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SWTOR Warbound Crusader Pack Preview

SWTOR Warbound Crusader Pack Preview. This pack was released on April 18 with Game Update 5.2.[toc]


Hoth Defender’s Armor Set – Gold


Enigmatic Hero’s Armor Set – Gold



Dust Viper Bandit’s Armor Set – Silver



Security Chief’s Armor Set – Silver


Sith Hermit’s Armor Set – Bronze




Imperial Devastator – Gold


Crystalcrag Monolith – Gold


Corrupted Nexu – Silver


Sinear PR-4 – Silver


Vintage Load Lifter – Bronze


Rendili Chamelon – Bronze



Tythian Lightsaber – Platinum


Tythian Lightsaber Pike – Platinum


Corellian K5 Blaster – Silver


Corellian K5 Blaster Rifle – Silver


Corellian K5 Sniper Rifle – Silver



Creature Companion: Nathema Voreclaw – Gold


Tythian Flame Color Crystal – Silver


Pet: L1-L War Machine – Silver


Pet: Ruby Vrblet – Silver


Emote: Excited Child – Silver


Title – Iokath Crusader – Bronze


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By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

199 replies on “SWTOR Warbound Crusader Pack Preview”

Daum right you did. I opened 3 megapacks and none. Happens, sometimes you get more, sometimes less, its gambling =)

due the pikes look really… really bad. You’re only lucky if you managed to sell it. If you actually use that thing… dunno man.

Every last one of those armors are a reskinned mix and match set of stuff already in the game. Most of the mounts are reskins of stuff in the game already as well.

The Lightsaber is meh, the deco’s are alright, but I stopped caring about decorations once I experienced the awesomeness that is ESO’s housing.

I hope that a day comes some day soon when SWTOR starts being awesome again…

I wish they would reuse stuff like the Shock Dispersing Rep armor, so I could use this style on imp characters.

But they reuse always the same stuff. Over and over again.

I’m not seeing it, Only things here I can see that’re blatantly re-skinned are the Sith Hermit armor and nexu.

They are all combos of pieces from different sets that are either already in the CM market or are obtainable in other ways. They have simply recolored them and put them together as a set.
Example: The first one, the helmet is a Smugglers helmet that used to be a common drop at about level 30 or so, the pants are reskins of the pilots pants that were given away for free a few years ago and the boots are a reskin of a pair of boots that were in the first cartel packs That chest piece is a reskin of a chest that was a quest reward for Operatives and the belt was originally part of one of the packs they released to “honor” KOTOR & KOTOR2 companions.
That Dust Viper set is another obvious reskin of pieces that have been in the game forever and don’t get me started on how many times the pieces from the Security Chief’s set have been reused.
You only have to have player SWTOR for maybe 2 years to recognize the pieces of the Sith Hermits set and what, now famous NPC’s or Bosses wore some of those pieces.
I’m not even going to talk about how many times those mounts have been reskined…

Ehhh… Some of the Items may be extremely similar to ones we already have, but they have slight model changes that make them passable in my eyes. It’s when we get a full on re-texture that I’m bothered.

After a good bit of searching… I still can’t find the parts you’re describing. x_x
( Jedipedia / TorFashion )

That’s Kesh! She’s on the Nexus, not the Tempest. You should’ve included a picture of Drack, dangit lol.

It’s a mirelurk, notice how it doesn’t have the same kind of delicate fingers capable of handling shotguns like the Krogans can.

Remember when Dulfy used to have guides up for new areas with every secret and clickity already mapped out and updated before you could run your first character through?

Hey, there is a new guide from Dulfy here about latest achievement 😀

She is doing her best all the time.

Saw it, did it, was fun. I love this site and appreciate all the effort it takes, I’m think Dulfy used to have more minions in/for swtor is all.

Have no problem with recycled gear, but they don’t do a very good job of reusing assets. Theres a lot of armors they could frankenstein together from old armors and make them look nice. I even see some NPC’s wearing them, like Nemro the Hutt’s assistant, she wears a shirt that looks awesome, it’s just recycled components from another set of armor. Even saw a trash mob with Darth Marr’s armor without the death pit spikes poking out of it or the weird HVAC unit attached to it.

Just gimme those if you don’t wanna make new stuff 🙁

Agree 100% Most of the items they put out are garbage. Much easier to use what you have to make items that actually look cool and usable.

