Black Desert New Content Announcement for 2017

Black Desert Online New Content Announcement for the year of 2017 which includes new Striker class, Kamasylavia Part II and more.[toc]

New Sea Content

New Magoria Monster – Bel


  • The story of this monster starts with a pirated named Bel who one day encountered a baby sea monster. The little monster’s tentacles struck fear into many but its eyes pulled on Bel’s heart. She raised this monster by herself and named it after her. One day Bel and her pirates was killed tragically and this monster was forced to fend for itself. Its master’s death filled Bel with rage and now it kills anything that comes across.
  • Bel is as big as Heidel and to attack it you will need a sailboat with cannons.

New Personal Combat Sailboat

  • The current personal sailboats are not for combat but for sailing and trading. That is why we made a new personal combat sailboat. It has two cannons on either side with four cannons in total. It may not be enough for trading but it is more than enough to defeat the huge Magoria monsters.


New features

Black Dragon’s Wrath: Barbaric Rapture


  • New area much like Red Battlefield that you can play anywhere. (It is a PvE horde defense type of map)
  • Adventurers must protect Iliya Island from monsters using limited resources. Using resources you can earn from defeating monsters, you need build siege weapons like Flaming Tower and Hwacha. Team that defeat the most monsters win.

Black Spirit’s Adventure Part II


  • A more complex board game that is more than just a rolling dice game. Rewards are all different.
  • By defeating challenges on the board game, you can earn treasure maps that allow you to find treasures in the game world.

New Militia System for Node/Region Wars

  • You have to be qualified to apply for it and once you join, you can stay to attack or defend in node wars. It is a new system to encourage participation in node wars and allow those without a big guild to participate.
  • Once you join the Militia, you won’t have a name or a guild name.
  • If you own a node in the territory, you can choose to defend. If you don’t own any nodes, then you can choose to attack.
  • Corresponding rewards will be provided to the guild you belong.
  • Militia system will be active for 2 hrs after node war starts and you will be kicked out once it finishes.

New Shield System for Node Wars

  • For those without good gear and still want to participate in node wars, they are adding some sort of shield system. These shield players cannot attack but they will able to defend their teammates as they advance towards the castle/objectives.
  • This is a new idea they came up recently and will be added after the Militia.

Advanced Guild Systems

  • Easier UI
  • New Guild Skills
  • Better community for guild members.

Class Balance


  • We are aware that some classes are stronger than others
  • They are showing a chart of Kills/Deaths ratios for each class over time. Some class’s K/D ratio raise as soon as they are awakened.
  • Dark Knight/Wizard/Witch have the highest K/D ratios compared to other classes after awakening.
  • Class balance for each class is different as soon as their awakening happened.
  • Class balance will be corrected through constant patching rather than one big patch.
  • Among top 200 AP players, 50 are Dark Knight, 43 are Ranger, 2 are Tamer and just 1 is Kunoichi.
  • Among top 200 DP players, 55 are Witch, 27 are Berserkers, 5 are Musa and 3 for Kunoichi.
  • We are looking to make weaker classes better rather than fixing the stronger classes. This is why it takes more time to fix balance.

New Graphics/Sound Effects/Dances


  • BDO will be remastering sound/graphics this year.
  • For graphics, not only YEBIS but other effects will be added.They are trying to find a way to add these effects without affecting FPS. You will be able to turn on/off these remastered graphics as well via options.
  • For sounds, they are planning to have much better voice and background sounds.
  • They are also working on better optimizations for conquest/node wars.
  • The aftereffects they showedcased are in this video below


  • Our players asked for dance moves and other social actions so starting this year we will be adding dance moves as social actions that our players can enjoy.

Kamasylvia Part II

  • We previously announced Part I, II and III for Kamasylvia but this has been changed. Part I was released last Dec and part II will be coming this summer for KR

Capital City

  • Capital City of Kamasylvia, Grana, will be coming in Part II


New Grind Spot: Mysterious Poly Forest (53-55)

  • Fight against poisonous mushrooms


New Grind Spot: Ringwood Forest (55-57)

  • Serves as an alternative spot to Sausans


New Grind Spot: Geirashia Temple (60+)

  • This is the strongest grinding spot


Dine Horse

  • Dine Horse, it is a new unicorn horse with a big horn.
  • Its horn has magical healing powers and also have a charging skill that can perform a big hit in battle.


