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GW2 Living Story Season 3 Episode 5 Arrives on May 2

GW2’s fifth and penultimate episode of Living World Season 3 will arrive on May 2 and titled Flashpoint.

Flashpoint, the fifth and penultimate episode of Living World Season 3, arrives on May 2! Watch the teaser trailer below, and see the truth reflected.


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Join us on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit on release day after the episode goes live. Members of the development team will be there to celebrate the release with fans.e episode goes live. Members of the development team will be there to celebrate the release with fans.

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40 replies on “GW2 Living Story Season 3 Episode 5 Arrives on May 2”

I’m glad to see it’s 6 episodes not 8 like some people were telling me this past 2 weeks. Hopefully expansion at the end of this year.

This worries my though. Hope the expansion is closer to complete than I hoped. The game isn’t going to survive another content drought.

You heard it first!
Lazarus is Logan Thackeray.
The current Logan that got friendzoned by Jennah is a copy grown in blighting pod will all memories transferred. He’s not aware he’s a clone, that why he says his body feels different, etcetera. He’ll be just “switched off” remotely at crucial moment to weaken the Pact.
Real Logan got thoroughly corrupted by Mordremoth and became free but mortally weakened when Mordry died. Being corrupted but free-willed he decided that he shall have Jennah by force. So he secretly approached Caudecus in disguise and helped him sabotage Lazarus’s resurrection, but instead he became Lazarus himself, to replace his failing mordrem-corrupted body.
First he helped deal with Caudecus, since a) Caudecus knew too much; b) Caudecus was a nusance either way; c) in his twisted mind he thinks Jennah now really owes him, more than before.
And now he’s gonna come for her.

Don’t ask me if I’m on drugs, I’m not.

My friend travelled through time recently. He has been in 2019 to check if his GF will be cheating on him after they marry and he also glanced into internet.
Here’s what Anet will have said in 2019 regarding legendary armour:
“It is not yet ready to be released, as we want to assure it will be of highest quality and worthy of legendary status. Rest assured that we are working hard on it. In the meanwhile, have this outfit for just 1200 gems.”

You’re making a joke of it but I remember thay said it’d have come in LS 5, still they didn’t say anything about it today, nor in preview…that’s not seriousness anet!

This is just a trailer for the story patch. It’s not the only thing.
It will come with a PvP patch (because the season ends) and bug patches, and gem store patches etc etc

What if it’s Rytlock, the real Rytlock.

I mean, has he even explained how he came back from the Mists yet? Do we know for a fact that the Rytlock we met in HoT is the real deal or an echo born from the Mists?

Also, part of me wants it to be Siegemaster Dulfy, escaped from the Mists along side Rytlock, looking to destroy all those who allowed the fall of Ascalon.

Yes, yes, this is all cool and interesting, but we all know what’s the REALLY important question here, ANet… Will there be any new cats to collect? 😀

Who cares about cats, i want to know if there will be an outfit of which I only like 1 piece, but cannot choose whether or not I equip the rest of it

What are you talking about? Rytlock was the one that started this guild with us. Are you.. I almost said something bad about you, see what you almost made me do? The only one who refused to join was Braham, and kinda Canach but he’ll probably come around. For now he just wants to enjoy his freedom. Us, Rytlock, Taimi, Rox, Kasmeer and Marjory are guild members.

What? What the hell a “internet weeaboo” even is? You make a fool of yourself and then you try to flip it on me, when all I did was give you information that you asked for?

but we ARE a member of Dragon Swatch. leader, specifically. why would you want to play as underling? =D

also, i prefer to play the random newfangled lore-less characters I made myself than random lore-less newfangled characters shoved in my face. only Rytlock in DW has any cred and he’s way too awesome to be playable by us mere humans.

I think Alot means something like the chapter where we played at Caithe.
Would be nice to play the trial of Rytlock AS Rytlock. (Or maybe as Scruffy 2.0).
I loved the Caithe chapter (as a change of pace, of course we shouldn’t do it too often) but I doubt anet will ever do that kind of thing again because a large populace voiced clear disdain on the forum about the memories of Caithe (the playing as)

Yup. The nice thing about caithe was that she had a fairly odd move set – and taimi, kasmeer and Maj would likely have far more exotic movesets.

It would be fun to be placed in a custom balanced brawl with all custom moves.

I was looking through the lore diaries from Bloodstone Fen and Lake Doric again and saw Bauer had been given an artefact by Caudecus to switch before Lazarus could be resurrected. Assuming this artefact contained the soul to be resurrected, and it’s not either Bauer or Caudecus because they were still alive at the time, I wonder whose soul it was. I’m not aware of that many specific soul gems in the lore. Whose soul gem would Caudecus have for the switch and why would he arrange it?

To take a momentary break from my usual grumbling for some speculation, I’m wondering if Lazarus might not be Primordus?

My guess… Vizier Khilbron for more lore and intertwining of GW1 and 2 or Shiro Tagachi as a segue to Cantha

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