GW2 Gemstore Update–Hourglass Staff and Discounts

GW2 Gemstore store updated today with the Hourglass staff for 600 gems and some discounts.

New Items

  • Hourglass Staff – 600 gems
    • The Hourglass rotates when you draw/sheath the weapons and when you use skills



  • Peacock Scepter Skin – 600 gems (available for next 24 hrs)
  • Salvager’s Supplies – 1360 gems – 50% OFF
    • 1x Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic
    • 1x Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic
    • 3x Upgrade Extractors
    • 3x Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps
    • 25x Salvageable Hides
    • 25 Valuable Metal Scraps
    • 25 Discarded Garments
    • 25 Equipment Bags
  • Monk’s Outfit – 420 gems – 40% OFF
  • Chaos Gloves Skin – 400 gems -20% OFF
  • WayneBatson

    Digging the hourglass staff. Kind of cool, but is Mesmer Chronomancer a staff user?

    • ThreeOSix

      pvp and wvw yes there are some meta builds that use staff, pve not so much

    • chrono

      I main mes since premiere and Ive been always using staff in every game mode successfully

  • kazerniel

    is it just me or that hourglass looks weird? I like the rest of the staff, but the hourglass itself somehow looks so cheap.

    • Alot

      Its just a place holder, until the actual asset loads ^^

  • Jayce

    The staff is cool. I used to use this in GW1 when I made a new character (free max level weapons at level 1 just by typing /bonus :D). It was great for caster heroes on an alt character you didn’t want to spend a load of gold to max out.

  • Ares Zax

    Hourglass Staff would be quite fitting for a Chronomancer, but sadly the colour does not fit my chosen colour scheme. 🙁 WTB dyeable weapons please.

  • Qnrad

    Finally chaos gloves have discounts 🙂

  • Vane Kostadinov

    From a new player: I don’t care if its from GW1! It’s U.G.L.Y.! 😀

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