GW2 LW Season 3 Episode 5 Update

Mike O’brien posted an updated on the GW2 forums that this episode will take the 3 month cadence instead of the 2-3 month cadence they have being doing.

Hi all,

We’re currently putting the finishing touches on episode five. It’s an important episode and we’re taking the time to get it right. I wanted to let you know that this episode will release closer to the three-month side of our two-to-three-month cadence. We’ll make the formal announcement when everything’s locked down. In the meantime, just hang tight a little while longer.



  • Raizel

    So it’ll be on 2nd or 9th may…seems fine to me.

    • Ardenwolfe

      Agreed. Better a working and polished product than a broken and buggy one.

      • Daaw Daw

        last time anet released polished and working product?

        • Anthony Stama

          how about all the living world episodes, new fractals and remade fractals, new raids, weapon sets and cosmetic updates? If you gonna hate with no reason, how about you stop wasting your time playing the game if you don’t like it lmao.

          • Felipe Nogueira

            Oh, it’s Mr. Masochist. I’ve seen him here plenty. For some reason, he keeps playing and coming here to cry over our ears, and if you try to reason with him, he gets outta control and starts to cry, yelling at you in caps. A real mistake of nature.

            • Daaw Daw

              bcs i can see stuff you blind fanboys cant. i will not excuse mistakes which are clear and obvious …..,but to be dumb fanboy and defend every shit they make and praise it like its god work…. fanboy pls.
              you must also realize that there isnt game without flaws.

              • Anthony Stama

                if you can see stuff us “blind fanboys” cant, tell me where exactly I was “praising this game like its god work”. Yeah no, this is not my favourite game, I play it because its fun, its fun because It has tons of POLISHED content. I know right? Hard to believe but there is a reason why this mmo is in the top 3 most popular mmos. If you don’t like it that’s up to you but you don’t have to cry about it while spouting false facts at the games players.

          • Daaw Daw

            RELEASED,thats my point,not WORKING after 10 patches.
            there wasnt single release from them which wasnt buggy asf.
            hell you still have 500 bugs from HOT.

            • Anthony Stama

              idk if you run it on a potato, but the game is not buggy mate

            • M W

              You have an odd perspective. Compared to WoW releases, GW2 releases have been incredibly smooth. No software is as complex as an MMO will be bug-free on release, but I’ve found GW2 to be far better than average in this respect.

  • Alot

    Just calling in to say this will take an exact amount of unspecified time as apposed to a slightly reduced unspecified amount of time.

    This was an import announcement.

    Please continue on with whatever you were doing -.-

    • Verthiss

      Amazing how you are sticking to the game so much and comment on everything and yet you somehow manage to stay sceptical and hate every little piece of news.

      • Alot

        The distinction is between my opinions of the game and on my opinions of how Anet continually decides to communicate with the player base.

        I’ve consistently found the game to be sufficiently fleshed out to provide ample entertainment – while I’ve found Anet’s communication structure to be so barren of content, commitment or information that the mismatch between effort and output proves in and of itself a form of entertainment.

        • Verthiss

          That’s a nice thing to hear 😀
          Did you consider working on your attitude though? Life is easier and more enjoyable if you don’t discern negatives everywhere you look. I mean, why would you care if MO gave us specific date or not? People have learned to expect next Episode to be out 2 months after previous one, but E5 is taking longer than this so MO decided to give us a hint that it will be later. He probably doesn’t even know when it will be ready to ship. What’s the big deal?

          • Alot

            Analysis of the use of words Mr random internet person. Quite happy with my opinions and the way I choose to express them.
            What I would like to know however is how you view the original comment as negative. I described the post as mundane and without purpose, I’m not seeing how those qualities alone amount to disapproval?

            • Verthiss

              You just said it yourself – you described the post as mundane and pointless – both of those are pejorative terms. I’m not here to argue though. Cheers!

              • Alot

                Oooh, fancy word. Alas having consulted with google no, calling something mundane or pointless is not derogatory, abusive or inherently disparaging.

                But to echo the point about, please continue on with whatever you were doing -.-

              • lithlius

                I always come to the Cooment section waiting to see one of Alot’s comments. At first it pissed me off. Now i Just enjoy his utter hate of any announcement and his yet loyalty to the product.

