SWTOR Game Update 5.2 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 5.2. This patch will be released on April 18 instead of April 11


  • New Iokath Storyline: When a superweapon of unimaginable power is discovered on Iokath, you must choose to align your forces with either the Republic or Empire — and deal with the inevitable consequences. Once you complete the storyline you will gain access to host of repeatable Missions in a brand-new daily area.
  • Returning Companions: Prepare to fight alongside Former Sith Warrior Companion Malavai Quinn or former Republic Trooper Companion Elara Dorne!
  • Gods From the Machine: Team up with friends and guildmates to take on the first boss of this new Operation, Tyth, the God of Rage.
  • Galaxy Map: Accessible from anywhere, explore the galaxy like never before with the new and improved Galaxy Map.
  • Galactic Command Gearing Changes: Crates get better as you level, greater chances to get set bonus gear, guaranteed Unassembled Gear drops on Operation bosses, and more!
  • Master Mode Uprisings: Earn new Achievements as you fight through all 10 Uprisings, now available in Master Mode.
  • Updated Class Story Introductions: The introductory scenes for the original eight class storylines have been significantly updated and improved.


  • The Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 1 “The Hunt” and Chapter 2 “A Dream of Empire” Mission Rewards have had their Command Experience values reduced.
  • The audio that plays when a Group Finder queue is ready has been improved to be more noticeable.
  • The 100% Command boosts, both from the vendor and Cartel Market now works at all Command ranks.
  • Republic players can now obtain the “Makeb’s Mysterious Survival” codex from the Makeb Weekly Mission. This once again allows Republic players to obtain the “Loremaster of Makeb” Achievement.
  • The Imperial Scholar title and codex can once again be earned by completing “The Hate Machine” Mission on Korriban.
  • Credits have been added to the in-game mail a player receives for choosing the light side conclusion of KOTET.
  • Removed an incorrect border color which would appear on the Knights of the Eternal Throne loading screen on some screen resolutions.
  • Coruscant authorities have taken an aggressive stance against weeds growing planet-wide. Players will see a reduction in plants randomly sticking up through metal flooring around the planet.
  • Imperial and Republic Fleet Exploration Achievements will now display properly in the Achievements interface.
  • The Quick Travel bind point for Breaktown now automatically unlocks during Chapter VII: The Lady of Sorrows when you arrive in Breaktown for the first time.
  • Custom HK-51 appearances will now appear properly during Chapter IX: The Alliance cinematics.
  • Quick Travel abilities can now be used from inside of ship hangars.
  • The following Legacy Perks now have additional benefits due to the new Galaxy Map:
    • Priority Transport: Personal Starship – If you have this perk you can travel directly to your ship from the Galaxy Map.
    • Priority Transport: Planet – If you have this perk you can travel to that location via the galaxy map for no credit cost.
  • All enemies now have a Command Experience value when killed.
  • The base Command Experience rate has been greatly increased. The new base rate is slightly lower than the adjusted rate from the Command XP event.

Classes +Combat

  • Corrected an issue where Veeroa Denz would not use the Finishing Strike ability while in Damage Mode.

Flashpoints + Operations + Uprisings


  • Bolster for all PvE content has been buffed slightly.


  • All Story Mode Flashpoints will now drop loot as intended.
  • The final boss of Veteran and Master Mode Flashpoints will now drop loot for level 50-60 players, as intended.
  • Players will now only have one Bolster tooltip as intended during the Story Mode Battle of Rishi Flashpoint.


  • Defeating the Cartel Warlords in Scum and Villainy in 8-player Nightmare Mode will no longer also grant the Achievement for defeating them on 16-player Nightmare Mode.
  • Fixed a timing issue in the initial phase of the Blaster encounter which would cause Resonant Explosive Probes to have longer durations than intended. This could result in Blaster piling a bunch of explosive probes onto the same (very, very unfortunate) person in cases where he shouldn’t have been.


  • Completing Uprisings on Story and Veteran difficulty will now grant progress towards the General Uprising Achievements “Initial Uprisings (Story), Initial Uprisings (Veteran), Second Uprisings (Story), and Second Uprisings (Veteran).”
  • Kolto stations will now respawn when an entire party dies during an Uprising boss encounter.
  • The final boss of Landing Party will be more respectful of players’ schedules, and will now actually show up for the fight when they should.
  • Doors in the Fractured Uprising will no longer show as locked when you can interact with them.
  • All power-ups in the Destroyer of Worlds Uprisings can now be picked up by players.

Galactic Starfighter

  • Galactic Starfighter Daily and Weekly Missions now award Unassembled Components. Daily Missions award 8 and Weekly Missions award 20.

