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SWTOR Iokath Story and Dailies Guide

SWTOR Iokath Story and Dailiies Guide.[toc]

Iokath Story

Main Story Arc

This is the main story arc to unlock the Iokath dailies. Most of it is straightforward with some exceptions.To get Malavin Quinn as your companion, you have to side with the Empire in the story. To get Elara Dorne as your companion, you have to side with the Republic in the story.

Empire Cutscenes


Republic Cutscenes


The Forgotten World

  • Defeat the Iokath Terminal Network Droids
    • To kill the Coordinator droid in the middle, you have to kill the Assistants on either side by first interrupting their immunity shield.
    • You can do this by either using your interrupts on the assistants or getting a Power Core from one of the consoles and placing them in another console. This will disable their shields.


The Lost Arsenal

  • Load Power Cores: 0/5
  • To load the power cores, you will need to interact with this console or steal power cores from other factory remotes using your #1 skill and deposit in the second console nearby.


  • Defeat the Protector Droid
    • To defeat this droid, you have to kill the four power cells around the droid as each power cell give the droid a reflect.


Iokath Dailies

How Dailies Work

Each day you can pick either Empire or Republic to assist. You should assist both sides as each have separate Reputation tracks.

  • Five dailies unlock each day
  • There is a weekly to do 10 dailies.

Iokath Consumables

These consumables are purchased from the consoles

Mouse Droid 5k Credits 75 Iokath Power Shards
Assault Walker 20k Credits 600 Iokath Power Shards
Mounted Turret 20k Credits 150 Iokath Power Shards
Iokath Monitor 15k Credits 300 Iokath Power Shards

These consumables are purchased from I7-S7 Droid

Portable Stealth Generator 3k Credits 50 Iokath Power Shards
Armor-Piercing Rocket Launcher 3k Credits 20 Iokath Power Shards
Portable Turret 3k Credits 35 Iokath Power Shards

Clearing the Path

  • Defeat 50 Iokath Droids: 0/50


Colossal Threat

  • Defeat a Colossus Droid (this requires a group of 5-10 players)


Defend the Docking Ring

  • Activate the Docking Ring defense AA cannons: 0/2


Detect and Destroy

  • Defeat 10 Enemies as an Iokath Monitor: 0/10. Unlock the Iokath monitor at the Monitor Control Terminal in your faction’s base.
  • Your #1 and #3 skills are damage skills and #2 is a heal. #4 skill is an immunity shield on a long cooldown.
  • Keep in mind that the Monitors costs 300 Power Shards so it is an expensive daily.



  • Disarm the Laser Emitters: 0/4


Disrupting the Network

  • Use the Network Node Access Terminal in the Docking Ring
  • Defeat the Iokath Terminal Network Coordinator.
    • To kill the Coordinator droid in the middle, you have to kill the Assistants on either side by first interrupting their immunity shield.
    • You can do this by either using your interrupts on the assistants or getting a Power Core from one of the consoles and placing them in another console. This will permanently disable their shields.


Monitoring the Situation

  • Plant 6 cameras inside the weapons factory


Powering Up the Weapons Factory

  • Place Five Power Cores in the Power Receiving Port: 0/5
    • Steal the Power Cores from the Remotes using your #1 skill and then place them in the receiving port
  • Using Reactor Console to Power up the Factor
  • Defeat the Scour Swarm Droids


Scouting Iokath

  • Scan tactically relevant point of interest around Iokath: 0/5


Scrubbing out the Scour Droids

  • Defeat 25 Scour Droids on Iokath


Subverting the Tower Droids

  • Hack the Droid Control Terminals: 0/5
  • Clear the Hostile Droids: 0/25


Systems Go

  • Enable the Plasma Emitter Defenses: 0/4
    • Only Plasma Emitters not activated can be enabled


Unlimited Power Cores

  • Use a Power Console on Iokath. This is a “PvP” event where you can steal Power Cores from both NPC droids and other players.
  • Transfer 8 Power Cores to the Power Receiving Port
    • Your skills are Steal, Shield, Throw, Pickup and Disconnect



Walking the Path

  • Defeat 40 Enemies on Iokath as a Walker. Unlock the Walker at the Assault Walker Access Terminal in your faction’s base.
  • Keep in mind that the walker costs 600 Power Shards so it is an expensive daily.

Fortifying the Defenses

  • Find the incursion in the Imperial Base

Systems Offline

  • Disable Republic Plasma Emitter Defenses: 0/4

Iokath Reputation Vendor

Price List

Note that there are two separate reputation tracks, one for Republic and one for Empire. You can work on both reputation tracks since you can decide on which faction you want to do dailies for each day.

Empire Item Republic Item Reputation Requirement Cost
Iokath Z1 Speeder Legend 500 Iokath Power Shards, 1 mil credit
Annihilator’s Chestplate Hero 150 Iokath Power Shards, 150k credit
Annihilator’s Greaves Outsider 100 Iokath Power Shards, 100k credit
Annihilator’s Gauntlet Friend 100 Iokath Power Shards, 100k credit
Annihilator’s Visage Hero 150 Iokath Power Shards, 150k credit
Annihilator’s Trousers Friend 150 Iokath Power Shards, 150k credit
Annihilator’s Clasp Outsider 60 Iokath Power Shards, 60k credit
Annihilator’s Bracers Outsider 60 Iokath Power Shards, 60k credit
Refurbished Remote Miniprobe Newcomer 250 Iokath Power Shards, 200k credit
Upgrade Cell 1 Upgrade Cell 1 Outsider 10 Iokath Power Shards, 1k credit
Upgrade Cell 2 Upgrade Cell 2 Friend 20 Iokath Power Shards, 5k credit
Upgrade Cell 3 Upgrade Cell 3 Champion 40 Iokath Power Shards, 10k credit


Iokath Annihilator’s Armor Set


Iokath Z1 Speeder



Iokath Technographer’s Armor Set


Iokath X1 Speeder


Scavenged Remote Miniprobe


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385 replies on “SWTOR Iokath Story and Dailies Guide”

First impression: I don’t like how Iokath is made. gtting to the quest is confusing, the different parts and how to get there is a mess. Some quest marker look like they are wrong, some seem to miss, or misslead you in the wrong direction.

Get reputation to max, get all achievements, and never ever visit Iocrap again!

Getting Elara was disappointing, because, how can you do it that way, BioWare? She’s in one cut scene and that’s it. Not even a notification that you have a new companion. this dev crew is just incapable of doing the siplest things right. Un be lieve able!

LOL You’re right, I even forgot that I got Elara, just choose the side and you won’t see her anymore, to be honest I was expecting more from a former Havoc Squad member than just warming the command chair.

Choices matter, I guess.

Well, looks like I will choose the Pubs on most characters. just one to see the imp stuff once and have access to the vendor.

Not happy about that.

If I am not mistaken, it is said that, as a Sith Warrior, if you side with the Republic, you’ll get both companions because Quinn will follow you regardless which side you choose.

Lets make it short. I played SI, picked Republic, Didnt get elara as my companion. Am i missing something here?

Press N.

BioWare doesn’t tell you that somebody joined you. She’s just there at some point. Don#t even know when it happend. Just found her in the Companion screen (N) after I finished he story.

But I’m used to it, everything BioWare does is ass! Thoughtless and done without effort. They don#t care about anything. I don’t even understand why these people work in the game industry. They have no passion.

I did press N and to odessen to check the terminal. I still dont see her anywhere. I’ve triple checked everything just to be sure. Even relogging lol. I’ve sent a ticket already but dont know whether is a bug or not cause the devs aint saying anything about this problem.

Thank you Dulfy!

But can we please have a markers on the map, where to scan Iokath?

These 5 bincular screenshots don’t hep me much. I have 2 of them, but I don’t know wich ones, nor do the screens tell me where to go…

Ok, I did the monitor mission.

It was the worst I’ve ever seen in a game. After you shoot an enemy you are stunned, and the remaining enemies attack you. You can barely escape to heal you up and attack again. It is laggy/delayed a.f. und the most unpleasent mission they have ever made. WTF!

And it costs you 300 Iokath thingys. WTF!

BioWare gone mad!

EAware next step will be to make us pay with in-game money too if we want more “content”, not enough paywalls already it seems.

So far I’m really enjoying Iokath, it’s was by far the best part of Kotfe/Kotet.
I like the layout and the missions are good and some required a bit of thought.
Also like the whole empire/rep side choice, my alts are a mixture and you really get a feel for your choices whichever you chose (my evil sage is loving killing reps)
However whats the deal with the 600 shards for the walker daily? The only way I can see you able to get that much is buying the mats and trading them for the shards, or do a hell of a lot of gathering in the area. Is that right?
Also is the reputation cap broken? It just kept going and going last night.