              • WowAmazing

                He’s a bit of a cunt though

  • Trillium

    …Meanwhile consider these dozen outfits, several minis and maybe a black lion weapon skin set…

    • Guest101

      Pfft, I wish they would produce even outfits that fast. For a game that makes money pretty only on looks, new attire comes in awful slow.

    • Suan

      Outfits are slow right now. I wish they would throw some new ones at us. But most of the latest ones are just from Dragon’s Watch.

  • Trillium

    On topic though, considering the pretty cool and big update bald minister wossname got with just two months, I guess this one gonna be really important and big – and my bet is that it will include announcement of next expansion.

    • Alot

      I hope so. Seeing as the last expansion came with a bonus character slot, I’ve put off getting a final character slot to place a thief in until I’m handed one with my next expansion purchase.

      For that reason alone I’ve been hoping for an expansion for a long time -.-

      • Trillium

        oh, but then where are you gonna put the new prof the expansion will most likely bring?

        • lithlius

          The Next expansion wont be bringing a new Profession. They have stated so a few times. They have 3 for each armor type and thats the balance for now. Not to mention the nigtmare itd be creating a new class and TWO elite spec. since every class will gain a new one and wed need to make sure the new class is on par.

          Also its safe to assume we WONT be getting a character slot. They gave vet players one last expansion cause their business model, of ” Buy exp. you get everything else retroactively wasnt made clear and as an apology they agreed to give one for the new class for vet players.

          NOw that things are clear they have no reason to give us an Extra $10 value on an expansion for nothing. Who knows maybe im wrong but id bet 80% chance on NO Character Slot.

          • Trillium

            Hm, a new race then? THAT warrants a character slot, because achievements.

            • Suan

              No new profession or race. They said that a while ago.

              • Trillium

                oh come oooon. such laziness. screw anet.

              • Suan


              • Hall

                The next playable race will likely be the bird people from the Dominion of Wind, but it wont be for a loooong time. I’m hoping for the Kodan though.. Those Polar Bears are cool!

              • Nitrobacter

                Anet is way to lazy to do a new race… thex would have to redo every dialouge in the story of vanilla and hot+ some of those in the open world + refitting every single piece of equipment…
                given how they even avoid doing new armor for the existing races coz “its to much work” we will most likely never see a new one 🙁

              • Ares Zax

                Not necessarily. If the next expansion introduces Tengu (or some other new race), their “Personal Story” could just be a short few chapters that’s only available to Tengu and tells the story of (for example) how the attack on the Dominion during Scarlet’s raid went down, after which the Tengu PC starts pushing for their race to join the world again. Their PS finishes just as it catches up with the current Living Story. Bam! No need to go back and redo dialogue at all.

                Tengu PCs can still go back and play past LS episodes, but only as secondary players (i.e. they play the role of the silent secondary observer the same way that other players fill if they join in on another’s Personal Story).

                Tengu have another advantage in that they use the Charr’s “skeleton” model. Any armor that the Tengu get is basically a copy over from the Charr’s version.

              • Mr. Principal

                I hoped they would give us the Tengu race.. *sad face*

              • Stefano Manno

                They said no new race cause it won’t add much to the game, Largos + Underwater combat 2.0 + New underwater maps would add much to the game so for me it’s still a possibility… Maybe not for this expansion though

              • answerer

                How would you get Largos working on the land, though?
                They can survive on land, but that doesn’t mean the thrive on land.
                Plus they got those big wings, how are they gonna connect with backpacks?

              • Stefano Manno

                Well their main city should be underwater and they can add and enclave or something in lion’s arch, above water they have masks to breathe so i don’t think it’s much of an issue (our chars don’t sleep nor eat nor poo anyways so not breathing well might be bearable too). Backpacks might be an issue though, but i think they can resolve it restyling the wings in a smart way

              • answerer

                The capital underwater might be fine, since it’s not combat oriented.
                As for the starting zone.. They deliberately didn’t want UW combat in starting zones anymore, completely removing all events associated with it (one my greatest grieves). But I suppose if they rework the UW combat it could breathe new life to have a half-UW combat map. Floating islands maybe?