Items + Economy

  • Female body type 2 characters will no longer have terrifyingly stretched faces while wearing the following helmets: Revan’s Mask, Agile Reconnaissance’s Mask, Reaver’s Headgear, Dramatic Extrovert’s Headgear, and the Red, White, Blue, Gold, and Vented Scalene Headgear.
  • The Zakuul Voyager’s decoration preview will now face forward as intended.
  • Unlearned Schematics can no longer be equipped in armoring slots.
  • Since the Outlander Targeter’s Package MK-5 Implant is not a boot, it no longer has a boot icon.
  • Corrected the naming of Weaponmaster and Vindicator armor sets, previously their names were flipped.
  • Summoning the Zakuul Voyager mount will no longer incorrectly summon the Morlinger Phantom.
  • Using the Cybernetic Rancor mount will now properly grant the Stronghold Decoration to the player.
  • Using the Armored Ziost Ice Tromper mount will now grant the correct Decoration to the player.
  • The default preview window display for the Zakuul Personal Dropship has been zoomed out greatly.
  • The Statue: Naga Sadow Decoration will now appear correctly under the Civil > Statues category on the Galactic Trade Network.
  • The Coil Explorer’s Armor Set now lists the correct Cartel Pack source in Collections.
  • All White-Gray Color Crystals are no longer incorrectly listed as Silver rarity items in their Collection’s tooltip.
  • As a player increases their Tier 1 Command Rank (1-89) they will gain higher drop rates of Prototype and Artifact quality gear, while their Premium drop rates will go down. This is to encourage the player getting more consistent set-bonus gear as they level.
  • As a player increases their Tier 2 and 3 Command Rank (90-299) they will gain higher drop rates of Artifact and Legendary quality gear, while their Premium and Prototype drop rates will go down. This is to encourage the player getting more consistent set-bonus gear as they level.
  • Command Rank 300 is now Tier 4 of Galactic Command. Tier 3 will now be Command Ranks 181 – 299. Any Command Crates earned at rank 300 will now contain Tier 4 gear.
  • New Tier 4 vendors have been added to the fleet.
  • All Operation bosses will now drop one Unassembled Gear Piece; the final boss will drop two. This number is doubled for 16-player Operations.
  • Tier 1 Unassembled Gear Pieces no longer drop in Operations.
    • Bosses will now drop the following Unassembled Gear Pieces in existing Operations:
      • Tier 2 Legendary Unassembled Gear Pieces – Story Mode
      • Tier 3 Legendary Unassembled Gear Pieces – Veteran Mode
      • Tier 4 Prototype and Artifact Unassembled Gear Pieces – Master Mode (Non-final bosses)
      • Tier 4 Legendary Unassembled Gear Pieces – Master Mode (Final bosses)
    • Gods From the Machine bosses will drop:
      • Tier 3 Legendary Unassembled Gear Pieces – Story Mode
      • Tier 4 Legendary Unassembled Gear Pieces – Veteran Mode
    • Tier 2 Unassembled Gear no longer has a Tier 1 gear requirement to purchase from the Unassembled Component vendor.
    • Gear vendors will now only show your Disciplines gear by default. If there isn’t Discipline-specific gear, all items will be shown.
      • A dropdown menu has been added to gear vendors allowing you to switch to other Discipline’s gear, or to show all available items on that vendor.
    • Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 25% Command XP boosts are no longer available for purchase. Existing boosts will remain in your inventory and can still be used.
    • A new 25% Command XP boost has been added to the Command Token vendor, it works at all Command Ranks.
    • The tireless engineers at Czerka Novelty Labs have released a free software update for the Czerka Crate-O-Matic that incorporates a Zakuulan crate into the device’s repertoire. Czerka has refused to confirm rumors that this same update introduced a bug into the device wherein it may, in very rare cases, disguise a user as a potted plant.

Missions + NPCs

  • Corrected an issue where the following Companions would not use voice lines while in healing mode: Vette, Andronikos Revel, Ensign Temple, Jaesa Willsaam (Light Side only), Lieutenant Pierce, Ashara Zavros, and Xalek.
  • Added more Cyber Mercenaries to the “Abandoned Bunker” Heroic Mission on Voss so that the Bonus Mission is now possible to complete.
  • It is no longer possible to incorrectly obtain the “Into the Killik Warrens” Mission on Alderaan.
  • Completing “The Forgotten Trophy” Alliance Alert will no longer grant the player Broken Commendations.
  • Invisible assassins are no longer hiding in Chapter XV of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Players can no longer be instantly killed by interacting with certain weapon lockers in the Chapter.
  • Corrected an issue where Shield Bunkers would not spawn on certain planets which would prevent Star Fortress Mission progression.
  • Adjusted formatting in the Mission tracker for some KOTFE and KOTET Chapters so that text would not be cut-off in French and German.
  • The “Cleanse the Corrupted” Mission on Voss has had the amount of mobs reduced and the bosses overall power lowered to make the Mission easier.
  • The Smokescreen Toxin debuff will now remain on the player as long as they are in the toxin room during the Biological Warfare Mission.
  • Bounty Hunters will now receive a moddable Blaster Pistol when completing the Mission “Escaping Hutta.”
  • Addressed an issue where if a Jedi Knight repeated Chapter III: Outlander they could no longer summon T7-01.
  • EPHEMERIS will no longer have two nameplates when encountered in Star Fortresses.
  • The final boss for the Mission “War on Spice” on Tatooine has had their difficulty increased.
  • Rathen-Predot, Chorto Rinn, and the Eagle will no longer respawn as friendly NPCs after the choices the Imperial Agent makes during the “Hostile Takeover” Class Mission.
  • Piij, the vendor for the Eternal Championship, will now be a little more chatty when you interact with them.
  • More Tarlem Militia Forces have been added to the phased Mission areas for “Landing Party” so that the Bonus Mission “Mauling the Militia” is possible to complete.
  • Elder Manka Cats on Alderaan will now properly count towards the completion of Beasts of Alderaan Achievements.
  • Corrected an issue where the player would not receive the Star Fortress Achievement “One For All” if their Companion landed the killing blow on Forta.
  • The first Herald of Zildrog will no longer despawn after Gungus is defeated in the Eternal Championship.
  • Tooltip copy has been added for the “Smokescreen Toxin” debuff that players receive during the “Biological Warfare” Mission on Corellia. Companions will now be affected by “Smokescreen Toxin” as intended.
  • Aric Jorgan will now be more chatty when the player interacts (right clicks) with him.
  • Ak’ghal Usar will now trigger voice lines properly during combat.
  • Nerf calfs around the galaxy have become strangely hungry as of late…


  • Increased the requirements to earn Damage Done, Healing Done, and Damage Prevented medals.
  • The Command Experience bonus earned for each medal a player has at the end of a Warzone has been increased.



  • Лев Сафаров

    The final boss for the Mission “War on Spice” on Tatooine has had their difficulty increased.

    You think you can cross Kiregan Freem? Kiregan Freem spits on you! Kiregan Freem kicks dirt in your face! Kiregan Freem chews on your corps! Boys, show them that they do not mess with the exchange, they do not mess with Kiregan Freem! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/27c2fadd74a13f6994628bf622f9c33240377dd691444c154db8e092772f4861.jpg

    • Rance

      I had to scroll up to see if you were for real or it was irony…


      Even if people label me as a hater I try to trust in those clowns really hard… I really try it :'(

      • I had to give it up, man. I just couldn’t take the slow roll-outs and nothing to do. Luckily, someone was willing to take the account off my hands for a solid 800 Dollrs 🙂

    • Baldarhion

      Finally, new content !