There are so much cool items from SoR time, they crave to be used in newer sets. I still wish they can make Jawa tunic moddable 😀

Well, to be honest there are a descent amount of new stuff, its just all very meh.

If only Tank turret could follow the mouse cursor…

Soooooooo, it’s cool for you to post shit like this, but all of us are the bullies and assholes?

Read who started it, I know in your condition it hard. But try.

Because what you were saying like 10 posts below? Yep, exactly that. Soo not hypocrite.

I did and you had the first response, the first meme and tossed out the first insult.
That makes you the aggressor, the individual in the wrong, the bully.

Diehard has proved on many occasions he doesn’t praise everything in the game.
That’s like me saying you hate everything in the game because you dislike certain parts of the game.
Are we really going back to haters and fanboi’s again?

The only thing that Diehard Fan has proven is that he is even more deluded than you. The fact that you feel the need to be his lawyer is beyond me.

*We* are not doing anything. *I* was having an idiotic exchange of memes with someone who doesn’t even recognize an armada of reskins when he sees them. And *you* are being his lawyer.

I feel as far as delusional goes your miles ahead of anybody imho.
You even said in a previous posts you don’t see a ‘them and us’ situation but you are proving it right here.
He is allowed an opinion just like you, by saying his opinion is invalid because he ‘praises everything’ (which is inaccurate) is a poor argument.

Yeah, I did say that, and I am saying it again in my previous post. Are you reading someone else’s post? I said that the fact you feel the need to defend Diehard Fan is beyond me. Clearly, you see a “us and them” situation.

You may feel that it’s a poor argument, but I disagree. He is allowed to express his opinion, just as I am. The difference is that I am not biased.

By calling me a ‘lawyer and delusional’ and him a ‘fanboi and delusional’ is an attempt to invalidate someones argument.
Your statement “Nah. But it’s ok, you will praise anything anyway.” however you wish to defend it by calling us names wasn’t true and was an attempt to invalidate someones opinion.
His opinion was that it wasn’t reskins your opinion was to undermine his opinion by saying that he will praise anything.
As for bias I have seen you wade into many an argument, always on one side with certain people, so none of us are unbiased here.
We all have or likes and dislikes here it’s just forum life.
I don’t dislike you John, I see the headstrong person you are, I just felt you were being unfair on this occasion.

And that’s your opinion.
If I was to say to you well that’s because you hate the game and you dislike everything about the game, then that’s not a counter argument to why I think the pack is not reskins i.e describing the different vehicles and where they hadn’t appeared before, it’s a way to say your opinions don’t count because you will hate everything anyway.
Also thanks for proving ‘lawyer’ and ‘bias’ parts of my argument.
People just get involved in these things 😉

I don’t mind reskins, alot of clothes in my closet are different colors or patterns of the same style.

I am calling you his lawyer, because you are doing a pretty good job running to his defense and his rescue, even when he is wrong (he’s always wrong btw).

And I am calling you delusional, because you see our disagreement as an “attempt to undermine” something. His username alone undermines his own posts, based on his history anyway.

It’s not an attempt to invalidate anything, I would say it’s a success at invalidating his claim. Whether there a lot of reskins or not is not a matter of opinion.

As for the bias thing, this is the THIRD time in this discussion that you use the “us and them” argument, even after I have explained to you TWICE that I don’t care about these imaginary teams that you have in your mind. It’s a lot more simple than that really.

Diehard Fan is biased because he will praise and defend anything and everything about SWTOR. Kind of like you, but worse. I on the other hand, cannot be biased, because I am not a fanboy, nor an enemy of the game.

You misinterpreted what I said, your bias is not for the game but is instead for the posters.
Your statement “(he’s always wrong btw)” proves it.
Also “Diehard Fan is biased because he will praise and defend anything and everything about SWTOR. Kind of like you”
This is a bias.
Yet we have both said things about the game we don’t like but you chose to ignore that.
So in conclusion to that your argument of “He will praise anything” is both wrong and biased.
I don’t run his defense, in fact I have stated many times I’m not his keeper and don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s behaviour on here, I have enough difficulty dealing with my own trolls.
I’m sure you will come back with that your not but the evidence says it all.
Anyway enough time wasted on this reciprocal nonsense.

“I don’t run his defense, in fact I have stated many times I’m not his keeper and don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s behaviour on here, I have enough difficulty dealing with my own trolls.”