Fun fact : Yesterday I collected Republic and Empire token reputation even if I chosed Rep side. Did you have the same experience ?

I enjoy Iokath scenary too (not the scenario 😀 ). Tonight I will test some stronghold jump to try to explore some place that look interesting.

I thought reputation was for both empire and republic, like say Voss reputation or Makeb, it didn’t matter what faction you were, it wasn’t faction specific.
I think my rep went through ‘Outsider’ and I’m almost finished Newcomer and that’s on one alt last night.
Seems to be a big cap if there is one.
Stronghold jump, whats that?

Stronghold-jump is a way to explore unexpected places : example : on Correlia, you can jump from the metro track to reach zones that you can not explore otherwise. CZ-198, Makeb, Corruscant, Naar Shadaa are great places for that.

Here is the principle : you want to jump from a big cliff but the fall would kill you : Whatever: you jump and then –immediately– you tp to one of your stronghold before your char dies. Then, you return to your previous place via the elevator. Technically, the game can’t re tp you in a dangerous state = you land on the floor safely. There is only one rule : the floor needs to be textured and walkable.

On CZ-198, you can walk under all the platform structures, On Nar Shadaa you have really huge zone to explore. In my opinion the best planet to explore is Correlia : so many places… Just find the location to jump on the metro track and you’re in. And if you have a guildmate who is eager to do exploring-stuff, Korriban is full of “secret places”. Really, for exploration, SWTOR is the best.

Wow magic, why does this remind me of the film Tron (the idea not the image)?
Oh yes you got inside the game!! 😛

ha ha ha 😀 I like the reference !

But seriously, exploration is great. Not for the destination but for the journey. Remember the Tatooine Queen of Sands urban legend : how many peoples try to search for glitches, secret… Yep, even if exploration may seem pointless, you always have this sweet feeling that maybe you will discover an easter egg or a really beautiful scenary…

The second rule of exploration (and very useful for datacrons hunt): before jumping, your char will make a step. Keep that in mind and you will be a senior explorer.

Greetings, fellow game breaker. I can’t help but do this in every game I’ve played. Swtor has some decent enough secrets with the datacrons, but I find there are too many flat plains and sort of dead areas for my liking, I wish it were possible to find unused resources and things like that, but there are none, I think they strip them out for optimization if content doesn’t go live. Tython had some neat spots you could jump to, but once you get past that spot, its all grey underworld. I’ve wanted to explore more on Yavin, but it wont let me adequately break it. Wow was phenomenal for this kind of exploration. Before flying mounts, you could get to this dwarven steamplane airport where dwarves and trolls were fighting around the clock just as a visual gag for people using Gryphon transportation hubs. You could jailbreak into the basement of Karazhan which had a deep pool full of chained drown bodies, and several creepy corridors.
Swtor is ripe for more secrets to be added, the problem is they seem more likely to break them over time, or before they are even properly implemented. Pink saber crystals come to mind. Or the King of the Hill Rak achievement. Loremaster….

Yep, I enjoyed wow glitches a lot (KZ, Naxramas bug to follow Kelthuzad steps and finally arrive in non instanced Stratholme… Oh yeah, memories !

I agree with you : there isn’t such stuff in swtor, but that said, some jumps on Correlia are really awesome. And you always expect to find something (even if you know that there will be nothing… the journey, Naq, the journey is the most joyful thing. Imagine a jump-path, fall hundred time and finally find the right angle, the right spot to land… The Makeb datacron is perfect to bring friends on a fun journey (so much fun at each missed jump/missed force-pull :3)

Yeah I would appreciate a rare crystal or some deco in a secret place with a sadistic and unforgiving path.

Just saying, you were doing the Forgotten World quest unnecessary awful for yourself. You can disable an assistant by picking up a power core from the back and place it in a slot right and left side of the room. Doing so an assistant will drop the shield and become vulnerable. Kill it and repeat the same on the other side.
And if you have a healer comp, he/she won’t be killed by the boss either, it only happens with dd or tank comps.

More terrible dialogue and the last two years of story have been almost completely disregarded by forcing us to side with one faction or another, rather than be the neutral peacekeeping force that the Eternal Alliance is supposed to be.

Haven’t tried the dailies yet because I just wanted to log out and play something else, but I can’t see them redeeming this update at all.

Same here, I did the story and then I got the dailies and went to see the reputation rewards I would get for doing them, definetely not worth the effort.

Most of the CM armors overshine it, so I don’t really have an incentive that makes me want to grind for it.

If it’s just an opinion why do you get so butthurt? Maybe I’m talking about reality way more than you wanted?

I had the same feeling : the story sounds wrong for a light side char. Really wrong. The forced choice between Empire or Republic is not a good idea. I also would prefer a “neutral peacekeeping” choice (that would make sense for the light side KOTET ending). Too much ellipsis too : You’re in your walker and the second after, you face Acina/Malcolm without any transition : weird.

I liked the Iokath scenary but quests are very meh to me. The walker part is horrible (as usual) : lag, bad mobility, etc. I did Iokath in story mode and won’t return here for the dailies. Exploration only (Some spots seem very good for a bunch of stronghold-jump).

The good thing of this patch is the new drop rate : two legendary for two crates is a nice changing pace.

Just a question to those who are more into PVP : Is Iokath good from that point of view ?

It’s Open World PvP, so if you don’t go with a group you have a high chance of getting ganked by people who have one, which is not fun at all.

I’m on Progenitor, so it’s lower pop, but I’ve been in the PvP instance for about 2 hours and I haven’t seen a single other person, friendly or otherwise.

That’s why we need server merges so hard, people on lower pop servers have this content pretty much locked because of the lack of PvP.

I’d agree, but given that (as far as I can see) there’s no reason to PvP on Iokath I’d prefer things to stay quiet. OWPvP only really works when there’s ongoing incentive to fight.

Even on a normally higher pop server like Ebon Hawk, PVP instance is where you go to be alone, and play the game in solo mode. I’d swear sometimes I am running in offline mode.

FYI: If you side (for example) with the Republic (in my case as an imperial agent) to get Elara Dorne, you can go to your Odessen Companion return terminal an also get Malavai Quinn.

Why was I forced to side with either the Republic or the Empire? Why didn’t I tell them “behave both of you, or my Alliance will blast you all into pieces”? Don’t I have the oooh-mighty Eternal Fleet? Am I not able to crush them both if I wanted to? Arcann did it, so why can’t I?

Joining sides with either Republic or Empire could have been an option for those who wanted to do so. But the 3rd option should have been there too. The Eternal Alliance is the police force of the galaxy now; wouldn’t it make sense?

So yeah, seriously… why not?

My #1 gripe with this timesink. 2 years building is up to take the throne. Now that we have it, we’re being forced into being a Republic/Imperial bitch again? :S

Played through the story and dailies once and downed Tyth with PUGs, and have no desire to play Iokath ever again. What a complete farce. There is nothing reward wise worth investing the time it takes to do the dailies here, especially since the Weekly takes 2+ days to complete (for example I got the Walker mission and didn’t have the shards to buy one, so I’m only 4/10 after yesterday). Wake me up when the raid is fully released….

In contrast, the HM version of Tyth is a decent fight. Maybe you should up your game or join a decent guild. Less whining, more doing.

Shut your face, Anonymous fukkboi not even logged in. My raid team will be taking him down later this week on HM with no issue, trust me on that. I grabbed the first 7 people around yesterday to do SM just for fun and it was cake as expected, I have no issues with that.

My problem is that there is no replay value to any of the new content aside from AT BEST the new “raid” which ATM is 3 sets of adds and one boss. Hardly worth months of hype and an extra last minute 1 week delay. But keep replying/trolling, what you think and $5.99 will get you an Extra Value Meal 🙂

Anywho, on to a bigger question, what point does a dailies area have now anyway? At 70 everything is just about CXP really, so isn’t the main point efficiency? You can run all of CZ in 5 minutes, Blackhole & Oricon each in less than 15, or do a million H2’s all in the time it would take you to do HALF of the Weekly in Iokath, and you would earn far more CXP doing it I might add.

Some things are just meant to not make sense I guess…..

Great. I wanted to switch to imperial alignment today. But I can’t. I says troops habe already aligned for today. It’s now 5 minutes after the daily reset.

Did both Rep and Imp story choices and fought for both sides…didn’t really pick up any difference in them….then did the dailies.
…..what a horrible timesink Iokath is.