      • Rance

        Recicle of the recicle of the recicled content.


        • Harston

          *Recycle and what? New content? It’s a difficulty increase for an already existing boss. xD

    • Harston

      Kiregan Freem isn’t from ‘War on Spice’, he’s from ‘Call down the Thunder’.

      • Rance

        Didn’t pay attention to that you’re right xDDDD

        • Harston

          They all seem sort of the same, so I don’t blame ya. xD

      • gog

        Kiregan Freem doesn’t care about your accurate facts!


    • Sarigar

      Kiregan Freem’s boys are girls.

      • Лев Сафаров

        Well, this too.

    • StClair

      “Kiregan Freem talks too much.”
      — me, every time I run that heroic

  • Loco Motive

    Either I’m drunk or this update looks like decent quality of life improvements. Either I’m drunk or this like like a decent quality of life improvemrn

    • Cole

      No reason it couldn’t be both.

      • Rance

        Keep dreaming m8.

    • Reactionary Monarchist

      On paper, wait to see it in practice.

    • DerpDude

      It is/was of decent quality…that’s why it got delayed…it needs further breaking.

  • Vincent van der Laan

    how about increasing sorc dps hits ? since they scrub atm

    • Rance

      I can already see the fix in the next patch: Hey f̶o̶o̶l̶s̶ folks! Lightning discipline will be renamed now to “Massage”, the DPS version of Corruption, but with an improvement that will let you heal your opponents now, enjoy this new, awesome and thrilling PvP™ experience d̶e̶l̶a̶y̶e̶d̶ delivered by your gods at Biowurr!


      • nana

        Would love that! Make madness great again!

    • Harston

      I’m pretty happy with my Sorc right now. =o

    • Rancoth

      Sorc is the easiest dps spec in game. You cant expect it to have comparable dps with maras or snipers which are much more complicated. Also, thanks to utilities nad mobility, sorc still shines in pvp, so it would be to much OP with an increased dmg output.

    • Meelis S

      Didnt you get the memo? Class balance dev is on child care vacation…

  • Wraithy2773

    Strange patch note, maybe hint to a new event? “Nerf calfs around the galaxy have become strangely hungry as of late…”

    • Scarecrow

      It’s for the secret Nerf herder achievement and pets.

      • ConcernedGuest

        Don’t forget the decoration portrait ^^xd.

    • Ben Gimson

      New event XD

  • Seph

    For the love of god… all I’ve wanted to know for weeks is what 248 gear will cost in unassembled components… GG bioware.

  • Scarecrow

    Omg finally they fixed the Galatic Loremaster achievement!!

  • Cat

    Why would they increase bolster even more?..

  • Wayshuba

    Patch Notes, with careful reading, already foreshadow the Tier 5 of gear coming to the Hamster Wheel soon.

    Current Ops – Story for Tier 2, Veteran for Tier 3, Master for Tier 4.
    New Op [Boss] – Story for Tier 3, Veteran for Tier 4. What will Master have once Op is finished?

    • ConcernedGuest

      Tier V has already confirmed in the same post with Tier IV by those dataminers that posted on rededit months ago. Probably comes in at august.

      That’s the reason I stopped raiding. Makes no reason to constantly re-gear my toons and of those 8 I have only two are halfway 236.
      It’s just so ridiculous.

      Between 1.0 and 2.0 we had 1.5 years between re-gearing.
      From 2.0 to 3.0 also 1.5 years until our gear went into the crap bin.
      From 3.0 to 4.0 and also 4.0 to 5.0 only 1 year distanz before the whole gearing hamsterwheel had to be done again.

      And now … re-gearing every … 3-4 month?

      This is ridiculous.

      Is the only way to stop this really leaving the game?

      • no comment bioware!

        Thats not all true. during Classic we had gear increases at 1.2 with the denova and 1.4 with Asation, april and september if i remember correctly.
        During the period of RotHC we needed to gear up also 3 times, Nightmare of Asation and S&V (2.2 juli i think), dread war hard (2.4) and nightmare (2.7 (april) and 2.8 (june or juli))

        The big diffrence we had back than, no rng loot and also complet instances. I dont mind to gear up for new operations, but we get to upgrade probably 2 times for 2 bosses in the next 3 months.

        • ConcernedGuest

          … I think you’re right …

      • Matthew

        246 and 248 are both Tier 4. No different than 240 & 242.
        Unless you are talking about a different Reddit Datamining Post..?

        As a side note: At least what they are doing now is not as harsh of a screw you to geared players. Prior xpacs invalidated all prior gear. Now they only invalidate 1 tier.
        Prior xpac: NiM gear was 198, while new SM was 216
        With 5.2: Nim Gear was 242, and that’s functionally New HM gear. If you are NiM geared already, you can go straight into NiM for 248’s as soon as the xpac launches.
        It’s still too soon to be regearing, but it’s not as horrendous as it was.

    • Meelis S

      Tier 4-5 was done when GC was introduced. They included those tiers shortly after 5.0 release. Those who still play this game are just ignoring straight facts – this game will recycle content from now on until it shuts down. Adding few things here and there IF it doesnt bug out (delaying patches). All they will do is add by end of year tier 6-7

      Happy grinding,

    • Matthew

      What makes you think they will even make a Master Mode?
      If they give Rav/Tos a NiM, then maybe I can see them giving Iokath Master Mode, but until then it’s not happening.

  • DerpDude

    Notes: “The final boss for the Mission “War on Spice” on Tatooine has had their difficulty increased.”

    Explanation: “The Boss have been given two knockbacks, a stun and an AoE sleep dart. All of them last 5 seconds except for the dart which lasts for 10 seconds, are instant cast and you never see them coming.”

    • d8xC0

      Yeah. Wonderful. Bosses who stun you 2+ times in a row.
      One of the reasons why it put my companions on damage roll, so somebody kills these, while my character is busy dancing around or laying on the floor.

      • DerpDude

        Haha…the main reason why I made my sorc back in the day…to watch Khem Val being a ragdoll instead of myself ^^

    • Rance

      And don’t forget the health bar multiplied by 1000 and immune to stuns and interrumptions to make it even more annoying.