Concept Arts of Kamasylvia Part II


Content in Development

Climbing Life Skill


  • New life skill, starts from basic mountain climbing. You can even climb castle walls once you become a guru.
  • Still in development, just introducing its concept here.
  • Other new life skills being considered includes art such as pottery, craft or something.

Flying Airship

  • It is the first flying mount in BDO. It flies very slowly but it allow you to enjoy the landscape. You can fly over to Valencia with this.


Altinova Merchant System


  • New content you can enjoy from the world map, it is more of a trading simulation than earning money.
  • You put down a down payment and get started with workers, wagons and escorts to start trading
  • You can encounter special events as you move across nodes. Merchants may meet thieves, natural disasters or earn extra cargo by winning negations.
  • Since it is a world map content, you can enjoy other content the same time such as training, trading or fishing at the same time.
  • The goal of this isn’t to make money, but they do need to reward it accordingly.

Second Awakening

  • Create whole new skills by combining unawakened skills that allow them to be as powerful as awakened skills.
  • Example: Warriors can combine Spinning Slash and Ground Smash to make a wider Spinning Slash.
  • Example: Rangers can combine Charging Wind and Penetrating Wind to make a new skill with a wider radius.

New Classes

Striker Class


  • Born of noble family in Calpheon but his family fell from grace and had to move away from Calpheon. Entire family was lost during the sea while sailing except for him.
  • Has a lot of martial arts skills using bare hands rather than using weapons like other classes. Skills includes martial arts, foot techniques and more.
  • This new class will be released on April 13 for KR, no date yet for NA/EU.
  • Specialized in combos that can deal a lot of attacks in a short time.
  • Awakened form of this class will be using some sort of fighting gloves.


Unnamed New Class

  • Class not in development yet, may use a different weapon.


By Dulfy

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34 replies on “Black Desert New Content Announcement for 2017”

I picked this up last week for something new to try out. I am not disappointed in anything. Sure some stuff needs a tiny bit of reworking but of how they have a living, breathing world in this game it will have me busy for a hell of a long time, even when Dark & Light comes out 🙂

The release date for Striker in KR is wrong. April 13th is the character creation date. Go to the KR website and translate the text where it says 2017.04.13. Its talking about character name saving(create dictionary character), not the release of the class. Also, the number 20 was in the stream – which is the release date.

KR releases classes in this fashion:
1. They announce it.
2. They have a character creation event
3. They release the class a week after character creation event.

8, 13, 20
8 was the announcement
13 is the character creator
20 is the release.

Simply going to KR’s website is enough to realize this. They have an event ending on the 20th, related to the Striker class. Kindly do more research, please.

eff off floyd. no one wants to see your contempt-as-fuck attitude here. If you want to point out a mistake, don’t be such a jackass about it.

Fuck you dude! If Dulfy is going to keep posting wrong information AND not correct it, why should I not chew them out for it? Dulfy is informing people of information, they have a following of people who don’t look into things themselves and use Dulfy’s website as an information bank. Meanwhile, they’re(Dulfy) giving those people the wrong information and people will take it as truth. Fuck that shit!

All Dulfy does anyways is copy and paste information other people post and the minute they have to actually think about something, they post the wrong info and forget about it? Fuck that dude! Not a single one of you posted anything else to point it out, and you all left it until I did. Not one. Any one of you could of stepped up and posted a nicer comment saying the proper dates right away, but you didn’t. You all left it for some asshole on the internet to say.

Dulfy could of looked into it themselves instead of wherever they got their information from. However, that’s not the way Dulfy works, so yeah, fuck that shit! I posted well after everyone else figured it out(April 12th, 4 days after the stream), plus the KR website themselves had the info on there AS THE STREAM WAS LIVE! It was clear as fucking day, but Dulfy – to this day – still has the wrong info on this page.

Get your facts straight, I don’t copy/paste info from others. I spent 3-4 hrs listening to the stream and transcribed everything that was there. So if you want to accuse me of copy/pasting, better get your story right.

Secondly, the release date wasn’t mentioned on the stream but just a series of numbers. I went on the KR site you linked on the date of the stream and saw a date there so I just used that. Which turned out to be the date of the character creation date. So I got a date wrong for the KR version, which I seriously doubt anyone cared. If they are playing the KR version they already know where to get their info.

Only one that seemed to care about the date is you and you are being super condescending about it.

