SWTOR Free M8-3R Droid for Star Wars Celebration

Bioware is giving out a M8-3R Astromech Droid pet for Star Wars Celebration.

To redeem the pet, go to here and type in the code SWCELEBRATION17. You will get this pet in the mail on every character (may need to exit and relaunch the game first) and every new character you create.

Edit: You will get this pet in your ingame mail on Tuesday, April 18. 

  • tsunami

    I redeem this got i getting nothing, anyone else have that issue

    • Darth Twinge

      you probably already have him. if it is indeed m8-3r, he is an old pet.

    • Kaludram

      The droid will not arrive until April 18th, in your in-game mail. My wife and I also had the issue. We did not previously have the droid. I found this info on their twitter. I am guessing they are getting bombarded, rightfully so, with tickets for it. https://twitter.com/SWTOR/status/853033679416905728

      • Dragon

        Good catch.

      • abaddonsmummy

        OMG I made a huge mistake and clicked on Matthews twitter link because I recognized the Elvira picture.
        Big mistake took me to a world that can only end in deleting my internet history or I’ll be getting some awkward questions from my wife.
        You gotta love the internet’s eh? :O

        • Drool Bear

          Ah.. oh… um.. yeah. I see what you mean. Wasn’t ready for that. Nor can I unsee what I just saw there. Well…. hmmm. ok. To each his/her own. I’m gonna just slip out the back door. You all go about your business.
          Edit: He really should have a NSFW warning or something to say what kind of site he’s displaying.

        • Diehard fan

          Daum… now I want to do it too 😀

          Ah shit… I`d better didnt…

  • Disgusted Customer

    Time to celebrate Ben is gone.

  • Nightrain

    2k15 – Black/black dyes and mandalore statues
    2k16 – garbage reskin mount
    2k17 – garbage reskin pet

    • abaddonsmummy

      Hey, I like some of those mounts.
      I still use some of the cooler coloured clog ones.

  • Diehard fan

    Yeah, feels a bit too little. At least we could get unique untradeable and cool looking dye to each character, bind to legacy. Not hard at all to make will really make alot of people happy.

    • abaddonsmummy

      Yeah I don’t need another mini re-coloured droid to go along with the other dozen re-coloured that I don’t ever use.
      A free random die pack would have been just as easy and more interesting.

  • zappito

    Already have the pet. Won the code for it way back as a raffle in a stream.. so first bioware give streamers codes to raffle out and then they end up giving it to everyone anyway. lol

    • Darth Twinge

      theyve been giving out m8-3r for years.

      • zappito

        But not as a code anyone can use right? If they done that well then giving codes to streamers makes even less sense.

        • Darth Twinge

          yeah it used to come on a card with individual codes.

          • Diehard fan

            You can get 2 more previously card only pets from vendor in Cartel Bazar on the Fleet. They`ve been adding old unobtainable stuff into the game lately, cant say I blame them, I wanted that stuff from cards, since they are largely unavailable now.

            • Darth Twinge

              yeah those guys they put up some time ago because they initially malfunctioned or something. I forget exactly.

  • Rance

    Oops, maybe I was a bit quick celebrating, seems that we’re getting the same shit as always lol.

  • gog

    Couldn’t they’ve given us a pet jawa instead?

    • Darth Twinge

      Blizz would be offended :O

      • Jo

        I think we can handle Blizz’s hurt feelings. Jawa pets now!

  • Secundum

    Tried it, and it said I’d already used the code?

  • Wayshuba

    Why o’ why this. Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to give everyone a training dummy for their ship and/or stronghold with the likeness of Ben Irving and also give them a Command Crate to equip as a weapon so they could beat the training dummy over the head while the dummy says with each hit “RNG is exciting!”

  • Fred Gret

    Thanks BioWare for another variation of a pet I already got from you and I don’t care about because it’s too small, to cute and just an object I hate with every cell of my body.

    Give us normal sized droids! Give us new doid models! And not the same piece of sh… over and over again. There are plenty of droid models in the game you can re-use with a tiny amout of effort!

    Old is the new new… SWTOR is like living in a recycle bin!

    • David W

      Ah well…I can always use another mini-droid around my stronghold doing tasks

  • Jep Fareborn

    Good christ this game MUST be on ‘I-V drip’ Life Support if they re-use cantina pets and can’t come up with anything new. Code Blue! Clear! {defibrillate}

    • DerpDude

      Too late for that…it’s the Franken-method it needs now.

  • Dragon

    I’m just here to bitch about free stuff.

  • Whitedragon

    the thing looks like HK took a shit

  • John Kosto

    How funny will it be if we get ANOTHER Astromech for May the 4th?

    • AbnerDoon

      Not so much haha funny though. :p

    • Havik79

      We will, its always that exact same droid just reskinned, I have at least 3 of those droids if not more.

    • Jason Thomas

      reskins. that’s what the devs are good at.

  • AbnerDoon
  • Nomad

    Don’t know if my mailbox can handle another “free gift” on character creation!

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      Get like 60 emails every time I start a new character.

  • Anthony

    New @SWTOR content coming up: after Tyth, twin ops bosses with lots of lasers. New story: new flashpoint on Umbara. – don’t know what this is, saw it on twitter, thought I share it.

  • rebuiltHK47

    Thanks Dulfy! I look forward to any videos from it. It would be nice if they could stream it.

  • Sarigar

    Maybe one day we can finally have the Imperial astromech customization for T-7.

  • Ceraz

    Instead of a droid pet woulda been a cool tribute if they gave us a holo deco of an “Alderaanian Princess” (similar to Vaylin) in honor of Carrie Fisher. Just my opinion…

    • Kubrickian

      That would’ve been great. Good idea!

    • William Bolitho

      Maybe for the 4th?

    • Noomi

      Lol that’s giving them to much credit. They’ll release something like that but only as a CC purchase of course. If they can milk it out, they’ll do it.

      • Ceraz

        I’d even buy it if they donated the proceeds to a cause relative to Carrie or like her a known charity she supported. Great PR and stuff. Maybe they should hire me. 😛

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      Her estate said no.

  • Peder Skomsvold

    Getting it on the 18th explains why i couldn’t even pre-view it in my collections…

  • Sadriel_Fett

    Thanks for the heads up, Dulfy.

  • guest

    There’s also a cantina mount code: SWCANTINA17

  • David W

    Nice. I was able to redeem this and the mount listed below, even though I’m not currently in the game.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone else successfully entered both codes but gotten nothing on any of their toons?

    • fromm_cartel

      I got the mount, no pet yet tho

      • Red Claw

        Did you not read? It says 18th for the pet.

        • fromm_cartel

          Posted my comment before the edit, chill

  • Noomi

    Ah well, another mail I’ll just skip.

  • Kaputelephant

    “Here are the Vehicle and Pet codes from the Cantina:
    Vehicle Code: SWCANTINA17”

    It seems there is a vehicle code too, I activated, and worked.
    source: http://www.xamxamsays.com/swtor-community-cantina-orlando-news-roundup/

  • Dr. Mike Wendell

    Had someone screaming in chat this morning (before the patch) that they didn’t get their bots and blaming BW for screwing up yet another gift. Thank you for the information and the correct dates.

    • Kubrickian

      Guess they missed out on the 7 or 8 other re skinned droids nearly identical to this?

      • Dr. Mike Wendell

        *shrug* Maybe they’re trying to start a huttball team with them.

        I know I would like to have all of my boxes on the collections and achievement tabs filled but that hasn’t been possible for me for a long time. Really bugs me that somehow I missed 2 of the cantina awards. Still trying to figure that out.

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