  • 555555555555555555555555555555

    5 years to play a different sound file! It took them 5 years!

    The audio that plays when a Group Finder queue is ready has been improved to be more noticeable.

    With this crew we are happy if they change it at all, no matter how often we ask for it, no matter how easy it is to be changed.

    • Meelis S

      You know its not easy to find code lines in that big mess. At least they found the sound file. Question is do they have another 5 years for other these fixes? 🙂

  • Secundum

    Galactic Command is still here? Pass.

    • Rance

      Galactic Command should have been an extension of the Dark vs Light event rewards, never the new way of gearing.

      • Secundum


  • Godlikesaliartoo

    What on earth? I’ve tried to post a link to a news story about a new KOTOR game from BW Austin but to no avail???

  • Reactionary Monarchist

    After becoming God-Emperor of the galaxy, and following Valky’s family sitcom, this looks rather beneath any of the playing characters.

    But hey, it does enable BW to add more Zakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul crap to the already overflowing garbage heap.

    • Naq

      That is sort of the problem with jumping the shark. Once you beat the Emperor there isn’t much left to do, the story has sort of run its course. Everything else is house keeping. Unless maybe Tyranids come? Maybe some 40k cross licensing.

      • Reactionary Monarchist

        Pretty much. Funny enough most other MMOs I play / played either avoid God-Emperor angle or push it into the background. It just displays the poor quality of plot development and writing in SWTOR, as usual.

        “Zakuul” still cracks me up, it’s something my seven year old nephew would think is cool. You know, in the vein of “sinister black hand of chilly death cult”.

      • Drivan

        You hit the nail on the head with this one.
        They really have nowhere else to go with the story now. At least nowhere that makes logical sense.
        Why would the Alliance commander be on the front lines of any battle?
        You wouldn’t, you would send out your troops. If you were strong enough to defeat the entire Eternal Empire, you should be strong enough to rule the entire Galaxy with out having to get your hands dirty.

        • Paulo Gomes

          You’re right, but I would advise not going down that road. If we try to find sense in all things Star Wars we might just lose it. I pretty much bury my head in the sand and resort to “because… the Force!”.

          I mean, Ep I. The Jedi find that there is a strong possibility of a return of the Sith when Qui-Gon encounters Darth Maul on Tatooine. What does the Council do? They sit on their collective behinds, and choose to send a Jedi Knight that isn’t even on the Council and his Padawan to investigate… Hummmm… Not much sense there either my friend. And it’s a movie, not the game.

          So as long as it’s well written and fun I’ll take the Iokath thingy and give a free pass. Again, that is. I’m running out of free passes after the KotFE/KotET debacle…


          • John Kosto

            No one really thinks that a real Sith has emerged in the galaxy after 1000 years of absence, that’s why. Plus, Qui-Gon was one of the most powerful Jedi Knights, on route to become a Master soon I think. And they didn’t actually go to Naboo to investigate the presence of the Sith, but mostly to protect Amidala.

            And yeah, the story in Episodes 1-3 actually makes a lot of sense and it’s complicated and it’s fun. There are other problems with the movies, but these problems are not enough to make them less than awesome in my book.

            • Paulo Gomes

              I will slightly disagree on the Sith thing there… But yeah, the prequels are awesome. Not as awesome as the original ones, but awesome nonetheless. Except Jar-Jar. That thing is NOT awesome.

              • John Kosto

                Remember that the Jedi Council had NEVER ever seen a Sith before. And not anyone for 1000 years ever either. They had not trained how to face one. If anything, it made sense that Darth Maul was so bad-ass against two Jedi at the same time. I am explaining their perspective for sending just 2 Jedi to investigate, not saying that Sith are not a powerful Force of evil 🙂

                Jar-Jar was annoying, but also occupied a very very short amount of screen time. If anything, the haters totally made this a thing, when it shouldn’t have been a thing.

                I would go as far to say that Episode 3 might be my favorite Star Wars movie. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter, I love all 6 and to me they are ONE story. And that also goes to how Lucas sees them. So, yeah, I am not the weird one. Thank the Maker!

              • Paulo Gomes

                I’ll tell you what makes even less sense that that. Rey’s fight with Kylo Ren. I’ve heard people say that she has a deep connection to the Force and all (I wish I had a deep connection with her, but I digress hehehehehe).

                That made no sense to me. Sure, Kylo wasn’t fully trained, but he sure had a lot more training than Rey, who had NONE. Jedi and Sith have to train their velocities, the moves for lightsaber duels. Kylo as a Jedi trained under freaking Luke Skywalker, who is said to be one of the best duelists of all time, maybe behind Master Yoda ONLY.

                And she is able to kick HIS ass??? Use Mind Tricks at her second or third try??? No man, that made no sense. I loved the movie. But it had so many inconsistencies…

              • Irid Magrein

                Yeah, the thing is we don’t actually know if she has no training at all. She can fight with male weapons, just as fine. Maybe she wasn’t properly trained in a light saber fights, but she never was presented as defenseless from the very beginning.

                You know that some of the truly gifted chosen ones don’t even need training in case of such mind tricks? Vitiate for example, the moment he was born he didn’t need any kind of training to use the force as he wanted. Plus, being in training under best duelist, doesn’t give you much credit, until you prove yourself. Kylo, obviously, as it seems, was trained, but didn’t match. Plus there are still so much we do not know about Ray’s past.

              • Fred Garvin

                Aside from being hurt and unhinged, I think Kylo wasn’t out to kill Rey as much as to capture her. He was overconfident like most Sith and it helped do him in. I think he’ll be looking for a kill next time, especially since she gave him a nice scar for his efforts. I think he’s kind of a joke. I doubt Snoke has given him any useful training. Probably just enough to corrupt him and string him along.

                I have no problem with Rey’s holding her own in the duel as I think she knows more about the Force then we (and she) know(s) and she showed she’s very skilled with melee weapons. The mind trick thing did bug me though…then again, Luke has like a 15 min training session with Ben and can communicate telepathically and use the Force to assist him launching a torpedo into a small hole.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Right you are. I guess it all depends on where we stand in Ep VIII. A lot of things must be explained there. I have great expectations for that one. If it delivers it’s gonna be MASSIVE. And then we’ll have to wait for Ep IX… Best not to think about these things, I get anxious… lol.