Hey Dulfy,

For the “Defeat the Iokath Terminal Network Droids” mission, you don’t need to interrupt the side droids. There are consoles near those droids. Clicking them will give you some item and if you place it to some other console-thingy near it, you’ll lower their shield completely. Forever :). You down that side droid, move to the other. Rinse and repeat. Then the middle one.

Pretty much the same logic as “The Lost Arsenal” mission.

Yeah, side with the republic and (Spoiler) finally Quinn will surrender to your forces and then you can either recruit or kill him.

OMG what the hell was that, so boring, and stupidly bugged, especially shots fired mission, 2 sith attacking me, dying with one doing 28k the other doing 26k damage.
Elara return for the trooper was crap, Vette for warrior was better.

What a waste of time and resources, I was looking forward to a new dailies area, but seriously those are the rewards, WTF. should have known with how easy the rep was coming the rewards would be rubbish.

As bad as KoteT do it once, zero reason to do it again.

I keep saying it, but I really should stop subbing, they have ruined the game.

While I actually agree with all you said I have to say that I liked the difficult added on those Sith, they really put me on the verge and I miss so much the difficulty on storyline quests.


For the Iokath Terminal Network Droid, I got a core from the wall where the courtyard entrance is (near shielding droids) and inserted it into a terminal across the courtyard. This temporarily stuns one of the shielding droids. Even when the stun ended, I could still kill it. Once I killed both of them, the main one in the middle was just a regular boss.

Note: Theron kept the main one focused on him the whole time, even though he was set to heals. There weren’t any issues with him staying alive as a Rank 5.

Yeah I like the Imp armour, and I like the rep chestpiece, gloves and Boots (i will mix together for a better look), but they seem to have given up on rep helmets of late. These open face ones are particularly boring.

I seem to have bugged something … cause I finished my Iokath story and choose Empire … but I did not recieve Quin at all. Before you ask, no he doesn’t appear in my companion list anywhere at all.

Anyone encountered a similar problem?

As I have stated previously, whether I would re-sub at August (or whenever Kotet will end, in order to get all of Kotet with just 15 $) and return to the game (for a few weeks) would be dependent on what happens with Quinn. From what I read, I won’t resub. I am 100% empire, 100% dark side and I want to be able to kill this fucker with my former Wrath. Nothing else is acceptable. I’ve had enough with those fuckers that are making swtor.

Bye bye swtor. Forever this time. I haven’t played you for like 8 months and now I don’t intend to ever do so again. Time to move on……

You can kill Quinn even without being a sub 😉 (well of course if your wrath is lvl 70). If you’re 100% darkside, side with Rep to crush Acina should be an easy decision.

I can’t kill Quinn, cause I haven’t renewed ever since last August. To kill him I assume that I would need to had been a sub yesterday when 5.2 came live, assuming that kotfe’s business model is still followed. But more importantly, I DO NOT WANT TO SIDE WITH THE FUCKING REPUBLIC!

Hum, you could try to use a referal link (I did it some month ago to test Cxp change and was able to up a few char to lvl 70).

FOR THE REPUBLIC ! errrr…. Sorry :3

If you don’t play, then why are you here ranting? only people who don’t come to qq are allowed to post.on these forums ;D

Hey man that’s your prerogative, just seems odd that you are giving up on a game because you can’t kill one of your companions.
Like people have said below you can kill him if you side with the Rep’s but as you say you won’t do that.
If it’s that important to you RP it and pretend to be a sith assassin inside Rep just to kill him and pretend to be going along with them.
Then as soon as your finished you can join the imp side again for the daily’s.
Just an idea.

What part of “I haven’t played for 8 months” you did not get? I am not giving up swtor now, I am not giving up swtor because of Quinn. I have given up on swtor 8 months ago, when I stopped subscribing and stopped playing even though I could still play as a pref, something I have done in the past. I am not giving swtor another chance because the devs are still doing the same shit that were doing before I leave. Quinn is a symptom not the cause of the “disease”. They knew that people wanted to kill him and yet they forced down the throats of their players some choices.

And don’t get me started with the fact that Quinn should have been killable at 1.x! Those stupid beta testers were all “oh no I killed my only healing comp now what do I do?”, and the answer was “dont kill him”?? WTF? Couldn’t they just put a huge warning saying “are you sure you want to kill Quinn? You won’t have a healing companion after that”, or even better make quinn accessible in a similar way comps were accessible during kotfe via the terminal. There were so many options and yet for their “story driven MMO” they chose the most UN-fitting. OK mistakes happen, not a big deal, BUT FIX THEM! Now that all comps can be healers and can be accessible via the terminal etc etc, ALLOW ME STORYWISE MORE OPTIONS! FFS is that so difficult to comprehend? And apparently for those devs……IT IS!

In the end of the day it is the dev team itself that made me quit swtor. Not one thing they did (eg Quinn), but a NUMBER OF THINGS, their attitude, and the fact that there is no light in the end of the tunnel.

I just responded because you said your resub “would be dependent on what happens with Quinn” That’s what i found strange.
Now you are saying “I am not giving up swtor because of Quinn”
You’ve lost me now, but giving up on a game or not resubbing to a game because of an NPC……well good luck in your gaming mate, your going to be going from game to game pretty quickly, if you take a hate to an NPC.
And before you say it’s not because of quinn again your posts are mainly quinn hate related.
I just gave you an option to get around the issue for you that’s all.

If you have a Sith Warrior, and you side with the Empire, and you’re Dark Side, you can kill Quinn. I did. I’m not sure whether being Dark Side matters or not.

Well, every other message I read on the internet says otherwise! I suppose by the time I intend to sub anyway (august or so), things will be clearer. Thanks for the heads up though.

You can choose to be imp, dark side and yet kill Quinn. I tried. Now, if that diserves a sub or not, not sure what to say, but good luck!!!!

I’m thinking it probably is only available to Sith Warriors. I play Dark V and chose Empire as a Sith Inquisitor and never saw the option to execute him.

But being a 100% dark side Sith siding with Republic to fuck over a Sith empress herself is very Sith thing to do.

I’m a little disappointed there is no lore or secret daily or hidden title for rubbing a colossal droids head type stuff.

so now i can’t raid Tyth because I choose dark side and others in my guild choose light side? This is just fucking awesome

you fight for the dark side, you go with dark side fighters, same with light. its been that way since 5.0 dropped, hasnt it?

na this is new , so a imp that picks light side cant do the single op boss with other imps that are dark side? thats mental if true

Yep, If you pick to fight for the Republic as an imp, you cannot be invited by imps to any group type. You can be invited to groups by pubs that chose Republic or other imps that chose Republic, and vice versa. Biggest issue is that in order for you to join a group of pub players that chose Republic, you have to be in sight range. You cannot invite via WHO or chat. And you cannot run operations with anyone outside of your original faction (Imps run ops with imps, pubs with pubs, regardless of faction you sided with). So you are screwed out of a day of raiding if you chose Republic as an IMP, if you raid mates chose Imperial as IMPs…….

thats… going to make gettting groups for this OP even more difficult in the future when it isnt new and everyone is rushing to do this stuff

what a cluster fuck of a mess,
can guarantee there will be guilds trying to do that boss and one of the healers choose a different side for dailies and ruins the run…*sigh

update- unable to switch sides on day 2, says troops are already deployed try again tomorrow

its definitely works that way,you cant group with peeps who picked opposite you even in the entrance room with the op door

That’s an insanely bold move. Taking a game that has been without new raid content for over a year, adding only a fraction of an operation, with a dwindling player base, specifically a disenfranchised and shrinking raid community, already split by faction, and deciding to break it down even further into quarters. That’s like sitting at the top of the ramp, on your barely operational motorcycle, looking down into the pool of herpies riddled laser sharks you intend to jump, and being like “Set the ramp on fire.”

There’s a terminal that lets you switch which side you fight for in the main hub area on Iokath. That should sort it out

even with this reset console it’s stupid to do it this way. It shouldn’t affect operations in any way (imo). At least it never was truly important if you chose anything bad or good. Don’t missunderstand me I like the idea that you can choose wich side you want to help but not like this.

I would say that I’m impressed that such a fail like that passed among them without notice, but then I remember that it’s EAware who we’re talking about and it’s no longer a surprise.

Can i kill quinn and align with the empire? im a Merc, and while Elara is cute and i hate quinn and want to blast him to pieces, im an empire man and will never align with pubs

Gotta say… don’t remember any light side or dark side points attached to picking pubs or imps… so there is no real reason to pick against your faction…

Thats still kinda stupid. Its ok to be able to chose a side in conflict, its great actually. It just feels wrong in SW universe. They could finally do a third faction, like Zakuul or Infinite Empire and give us a few classes from there, because I`d love something new like a new class, even with the very same mechanics. Like Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight, third could be Zakuulan Protector or something.

