GW2 New Hair, Hair Accessories and Primordus Dyes

GW2 Gemstore updated with some new hair colors, hair accessory colors, and Primordus dyes.

New Hair Colors


New Hair Accessory Colors


Primordus Dyes


  • Sergio Rhapsodos

    Bloody Red reminds me too much of Shadow Red.

  • They also seem to have updated the Character Select screen display of characters – again – Zooming in, different background, different angle and lights
    I love it, tough I recall ppl protesting the last time they did that one change very similar to this, and they had to undo it

    • Suan

      Not sure what you’re talking about. I don’t see any of that in the game.

      • “Bug Fixes:
        Fixed a bug that caused the art on the Character Select screen to revert back to the pre-Heart of Thorns view.”
        That… Damn, in the end it was unintended -.- zzzz
        Thanks god I took screenshots for all chars in that state 😛

        • Alicii in Wonderland

          Oh so sad, I think that way looked much cooler, like they were so realistic, couldn’t take my eyes of my necro.

          • Yet another feature that would be awesome as a toggleable option. No need to force it, make it optional – Actually this is something they’ve started doing, like the tickable [x] options disable player chatter and now player item chatter too . We hope <3

  • Trillium

    The amount of shades they add is soon gonna start pushing the boundaries of human perception.

    “Intorducing a new dye set – Beekeper released. You may not see the difference, but your bees will!”

    • Yea like arent these basic dyes… yellow dark redish black… red. bright red. like these dyes arent that great. maybe on different materials but they are essentially the same thing

    • Andrew McCunn

      Ultraviolet dye. Clothes only viewable under a black light…

      Actually, skip that, I know a lot of people who would use that…

    • Taiwan Wolf

      I like bees.

  • Фролов Денис

    Bloody red looks cool

  • Alicii in Wonderland

    And why only haircolors? They should add at lest new hairstyles and don’t even gonna say when the last faces update was. And the colors are kinda similar to others, just one tone down or up. Peacock would be favorite of this set.

  • Alot

    Just returned to lands with internet. Wonder what primordius dyes entail -.-

  • Daaw Daw

    i find it kinda funny,how many dyes are in this game,when basicly half gametime is night and all colors looks same or when its day all look bland asf.

    • Alot

      Aye. Additionally, most of the details of Gw2 armors are lost when zooming out to full. I like dyes and have procured several of them but there is a limit to how many any single person could want – especially with so few armors being released these days -.-

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