard elements find their way to Section X. You have Terror form Beyond, where you have to deal with Dread Masters servants. Travel to Asation, to close the Ancient Hypergate opened by… You guessed it, the Dread Masters.

You finally find the Dread Masters on Oricon, EASILY the best Dailies area in the game for me. After helping the Republic/Empire forces on this moon, you have not one, but TWO Ops to finally put an end to the Dread Masters. The Dread Fortress may just be my favourite Op.

By all this, I say this is the best thing in the whole game. It shows an ancient, NEW enemy that we had never heard of before. It spawns MANY gameplay hours just on this thread ALONE. It shows INSPIRATION. It shows INTENT. It shows PLANNING.

It shows why this could EASILY be the BEST MMO OUT THERE. It isn’t simply because they don’t want it to, instead milking the great work that those that came before did.


Don’t forget Makeb and CZ-198/GSI happening in the background just to flesh out the universe. Ah man, good times.

Don’t forget the Dreadseed and Shroud Questline … the hidden dungeons of the shroud and all the trap riddles inside you had to solve and the final fight against the shroud.
Best single questline forever!!

The way the Oricon story led to the Oricon operations was great as you say. They repeated that in SoR too. And it worked I’d say.

But I have to say that I will never forgive BW for “playing the Revan card” for 3.0. They knew it would sell. Anything named Revan sells. So instead of coming up with something new for 3.0, they took the easy way. And took the legendary Revan and made him a weekly boss… which you can even solo if you prefer. Bleh…

Actually looking back, apart from KotFE chapters 10 to 16, I think I enjoyed every story they brought up. Vanilla, Makeb, Oricon, SoR, Ziost, KotFE 1-9, KotET were all great in my opinion. I also enjoyed the additional daily areas like Black Hole, Section X, Czerka. They were all great.

There are lots of things the game needs, lots of things that never happened and that led me to unsub at the end, but to be fair story was never one of them.

I have mixed feelings about SoR. I think it was a good expansion, but it signalled the spiral down for TOR. I too wish they had left Revan alone. Revan is so special to me, and dozens of players out there.

But I went along for the ride. I gave them a free pass of sorts. And the expansion was good. I can’t fault that expansion, because it was the last known expansion to feature the right type of content for an MMO. Yes, the delivery was less than perfect, but the end result was good. The way it went into the end I thought was really cool, letting you decide if you want to finish with an Op or doing the dailies.

Turning Revan into a Weekly boss is not cool though. Revan is up there with Vader as far as I’m concerned. He deserved more respect.

Ive always thought raven was silly but I still agree they hung alot of old repub fans out to dry with the weekly boss shtick turning him into an evil wizard at the top of his tower.

we mostly agree, but I don’t think the Revan arc was good at all. It ruined a legend (killing him for what, the third time?) Should have left him alone. I could barely stomach the 1.0 stories, where you free him as a Jedi and kill him as Sith – with a tie in to the novel. +10 story, -5 dragging legendary character into story = total +5 – ok.
RoTHC was ok, Oricon was cool, – and I could replay with all toons, even though same story for all classes. I have low expectations for little add-ons so I didn’t complain. Revan arc I did not like, and that ran right into Ziost (weak) into KotFE (suck really hard), KotFE (suck less, but still suck. Can’t fix FE – the suck was so bad)
The game is just done at this point. They’ve ruined the universe. I can’t even RP in this state of the galaxy. I wrote 3 Fan Fics set in years 4 – 10 ATC while waiting for the game to release. I was hoping to continue the saga 25 years later, which would be about now in this timeline. WTF do I do with a Sith Lord? No Empire. No Republic. “Alliance” full of suck with what goal? What’s the point? You know it’s bad when you kill creativity with your “story.”

Nah, many of them are SWTOR veterans, I checked it once. Lead writer for KotFE was the same as for RotHC and SoR (Boyd), the others were Karpyshyn (heh), Freed (who simply seems to be one of the most promising SW authors) and a lot of dudes who worked on original storylines and expansions.

PS. Fun fact (or it’s just me): for some reason both KotFE and KotET have that special “Karpyshyn flavor” though he wasn’t even in charge.

Karpyshyn is an amazing SW author and I refuse to believe that he was in charge in any possible way. He was probably instructed to write story arcs in some chapters. Most probably the good ones.

Man, Karpyshyn is an AMAZING writer. Anyone who doubts just has to buy and read the Darth Bane trilogy books. I was so happy he returned to TOR. And yes, I fully agree, KotET was way better than KotFE, as I have stated many times.

I just looked it up. Karpyshyn had left in 2012 and returned after KOTFE had already been written, in September of 2015. That’s probably why KOTET was so much better than KOTFE.

Also, Daniel Erickson, who was mostly in charge of the writing in vanilla game, has left since a very long time ago. So yeah, there have been many changes, and even if there are some SWTOR veterans as you say, if the chemistry changes, it actually makes sense that there is this drop in quality.