People been talking about new playable class for years, hope new guy in charge will say something about it soon.

Problem is that all existing planets are built around the two existing factions (hangers, quick travel markers and vendors all being bound to one of the two). Redesigning all those planets to allow for a third faction isnt something the team has the manpower to do.

Well, there is _that_ little problem… Other MMOs are much better funded and staffed.

Still, I like the idea of new classes and I think there’s something more that could be done with the Eternal Empire game-wide. WoW did that whole cataclysm thing and completely restructured the game world. SWTOR could do that, too, if EA would just fund it (and the new Lead proves more creative than Ben).

maybe a neutral faction could have missions in both factions bases and spaceports depending on the story

how about adding a new advanced class to a excisting base class? like a heavy gunner for bounty hunters that uses assault cannons and a sniper class to trooper base class?
no need to change planets nor write new stories

“there are too many currencies, let´s make the command xp system” – Hold my Pepsi
“now let´s add shards token, unnsambled gear tokens, and command tokens to make it work better”
Now we have the same amount of tokens and currencies as before AND the farming pain
Good job!!!!!

To be fair, reputation grinding has always been in the game with each reputation faction having their own “currencies”. But in general, I agree with you. They didn’t simplify the gearing system. They made it much more complicated in 5.x than it ever was prior.

I know, reps token dont bother me, but those shards? really? Not helping, imo.
If only they did the command stuff legacy instead of character bind, I mean the whole leveling stuff, it´d work so much better.

Like I always say, they have unique to MMO legacy system. They must use it and think of ways to include relations between legacy characters in gameplay. And for fuck sake bind each and every token ingame to legacy. Instead they are looking in the opposite direction – put 1 character above all and forget about a horde of others.

And now this new “shards”… meh.

well, it wasnt intentional. They said originally moving it down to one currency was the goal.
It just wasnt working (As players new it wouldnt) so now were increasing again

Actually, there’s a lot more types of currency now, and the ways to get gear are way more complicated than ever before.

Wait, wait, wait, did not EAware said that they changed it to this way because the currency before was way over too complicated? Gods at Bioware “Trolololo” Austin must be laughing from the depths of hell.

Is it really more complicated though? The beginning of 5.x was truly a mess (RNG only). The additions they’ve made have actually made everything much easier.

For starters, if you did PVP and PVE content, you had 2 full sets of gear. If you were a dual spec player, you might have 3 or 4 sets of gear for 1 toon.

Now? A straight DPS character can get away with swapping out 2 accuracy implants for 1 crit and 1 alacrity and swapping their stim. A dual spec can get mostly get away with 2 sets of gear.

The previous system you had 3 tiers of crystals that you could trade in for gear, only that gear didn’t have set bonuses. In order to get set bonuses, you had to defeat certain operation bosses who would drop a token that you may or may not win. 5 forms of currency, only 2 of which were really viable for end game at higher than a story mode level.

Ignoring command crate gearing completely (assume you only keep command tokens because you are the most unlucky person alive and don’t get any good drops and you want min/max), you can get full max level gear by doing story mode operations and upgrade them with PVP coms. Or you can just PVP your way to full min/max gear. Or you can min/max your way to gear by doing Operations only (just like the old system).

The initial launch of 5.x was a mess. It was poorly thought out and had too many issues. CXP didn’t come fast enough. RNG was the sole way to gear. Since then though? Every change they’ve made has made it easier to gear, without relying on one particular play style to accomplish it.

Yes, now it is more complicated to gear than before. Four tiers of set bonus sets of gear, obtained by 4 different types of tokens, command tokens which also need to be traded in for those 4 tiers of gear, and unassembled components from pvp that you use for upgrades to move from one tier to another. Let’s not forget how you have to keep the shells, then trade them in for an unassembled token, and THEN get your piece of gear.

The no-pvp gear is a lie, since even the change from accuracy to no accuracy requires to switch a few pieces (I guess preferably implants and earpieces, but anything really).

I geared ALL my toons to the best of my ability throughout multiple expansions, and 5.x is by far the most stupid and at the same time most complicated way to gear toons. It has the highest amount of vendors, and the removing of mods/armorings/ enhancements is the same as before. Only now you have to constantly upgrade and change your setup as you move up the ranks and get higher Tier gear. If you are already at level 300, then maybe it’s as complicated as it was throughout 2.x – 4.x But everything until you reach full BiS 248 gear is much more complicated the way I experience it in game.

4 tiers of set bonus gear vs 3 tiers of set bonus gear (via unassembled tokens) + 2 tiers of PVP gear (via PVP commendations) + 3 tiers of non-set bonus gear (via 3 tiers of crystal commendations).

Since they made the changes after 5.0 launched (which were badly needed), you can literally gear the same way you did in 4.x (and previous). You can gear solely through operations if you choose to. No need to keep shells, no need for anything other than the drop + command rank tokens.

The only difference now is you have more options to gear your toons. You can do it via operations. You can do it via PVP. You can do it by running chapter missions over and over (providing you get some RNG luck). You can combine everything or just continually do one thing. You don’t need to keep shells and trade them in if you don’t want to upgrade your gear via pvp.

Sure they could probably streamline things a bit if they chose, but ultimately, you can get BiS gear the same way you did prior to 5.0.

They botched the whole command crate thing at the start of 5.0, but they’ve made a lot of good changes to fix that (including increasing CXP gains).

We are saying the same thing, but you don’t admit that now it’s more complicated, and a lot more.

If you gear ONLY via operations, then the system is as complicated as it was throughout 2.x – 4.x

If you gear via operations AND anything else, then the system becomes more complicated, and on occasion, a LOT more complicated.

I don’t understand how you can’t see this. The current ways and options to gear your characters are far more complicated than ever before, despite Bioware’s intention to make it more simple. You might be convinced that they wanted to do that so that they can help players, but I am definitely convinced that they were just lazy or lacked the resources.

Sigh…. alright… and why would I want to do these dailies exactly? Even Czerka stuff was more attractive…

I think it would be a good idea to mention that you can reactivate Tyth on command throne right next to the entrance of operation, once you have enough resources.

Just worried about one thing.. If it works like all the other control terminals..

This could mean that a single powerful guild can dominate all of Iokath by getting their strongest player into Tyth, the rest of them into walkers. Good luck beating that.

Has someone sided with the Republic as a Warrior and still tried to get Malavai? Or even with the Empire, Trooper, and Elara. I know the developers said it was possible.

Very cool! Do you have a link to a post? I want to make sure to know the details before I play through my main. Only one chance, haha!

Sorry, I don’t remember which thread. :/
Maybe you should wait until next week for confirmation?

My Warrior sided with the Republic and received both companions. I did not throw Quinn in prison, and I forgave him. That’s probably how I managed to keep him after Acina went apeshit.

Great! Someone had told me that you needed to be female and romances. Does he just show up at the end and ask for forgiveness?

That is what he did for me. I was romancing Theron, so I exited a lot of the cutscenes to get more Theron Approves moments. Those are all the options I chose, and Quinn showed up before the op asking for forgiveness.

I don’t think so : my juggernaut is a female char and I did not romance Quinn. But in the end, Quinn ask to serve you once again (I chose Rep side).

Does it really matter, who you side with? A sith siding with the Republic or Jedi with the Empire. Or is it just to get a certain companion.

i didn’t play it . I heart that in fact which side you choose Acina dies or Mace…but i in a stupid situation now. I hate Malavai but don’t want Acina die. I like Elana but hate Mace…stupid situation now.

(Story Spoiler)

Superweapon! Fleet disabled. Superweapon!
Kill lots of droid trash.

Empire, Republic!
Elara, Malavai.
Companions are being sneaked into your Companion menu without any further notice or dialog or mission with them.
Droid trash.

That’s it. Do dailys!

My Vanguard had a dialog with Elara at the end of story. A short and rather unsatisfying one, but at least they talked (and resumed romance). My 2nd run with my Operative who sided with the Republic didn’t have any kind of convo with Elara though.

By the way, those Agents who sided with the Republic at the end of vanilla story will remember that at the end of SoR, there was a short cutscene where the Agent was having a convo with Ardun Kothe. It was totally unexpected but it was also very nice to see that the game remembered previously made choices. I was expecting something like that at the end of Iokath story too but of course there was nothing.

It seems you only get some dialogue as Warrior/Trooper, with all others they just quietly join up with you (without any clear reason to join anyways)

My first thought at the end was “no one joined me?!” But then i looked in the companion list and he was there. So weird.