Funny that you almost always show up to defend him…

So, you arent a bully even here? When you just entered a convo completely not concerning you with accusations?

Acting like a pro, mate. A real pro 😀

Nope, this is called an “on the spot correction.” something that one does to assist another in understanding that they have done something wrong, inappropriate, socially unacceptable or rude.
I have made it my mission on these forums to point out to you and he (pretty sure you are the same person, more so now than ever. I will extrapolate below.) When you initiate the bad behavior that you love to accuse others of.
I am simply REACTING to you the way you act towards others. I also only react to the two of you in this manner. With everyone else I am me and I have civil, pleasant and meaningful discussions. With the two of you I am blunt and I don’t pull any punches.

There is also this.
Perhaps you didn’t learn this in all of your time pretending to be someone else, but Russians don’t use the term “mate.” I live in a community that has an extremely large number of Russian immigrants, I have visited Russia several times and I have lived amongst a large number of Russians when I lived in Europe a few years back.
Russians absolutely do not use the term “mate.”
Having Lived in the UK, Russsia, Germany, Austria and Italy for a large chunk of time I had the pleasure of getting to know how people speak. The Term mate is used predominately by the British, Australians and some young people in Spain and Germany. Also Europeans who learned English from British born teachers use it occasionally. But I have never heard a person of Russian decent use the term mate… Odd that people think you and mummy are the same person, you are always around to defend one another and, when agitated, you use the same verbiage and writing style…
Strange indeed…

So, lets put some finishing dots, shall we?

When I enter in convo with my personal thoughts, I`m a bully, a bad person and etc.

When I get to correct someone from your friends,I`m a bully, a bad person and etc.

When you or your friends do it, they are correct with their thoughtful ideas, they are all good people, no matter if they do opengly racist comments or insulting me all the way.

Are the statements above correct?

Also, you are a racist if you think that Russians dont use some words. I`m not entirely russian, I just live and work in Russia. I know 4 languages and yes, I use word mate.

ALso looks like you or Rance have a twin account – Dr-Waffle The-Third, who just responded for a post after a whole month! Even if he has nothing to do with you both, he is terrible at it! =)

Thats just hilarious, mate!

You see, you default to insults and poor behavior.
Posts like this are what makes you a jerk.

Its just you who thinks like that. If you cant understand humour – its your problem. Deal with it. Deal and leave me alone. Are you stalking me? Answer already, or are you afraid to answer directly?

“Answer already, or are you afraid to answer directly?”
You really need some help dude, find a mental health professional and get on some medication.

So you`re going to continue to stalk me and ignore the fact that you stalk me, correct?

Very mature.
Last time I spoke to you yesterday you posted a truly disgusting meme of a down syndrome boy which I have reported you for and sent the image to Dulfy.
And you think you have the right to judge anybody?

We talk, gripe and complain about the game.
You enter the conversation with insults directed at us because we are pointing out flaws in the game.
The toxicity, insults and arguing typically don’t start until you and/or your pal jump in, tossing out insults and telling people to shut up.
Or talking about how you want to shoot some of teh people in this community, but you can’t because all you will hit is your own monitor. Or talking about how we are all on your list, or if you were talking to us in person you would beat us up and how you are going to start taking care of the people on your list very soon.
Those are threats, real world threats, things that you have said in these forums.
Your behavior is why you get treated the way you do, the way you talk to others and the things you say are what earn you the disdain of others in this community.
Plenty of us disagree with one another and we have conversations around those disagreements, but you take things to the extreme and no one likes that, no one wants to deal with you. It’s strange that with as extreme as you are and with as willing to toss out insults and even threats as you are 1 person still jumps to your aid almost every time and it is usually when you are at your worst…

Nope, you`re wrong. All you say is just your broken vision of deluded man you are. Think what you want, it will never be real or truth in any meaning.

I never threatened people here, real people. Deal with it, you nationalistic discriminating idiot. There is no THEM and US. You dont say from people here, its your own twisted vision.

For the last time – dont deal with me then. Just shut up. Go away. Stop stalking me.

“Nationalistic discriminating idiot.” {Insert sarcasm}Wow, nice use of discrimination and prejudice there, it really proves how sensitive and pleasant you are… It’s so obvious now that you never insult people or show any kind of bias or prejudice when dealing with others…

Then when someone uses your own statements against you, that obviously gets you pretty flustered and you tell people to shut up and go away.
Then there is this…

{more sarcasm} But yeah, you are definitely the better person…

I really should add a remark *joke* on that one. People like you, with obvious problems, will consider it as real statement. Just wow.