FACT: You do copy & paste patch notes, among a lot of other stuff. I never said you copied and pasted the stream information: “All Dulfy does anyways is copy and paste information other people post..”, which is generalized assumption of 90% of your website. With possibly the exception of some of the links in the master post, most of the ‘content’ on here is copy/paste. You can argue it isn’t but most of whats on here was posted somewhere else first. I started following the site from GW2 stuff and beyond the small videos showing off new armor/weapon skins, the rest of the information was easily found on the forums.

That hasn’t changed much since I moved to BDO.

Now that I think of it, a good portion of the Black Desert Magoria Opening Event Guide is copy/pasted with no source to the event page on the forums. The image for the shipwreck locations hints was posted on the forums originally, and is copy and pasted. It’s kind of stretching it, but you technically didn’t source someone else’s work here.

Regardless of how much time you spent on prettying up the page, along with adding to the content that was copy/pasted; copy/paste is still copy/paste and should be sourced. The fact that there’s no source link to someone else’s information is questionable and makes me wonder how much more information isn’t sourced..

FACT: The release date TECHNICALLY was in the stream, being the 20th of April and them having the three numbers riddle shown(8,13, 20). It was also on the KR site, and had you bothered to translate the text you would of known that the 13th was the character creator event start period instead the release date. Furthermore, the entire CC event period had an end point of the 19th of April 24:00.

I’ll admit I’m probably being condescending, and I apologize. My original comment wasn’t meant to be as much of an asshole-ish comment as the rest of this is. The second one was kind of a low-blow jab, but the first one wasn’t intended that way. That said, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re still wrong. This page still has an error on it, regardless of the fact that the date has passed.

I copy/paste patch notes but that is about it. I don’t go on forums and copy guides. So don’t make up things that you don’t know. If you can link a guide I copy/pasted please do so.

Notice how he never responded. Such disrespect from someone who has contributed nothing to someone who has contributed a whole lot.

@Floyd I have played many betas and have seen @Dulfy there. She is invited to betas and some games invite a few players like her to be on an advance server. The programmers, family and friends server that test all new things before released to the main servers. She actually plays the games and in many cases has already saved her videos from the test server then puts it on her site AFTER they say its ok to talk about it. She IS NOT a cut and paste gamer/ web designer.

Consider the Dark Knight’s KR release vs NA/EU’s release of the class.
Then consider how quickly we’re getting stuff from KR patches.

If we went by patches alone, we could expect the class to release in as close as a month to 2 or 3 weeks. It took the KR “buff” to PvP Defence to come to NA/EU roughly that long. However there’s a very good chance that won’t be the case.

The Dark Knight was released on KR December 15th/16th 2016, and then took until March 1st 2017 to be released on NA/EU. Almost 3 months time. Assuming PA/Kakao have been getting better at jamming NA/EU with partial new updates just coming to KR, and NA/EU being whiny lil’ bitches(I am including myself in this group) and wanting the new shinies as soon as fucking possible – regardless of if its ready or not, maybe 1.5 to 3 months is a better estimate.

I would not think it would take any longer than that though, and as a rule of thumb, one week prior to the release will be the character creator event.

I knew DK was going to come out March 1st, to celebrate the 1 year of NA/EU BDO – it was too perfect not to take advantage of that and shove DK into our versions. A similar event might be a good idea for them. Perhaps whenever they change over to the summer-time theme(as currently it is spring time in BDO).

At the very latest, we should get it by July, most likely before then.

Tonight is Striker Release on KR. So if you check the streams out tonight, you’ll probably see a bunch of streamers streaming the new class. One I check out is Coco.. I don’t know her full name on twitch, so just go looking. When DK released on KR, she had prepped a nouver or kutum tamer knot thinking it was going to use that and the expression was fucking hilarious lol.
(miscommunication between the players and the dev’s lol)

Wow, dude. That is kind of a rude way to speak to someone who is basically creating libraries of knowledge for people to use across multiple games. It is just the date being off by a few dates, not a huge issue. Have some respect!

Unnamed class is female GOD FUCKING DAMN IT KAKAO THERE ARE TOO MANY FEMALES IN BDO i guess i cant complain the striker is male but seriously fuck gender locking

No I Just hate how many females are coming out from Kakao these days If i want Look at a Nice piece of ass I wouldn’t play an MMO i would rather play Dead or Alive Volleyball because at least they don’t hide too much of there perversion

This is the reason why I quit the game. Not only is there a majority of female only classes but there’s usually way more cool than the male ones. Still waiting to see if they release a male Dark Knight or at least announce its being made before I sell my account.

I really want to see more about that class, that weapon looks interesting and i hope they keep it.
Currently playing a Ranger and im not really happy anymore with it…

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