“and he was there”
How can he be anywhere if he was appropriately murdered? Are we to just believe this was some sort of Zombie Quinn?
Kidding aside, I might keep him alive on one toon, just to see what levels of sniveling the nasty little toady can get up too. Still, you should always that the ability to airlock him at random, at any point you choose.
“To you, it was the day your blood boiled and flash froze at the same moment while your eyeballs and testicles exploded. To me, it was simply a Tuesday. Vette, I’ve grown board of watching him pinwheel towards the sun, take us out of here.” *sips their wine*

In Twinge’s defense, seeing as she didn’t get a conversation with him, it wasn’t on a Warrior. And if you stay in character, he’s not really much more than some random Imperial Officer to anyone but Sith Warriors.

I have yet to do the content myself. I normally wait a week or two now. Three reasons really, priorities being one, but bugs and population are a close second and 3rd. I find the wait reduces the chances of another Revan bug annoyance, or climbing over the other content locusts for bottlenecked quests.

Well…everything is good except dailys. Im playing since 2011 so i dont need to grind some stuff over and over again. Grind some tokens that gives me more grind quests etc etc. Make Manaan and gtfo with grind xD

By the way, I haven’t done any of the daily missions. I went to the terminal and the first mission I saw was “kill 50 Iokath droids”, and I was like “ooooo-kay, let’s try the story again”. So were the dailies worth doing? Anything interesting?

Nah, not really. There is one where you have to spend 600 crystals to get a walker. The rep vendor is a joke, too.

Yeah, i was like, the point of dailys is to get crystals but i have to spend a butt ton of crystals to do the dailys??

Can i access Tyth without starting Iokath story? I still haven’t done KOTET (because i’m lazy) but don’t want the default choices to be assumed for new storyline

Honestly, seeing people that haven’t done Kotfe or Kotet on Iokath confuses me. I saw someone with Jaesa, so I assume you just have to be 70. The Iokath story somehow isn’t connected to anything hardcore, but you see Acina and they talk about previous decisions. I doubt you would be able to do the op without Kotet at least.

I’m saying if you still have Jaesa you have not done kotfe or kotet on that character, which was my point, unless you used the terminal.

But if you go to the Odessan terminal after finishing KOTFE and KOTET you can get Jaesa and other past companions that way. How do you know they didnt do that?

You did indeed state “unless you used the terminal”. You also stated “If you have Jaesa, you have not done Kotfe or Kotet” with no mention of the terminal previously. then you basically say “You haven’t done this with this character, if you have this companion…. unless you then did this and then its possible” Jaesa is one of the most popular companions. The vast majority of the players of the warrior class will have gotten her back ASAP. So your comment about not reading is not really warranted as all you are doing is messaging incorrect info then becoming apparently aggressive when proved wrong.
Snarf was correct that you had not originally stated that and were 100% adamant that it was not possible to have that companion and also have done the expansions. Perhaps a career in politics would suit you with all the backtracking and changes of opinion to cover your self when you were wrong?
Secondly, you can do the Operation without doing any of the expansions or any of the iokath story. We did it with a ton of alts yesterday and day before.

You can also unlock old companions using the galaxy map in your base on Odessen after Chapter 9 of KotFE. That’s the simplest and mostly likely explanation.

70 is the only requirement for Iokath.

Also, how do you know this person didn’t just reclaim Jaesa from the terminal on Odessen?

This is meh.
It’s so short and the replay value is minimal.
Thankfully I have 18 level 70 toons si I didn’t have to resub to experience this in 4 different ways.

Don’t even bother trying more than 1, Republic or Empire side the other story it’s just a mirror and after the 1st playthrough Light and Dark choices are so obvious and inconsequential that you won’t want to try a 2nd time.

I, unfortunately, have played through a few times already and have come to the same conclusion as you have.

Yeah it was pretty meh. I saw the rewards and I was just like fuck it. I thought I was going to be able to bash people’s heads in but I really haven’t seen anyone. I would have took a Iokath Warzone (like Odessen or Voidstar) over this.

It saddens me to leave a bad comment about swtor. I’ve been a loyal member since beta and not once have I been so disappointed until now. Sure, I’ve been upset here or there, but it was never enough to make me want to quit. I’ve seen this game go through many a change and it’s been very interesting. Many good changes and many bad changes lol, but it still grabbed my attention. When the new Galactic Command system came into play I was actually pretty stoked about it. New content and a new way to play. The new gearing system was very different than what I was used to before and proved to be more complex than intended. Yet, I was still determined to embrace the new changes and roll with the punches.

However, when 5.2 went live I thought things would start to get better, which it had in some ways, but it fell flat for me: 1.The story is not bad, but a little short. 2.PVP is not what I thought it was going to be. 3. Dailies are simply a joke. I don’t mind grinding for creds, rep or gear, but the rewards just aren’t there. There were definitely some missed opportunities. I wish they would stop pushing cartel packs on us (that most can’t afford) and concentrate on things that would make players enjoy the game so much more. Adding a new class for each faction would be AWESOME! Maybe even balance out the classes instead of the usual “We don’t have any news on the class balance at this time”. When something isn’t working, STOP! Go back to the basics and figure out what made it amazing in the first place…….Sorry for the novel, I just felt that I needed to vent a little lol

If you join the Republic and spare Quinn’s life as a Warrior, can you recruit both Elara and Quinn then?

And also, if you have not started KotFE or KotET, can you recruit either companion then when starting Iokath?

1) yes you’ll get both
2) you don’t have to play kotfe and kotet to play iokath and collect the companions.
But the Iokath story makes up default choices from the expansions you didn’t play that you might not enjoy

One question. Can you kill Quinn? I might actually resub for a month, play long enough to kill that tawt, then unsub and uninstall the game again.

Sorry, incoming newbish question… How do you even progress in Iokath story? I had some “purple” main mission in the log, early replaced with some op “yellow” quest which I abandoned naively trying to skip IT, and now have only dailies in Iokath mission log without any trace of restarting whole main/story plot. Where is it? O_o Do I do only dailies and ops here and count for the story to somehow progresses?

Many thanks for answering. So it’s ok, and I was afraid I did something wrong or/and got stuck for good 🙂 Um, maybe it’s time to close my ticket then xD

I’m not sure at this point in time if the mission that began with killing 25 droids and eventually progressed to doing the OP after meeting the Scions will be needed in the future. From what I can tell, it’s like the Oricon finale, where you have a mission that tells you to do the OPs, while the mission itself is not an OP mission. Which mission did you abandon, the regular mission that tells you to do the OP, or the OP mission itself?

The mission to join the OP. I have tried to do it later anyway, just in case it made things right, so I joined a group, but we failed.

When do we get Quinn or Dorne as companions? I finished the planet story and cannot do the operation due to being F2P, but the story basically ended on a massive cliff hangar (something about waking up some huge droid named Tyth and rumors of a betrayer in my midst, yet there is no resolution about this). I still don’t have Quinn (I chose to side with the Empire). Anybody know?

The story is ongoing and will unfold as they continue adding to the Iokath operation. Presumably. I look forward to the next hour of mandatory droid-smashing to get to the final cutscene that advances the story.

Lol at people bitching about companions. They take them away then regift them as content lmao worst part is theyre all the same now /smh

Whats worse is unless you are a sith warrior apparently there isnt even really a story for quinn to join you. He just shows up in the comp list after finishing the quest line.

If you’re a SW who goes Rep then there’s story when he joins you. Alliance took him prisoner and you can choose to recruit him, kill him, or imprison him.

Just a note, Dulfy. If you are a Sith Warrior, and join the Republic, you’ll still get Quinn, and (Elara as well, I believe).

Hey Dulfy, are you planning on releasing a guide for MM Uprisings? I did them all and posted my impressions on the forum, but I have no idea how to deal with 2 boss of Trial and Error in their 2 stage. Red aoe kills almost instantly.

Maybe it’s a stupid question, but i’ll ask anyway. I’ve completed main story with my JK for the Republic but Elara hasnt joined me yet. At what point of the story does she join you?

Have you checked your companion list? She doesn’t get any dialogue unless you’re a Trooper, but she should have joined you when you completed the story.

She should’ve been added to your companions under “Main Characters” once you finished the main story, although there isn’t a cutscene for it. However, some people aren’t currently receiving Elara or Quinn due to a glitch. :/

Yop all, some things are stupid with that choice during the chapter…

I m a Rep from MOTF, i have choosen Imp side during the chapter (also, I havn’t recived Malavai Quinn after the quest, even in my compagnion list) but worst than that..

I’m unable to do the Operation with my Guild as they most of them choose the rep side.