Thanks for admitting though, that I`m better person. One step closer for you to become slightly smarter too!

You just can’t comment on anything with out using insults can you?
Every post you make continues to prove that you are an asshole, you try to pretend like you are a good person, but when you aren’t able to defend your poor behavior anymore you show your true nature.

You really have problems if you think that you can insult me freely and I cannot answer. Its a complete discrimination.

So answer, you discirminating and stalking me now?

Stalking you? You commented on a statement of mine and I’m stalking you???
Discrimination? I don’t think you understand that word.
You call people names, you state that you are smarter than and better than them, you toss out insults and think that won’t piss people off you are passive aggressive and patronizing and think people won’t recognize that?
Seriously dude, get some help.

Yes, stalking me, If not – leave me alone already. Stop answering. Many thanks.

I want to clarify that normally I discuss as a civilized person with other people, but when I see how much butthurting it produces to people like him to use their own attacks against them I can’t help myself lol.

True that, I’ve heard the term “mate” in UK the most, if I had to bet by the way he talks I would bet that this kid is from that country.

Well you mostly, because once again you are displaying that bad behavior that you swear you don’t engage in…

You just don’t like I’ve called you out on your behaviour again.
Too bad.
You need to stop it.

Yep you called me out on pointing out that you and your BFF are being jerks. That doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is that you to love being jerks, but try to act like you are good people.

I am not sure if you know the real meaning of the word “bias” and how it’s used, and I am not trying to be a smartass here.

All of the examples of “bias” that you mentioned, are true statements (or at least in my opinion). I legitimately think that EVERY SINGLE thing that Diehard Fan has posted is either wrong, inaccurate, false or just toxic. If I was biased, I would actually disregard even his posts that I find true. But there is none!

If you don’t want to be his keeper or lawyer, then don’t enter discussions between him and someone else, defending him as if you were offended, and do not upvote every idiotic meme that he posts. If someone was posting these memes to you, you would call it bullying, but now you embrace them and approve them.

And yeah, enough time wasted.

And thats exactly and only your own problem. Deal with it, boy.

(replying because you mentioned my name)

Nah, I don’t dwell over people that live in their bubble, it is someone’s problem, but definitely not mine.

It’s Diehards Knight in Shining Armor come to defend him!
Hidi-ho White Knight, your contribution to this conversation was SOOOO helpful….
Oh wait, no it wasn’t you just stirred the pot, created more drama and swaddled yourself in an all new argument.

You see this is why people think you and Diehard are the same person, because every time he gets into an argument, you come galloping in to save him, distract everyone from the original topic or to take over the argument.

You and he accuse so many folks of being bullies, but If I copy and paste all of the comments in all of the threads that you two are involved in and then cut out everything to do with the two of you I get to see a community of people that seem to get along quite well. And no bullying.

When I leave your comments in I see a lot of bickering, arguing and you and Diehard tossing out passive aggressive insults, veiled in sarcasm and often times out right put downs. We even get to see your good friend Diehard making real life threats against people from time to time. Somehow though we are all the bad people bullying the 2 of you, the only good folks in this community.

Yep out of the 30 or so people who post in these forums on a regular basis you 2 are the only “good” people here and your opinions are the only correct ones, the only ones that count. Even though the two of you are in the extreme minority in this community you are our betters and you intend to make sure that you inform us of that fact at every chance you get….

Tbh honest I don’t waste time reading your posts, they are immature and full of inconsistencies, you are the worst hypocrite on here.
On the brief skim I gave it it didn’t have counter argument, just the usual Driven insults that we are all used to.
My points still stands and as usual you have given nothing to the argument apart from the usual insults.
You have been away for the a while so the forums have been better behaved but whenever you return it’s to fan the flames and create drama.
And as for your friends on here…..XD
Your not worth the headspace.

Spoken by someone that knows they were in the wrong, but is attempting to try to save face.
You are a bully and you love to stir the pot.
I haven’t been away, I have been reading these forums everyday. I responded to diehard defending a racist and he tried to save face and make himself look good. I noticed above that he tossed out an insult and then you rushed in to defend his wrong doing because it was someone you don’t like that he was bantering with.