KOTET was cool, so it felt a little misplaced after what we saw in KOTFE. All your dark/light actions with Valkorion gone and in fact, meaningless. A lot of decisions made in kotfe, never to be acknowledged in kotet, for example saving admiral Ranken’s ass, Empress didn’t even notice. And other things, like the whole destiny stuff – first Valkorion says tha there I no destiny that leads us, but merely a conduit for our will to command. In kotet he speaks of destiny and the eternal throne, as of something outlander MUST blindly follow no matter the cost. Plus this final fight against Valk – a master conspirator and manipulator as he was, why he attacked when it was most obvious? A rather stupid move and many other things. Sure KOTET has better writing in many aspects, but ignoring most of the stuff happened in kotfe is bad.

To be honest, they were always at war with one another.

Going back in the past, when dealing with Revan, there was a temporary truce, a coalition between Marr and Satele’s direct command forces. But the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic and the Dark Council have not approved their actions. After the atrocities on Ziost, they did make a joint fleet to hunt Vitiate in Wild Space, but after Marr’s.death, their uneasy truce ended with the power vacuum left by the attacks. Lana also said it in the swamp recollection portion… both sides see this only as an opportunity to destroy one another at a time of weakness, instead of combining what strength they have.

Then, in Kotet, Saresh attempted to murder both the Empress of the
Sith Empire and the Aliiance commander. Both factions suck up to you at
the end of Kotet, because they want you as an ally against the other
faction. After the Eternal Empire domination is gone, in the final cutscene of Kotet, Lana and Theron are concerned because both factions are preparing for war. So I find the course of action they are taking rather normal.

In a teaser they shown our fleet goes in stand-by when we approach Iokath. So it does make sense if you find out you are stranded on a foreign planet with no fleet or army to back you up. You are powerless and you must choose an ally for survival. Everyone wants Iokath’s resources, but they aren’t enough to go around… so the fight begins. Would you think a lone Outlander can stand up to two armies?

Well in my head-canon, my Dread Maser sorc, could simply destroy legions, considering all thing that he survived against and power he collected.

Totally agree Pub’s and Imp’s were never friends and never wanted to team up only use the alliance to crush the other. However they never should have created anything like this alliance. You should have had control of the republic or empire depending on your alt and kicked ass with your team. The best story telling was always Vanilla “era” times when you knew who and what you were fighting for.

They were never buddies to begin with. That one was never a secret from the very beginning. Arcann never tried to stop their war. Only Alliance imps and pubs are something close to buddies

What the fuck is my Alliance, when the Empire and Republic troops are doing their own thing again?

I have no problem with that, but then they should cancel the stupid Alliance thing. Because it was Republic an Imperials following my character to do one thing.

Why am I still leading an Alliance? An alliance of what? A bunch of smaller groups I picked up with all these generic Star Fortress Companions?

Woh there, the Star Fortress companions are the best. “All these” is just six and personally, I think Leyta, Rokuss, and K’krohl are some of the best companions they’ve done and it’d be nice if they’d get more time in the spotlight (although they probably won’t).

Getting rid of the alliance would be closing the barn door after the horse left. The whole alliance thing should probably have never happened quite like that in the first place, but it’s too late now and any fix will be really messy. There’s just no way they can get rid of the alliance game system at this point, and everybody would lose companions they liked as everybody likes different companions.

So at most, I think they could do a story only fix as bigger changes would break Fallen Empire/Eternal Throne and be too much work. They seem to be starting a slow transition of that sort anyway.

You think these guys cant jist completely flop to a new story line.? That’s how we got here in the first place. In fact if there is anything i still have faith in when it comes to this company its a completely different story line. That in no way shape or form has anything to do with the previous expansion. They excell at starting. Shit at finishing.

the alliance was pointless in the first place anyhow why do you need an alliance when you have the emperor god in tor lmao i still laugh at that shit made the whole alliance pointless /smh

You now sit on the Eternal Throne, and given what the Fleet does when no one is on the Throne, that seems like a long-term gig. If you chose the Light Side ending of KotET, you are also using your resources to help restore the planets affected by the Eternal Fleet.

*cough* Also if the Alliance is cancelled my boyfriend is going to dump my Sith ass and go back to the Republic, and that cannot happen.

Players: Here is our list of stuff that has to be fixed or changed. Please consider working on them.
BioWare: Here is the new Galaxy map you have been waiting for!
Players: Hm. Fine, looks like a little improvement. But nobody asked for that. There are much more importants things to look into.
BioWare goes back into silent hibernation mode, without any communicantion for months.

So what you’re saying is your pet peeve is most importantest pet peeve in the whole wide world? There there.

You think wrrong.

The usual “list of things players want fixed” contains by and large minor inconsequential annoyances.

In the large scheme of things it makes more sense for the devs to rehaul the galaxy map for a QoL improvement for old and most of all new players.

But of course since unverse revolves around us the dev resources ought to focus on hoods, clipping issues and force leap bugs amirite?

Face it sunshine, if you’re bitching about something (dude doesn’t even say WHAT ffs) that hasn’t been fixed for years, that issue is by default not really gamebraking (woudln’t still be playing otherwise eh) and in the large scheme of things incosnequential, ergo your very own *drum roll* pet peeve.