              • John Kosto

                Hmmm… listen, I am not even going to defend The Force Awakens, because the more I think about that movie, the more it bothers me. It is so unoriginal that it hurts. I do NOT love that movie, I merely like it. I am expecting a lot more from Episodes VIII and IX.


                1. Kylo Ren was injured by a mother focking Wookie Bowcaster, which would kill 99% of all people it would hit, and also

                2. You do not know anything about Rey’s past at the moment. She might have had training and forgotten about it. She might have also been Luke’s student in the past. But even if she wasn’t, the Force started from somewhere. There was a point in time where some Jedi were among the first Jedi. No one trained them. Rey could be just like one of them. Using the Force with all of her existence, letting herself completely open to the Force, and fighting with instinct. That’s when she was able to kick his ass. And that part, did not bother me one bit.

              • Paulo Gomes

                Which takes me to my original comment to Drivan: “Because… The Force!!!”

                But you’re right, it’s a minor nuisance. She could be the Force incarnate, for all we know. And yes I’m expecting more for Eps VIII and IX.

                A LOT MORE.

      • Ben Gimson

        That’s exactly why I think the story from now on should focus on exploration of new worlds in Wild Space. And not super-awesome-droid planets either, just regular jungle worlds, ocean worlds etc. Easy enough to make up motivation for the PC to do so, and would allow for more personal stories to be told again (maybe only Theron and Lana go with you, allowing you to develop your relationship with them, along with a few temporary LI’s and companions on each world you visit.)

        But I can see we’re just going to be forced back into Pub vs Imp, without them even bothering to keep up the whole ‘neutral third party’ thing they started when the PC took the throne.

        • Naq

          I could get behind the exploration idea. It would be pretty neat to just expand the universe a little, maybe even discover some truly ancient and amazing things, perhaps something regarding the Whills?

          • Ben Gimson

            Yeah just a fun adventure each expansion. No galaxy-shaking shit (maybe those could be kept to story updates between expansions?), no super-massive-God fleet, no fate of all life in the cosmos.

            Just a fun little escapade on some unknown and strategically unimportant world. Treasure, relics, shits and giggles… but going on the datamined story for Iokath, the next expansion will probably involve some Dragon Age copy/paste where our characters breach the spiritual realm and become Star Wars Jesus.

            • Naq

              Maybe I should keep playing for just a little bit then. “Naq died for our sins” sounds like a thing I want to be around for.

            • John Kosto

              While I am ALWAYS and I will always be a supporter of this game going back to a Pub VS Imp state (and it CAN be done in a smart way if you have competent and smart people), I fully support the “no galaxy-shaking shit” term.

              It’s the reason why I can’t be bothered with the Marvel Cinematic Universe crap since many years ago. I like the Thor movies because Asgard is the only one in peril, but everything else…. why go see the same movie 15 times, when I know there will be a count down to deactivate a bomb, a massive event, a massive explosion, a portal, and that count down will stop just 1 second before it goes off and destroys the universe? I don’t even understand why the MCU receives good reviews anymore. Literally every movie is the same now.

              • Ben Gimson

                If they’d have stuck with Imps vs Pubs I’d be all for it, but they went with the Eternal Empire angle and imho they should stick with it. Otherwise why bother having story at all if it’s just a constant civil war of concepts and ideas every other year? If the EE angle is taken away then the last two years of story amount to nothing, and if the story amounts to nothing it’s not worth following into the future since it can just do another U-turn.

                But yeah, completely agree about Marvel. I’m not into superhero movies anyway, really, but when every movie has a ridiculous new threat trying to one-up the last ridiculous new threat, it all just stops feeling threatening. All the main characters have plot armour and the good guys will win in the end.

                Which is just bad writing, something I can’t stomach personally, especially since it’s fairly easy to do to a decent standard.

        • gog

          I like the idea, but it sounds a bit like what they did with Andromeda in Mass Effect.

          • Ben Gimson

            Yup, but with a decent writer it could be done well. Trouble is, they don’t seem to have decent writers anymore, which is why we got KotFE and KotET :/

            • gog

              Agreed, with the current team it would probably end up looking like a watered down version of ME:A. They could lease the storytelling to Obsidian or InExile instead since those two are far above BW in terms of storytelling in RPGs at the moment.

      • gog

        I think the main problem isn’t that the super villain is dead, it’s that they’ve made our characters too powerful and influential as the leaders of the Alliance. Which removes the incentive for them to be out there on the front lines which made a lot more sense pre KotFE. Our characters should be the ones to call the shots while we sit back and enjoy a nice game of pazaak while someone else do the grunt work.

        WoW is actually a pretty good comparison here, our characters there have consistently grown in power and influence, but always been someone on the front lines and never anywhere near what KotFE/KotET gave us, Even in both Legion and Draenor where we got a garrison and class hall, we still are the ones expected to go out there in the field. Which is helped by the lore in that game where you still see someone like Sylvanas out in battle regularly.And it took them 10+ years to get to that point.

        • Irid Magrein

          Meh, my Commander, even after becoming an Emperor, doesn’t like to stay aside. He is a kind of Commander, that leads his troops on the front lines and do the hard work equally as others. Some may say it breaks immersion of the Leader, but it kind of reminds me about Darth Marr. Even as a Dark Council member, he never sat behind lines. He always was on the front, he always was there, not on some comfortable chair, to give his orders. Thats how i feel about Alliance Leader too, Emperor you are or a Peacekeeper, doesn’t mean your work on the front lines is done. But, i guess, it depends on the character.

          • Naq

            The point being the adventures still need to justify your army…otherwise what, they just sit there twiddling their thumbs while your brave front line commander is solving minor disputes and fighting gangsters? They’ve cut themselves off from telling smaller stories. Its not about leading from the front or from a desk, the problem is every story from here on out is going to require a Marvel style sky beam and an opposing army to make sense….and that gets boring fast.