I noticed the two of you doing what you always do, bullying others and then accusing them of being the bullies. I’ve called you out on it and as per usual both of these accounts are attacking me because you want people to think you are being mistreated…
My point stays the same every time we have this conversation. You bully people and then play the victim when you get called out. You call me a hypocrite because I treat you the exact same way that you treat others.
You don’t like these conversations? You don’t like me jumping your shit and telling you that you are being an asshole, well stop being an asshole!
Notice how we haven’t talked in awhile? It’s because you weren’t being an asshole, we are talking now because you are being an asshole.
Play nice with others and I will leave you alone, act like a douche and I won’t.

You accuse someone of racism with no evidence.
Doesn’t make it real, it just makes you embarrassingly wrong….again.
You are again bullying a poster which I have caught you doing AGAIN.
When are you going to learn.

The word that was used is a racial slur and Diehard defended that person.
I pointed that out, that isn’t bullying, or maybe in your world pointing out when someone misbehaves is bullying.
In my world it is calling someone out for poor behavior, but by all means defend someone who was defending someone who used a racial slur to refer to someone in this community that everyone likes and gets along with… It’s par for the course for you.

He edited his responses to Shawn, as he has done many times. We all know that he edits his responses after someone points out that he has said something inappropriate. Several of us have posted screen shots of his, pre-edit, comments.

Ex. Remember the threats he made that people in this community were on his list & that he was going to take care of that list soon. That he would beat people up if he met them in person. Also remember how many of us flagged many of his comments and threats and they were removed by the moderators.
I’m going to guess you won’t state that you remember that, because to do so you would have to look like you aren’t supporting your buddy. Those of us involved in his do though.

Anyway, he did leave the post I first commented on alone (but somewhat edited) where he said that he felt it was OK for children to use that language when trying to get someones attention.
That is how the conversation started, by me telling him that supporting the use of a racial slur made him part of the problem.
He disagreed and said he didn’t even read teh comment everyone was angry about. I told him he needed to read the statement before blindly supporting the person teh people he hates are giving a hard time to. He returned with a dig and still hadden’t read the comment. It was after this that he changed his mind and began editing his posts. At that point he started trying to save face.
My point has consistently been that he should not just blindly support people just because he hates the other people involved in the conversation and that I will continue to point out when he (and you) are treating others poorly.

I find it odd that he shows blatant prejudice and discrimination in his comments below and you continue to show your support for him…

Wrong. I never knew word “spic” and stated that. Sorry, I dont use racial insults to know all such words.

If you want to be objective, dont forget the second part of my original statement, where I said, that for an adult on an anonymous board its a huge problem.

And I stated, when I found out about usage of this word, that I`m strongly against racists.

Also all your thoughts about my previous posts are simply your own attitude, it has nothing to do with my thoughts that I put into this messages. I never intended to threat anyone, no matter what you prefer to think.

All your defense crumbles. Anything else?

You are trying to save face, you are trying to make yourself look good. It’s sad really that you try to hard.
Yes, a day after the fact you said you didn’t mean to support the racist comment and at the same time began to edit your statements. Look dude I wouldn’t have even said anything to you had you not made statements that made you look like you supported that guy.

Tell me how, “They are all on my list and I plan to start taking care of the people on that list soon. With in the hour in fact,” should be taken if not as a threat?

You need professional help dude.

I`m saying about real state of things. You`re so deluded you cant see what I write. Sad.

No, first I never stated anything close to that in one message, second – it cant be considered a threat or real life threat or a threat to someones property.

Something close to that was about me blocking people on Disqus. If you think that provides any level of threat to their life, you need real help here.

You are right, that statement was made across 2 posts. But they were removed once enough of us reported them.
Keep deluding yourself.

You`re stalking me now. Leave me alone already. Stop answering. Many thanks.
I stated several times, that I have a serious ilness, I cant control anger in stress. You, by your actions here, directly increasing my stress level.
I have to ask you to ignore me. Be a smart man and follow this advise.

I’m stalking you by responding to what you say to me??? That makes no sense at all.
If you truly have a serious illness should you not take it upon yourself to avoid these situations rather than instigate them. Don’t blame me for your actions bub.
If you keep talking to me how am I supposed to ignore you? If you respond I answer. Don’t want me to answer, then don’t respond.