The Pc to choose the side allways tell me the same stupid stuff : “come back tomorow…”

How is it possible that a stupid chooice in a chapter make you unable to team up with your friensds in an Operation…maybe it have a sense for the quest on Iokath..but for an Operation…

What a stupid idea!!!

Do i have to wait one week so i maybe will be able to team up with friends for Op??

Hey, there’s a solution for that. I chose imp and was able to run the op with a rep group two days ago. Here’s what you do: first, go to the terminal in the central area and set your fleet to support the republic. After that, I am not sure if it was required or not, but I also reset the current phase (if you have the quest to “enter the Iokath op”, I reset it and it was at “speak to [an npc, forgot his name]”). After that, easy-peasy, the group leader was able to summon me to the ops entrance and I did not get kicked out of the group as before.
If it works for you, spread the word. Lots of people struggling with this bug.

Can anyone explaing me what’s the point of doing those dailies? Is it just for completionist and (not really) cool outfit and mount or is there something more somewhere?

Would’ve been nice if they tied them in to the story a bit like they did in SoR where they have to all be completed to finish the story arc. Then there would be a little bit more purpose to them.

OPs group? The quest is done for a 4 man team. Every OPs group we did it in only 4 ever got it. Takes more time with 4 but you’ll get the Q done.

Playing the new update for the last days and having a blast.
Story looks interesting and I can’t wait for its continuation.
There have been some bugs, but oh well… they will fix them as usual. 😉

Can someone explain to me the point of dailies? They just seem to be tedious, repetitive missions with no contribution to the story whatsoever.

I assure you I’m not trying to make fun of you, but that’s the definition of Dailies in a nutshell my friend…

Haha alright, all I needed to know. Therefore they are irrelevant and I see no point in them existing in the game (in my opinion).

Well, the point in doing them is for reputation if you like the items or you are a collector and a new achievement branch to complete if you like achivements.

Well… When there where Comms there WAS a reason for people that din’t do Ops to do them. If you did the Weekly you would get the blue comms, I forget the name… As it stands I don’t think there’s a reason for doing them, other than to max your reputation and get a few items you would otherwise not get. There are better places to earn GC points than doing Dailies I guess…

Just curious: Did you just start playing SWTOR with KotFE or KotET? Played any other MMOs before this?

SWTOR is my first MMO, but I have played through 3 vanilla stories and kotfe and kotet twice.

OK, that’s what I suspected. There’s nothing wrong with your answer, of course. The problem is that this is what happens when BioWare keeps changing direction on what kind of content to deliver.

You’re someone who approaches SWTOR as mostly (if not entirely) a single-player game only focused on story. That’s what they’ve delivered over the last 2 years, pissing off players who want more end-game content to go along with story like they did in the past. Dailies are a part of that; although, dailies can be made fun and it doesn’t sound like these necessarily are.

Now they want to slam on the e-brake and go back to traditional MMO content with very little story and all that’s going to do is piss off players like you and rightfully so.

The republic armor doesn’t actually look that bad if you dis-regard the helmet. People are just upset that it’s not Jedi orientated.

Gosh, I’m so upset that Bioware didn’t make another ugly Jedi baldness hoodie, bathrobe, or track suit.

Will there be guides for the other missions? I don’t get the mouse droid stuff. And what about the turrets, stealth generator, .. you can buy at the droid vendor?

I expect the droid mission needs a party, self destruct near the walker doesn’t seem to work, or if it does it doesn’t count because you’ll be too busy phasing back out of control. You may have to beat it using the self destruct regardless, in which case it’s bugged beyond possibility to complete.

A good reason to level my with warrior at somepoint then lol. O been wanting to kill that traitor since launch lol

I let him live and found out later on through stuff I don’t want to spoiler that he was beyond loyal after the “Quinncident” it was cool to me.

Elara will refuse to join a trooper that sides with the Empire (which makes sense given her backstory).

A bounty hunter is also not a warrior 😀 Only the Warrior can get them both, but also only by being lightside.

I think it requires you to be lightside completely, or something like that, though I am just saying what another told me 🙂

If you’re NOT a trooper, you can be any alignment and get Elara as long as you side with the Republic. If you are a trooper you don’t need to be full LS – but if you killed Jorgan OR blew up the Spire (kaliyo’s chapter) she will refuse to join you.

If she’s not showing up in the Main Characters part of your companions then it’s bugged, unfortunately. It’s affecting both companions, so hopefully it’ll get fixed soon

That’s what I thought. Seems like only the Warrior can get both companions by siding with the opposite faction.

I am a Dark V Sith Sorc that sided with the Empire. Story wise I only got Quinn. But I used the Companion terminal on Odessan to get Elara afterwards. I have been against using that terminal on principal, but this time I justified it in that Elara was not killed in the story, nor an original MIA companion for me, nor will she be offered to join in the future. I dressed her as an Imperial Officer, as you can see, which I think looks quite stunning. She is becoming one of my favorites (possibly because it feels slightly naughty for using the terminal).

Now, if like me you never used the terminal before, rest assured it specifically asks you which companion to bring back. It doesnt just grant them all by surprise or anything. She is in the KOTET companion catergory when it asks. I am happy I used it to get her and highly recommend it.

That’s nice. I tried getting Quinn on my Smuggler, but although I get a positive message, it doesn’t grant him. It’s the same with Torian since 5.0.

I think if you,
<<<>>>let Torian die
then you can’t even get him back via the terminal. I Haven’t been able to, but if there is a trick I’d like to know. I spent a lot of credits on gifts for him…

I think you “should” be able to bring Torian/Vette back because, in theory, it wouldn’t offer them on the terminal otherwise? I saw the option to bring Torian back when i picked up Elara. Maybe it is bugging out?
Too bad Torian doesnt have a Rakghoul plague customization, I’d be tempted to bring him back via the darkside. 😛

That should mean you spared Senya in KOTET but killed Koth, and Scorpio, chose to save Vette in KOTET, and sided with the Republic for Iokath then?

I hope to get him back someday too, I have a huge admiration for warriors with honor like him, sadly Vette was my bae so the decision was clear, still that has been a thorn since then, damn EAware for making work the “choices matter” thing only when I do not want them rofl.

Elara: “No this can’t be! I fought so hard to leave the Empire behind! I struggled with the emotional turmoil of possibly never again seeing my family. I bared my soul to the Republic to get them to trust me. I found love, and friends and acceptance! How could you do this to me?!”

Twinge: “Theres a button over there. I just pushed it and you popped out. You look so smart in that uniform though….come along.”

I was against using the Companion Terminal as well… but I am seriously thinking of going back and using it on all my toons but one, to get ALL the classic companions back. I miss Kira, I miss Nadia, and I miss a whole bunch of them. I have only finished ALL of KOTFE and KOTET on one toon, so that will be the one toon that I can play the story with… and I don’t really care anymore anyway.

You did a great job with Elara. She looks stunning as always, but also sexier. And yes, you can use the Terminal without fear of suddenly having all your previous companions in the list of another 30 useless companions that no one ever uses.

Side with the empire then go to your Odessen base, your “bedroom” and use the companion return terminal to get Elara.

Hi Dulfy,
I JUST completed “The Meek and the Mighty (Republic)” on this daily area. To complete it, not only do you have to spend the 75 power crystals to pilot a mouse droid, but you HAVE to buy the buff from the rep vendor that increases the damage you do as a mouse droid, I think it boosts you by 20%. Once you have the buff, sneak over to the enemy base and wait for the front line walker to attack the scour droid mobs, may have to wait a few minutes for this. Even with the buff the mouse droid will ONLY do about 80-90% damage so you have to wait for the walker to suffer about 10% damage from the scour droids before you run up and self-destruct. The Imperial walkers seem to have a bit less health than Republic walkers so if this quest goes both ways, it will probably be easier Republic side (biased much Bioware?)
A-den – Harbinger

Well everyone just used a friend to go with him and he would lower the walker to 80% HP and lower for you to kill him with the blast, its silly actually.

I did it Republic side on Red Eclipse solo. However the walker I chose was attacked by another mouse droid before me, didn’t die and after that player was gone, the Walker went from colorless to red and then I blew it up. I don’t remember if it was on full hp…, but I think it was. I had the 20% buff.

I did that in a group with another person… they helped me get all the way there without dying (the stun can only work against 1-2 mobs, not against too many, and that mouse droid dies easily) and then they brought the Walker down to 85%, so I killed it with the damage buff of course.

Hey Dulfy, you may want to add in your guide that dailies are actually changing at midnight (0:00 UTC for Red Eclipse, no clue for American servers), while the usual reset at 12:00 just refreshes the dailies that already are there and not gives any new ones.
If anyone did:

– Systems offline

– Mend a Broken Shard

– Time to vent

– Defend the Docking Ring

please write so in comments, I have yet to see any of those..