            • HMHero

              I feel like uprisings have already made us into galactic mall cops busting shoplifters.

      • Dustil schmit

        They used up all of them example Revan, czerka, rakghouls, droids, eternal empire, emperor, rep/imp are weak, sarasha, criminals/BH/mandos, dread masters, conspiracies, gree, now lokath they could bring back the people who built the stuff I suppose. Malgus was also suppose to be brought back during eternal empire. Revival of the Rakata Empire could also happen on some unexplored lost world. If they did something similar to the vong or time travel many would probably quit.

  • Jay Asher

    so sith warriors get their traitor back? what a worthless companion when everyone can heal now. I’m glad I just grabbed my jeassa and got her to 50 asap. They’re never gonna bring the good companions back into the story. Hell even have a mission where jeassa is killing rouge sith and gets in trouble and to get her back you got to save her. I mean something. You took the only companion with light/dark options and an apprentice that you can dress and not look dumb [like xalek]. But hey at least I can save about 60 command crates and their instantly turn to teir 4 since im command 300. The rest is whatever.

    • j’oe

      its said that jaesa’s VA didnt wanted to do this anymore, so theres that.

      • Sarigar

        I hadn’t heard that, but it’s certainly a risk when you get celebrity VA’s for recurring characters.

      • Dragon


      • Jay Asher

        and that makes probably the most sense out of any arguement that could be made for this.

    • Paulo Gomes

      Man, just don’t get me started on Jaesa. I leveled a Marauder for no other reaosn than to get Light-Side Jaesa. I leveled a toon “back in the day”, you know, when it was really HARD to level a toon because it took so much time JUST for an Achievement.

      An Achievement these guys took away from the game. Something people like me played for hours and hours to achieve… And then PUFF!!! It was gone…

      NEVER since have I payed any attention to Achievements. Me, a completionist.

      Sorry, that was my Jaesa rant. Out of my system now. At least until they do something really incompetent again… Which should be really soon I think…

      • Jay Asher

        could never do light side jeasa, ashara is bad enough…

    • Steven Moore

      What makes you think if you save your tier 3 crates that they will turn into tier 4 crates?! Keep smoking that crack!

      • Jay Asher

        because that’s what it states. Maybe if you stop smoking crack your reading will improve

        • alex

          You interpreted wrong. The change is NOT in effect yet. It means: Any crates that you WILL be earning after the patch at GC lvl 300 will be Tier 4. Any crates earned before that will still be Tier 3.

      • Jay Asher

        and just so I dont have to see a reply of a weak attempt at trolling it specifically states in THIS article.

        “Command Rank 300 is now Tier 4 of Galactic Command. Tier 3 will now be Command Ranks 181 – 299. Any Command Crates earned at rank 300 will now contain Tier 4 gear.”

        Meaning once the patch goes out and you are rank 300 with rank 3 crates they will contain rank 4 equipment. Not a hard concept.

        • Timti

          I hope you are right, but they did state this:

          Tier 4 Gear in Game Update 5.2 | 03.03.2017, 08:55 AM
          Originally Posted by leehambly View Post
          So, I’m guessing that the tier 3 crates earnt before 5.2, even after cxp level 300 will still be tier 3 and wont suddenly change into tier 4 when 5.2 comes out… ie: should we save them till 5.2 or keep opening them?

          Your guess is correct! Continue to open any crates that you earn until that time.


          source: http://dulfy.net/2017/03/03/swtor-changes-command-ranks-patch-5-2/

          I still saved about 50 crates just to desintegrate stuff for extra cxp.

  • If EA really wants to make some quick cash, put a cartel market 1 time purchase/unlock to fire a Bioware employee. I’d pay any cost to put that mental and physical midget Musco down like the useless dog he is….

    • Whitedragon
    • Drivan

      I’m gonna go out out on a limb here and say that half the reason that Musco is unlikeable to many in the community is because he is forced to be the mouthpiece for a failing dev team. I have had the opportunity to meet him in real life and he is a pretty good dude, so is Charles Boyd. Ben Irving on the other hand is a frakin tool. In all honesty, Irving is the one you should be angry with since he is the head decision maker down there.

      • Reactionary Monarchist

        You are correct, but there’s collective responsibility in every team.

      • I’d pay for that bozo (Irving) to get canned too. I know Musco isn’t a developer, but he’s being paid to be the face of this riderless horse that has been running amok for years….it comes with the territory. If he doesn’t like it, he can leave and get a better job (like Taint Watson, spelled correctly for accuracy of the job he did)

      • John Kosto

        Same experience man. I like Musco and Boyd.

      • Harston

        Guess what? http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20170413 Ben Irving has moved on and we’ve got a new game producer!

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        He’s not forced. It’s a job he’s being paid for. He can get another job instead if he hates it so much.

    • trollhunter1016

      Give it a rest, you effing jackass. Musco’s not the problem, his bosses are.

      • No, failboys like you are the problem. Go back to Pokemon online scrub.

        • trollhunter1016

          LOL! Look at the sad little troll I caught in my net. XD

  • what’s means this: “Unlearned Schematics can no longer be equipped in armoring slots.”?

    • Darth Gnaw

      it….sounds like if you get a hold of an armoring schematic for making armoring mods you can just put the scematic in the slot as though it were the item itself… must have been a bug.

      • dfg

        Ah, maybe the only positive thing about the delay. I can now test this.

  • Tziva Creepyspacedrow

    “The tireless engineers at Czerka Novelty Labs have released a free software update for the Czerka Crate-O-Matic that incorporates a Zakuulan crate into the device’s repertoire. Czerka has refused to confirm rumors that this same update introduced a bug into the device wherein it may, in very rare cases, disguise a user as a potted plant.”

    I really medically need this item. While in a war zone, I need the ability to say, “Ya know how much you suck? A GOD DAMNED FERN KICKED YOUR ASS!!!”

  • Sarigar

    “Ak’ghal Usar will now trigger voice lines properly during combat.”

    I’m happy about this, because Mr. Personality was being awfully repetitive, though accurate.