Then be nice and do ignore me in further situations. Right now I`m just asking. It was fun, but now its affecting my mental health, which is a danger to me and people around me in real life. While you and anyone else here cant be directly accused here for your actions, its just an anonymous board (this goes both ways, so you know), you will feel moral weight of your actions by knowing what I have told you.

Good day.

This was fun for you?
Dude seriously, just stop responding. As long as you talk to me I’ll respond to you.
Call someone who can help you out bro. That person isn’t me, but if you keep responding to me I’m gonna keep responding to you.

So you finally did it, you harassed someone of the board.
I managed to check in briefly over the weekend and saw his last few messages to you asking you to leave him alone and that it was making him unwell given the problems we all know he had.
Your a truly despicable person Drivan.
You’ll come back with he was a racist. I screen shotted his ‘supposedly’ racist comments you accused him of making when he actually defended Paulo against the racist and will happily put them on here AGAIN to show you were lying and you and your gang of Rance, and shawn were baiting him in to an argument to make him ill.
You’ll come back with the he was aggressive and made threats. He was sadly and I deplore violence, but what you so quickly forget that you did the same to me which I will happily post on here too. You’re answer to me as to why you did it? I trolled a troll who was making disgusting comments about the developers so I deserved the threats.
He used bad language? Yes, but no-one on here has called me the disgusting names you have called me.
And after all this he did what? He apologised. He tried to make friends but was knocked back. That’s the difference between you and him you see, he saw his faults and apologised. You can’t.
That’s three people you have bullied on here because they either dared to like the game or in my case when I caught you bullying Nwstd, and because I called you out on it you have held it against me since.
The only truth you have ever said here is and I quote ‘I’m an asshole raised by assholes’.
Good luck in life because your going to need it with that attitude and your behaviour on here which I’ve reported to Dulfy as harassment.
Oh and if you do this AGAIN I’ll be here to call you out AGAIN, and report you AGAIN 🙂

But I’m not going to leave the final thought to you as you don’t deserve it.
Diehard man, enjoy your travels, enjoy your beautiful family, enjoy Mass Effect andromeda and Swtor, remember and talk to someone about your issues, don’t even look back here man this toxic stain on the internet and (some of) it’s inhabitants are not worth the stress and most importantly enjoy life. Walk in peace man.

{Rolls Eyes}
You are a funny guy!
Now go away.

I am not responsible for Diehard’s actions.
Simple solution for him.
1.Put hand on mouse
2.Move pointer to the red “X”
3.Click the red “X”
He Chose to respond with rude and patronizing comments then tell me to ignore him and leave him alone, but I bet you didn’t get screenshots of all those before he deleted his account did you?

If he is gone, good for him.

If he truly did have issues then he has taken the first step to remove himself from an environment where he finds it hard to control himself. He alone is responsible for his own actions. He made rude, patronizing and sometimes mean statements to people and didn’t like it when people returned the favor or called him out on his behavior. He caused his own problems and now he has deleted his account and, hopefully, moved on.
Good for him, he has done himself a service.

Thank god he’s gone. At least for now. I was shocked he didn’t delete his account the day after threatening violence against half the people here. There’s no coming back from that kind of behavior.
Hopefully he gets some mental help.

Agreed, folks that get that angry and stressed out during conversation need to know their own limits. Apparently he definitely needs assistance in learning those limits and how to extricate himself. I hope that he finds the help he needs.

You also said I would get beaten up remember if we were in the real world and you were involved in that argument with Diehard where he kicked off, stirring as usual or does that escape your memory.
His comment was
This is the comment your trying to say is him supporting racists.
Are you for real.
Read it again, he quite clearly says the comment was for 10 year olds who require attention but for adults (who are the posters here remember) they would require help from specialists.
Your attempt to say that he is approving of 10 year olds to use racist language on here and call Paulo these horrible name is a typical disgusting Drivan attempt to bully someone, to inflame and shows exactly why you are keeping on with this discussion.
You are a duplicitous liar with the worst motives and your friend Rance here has been posting disgusting pictures of Down Syndrome kids in awful memes’s so I know who’s side I’d rather be on.
This is the people you blindly support. Your welcome to each other.
You will attempt to turn this around but the evidence is there and you can’t i’m afraid.
I’m walking away from here with my conscience clear.
Can you?
I doubt it.

