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SWTOR Nerf Calf Pets and Hidden Achievement Guide

A guide to locating the three new Nerf Calf pets and hidden achievement added with patch 5.2.


Achievement & Pets

This is a new hidden achievement added with Patch 5.2 that give you 3 pets, a new legacy title, a new decoration and some achievement points.


You will need to travel to three planets: Hoth, Alderaan and Voss to perform a series of steps to locate these pets.

Arctic Nerf Calf Hill Nerf Calf Nightmare Nerf Calf
swtor-arctic-nerf-calf-pet swtor-hill-nerf-calf-pet swtor-nightmare-nerf-calf-pet

Arctic Nerf Calf (Hoth)

1. Go to (81, –1073) and grab the datapad in Glacial Fissure  to receive a buff

  • This buff lasts for 1 hr


2. Collect the frozen plant at (-2413, –713)

  • This plant despawns after being collected so you may need to wait for respawns. It goes into your inventory as Frozen Plant.


Another location for Frozen Plant at (967, 56)


3. Thaw the frozen plant at (-184, –652) by walking among the volcanoes

  • You will get an onscreen message and the Frozen Plant in your inventory is converted into a Thawed plant


4. Use the Thawed Plant on the Lost Nerf Calves at (-874, –277)

  • I had to get up to this area via Highmount Ridge as there didn’t seem to be a way to get up from the Glacial Fissure side
  • Click the Thawed Plant in your inventory and target one of the Lost Nef Calf to get an Arctic Nerf Calf


Hill Nerf Calf (Alderaan)

1. Click the datapad at (1489, 672) to receive a buff


2. Collect the Strange Plant at (1968, 2570)

  • This plant despawns after being collected so you may need to wait for respawns. It goes into your inventory.


Another location for Strange Plant at (-2592, –682)


Another location for Strange Plant at (1963, 2565)


3. Use the item on the Curious Nerf Calves at (1929, 597)

  • Click the Thawed Plant in your inventory and target one of the Curious Nerf Calf to get a Hill Nerf Calf.


Nightmare Nerf Calf (Voss)

1. Click the datapad at (-176, –1066) to receive a buff


2. Collect the Strange Root at (2054, 215)


Another location for Strange Root at (1581, 637)


Another location for Strange Root at (822, –453)


3. Use the Strange Root in your inventory on the Inquisitive Nerf Calf at (1796, 28)



Special thanks to Theho from T3-M4 and Soldierkatarn from Harbinger (author of SWTOR achievements) for locating these components and posting them.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

58 replies on “SWTOR Nerf Calf Pets and Hidden Achievement Guide”

Well if thats not a fun thing devs finally added, I`m a blue crocodile.

Many thanks for this detailed info! Will get it asap =)

Oh man I love achievements (I’m sad yeah).
I used to love doing this stuff and I’m really glad they brought them back.

Ah okay, so another (likely) bugged achievement. No surprise there. Thanks for the update…won’t waste any more time trying to get it until this is addressed.

while this kind of activities is fun to have the rewards are extremely underwhelming. Enough not to make me bother participating. Back in the day when it was a unique colour crystal it was a different story.

Not sure how long it was gone before we arrived, it already wasn’t there. But it did show up after about 15 mins. Me and my guildie went to one of the spots on Alderaan and the plant was there. She picked it up and we waited 20 minutes without a respawn, at which point I decided to move on to another location. I wish they would clarify the actual respawn time.

Gotta admit that these sound silly to me but as a collector, I guess I’ll have to do them. 🙂

There is another root behind Zrak the Twisted (Elite enemy) on Voss. Pretty easy to get since it’s right by the heroic spawn…

I had a fun time doing this. If there would have been a bunch of random strangers and friends to run into trying to do the same thing on the different planets it would have reminded me of 1.0-3.0 days.

really? virtually ALL plants are in pub quest areas, at least 10 minutes from ANY imp travel point. I changed to pub to do these because it saved me over an hour travel total.

I did all of this in under an hour as a Pub, most of the points are actually closer to Republic areas, or at least just as far away as Imp.

See, this is stuff I like to see! Instead of building complex background systems like CXP, little side adventures or stuff that explores lore, I enjoy those. I would love to see new, randomly generated mini-bosses on existing planets. A safari if you will. I enjoy stuff like that.

Ok did this several times on my account on one server, and have gotten it down to 21 minutes on the Republic side and 19 minutes Imperial side collecting everything on each planet and getting the pets.

Plant for Frozen Plant on Hoth at (967, 56). Up on a ledge, so you’ll need to climb up the cliff to get to it.

Plant for Frozen Plant on Hoth at (967, 56). Up on a ledge, so you’ll need to climb up the cliff to get to it.

I can see the place where the nerfs on Hoth are on the map, but I cannot get there. Imperial side. Found an amazing “dread seed” zone full of corpses and dread-possessed animals, though. Whoever made the Hoth map should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. I don’t hate Hoth; I hate the map.

Found a strange root on the planet Voss (coordinates 1640; -100). Here you have to climb to the very top of the cliff.

anyone know if the nerfs are bind on pickup or equip? i’d like to know if i can do this on a higher level character then transfer it to a new one.

I just ran thru all of this and had no problems til Voss. The tent with the data pad is gone or moved but there is nothing at or near the coords given. Has anyone else run into this issue? The strange plant was where it is supposed to be but cannot pick it because of no data pad buff.

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