  • AshlaBoga

    “Nerf calfs around the galaxy have become strangely hungry as of late…”

    That seems very foreshadowy

    • Dragon

      You think?

    • Rance

      Its just a secret achievement that has been broken for a long time, don’t get your hopes up.

  • John Kosto

    Most of that seems good I guess. I did NOT want Master Uprisings. More achievements that will be almost impossible to get, and not because of ability, but because NO ONE EVER DOES THEM anymore. I am even asking from guildies to complete them and they’re all like “no let’s just do ops or Master Flashpoints, they are more fun and more CXP”. And they are fucking right.

    • ConcernedGuest

      Just try to find 15 guys interessted in doing nightmare pilgrim on voss for aratech coral

      no change in more than a year to get a raid together or to prefend ppl leaving after the first wipe because they don’t understand the meaning of “DAMAGE STOP”

  • Arkira

    PVE Players:
    “As a player increases their Command Rank they will gain higher drop rates of Prototype and Artifact quality gear, while their Premium drop rates will go down.” Meaning: At the very first rank of each range (1,90,180…) the chance of getting “Legendary” is 0 or at least very near to that. Take a wild guess what the chance for Tier 4 at CR 300 will be; especially with the range being expanded to 300-400 soon ™: Basically no Tier 4 from crates.
    Getting Tier 4 from OP’s in any shape or form means you have to run in Master (formally Nightmare) farm modus. Of course, this requires you to have learned the mechanics and you have to have very good gear already. It is safe to assume that such an OP will take you an entire evening resulting in a 1/8th (1/16th) chance to get the piece you wanted. If that fails you still get Unassembled Gear Pieces (Legendary only if you kill the end boss).

    PvP Players:
    Once you have CR 300, getting Tier 4 only depends on you consistently doing PVP matches. Winning speeds that up, but eventually you get the number of Unassembled Gear Pieces, no matter what your skill is. You get those pieces approximately every 15 minutes and, though you need around 6000 for the entire Tier 4 Set, that’s just a matter of time, no luck or skill involved.

    • Scarecrow

      Where are you getting the “at the very first rank of each range, the chance to get a legendary is zero or at least very near” information? Because it seems like they’re saying that the chance to get a legendary piece at the beginning ranks of a tier is no different than it is currently, the chance will just increase. The chance for a legendary piece doesn’t start at zero.

      • Arkira

        just a deduction from them saying the chance increase as you progress through the command ranks. If the chance at the end is fairly high – it has to be low(er) at the start, right? Furthermore its my experience so far. At the beginning I got almost 100% crap and nearer the end it was only 90% crap. If that “increases” now it would still mean at the beginning it still is abyssmally low and towards the end just is a wee bit higher than now.

        • Scarecrow

          No, the chance just increases as you rank up. For example (hypothetical), if the chance to get a legendary at the first rank of a tier is 20%, then at the second rank it would increase to 21%. You don’t start at a 0% chance for a legendary, it just increase as you rank up. As for your experiences, they are your experiences. It’s RNG. Someone might get a legendary the first rank of tier 2, or it might take them 9 ranks. It’s one of the reasons Galatic Command is hated.

          • Paulo Gomes

            Thing about RNG: remember the first Nar Shaddaa Casino event? I played it. I swear to you, I went in with 200K to do my gambling. I got 2 lightsabers, a two handed lightsaber, a cannon for my Mando Cathar healer that she still uses, and finally I got the Rancor. I thought “This is great stuff! Gonna do it again tomorrow…”

            Yeah, I did it the next day. And the day after that. And after. And so on. I spent MILLIONS of credits. Sure I got some cool stuff. But I never saw another Rancor.

            Now: for that event I think RNG is perfectly justifiable. More than that, it makes absolute sense. We were playing in a Casino after all. For regular playing? RNG sucks big time.

    • you have no clue what the drop rates will be..
      also, the chance of getting tier 4 crates at CR 300 is 100%; BW is giving the impression that most of your crates will contain gear (0% or close to 0 for green gear, all other gear has setbonus)
      there are no plans to increase the range to 400, and it wouldn’t affect the current droprate whatsoever
      it’s too early to whine about droprates just yet mate; we simply don’t have a clue what they are
      if you’re going to go from what BW has said, then I would put a wild guess of at least 40% of all T2+ crates containing purple+ gear; and at least 60% containing setbonus gear
      I feel this is probably a LOT closer than your “0 or at least very near that” guess

      also, nightmare ops isn’t really all that hard, and anyone who can’t do it, really doesn’t need the gear anyways.. (sm and hm can be done in the old 224 gear without trouble, hell, sm can be done using lvl 50 gear)

  • Jaek

    “Since the Outlander Targeter’s Package MK-5 Implant is not a boot, it no longer has a boot icon.”


  • Jay Asher

    Honestly all I want it a good mandalorian story at least give us mandalore its in domes so its an easy world to make.


    • John Kosto

      Mandalorian with a lightsaber LOL….

      • Jay Asher

        Yeah they were called the knights of mandalore. I don’t know why everyone thinks no mandalorian has ever been force sensitive. Tarre was the fisrt jedi how many other force sensitive mandalorians went a warriors path to lead their clan to greater glory. Canon or Not it is a thing.

        • Davrel Kex

          That’s literally not how it works. If it’s not canon, it’s fan fiction. The Mandalorian Knights were Jedi who converted, and died. Tarre Vizsla was the first and ONLY known Mandalorian-Jedi. take that special snowflake stuff elsewhere. Mandalorians are best with flamethrowers and jetpacks.

        • John Kosto

          Never said that there were no Mandalorians being Force sensitive. Doesn’t make it less funny to me.

      • Jay Asher

        Even Boba Fett trained with a lightsaber in the EU…

        • So did Sabrine Wren

        • HMHero

          Unfortunately, (almost) everyone in the EU ended up with a lightsaber and force powers.

          • Fred Garvin

            That’s because, as SWTOR blatantly shows with the lameness of a Gunslinger or Trooper defeating an Emperor and ruling the galaxy, when you stray too much from the Force and lightsabers Star Wars breaks down pretty quickly.