I noticed a lot of the dailies apear to not be available as well. im thinking maybe they dont unlock until reputation hits a certain level – like the Ship in Gree dailies

The daily missions that are available each day are the same for everyone… so when these missions show up, we will all see what we have to do for them.

It has only been 6 days, relax, the rest of the missions will pop up eventually.

Actually they are not the same for everyone, Imp and rep faction have a couple of different quests unlocking each day. For example yesterday Imps didnt get the “kill Walker with mouse droid” but the Reps did. I would know, since I am doing Iokath on SW and Commando, both true to their original factions.

They aren’t the same for everyone at all. A friend of mine was playing the day it launched (I had played earlier). My Sniper had to do the horrible macrobinocular mission.. His Jedi didn’t, but another Pub player in Iokath Chat did.
So it appears that they are semi-random for everyone everyday

Maybe the other Pub had chosen to side with the Empire then? Everyone I asked in my guild had the exact 5 missions whenever I asked them (we all sided with the Republic)

The one positive I will say is that Open World PVP does appear to be happening, at least on Shadowlands and TRE. There is a trick though if you are near the tran points; you can run up the ramp and temporarily unflag. That’s silly and a way for people to try to attack folks and then run when they get their butt kicked without dying….

I’ve seen 1 sin ambushing people with a healer comp, and 1 merc using the safe zones to step out and attack people as they pass, also with a healer comp. Hardly PvP :/

Don’t fight in that safe zone area then. Or don’t be in the zone at all unless you plan on fighting. PVP instances aren’t for people trying to get dailies done with less people sharing kills/items, they are meant for PVP 🙂

Yeah, except that isn’t PvP. Ignoring the obvious fact that PvP has serious balance issues, the fact that people can use their companions means that the ‘PvP’ on Iokath is pretty far from what PvP is supposed to be about. Comps need to be unavailable in the area or it’s a total waste of time, and that’s just for starters.

The only companion achievement I have left includes killing Players with HK-51 active, so companions should be allowed at least in some areas to allow that achievement to be completed.

I might be wrong, but I think kills you make in warzones count for that. If not… well, the old areas are still available. But if Bioware want to make a successful OWPvP zone companions can’t be part of it. Not that I think that they care, nor that Iokath is or will be a success on that front.

PVP is not some kind of honor duel. It’s intereaction between opposing players. It’s very rarely fair. In most cases open world pvp consists of a group looking for targets which are usually solo players. Then they act like the solo player is breaking some law by having a comp out. It may not be honorable, but it’s still pvp. Class balance, gear, ping, and of course skill all play a factor in open world pvp. They also make matchups less fair (as if that matters). Having a comp out actually tends to tip the balance back toward “more fair” as some classes/disciplines can’t, for example, restore 70% of their health with one cd and then use a couple more instant heals on themselves in a fight. On Iokath, you can cash in your shards ad take a million HP walker (with boss immunity) and kill pretty much any small group of opposing players that you see with ease. Is that fair? Honorable? Ethical? Probably not, but it is PvP. See an enemy with a comp out? Kill the comp, kill the player, get your achievements.

PvP is about competition. Ganking people with your group, using a walker, running around with a heal comp to make yourself unkillable… that isn’t PvP. Actual PvPers play to prove they’re better than their opponent. It’s about close fights and clever tactics to outwit your opponent and win the day.

Companions make player skill irrelevant and sap away the entire point of PvP. If I walk around with my level 50 heal companion, I’m not going to die, and neither is my comp.

You say fairness doesn’t matter, but if it doesn’t matter than why is OWPvP in most games dead? If there’s not even a remote sense of fairness, people don’t bother, because getting jumped by gank squads who only attack because they know they can’t lose isn’t PvP, it’s just people pretending they’re PvPers.

The setting is nice (though I would love to see a couple of areas with plant life, like in KOTET on Iokath) and the story is just what it should have been, not too long, not too short. I like the setup of the dailies with the 19 available missions (according to achievements) in total, where you only get 5 of those every day, it makes you come back to get different missions and definitely extend the replay value….


The map is probably the worst map in SWTOR. Poorly organized, with “path lines” that are not really paths, with tram stations that are not labeled differently, so you don’t know which one goes where, and the indications for the missions are just confusing. It took me some time at first to realize WHERE I would have to go for each one of the missions. The map is just a mess, I wish they would fix it (but I don’t see that happening).

Apparently we will be getting an operation with 6 bosses. The story around it is interesting, though they are trying to sell it as something EVEN MORE DANGEROUS, even bigger, even more menacing, and that reminds me of idiotic Marvel blockbusters, but I will go along with it for now. I mean, a bunch of droids/superweapons that are isolated on a Dyson sphere are not scarier than an ancient Emperor who wants to devour all life in the galaxy, or than a bunch of super powerful Sith who call themselves the Dread Masters and spread fear and destruction everywhere.

They didn’t have to sell Revan or Soa or Karagga or Kephess or Styrak as the absolute most horrifying evil that exists, and that worked. I think they should have also done it like that with the Gods of the Machine.

I had problems too with the map in my first time there, there was a little PvP around and I engaged to it to have more fun, but man it was a pain when I got killed to relocate myself, and after that I blame whoever had the magnificient idea to put RNG to dailies and having to PAY with shards to do some of them.

Yeah, the requirement to pay with shards is kind of too much… I died with the mouse droid TWICE, so that was 150 shards completely wasted.

I spent 600 Iokath token thingies for the walker ride.
Ok. Then I tested the abilities, without reading their tooltips.
The last one has an icon that looks like some explosion. The walker starts to do something that looks like charging a weapon. But than I take a look at the progress bar: it says “ejecting”. I try to stop it, but too late!
That’s it. The walker is gone. Spend 600 token for walking arround with it for about one minute.
Don’t press this button!

By the way, I have a confession to make. I couldn’t kill Quinn. After hearing his story, I just couldn’t.

He even went to prison because he went searching for my Warrior and then spent years there in prison. When he told his story and the dialog options appeared on my screen, I just stared at them for some time and then pressed 1 (the softie option).

And you know what I did then? Right after finishing the story with my Jugg I took my Mara to Iokath. And she wasn’t even on my list of toons to take to Iokath. I finished the story quickly and pressed 1 again. I did this to ensure I never change my mind in the future and all my Warriors still have Quinn.

Yes, I confess that my Warriors became softies, both of them. They both let Quinn live.

You can throw rocks at me now.

It makes sense if you side with the Republic – he sides against you again and then pulls the same “Oh I was wrong, please take me back” routine afterward. I actually found that a bit out of character – I don’t think he’d turn on the Empire like that – but I think a Sith Warrior would probably be like “You’re pulling this stunt again?” I ended up imprisoning him instead, but my SW is relatively soft and would have found Quinn’s situation kind of pathetic (but still not trusted him).

I do agree that killing him doesn’t really make sense from a story standpoint if you’ve sided with the Empire, but the option is included at least in part for meta reasons (i.e. while it’s been years and in theory the SW should have moved on, the player behind that character hasn’t [regardless of whether you think they should have or not]). I suspect they didn’t want to hear constant complaining about not being able to kill him if you side with the Empire, given that long-standing bitterness.

A fair point I suppose. They really should add an option to murder him when he first betrays you though, now that companions dying off has been dealt with and their roles can be switched with ease.

It’d make sense but then they’d have to replace him with a generic NPC or something on Iokath which would only further undermine what’s already kind of a weak story (at least in my opinion).
In retrospect, I think they should have just made another companion the healer (Vette, I guess?) and kept the kill option, since the main complaint was about killing the only healer.
Too late now, I guess.

I made this exact point on reddit and the lynch mobs came out. Some people are just adamant about killing him because they felt cheated. Not so with me.

Bless you for being a better person. I would kill him myself as betrayal is something I cannot forgive nor forget. They almost got me to resub to kill him but in the end, still not worth the money.

His story showed my Warrior that he was still loyal even after all those years.

Also, it wouldn’t make sense to wait several years after his betrayal to finally kill him.

Cowards the lot of you, a dog bites you, you don’t pat him, you put the traitorous bastard down.

If I get bored and decide to run my LS warrior and side with the pubs, can I still kill Quinn?.

I just hope my knight reunion with Kira is better than my trooper and Elara, I really liked her when you got into a romance with her, but they took her back to being miss stick up her butt.

Warriors can kill Quinn regardless of who they side with. 😉

*You dare question the Emperor’s Wrath!? Question my judgment again, and I’ll put you down like the mangy dog that you are!*

Exactly, the emperors wrath would not let some traitor live.
Ok what is name did, but he was a traitor too.