              • 0liver Oblivious

                Oliver Oblivious

                I remember them saying little or no new underwater content, because it isn’t popular.

          • Mr. Principal

            Ah too bad then.. I really want a No-Armor Class..!

          • burntorangenavyblue

            This Anet team and its leader is not the same mold as pre HoT.

            Everything they have done thus far since Collin left has been vastly different as well as their way of doing announcements.

            Overall, an expansion has to have MEAT. And a profession/race is almost always part of that, or else you don’t truly give anyone a real reason to delve back into lore and character building. Even a character slot is going to be guaranteed because they have set the precedent with ensuring giving returning players a service and/or reason to play again.

          • Boka

            Character slots are guaranteed only if the player has to make a new character to be involved in an aspect of the expansion; New class/profession/ect. It has nothing to do with an apology, the HoT slot was for a Revenant. The said that in advance.

  • Alastor999

    They’ve got to finish up on the legendary armors that I think are due this ep, along with yet another legendary weapon. plus whatever outfit Kasmeer’s got now (assuming she’ll even BE in this ep… >.>). So if it IS the episode that announces the next expansion, then yeah, they’ve got a hell of a lot to do for this episode.

    Of course… I would be happy if in the meantime they throw everyone a bone and release new hairstyles & faces instead of newer, crappier color options that I’ll never use….

    • Alicii in Wonderland

      I like how you think. Would be nice to see Kasmeer and her new outfit, I really hope that they put her atleast in this episode.
      And yes, new faces and hairstyles, it’s been ages since the last update. However I feel that this is not coming.
      But hope for the best.

  • Black Wizard

    looks like a new destruction of Lion’s Arch. XD

    • Ravors Malody

      good. that place is so ugly right now.

  • nadrian3k

    It like waiting for a “great” 5 minutes sex experience

    • narg

      5 minutes ?? are you whale or what ?? 😀

  • Ravors Malody

    Once Mystic Coins and leather is fixed. Ill be satisfied for while . maybe

  • Zefirez

    I like this O’brien guy. He says 2-3 months and that’s what we’re getting. If there’s a delay he cares to actually let us know. A far cry from pre and post HoT days of “8 months and still no word from a-net”. Kudos to this man.

    • guest

      Just a matter of time really. Considering how many chances arenanet had in those 2 years before the HoT announcement…

      I’m sure Arenanet will go back to silence once their schedule is a little more packed. Especially when they announced their next expansion. That’s really when the communication disappeared entirely. Before that it was bad already but at least there was some information every now and then.

      Although I guess it’s better than nothing. I seriously wouldn’t expect this to be the norm now considering it is rather late information already. Taking April and SAB into considering it was obvious they wouldn’t release anything new this month.

      • answerer

        But they made a statement about the next expac:
        “We will announce it once we are close to finishing it.
        We want to live up to the hype we generate, and
        announcing an expansion too far in advance works
        counter intuitive towards that goal, as we have seen
        in our previous endeavors. So we will reveal the next
        expansion when we feel is the right time to do so, close
        before the actual release. We also want to remind
        people that we want to take the expansion as a form of
        releasing mechanical content, while we want to use the
        living world journal for the majority of the story.”

        • Verthiss

          Where is that statement from? Formus? Could you direct me there?

          • answerer

            it was during an interview, sometime I around the first chapter release

  • Team Lazy

    It better be more substantial than the usual 2 hours of story and 1 week of node farm before no one plays the new content again.

    • guest

      yea I doubt that’s going to happen. Chapter 5 will be the same as the other 4 chapters. As will be chapter 6 and 7 most likely, too. If any chapter will be different it might be chapter 8 and the next expansion but for now we don’t know what exactly they have planned for that so my thoughts might be totally wrong.

      I’m almost certain Chapter 5 will be the same amount of content as the previous 4 chapters of this season though.

    • Steve

      It will take longer to download the new content than to complete it.

  • sw gs

    3 months later “Sorry we are stopping slowly support of Guild Wars 2 so we could move with new projects” XD

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