1. Do you have screen shots of Diehards comments to Shawn, before he edited them, where he was supporting Annonomys? No you don’t, neither do I because he edited his comments while I was at work and away from a PC
2. Diehard spacifically stated that he was going to beat people up and that he had a “list” and was going to take care of the people on it within the hour. My comment to you was in response to insults you were making nor did I state that I was actually planning to do anything to you. Therefore it is a staement, not a threat.
Ex. That dog could bit you if you tease it = statement (me to you)
I’m going to command that dog to bit you = threat (Diehard to the community)
Diehard made it sound as if he had a plan to carry out his threats, there is a HUGE difference there, a HUGE one.
But thenagain you LOVE to twist everything so that you and your BFF can look good.
3. That comment above is the comment is still incorrect, kids should be taught to never use racial slurs, ever. The fact that he states he is ok with it is still a problem no matter how you try to spin it on his behalf.
4.Did I up vote Rance’s picture? Did I comment on it? Nope, I reported it and moved on. which is what I do with many of teh offensive meme’s that Diehard posts, but you conveniently ignore those meme’s don’t you, liek teh meme he used to call someone a “faggot” ( I hate that term, it is offensive and I am still applauded that teh meme hasn’t been removed yet.)
5.Yes my conscious is clear, I know what I read before it was edited and i remember how Diehard and you have treated others in this community. I called the two of you out on bad behavior and you both did everything you could to twist, distract and save face.

If you will not remove or change this your statements , I will consider it as false accusation. I never stated anything that can be considered by me or common logic as a threat to real life.

Like you said, I never intented or stated that I actually planning to do anything to anyone in real life or stated any kind of threat to anyones posessions or life. In any meaning.

Will you remove your false accusations? You`ve gotten too far with this.

Trying to silence the truth now?
I take it back, I believe you are Russia now.

You made the statements, many of us read them and commented on them before they were removed.

Then you called it an expirament to see who and how people would respond…
So no, I will not change or remove a truthful statement.
You claimed to have a list and you told a couple of us we were all on it. In your next post you stated that you planned to take care of “some of the people on that list soon. With in the hour in fact.” That is a direct quote.
A few posts later you told someone that if they would come to Russia and talk to you face to face you were going to beat them up, even gave a location of where to meet you.
You gotta be careful of what you say to people, some of us don’t forget these things…

I stated that we can talk if they would like, never said anything about beating. What I meant is that in person people tend to be more honest.

I see you’ve chosen to continue with false accusations, thanks for clear answer. That will be all.

Twisted truth, like you and alikes of you usually make. That was not what I was thanking you for. If you somehow think you will leave the last comment – surrender, this will not happen.

1. Without evidence it never happened. I wouldn’t trust shawn as far as I could throw him.
2. You both promote violence which deplore.
3. He did not say it was ok, you are deliberately misconstrued his words, nit picking the context of a sentence of someone to who English isn’t his first language. His comment was firmly against the racist comment, only someone with an agenda would see it as something else. But that’s just you.
4. You are happily chatting with Rance and have been for a while despite his behaviour. I’ve never approved of some of diehards behaviour and language and have said so in posts, however in this case it is you that’s in the wrong.
5. I know how you have treated people in this community, very similar to diehard in many ways but he apologises, and he admits his faults.
You don’t despite your behaviour.
That makes him a better person than you.

“I think it is understandable for 10 year old kiddos who needs more attention from their parents.”

Nope, sorry, not understandable. That is a behavior that should be stopped and corrected the moment it happens. It is unacceptable no matter what. This statement is him being acceptable of racist behavior in children, there us no spin in that, just his own words.

You and Diehard are the only people i am an asshole toward and only when you do something to earn a comment. Don’t even mention nwstd because I put that one to be along time ago.

If you think that’s an approval of racism then you run with that. Good luck to you.
So that makes 3 of us, the number is growing, who will be next I wonder.
But that’s ok because were ‘assholes’ eh?

It has always just been you and Diehard. The newstud thing is water under the bridge, I’ve had a couple decent conversations with him and everything is all good there.
You are correct though, you and Diehard are assholes.

Dust Viper Bandit’s Armor Set on female body type 2 have something strange on helmet, its like its not from there…

Opened one single pack.. got the lightsaber pike.. I only really wanted the Nexu mount.. I won’t complain 😛

I managed to get the Tythian lightsaber from the pack. Its unlocked in 6 more hours. Anybody have any ideas on how much I should sell it for? (Harbinger server as well)

At first hours it could go up to 200 mil. Later in will go lower till 40-50 I think. Try your luck and sell first for 60 mil when others will sell for 100. You will probably sell it fast and get best out of it.