            • HMHero

              I’d argue that Rogue One proves you wrong but your point about swtor putting my gunslinger against Raven and the Zakuul family jams like it makes sense is rock solid.

        • John Kosto

          Yeah, and any Boba Fett stories in the EU are among the least interesting to me.

      • Jay Asher

        and the dark saber that was a symbol of mandalorian leadership… Do I need to keep going?

        • John Kosto

          The Dark Saber is a pretty cool idea, and Sabine Wren is awesome. Having ONE lightsaber (and not a common one) being used by their leader is indeed a good idea. Having Mandalorians with lightsaber in general? Not so much.

      • Jay Asher

        1. Knights of Mandalore, wookapedia it.
        2. Tarre Vizla is not the only force sensitive Mandalorian ever. Refer back to point 1.
        3. Tarre’s dark saber blade is the symbol of leadership for the mandalorian people. Several clans made a habit of killing jedi and taking their lightsabers.

      • EyesOfGehenna .


    • Dope screenshot.

    • Zeus Fagervold

      You misspelled Mandalore…

      • Matthew

        Given the context of the image, it’s only missing the accent.
        Mand’alor the person, Mandalore the planet.

      • Jay Asher

        oh no spellchecking doesn’t give a shit about starwars… Why even comment. Idiot.

      • Jay Asher

        And +10 points for a pointless comment. It’s funny when people have to resort to such stupid tactics.

        A: All words are made up
        B: Mandalore, is also made up
        C: I don’t care
        D: it’s called a typo
        E: you’re the type of piss ant who only comments on grammar and spelling because you have nothing else to say. Get a life, get a personality and if you post actually have something to say.

        • Zeus Fagervold

          Rofl you already replied 2 months ago and your ass is still sore? You’re the one with no life apparently. Hahahaha what a loser.

          • Jay Asher

            nope your just so insignificant that when it popped up again for some reason I had to lecture you on being the worst type of douche on the net

  • Arkira

    Just for comparism: Another game I am playing announced the next patch coming. The patchnotes alone were over 50 screenpages… needless to say there was also a lot of new content in there…

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    So did anyone else notice the stealth douchebag action on loot drops in NiM operations?

    • John Kosto

      You mean where they basically almost always drop blue shitty gear that is actually worse than Hard Mode drops? Yeah…

  • Alivan

    Seems like a list of bug fixes rather than new content announcements.

  • Barry Klontz

    Where is the notations for class changes. There was a nerf to Responsive Safeguards this patch for mercs.
    It used to do 100% reflect for 6 seconds, healing for the total amount reflected.
    Now it does 50% reflect for 6 seconds, healing for 5% each time it reflects.

    Nothing in patch notes about this. Assuming there may be other class changes that went unnotated in patch notes for 5.2

    • Shadowofdeath

      I looked at it before 5.2 and it hasn’t changed. it got changed an update or 2 ago

      • Barry Klontz

        um. no. It was changed @ 5.2 and you even had to relearn the ability.
        There was no note in patch about this nerf.

        • Shadowofdeath

          This wasn’t in 5.2. You clearly didn’t pay attention. Whats not in the patch notes however is the ninja nerf to shrouded crusader tanking relics, they cut them down by 40%

          • John Kosto

            It was in 5.2. Don’t insist. With every Commando and Mercenary that I have (and I have 4 in total of those guys), I had to lelearn the ability, and it had a new description. It used to heal you for 50% of the damage you were taking, now it heals you for 5%. Also, it doesn’t reflect 100% but only 50%.

            That change was implemented with 5.2 and no earlier.

            • Krazh

              “Responsive Safeguards: New ability exclusive to Mercenaries which absorbs all single target damage, reflects 50% of it, and heals you for 5% of your health each time an attack is absorbed.”

              5.0 class changes – http://dulfy.net/2016/11/07/swtor-5-0-class-changes/

        • John Kosto

          Yes, you are absolutely right. I also noticed the change on 4 of my characters, and it was most definitely implemented with 5.2 and not earlier.

  • Robert Payne

    “…. you must choose to align your forces with either the Republic or Empire — and deal with the inevitable consequences.”

    So, basically taking a giant dump all over all the work I’ve put into bridging the different factions. Now I am right back to the x or x paradigm. Thanks…

    • Techne

      Thank God. All this hand-holding is turning into the lovefest that World of Pillowfightcraft has become. More Imp v. Rep please.

  • Altyrell

    “Updated Class Story Introductions: The introductory scenes for the original eight class storylines have been significantly updated and improved.”

    I recently created a new Sith Inquisitor, and I didn’t see any changes/updates/improvements/etc over the original into scene. Unless I’m missing something, but can someone explain just what the twin suns of tatooine they [Dev’s] mean by that part?

  • Marmeladix

    “Gear vendors will now only show your Disciplines gear by default. If there isn’t Discipline-specific gear, all items will be shown.”
    > your work deserves full recognition and this is mine: I won an unassambled belt by a /roll in TfB ops yesterday, went to the vendor having it in inventory and your program showed me nothing but relics and implants and nothing else I could purchase… so I toured all vendors, all filters, all variables, and nothing nothing nothing made no difference, but I think about 5-th or 6-th time I interfaced that vendor, if finally showed me that stupid Item for which I had worked way too much to get it with a pug group…
    …and of course, before this intervention I could have purchased that belt for any other of my chars and transfer it, but now I have no reason to even consider that option any more, since I barely can see what the current char can use….
    … so you “devs” have a biiiig clap from me, your work must be the finest I could ever witness! With each patch and update YOU give me so much hope that I can not do worst, no matter what other game I’ll go for! TY.

  • John Kosto

    Not that I am THAT interested in spending a lot of time for what must be one of the worst “new content” updates that we have seen in SWTOR… but will we see a guide for Master Uprisings Dulfy?

    I completed Fractured with guildies, and apart from being almost of the same difficulty as the Veteran mode, it did have a new mechanic for the last boss (the 1st of the 2), with a few adds spawning. They had a non-negligible amount of HP and they needed to be killed so that you can resume DPS on the boss.

    I can only assume that all Master Uprisings should have new mechanics added.

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