I agree that the Wrath would have killed Quinn on the spot RIGHT AFTER the betrayal, instead of waiting 5+ years, a few of which Quinn remained by their side.

Time means nothing when it comes to revenge.
Its BW fault for having him be the healer and not letting us kill him back then.

I agree, but you wouldn’t wait 5+ years if you were in this situation, rather; you’d strike him down on the spot once he betrayed you. It would just be weird to patiently bide your time for 5+ years scheming with the guy right next to you for at least one of those years, and come up with nothing more than simply running him through after all that time. Besides, the Wrath is known for getting things done asap, not methodically planning out things like Darth Nox.

Overall, it’s just odd for the Wrath to wait this long to deal with Quinn, meaning that the whiners that got BW to remove his original death messed up his death overall.

Yeah, thats disappointing. Haven’t done Iokath on my warrior, but was hoping Quinn would do something else stupid to justify it. So it could be a “You have failed me for the last time” type of thing.

Yeah, I don’t know about why, I had no problem at all killing him, even after siding with the Empire. I didn’t even flinch. So long, traitor. His story was not convincing at all by the way. “I looked for you my Lord”.

I’m late to the party, but I started Iokath a few days ago. I agree, Quinn’s story didn’t seem convincing. I mean, he was right next to me, he could have said “eff you Acina” and joined me. But noooo, he sided with her. And now he’s dead.

Away on business just now (can’t play) so can anyone confirm/deny that if you click on the terminal and assign your forces differently it changes your allegiance on Iokath, meaning a rep player who had originally picked Empire in the story can now ally with rep players for the op’s boss.
It wasn’t working for me prior to Tuesday reset (said I had already allocated my forces – check back tomorrow lol) so my guild hoped that it would kick in on the weekly reset.

Thanks for that.
A great idea but badly implemented.
My Sage is dark aligned and I want Dark 4 for some of the reputation gear from the Dark fleet vendor so it made sense to go empire for iokath for the story and the dailys until it transpired it couldn’t do the raid with my guild because most were republic aligned (some made the same choice as me and also couldn’t).
Now however if I pick republic from the terminal I can’t do the daily’s as they give light side points.

I wasnt able to last week or yesterday. And I always have the same 4 dailys every day it isnt randomizing as its apparently supposed to.

It reset for me (on the weekly reset), but only for a character that didn’t have any standing missions on Iokath logged, another with logged missions couldn’t switch.

I have got a bit confused re the siding with Republic or Empire. Have I got this straight?
If one is a merc and I decide to side with the Republic- does that only affect the story and companion (with possible retrieval of Elara at the Odessen terminal).
I would have liked to have got Elara and retrieved her, but I also wished to kill Tyth with my Imp guild.Re being able to team up with others from the same faction- is that to do with the choice make at the Iokath Terminal and nothing at all to do with one’s choice in the story ?

I…think it is terminal based but cant say for sure as the terminal is broken for me and many other people. : /

Um, I don;t recall any time we’ve seen referral links in the comments here at Dulfy. She doesn’t allow them in the comments.

Any chance that you could please include map coordinates for the screenshots on the “Scouting Iokath” mission? I seem to not be able to find all of them.

If you open the images in new tabs, you can actually see the coordinates towards the bottom. That’s what I did, after I had found 4/5. A couple are visible from the Imperial base, and a couple more from the Republic base.

Yes please. One map with location dots on them. Why they didn’t put the usual ))) like every other binocular mission is a mystery.

Cartel companions are all the same, Delicacies for animals and maintenance for droids (the categories they are listed under on GTN)
Quinn and Dorne are classic companions and have been the same since day one.

There’s 2 dailies I still haven’t been able to pick up in the last two weeks:
*Time to Vent
*Defend the Docking Ring
Has anyone been able to get these quests? I haven’t checked every single day, but I’ve been doing both imp and pub side with no luck so far.

Iokath: technotronic nightmare, rewards look like crap (other than the empire set being black) navigation across the map is the most annoying in the entire game.

And droid gods… Looks like Rockefeller/Rothchild’s dreams for their totalitarian new world order…

Regretting subscription – its gonna be 6+ months before we get something else.

Any guidance on titles or achieves? Seen one person with an Iokath title but couldn’t figure out the achieve via legacy.

There are a total of 5 Iokath related titles: two from each reputation faction and one from the CM.

“Iokath Crusader” is from the recent Warbound Crusader Command Pack. You should probably check the GTN for it while the prices are still low.

You become a mouse droid and go to the imp walker. Agro it and let it fire missiles. It can’t hurt you. Hide by a wall or pillar and let the missiles hit the Nov loath droids. They will attack and once the walker is Dow to about 250k use your self destruct under it to kill it. No groups needed.

Any tips for defeating the Iokath Sentinels during Showdown on Iokath? The first time I did it was fine (killed one, died, repeat until all were dead) but my last two characters, every time I kill one and die, another one eventually respawns back in until I’m constantly stuck with two or three of them and no Walker health. It’s making me very sour toward Iokath’s story when after half hour I’m still stuck on this blasted quest.

-Start by charging up your lasers and missiles all the way before attacking, since that doesn’t aggro them.
-I’ve also found that doing the stomp attack next to one of them does decent damage with a low cooldown.

In the end I found the easiest thing to do was just stay in the middle and stomp them all to death. All the other abilities seemed to just tickle their health in comparison to the stomp.

A friend and I managed to two man a Colossus droid, it’s doable if both comps are rank 50. So despite what some say you don’t need an Ops group.

still missing some dailies 1. systems offline 2. mend a broken shard 3. time to vent 4. taking care of the caretakes

This might very well be my least-favorite expansion. I have a theory that will all the hype surrounding the Souls games, someone at Bioware decided to try and make this more “souls-like”.

Stop laughing, and hear me out.

The enemies in general are much stronger and you have single-player boss-fights with unexplained mechanics that require quick footwork and maneuvering. This is good, I like this part.

The part I don’t like is how cryptic everything else is. When you reach the part with the dailies, you are expected to explore a fairly large map of respawning enemies you simply can’t evade to find various goals with little or no direction given. This is fine in a souls game, but on repeatable missions? It’s a blasted slog.

Also, the Op boss is a bloody armored giant with a polearm calling itself a god of a long-dead civilization. Don’t tell me I’m imagining things.

you can’t expect the devs to hold your hand trough everything, go and explore, take down enemies and figure things out yourself, or keep your complaints to yourself.

What are you, an idiot?

Making endlessly respawning mobs in an MMORPG into grindy HP-sinks doesn’t make the game more exciting, it makes it fucking tedious. It makes it a boring fucking slog.

“Git gud”? Get out of diapers before you try and shit on people, you dumb-ass.

The story in this expansion is the worst to date. I mean, I had to change some parts of KotFE and KotET in my headcanon so that it all makes sense (I’m trying to fit all 8 classes in it, it’s complicated, don’t ask), but Iokath… it felt so rushed, like Bioware just scrambled something up in response to people wanting more ops and more Republic vs. Empire. And to top it all, it looks like companion customizations are not taken into account. Again.

The Meek and the Mighty is now REALLY easy to solo. I just did it a few minutes ago and insta killed the walker outside the base while it was at full health with the mouse droid’s self destruct. Didn’t even have to use the damage boost mentioned in the youtube video below. Colossus Droid I’ve previously done with 3 people using the Armor-Piercing Rocket Launcher from the droid near where you pick up the daily missions.

Im a SW I sided with the Republic supposedly to get Dorne as the companion.

But, I really wanted to kill the snivelling Betrayer, badmouther of Vette, and all around groveller Quinn
because I had no option to kill him in chapters 1 to 3…

Imagine my glee when he showed up at the end of the story, if anything it was over to fast…..

So I sided with the republic, when do I get Dorne ?

For starters, you can kill Quinn if you are a Warrior and sided with the Empire. He’ll say he saw you during Chapter 2 of KotET, but was too afraid to approach you because of him betraying you for Baras, and option 3 allows you to not forgive him and kill him.

Also, you get Dorne after completing the War on Iokath story mission – Fractured Alliance.

thanks for the reply, I sided republic not imp and quinn still showed up at the end
I killed him.
I completed the fractured alliance and now doing iokath dailies… but no dorne yet

This is about the stupidest set of missions ever. nothing but multiple deaths and bad missions. I guess their catering to 2% that think the game is to easy. Just another futile attempt to drawback subscribers and they push away with content like this.

You call this a guide? Its the same fucking thing that the quest tell us to do, how about a map, and a description where to fucking go and what to do?

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