I believe they did a new standart for hood model for each new helmet on each body type, it was like 2-3 months ago. Possibly it was someones mistake and helmet got bigger than it was in specs.

I had no time to check new helmet out yet, have you tried different body types?

Well then I suggest you to make a ticket, I`ll do the same when I`ll take a look at it myself. More chances it will be fixed sooner.

Yes, people were talking about how alot of helmets look wierd on body types other than 2. So devs changed the model of most if not all existed helmets to correctly work with all existed robe hoods, so there will be no clipping and they also said that this change will hopefully affect all other newcoming helmets.

Looks like someone fked up with the recent one 😀

Meh, that Tythian Lightsabre looks puny, will they ever make one proper large calibre lightsabre for real men!

I just want them to add Tora’s / Shae Vizla’s hair doo option. My female gunslinger really wants to ‘let her hair down’. 🙂

So.. no tuning or flair this time? Anyone got something like that?

I think I got all the stuff, it was surprisingly cheap from GTN. I`m not talking about platinum items though… will get them later. All in all this was very lame pack, barely worth paying it off GTN. Hope next one will be much better.

sweet, more lame reskins, and one cool saber that requires you to spend 200 bucks for a decent chance of getting it. this is clearly why everyone plays swtor

Why do people care about Re-skinning? It makes items look better, isn’t that what you want with purely cosmetic gear? Shit, they’re not even bad re-skins, I’ve wanted a chest-piece with bandoleers for ages now. Seems like people are just butt-hurt that they don’t get a flashy new sith armor set or flowing gold-trimmed robe. Basically the only time I hear people actually happy with a pack are when there’s some ridiculous Sith / Jedi pandering.

Because we get very little content, so the least they can do is make an effort in their little cash-grab market.

Let me put it this way:

First outcome: The CEO ends up making a new, interesting, and creative car, that is priced fairly.
Second outcome: The CEO takes the old car, just changes the color, AND charges 10x more than the old car, and calls it new.

Now, change the words “CEO” and “CAR” with “BIOWARE” and “RESKINS.”

Chose your preferred outcome!

The thing is, it’s not just a crappy re-color or re-texture. These are new assets stuck on some pre-existing models. They do it with almost every single armor they make, it’s just efficient. And it doesn’t look that bad. The thing is, people that are butthurt that new armor sets aren’t Sith or jedi themed are too quick to scream ‘Re-skin!’ without properly understanding what the word means.

I have no clue why people still play this fucking pile of crap. Everything this company puts out is a total waste of time. I still wonder why idiots play this game and get hyped about it. My only hope is that Disney will shut this shit down and make a NEW Star Wars MMo in a better Era.

Well its all up to you, SW loyal fan!

Go pay Disney around 200-400 mil $ and they will gladly do it! I`m sure its nothing for such a gentleman like you!

Hah, really. Maybe people can RP this moment from original episode at last? I mean we have almost all items from this shot except the Trooper helmet.

I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore companions, but after seeing the size of the Voreclaw at the vendor I couldn’t resists.
Now my little sage healer runs around with this massively armoured beast that hits like a train in dps mode (especially at lvl50 influence).
Great for Dailys and funny as hell.

Soo ugly. Creators have no taste… they bring things that looks almost the same over and over…

For those interested: the “Excited Child” dance is the dance performed by the “Little Lad” in the Starburst “Berries and Cream” commercials from a couple years ago. The disco ball only comes down overhead for about 10 seconds or so, then disappears, while the dance part of the emote continues indefinitely.

Just another fine example of lack of quality development.

“Hey guys, I can’t think of anything more to fit in this pack. I really have no thoughts of my own.”

“Go look on YouTube and see what you can find there!”

“Hey, great idea! We can rip it off, animate it and slap a Star Wars name to it, then make it part of our own I.P.!”

“Hey developers, can you guys fix something in game, like perhaps the item preview window, Courting gifts, or the graphical glitch on the Gree lightsaber?”


And once again, the pike is terrible. We hold it up next to the blade, so it’s completely unbalanced, it sits high on the back like an antenna… there are good pike models in the game. But none available to the players, sadly. Of course, it will sell for millions. Sad.

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