GW2 Gemstore Update– Super Holo-Coper Glider and Logging Bear

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Super Holo-Coper Glider Combo and the Super Adventure Logging Bear for 700 and 1000 gems respectively.

Super Holo-Coper Glider Combo – 700 gems

  • Includes backpack and glider, not dyeable


Super Adventure Logging Bear – 1000 gems


Returning Items

These items are coming back for 7 days only

  • Bunny Ears – 200 gems
  • Wide Rim Glasses – 150 gems
  • ElecManEXE .

    Welp. I was thinking I might get the holocopter based on the datamined preview of the backpack, but… wow. Those farting sounds. Nope.

    • Ritual_Ghoul

      Yeah those sound effects are pretty annoying.

      • writinwater

        and I absolutely thank Dulfy for putting up the clip so I at least will not buy it… TY dulfy

        • Ares Zax

          The sounds aren’t my thing, but the real killer for me is how the gliding slowdown starts immediately, but it takes a second for the blades to start spinning. Makes the science geek in me freak out.

  • Ardenwolfe

    Pass, pass, pass.

  • Joshua Fan


    Might want to fix the title so people will be able to search for it.

  • Alot

    If the holo-copter could be dyed the same colours as the various super weapons I’d probably get it. Also, I don’t understand why they have to attach silly SAB noises to all the game’s holo-gliders. I could understand the silliness if there were serious holo-glider options (like aether-pirate holo-tech) but as is, it seems like providing “The dreamer” projectiles to all bows without allowing arrow projectiles to be shot under any circumstances -.-

  • Asda

    Not making backpacks dyeable was the worst mistake this game made.

    • guest

      how would they sell 5 re-colors of the same backpack if they made them dyeable…

  • Archi

    I wish they would release some SAB armor pieces in the gem store. I would pay to wear shortcut eagle’s helmet in the open world.

  • Pissed off customer

    And still no sport sunglasses… Fucking morons in anet….

    • Steve

      We want Oakleys dammit!

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