Listen honey, I would be very eager to start a constructive discussion with you about the whole thing, but I don’t like your tone. It’s not a pet peeve to want some very important bugs fixed. Even more so, because they have been in this game for soooo many years. The Galaxy Map renewal is a nice thing, but it’s not something anyone NEEDED, and definitely not something that caused annoyance while playing.

What are you talking about? People have complained that there were too many loading screens required to travel from place to place since launch.

That’s not to say there isn’t other things that are important but this has been needed for 5+ years.

Why can’t anything like the cantina happen in Australia?:(

I can’t want for Quinn to come back 🙂

Meh, I`d prefer somewhere in Europe, but most likely will not visit one only in special case. Still no chance for my country to hold any such event. We are out of their target public =)

Well I’m sure if someone payed for their airfare, lodging, meals and transportation around the city they would pack up and leave Texas for a visit to the Land Down Under.

I’m just smh…. “CXP rate is where it should be, our goal is to have it not change…… SO WE’RE GOING TO CHANGE IT so base is lower but giving CXP back for killing enemies”. OMG. Just leave it exactly where it is during the “event”.

The CXP system was sooooo broken and they finally have something (the rate at which you get CXP) where it is not the primary complaint and they still think they need to “fix it”…. How could this possibly go wrong….

Originally Posted by JLazarillo
“So on today’s stream, it was announced that CXP rates in 5.2 are basically going to be about the same as current “event” CXP rates.[…]

How will the new rates interact with Boost items. Right now, if I use the expensive boost that’s supposed to give 200% CXP, it only really adds about 20% to final amount. I assumed that this was due to the fact that we’re already currently under a “boost” as well. So once 5.2 hits, what will happen to that Booster? If the current “event” amounts are the new “baseline” (or thereabouts) will Boosts actually be worthwhile (right now, particularly the expensive one, feels way too impotent to be worth the effort unless tokens are already maxed anyway)?”
Eric Musco:
Good question!

The boosts have improved value since the base is now higher than before.


In other words: the old 200% (actually worth 20%) will become the new 200% and will be actually be worth something more than 20% because the base is higher…

Why did Eric Musco not become a mathematician ?

For the record: Black Talon, “light side way”:
Mobs base 106 Points (incl. bonus quest!)
Quest reward base 720.
We shall see…

Well, Meelis, what can you do, when suddenly 50% of your DEV Team is going on maternity leave and the other 50%, being trainees, can’t cope with complex changes like balancing classes? 😉

Well i’m not sub anymore so i would say personal life comes first then work or gaming 😀

I feel for the subscribers especially for pvp’ers or those who are waiting class balances and fixes – sage dps fix anyone?

They said one had a kid and others are working on them. Did you not read the entire post? no where does it say there is just “one”

Well if they have more competent people working on class changes other than that one person, why are class changes not coming in 5.2? That’s like Burger King saying no Whoppers being made today one of our 10 cooks our out sick for the day. That make any sense to you?

Just be happy they’ve finally delivered a feature that lives up to their better then cross server offer.

Well, we hvae a 1st ops boss coming. I hope Iokath stoty and daily will make me happy.
New pack have only few things I`ll be glad to have. Not all that happy with new pack.

Now all my hopes go to new datamined stronghold, I hope I will see it in game one day.

Oh excuse us, your Highness of Passive Aggressiveness. I recommend anyone trying to establish communication with her Uptight Majesty to seek an Order of Permission from the Cork-Up-Your-Ass Office first…

Same question. I would greatly prefer Manaan Stronghold though. Hope Zakuul wont be somehow a copy/paste from Coruscant.

IT’s not coming in 5.2 but the actual SH is going to look similar to the palace you go through in chapter 6. The maze like mansion on Zakuul.

Just not coming in 5.2 tomorrow.

Personally I hope they can the Zakuul stuff… Literally any other stronghold setting would be more appealing to me.

So, will they fix NPCs falling through the world? I constantly get mobs under the world. Hell, last time Vette fell through the world, too.

Oh well. At least I get to kill Quinn before my sub runs out. That is nice.

“Class changes – No class changes in 5.2. One of the class designers just had a kid but once he is back they will dive into that. He is not the only one working on the class changes.”
I know that it isn’t blizzard huge team, but come on guys. I’m really interesting now how many people work on BW austin now.

Yes, how dare they delay a patch and cause people to bitch rather than deploy a broken patch that would cause people to bitch.

Yeah, you’re right. To expect them to be competent at their jobs is asking too much. Bear in mind I say “competent”. Not good. Not excellent. JUST competent. Maybe we should thank them for NOT doing their jobs properly. Or maybe it’s OUR fault to expect a patch for the date THEY announced…

Here’s a thought for you: maybe deploying the patch ON TIME and WITHOUT MAJOR ISSUES would be a good alternative. Don’t you agree?

Translation: Programming is easy, fixes are easily found and deployed, and BioWare has a magic wand that they never use because that fits my confirmation bias.

No, you’re just being stupid. And ignorant. But that’s ok, keep making up excuses for other people’s incompetence.

Nope, the translation is accurate and typical. Don’t worry; most people who play this game feel the same way.

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